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Default Celebrity Fantasy Story: Revenge Against Victoria Justice

Disclaimer: This is a fantasy story featuring a match between myself and Victoria Justice. This is not an actual account, nor do I claim it to be so. It is just a fantasy to share for fans and no disrespect is intended to anyone mentioned.

By popular demand, here is a story of my alter ego getting his revenge against Victoria Justice. This is a semi-sequel to my previous stories. But you don't have to have read them to follow this one.

For anyone not familiar with Victoria Justice. Here are links to some pics of the teen Latina hottie.

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Revenge Against Victoria Justice

by DanFemwrestlingfan

After taking out Ariana, I thought I had heard the last from the Nickelodeon bimbos. But it turned out not to be the case.

After finally getting revenge on Ariana after her humiliating beat down of me, I had told Ariana to warn Victoria Justice that she would be next. But apparently Ariana didn’t relay the message well enough.

I logged onto my e-mail a couple days after the fight, on top of the world that I had finally put the little twerp in her place. When reading my e-mails I saw that I got an e-mail from someone I didn’t recognize. Someone with an e-mail address that started with “Victoria”.

I opened it and saw a simple message, “Ariana told me what you did. How about you see if you can do that to someone not so little?” The statement was followed with a hotel address and room number, as well as tomorrow’s date. It looked like Victoria was under the impression she could fare better than her petite little buddy did.

As the next evening came, I got into my shorts and t-shirt, ready for the match. I then drove over to the hotel her directions pointed me too. I then knocked on the door, ready to put this little brat in her place the same way I had Ariana.

But I was momentarily silenced when she opened the door. Standing before me was Victoria, her tight, toned and nearly perfect body dressed in nothing but a yellow and very small bikini. Everything was on display, her long toned legs, young firm breast and flat as a board stomach. This girl definitely kept herself in shape, no wonder she was getting so many horny teen boys excited.

“You going to stand there gawking all day pal?” She said, with the same cocky tone I knew all too well. The thoughts of her humiliating taunts last match still lingering in my head.

The brunette then stepped to the side and let me in. After she took a quick look outside to make sure no one saw her she closed the door and moved forward.

The hotel room was quite large. With a living area where she had moved the furniture to give us a nice, open spot in the middle of it, one where I planned to silence the cocky starlet once and for all.

“Good to see you showed up!” Victoria answered.

“Why wouldn’t I? Apparently you didn’t get the message I left for your friend.” I replied, her cockiness almost making me forget that an insanely hot Latina teenager was standing before me.

“Oh I got it. But I think you need to learn not to think a lucky win changes anything.” She answered back. I was fuming now, she was the one who got lucky, she got me at a time I was not in my right state of mind. I wasn’t in that situation now.

Victoria just smirked at me and continued, “So, you ready to get your ass ki...”

Before she could finish her sentence I was on her. I put up my arm as I charged forward and saw her big brown eyes grow wide, just as I slammed my forearm across her chest, clotheslining her and sending her flat on her back. A place I was sure she was no doubt used to.

I was rewarded with a grunt as she fell to the floor. I knew better then to let up on this little spitfire and quickly reached down and grabber her shapely leg. She began to cry out a protest as I grabbed her arm with my free hand. She fought hard to stop me, and she was tough. But I was standing and had more upper body strength as I pulled both her arm and leg out and up, forcing her on her side. As I did I planted my foot on her side and pulled, trapping the little teen brat into a bow and arrow as she screamed out.

“What’s wrong tough girl. Does that hurt?” I asked, taunting her. “How about if I do this?” I questioned as I leaned back stretching her out more.

“Ahhh! Let me go!” She cried out, as I poured on the pressure.

I kept the hold for a second then released it, as she moaned out and rolled over favoring her arm. “You want to be let go?” I asked. Then grabbed her leg once more and twist her ankle, forcing her onto her stomach. I looked at her bikini clad ass for just a second, unable to resist taking it in. It was almost insane how perfect this girl’s barely legal body was. But I wasn’t going to let it cause me to make a mistake this time.

I forced her leg back then the other before sitting on them, trapping them. I then leaned forward and reached for her arms.

“No, No… FUCK!” She cried out, as I grabbed her sore arm first, before grabbing her next one.

I then pulled back on her arms. Straightening them out as I leaned back, arching her back as I trapped her legs painfully. I was rewarded by her screams.

“Ah! My back!” She cried, as I forced her front off of the floor.

“I sent your little bitch friend with a warning!” I said as I continued to apply pressure. “You should have listened.”

I then leaned back applying more pain to her amazing body. She cried out loudly as I did, but still took it.

“You give up? Ready to admit you got lucky just like Ariana did?” I asked.

“No way!” She cried out. She was clearly in pain, but was showing she was tougher than I thought.

I kept the hold on, and continued to be rewarded with her moans and cries of pain, but the bitch wouldn’t give up. I finally let go and got up, as her upper body plopped onto the ground.

Victoria moaned on the floor as I grabbed her hand and forced her back up to her feet. I then spun her around and forced her to hit the wall back first with a thud. She leaned against the wall panting now, her firm young breast heaving up and down. I momentarily enjoyed the view before moving in and clasping my first.

“So I seem to remember someone liked punching me when I wasn’t ready!” I stated, “Let’s see how you like it!”

I slammed a fist into her tight stomach and was rewarded with a grunt. I then delivered another punch and her hands went to her stomach and she doubled over. Her hair hanging straight down as she cried out, “Don’t!” almost begging.


“Oh! I see someone can dish out the punches, but they can’t take them!” I said. I grabbed her hair and straightened her back up and shoved her against the wall. I then delivered another punch, this time towards her pretty face.

Her big brown eyes grew wider as I did, and clearly I gave her too much time to recover as she ducked and moved forward as my punch came in, sending my first slamming hard into the wall.

As I cried out, I felt her hands turn me around. She then stood to my side and her flexible legs delivered a shot to my stomach. Then another, and I already felt the wind knocked out of me. As I doubled over I felt her fist hit the side of my face, hard. I went falling to my side and onto my hands and knees as I tried to shake off the punch. Victoria hit amazingly hard for such a young girl.

“Nice try bitch!” I heard her say to me through the cobwebs. She sounded nothing like the America’s sweetheart everyone knew her as. I then felt her smooth, soft thighs work their way around my head. I tried to cry out for her not to, but before I could I felt them squeeze.

I tried to grab at her thighs and muscle them apart, but her legs were too strong. I had to stop taking on all these girls with dancing experience, their scissors were brutal. As I felt my head being squeezed harder I heard her musical laugh.

“Thought you could take me didn’t you asshole?” She taunted, “I think I’ll see if I can squeeze your head right off this time!” And almost true to her word she squeezed harder twisting as she did. I thought Charisma had a strong scissors before I felt this.

I was sure it was over as she continued to squeeze me. I kept trying but I couldn’t get out and the pain was almost becoming more than I could bear. I was sure this girl had me beaten and once again and I was about to suffer another humiliating loss.

But then her inexperience showed and she let loose the hold, not knowing how close she was to ending it.

“I’m not done with you yet!” She said as she grabbed my head and lifted me back to my feet.

She then lifted my head up and clasped her fist. “This is for Ariana!” She said as she swung right for my jaw. But before she hit I grabbed her arm, her eyes growing wide, as she had underestimated how much I still had in me.

I knew this was my last chance and I pulled her forward by her arm and grabbed her head. I then forced it down and caught her in a front head lock. I flexed my biceps hard tightening the squeeze.

“Ahh. Ow, let me go!” She cried out. But I wasn’t listening and I dropped down, driving her head straight into the floor with a DDT.

Victoria held her head, moaning groggily as I sat up and got to my knees. I lifted her by the hair as she screamed, her head clearly still spinning. I thought about ending it right now, but I was so sick of these little teen bitches thinking they could just run right over me. I apparently hadn’t sent enough of a message with Ariana. Not to mention I hadn’t forgotten the humiliating way the girl violated me last time we fought. It was time for some payback.

I moved behind her and grabbed her arms and bent them both behind her back. The little twerp cried out in pain as I did. “Oww. Shit my arms! Let go.” She begged as she tried to squirm free. But it didn’t do her any good.

I moved her arms to where I was able to grab her wrist with one, trapping the other with my own arm so my other hand was now free. My upper body strength being so much more than hers was coming in handy this time.

I then slowly moved my hand around and found her firm breast under the bikini top she was barely wearing. I began rubbing her beast over her top for a minute as she gasped out. “Wh… what are you doing?!” she cried out.

I didn’t respond, I just moved my hand under her top now cupping her breast my hands touching her bare skin now.

“Oh my god what are you…? Stop!” She cried out. She tried to squirm free, but I kept her held down.

“You sure you want that?” I teased as I felt her nipple growing hard in my hand before I began to roll it between my thumb and forefinger. “Your body seems to be saying something else.”

I was rewarded with her pretty cheeks turning bright red as the Latina bitch blushed, her body betraying her.

I continued to work her breast and nipples for a bit before my hand slid down her sexy stomach, I couldn’t believe how toned her abs were, as my hand slid further down towards her bottoms.

“What the hell? What are you? How dare you! Don’t you dare!” She cried out. Her legs tried to kick the floor to pull her up, but as her butt lifted off the floor I pushed her back down. I then slid my hand under her bikini bottoms.

“Holy shit Victoria.” I said in mock shock, “You are soaking wet down there!” I teased. And I wasn’t lying. I don’t know if it was what I did to her breast, or if the little tramp secretly enjoyed being dominated in the fight. But her body definitely loved what I was doing.

She let out a moan as I worked my fingers back and forth along her slit. Stretching her bottoms as I worked her womanhood.

“Don’t!” She said, then let out a moan. Blushing even harder as her body began losing the will to resist. She didn’t hate this as much as she would like to believe. “Oh shit, please. Don’t!” She begged.

“Oh look who wants mercy now?” I answered, as my fingers found her clit and began rubbing it. Her body squirmed more than it did before, although this time not in an effort to get free. “Funny. You didn’t seem to have any mercy when you were working my cock over, now did you?” I asked.

I then rubbed harder, as Victoria could do nothing but moan this time. Her head tilting back and rested on my shoulder. Her sexy breast heaving as her breathing increased.

“Look who can dish it out, but can’t take it?” I taunted. I then pressed my fingers against her clit, then further down. My fingers were now invading her sex, making her moan with pleasure as I worked them back and forth, in and out.

Victoria moaned louder. “Oh… oh shit!” She whimpered. I was slightly surprised how quickly she was getting turned on. As she had showed me last time, she was definitely experienced. Clearly she had more than I little bit of slut in her.

I kept working her sex, my fingers moving in and out, fucking her tight little sex harder and faster. Her breathing telling me she didn’t have much longer.

“Oh, Oh fuck, oh shit!” She cried out, as she began to hump my hand faster and harder. I then felt her pussy spasm and her juices gushing out as she exploded. She moaned so loud I was momentarily worried the people in the adjoining room might her us. Never would have pegged her for a screamer.

Finally her body went limp as her orgasm subsided. I then released my fingers wiping them off on her stomach as I did. I followed by releasing her arms as she leaned forward, breathing heavily.

Then I put my arms around her head, one clasping it and the other under her chin, as I locked in a sleeper hold.

“Time to end this bitch!” I said, I felt her struggle some, but clearly the orgasm had taken some of the fight out of her.

I clasped the sleeper tight as she tried in vain to pry my arms free, kicking for freedom she wasn’t about to get. I slowly felt her kicks weaken, and then she finally dropped her arms, limp under me. I kept the hold for a second, to make sure the bitch was out. Then I let her go as she dropped onto her back.

I got up and was about to leave. Confident that I’d finally showed this girl her place. But then I decided to make sure she learned a lesson.

I went over to her limp body and turned her over, untying her top. I then found her coat that she had arrived in and grabbed it as well. I thought about removing her bottoms, but had a moment of mercy. They were soaking wet by now anyway. I then left the hotel, her top and coat in hand.

I have no idea how she left that room with her top off. I’m sure it was entertaining to watch either way, at least for me. However she did it, nothing showed up in the tabloids. She had to have called someone to bring her clothes, which meant at least one person had the benefit of seeing her beautiful body practically naked.

I wondered if she would have the guts to call and ask for her clothes back? But she never did.

It was then I was confident I had finally taught Victoria her place.
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Default Re: Celebrity Fantasy Story: Revenge Against Victoria Justice

good Show. actually I only got halfway through it. LOL I'll Read the Rest later.
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Default Re: Celebrity Fantasy Story: Revenge Against Victoria Justice

Glad to see it made a good impression. Hope the second half lived up to the first. lol
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Default Re: Celebrity Fantasy Story: Revenge Against Victoria Justice

Another good story
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