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Default Paul will go bankrupt soon

Today I'm sharing with you the first fight between my usual characters. To read more stories about them, please check

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September 29th, 2012

Maria and Paul were amazing kids. They never put themselves into trouble. At least that's what their parents thought. When they were left alone, they liked to play online poker with an account they made with their father's ID. That evening, a few minutes after their parents left, Maria purposed to her brother:

- Hey, Paul! What about some sit&gos?
- Come on, sis! You suck at poker! It's so boring to play with you
- Seriously? Who do you think you are, Mr. Hellmuth?
- I'm the man who can take your money away everytime!!
- Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!! The "man" he says!! - You are ten years away from calling yourself a "man" and centuries away from getting a single one of my cents!
- Oh! You wanna try it?
- Yeah, sure! Let's play heads-up! Go search twenty bucks!

They took their father's poker set and gave 3000 chips each. Blinds would increase every 15 minutes starting at 10/20. Each of them would put $20 and the winner would take everything.

Maria allowed her brother to deal the first hand.

- OK, I raise to 45 - Paul started the action on the first hand. Maria looked at her cards. She had AK, both diamonds. It was a good chance to take an early edge. She waited for a few seconds, pretending to be thinking
- I 3bet to 110 - Paul called inmediately and the flop came 389 (rainbow) Maria decided to go for a continuation bet, since she knew Paul would call with every straight draw - I bet 120 - Paul called and the turn came another 8, with still no flush draws.

Maria was looking at Paul's eyes. What could he have? He either had a pair or a straight draw, but the pair was now less unlikely since the 8 doubled on the turn.If he had a three, she could bet again to make him fold. If he had a draw, she would get some value from betting again. She saw she only had something to lose if her brother had either a 9 or trips.

- I bet 300! - Maria made her bet.
- I call! - Paul rushed to answer. The pot was now 1060 chips.

The river card was the queen of spades. Maria decided to check, hoping her ace high would still win the hand.

- I'm all in! - Paul screamed, trying to smile and look confident, as he was putting the nearly 2500 chips he had behind. That move really shocked Maria. Why was he doing that? Had he had a low pair, he would just have checked. She also knew that if he had the straight, trips or a high pair, his bet would have been smaller, trying to trap her. He obviously had an uncompleted straight draw and was trying to scare her away from the pot
- Ha, ha! That's a complete bluff! I call! - Maria replied while showing her cars.
- Yes! I win! Ha, ha! My dumb little sister! How can you call with that rubbish?
- Not so fast, little boy! Show your cards!
- Come on, Maria! - You know you've lost. You got angry because you are a girl and can't control your emotions, but you know you've made a mistake. I think I'm gonna take the money with me..
- You have 67! Show it now! - Maria's hand flipped her brother cards and Paul's hand was revealed - Wow! My little bro! I've completely read you! You are an open book for me!

Tears were beginning to fall form Paul's eyes as Maria was saving the cash (the easiest money she had ever earned!)

- You know! - Paul dried his eyes and tried to look for an excuse - This is why playing with you sucks. You don't understand the game! You just do random moves and sometimes win by luck!.
- Luck? Come on! I have to teach you how to play or else you'll end up living under a bridge! You really suck at poker!
- Repeat that, you stupid slut!
- - Luck? Come on! I have to teach you how to play or else you'll end up living under a bridge! You really suck at poker! - Maria ignored the insult and mocked at him

Paul was getting more and more furious as the rage his loss had generated kept invading him. After a few seconds, he couldn't handle it anymore and punched his sister in the face

Maria started to cry and scream in pain. She covered her face his her hands. Maybe she had been too hard with him. When she tried to talk to her twin, intending to calm him down, she received yet another punch. This time she fell on her back, suffering terrible pain and being unable to hide her tears. She was terrified about what her brother could do to her, thinking she was a defenseless tiny girl facing her strong twin, who could even kill her right there if he wanted to. As she was writhing in pain, Paul came towards her, raised his leg and prepared to stomp his sister's face.

- Cry like the weak little girl you are!
- Stop! I give up! You're hurting me!

Maria was absolutelly frightened and begged her brother to stop. Paul threw a kick at her face, but Maria's hands instintively blocked it. She could now get calmer and try to stand up. She pushed his leg away and made a backflip to stand up. Maria was still full of anger, but she thought there was nothing she could do about his brother's strength.

- What the hell are you doing? You can't hit a girl! Stop now!
- Or else....? What are you gonna do? Cry and whine like a girl?- Paul laughed and approached her, trying to punch Maria's face once again. However, this time she was faster and blocked his fist, grabbing a finger and squeezing with all of her strength. Paul started to scream.

- Hey! Do you like this, tough man? - Maria mocked at him and kicked his belly. Her face was now beginning to shine as she realised she could win the fight. She then freed one of her hands and started to slap Paul across the face. He took a couple of steps back

- Now you're gonna see!!! - Paul screamed in rage, charging into Maria, who raised her leg and kicked the boy in the face, sending him to the ground. Paul was now crying and, as he tried to stand up, he realised Maria was kneeling down on top of him. She then retook the slapping task she had begun before, with her weak brother unable to protect himself.

- Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!! You're getting beat up by a girl! Keep crying, little boy! Oh... This is so boring, beating you in a fight is even easier than at poker- When she felt tired, she stood up and put her foot on his waist. - You know what? Maybe boys aren't that strong after all... And maybe fighting is not the only sport where I can beat you!

After a few seconds, Maria left her brother crying on the ground, moved the $40 into a safe place and went on to win some more money online
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