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Default My Judo Match With Wendy

Based on a true story long ago.

My judo match vs Wendy.

I am an average sized boy in 5th grade and I am a white belt 4 weeks into judo class.
I am not that good yet, just learning the moves. I am learning some
new moves with another white belt boy who is a little older than me.
The instructor says it's time for randori. So we all step in line and sit
down on the mat against the wall. Some parents and other people are sitting
in the visitor section on chairs. I am near the end of the line because
we sit in order of belt senority. higher belts being on the right, lower on the left.
2 yellow belt girls are called for the first match and
it was pretty even, nobody got pinned or submitted. Becky won over Sandy.

Now Wendy was called to the mat first, she was in 7th grade a few inches taller
than me and was an orange belt. She has medium length red hair and a swimmers body type, long and toned muscles.
She can pretty much beat everyone in the class. We are beginners so no submissions are used yet.
But we can tap if the pin hurts too much. I was wondering who was going to
be called to wrestle her. She usually wins pretty fast by pinning the boys and girls in all
kinds of different holds. I never wrestled her since i was a few belts lower and younger than her so I was just going to see
who was going to wrestle her.

My name was called by the instructor to come to the mat and wrestle Wendy.
My eyes opened wide and it was hard to swallow. I could barley get myself up
to stand to walk over to meet Wendy in the center of the mat to bow to her and start the match..
I couldn't believe i had to wrestle her, she is too good, she pins everyone. I was thinking to myself
"don't get pinned" "don't let her pin me".. But i knew she would, i just wanted to last a while.
Wendy weighed about 15-20 pounds more than me so if i was pinned I knew i was done.
A few people in the crowd said, "Pin him Wendy!" I was in total fear.

We bowed to the instructor and we bowed to eachother. As soon as the match
started she just walked towards me and tried to grab my gi. I stepped back
about 6 feet to not let her get ahold of me. I heard a girl in the crowd, "He's scared of You Wendy".
Now i feel stupid, everyone knew i was scared. So now when she grabbed my gi, i tried to move my leg right leg to trip her,
but she somehow got her left leg around my right leg first and she tripped me down and i landed on my right shoulder.
She was able to take my left arm and somehow turned me over to my back right away. I guess it was like a half nelson turn over.
She was pinning me with her head to the left of me and her legs to the right, like a side pin i thought. Her body was
laying on my chest with her stomach/chest right up to my head/chin. I could feel the pressure on my chin. I was
flat on my back looking up at the instructor and the ceiling.

Wendy had me on my back and the instructor started counting 1-2-3. (we had 30 seconds to escape the pin)
I tried to move my left arm, I couldn't. I tried to bridge roll a bit and i didn't move an inch. i did hear
the count go to 11 by now.. Another judo girl, don't know who, asked if i could get my arm free. I tried again
to move my left arm, she had that pinned with her arms, it was going nowhere. I moved my head to the right, feeling
her body with my chin as i rolled to see where my right arm was because i couldn't move it either. To my shock I could
see my hand and wrist trapped like a vice between her legs. A person from the crowd said, "You have him pinned Wendy!"
I felt stupid and embarressed that i didn't know how her legs got my arm like that. So i tried to give my right arm
a good jolt hoping i could slide it out.I jerked my right arm like i was throwing a fastball, my arm didn't move in her tight leg lock.

A girl said to move my right arm free a few seconds after i tried to get it free. My god, Wendy had me pinnned so tight that
the people watching didn't even know that i was trying to move my arms and that i was trying to move.. So i tried
1 last bridge with my legs but the weight of her body was on my chest and chin making my breathing too hard and I was exhausted.
I felt so sick and embarrassed! I knew everyone was watching her pin me and I couldn't move, no matter how hard i tried.
I couldn't believe that the people watching couldn't tell that I tried to move because Wendy had me so tight.
I didn't want to try to get out anymore, I couldn't move anyway. I just accepted being pinned. I heard the instructor count

the rest of the time 23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30 IPPON! ..

To me it felt like an hour being pinned by Wendy.

I still remember the look Wendy gave me after she stopped pinning me. She was about to slide off of me to the right,
when her head was passing mine, her red hair was just about touching my nose, she looked down into my eyes and had a small smile
as she was about to get off me and stand up. It probably didn't mean much to her, but to me, I was thinking that she knew that she totaly
had me pinned motionless and the whole world saw it.

Wendy stood by the instructor as I was still getting up from being pinned.
I heard the instructor say to her that he has never seen a pin like that before,
you had his arms both pinned that way like in a cross. I got up and stood by the instructor and faced Wendy..
The instructor told me to fix my gi and belt. My gi was all messed up.. I felt Wendy watching me as I fixed my gi
and her gi was perfect, like nothing had happened. WE bowed to the instructor and bowed to eachother.

I was too scared to even look into her eyes when we bowed, I didn't want to see her smiling, knowing that she easily pinned me
in a way that i will never forget.. In her CrossPin !!
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