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Default Paul and Gabbys summer (romance, wrestling, pegging)

Paul and Gabbys summer
Inspired by The Secret*Lime

Paul Williams was the eldest child of Peter and Penny Williams, a successful insurance salesman and a housewife who had a position on the board of governors for the local high school that her children all attended, the infamous Foxtown High. However, Paul did not the fit the typical image of the 'eldest son'. He was not tall, nor broad shouldered like his father, and instead had seemed to inherit many of his physical features from his mother, with a pretty face and slender, slim body. Perhaps the most embarrassing of these physical features was his ass, and girls in school often told he had a cute butt. He was definitely an attractive boy, but certainly not masculine or intimidating.

Paul was quiet and shy, with high intelligence and popularity at school. He was considered cute, but not exactly hot. Due to his reserved nature and willingness to please, he often put others before him and did exactly as he was told. It did favours for him with authority figures, but it meant that sometimes he'd be a considered a bit of a pushover, and some of the harsher types at school often tried to take advantage of it. He was often told by his parents to speak up and be more assertive, but Paul found that he was happy the way he was.

Gabrielle 'Gabby' Martinez was a feisty spitfire of a woman. Raised in a Mexican family but having lived most of her life in the US, she had always been a bubbly, confident little ball of energy. She was outgoing and spontaneous, the antithesis to Paul. She was also beautiful, with long, shiny brown hair, a curvy but athletic 5ft, 7 figure and a tan complexion. She currently wore only a tiny black thong which rode quite far up her ass and an old t-shirt tied off just below her perky C-cup breasts, leaving her flat stomach, curvy strong legs and most of her thick ass exposed. In any aspect of life where Gabby couldn't get by on her looks, she simply had to use her mouth.

Gabby was a very chatty girl. She talked a lot, and she was good at it. She had mastered the art of the conversation, and more importantly, the art of persuasion. She would have been head of the debate team at school if she hadn't considered it too nerdy. She had a silver tongue that would always find a way to encourage anyone to do anything for her, which, combined with her beautiful looks and a bat of her big brown eyes, allowed her to wield a special kind of control over most guys and men.

So, if Paul and Gabby were such polar opposites to each other, how did they come to be in this position, with Gabby giving the full length of Paul's cock a slow and sensual massage?

Well, these young lovebirds were actually childhood friends. Many years ago, the Martinez family moved into Rose Berry Lane, and on the very first day their daughter Gabby, only a young girl at the time, encountered a young Paul Williams minding his own business. The story goes that Gabby punched him in the arm because he 'gave her a weird look', and when Paul tried to push her away, she threw herself on him and managed to wrestle him to the ground. Paul tried to defend himself and push her away, but she was feisty and loved to tussle, and as Paul was a skinny boy she soon manage to pin him down on the ground. But Gabbys mom saw what happend and pulled her girl off him. The Martinez household were petrified since they had only just moved in and were already going to be landed with a horrible reputation in the area, or even worse, a lawsuit. They immediately took Gabby round to the Williams house to make sure that she apologised for attacking Paul and to try their best to smooth things over. The Williams parents were unsure at first, but Paul pushed passed them and told Gabby that he forgave her and asked if she would like to play. Gabby agreed, the two households became very close and Paul and Gabby had been childhood friends ever since.

Over the years the two friends matured, and Paul began to notice Gabby as more than just a friend. She was 18 now, and he believed that he had started to develop a strong crush on his closest friend. As his hormones ran wild the simplest activities they had done as kids became so much more sexually charged now that they were both 18. Sleepovers in particular had become torturous for the poor boy, as Gabby would wear only a small cropped t-shirt and tight booty shorts as pyjamas. Sometimes when they would wrestle like the old days and to Gabbys joy, Paul still didn't stand a chance against her. Lately during these tussles they were rubbing their bodies close together he would often have no choice but to excuse himself to the bathroom so that her could work off his sexual frustration.

Eventually, in their final year, their relationship reached a boiling point. All their friends wouldn't shut up about how obvious it was that they wanted to be with each other, and even then, Paul couldn't work up the courage to make the first move. It took Gabby confronting him in the canteen at lunch in front of everyone before they admitted their feelings towards each other, and officially started dating. Soon after, Gabby convinced Paul to sneak off from classes to his empty house, and while Paul was very reluctant to break the rules, he soon discovered that Gabby had been planning for them to wrestle each other like the good old days, except with less clothes on. They ended up spending that afternoon working off their sexual frustration in a much more satisfying way.

The school year continued, and the end drew near. It was at this point that Mr and Mrs Williams realised that they had made a terrible mistake and had not accounted for Paul's end of year exams. Paul urged them all to go anyway, assuring them that he would be fine on his own and perhaps it would help him focus for the exams to be alone in the house. His parents reluctantly agreed and left for the holiday, leaving Paul on his own. The exams came and went, and Paul still had the house basically to himself for the summer.

-------------- House on his own all summer --------------

Gabby, always one to spot an opportunity, had basically moved in at the start of the summer, and the two had spent their final summer before college fucking each other's brains out as much as humanly possible. Their days consisted of fucking, eating, sleeping, chilling out and then some more fucking. Gabby had made herself at home, treating the house as if it were hers, but Paul wasn't exactly complaining. He was in a paradise in which he was almost constantly having hot, passionate sex with his gorgeous girlfriend. This was going to be a good summer.

---------- Back to the handjob ------------

The Williams household stood quiet and undisturbed on Rose Berry Lane that sunny July afternoon. Most of the family had left for their annual summer vacation, happy to escape the heart of predominantly white, middle-class American suburbia, if only for a short while, before they returned to the routine of their daily lives. In the meantime, the residents of Rose Berry Lane strolled past the well-kept garden and white picket fence and, justifiably, thought of how deserted and empty the house seemed without its owners, before continuing to walk past without a second thought. However, they weren't entirely correct, as the house was only almost empty. The only signs of live existed hidden away in one of the upstairs bedrooms, in which the eldest son of the Williams household was receiving a handjob from his hot curvy Latina girlfriend.

Paul slowly ran his fingers through the mess of his sandy blonde hair, kept his hands held behind his head passive and gave short moans of pleasure as the girl sitting on the bed between his legs expertly teased the head of his cock with her nimble fingers.

Paul was enjoying his afternoon handjob. Gabby increased her pace, just a little, and Paul let out a slow moan in appreciation.

"You like that, baby?" Gabby looked up into his bright blue eyes and ran her tongue over her lips. She found him so cute when he expressed pleasure like this. "That feel good, yeah?" She gave his shaft a short, firm squeeze just to rouse him a little.

"Unnngh... Yeah, oh yeah, you're so good Gabby, it feels so good, fuck..." Paul moaned and squirmed as Gabby changed up her pace and started to fondle his balls with her spare hand. Over the months they had been together, Paul and Gabby had practised and perfected their sexual skills on each other, and now they both knew exactly what to do to each other to maximise each other's pleasure. Paul had become an expert at eating Gabby's pussy, sometimes licking her to several orgasms over a long period of time, and Gabby knew all the tips and tricks to turn on Paul when jerking or sucking his cock, usually leading to Paul shooting a huge load over a mind-shattering orgasm.

Gabby threw her hair back and giggled, not stopping her stroking for a second. She loved it when her cute boyfriend was entirely under her sexual spell. She liked the feeling of control. Then she bit her lip and her smile took a slightly wicked tone. "Are you feeling nervous about this, Paul?"

Paul blushed a little amidst the pleasure. "Ungh, erm, a little, yeah..."

"It's gonna be just fine, baby." Gabby reassured him, moving her hand that was on his balls to massage his pecs and give his nipple a little pinch. "C'mon, you did promise me we could try it..."

--------------The previous day...

"I'm not sure, Gabby, I don't know if I'm going to like it..."

"Oh, come on, Paul, how can you say you're not gonna like it if you're never gonna try it?" Gabby spread out a bit further on the couch. "You should have an open mind. Loads of guys I know have done it, and it doesn't make them any less of a man. More so, really."

"Loads of guys?" Paul sat awkwardly on the other side of the couch and tried to refocus his attention to the TV rather than this uncomfortable conversation.

"Yeah, totally. Most of them enjoy it too. And most of my girlfriends have done ot to their boyfreinds and they love it!" Gabby sipped on an ice-cold coke. She was truly relaxed and at home here. She then sat up a bit and began to assume a more authoritative position. "It's a zone of pleasure that goes mostly unexplored by the majority of guys. Really, it's a disservice to yourself not to experiment with it. Also-", Gabby shifted in her seat as she began to basically lecture him, "I think it's your duty to undergo this experience as a man, so that you can feel even a little bit of what it feels like to be a woman, and therefore develop a deeper level of empathy with me, your girlfriend that you worship and adore." She ended this with a playful smile. Her argument was ironclad, she had bombarded him with points and evidence and wrapped it all of with a little bit of light-hearted banter and teasing. She really was an expert at persuasion.

"I'm a little worried though. What if it like, hurts?" Paul clenched a little at the thought and tried to ignore how good Gabby looked wearing his old, small t-shirt and nothing else.

"Aww, honey, don't worry, I'll be gentle with you." Gabby cooed. She moved over to him and started to run her hands around his shoulders, trying to massage any of tension out of his body. She needed him nice and loose if he was going to give her what she wanted. "Don't you trust me?"

"Of course, I trust you, I just-"

"Well you've got nothing to worry about then." Gabby lifted a finger to his chin and turn his face so that he had no choice but to look her directly in the eyes. "Paul, it would really mean a lot to me if you were willing to at least try this. It would show me how much you're willing to be vulnerable and intimate with me." She maintained eye contact and made sure to slowly blink a couple times. She really could pile it on when she wanted.

"It... It really means this much to you?" Paul was already stammering from her being so up close and personal to him. Even after all the months they had been together the simple stuff still got to him. The feeling of her breath on his cheek. Her pleading puppy eyes. He felt himself loosening up under her firm grip.

"Of course." Gabby hugged him tight and nice, holding him in place. "Remember, we can stop at any time if you feel uncomfortable. Not that we'll need to, I reckon you're gonna love it." She playfully bit his ear, eliciting a little squeal from Paul. "So, what do you say? If you're really not ok with it then we won't, of course. But I really want to try this with you, and I think it could be so fun. For both of us."

Paul looked at the beautiful woman he was lucky enough to call his girlfriend as she held him tight, he loved when she did that, and he figured that he might be falling in love with her.


Paul took a deep breath in and out before answering. "Sure, ok. I'll give it a go. For you."

Gabby jumped up in delight. "Really? You mean it? Ah, yes, Paul you're the best!" She leapt back on the couch and wrestled Paul into a tight bear hug. She'd always been a little bit stronger than him, and he knew this, so he stopped resisting and let her have her way with him. She lifted him off the ground in her tight bear hug and he could feel how his feet was dangling in the air and she supported his whole wheight. She was surprised how easy it was to lift him up like this and loved the feeling of lifting her boyfriend up like this.

She held him a while, looking up at him smiling, before putting him down again and let him go. She then began to pace up and down the room as she explained her thoughts out loud. "Ok, I need to get some stuff ready for the big event, so we'll do it tomorrow. I want you in tip top shape for it, Paul, so that means no cumming for the next 24 hours, ok? I'm sure you can at least manage that." She stopped pacing and winked at her bemused boyfriend at that last part.

Paul was a little disappointed. 24 hours wasn't long, but he had grown used to orgasming a few times a day what with all the constant sex they'd been having the last couple of weeks. He was also a little surprised at how enthusiastic Gabby seemed. "You're... really excited for this, aren't you?"

"Yeah, well, I dunno..." Gabby shifted a little awkwardly on the spot. "It just... just makes me really horny, thinking about it. Me fucking your cute little ass."

"Oh yeah?" Paul sensed an opportunity and came close to her and immediately started making out with her, lustfully groping and squeezing whatever parts of her body he could, any rational thought blocked out by the horny fog of his mind.

Gabby squealed a little in surprise, but was soon compliant, kissing back and feeling her hands all over her man's body passionately. Soon enough, her hands felt their way down to his cock, and she felt it rock hard and already at 100% attention. She pulled away sharp.

"Uh, uh, uh, naughty boy. No cumming for you, remember?" Gabby smirked as Paul whined a little. "I know what you can do, though."

Without waiting for a response, Gabby pulled off the old t-shirt with both hands, leaving her completely naked. Then she threw herself back on the couch, and adopted a wide, relaxed stance with her legs wide open. With one hand she began to play with one of her nipples, and with the other hand she took a sip of her drink before setting it back down and making a beckoning motion with her fingers.

"Come here, baby."

Paul smiled. He knew what to do. He took his position, on his knees between her legs, his cock still sticking straight up, almost painfully erect.

Gabby smiled and looked down at him expectantly. Paul had started to kiss the inside of her thighs before he felt her hand guide his head impatiently to its destination. He got the hint, and obediently began to eat her pussy, guided by Gabby's controlling hand.

"Oh, fuck yeah baby. That's the good stuff." Gabby moaned and squeezed her legs together around Paul's head. Gabby then looked down and admired how her boyfriend was enthusiastically licking her, trying his best to bring her to orgasm, despite knowing that he was not allowed to cum until tomorrow. She began to rub her pussy across his face a little more aggressively, really getting into it.

"Oh, fuck yeah. Paul, you better prepare your ass." Gabby moaned as he found just the right spot. "Because tomorrow I'm gonna fuck it."


-------------Present day... fingerfuck

"Yeah, yeah, I remember." Paul was now wishing he hadn't given in to her demands so easily, or at least gotten something promised in return. He'd really like to play with her ass, but she hadn't really let him near her asshole yet.

"Keep in mind, if you're not ok with this, we can always stop at any time. It's very important that you know that, Paul." Gabby reassured him while her fingers had stopped stroking his shaft and were now tracing around the sensitive head of his cock, sending shivers up and down Paul's body. "However, I would really, really like you to at least give it a go. I'm so excited for this!" Gabby smiled and all of Paul's worries subsided for a second.

"I understand. I think... I think I'm ready."

Gabby nodded. "Good. Then let's get started." Gabby coated her fingers in some lube she had kept nearby in preparation. Then she returned to the excruciatingly slow strokes of his cock, while with her other hand she started to trace her fingers down, over his balls, and towards his little, hairless asshole. Paul had never really been touched here, in this taboo area, so he shivered and spasmed at every small movement of Gabby's fingers.

"Calm down, baby!" Gabby giggled. "I haven't even got to the good bit yet, and you're already bucking around like a bitch in heat. Settle down, now." Paul tried to relax as she had instructed while Gabby removed the hand from his cock and used it to lift up his balls so she could get a better view.

"Lift up your legs a bit for me baby, just so I can get to it easier." Gabby smirked as he complied. "Wow. You're so cute right now, exposing your pretty little asshole to me like this."

Paul tried to ignore her comments as he raised his legs to allow her easier access to his asshole. The sooner this was over with, the better.

Gabby, on the other hand, seemed quite happy to take her time with this, and was very slowly and carefully tracing her finger in circles around his opening. Sometimes she would jerk her finger forwards a little as if she was going to suddenly penetrate him, and his body would jolt in surprise.

"Jeez, Gabby, what are you doing to me?" Paul whined.

"Just havin' a little fun, babe, calm down." Gabby gave him a little squeeze on the balls with her other hand to pacify him a little. "Didn't realise you were so eager to have your asshole played with." She smiled after teasing him and refocused her attention on his bare ass. She decided to stop toying with him, and on her next pass that her fingers made of his asshole she instead held her fingers there and applied a little bit of pressure. Immediately she felt Paul clench up around her touch.

"Shhh, relax baby. I'm gonna go slow but I need you to relax those muscles. Just let me in and it won't hurt so much, ok?" Gabby held her finger in place firm and solid, not letting the resistance from Paul's ass muscles stop her intrusion.

Paul took a deep breath. "Ok, I'll try." He exhaled, and as he did so, his muscles unclenched a little and he tried to accept the alien feeling of something penetrating his asshole.

"Good boy. Now just relax." Gabby slowly continued to apply pressure and her finger slowly started to inch into his ass. "Fuuuuck, you've got such a tight little ass, baby."

Paul could only whimper in response. Although he wasn't exactly comfortable, the feeling wasn't exactly painful either. Maybe once he got used to this it wouldn't be so bad.

Once she was a knuckle deep, Gabby paused for a second, allowing his ass to accommodate her finger, feeling it clench and relax around her in waves. Then, she slowly started to work a second finger in. She glanced at Paul, and his expression was a mix of confusion and bewilderment. This was a powerrush for her to see him like this.

"Remember, there's nothing to be ashamed of here sweetie, it's totally normal to enjoy getting fingered. It doesn't make you any less of a man. I love you." She had 2 fingers firmly lodged in his ass now. "How does that feel?"

"Errr... I don't know, kind of weird." Paul shifted uncomfortably.

"It'll feel better once you get used to it. I'm gonna start massaging you with these fingers now, and start exploring all those sexual nerve endings in your ass. So just lay back and enjoy getting fingered, baby." True to her word, Gabby began to curve her fingers upwards and massage his anus. Before he knew it, Paul had let out a long, involuntary moan as Gabby inadvertently found his prostate.

Gabby's face lit up with delight. "Oh wow, you're already really starting to like this, huh?"

Paul tried to rebuke. "I-I-I, I don't know, it's not really that... UUUUNGH-" He was cut short as Gabby plunged her fingers back deep into his ass and started to build up a steady rhythm as she finger-fucked his exposed little ass with her girly but strong hand.

Paul was helpless as his ass was thoroughly penetrated by Gabby's unwavering fingers, and as much as he clenched his ass to try and repel the foreign invasion, any resistance on his part was futile, and he was fully at the mercy of Gabby's perverted intentions.

Meanwhile, Gabby was having the time of her life as she introduced her boyfriend to the pleasures of anal stimulation. She laughed as she continued her manipulation of his prostate. "Fuck yeah... my God, babe, I had no idea you were gonna like something nice and hard up your butt so much! Look at you! You're harder than I've ever seen you."

Paul looked down at his cock and, sure enough, she was right. He was rock hard. Gabby reached out with her free hand and took a firm grasp of his cock, squeezing it a little to get his attention, before pumping it hard and fast to the rhythm of her anal finger-fucking. As he was being anally stimulated his cock was being simultaneously pleasured through Gabby's brilliant coordination and timing.

Despite all his reservations Paul had to hand it to Gabby, this wasn't entirely unpleasant. The stimulation of his prostate and the sexual nerve endings in his ass combined with Gabby's expert work on his cock was awakening new feelings of pleasure within him that he didn't even know he was possible. For now, he was quite content to submit to Gabby's aggressive finger-fucking, and simply lay there on the bed with his legs in the air, moaning as his gorgeous girlfriend jerked him off and violated his exposed ass.

Then, all of a sudden, he felt an emptiness as Gabby swiftly pulled her fingers out of his ass with a POP!

---- Going for pegging

Paul propped himself up on his elbows as he felt Gabby leave the bed. "Hey, Gabby, where'd you go? What's going on?" He had actually been kind of getting into it, although he didn't want to admit that to Gabby right away.

Gabby was at the foot of the bed, pulling some stuff out from under it. She was clearly preparing something, although Paul could not see from his position what exactly she was doing. She looked up and noticed him staring at her. "Oh, nothing baby, just sorting something out real quick. Don't worry, I'll be back inside your ass before you know it." She gave him a cheeky wink before pulling out the object she had been searching for. Paul recognised it immediately, and his ass clenched up at the sight.

It was a strap-on dildo. A big replication of a penis that a woman could use to strap on and fuck with as if she were a man. It wasn't exactly life-like, as it was a funky purple colour, but it looked dangerously big. Paul's heart sank a little as he realised it must be at least an inch or two bigger than his own cock, a cock he was normally very proud of at its just-above-average length. It also seemed to be double-ended, which Paul figured was so that on every thrust the wearer would receive pleasure in a similar way that a real cock would. However, that end seemed a bit more of a manageable size, so the one wearing the strap-on would still be firmly in control of the situation. Paul knew of strap-on cocks being used by lesbians, but he had never imagined that his girlfriend owned one, let alone that she was about to use it on him.

"W-Wait up a sec, Gabby," Paul started to stammer, "I thought you said we were gonna take it nice and slow?"

"Well of course we are, baby." Gabby continued to fix and adjust the straps to herself as she spoke. "But I figured it was already going so well, so we might as well skip to the fun part." She shot him a mischievous smile. "Besides, you can't exactly deny that you were enjoying having something up your ass. This is just a little bigger, you'll be fine." This was textbook Gabby persuasion, and while her words calmed him a little, he struggled to believe that the weapon Gabby was currently affixing to her hips was only 'a little bigger'.

Eventually, Gabby had the dildo in place, and inserted her end of it into her pussy with a quiet moan of appreciation. She was fully wearing the strap-on cock now, and Paul had to admire her for a few seconds. She really looked quite good, with her tied-off t-shirtshowing off her curvy tits good, her solid arms who have pinned him down several times, her painted girly nails, her long hair, her toned stomach leading down to a contrasting display of force with the hard, pretend penis jutting out from her female body. She noticed Paul watching her, and gave him a slow, little twirl. The straps were put together in a way that really accentuated her curvy ass. Gabby turned around to face him, cocked her head to the side and threw her hands up in a gesture that seemed to say, 'What do you think?'

Paul couldn't help but smile. She could appear really cute and harmless when she wanted to be. "Alright, alright, just... please be gentle with me, ok?"

Gabby smiled and licked her lips. "I knew you'd come around; you couldn't wait to get something stuffed up your cute butt again, you little slut! Trust me, I'm gonna pop your cherry real gentle, honey." Gabby's words were reassuring, but the naughty expression on her face suggested that she intended on doing the exact opposite.

Gabby walked over to the bedside table with a newfound swagger. Perhaps this pseudo-penis was intoxicating her with a sense of power, the power to fuck. She reached over, grabbed the lube and applied a liberal dosage along the shaft of the dildo. Then, she worked it all over the strap-on, and her actions looked suspiciously like she was jerking off her fake cock. As she stroked it up and down to get the lube all over it she knew that Paul was watching, and she made sure to make a real show of it, showing him that she was preparing to give him a good fuck as if she had a real cock.

Gabby finished up stroking her pretend cock once she deemed it was sufficiently lubed up, and started to clamber up onto the bed, like a lioness stalking her prey. She was a sexaul predetor now! She leant in close to her slightly terrified boyfriend and started to make out with him, hard and fast. Paul squeaked a little as she took him by surprise and tried his best to kiss her back, but her tongue was already probing and dominating his mouth. She havnt bees this aggressive with him before. As Gabby took control of his mouth, Paul felt something hard poking into his stomach and as she pulled away from the kiss, he looked down to see it was her strap-on, rigid and unbending.

Gabby came up from all fours and rested on her knees in between Paul's legs. She gave him a light tap on his inner thighs to signify that he should spread them nice and wide for her and brought her other hand down to the base of her strap-on. As he spread his slim legs and held them wide with his hands, Gabby began to line up her dildo with his waiting hole.

"Fuck... look at you, ready and waiting for your first cock. You look so hot right now, baby." Gabby was breathing heavily and seemed to be really enjoying this. "I'm gonna fuck you so good, baby, I'm gonna totally own your ass!"

Paul felt the tip graze his ass and flinched away from it. Gabby noticed this, laughed and shifted a little closer on her knees so he couldn't get away. Then she grabbed her thick pseudo-penis at the base again and began to slowly and methodically twack the head on his already nervous hole. Not only was she preparing him to the feeling of her rubber girlcock, she was further emphasising her sole dominion over his quivering asshole.

"Knock, knock, baby." Gabby grinned and on her next swing slowly urged her hips forward, slowly forcing the head of her strap-on into his ass. "Let me... iiiiiinn..." She leaned forward and let her weight carry her the rest of the way as her cock slowly inched its way further and further into her boyfriend's ass.

Paul's eyes opened wide as he felt several inches of hard strap-on cock invade his ass. Despite Gabby's liberal application of lube, it was still a lot for him to take, and the pain felt like a solid steel pipe being pushed up his butt. His body tried to clench on reflex, to resist the foreign intrusion into his body. However, his efforts were fruitless as she pushed inside him with great force and he couldn't even slow down her advance, so all he accomplished was tiring out his anal muscles so that they now offered even less resistance to the mighty girl-cock.

Gabby smiled as she was almost all the way inside of him as she leaned forward and gave him a few more kisses around the neck area, an area she knew Paul was very sensitive to. With a suppressed giggle, she suddenly jerked forward in a snap motion, driving the last inch or so of her strap-on firmly into his ass and causing a yelp of surprise from Paul.

"Mmmm... you've just taken all of my cock like a fuckin champ, Paul. I knew I'd fit nice and snug inside of you."

Gabby had indeed now buried the full length of her big strap-on inside her boyfriend. She resumed her kisses around his face and neck, relishing in the powerful feeling of conquest that comes from deflowering some prime ass. Paul was conflicted, as Gabby's kisses made him feel warm and comforted compared to the behemoth filling his ass causing him nothing but pain. Even attempting to move or shift his body was impossible as it had fully impaled him. She had pinned him with her big purple cock! He considered that this could be what Gabby had meant, this is the experience that girls go through upon taking a big cock. Although surely a pussy would be better prepared than his poor little asshole?

Gabby found her way to his ear and gave it a playful little bite before pushing herself back up and ready on her knees to fuck. However, as she leaned up, she noticed a problem. "Aw man... looks like someone's gone a little soft."

Paul looked down and, sure enough, his cock was now only semi-hard, likely due to the pain he had experienced upon Gabby's penetration. Thick, rubber cock filling your bowels will do that to a man. Gabby reached down and squeezed his softer cock a little, seemingly disappointed. She wanted him to enjoy this fuck as much as she did.

"Well, we simply can't have this, can we? Let's fix that..." Gabby smiled seductively as she untied her t-shirt at the midriff, grabbed the hem with both hands and swiftly lifted her top over her head, leaving her beautiful tits exposed. As she scrunched the t-shirt into a ball and chucked it off to the side, Paul admired her breasts. He'd always considered them perfect, big enough for a good handful, with pretty little brown nipples that he loved to play with and suck, partially for his own enjoyment and partially for the moans of pleasure he could elicit from Gabby. As she let them free now, Paul's breath was taken away as he admired her naked form. Indeed, now she was completely naked like him, except for the dildo strapped to her hips that she had firmly lodged all the way up his ass.

"You can touch them if you want, baby. Give them a nice feel. You can even play with my nipples. I know how much you love that," Gabby purred. She then took his hands in her own and brought them to her boobs for him. Paul took the hint, and mauled them over in his hands, desperate to feel their softness in his grasp. Gabby giggled, and again felt a strong feeling of power as she looked at her boyfriend, helplessly pawing at her tits as she held complete control of his ass. She really had him wrapped around her little finger.
--------- Muscle worship? ------
"Mmm, do they feel nice and soft baby?" Gabby pinched the supple flesh of his ass. "Soft like this ass I'm gonna fuck, hmm?"

Gabby studied Paul's cock as he played with her boobs. Sure enough, it slowly started to get harder and harder until it was fully erect. Paul was so distracted with the sweet pleasures of her breasts that he was starting to forget the pain of the big cock up his ass. Now that he was nice and hard for her again, Gabby decided to start very slowly and gently rocking her hips back and forth, only an inch or so at a time, just to test the waters. Paul groaned a little but otherwise he didn't seem too bothered.

Gabby upped the pace a little, and her gentle rocking turned into a slow fucking as she slowly sawed her dildo in and out of his ass a few inches at a time. In a lot of ways, this actually seemed like the start of a normal fuck for them, the slow and steady movements after the initial penetration as both parties get used to the feeling while they both grunt and groan softly. Except today the roles were reversed, with Gabby doing the penetrating and Paul on the receiving end.

As they fucked nice and slowly, Gabby brought her hands to where Paul's were on his tits, interlocked fingers with him and looked him in the eyes. She slowly began to push them down, Paul bagan to resist her and soon they had a little powerstruggle, but she used her superior leverage and power to overpower his arms and soon brought them down to the bed just above Paul's head, effectively pinning his arms to the bed. It was kind of sweet, but it was also a further display of her physical power. She loved to overpower him and be in control, and this was the ultimate way to do so. With his arms pinned to the bed, Gabby could have at his ass as hard as she wanted, and he would be powerless to stop it. She kept a slow pace for now though, but her ass clenched tight on every thrust, showing how deep and hard these thrusts really were. He was helpless to stop her now!

"Unngh, fuck yeah..." Gabby had started to grunt and moan like she was a guy actually relieving her sexual frustration in his ass. Although, Paul figured that those feelings might not be too far from the truth due to the double ended nature of the dildo. On every thrust in his ass, Gabby would feel a surge of pleasure much like a guy would.

Over time the couple worked up a steady rhythm, and soon their sweaty limbs were moving like a well-oiled machine as Gabby clearly and thoroughly took Paul's anal virginity. This really did seem like a reversed fuck for them. Normally Paul would be lovingly thrusting into her pussy, spurred on by Gabby's vocal displays of pleasure. Paul wasn't moaning like that for Gabby just yet, but he wasn't far off. The tables truly had turned as she drilled his pinned body.

Despite the initial shock of a large phallic object being forcibly inserted in his ass, Paul had to admit that this wasn't feeling nearly as bad he had expected it to. His cock was rock-hard and the strap-on seemed to be reaching somewhere inside him he never knew could contain pleasure, and this new dominant and sexual aggressive side of his beautiful girlfriend was kind of turning him on. Did that mean he was a submissive?

Paul's concerned thoughts were wiped from his brain as Gabby adjusted her position and fucked him a little harder from a new angle. An angle which made direct contact with his prostate. The male g-spot.

Paul moaned. A really slutty, pornstar moan. The kind of moan a girl might make as she's being railed by a big, fat cock. It wasn't intentional, and Paul immediately suppressed it as best as he could. He realised that he couldn't become the submissive bitch who loved taking a hot cock up his slutty ass. He simply couldn't let that happen. It was too much of an affront to his male ego. But this moan had come from deep inside, from an instinctive place in his mind, and despite how hard he tried to bury these slutty moans of pleasure, he felt like he was merely on the brink of breaking out into turning into a full on cock-slut for his sexy strong girlfriend.

Gabby had certainly noticed Paul's slutty moan and, unfortunately for him, wasn't going to let him forget about it.

"Oooh, enjoying this a little more than we thought, are we? You sound like me when I'm being overpowered and fucked!" Gabby seemed to find this immensely entertaining. "It's ok Paul, just relax and submit to all those confusing feelings inside of you. Embrace them baby, and let your true slutty side come out." Gabby grinned and kept up a consistent rhythm with her ass-fucking, keeping Paul right on the edge.

As it turned out, Gabby had one last surprise for Paul, one that she was sure would tip him over said edge. She let go of his hands and reached behind her on the bed where she had secretly placed a remote control and picked it up, her strapon still inside him.

Paul noticed. "Gabby, ungh, w-what is... ahhh... what is that?"

"Oh, this little thing?" Gabby turned it over in her hand while maintaining her steady rhythm. Her ability to act so normal, almost formal even, while ploughing his ass was sending Paul wild with arousal. Gabby continued, "It's nothing special. Just a remote control. For the vibrator built into my strap-on."

Paul's eyes went wide as he started to comprehend what Gabby meant.

"That's right, baby." Gabby's thumb hovered over the 'on' button. "You're about to be my little bitch now."

Before Paul could react, she set it to maximum, pressed the button, and the vibrator started to buzz.

Paul exploded.

Not literally, obviously, but the entire length of Gabby's girthy shaft vibrating hard and fast, in such close contact with his sensitive prostate, sent him into a state of sexual bliss, complete submissive ecstasy overriding any other feelings such as shame or masculine ego. In that instant, it broke him. Paul was no longer the man he always was in that moment, he had become a helpless, submissive little ass slut.

And it showed. As soon as the vibrations began their assault on his defenceless ass he lost all restraint he previously had and started to moan and scream like a full on slut.

"FFFUUUUUUCCCKKK! Ohhhhhh fuuuuuuck, Gabby you're-UUUUNNNNGHH, fuck yeah, ungh, oh shit, oh fuck me, ahhhhhhh, fuck my ass, Ummmmmfffff, it feels so good baby, fuck me pleeeeaaaase..."

Gabby was overjoyed. She had fully converted her boyfriend into a total, utter cockslut. He was currently her bitch, completely at the mercy of her large vibrating dong, even begging for her to continue to ream his ass as hard as she could. She felt an immense feeling of power at her conquest, having turned out her boyfriend so easily.

Gabby grabbed hold of either side of his gyrating hips. Now that he had made him her bitch, it was time to fuck him like one. No mercy, no holds barred. Time to give him what he was asking for. She upped the pace even more, really starting to rail him. She leaned forwards, raising his slim legs and leaving his ass even more exposed so she could fuck it exactly how she wanted. As she pumped his ass harder and harder with her strap-on, he got even louder and even sluttier, responding to each thrust by pushing back with his hips in time with her thrusts. Furthermore, with her increased pace came increased pleasure from the other end of her dildo as it sent surges of vibrating pleasure up her pussy. Gabby was in her own world of paradise right now, taking physical control of her boyfriend's ass, and consequently, the young couple's sex life.

As she relentlessly fucked her new bitch, Gabby had an ingenious idea. She reached down and grabbed Paul's rock-hard cock, which had previously been uselessly flapping against his stomach, dribbling with precum and desperate for release. Once she had a firm grip, she used it as an effective handle, so that she could control Paul's body using his penis as a kind of joystick. This allowed her to fuck his ass while retain control of his squealing, helpless shaking body.

But she didn't stop there. Now that she had his cock in her capable hands she decided to send his pleasure into overdrive, and began to pump his cock in perfect timing with her hard and fast thrusts into his ass. Paul responded by moaning even louder, and for a second Gabby though the neighbours might hear and wonder if a girl was getting loudly fucked in the empty Williams house. Paul didn't care though; he was just enjoying the sexy girl pounding his ass and jerking off his cock.

However, this wasn't just for his pleasure. Even this action was another subtle form of Gabby's control. By stroking his cock in time with the heavy thrusts of her vibrating dildo, she intended to create a mix of pain and pleasure in his mind to sexually confuse him. Gabby wanted to create a mental association between anal fucking and sexual pleasure, ensuring that Paul would continue to be a good little butt slut for her. Psychologically fucking his mind might have seemed a bit harsh, but if the thought of a cock up his ass could make Paul rock-hard, or potentially make him cum without any hands and solely from anal stimulation, Gabby found that the sexiest idea imaginable.

They continued to fuck hard and fast. Gabby's toned strong legs and curvy hips were being pushed to the limit as they tried to keep up these ferocious thrusts. Paul was beyond any kind of rationality; his eyes were glazed over and he was even drooling a little as he rode out the waves of submissive pleasure. Being at the mercy of his cute girlfriend and her monster dong was more enjoyable than he could ever imagine.

"Unngh, God baby, I've been waiting for this so long! You don't know how long I've wanted to tap this cute little ass. Fuck! I can't believe I just needed to give you a little, ungh, nudge in the right direction and now I'm balls deep in this perfect butt!" With her free hand, Gabby slapped and grabbed at Paul's shapely ass as she fucked it. She was similarly lost in the ecstasy of turning the tables on their sex life and plundering her sweet boyfriend's ass. "God I can't believe how good it feels to fuck your ass. You've got such a fuckable little ass, mmmm? And now it's mine. All mine, right? You gonna be a good little boy for Gabby, huh? You are soo cute right now! You're gonna be my... my... unnnngh... my little puta! I'm gonna ream out your ass all the time, honey, make your butt my little fuck-cushion... just bend you over whenever I want and.I'm gonna wrestle you down.. fffuuuuuuuck!" Gabby punctuated her last words with some especially vicious thrusts into his ass.

Paul heard what she was saying but couldn't fully make sense of it. He was too far gone. When he opened his mouth to speak all that came out of it was-

"Fuck me! Oh Goooooooood, pleeeeease fuck me, fuck my ass, fuck it so hard, I need you in my ass baby, I looooovee youuuu..."

Gabby smiled and stroked his cock even harder. "You want me to really fuck you, Paul? You got it, baby, you slutty little tease. You're gonna get fucked like a cheap whore..." She raked her nails into the soft flesh of his ass. "... and you're gonna love it."

The couple fucked faster. And they fucked louder. Gabby thrusted so fast that her hips and legs became a blur, ploughing Paul as fast as she could. All that was on her mind was exacting as much pleasure as possible from his ass, and the double ended strap-on gave her constant pleasure at this rate. Paul was also receiving constant pleasure, as Gabby was now jerking off his cock as quick as possible.

They both grunted and moaned louder and louder, though nothing coherent could be heard as the pair built up their pace.

Gabby fucked a little harder.

Paul squealed a little louder.

This was the build up to the finale. Soon they would be past the point of no return, as they could both feel their orgasms approaching.

Paul was the first to announce his impending orgasm.

"Oh Goooood, Gabby, Gabby baby, I'm gonna cum... you're gonna make me cum, oh, please, make me cum, oh fuck, I'm begging you, ungh, pleeeeaaassee..."

Gabby locked eyes with Paul.

"That's right, ungh, baby. I'm gonna, ahhh, gonna make you cum nice and hard with this big dildo, my little puta. And then... fuck, and then I'm gonna cum from fucking your sweet little ass. And then, then... awwww fuuuuuuck, then your ass will be mine, baby!"

Paul eyes went wide. His balls tightened and his ass clamped down on her cock. He could feel it. They both could.

"That's right, baby. Cum for me. Become my bitch."

And he did.

Paul popped off like a bottle rocket. His cock shot strand after strand of hot cum across his own body, coating his chest and face in his own jizz while his body spasmed helplessly in the throes of an intense orgasm, the likes of which he had never experienced before. His mouth hung agape in a silent scream as his body submitted entirely to the pleasures of the orgasm. It completely wrecked him.

The sight of her beautiful boyfriend cumming like a girl was just enough to send Gabby over the edge, and soon after she began to orgasm. With a few last, hard thrusts into his ass, Gabby let out a loud, low pitched growl as she herself began to spasm around the end of the dildo in her pussy. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she also experienced the best orgasm of her life so far.

As both Paul and Gabby felt the last of their orgasms ebb throughout their body, the exhaustion of the intense fuck started to set in. Gabby reached around on the bed, found the remote control for the vibrator and turned it off before throwing it off the bed. She looked down at her cum-covered boyfriend and had a very naughty idea. She scooped up some of his cum with a couple of fingers and poked them at Paul's mouth. She didn't need to say anything to make her request clear. Paul opened his mouth and sucked on her fingers, obediently swallowing a big mouthful of his own cum.

"Good boy..." Once Gabby had given him her approval, she slowly let herself collapse on top of Paul, with her head nuzzled in his neck and her arms cradling his head.

They lay there for a while, catching their breaths and processing the insanity of what had just occurred. Naked, tired and sweaty, they bathed in the afterglow of equally fantastic, satisfying orgasms. Although in terms of dominance, Gabby was undoubtedly the triumphant party, while Paul lay there, utterly conquered. She had never sexually dominated him like this and she loved it!

Eventually, Gabby began to stir, and ever so slowly began to lift herself up off of her boyfriend. As she did so, she carefully began the process of dislodging her strap-on from his ass, although it still made an audible POP as the head left his hole, and Paul groaned a little as he felt an empty space where it had been. Gabby stepped off the bed with shaky legs, unclasped the straps which held the dildo in place and removed it from her pussy, dropping it on the floor to clean later. She ran her fingers over the lines where the tight straps had dug into her hips and lightly massaged them. Then she made her way to the bedside table, upon which was a box of tissues. She cleaned herself up a bit, removing any cum or fluids she had produced or had stained herself with when she fell upon Paul. Once she had finished herself, she grabbed a few out of the box and gave them to Paul, who had just started to regain consciousness himself. He graciously took them and cleaned his cum off silently.

Now that they had made themselves a little cleaner, Gabby climbed back on the bed, and began to snuggle herself around Paul as the big spoon, with a protective arm round his side and her head nuzzled in his neck once more. Now that she had sated her animalistic needs, she was overcome with a desire to protect and comfort him. Paul could feel her strong arm around him and how her pussy was prassed against his now tender ass as she engulfed him as the big spoon. It felt very safe and confortable for him, but it also made him feel how she still had physical control of him. The period just after you have sex is always when you're at your most vulnerable, and considering the fuck Paul had just received, she figured he was likely to be feeling very vulnerable indeed.

Paul was conflicted. Obviously, he had enjoyed the experience, he'd been quite vocal about that when he was begging for her to fuck his ass and let him cum, but he felt a sort of affront to his male ego. Gabby had just quite firmly taken sexual and physical control of him, and he wasn't sure how he felt about being the submissive in their relationship. He had to admit, it felt very warm and comforting as he snuggled into his position as her little spoon in this cuddle.

It took a while, but Gabby was the one to break the silence.

"Hey, baby," She kissed him on his bare shoulder, "Are you OK?"

"Yeah." Paul found her hand around his midsection and brought it up to kiss it.

"Good. You did so well there, baby." Gabby ran her other hand through his hair. "Thanks for trying this out for me. You're the best boyfriend ever, you know that?"

It felt good for Paul to hear these things. He was a people-pleaser after all. "Thanks. It was no problem."

"Hey," Gabby turned him over, so they were facing each other, "I'm sorry if I got a bit too... intense there. Like, if I was a bit mean to you. I got a bit carried away, and I said a lot of stuff about you being my bitch in the heat of the moment. That was going a little far. I was just enjoying it so much, you see?"

"No, it's ok babe, I understand."

Gabby smiled warmly. "You kinda liked it though, right?"


"You really got into it. C'mon, you can't tell me you didn't like it?"

"Like what?"

"All of it! The ass-fucking, the name-calling, just generally being my submissive. You have to admit, you really did kind of enjoy it."

Paul paused for a moment before he answered. "Yeah, a little bit, I guess..."

"I knew it!" Gabby shrieked with joy while cuddling him tight in her spoon hold of him. She then started to massage his sore ass while biting her lip. "How long d'ya reckon before I can tap this ass again then? Should probably give you a little while to recover, you've only just been anally deflowered."

Paul was suddenly a little apprehensive as Gabby stared hungrily at his little butt. "Tap this ass?"

"Well, yeah. You've got such a fuckable little ass, baby." She gave it a firm slap to emphasise her point. "Now we know that we're both super into it, what's to stop us from sticking it up your cute butt on the regular?"

Paul wasn't sure about this. He enjoyed it sure, but he didn't know about it becoming a regular thing. "But, Gabby, it's not gonna replace like, normal sex, is it?"

Gabby considered this. "Well, of course we'll still do it normally from time to time but think about it, Paul. When we do it like this, we both cum way harder than when we do it the normal way. Well, I certainly did, and it looked like you did. I've never seen you shoot so much jizz in my life. Plus, there's literally zero risk of pregnancy. Wouldn't it make much more sense if... this was the normal way for us? Don't get me wrong, the sex we were having before was great, and I don't mind doing it occasionally from now on but if we both cum harder doing this, shouldn't this be the norm, not the other way around? I
definitely prefer this way, baby! "

Paul couldn't fault her argument. The logic was ironclad. "Yeah... that makes sense."

"Great!" Gabby lay on the bed with her hands clasped behind her head. "I'm so excited, Paul. Just think of all the new possibilities! I'm gonna fuck that cute ass of yours all over the house this summer, in every room and over every piece of furniture I can. There's a mirror in your bathroom, I could fuck you over the sink... or I could have you ride me on the couch downstairs... We could have a real wrestling match, where the winner get to fuck the losers ass! Oh! I know! I could fuck you doggystyle in the yard...." Her voice became louder and more excited the longer she went on. "... wouldn't that be hot? You on all fours down in the grass, in the bright light of day... maybe one of the neighbours will see you getting pounded! And hear how you moan like a little girl." She giggled.

Paul watched her as she described what their sex life was about to be like. He was a little concerned but when he looked at Gabby he saw that she seemed so happy and excited and suddenly he didn't care so much anymore. While he would never admit it, he had kind of enjoyed being her bitch just now, and anything that made her happy made him happy.

Gabby leaned over and held him close while she continued to tell him about all the ways and places she was going to fuck his ass over the next few days. Despite his tentative acceptance of this new sex life, it certainly did seem like his poor butt was in for quite a beating in the near future.

He sighed. This was going to be a long summer.

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Default Re: Paul and Gabbys summer (romance, wrestling, pegging)

Thanks by the storie, I have hope read more in a future, and Paul winning.
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