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Default J&J Sisters: The tournament intruders

Last month, the town's annual amateur MMA tournament took place. All the gyms organized it together and got some small sponsors in the area, to be able to offer a prize money, and of course informed all the martial arts practitioners they had.

The news spread quickly and some posters were put up around town to advertise the event. The tournament is traditionally open to any adult male, regardless of age, weight, or level of experience. It takes place in the high school's main gymnasium, which is large enough for professional events, and even people who have no interest in MMA want to take a look, especially the competitors' families, of course. Therefore, as always, many people signed up to participate in the men's category. Unfortunately, the same was not true for the women's category, which was always officially "organized" but never really happened due to a total of zero participants. This year, however, there were two interested girls: Julia and Jessica, who had moved a few weeks earlier.

Julia Brendel, the older, and Jessica Brendel, the younger, were actually sisters. The former was 28 and the latter 23 years old. Like many siblings, they looked a lot alike. Both were 1,75 cm (5’9”) tall, with long, straight blond hair that fell to the middle of their shoulders, beautiful dark-green eyes, and fair but slightly tanned skin. The difference was that Julia's hair was darker, almost orange in color, while Jessica's, though also dark, had some very blonde streaks, especially toward the end. On the other hand, Jessica's green eyes were a little darker than Julia's, but the difference could only be seen if you got close enough. From the shape of their faces, even though they were similar, you could tell that Julia looked like a mean or stuck-up girl who had probably been a bully during her high school years. Jessica's face was smoother and more tender, so she seemed to be a sweeter person at first.

Their bodies were a sight for sore eyes. They both had slender yet toned bodies, with long legs and a thin waist combined with strong quads. Like many tall women, they were elegant and always kept a very upright posture, which looked even sexier when combined with the high-heeled boots they loved to wear. Julia's breasts were slightly larger, but both could be considered between average and large for their height. Their arms, though thin at first glance, were very well defined and firm. And their legs were spectacular; despite her general slenderness, Julia's lower body was strong and perhaps even intimidating. Her ass was incredibly sexy, and her thighs were the most impressive part. She seemed to enjoy working out every day, which made sense considering she was a soccer player; Jessica, on the other hand, had more feminine and delicate curves of a top model. She also liked soccer, so her legs were not weak at all, but still her calves formed such a perfect wave towards her thighs, which matched perfectly with her round ass and was able to make anyone appreciate them for many hours.

When the day finally came, they were both very disappointed to find out that they were the only ones. Julia spoke to one of the organizers.

"Just the two of us? That is no fun at all. My sister and I fight each other every week. We wanted different opponents..."

"Well, I'm sorry, ma'am. But there's nothing I can do. Looks like the girls in this town don't like men's stuff that much!”

He said it innocently and with no intention to offend, but Julia became angry at his comment.

"What do you mean by 'man stuff'? Are you saying women can't or shouldn't fight?"

"Oh, sorry, that was not my intention. But you know, there are many more men who do it. I'm not saying you can't, but since women are weaker, I guess they prefer other activities and..."

"Stop! Stop! Don't try to fix it! You'll just make it worse."

Jessica interrupted her.

"How many men are participating?"

"Exactly 30. Why?

"So please let us join. It will be even easier for you to make the brackets if there are 32 of us."

The organizer obviously hesitated a bit. Since the tournament was open, there were many guys who were way too big and strong for them. But they were also big and strong compared to a small man, right? He decided to ask his colleagues and some of the main male participants:

The organizer: "So what do you guys think, should we let those two participate in the competition?"

Man 1: "Hahaha. Those two? Seriously?"

Man 2: "Oh, I think I would enjoy fighting those sisters on the ground!"

Man 3: "I hope to fight one of them in the 1st round to get a good rest for the upcoming fights. LOL"

Man 4: "So let them join in haha. They just want to have some fun. After the first round they will both be out, so what is the difference?"

Julia and Jessica were too far away from the conversation, but they could still hear some of the guys laughing and making fun of the situation. The organizer then called the two of them and all the other participants. Everyone formed a circle around him.

"So, counting the two lovely and brave ladies who just decided to join us, we have a total of 32 participants. This makes things much easier. Here are the simple rules: This will be a single elimination tournament from the start. The winner advances, the loser is eliminated. The round of 32 will be played today, the round of 16 tomorrow, and so on. Until the big final on Sunday. If you all agree, we can draw the brackets now!"

Julia was drawn against Aydan. She did not know it, but he was the one who said he would like to fight her first to "take a rest". Jessica's opponent was a guy named Brandon who did not attend that small conference. They were on opposite sides of the bracket, so they could only fight each other in a final. Julia's fight would be #5, and Jessica was one of the last, fight #13.

The first four fights did not have any surprises. In all of them, the bigger or more experienced guy won without much difficulty. Chuck, the main favorite and current champion, destroyed his opponent in the 3rd fight without breaking a sweat. The crowd got a little bored with this as the results were very predictable and there was no big emotion to talk about.

Then came fight #5, Julia's turn. Aydan came to the mat with a big smile on his face and looked at some of his friends as if to say "I know you envy me". After all, his prediction of an easy match-up in the 1st round had been confirmed, and on top of that he would be fighting such a sexy and beautiful woman. What could be better? Julia was focused, but not worried. She had no friends yet and her family was still busy with the new house furniture, so Jessica was the only one there who knew her, and vice versa. As she walked, many men on the bleachers whistled and shouted harassing words praising her body and her beauty. It did not bother her at all and she even liked it a little.

Now they stood face to face and waited for the starting signal. Aydan was not very tall for a man, maybe only a few centimeters taller than her, but he was very strong and athletic. Even though he was not one of the favorites, he was an opponent that everyone respected. His biceps were impressive and his torso was as hard as a pole. On the other hand, he did not seem to care much about training his lower body. His legs were obviously not weak, but by far not as impressive as the rest. While they looked at each other, he quickly blew her a kiss. Julia giggled and winked at him.

It started. Aydan, as I said, wanted to finish quickly and have a rest, so he made the first move and tried to land a punch with his right fist. Julia waited until the last moment and when his hand was only a few centimeters away from her, she ducked like a rabbit. Aydan tried another, but again she easily dodged it. After four more failed attempts, the crowd began to make fun of him, and a few "Olé!" could be heard in the stands. He was getting angry and Julia had done nothing but move her body and dodge his blows. Then he came closer, summoning all his strength. His plan was to be so fast that she would not even notice what was happening. As he started to move his arm forward, he felt a sudden pain in his chin and became slightly unbalanced.

"WHOOOOOAA!" he heard from the crowd.

Julia had just executed an amazing counter. Taking advantage of his distraction and frustration, she landed a perfect left leg kick to his face. Her smiling face showed how easy it was for her. Like a child playing.

"What's the matter, big man? Can't you hit me? I thought you were better than this. Where I come from, men are tough and skilled. I hope there are more than just pathetic wimps like you in this town!"

This trash talk was totally unexpected for him. Julia was much more confident and skilled than he had imagined. He was furious with her. Now it was time to get serious. But the next minute of the fight was just a repetition of the beginning. Aydan tried everything to hit her at least once, but Julia played cat and mouse with him, talking trash the whole time and landing perfect punches and kicks to counter his attempts whenever she wanted.

"Hahaha. So slow. Try harder!”
"Wow, this is easier than I thought. When will you start fighting?"
"You men are so ridiculous! Where did you learn your technique? It is utter shit."
"With this chicken legs of yours, I am not even afraid of getting kicked haha"

His face had been hit several times and he was bleeding in several places around his eyes and nose. While he was breathless and scared, Julia was as fit as she had been when the fight began, showing absolutely no signs of fatigue. If the fight was over now, everyone would say it had not even begun for her. Partly because of the pain, partly because of the anger, and mostly because of the public humiliation he was facing, Aydan’s eyes became slightly red. He was not crying yet, but Julia was close enough to notice.

"Ooown, that's sweet. Don't cry, you're almost there. Maybe just a few more years..."

Aydan was now completely furious. He wanted to kill her! Without thinking about what he was doing, he jumped towards her body, grabbed her legs and threw her body onto the mat. Julia did not care at all and laughed as she was pulled down.

It only took a few seconds for him to completely regret his decision and realize how much better she was at fighting on the ground. Aydan had never been too good at wrestling and did not like to bring his fights to this field, he only did it because he saw no other option. But unfortunately for him, Julia was a judo black belt.

"You have no idea what you are doing, do you?" And she winked at him again.

Ten seconds later, Julia had completely dominated him. She was lying on her side, leaning on her left elbow and holding his arm between her legs in an arm lock. Aydan was on his chest on the floor and trying everything to escape, but to no avail. His left arm was completely trapped and at the mercy of Julia, who could now finish him off whenever she wanted. She first flexed her free right arm to the crowd, who immediately responded with cheers. Then she removed her right leg from around the back of his head and brought it down, leaving her foot just below Aydan's mouth.

"Kiss my foot, loser! Let everyone here see how superior I am to you!"

Julia did not only look like a bully, she also showed that she was one. Aydan was really crying at that moment and everyone could see his tears. After hearing all her taunts, he wanted so much to teach her a lesson, to put her in her place, to show his skills and make her regret all her words... but instead, he could not even hit her once or do anything that could be considered dangerous. She controlled him the whole fight, and there is nothing worse than being trash-talked and still losing without having the slightest chance, all in front of your family, neighbors, and friends! While he was thinking these thoughts, he heard her voice again, this time louder.

"Stop crying and kiss it! Are you deaf?"

He could have just tapped out, but her tone was so authoritarian that he was afraid of what might happen if her order was not fulfilled. So, he began to desperately kiss her foot, begging for mercy and trying to show how obedient he was. Cheers and applause could be heard throughout the gymnasium. She was the one teaching him a lesson.

"Now surrender to me!"

He tapped out, completely ashamed and devastated.

"WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!", the crowd went wild with such a walkover of the underdog.

Julia stood up and flexed both arms to the audience on the bleachers. She then placed her right foot on his back and continued to flex her right arm while the referee raised her left hand, making her victory official. All Aydan could do was accept it and hide his face on the mat. What a beating!

The next 7 fights seemed like a mere protocol. Everyone just talked about Julia's performance and how strong and skilled she was. Again, the favorites won their duels. Jack was the main fighter of the right side of the bracket and the most dangerous contender to take the crown from Chuck. And he was also quick to finish his opponent.

Now it was time for fight #13, where Jessica would finally make her debut. Could she be as good as her older sister? There was a hush in the crowd as they waited for her match to begin. Everyone was focused on the mat as she and Brandon walked down to the center and came face to face.

Brandon was taller than Aydan, but not as strong. He looked more like a threat because of his long arms and legs than because of his muscles. However, he was by no means weak, and everyone knew that he was a dangerous opponent. And yet, he obviously looked stronger than Jessica, so without Julia's performance, no one would have any doubt about the winner. But could there be another surprise?

Yes, there could be. As soon as the match started, Jessica took control. She moved so fast, so gracefully, so elegantly, that it looked like a movie choreography. Brandon tried his best, like someone fighting for his life, but he could barely find her!

The first 40 seconds were all Jessica’s show. She was not as mean as her sister, but she loved being the center of attention. So, every time Brandon tried to take a break, she took a few seconds to wave to the cheering crowd. Her cute smile made him feel even more emasculated. During the fight itself, she punched him, kicked him, held his arm and let it go just for fun. Brandon was not as proud of himself as Aydan, so he was not angry, but rather confused, trying to understand what he was doing wrong... Jessica was so relaxed and comfortable that she could even whisper in his ear during the fight.

"Your training is useless against me. I know everything you try."

"That can't be..." he muttered to himself while punching the air. "It always works in training and... what?"

Jessica then grabbed his right elbow as he desperately tried to figure out what had happened, or at least understand where she was.

She was actually behind him, twisting his right arm towards his back and making him scream in pain. Her body was completely erect and her other arm was loose and stretched out at the side of her body, showing that no effort was needed to make such a move. Brandon was slowly lowered to his knees while Jessica held his arm tightly behind him. When he was finally on his knees, she whispered again.

"I know you are doing your best. There is no shame in losing to someone who is better than you, okay?"

He noticed that although she was not so cocky, she also knew how to drive her opponents crazy. Being humiliated by someone who seemed so delicate and fragile could be even more embarrassing than what had happened to Aydan before. While still holding his right arm, Jessica used her other hand to lower the back of his head and then kept hitting his face with her knee. She did this five times and he could not even react as he was completely immobilized in this position. All Brandon could do was beg her to stop during the breaks.

"Jessica, stop, I... ouch... I know you are better than me... ouch... there is no need... ouch!"

But she was not listening to him, she was just enjoying the scene of everyone cheering and clapping for her, telling her how she rules and how badass she is. Julia watched her from next to the mat and encouraged her to hit harder, faster, to talk some trash... But that was not what she wanted, she just wanted to feel like the center of the universe. When she got bored, she pushed his arm further, turned his body around and took him down with his back to the floor.

Brandon was already groggy, but he saw an opportunity to at least try something. With absolutely no coordination, he stretched out his arms and tried to keep her away. But Jessica ignored it, he was nothing more than her puppet, and she easily avoided all his efforts to put up a real fight. In a matter of seconds, she was on top of his body, lifting his head up, wrapping her arms around his neck, moving her body behind and then down his, and beginning to apply a sleeper hold. It was all done so naturally and easily that one could be forgiven for thinking that Brandon was her assistant helping with a demonstration, when in fact he was struggling and desperately trying his best to avoid it all.

She adjusted the sleeper hold and held it again for a few seconds to enjoy the celebrations of the crowd. She knew she was sexy and beautiful, and she loved being the subject of men's attention for that reason, but her greatest pleasure was being the center of attention for her fighting skills. She held on for at least twenty seconds before whispering in his ear again.

"Oooh, poor guy. You tried so hard, you don't deserve this humiliation. It's nothing personal, ok? I just like to be adored. You deserve a kiss for your efforts!"

Mwah! She kissed his cheek affectionately, trying to comfort him a little.

"See? Everything has a silver lining. At least you got a kiss. Hi-hi," she giggled.

And then she finally decided to finish him off. Without needing much strength, she pressed her arms further against his neck and Brandon tapped out, more relieved than ashamed, to be honest. He had just been destroyed in front of half the town, but at least it was over.

Jessica stood up gracefully, waved a little more to the crazed crowd and then placed her left foot on his chest. She also placed her left hand on her left knee and looked discreetly to the side with her eyes half closed, posing like she was taking a picture for a modeling magazine. Brandon had no power to even move his muscles. He was paralyzed, with his eyes bulging, admiring her for her beauty and for how easily she had just defeated him. Julia's voice could be heard beside the mat.

"WOW, sister! What a beating that was! He never had a chance! Hahaha."

"Julia... poor him... he tried so hard..." And then she looked down at him. "I'm really sorry about my sister, baby!"

Brandon mentally forgave her. He was already in love. The referee, astonished, raised her other arm to confirm her victory.

The last three fights took place without anyone paying much attention. Of course, there was no other topic of conversation in any dining room that night than how two new women in town had crushed their opponents in the MMA tournament. Those were not fights, they were more like executions! The people who were not there to watch were obviously informed and now everyone was looking forward to what they would see the next day!

[I hope you enjoyed the story. The characters are inspired by two high school classmates who were a year ahead of me. They were not sisters, but they were good friends and they looked a lot alike. So, I had a crush on both of them. No idea if they could fight, but I tried to at least bring their personalities here as a little tribute to them lol. Any feedback and constructive comments are always welcome. Thanks for reading]
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Default Re: J&J Sisters: The tournament intruders

I enjoyed the story so far! Do I understand correctly that you plan to continue it until the finals?
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Default Re: J&J Sisters: The tournament intruders

Originally Posted by Wife's slave [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
I enjoyed the story so far! Do I understand correctly that you plan to continue it until the finals?
I think one day I will haha but I cannot promise when... it depends always of my mood and ideas, for this and other possible stories
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Default Re: J&J Sisters: The tournament intruders

Love your story! Just for a lark, I ran your description of the sisters through an AI. I thought it did okay!

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Default Re: J&J Sisters: The tournament intruders

Originally Posted by EricRRobert [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Love your story! Just for a lark, I ran your description of the sisters through an AI. I thought it did okay!
Wow, awesome! Indeed it worked very well! haha I don't know why people complain about new technologies lol. Thanks for sharing it =)
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