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Default F/M Tied Up Stories

I just love a good F/M bondage story told from the woman's perspective! Here is the place to share those stories. In this thread women are the dominant sex and men the submissive. Women are the rope riggers and men the bondage sluts. So let's see some lovely stories where women tie up guys.
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Default Re: F/M Tied Up Stories

Oh yes I would like to read a femdom bondage story also.
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Default Re: F/M Tied Up Stories

Dominating my husband. Chapter 5.
Karen Young [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
I decide to introduce bondage to my husband's training to be a submissive.

This is the story of how I came to dominate my husband. It, for the most part, describes real events in our

The next few days and weeks were fairly non-eventful. My husband was now completely convinced that I
could physically dominate him if I chose to. May be even more important, so was I. When the whole thing
started, I never would have believed it. Now, I was so confident in my abilities that when we'd wrestle, it
would be mostly for fun, as I would put him in a hold, and make him submit rather quickly. I began to
tease him with my strength, making him tell me how beautiful and powerful I was. He had to say it
exactly as I wanted, or I'd not release him. Of course, he continued to service me orally, and was actually
very good at it, and usually brought me to my 2 orgasm minimum. We did not go back to him licking me
anally since that first time, however. I wanted to, but felt that he was doing so well where we were, that it
could wait. He was beginning to enjoy my body, and the physical play between us and even would suggest
I wrestle him, consequences be damned. He loved my muscles, and would spend many nights worshiping

I was now at the gym 5 days a week. I'd put on ten pounds over the next several weeks and it was all
toned muscle. I was lifting weights three days a week, and absolutely loved the way my body was
developing. My arms had real defined biceps muscles. My forearms where very hard, with veins
beginning to show. I was running about 5 miles a day and felt terrific. Friends and co-workers where
always telling me how good I was looking, which of course encourages me further.

It was here where we started experimenting with bondage. My friend Lisa, who's been sort of coaching
me from the beginning, says bondage is a natural extension of dominating someone. We agreed that I
should begin tying him in bed, and eventually, other places. I wasn't sure how to start, but like before, she
had some good ideas.

Like I said, Mike was doing well in bed. We were both very satisfied on a nightly basis which hadn't
happened since our honeymoon almost three years ago. Still, the thought of taking him further into
submission was a thrill. I decided I'd try it on a Friday night. It was probably about two or three months
since this all started. We where naked in bed, and I had just wrestled him to a pin. I was straddling him,
with my hands on either side of his head. His hands rested on my thighs and we both talked about what
had just happened. He was going on about how much he'd learned over the recent weeks about feminine
strength, and how he was now completely aroused by it. This was evident by the throbbing erection that
was taking place behind me. It was the perfect time to start.

'Mike,' I almost whispered as I leaned close. 'I am going to tie you up.'

This got his attention faster than I thought it would. 'What?'

'I have a scarf here,' I brought it out from under my pillow. 'And I'm going to use it to bind your hands
to the bed post.'

'What for?'

'Because I think it will be fun.'

'Karen, we are having fun. We don't need this. Next thing, you'll be whipping me wearing hi-heeled
boots and a leather corset.' I'm not into leather, but the whipping part sounds fun.

'I think we do. I think it will help us attain and enjoy where we both know we're going even more.'

'Were we're going? Christ, I think we've gone far enough.'

'Come on Mike. We both know I can do this with or without your cooperation. I'm asking you to trust me
on this, or I can make it hard for you.' I really loved talking like this, showing him my power, letting him
know that there was really nothing he could do. I say it so sweetly, but my dark rippling arms tell him that
I mean it. I took his left hand and started wrapping the scarf around his wrist. I wrapped it several times,
tightly. I then swung the open end around the bedpost and brought it around to wrap his right wrist
several times. I then tied off the lose end at the top of the head board, just beyond the reach of his bound
hands. I then get off of him and pull another scarf from my drawer. I proceed to tie his feet in a similar
fashion to the food board. He offered no resistance, which was fine as far as I was concerned.

I then kneeled on the bed next to his prone figure. 'There, that's not so bad, is it?' I take his cock and
start to message and caress it. 'I think this is going to be good for us. I know that you look terrific like

'Man, how did you become so kinky?' He said this with a smile.

'That's not important. What is important are the bondage rules.'


'Yes. When in bondage, you are mine, sexually. Which means if you are in bondage, you have to be hard.
If I find you are not hard, your term is increased until you perform satisfactorily, at my discretion. Is that

'I don't see that as a problem.' He jesters with his head to his bulging piece.

'Don't worry, you will. You'll see. There are other rules that we'll go over as we go on.'

I get up and straddle him again. This time, I'm sitting straight up, and then I lower myself on his cock.
The feeling is utter domination as I gently fill my pussy with his manhood. He's completely irrelevant
now. I'm just using him as a tool for my pleasure. I start feeling my hard body with my hands as I ever so
slowly gyrate my hips, causing friction between his ribbed cock and my firm hole. I feel him in me like I
never had before. There are no distractions, no hands groping me, trying in vain to please me. There's just
me, riding what amounts to a human dildo. I giggle when this thought comes to me.

'What's so funny?' He asks.

'I'm just enjoying myself. I told you this would be fun.'

I'm sitting straight up now, almost leaning back some, as I start to message my precious nipples. The
exercise has even improved this part of my body, as my breasts now stand up roundly and firmly. This
definitely enhanced their modest size. I'm rubbing them about my areolas, then tenderly pinching the
nipples, causing fleeting moments of pain and pleasure. I feel my blood rise to an inevitable climax as I
rock on my immobile husband. I was in complete rapture, such that I nearly forget Lisa's plan. 'Now
Mike, I know that this feels very good to you, but you can not cum. That is the second bondage rule. You
can not cum until I've had two separate orgasms. If you cum before than, I'm going to keep you like this.
If you obey, you'll be released. Do you understand.'

His breathing is almost a fever pace already so I know there is no way he's going to comply. I'm picking
up my pace, riding his cock, when I feel pulsating waves from deep within my abdomen that is my first
orgasm. 'Karen, I can't. I'm coming. I can't stop.'

'Try, if you know what's good for you. I've just reached. One more.' I wasn't even finished before I felt
his flexing cock shoot its juice. His hips bucked wildly as his hands pulled hard at his restraints. Lisa, who
seemed quite adept at tying and knotting, gave me the technique and it proved sufficient to hold him as he
continued to climax.

When he was finished, I said, 'poor dear.' I caressed his face. 'It was a nice try, but you didn't obey. Maybe next time.'

I disengage myself from him and I start to leave. 'Karen, come on, you can't be serious. Where are you

I just grab my robe and walk out of the room. I close the door behind me. I go downstairs to the couch and
prop my pillows to watch a little TV. After a moment, he must've realized I wasn't coming back, because
he starts to yell my name. Over and over, he's yelling. I let this go on for a few minutes, before I returned
upstairs. I took the rope from my robe off as I entered the room.

He was as I left him, but a whole lot more bothered. This was obviously having more of an effect on him
than I thought it would. Lisa correctly pointed out that most men would love to be tied up by someone like
me, as long as I was with them making them feel good. Once the fun was over, and the sexual release of
orgasm behind them, they quickly become bored and agitated. 'Are you through acting like a baby?'

'Untie me. The wrestling is one thing, this is, is,'

'This is what you get for not obeying me.' I pick up my panties I had left on the floor. They are the pair I
wore all day, fully soiled with my scent. 'Open your mouth.'

'Forget it.'

I kneel on the bed and I squeeze his nose. He still has his mouth clamped but now he can't breath. He
starts trying to twist his head, but I firmly hold on. I take my other hand and I cup his balls. After a
moment, I give them a firm squeeze. 'Ouch!'

His mouth is instantly open and I stuff the panties in. I kneel on the bed and quickly place the rope over
the panties, in his mouth as he clinched his teeth around it. I leaned over him as I tied the rope behind his
head. This, to me, was an incredibly erotic act. I'm leaning over him, my robe falls open and my breast
hang ever so close to my husband's face. The knot secure, I stand up, with my hands on my hips, my robe
open down the middle. I just stood that way for a minute or so and his cock responded, rising to full
erection. He's completely muffled, his mouth no doubt filled with my odor and sweat.

'I'm going to leave you like this for the night. I'll come in to check on you from time to time. Remember
that first rule. If I find you at any time without an erection, your stay in this position lengthens.'

I leave him and close the door. I went downstairs again, reveling in what I did. He clearly was
uncomfortable being tied up like he was. Yet, he had no choice but to concentrate on me. The panties
would guarantee that whatever fantasy he conjures up to maintain his erection would be centered around
me. It was perfect. I found myself masturbating after a few minutes on the couch.

I check him three times, during the night and he's completely aroused each time. I congratulate him, tell
him how good he's doing. The last time, its about 6am and I'm just waking up. I very quietly open his
door, hoping to surprise him, but there he is, in all of his glory, hard as a rock.

I really have no way of knowing how hard that was for him. Lisa explained that it would be quite a feat, so
I suppose he did well and deserved some gratitude.

'Very good Michael. You passed.' I sat on the bed next to him and masturbated him. It took less than a
minute to bring him to orgasm, and I could only marvel at his cum as it oozed and shot from his penis. I
then untied him. First his feet, then the gag, then his hands. His face was covered in perspiration, and his
hands and ankles where clearly numb as he ran to the bathroom. I leaned on the door. 'Next time, I'm
going to have to give you a more difficult test.'

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Default Re: F/M Tied Up Stories

Sister and her two friends tie up and humiliate her brother

Found in Dreambook - stories of girls tying up boys

Name: Vickie Tuesday, June 15th 2004 - 12:09 PM

Comments: Hi Everybody! I've been visiting here for a while and have enjoyed all the stories and experiences. I am a firm believer in the practice of tying guys up, especially as a method of reigning in some of the cockier attitudes amongst boys in their late teens and early twenties.

My first experience came back when I was 20 and a junior in college. I was home for the weekend, studying for mid-terms with two of my girlfriends, Sharon and Dale. It was Friday evening, and my mother was out of town until Monday. My seventeen year old brother, Josh (who is a really athletic, good looking guy), a senior in high school, had just come home from basketball practice. He was good at the game and hoped to get into the same college as me on a scholarship.

Josh immediately flopped down on the couch, next to the table where us girls had our books spread out and proceeded to be as much of a nuisance as possible. He turned up the tv, took off his wretchedly smelly sneakers and just made our studying next to impossible. I asked him if he had nothing better to do, and to my shock, Josh never had a slump in his social life, he said he had no plans.

Over the next 20 minutes, I alternated between asking him to at least go upstairs and stepping in to break up the loud arguments between him and Sharon. Sharon, also 20, didn't like my brother much, and had always considered him just a pesky kid brother. Dale on the other hand, who was a year younger than Sharon and I, always seemed pleased when he was around. We often teased Dale about having a crush on Josh. She would blush and then deny it immediately.

After another hour of useless arguing, I still don't know why we just didn't leave, Sharon suggested going outside for a smoke break. Although she was the only one of us who smoked, all three of us got up and went outside. Josh laughed, obviously feeling as though he had won. In between puffs, Sharon suggested a way that we could deal with my brother. She believed that we should just tie him up and lock him away somewhere out of sight while we studied. I wasn't sure if she was serious or not, but was willing to listen. Dale just seemed nervous but said nothing. After listening some more, I decided that Sharon was right, Josh was being a total ass and deserved to be punished. Dale reluctantly agreed to go along with our plan after some ribbing from us.

While Sharon and Dale went back inside, I went into the garage to get some rope. By the time i got back, Josh was laying on his stomach on the floor, with Sharon sitting on his back and Dale holding his legs. needless to say he was yelling something fierce, but we all just ignored him. With three of us, it was fairly easy to pull of his t-shirt, get his hands behind his back, and tie them together. He yelled and cussed even louder once he was helpless and sharon pulled off his basketball shorts and the tight compression shorts he wore underneath, leaving him only in his skimpy jock strap and socks. Sharon had figured that stripping him down would be a great way to humiliate him. I agreed and dale, oddly enough, didn't object. After dale pulled off his sweaty socks, I took more rope and tied his feet together at the ankles.

At this point, Sharon had a devilish gleam in her eyes and took one of his stinky socks, turned it inside out, rolled it up, and tried to push it in his mouth. She said that he had subjected us to the smell for too long and now it was his turn, besides, all the yelling and cussing had to stop. I agreed and pinched Josh's nose shut and told him that if he didn't open his mouth all the way, we would take off his jock as well.. Once he relented and opened his mouth to breathe, in went the sock. Sharon pushed it in all the way, it must have tasted awfull. She then used his other sock to tie it in place.

Once he was bound and gagged, the three of us carried him, struggling all the way, out to the backyard. We had a small toolshed out there, and I used a key on my keyring to open the padlock on the door. It was too tight a fit for all of us to get in, so Dale stayed outside while we finished up. We hd to bend over in the cramped space as we added more rope to Josh's body. We tied his legs together at the knees, and ran rope around his arms and chest after pulling his elbows as close together as possible. We then brought his feet up behind him and tied his ankels to his wrists in a very uncomfortable hog-tie.

Sharon was concerned that he would struggle and accidently knock over something sharp enough for him to use to free himself. I was a little more concerned that something would fall on him, so we needed a way to immobilize him further. Sharon tied another rope around the middle loops connecting his wrists to his ankles. she then pushed the other end through a hook in the low ceiling. When she pulled down, his arms and legs lifted slightly, arching his body a bit. Sharon was please and pointed out that if he squirmed around, he would put all of his weight on his bent back limbs. Not fun.

After i made sure that he could breathe freely through his nose, Josh got the mandatory "you deserve this" lecture from Sharon and myself. We told him that he would stay there for at least several hours, depending on our mood and we thought he learned his lesson. As we were getting ready to leave, dale suddenly threw Josh's two sneakers into the shed. They stunk up the small, confined space immediately. Sharon laughed as we put them close to his face, left the shed and locked the door behind us.

Once we got back inside, Dale asked if either of us had noticed anything strange while we were tying Josh up. Sharon and I looked at each other, but were unsure what she meant. When she told us, the laughter must have been loud enough for Josh to hear even out back. It seems that while we were busy doing the tying, Dale was able to watch without being distracted and had seen the very clear, very large bulge in my brother's jock strap. perhaps there was something about my brother I didn't know. I did however, find out. As did Sharon and Dale.

Saturday, June 19th 2004 - 10:53 AM

Name: Vickie
E-mail address: msvickie1@[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]mail

Comments: I hope everybody has enjoyed what came so far. It was a surrealistic night and everyone learned a lot about each other and themselves. If people want to know more, I will continue posting as it turned out to be a very eventful weekend.

For the next three hours, with Josh safely locked up out of our way, we studied in peace. At one point, feeling a bit guilty, I suggested we release him and give him a chance to go to his room peacefully. That idea was quickly shot down by Sharon who claimed he deserved what was happening and saw no reason why we should let him go. a shy little smile of agreement from Dale was all it took to convince me. Heck, I was outnumbered. After we had decided to call it quits for the evening's study session, Dale suggested we head out for some coffee. To this day, my brother does not know we left him completely alone for about an hour and a half of his imprisonment, and I still question the logic of doing it, although it did help to clear our heads.

While we were gone, we discussed Josh in detail, especially the revelation Dale had witnessed. We decided that on some level, Josh must have enjoyed what was being done to him. Now, being college students, we were well aware of the existence of kinky bondage games, but our episode with my brother did not start out on that track and we were unsure as to how far we should push him. I invited my two friends to spend the night, or the entire weekend if they wished, saying Josh was in no position to object. Dale agreed hurriedly, but Sharon had a stipulation. As I mentioned, she did not like my brother much, so it was no surprise when she insisted that he be tied up at all times while they were staying over. After all, she didn't want my obviously horny brother attacking Dale in the middle of the night. Dale blushed and giggled her agreement. I said I was ok with it, but all three of us would have to agree on what would be done with him. Just to ensure his safety. The girls agreed and we spent a while discussing our options before returning home.

Once we got back, we sent Dale to check on Josh. She came running back to the house, frantic that we go back with her. I almost panicked, fearing that something had happened to my little brother. When I got into the shed, I was relieved to see that he was fine, although he looked oddly embarassed. His eyes were clenched tightly closed, as though he didn't want to see what was going on. It took just a moment for me to realize why. A small puddle had appeared on the cold floor of the shed, right bellow his jock strap. I exited the shed and promptly told Sharon what I had found. Dale had remained quiet about what had happened, obviously wanting me to tell her that Josh had apparently gotten himself off while all tied up. Sharon laughed and called him a pervert saying that we obviously couldn't tie him up on his stomach any more. I agreed with that as i was still uncomfortable with the sexual implications of what was going on.

We untied Josh's hogtie as well as the rope holding him in place, while leaving the rest of him securly tied. He didn't open his eyes once even though he did grunt into his gag as we maneuvered his stiff body out of the shed. I asked Dale to clean the floor of the toolshed while we brought him back inside. I wasn't surprised when she agreed
to clean up my brother's mess. by this point, Sharon and I were sure she was loving what was going on on a totally different level from us.

Friday, July 2nd 2004 - 10:28 AM

Name: Vickie
E-mail address: missvickie1@[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]mail
Comments: Sorry about the wait, now where was I...

The next morning I got up to find Sharon and Dale already awake and making breakfast in the kitchen. I told them I was going to check on Josh, which got no reaction from Sharon, but Dale just smiled and took a sip of her juice. As I walked away, Sharon said she would make some food for Josh as well. When I opened the door to his room, I had to contain my surprise. Josh still lying on his bed, but he was totally naked and had been retied in a spreadeagle position. The gag was still packed tightly in his mouth. I went back to the kitchen, expecting to have to drag the info of what happened out of my two friends. Sharon did not seem to know what I was talking about, but Dale suddenly blurted out everything.

Dale told us about the crush she's had on him since the first time she had met him, but she was embarassed because he was younger than her. She admitted to sneaking into his room during the night and retying him. She said with the blindfold on he seemed very submissive and did not bother to struggle. She then described how she spent a few hours teasing and tickling him. I didn't know whether to be angry or pleased. Sharon, however, was pissed. She asked dale how she could do that especially after we had told Josh that his little "accident' was the last he would have. Dale just smiled and said that was the best part, she had teased him, but had not pushed him to the point of orgasm. Sharon seemed satisfied with that, and I have to admit I was getting hotter and hotter thinking about my brother being tormented like that. Although I was not specifically interested in the fact that it was him, just the thought of a helpless boy was creating a definite impression on me. I asked Dale if he knew who it was who was with him during the night. She said that she had not spoken and had showered off all traces of her perfume first, so there was no way he could have known. I was pleased by this news, thinking of ways that could be of use during the weekend.

I went back to Josh's room and removed his blindfold. he seemed even more embarrassed as I stood over his naked body. I told him that if he promised not to struggle, I would let him go to the bathroom and then get dressed. He nodded his understanding and I untied his wrists, had him sit up, then tied them again, together behind his back. I undid his ankels, stood him up and pushed him toward his bathroom. He stood there facing the toilet with the door wide open, until his need overcame his embarassment and he peed. I chuckled and said that I thought i might have to call the girls in to help if he took any longer. Josh just groaned into the gag. When he was done, he came out to his clothing for the day. I had gotten a speedo swimsuit out of his drawer (he swam in school) while he was using the bathroom and presented it to him. He tried to express his dissatisfaction, but I told him it was this or naked. He sighed and lifted one foot at a time into the strechy black fabric. I pulled it up his legs and over his privates. He acted a bit odd when I got the suit over his package. He flinched a bit, like he was hurt. I smiled, realizing that my baby brother must have a case of blue balls from his night's adventure. I then marched him out to the kitchen, where the girls had a chair already waiting for him. They smiled at his bikini clad form and Josh just looked down at the floor.

We guided him onto the chair, and out came more rope. In minutes Josh was completely bound to the chair. His feet were off the floor and tied to the legs, his wrists were behind the chair back and hiked up a little towards his shoulders. More rope was passed around his chest, waist, thighs and calves, until he couldn't budge. We then sat down and had a great breakfast of eggs, bacon, juice, and toast. Josh stared at us hungrily over his gag. No doubt the smells were tormenting him. After we finished eating, Sharon produced a large squeeze sports bottle filled with a thick, dark liquid. Sharon removed Josh's gag and stuck the end of the bottle in his mouth. She squeezed some of the liquid out and we watched as he struggled to swallow it without gagging. Realizing it must taste awful, I asked Sharon what he was having for breakfast. She smiled, squeezed more into his mouth, and told us that it was a mix of instant oatmeal, cream of wheat and prune juice. We laughed at that, but Josh continued to swallow the goop, no doubt hungry from his lack of dinner the night before.

Thursday, July 8th 2004 - 10:27 AM

Name: Vickie
E-mail address: missvickie1@[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]mail

Comments: While Sharon continued to feed Josh his breakfast, we discussed our plans for the day, pausing whenever Sharon had to stop and allow my brother to take a breath between swallows. It was very hot watching her feed him, almost like a baby with a bottle in his mouth, and my mentioning of that brought laughter from the girls and an embarrased groan from Josh. We decided on our day fairly quickly, study a bit more this morning, spend the afternoon at the pool, spend some quality time with Josh, then go out for the evening.

Once she had emptied the bottle into him, Sharon quickly held a glass of water up to his mouth and made him drink it down. he was messy, and choked some up, spilling it down his face and chest. After this, she quickly stuffed the gag back into his mouth, tying it even tighter than before. Josh squirmed a bit on the chair, but gave up once it became clear that he could not move much. We cleaned up the table and laid out our books. Dale suggested we quiz each other and that if one of us got a question right, that person could tickle Josh for two minutes. It was a great idea, and we all agreed, except my little brother who started making a lot of noise behind his gag. Sharon looked at him sternly and told him that if he didn't quiet down, she would make him drink the rest of the bottle of prune juice after she mixed it with Metamucil. Dale and i laughed hystercally at the thought, but it apperently scared Josh enough to shut him up.

I brought over a two minute egg timer and we began our quiz. Dale got the first question right, and after turning over the egg timer, slid onto the floor and proceeded to tickle the soles of Josh's feet. he bucked in the chair like a madman, huffing for breath through his nose. We thought he might actually get loose at one point, he was pulling so hard at the ropes. Once the two minutes were up, we stopped to tighten all of his bonds. Satisfied that he now couldn't move at all, we began again. i got a question right and mercilessly attacked his ribcage and armpits. Sharon, on her turn, decided to use a feather from a duster to torment him around his nose and ears. By the one hour point, Josh was exhausted and tears were flowing from his eyes from the relentless tickle torture. We continued for another thirty minutes, altenating between the areas of his body that had proved the most entertaining for us and horrible for him. After that, we decided to lay off the books for now and hit the pool. the sun was just getting strong as early afternoon approached and we wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to tan. Josh, covered in sweat and breathing heavily, looked worried about what was coming next.

Friday, July 16th 2004 - 12:43 PM

Name: Vickie
E-mail address: missvickie1@[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]mail

Comments: Preparation for our time at the pool was quick, with me offering sharon one of my bikinis to wear, while Dale just said she would skiny dip. I glanced at my brother, still bound to the chair and saw his eyes widen at Dale's words. Sharon enquired as to Josh's mode of dress, saying that even though he was dressed for swimming, he might burn in the sun considering he was not going to be moving around too much. Dale said she had an idea and ran up to Josh's room while we untied him from the chair.

When dale returned, she was carrying a small bundle of clothes. Josh started shaking his head when he saw this and we were momentarily afraid he would try to bolt, but another warning from Sharon humbled him yet again. Dale handed my unbound but still gagged brother the two articles of clothing she had taken from his room. I chuckled when I realized what they were, while Sharon just watched questioningly. The garments handed to Josh were a set of Under Armour sports underwear. Well, at least that's what guys call them. most girls however, would call them what they truly are, tights. My hat goes off to the inventors of this stuff for legitimizing skin tight clothing among teenage boys. The two pieces were full leggings and a long-sleeved, turtleneck shirt. Both in stretchy black material, they were what Josh wore under his football gear in the witer months to keep warm. We allowed Josh to keep his Speedo on and watched as he pulled the pants on first. They were ultra tight, and it took a few minutes for him to shimmy them up his legs. We then helped him put on the shirt, tucking it into the waist band of the leggings.

We all laughed at my brother all decked out in his tights. While he had a great body, and looked good in them, we didn't hesitate to compare him to a ballet dancer. Dale especially harped on this, and took every opportunity to stroke his lycra clad body as we pulled him out into the yard. Luckily, we have a tall wooden fence around our yard and pool, plus the houses in our neighborhood are not very close together, so we were not concerned with anyone seeing our little games.

We led josh, barefoot, over to a nice sunny spot, tied his wrists together in front of him and then threw the remaining rope over a tree branch above his head and pulled his arms into the air. Sharon bent down and tied his ankles together as well. We were looking at him, satisfied with his inability to get loose, when Dale commented that ballet dancers spent most of their time on their toes. Sharon laughed, Josh groaned, and I pulled the rope further over the branch, until my brother was forced up on his toes. he hung there, sweat already pooling on his forehead as the tight, black, garments absorbed the heat of the afternoon.

Pleased with the result, Sharon and I stripped down to our bathing suits while Dale teasingly began shedding her clothes in front of Josh. She was down to her bra and panties when we saw the bulge, difficult to hide in a speedo and tights, forming at my brothers groin. Sharon said something about all teenage boys being horny, and slipped the sleepmask over Josh's eyes once again. It must have come down with the Under Armour because I had not noticed it until then, but I certainly appreciated the frustration on my brother's face as his sight was blocked out just as Dale unclipped her bra. We left Josh like that, sweating in the sun, bound up on his toes, blindfolded and still gagged with his filthy sock, while we dived into the pool for some refreshing fun.

Monday, July 19th 2004 - 10:39 AM

Name: Vickie
E-mail address: missvickie1@[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]mail
Comments: We swam for about an hour, well, Sharon and I did. Dale spent a lot of the time
standing over by my helpless brother. We watched as she spoke to him and at times,
caressed various parts of his sweating, Under Armour covered body. It was obvious
that whatever she was saying and doing was turning him on, because although he was tightly bound, strung up on his toes, and sweating like a pig, he was as hard as a rock.
Dale was careful to never touch his groin in all of her teasing, and I’m sure my frustrated little brother’s case of blue balls was getting worse every second. I’m sure Dale didn’t hesitate to mention to him that she was completely naked during her time with him.

Eventually Dale joined us again and we played around in the pool and sat in the sun for another half hour, making sure that our laughing, joking and conversations were loud enough for our captive to hear. At one point I had by chance turned to look at Josh, and noticed him struggling wildly. He was pulling like mad at the rope and now, even his muffled grunts were loud enough to reach us. Afraid something might be wrong, but hoping it was only a panic attack, I ran over to him. He quieted down, but was struggling for breath both through his nose and whatever he could suck past his fetid gag. I called over the other girls, and, after we had thrown our clothes back on, let Josh down from his position. He flopped to the ground and I quickly untied and pulled out his gag, dropping it into the dirt. Sharon removed his blindfold while Dale looked on, a worried expression on her face. I sent her to get some water while I used a towel to wipe the sweat form my brother’s face. After taking a few gulps, josh seemed to be recovering okay, and we had decided that it was just some mild heat exhaustion from his ordeal.

I sent Sharon and dale away and sat on the ground with my brother, trying to determine if he was truly ok. His wrists and ankles were still bound, but he had managed to pull himself up to a sitting position. I apologized for what had happened, and told him that we had no intention of really hurting him. I asked him to tell me if he was really hurt in any way, other than the discomfort of being tied up for so long. He said that he was alright, but uncomfortable. I felt bad about what had happened and offered him an out. I told him that if he stayed in his room the rest of the weekend and did not come out, we would stop our little game. He looked a bit relieved, but asked me if that meant he couldn’t hang out with us at all. When I told him that was right, he glanced over to where Dale was standing, talking to Sharon and stared at her. She saw him looking and smiled at him and I swear I saw my brother’s heart melt right in front of me. He looked back at me, sweat still dripping off his forehead and into his eyes, and said that if we still wanted to keep him tied up, it was ok with him. I told him that I could not promise no more discomfort or embarrassment, but he just smiled and said he would be fine. He did ask that we not use his sock as a gag anymore as it was becoming very foul and he was afraid he would throw up and choke. I smiled, said that we could probably find other interesting things to shove in his mouth, and agreed to his request. He also said that he had to use the bathroom very badly, and not just to pee. I had forgotten what he had been given for breakfast and told him that I understood, but that was a decision we all would have to make if this continued. He thought about it for a moment, then, glancing at Dale again, said ok.

Thursday, July 22nd 2004 - 09:43 AM

Name: Vickie
E-mail address: missvickie1@[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]mail

Comments: I could not believe that my little brother had just willingly agreed to be our helpless prisoner. My mind was reeling with all the implications of this. I knew all the girls were getting a kick out of this, although I think in different ways, but to have Josh ask us to continue was more than I could have imagined.

I could see the puppy love in my brother’s eyes and new he was completely infatuated with Dale. I told him that now that he was becoming a willing participant in this, it would be likely that things would get more difficult. He gave me a boyish smile and told me to do our worst. I tussled his hair affectionately then got up, leaving him to rest a bit longer, and went over to the girls. I told them he was ok and that he wanted to remain our prisoner. Sharon laughed and said that she knew he was enjoying this stuff, while Dale just turned towards him and smiled. I told them about the gag and his need to go to the bathroom. We spent the next few minutes whispering ideas to each other while Josh looked on, an apprehensive look appearing on his face every time someone got excited. We decided his bathroom break would have to wait a bit longer, and that our activities would gear toward more humiliation as well as just tying him up. After all, he chose to continue. I was amazed that what began as a simple prank of tying up my annoying brother had become so much more complicated.

We discussed a lot of ideas and agreed upon several. I did nix an idea of Sharon’s though. She had suggested we use his need for the bathroom as an excuse to give him an enema. While Dale appeared interested, and I certainly would have loved to humiliate him to that extreme, he was still my brother, and only seventeen, so I was uncomfortable with the thought of sticking something up his rear. Dale accepted my logic and Sharon simply grunted that my restriction now ruled out vibrators as well. We continued talking until we came up with a solid plan, then went back to Josh, untied his feet, and stood him up. Dale re-tied his wrists behind his back, then bent down and picked up the dirt-covered gag. The thing truly was foul. Starting off as a stinky sock, then being stuffed in his mouth over night and now covered in dirt. Dale approached him with it and he backed away and started yelling that we promised not to use it again. Dale calmly explained that only I had made that promise and that it was obvious after this outburst that he still needed to be gagged. She talked soothingly and promised that it would only be until we got him inside and found something more suitable. Unbelievably, I watched as he opened his mouth and allowed her to stick it back in. he wretched a bit, but stopped as Dale knotted the other piece behind his head.

We then led him around the side of the house and into the garage. It was cool and damp inside and Josh shivered a bit as his sweat soaked garments chilled down. Dale untied his hands, warning him not to touch his gag and then told him to strip. He hesitated momentarily until Sharon told him that if he didn’t, we would just do it for him. Josh began peeling off his Under Armour, leaving himself exposed in the Speedo once again. That too, I told him pointing to his bikini. He blushed red and hesitated until Dale said that the Speedo was his next gag and that the sooner he took it off, the sooner we would take out the sock. Lost in his embarrassment, Josh quickly pulled off the bathing suit and handed it to Dale. We spent a moment or two just looking him over while he stared at the floor, beet red. Obviously, his obsession with Dale had become more important than the embarrassment of being naked in front of three older girls. Sharon then untied his gag and instructed him to pull the wad out of his mouth. He did so, wretching again. We allowed him to spit and rinse his mouth at the small sink in the corner of the garage, while Sharon went back to the house, and Dale and I collected our supplies for the next part of our plan.

Josh stood in front of us completely naked and we did our best to make him as uncomfortable as possible. He kept his eyes glued to the floor as we moved about the garage. Dale had told him to stand absolutely still with his hands at his sides, and we were shocked when he obeyed. Dale’s transformation was as amazing as my brother’s, going from quiet and shy to the controlling voice in my brother’s subjugation. There was no doubt she was enjoying his being at our mercy, but I also felt she cared about him. After Sharon returned, we put the blindfold back on Josh, wanting to keep him in the dark about what we were going to do. We stood him in the center of the garage, and tied ropes around each of his thumbs and pinkies, making them as tight as possible so they could not slip over his knuckles. We then pulled the ropes through hooks on the ceiling, lifting and spreading his arms wide apart. Next came his toes, which got the same treatment, until his body was in a wide spread-eagle position. The finger and toe ropes made it painful for him to struggle as he realized fairly quickly. Next, Dale rolled up his wet, sweaty Speedo and pushed it into his mouth. I’m not sure if Josh liked this gag any better, but Sharon gave him no chance to object as she sealed it in place with several turns of duct tape wrapped around his head.

Once done, Sharon laid out the items she had returned to the house for. All three of us smiled and went silent for several moments, allowing my brother’s anticipation and dread to build. After what probably seemed an eternity to him, we began. I don’t know if it was the feeling or the smell that he figured out first, but once he realized what was going on, he struggled again at the ropes. More calming words from dale helped, and the three of us got down to the business of lathering up Josh’s body and shaving off all of his body hair. It was slow going and we wanted to be careful, making sure that every part of his body was shaved smooth. His legs and arms were easy with no ropes on his wrists or ankles to get in the way. The hardest part was his crotch, and that we left to Dale. Luckily, the task was not too difficult, as what little hair he had was fine and light colored. But, once he was done, he looked awesome. I told him that he would probably have to tell his locker room friends that he shaved for the swim team and hope that they believe him. Dale was completely obsessed, making sure she got every hair off his balls. We marveled at how hard he got during the whole process and figured he was enjoying it at least a bit. Once the shaving was done, we rubbed him down with some of my hair removal cream, slathering large amounts on his armpits, pubes and wherever else was prone to thick growth.

We left him to soak for an hour while we went to grab a quick snack. We had not eaten lunch due to Josh’s heat exhaustion episode and didn’t want to wait for dinner. When we were done, we returned to the garage and toweled Josh off. Between the sweat and depilatory, he smelled terrible. We decided to give him some free time and allow him a bathroom break and a shower. We marched him back to the house and his room where we removed all his bonds, leaving him as bare as a newborn baby with only the hair on his head to cover him. We told him he had thirty minutes to clean himself. We watched as he got a glimpse of his hairless body in the mirror. He looked for a moment as though he would cry, but again, Dale worked her magic and told him how hot he now looked. He seemed to perk up a bit, and, with a warning from us about not touching himself anywhere improper, we left him to his business.

Sunday, July 25th 2004 - 02:29 AM

Name: Vickie
E-mail address: missvickie1@[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]mail

Comments: We had told Josh not to close his bathroom door, as privacy was no longer a right he had. After giving him a few minutes to relieve himself, we heard the toilet flush and the shower come on. We talked for another few minutes, until we could see steam pouring out of the bathroom. Sharon remarked that she would have thought he’d prefer a cold shower at this point. I suddenly freaked and, motioning them to quietly follow, slipped into the smoky bathroom. Josh was standing in the shower stall, eyes closed and head back out of the stream of hot water which was hitting him square on his chest. He was leaning on one hand which was pressed against the wall in front of him, while his other hand was slowly stroking his erect penis. Dale smiled and Sharon yelled at the top of her lungs, asking him what the hell he thought he was doing. We thought he was going to have a heart attack we scared him so bad. He jumped and almost slipped on the wet floor as he pulled his hand away from his once again frustrated organ. I could not believe that he had been so into it that he didn’t notice our presence. I opened the stall door while Sharon grabbed the belt of his robe hanging behind the bathroom door. After turning off the shower, we had him hold out his hands which we tightly bound together using one end of the belt. We used the other end to tie him to the metal pipe of the showerhead, arms above his head, and body directly under the stream. Dale just looked at him, shook her head and told him he had been a bad boy. She then turned the water back on, full blast, and this time ice cold. Josh recoiled from the blast, but could not get away, although he did twist and turn under the water, trying to get it to hit different areas of his unprotected body. We talked now as though he wasn’t there. We were disappointed in his lack of obedience, Sharon and Dale were both angry and we all agreed he needed to be punished for not listening to us. Sharon took the opportunity to once again suggest the enema, and I sincerely thought about it, watching my brother turn white faced at the suggestion. I don’t know if he’s ever had one, but obviously he knew what they were and was fearful of getting one. I did not agree to or nix the idea this time, preferring to keep my brother in the dark. We walked out and left him to his cold shower without another word.

After about ten or fifteen minutes, we returned and turned off the water. We untied his hands and let Josh dry himself off. He stammered an apology (the first time he had really talked without being asked a question), but the stern looks on our faces were enough to shut him up quickly. Once he was dry, we had him turn around and tied his hands behind his back. Sharon handled the task, pulling the rope tighter than ever while mumbling about untrustworthy teenage boys and their hormones. We then marched him back to the living room where we had cleared off the coffee table. I then explained to my brother that his lack of obedience had just cost him his supper. Meaning that the mush he had been fed that morning was it for him until tomorrow. We girls on the other hand, were going to have dinner and watch a video while he was tied down to the coffee table in front of us.
We had him lie face down on the table top, with his legs hanging off one end from the knees down, and his head hanging off the other. At this point, Dale knelt down next to him as he struggled to hold his head up, and told him that since he was now lying on his erect penis, he would have to work hard at not trying to jerk off. If he did, his punishment would get even worse. He shuddered and started to say something about not doing it again, when dale shoved his Speedo back into his mouth, produced the roll of duct tape, and again gagged him thoroughly. She then smiled at him and told him not to worry, we were going to help him control himself by taking away as much movement as we possibly could.

We spent the next twenty minutes tying my brother to the table. His wrists were tied together, with rope going from them, around his body and then around the table. We pulled his elbows as close together as possible, and despite his grunts of protest, almost got them to touch before tying them off and attaching more rope from them to the table. We put more rope under his arms, at his chest and waist, and wrapped that around the table as well. After tying his ankles together, we pulled them up behind him and tied them off to his elbows. We then tied each of his knees to two of the table legs, pulling them slightly apart which put more strain on his ankles and elbows. Sharon then put the nylon dog collar she had taken from our collie around Josh’s neck. It was tight, but it managed to buckle at the first hole. We then tied another rope to his wrists, pulled it between his legs, under the table and back up to his neck where we tied it to the ring on the collar. We didn’t like how this kept his head down, so we wrapped some more rope around his forehead and pulled it back, tying that off to his big toes. By the time we were done, my little brother couldn’t move anything except his fingers and eight of his toes. All of the ropes had been pulled much tighter than any previous times he had been bound, and we could tell he was in distress. The sleep mask went on next, and, satisfied with the finished product, we went about making ourselves some dinner.

We did not hesitate to pass our food under Josh’s nose several times that evening. We could even hear his stomach rumbling occasionally, and we did not hesitate to laugh when it happened. We sat through a very sweet movie with Harry Connick Jr., and had a great time talking and relaxing. At one point, after we had finished eating, I went to get a bag of thick rubber bands, which we proceeded to shoot at my brother’s helpless form. Although he winced every time one snapped into him, he could not budge from his position. By the time the bag was empty, Josh had the cutest tiny little red welts all over his body. By nine pm, we decided that it was time to get Josh ready for bed. What we had decided to do to him was kind of complicated, and would require some effort on our part, so we figured an early start would be prudent if we wanted to go to bed at a decent hour. Plus, we could tell the pain from his tight bondage was starting to get to him. His hands and feet were turning red, and he appeared to be on the verge of hyperventilating from his inability to move. I hoped that wasn’t the case as we started to release the various knots, as lack of movement was definitely going to play a big part in his night.

Wednesday, July 28th 2004 - 11:30 AM

Name: Vickie
E-mail address: missvickie1@[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]mail

Comments: We took Josh’s bonds down to the bare minimum, leaving his Speedo gag in place and his wrists tied behind his back. The deep red grooves in his skin were a reminder of the strict way he was tied moments before. We took him back to his room and made him stand in a corner facing a wall. Sharon left to retrieve a box we had prepared earlier, while Dale and I began stripping my brother’s bed of all its linens. Once Sharon returned and the bed was bare, we had Josh stand naked next to the bed and untied his wrists, leaving only the gag in place. I told him to answer my next few questions by nodding or shaking his head. I asked him if he was ok. He nodded. I asked him if the feeling had returned to his arms and legs. He winced a bit, but nodded. Then I asked him if he could breathe ok through his nose. He hesitated a bit, probably wondering what this was leading up to, but a look of resolve from Dale appeared to give him courage and he nodded. Satisfied that my brother was in good shape, Sharon and I each pulled a roll of plastic cling wrap from the box. Josh looked a bit nervous and even took a step back, but Dale stepped behind him and reassuringly placed her hands on his shoulders. In a low voice she told him that this was necessary and the second part of his punishment for not obeying us earlier. She said that since he had proven unable to keep himself under control, we would have to use the strictest measures possible to ensure that he obey our no pleasuring himself rule. Then she asked him to be honest and let us know if he would be able to control himself if we allowed him some freedom over night. He blushed, knowing that she was talking about him masturbating, and bowed his head in defeat. Sharon laughed and said that he had just proven all of her beliefs about teenage boys and their hormones.

With Josh pretty much resigned to what was going to happen, Sharon and I began wrapping his body in the tight cling film. We started at his feet and worked our way up his body. We wrapped each of his legs and arms separately, then his torso and chest, stopping at his neck. Dale had helped to hold him in position during this stage of the wrapping, and pointed out that my brother was lucky we had shaved him, or he might be very itchy under the plastic. Next, we pushed his legs together and his arms to his sides. His hands, which we had wrapped open with fingers sealed together, were resting pressed against his thighs. As Dale steadied him, we began encircling his entire body in layers of plastic, pulling it as tight as possible. Once that was done, we took several rolls of thick, sticky duct tape out of the box and began covering Josh in that as well. With his head the only thing left unwrapped, we put his sleep mask back on and shoved two small foam earplugs he used for swimming, into his ears. Dale bent forward and boldly kissed him on his tape covered lips. I thought it was kind of sweet, but Sharon simply made a gagging motion with her finger in her mouth. We then wrapped his head in the cling film, causing Josh to panic a bit when he lost the ability to breathe. Dale steadied him as I cut two holes in the film under his nose. The duct tape came next and we put turn after turn around his head and face, finally sealing it to the rest of the tape around his neck. I double checked under his nose to make sure he was breathing alright and was satisfied when I felt his hot breath against my hand.

While Sharon went to open the windows, we didn’t want a repeat of Josh’s earlier episode, Dale and I pushed my brother face up onto his bare mattress. We then took some lengths of rope and started tying his mummified body in place on the bed. We tied one piece around his ankles and pulled it straight down, under the foot of the bed, and tied it off to the frame underneath. We carefully tied another length around his neck and pulled that under the other end and tied it off to the frame as well. We had debated the neck rope quite a bit, but had decided it would be safe as long as we didn’t make it too tight around his throat. Besides, the layers of plastic and tape made a protective cushion and we doubted he could even feel the rope. Next came more rope going across the bed and his body to ensure he was completely immobile. We put lengths at his ankles, calves, knees, thighs and wrists, waist, chest, and forehead. When we were done, it was obvious my brother was going nowhere. We checked his breathing again successfully and then experimented with trying to move him. He didn’t budge. Sharon smirked and said let’s see him jerk off now. I could not help but stare at my brother’s shiny, wrapped body. We had completely immobilized him and deprived him of all of his senses except for smell. And there was a moment Sharon had wanted to do something about that as well. But I had said no, not wanting to risk interfering with his breathing. Sharon seemed disappointed, but reluctantly put my brothers nasty smelling old sneaker back under his bed. Dale then got my brother’s sleeping bag out of his closet and threw it on the floor at the side of the bed. She had volunteered to sleep in the room with him to listen for signs of trouble. Once she was settled, Sharon and I, exhausted from the effort of mummifying Josh, shut the light and closed the door to his room, leaving them for the night.

Saturday, July 31st 2004 - 09:31 AM

Name: Vickie
E-mail address: missvickie1@[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]mail

Comments: Well, that’s it folks. I know I said we planned on keeping Josh tied up for the whole weekend, but things came up and Sharon had to leave early on Sunday, so we just released him and called it quits. He was a bit woozy and out of it when we cut him loose, so Dale helped him eat and drink something and then put him to bed, without any restraints. We talked about the possibility of him saying something to my mother, but Dale ensured me that she had discussed that with him and he had no intention of telling anyone what went on. Besides, she had hinted that we might have taken pictures of him.
Dale stayed around a bit longer then left when it became obvious Josh was going to sleep all day. When he finally got up later that evening, I was watching TV and he simply joined me on the couch, saying nothing about what had happened.

This was about four years ago. Sharon has since moved away, and Josh and Dale began dating seriously after he turned eighteen. Dale and I are still good friends, and occasionally we’ll talk about what happened, although never in front of my brother. She does not confide too much in me about their private life, but there have been hints that I’ve picked up on. For example, since the incident, Josh shaves his entire body regularly. It’s fairly obvious when he wears shorts and tank tops, as I can see no hair on his arms, legs or underarms. Dale has also hinted at other kinky games, but for Josh’s sake we never delve too deep. My brother has become very quiet about his private activities with Dale, and we have chosen to respect that. I did try to talk about the incident once, a few weeks after it happened, but Josh said he didn’t want to discuss it, but made it clear he was ok and harbored no bad feelings. I just think he’s embarrassed.

I have done something kind of cruel though. Every year since the incident, I buy Christmas and birthday gifts for my brother that are of a kinky nature. He’s gotten handcuffs and ankle cuffs, a ball gag, an inflatable gag, and various other bondage devices. Its been kind of fun watching him squirm every year as presents are opened and listen to his excuses for not opening his with the rest of the family. He almost died of embarrassment the first year when he got the handcuffs, but he managed to pass it off as a joke about being arrested. I played along with him and ever since I have gotten a sweet little kiss and thank you after he manages to open his gifts in private. I also get thank you notes from Dale following each gift. They are short, but clearly say that Josh would love to sign them or add his own comments, but he’s “busy”, “occupied” or even once, “all tied up right now”. This year I’m going to go a step further with gift giving. I’ve saved up for this Christmas and am getting Josh an armbinder that I saw on the web, and Dale is getting a strap-on. I’m sure they’ll come up with something to do with them.

I think they are happy, and have a fun, exciting relationship, and I like to think I helped create it. That’s the story. I’ve not changed any names as the odds of people we know seeing this are slim, and if they do, then they are probably into it as well. I did mention this posting to Dale, and she was excited. She doesn’t think Josh would appreciate it though and I tend to agree. However, she does want him to see it, and she says she has a way of making sure he doesn’t object too much. I would assume it’s going to involve lots and lots of rope. So little brother, if you are out there, don’t be upset. Anyone reading this is only envious and happy for you. And although I did ruin your Christmas gift surprise, this will give you all kinds of time to plan for their use. Have fun.

I want to thank everyone for their kind comments about the story, both in postings here, and in e-mails. I’m glad everyone enjoyed it despite the spelling and grammar mistakes which are undoubtedly numerous. It was my pleasure to share this experience with all of you and my thanks go out to all of the past, present and future posters for sharing their experiences and fantasies with us. Most of all though, I want to thank my brother, who despite some unconventional and uncomfortable circumstances, proved himself to be quite the trooper. Take care folks.

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Default Re: F/M Tied Up Stories

Sisters Kristi & Karen tie up their brother and humiliate him with their two girlfriends Rachel & Anna

Sunday, September 21st 2003 - 07:29 PM

Name: Kristi

Comments: I have not written in a while, but I wanted to write about what me and my sister did for my brothers birthday. The stories that I wrote before took place last year, and our brother has been tied up numerous times since. I have gotten much more skilled in my ability to make it escape proof when I have tied him up. I am 18 now, and really should not be participating in these games that my brother enjoys, but in a strange way, I also enjoy the challenge of whether or not he is able to escape. Sometimes he can escape , but as I mentioned before, he rarely is able to because I have gotten much better in tying knots and making it difficult for him to escape. Anyway, occasionally when I've had him tied up before, he has asked me what I thought it would be like to be kidnapped and held against his will. I don't know if it was a hint, or a desire, but my sister and me were going to let him find out. His birthday was a three weeks ago, but what my sister and me had in mind required our parents to be away. They were going to do their annual weekend trip to Las Vegas last weekend, so we decided that would be the best time to give our brother his birthday present. We started our plans a couple weeks before and bought some special things to make it real for him.

About 10:00 on last Saturday morning, we walked into his bedroom and told him that we were going to kidnap him for the day. He wasn't expecting it and seemed very surprised. He asked what we were going to do and Karen, my sister, said that we were going to start by tying him up. He was wearing only a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. I told him to take his shirt off and we had him put socks on each wrist to make sure that he could not use his fingers and then I told him to put his hands behind his back. His fingers were clinched into a fist and would be totally useless to him. I made sure that the rope was tight around his wrists, but not to cut off his circulation as I tied his wrists together. When I finished tying his hands, Karen began wrapping an Ace Bandage around his chest and stomach. We actually used four of them to secure his arms to his body. The elastic bandages were not too tight, but definitely tight enough that he could not move his arms away from his body. We then took some duct tape and wrapped it around him a couple of times. When we were done, he looked like a mummy with the bandages wrapped around him from his chest to his stomach.

We walked him into my sisters bedroom and helped him onto her bed. We each grabbed an ankle and the two of us tied each foot to the rail of the bed, spreading his legs apart and to make sure that he was not going to fall off the bed. We both sat down on the bed on either side of him and explained to him that he was our kidnap victim for the weekend. He did not complain and actually seemed to like our game. What he didn't know was what we had in mind. To be honest, we really weren't sure either, other than to keep him our prisoner. We told him that since he was being kidnapped, we'd have to gag and blindfold him. Karen stuffed a rolled up towel in his mouth and I covered it with a strip of tape. I put two more strips of tape over his mouth to make sure the gag would stay in. He tried to say something but all we could hear were his muffled words. We could tell in his eyes that his attempt in talking wasn't anything more than testing the gag. But right after, his eyes would also be completely useless to him too. I put two cotton balls over his eyes and immediately covered them with another towel. Karen then took another Ace bandage and wrapped it around his head, covering the towel and his eyes.

We stood up and watched him for a moment. We both were smiling and enjoying the sight of our brother tied up, helpless before us. We also knew that he was enjoying the game so far too. We wanted to keep him in suspense and have no idea what were going to do with him. We left the room, leaving him tied up and blindfolded on the bed. We kept him like that for around 30 minutes, but one of us would come in every 10 minutes or so to make sure that he was OK. He never knew when, or if, we were there because we wouldn't say anything while we peeked in on him. I'm sure that the half hour seemed like an eternity to him because of the blindfold. He could only let his mind wander in solitude under the blindfold. During this time, Karen and me talked about what we were going to do. We both agreed that he was eventually going to be tickled, and we decided that to make this kidnapping seem somewhat real, that we'd take him somewhere. I suggested that my friend, Anna, might enjoy participating in our kidnapping too. I called her on the phone and told her about what we were doing. She was laughing most of the time, but said that she'd love to take part in this.

After the half hour was up, we sneaked into the room. Karen and me stood at his feet. He did not know we were there until we started tickling his feet. We used our fingers and we watched his surprised reaction. He screamed into the gag and literally jumped off the bed, only to fall back down onto his back. He couldn't move his feet and could only twist his upper body from side to side. Since his hands and arms were secured to his body, there was nothing that he could do to stop us. His feet were our toys to torment in a fun loving torture. Both Karen and me were having fun tickling his feet and watching him squirm in misery. We each had a foot to play with and we laughing at his muffled laughter through the gag. We tickled him for at least 15 minutes with no break. When we stopped, he was still laughing through his gag and breathing heavily. I guess all of that twisting and squirming was exhausting. Karen moved to the side of the bed and looked down at him with a satisfied smile. As our brother was catching his breath, I wanted to keep him off guard, so I would occasionally stroke my finger over one of his feet. Each time he'd jump slightly, probably because he thought it'd be another tickling episode. Besides, he was blindfolded and had no idea when I would tickle him. Karen giggled every time he'd flinch and she told him that she thought that you like being tickled. He tried to say something into the gag that we obviously couldn't understand but we let him rest for a few minutes.

He'd been bound and gagged for almost an hour, and my sister slowly took the tape off of his mouth and removed the gag. She asked if he was alright and he said he was aching a bit from laying on his hands, but that otherwise he was fine. She poured some water into his mouth to give him a drink as I started to untie his feet. Once that he sat up and got his feet back on the ground, he asked us what we were going to do. He knew that there was more, because we kept the blindfold on him and were not unwrapping the bandages around him. I said that we were going to take him to our kidnap hideout. I put a pair of his sandals on his feet before we stood him up. He was a little shaky when he was on his feet because of the blindfold, so my sister and me held him on either side. We walked him out to the garage, where I opened the trunk of my car. He had no idea what we were doing since he couldn't see, but my sister and me wanted this kidnapping to seem as real as possible to him. We lead him to the car and helped him climb into the trunk. He didn't fight us, surprisingly. I know that if it was me that was in that position, I'd be freaking out. It's bad enough being tied up and blindfolded, but to be put into a very confining space would seem scary to me. I'm sure that he was a bit scared, but he didn't really show it.

Once that he was laying down the trunk, my sister tied his feet together. We then closed the trunk shut, locking him inside. We purposely didn't gag him again, because in the event he something went wrong, we wanted him to yell out. We explained this to him before we closed the trunk lid on him, and he agreed. Karen and me went back into the house to let our brother lay there in darkness to enhance the fear and anticipation of what was happening. About 5 minutes later, I came back out and opened the garage door before getting into the car. I was wondering what he must have been thinking since he could only hear the sounds of the garage door and of the car starting up. I know that I was feeling a amazing sense of power and control, which I was totally enjoying. Karen stayed home to get things ready for when we got back. Before I pulled out of the garage, I had my brother acknowledge that he was OK, but I told him that he is to remain quiet unless he really needed something. My friend, Anna, lived just a few blocks away, but I drove around for about 10 to 15 minutes to make him feel really lost and confused. Believe me, I obeyed every speed limit and traffic law. This would have been a very bad time to be pulled over by the cops.

Anyway, I finally pulled into Anna's driveway and parked the car. I went inside to ask her to open her garage door so I could pull the car in. A couple of minutes later, I opened the car trunk to show Anna my tied up and kidnapped brother. When I first arrived at Anna's house, I told her that my brother was in the trunk, so she was not shocked when I opened it up. I asked him if he was doing alright, and he said it was starting to get a little warm, but that he was fine. It didn't occur to me that the trunk of my car would heat up like it did, but still the idea of putting him there seemed to complete the kidnap fantasy. Anna helped me untie his feet and get him out of the car and we guided him into her house, still blindfolded. He had no idea where he was or who my accomplice was, but he knew someone else was there. I don't think he recognized her voice, either. Once that we were inside, we had him sit in a chair in the kitchen where we tied his feet to the chairs legs and his body to the backrest of the chair. I then put another gag in his mouth, sealing it off with strips of tape. He looked so helpless being tied up, hand and foot, blindfolded, gagged and sitting before us and in our complete control. He wasn't going anywhere. All he could do was move his head from side to side and mumble helpless pleas.

We left him for a few minutes and went into another room where Anna and me could talk. All during these few minutes, I kept feeling the sensation of command and dominance. My brother was totally at the mercy of the unfair advantage that I was holding over him, which I was completely taking pleasure in. Anna even noticed it in me by asking You are really liking this, aren't you? I couldn't help but smile. She even admitted that there is a thrill and excitement of having someone totally her mercy.

Neither of us could ever deliberately hurt or cause any pain, but I did have to admit that it didn't bother me to make him feel uncomfortable or agonizing in a mild sort of way. This just added to the reality of the control that I've had when I've tied him up. She wanted to know what I had planned for him, and I said that I really didn't know. I told her that I was going to take him back home and my sister and me would probably keep him tied up, but we'd surely end his ordeal with a good tickle torture treatment. I asked Anna if she would like to come and join us. I knew that she has had fun previously when she has taken part in our games, so I expected her to say yes. She eagerly said yes, but suggested giving my brother something to eat before we left. We went back into the kitchen where my brother was tied to the chair. He heard us enter the room and he mmmfffd into the gag.

We both smiled at each other because we knew that he had no idea what was happening. Anna started fixing a sandwich for him as I sat down in a chair opposite my helpless brother. I started removing the tape, covering his mouth, telling him that we were going to feed him and give him something to drink.

As soon as I removed the gag, he asked me who was there. I playfully said it's your kidnappers. I could tell that he was a bit scared by now, so I told him that if he wanted, we could end this kidnapping game right now. I told him that he wasn't going to be hurt, but he would remain tied up until we decided to release him. He thought for a few seconds and said that wanted to continue, but that the wrapping around his head was really tight and giving him a headache. I enjoyed keeping him in a confused and blinded state, and I wasn't ready to give him that sense of sight again. But he was hurting, so I started taking the ace bandage off of him. But I placed my hand over the washcloth to keep him blinded. I then re-wrapped his head with the elastic bandage, but not as tight as it had been. He admitted that it felt better, and thanked me. By now, Anna brought the sandwich over, and she sat next to him. We told him to open his mouth and she let him have a bite. After his first swallow, he told us that it was so strange to be biting into something and not knowing what it was. He said it seemed kind of erotic.

Neither Anna or me said anything, but we looked at each other in amusement. We weren't expecting that reaction. But we gave him another bite from the sandwich and then a drink of soda. Let me tell you, it's not easy trying to give someone a drink, when they are blindfolded. It's a very slow process to make sure that it doesn't spill out of his mouth. As slow as it was, we were able to feed him and have him take little sips of soda. When we were done feeding him, Anna wiped his mouth with a damp towel, and then I put the gag back in his mouth. It didn't occur to me at he time, but now that I think about it, I shouldn't have done that. He could have coughed up and choked on the gag. Fortunately, nothing like that happened.

Anyway, we were ready to take him back to my house. We untied the straps holding him to the chair and released his feet. We then guided our prisoner back out to the garage, where once again, he was placed in the trunk of my car. I tied his feet again and then tied his bound feet to his wrists, essentially he was hog-tied. He heard the trunk lid slam shut, and he must have known that he was in total isolation. Anna said that she wanted to lock up and get her purse, so as I started my car and pulled out of the garage, she closed her garage door and I waited for her in the driveway. For the few minutes that I waited, I sat in the car thinking of my brother being locked helplessly in the trunk. I was wondering if he was finding excitement in this, or if he was sacred. And then a smile came to me because this is what he wanted and I was glad that it was me who was controlling this kidnapping that he wanted. He had been tied up for nearly two hours already, and when we got him back home, he was still going to our captive. Anna soon came out and got in the car and we drove off.

It will take a few days for me to finish the story, so please be patient.

Friday, September 26th 2003 - 08:38 AM

Name: Kristi

Comments: The last posting told of a special birthday present that me and my sister did for our brother. Where I left off, he was tied-up and locked in the trunk of my car. I'm sorry for breaking up this story, but it is quite long. I probably am going into more detail than is necessary, but there was a lot that our brother went through. I hope that you enjoy what happened.........we certainly did. :-)

During the drive home, we talked about my brother being tied up and locked in the trunk of my car. We both admitted that what we were doing seemed horrible and mean, but for some strange reason we laughed and made light of this game. We both knew that that my brother liked being tied up so this wasn't completely against his will. Even though I took the direct route home, it still took about 10 minutes to get back to my house because we seemed to hit every red light. We both kept asking each other what we thought my brother must be thinking in the darkness of the car trunk, because we knew that he already was in complete confusion and isolation. He also was so completely bound, that there was nothing that he could do. When we finally got back to my house, I pulled into the garage and closed the garage door. My sister came out to greet us and Karen and Anna exchanged hellos. We all talked for a few minutes before I opened the trunk of the car. When the lid popped open, Karen saw him hog-tied, gagged, and still blindfolded. He was laying on his stomach with his knees bent back and his ankles virtually tied to his hands. He had his head facing sideways. He let out a muffled whimper through the gag. With a devilish grin, she said that the hog-tie was a bit much. Karen leaned into the car trunk and lightly stroked our brothers head to give him a compassionate sense of reassurance. We heard him mmmfff into the gag a couple more times which only made us cruelly smile. Karen stood up and put her hands on her hips momentarily before saying that we should get him out. Karen untied his feet and the three of us helped him out of the trunk of the car. Once that we had him standing on his feet, he was very unstable, so Anna and me held him up.

Karen lead us into the house and then outside to the patio. It was turning out to be a very nice and sunny day and we'd agreed that we should spend the day outdoors. The patio was covered and with in clear view of the swimming pool. We guided my brother to one of the posts on the patio and had him stand against it. We had about 50 feet of nylon strapping, that was about 1 inch wide and we started wrapping it around him and the post, essentially binding him to post. We kept pulling it snug to make sure that it was tight and that he couldn't move too much. I had Anna tie his feet together and then his feet and legs were also strapped snugly to the post. As we were strapping him to the post, I kept thinking about what was going on in his mind. Neither my sister or me had ever used a blindfold on him before, and he had never been gagged this long. His muffled attempts at talking were only silenced by the gag and his blindness must of added to his helpless position. When my sister finished tying off the last knot in the nylon strapping, we stood back and watched him squirm to test the bonds. The three of us had no doubt that he was not going to escape.

We went inside to change into our bathing suits and to get some drinks. We were going to lay by the pool and relax. Part of the thrill was knowing that our brother was helpless, just feet away from us, and feeling the suns heat building around him, as we relaxed in comfort. It did not take long for beads of sweat to drip from his head. He would moan through the gag occasionally, interrupting our leisure, but he could only hear our laughter and giggling. After about 20 minutes, we thought that he needed to be cooled down. I walked over to him with the garden hose and sprayed him with a shower of water. It obviously was a shock to him because he screamed into the gag. Both my sister and Anna, as well as myself, were entertained by his reaction. I kept the spray on him for about a minute before asking him if it felt good. All I got was a long, subdued moan. We kept him tied to the post for about another half hour, but we cooled him off by spraying him down three more times.

Finally Karen got up and took the blindfold off of him. His eyes squinted with the sudden light and she covered his eyes with her hand. She slowly spread her fingers to let him adjust to the daylight. It took about 5 minutes for her to completely remove her hand from his face, but I could see that Karen was comforting him at the same time. Once that his sight was restored, I am sure that he enjoyed the sight of three women in bikinis surrounding him. He was still gagged and unable to speak, but I could see that he was happy to see Anna was the third person there His pointless mmmffffs into the gag only amused us as we watched his reaction to us teasing him with our conquest. We were going to give him a drink of water and when we removed the gag, this first thing he said was that he had to go to the bathroom. This was something that we hadn't thought about. The only option was to release him, because we certainly were not about to help him with that task. Karen stood in front of him and said "OK, we'll give you a 5 minute break, and then you are back to being our prisoner." She waited until he agreed to her demand before we started to untie him from the post. Once that he was free from the post, we had to unwrap the Ace bandages from around his upper body and untie his wrists. All of this took almost 5 minutes, but when he was completely free, he virtually ran inside the house to use the bathroom. We made some rude remarks as we watched the panicked look in his face as he ran off.

While my brother was inside taking care of his personal business, we stayed outside by the pool thinking of what we should do next. Anna mentioned that she enjoys seeing him tied up on the floor in his bedroom. Both Karen and me also like to tie him down spread eagled, and that has also become one of our favorite methods. However, we were enjoying the suspense that we were keeping him in, so when he came back out, Karen was going to blindfold him and tie his hands behind his back again. When he came back outside, my brother had changed into a pair of swimming trunks, but he still was not wearing a shirt. We let him jump into the pool to cool off, and we quickly had him get out and immediately had his hands tied again. We led him over to a patio chair and strapped him down to it. Anna tied his feet as I was strapping his body to the back of the chair. Karen watched with a fun loving smile. She reminded him that he was still being kidnapped and will remain our prisoner until we decide to release him. He did ask how long, but Karen only smiled and said "We'll see." Once that we had him tied to the chair, Karen got behind him and put a blindfold on him. My brother squirmed and complained a little, and Karen told him that if he complained anymore, he'd have to be gagged again too. He settled down and accepted the inevitable. We only kept him there for about 30 minutes as we sat and relaxed in the sun. But during this time, one of us would occasionally spray him down with the garden hose to cool him off.

We decided to take him indoors, where it was much cooler, so we released him from the chair and walked him inside. Since he still was blindfolded, he had no idea where we were taking him. He found out quick enough when we took him into his bedroom . We had him get down on his knees and finally helped him into a sitting position with his legs straight out. We started tying his ankles to the legs of the dresser, but never told him what we were doing. His legs were spread about three feet apart with his ankles securely tied. With him sitting up, we asked Anna to un-tie his wrists and he was finally able to move his arms around a little bit, however, it was only temporary. Karen and me immediately pushed down on his back and his wrists were grabbed and raised up over his head. He fought us, but he was easily overpowered by the three of us.

Karen and me tied some rope around wrists as Anna sat on his chest and leaning forward with her hands holding his forearms to hold him down. We then pulled the rope around the legs of his bed and pulled tightly to lay him out in a spread eagle. Anna got up and we pulled one last tug to fully stretch and totally immobilize him. We then tied off the ends of the rope to the bed frame legs, leaving him spread out on his back on the floor. I then put a wad of cloth in his mouth and Ann covered it with three strips of tape.

The three of us were standing over our captive, looking down at him laying at our feet. We seemed to be praising ourselves on the dominance that we had over him. All he was wearing was a pair of shorts, the blindfold and strips of tape covering his mouth. Karen said something, that I can't remember, but out came subdued moans and muffled attempts at speaking. Karen bent down asked him if he was alright and he did nod his head positively. This only prompted some teasing statements on our parts. Karen then dragged her fingertips down his chest and stomach providing Anna and me with some amusing entertainment. She then starting digging into his ribs and sides. By being blindfolded, I'm sure that the tickling was only intensified. He screamed into the gag and was laughing from the sudden tickling. Karen then stood up with a satisfied smile of the taste of what he would eventually endure. Neither Karen or I had used a blindfold on him before, yet we both enjoyed the added aspect of it. It added to the thrill of his captivity for us. We left him stretched out on the floor and went back outside by the pool to have a drink.

At least every ten or fifteen minutes, one of us would go inside and check to make sure that my brother was all right. When I went in, I smiled at the sight of him laying stretched out on the floor. I noticed that Karen put a couple more strips of duct tape over his mouth when she went in to check him previously. I wasn't sure if he was still enjoying the game, but I knew that Karen, Anna, and me were. He wasn't moving around much, as if he could, but he'd occasionally let out a deep breath out of frustration. I knelt down and removed the blindfold so I could see the look in his eyes. His eyes were squinting as he looked up and tried to focus at me. He tried to say something through the gag, which only made me giggle. I said a few teasing comments about his helplessness as his eyes were finally able to focus on me knelling over him. He did have a look of relief as I smiled upon him. I think my smile was one of control and power over him, as he was completely at our mercy. I stood up and told him that I wasn't going to blindfold him again, and he had a look of relief. As I was going back outside, the doorbell rang. It was Rachel, a friend of my sister. At the time, I thought to myself what lousy timing. What would she think if she knew that we had our brother tied up all day. We went outside by the pool and Karen welcomed her and introduced Anna. Karen then asked how our brother was and I only said that he was doing fine.

She then told Rachel that we were kidnapping him for the day and that we had him tied up in the house. I didn't know it at the time, but she has known about us tying up our brother. Apparently, Rachel has also been there once or twice when Karen has tied him up. Karen took Rachel inside to show her our brother and after about 10 minutes, they returned. They were both laughing because he apparently got excited when Rachel came in to see him. She is very tall, over six feet tall, and she was wearing a pair shorts and a tank top. She didn't bring her bathing suit, but she still sat out in the sun with us. When Karen told Anna and me that he had a hard-on, I felt very embarrassed. But Anna laughed when Karen and Rachel told us about it and then I also started laughing. We make jokes about it and we talked about the size of him. Even though I haven't actually seen it, I have seen him excited while he was wearing shorts. I have to admit that he is quite impressive for a boy of his age. We joked about how torturous it must be to be turned on like that and unable to do anything about it. We all enjoyed the sight of his erection and in a strange way, even I took pleasure in knowing that he was hard.

Anna and me went inside to see this sight, and when we walked into the room our eyes both stared between his spread legs. Anna let out a little giggle and I only smiled uncomfortably. We stood on either side of him and Anna bent down above him. I put my hands on my hips and lifted one foot and pressed it down on his chest. Staring down at him with a wicked smile, I said that it looks like he had a problem. Anna had a big smile and said too bad there wasn't anything he could do about it. I could not believe that I was standing over him with my foot on his chest, knowing that he was turned on. As he stared up at us, he moaned through the gag as if he was pleading for us to release him. But our smiles gave away the pleasure of seeing him tied down spread out and excited. Karen and Rachel then walked in and he was surrounded by the four of us. We all stood over him I am sure it must have been a sight to see. There he was, tied up spread eagled on the floor, and four girls standing over him. The sight of us in bikinis and another in shorts would have been a fantasy for most boys, I'm sure. He was still hard and having us towering above him surely didn't help. Rachel then said, Wouldn't it be fun if ... And then we all knew what she was thinking. The four of us smiled and Karen mentioned that he'd probably do it all by himself.

When I took my foot off of his chest, Karen stepped one foot over him, straddling him, and stood there momentarily. She then sat on his chest and stared into his face. My brother knew what was coming because he moaned into the gag. I waited impatiently for Karen to dig into his sides, and both Anna and Rachel watched his erection spring up even more. Karen then leaned forward and lightly dragged her fingernails down his arms. She started from his wrists and slowly dragged her fingers to his underarms. My brother squirmed and giggled with this torment. The three of us watched her repeat this torment for about 5 minutes. This light tickling sensation was probably worse than if she was poking, jabbing, or digging her fingers into his sides. His lower body was squirming and his legs were making a futile attempt at trying to kick. But there was no escape for him. His muffled laughter and useless struggling only encouraged our torment and fun. But knowing that he was turned on by all of this also fueled the enjoyment that we all were having. I noticed both Anna and Rachel kept looking down at his hard-on. I couldn't help it myself, actually. It wasn't either my sister's or my intentions to get him excited, but it did add to the dominance that we had over him.

When Karen stopped her light tickling on our kidnap victim, she sat up on his chest and just smiled down at him and then asked him "Do you want more?" He shook his head and mufffd into the gag. She then stood up and stepped between his spread arms. She asked Rachel and Anna if they wanted to tickle him. Rachel didn't even respond, as she immediately straddled his chest the same as Karen did. Because of her long legs, she pinned his shoulders down with her knees. That made all of his upper body completely immobilized. She wasted no time in digging into his ribs with her fingers. He bucked as much as he could, but even his head was held still between her knees and thighs. He could only scream though the gag and look up at both Rachel and Karen above him. His lower body was bouncing and twisting with the heavy tickling that Rachel was dishing out. His tortured laughter was silenced by the tape covering his mouth.

As I peeked over Rachel's shoulder, my brother's eyes were open as wide as they could be. I could see him look up at me with a look of fear in his eyes. It was as if he thought he couldn't take any more. But when he saw me, his look changed to relief. He knows that neither Karen or me would do anything to hurt him, and he expects to be tickled when he's tied up. But I don't think he expected it to be like this. Rachel wouldn't let up and just kept on tickling his sides and ribs. She'd sometimes reach around behind her and tickle his tummy. The four of us were laughing and teasing him the entire time that Rachel was delivering her torture on him. Karen was standing between his spread arms above his head with her hands on her hips almost the entire time that Rachel aggravated him with her tickling torture. Anna and me were at his sides watching his hips thrash about. We also couldn't help but watch his hard-on stretching his shorts upward. Rachel totally enjoyed the fun that she was having because she just kept on tickling him with no mercy. She must have tickled for ten minutes straight before she let up on him. But as she relaxed, she continued to lightly drag her fingers over his exposed arms, much like Karen had done earlier. She could only do this for a couple of minutes, because the tape started to peal off of his mouth and cheeks.

Karen immediately kneeled down and told Rachel to hold his head still as she held her hand over his mouth. I ripped off 2 pieces of tape and his mouth was soon taped shut again. Rachel and Karen stood up and we all felt triumphant with him stretched out at our feet. We could see him breathing heavily. His moans through the new gag was all he could that he could managed as he stared up at the four of us standing over him. I suggested that we let him rest a bit and Karen agreed. Anna seemed a little disappointed because she also wanted to take advantage of his vulnerability. Karen and Rachel left the room to get something to drink, as well as chit-chat about their tickle torture, but Anna and me stayed with my brother. As I looked down at him, I was thinking how much of this that he could endure. But Anna broke my thoughts by bending down over him and making a comment about his erection. His face turned red, but I also noticed a slight smile through his taped mouth. I felt better when I saw his smile because I knew that he also was enjoying the situation that he was in. Although his hardness must have been very uncomfortable for him, I'm sure. He had been that way for at least a half hour, and it didn't look like it was going to go down.

Karen and Rachel came back into the room with cans of soda for Anna and me. Karen wanted me to go into the other room with her to ask me something. But before I went, I looked at Anna and told her to "have at it." Kneeling at his side, she started running her fingers over his exposed ribs, sides and stomach. She has tickled him before, so she knows all of his most ticklish spots. Rachel watched as if she was completely entertained by the torment being inflicted on my brother. When I was in the other room with Karen, she told me that Rachel wanted to "please" him. Karen told me that Rachel wanted to do it by hand. She then told me that if I agreed also, she'd let her give him a hand-job. I couldn't believe that my sister would let someone do that to our brother while he was tied down like he was, but she did talk me into it. The only thing that I suggested was that we blindfold him so he wouldn't know who was bringing him off. Karen loved the idea. When we went back, we saw both Anna and Rachel on their knees tickling my brother and laughing at the fun that they were having. They stopped when we walked in, but Karen told them "Don't Stop because of us" and they started in on him again. Karen and me got on either side of him by his armpits and watched approvingly.

As we stood over him, he'd look up at us not knowing when this torment was going to end. We only smiled down upon him cruelly. Both my sister and me watched Rachel and Anna mercilessly tickle every single part of my brothers body. They'd even reach down and wiggle and run their fingers over his exposed legs. It was hilarious watching him wiggle, twist, and try to a make worthless attempt at escaping from our friends tickling. His hard-on was just as huge as when we first saw it. I know that it surely helped by us being in our bikinis and him being completely helpless to our desire to keep teasing and tormenting him. Our friends were totally into this now, so Karen and me let them enjoy their torment on him. We both just laughed, encouraged our friends on, and verbally teased out brother as we towered over him. After about fifteen minutes, we asked Anna and Rachel to stop. We all watched his heavy breathing and waited for him to cool off a bit . Karen went to get a towel and wiped off some of the sweat from his work out.

We left him sprawled out on the floor and went out by the pool to finish our drinks. I felt kind of left out because I was the only one not to get the chance to tickle him, but I did like simply watching the others, and seeing their enjoyment, in our kidnap game. I also knew that my brother, even though he was the victim in this, was probably enjoying being held hostage at the hands of 4 girls. While we were out by the pool, we laughed and made jokes about his obvious excitement. We all liked the thought of knowing that he was turned on and helpless, and we knew that his excitement was driving him crazy. That added to the thrill of the game for us, I think. I pulled Anna aside to tell her what Rachel wanted to do to my brother. As I told her, she sat there in amazement with her mouth open, which soon turned to a nervous giggle. I told her that since we've put him through so much already, that he did deserve some kind of reward. She did agree that it'd be fascinating and fun to watch, but that she wasn't sure that she could. I told her that he was going to be blindfolded and wouldn't even know that we were there. Anna then explained that she meant that she just couldn't watch, but that she actually wanted to stroke him off too!!! When she said that, I was really surprised because I didn't think that she would be like that. I guess that she was more into this game than I thought. We went back and told Karen and Rachel that Anna also liked the idea, but that she also wanted to bring him off. I couldn't believe that my sister and me were actually going to let our friends give our brother a hand-job.

I'll try to finish our "kidnapping" story this weekend

Sunday, October 12th 2003 - 09:42 AM

Name: Kristi
Comments: I'm sorry that it's taken a while to finish my "kidnapping" story of my brother. I've just really been busy.

Anyway, I left off with my sister and her friend Rachel, me and my friend Anna, outside talking about my brother being tied down spread eagled. Here is the ending. I hope that everyone enjoys the fun that we, and my brother, had......

Without going into detail, Rachel and Anna agreed that they'd take turns playing with him. But my brother was going to get one last tickle treatment from us before Rachel and Anna had their fun. We spent about 30 minutes out by the pool while my brother was left inside, tied spread out on the floor, waiting for us to return. Karen did, however, go inside a couple of times to make sure that nothing was wrong and that he was all right. After all, we did leave him gagged. The first time that she went to see him, she told us that she removed the gag and gave him a drink of soda. She said that he was pretty thirsty but otherwise that he doing good. Of course, we did ask if he was still hard and she said that it appeared that he had relaxed pretty much. The second time that she went in, Karen had to call me in because she needed help to gag him again. I got above his head and held him still while she stuffed another towel in his mouth before covering it up with strips of tape. He fought us pretty good, considering all he could do was try to shake his head from side to side. Once his mouth was taped shut, Karen went outside to bring our friends in.

While she was gone, I stepped over him and then straddled him with my feet on either side of him. As I looked down at him, I saw a look of fear. This was the only time where he really did not have any control of what was happening to him. Other times when either Karen or me have tied him up, we released him when he'd ask. But this time he had no say as to when he would be untied. I felt bad for him, yet at the same time, I felt totally in control and powerful. Anyway, Karen, Anna, and Rachel returned and gathered above our spread eagled captive. Karen mentioned that I was the only one who hasn't "tortured" him, and my slight smile must have been evident, because I did want to tickle him myself. I squatted down on his stomach as the other three stood around him and waited for me to start running my fingers over him. I sat there with my hands on my legs and let him look up at me in anticipation. I wanted to build the anxiety in him before I started tickling. I could see it build as his eyes kept looking at me and then at the three girls above him and then he'd look back up at me. He knew what was coming, but he just didn't know when. I enjoyed this little tease. I soon leaned forward and placed my hands on his chest and slowly pushed them up to his shoulders so that my face was directly staring into his. My hair draped down to form a shroud around his face. I paused and smiled into his eyes before I slowly started squeezing his shoulders with my hands. He screamed into the gag as his shoulders tightened in a natural reaction. I could hear Karen and our friends giggle as I did this, so I did it again before I sat back up.

My hands were still on chest and I saw his exposed nipples staring at me. This was too tempting not to pass up. So I lightly pinched them with my fingernails. I even gave them a slight little twist knowing that it would cause him some slight pain. It was funny seeing him raise his head to see me pinch them and then throw his head back down on the floor. His moans told me how hard I was pinching him and I tried not to hurt him, but to only make it uncomfortable for him. I didn't know it, but this was causing him to get hard again. Anna started laughing and pointed it out to Karen and Rachel. When I was aware of what they meant, I stopped the pinching and then started to simple tickle him. He started bouncing around, as much as he could, and laughing hysterically through the gag. I was running my fingers into his underarms and sides, as well as over his chest and stomach. What really made him jump was when I dug my finger into his belly button. When I did that, I'd twist and turn my finger, which surely made the sensation worse for him. I tickled him for at least five minutes before I stopped. I sat back up laughing and enjoying the advantage that I had over him. His other three captors were also laughing as I sat on top of him with him between my legs

Karen stepped between his spread out arms and crouched down above his head. She placed a towel over his eyes and he shook it off before she had a chance to secure it. We could tell that he was trying to tell us NO, but we determined. I moved up on his chest and pulled his head up almost into my crotch as Anna held the towel against his face. What he must have been thinking when the last thing he saw was staring between my thighs. Karen then wrapped his head with a ace bandage to remove all of his sight. He was helpless to stop us. As I stood up, Karen said that she had an idea and went into her bedroom. She returned moments later with headphones and a CD player. We all knew what she had in mind and I said that I liked it. Again I held his head still as she placed the headphones on him and took another ace bandage and wrapped them securely over his ears. She then turned on the CD. I don't know what he was listening to, but I'm sure it was loud enough to drown out our laughter and comments. I knelled down next his chest and just watched him for a couple minutes, and I would occasionally lightly walk my fingers down his stomach,. He'd jump, twist, and try to suck in his stomach, but it did him no good to avoid the light tickling. What made it fun was the fact that he didn't know when or where my fingers would wander to. The other three watched and laughed as I teased him slightly.

My sister got down on her knees opposite me and reached across to dig her fingers into his underarms and ribs. I then started tickling his ribs and sides too. Our helpless brother was being attacked mercilessly by us and he had no idea by who, or where we would tickle him next. He would pull and tug on his bindings, but it was useless for him. We had tied him too well and he was spread out for our pleasures. As I was tickling him, I could see that he was fully turned-on and his shorts were stretched by the outline of his swelling. Rachel and Anna soon also were tickling him and all four of us were tormenting him in a very devilish, but fun, torture. He had no idea when this torment would end. Karen and me soon sat back on our heels, letting Rachel and Anna continue tickling him and maintaining his excitement.

They were wiggling their fingers over his stomach and sides, but they were slowly working down to just above his swim trunks. Their fingers were wandering over his stomach, just inches from the head of his hardened cock. As I was watching this, it looked like every muscle in him was trembling. My sister and me looked at each other and smiled with a fascinating curiosity of his torment and I think my sister was enjoying this, as was I. I'm not sure if it was the power, or the control, or the supremacy that we had over him, but we did know that our brother was experiencing only what we let happen. As Karen and me were watching, Rachel ran her fingers over the length of his erection. He had to have felt this through the cloth of his shorts, even though Anna was still lightly dragging her fingers over his tightened stomach. Anna then did the same right after, but she lightly squeezed his cock a couple of times. The headphones were blaring into his ears and the darkness from the blindfold hid our laughter and smiles. Karen got back up on her feet as he had a mixture of moans, laughter, and whimpers coming though his gagged mouth. Karen asked if I wanted to watch our friends "bring him off" and I then stood up and told her "not really." Anna and Rachel looked up at us with very wicked smiles and Karen told them to "have fun." Karen stepped over our tied-up brother, spread eagled and stretched out on the floor, and together we left him in the hands of our two girlfriends.

We got drinks and went out by the pool. We both liked the thought of seeing a male shoot his load, but watching our brother do it just seemed too weird, and even perverted. Neither Karen or myself liked the thought that we may have helped in giving him an erection, but we have enjoyed the fun, the control, and the power when we've tied him up. We talked about what we've done to him during the day and laughed and joked about it. We also talked about other times when we have tied him up and how he's not able to escape anymore. Our brother did always tell us that he wanted us to make it as difficult as possible when we have tied him up, so we must have been doing what he wanted. Our thoughts kept on coming back to him being tied up and being "played with." It had been more than a half hour and our friends still hadn't come out, and we started to wonder what they were doing to him. Just as we were starting to get up and go inside to see what was happening, Rachel and Anna walked out onto the patio. They were in hysterics, laughing and ecstatic, as they danced over to us proudly. Karen or me didn't have to say anything because we both knew that our girlfriends given our brother something that was probably a very nice sensation. Rachel then lifted her hand and she was holding a condom filled with our brothers cum. Karen and me just stared with our mouths hanging open. And then Anna said that she never knew that anyone could shoot that much. Rachel and Anna both broke into hysterical laughter, which made Karen and me also start laughing. Karen asked them if he was OK. Rachel said that she thought he wanted more, sarcastically, because she said that he was hard again already.

Of course, we asked what they did to him. They told us that when they first pulled his shorts down, they sat and stared at it. He was muffiing into the gag, but his erection was dancing all over the place. They went on to tell us that they were teasing him by lightly dragging their fingers up and down the length of his cock and lightly tickling and massaging his balls. Rachel had put the condom on him and she started slowly stroking him, but when he'd approach his orgasm, she'd let go and let him lay there in misery for a few minutes. And then Anna would do the same thing. Anna was laughing as she was telling us that when she'd let go of him, he'd whimper through the gag, but his cock would bounce and wave around against his stomach as if it was going to burst. She said that all he could do was let out suffering moans as they deprived him just short of cumming. They said they did this maybe four or five times before they finally let him shoot off. However, all the time, while one of them was playing with his hardened cock, the other would lightly tickle him. They said he was squirming, laughing, and straining the entire time and that they knew that they were driving him crazy. I could tell that they enjoyed making him suffer like they did. They said that they both loved teasing and playing with him and that part of the fun was knowing that he couldn't do anything to stop them. For some strange reason, both Karen and me also found excitement in knowing that he was tortured in such a teasing manner. We both were pretty sure that our brother enjoyed the eventual pleasure, but also that he probably hated being tied down with a throbbing hard-on, only to be toyed with for so long.

Karen and me started to get concerned about our brother, because we had spent maybe 30 minutes listening and talking about what Rachel and Anna did. They had left him tied, stretched out and spread eagled, gagged, and still blindfolded. We both knew he needed some reassurance from us. The four of us went inside and into our brothers bedroom where he was helplessly laying at our feet. He knew that we were there, or at least someone was, because he moaned into the gag loudly. We could see that he was partially hard and I think he thought that he was going to be played with again. The four of us smiled and Karen stepped over him and turned off the CD player and bent down to unwrap the bandage holding the headphones. Once they were removed, she removed the blindfold covering his eyes. It took a couple of minutes for his eyes to adjust, but when they did, he saw the four of us towering above him. He just stared up at us with a look of defeat that was magnified by the strips of tape covering his mouth. We smiled down at our captive, each of us knowing that he was helpless to our superiority. I asked him if he needed a drink or was thirsty and he shook his head no. And then Karen asked if he had to go to the bathroom again. Again, he looked up at her and shook his head no. Anna squatted down next to him and smiled into his eyes momentarily. She looked up and down his sprawled out body and I could see him becoming fully hard again. He must have thought that his torment was going to continue. But we just stood around him and took pleasure in the control that we had over our captive, laying vulnerable at our feet.

Anna did slowly drag her fingers from his chest down to his stomach and then playfully tickled his navel. He moaned and giggled through the gag, and I could tell that he was enjoying the tingling from her fingers. Karen, who was standing between his spread arms, said that we should release him. It was now after four o'clock and he'd been our captive for over 6 hours, so I agreed. Anna stopped her light teasing and stood as Karen and me bent down to untie his wrists. Our brother then let out a loud Mmmffff as if he still wanted to remain tied down. I looked at him and said that I guess he still wants to be tied. So, Karen and me got back up on our feet and left him spread eagled on the floor. We all went back outside by the pool and talked about our kidnapping game. After a bit, Anna went back inside to check on my brother. She came back about 10 minutes later laughing because she said that she tickled him some more. We laughed about it and teased Anna because she enjoyed the fun of taking advantage of our brother being in such a helpless position. Not too soon after, Rachel said that she had to leave. Anna mentioned that she also should be getting home. I told Anna that I'd drive her home, and we went to change from our bikinis into shorts.

After we changed, we went into my brothers room, so Anna could say good bye. Rachel and Karen were already there, and I suggested maybe he should have one last tickle treatment. Karen looked at Rachel and asked "do you want to?" She smiled and looked down at my brother and paused for a second. Rachel said that as tempting it would be, she really did have to get going. She wished him well and said good bye and my sister and her left the room. Anna and me went over to where my brother was laying spread out on the floor and we were standing on either side of him above his chest. All he could do was stare up at us from his vulnerable position. I asked him if he was OK and my brother looked at me with sad eyes, but he nodded his head that he was. I lifted my foot and placed it on his chest, and then Anna did the same. This really made us both feel that we had total control and power over my helpless brother. I'm sure he felt the same way, being under our feet. I then asked him if he liked being kidnapped and again he nodded his head yes. Anna and me said a couple more things as we held him down under our feet and then Anna squatted down next to him. I removed my foot from his chest and Anna told him that she had fun before kissing her fingers and pressing them against his tape covered lips. She said that she had to go and she smiled as she stood up above him. He softly moaned through his gag because it was becoming evident that he was becoming excited again. Anna and me could see it straining under his shorts, which made us smile. I said that I was going to take her home, but would be back later. Anna said good bye and we left him tied down, spread eagled, with his hard-on throbbing between his legs.

As I drove Anna home, we talked about my brother and the games that we played. We laughed and enjoyed the day, but at the same time we agreed that we may have abused him a little too much. When I got back home, Karen and me went into his room where he was still tied down on the floor. We removed the gag and we talked to him for a few minutes before finally untying him. No one mentioned the special treat that Rachel and Anna did. Probably it was due to the embarrassment of him getting a hand job while he was tied up. But I do know that he did enjoy it.

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Default Re: F/M Tied Up Stories

Carol and her friend Lisa tie up her husband outside

Saturday, April 28th 2007 - 02:35 PM

Name: Carol

Comments: I know that this story is long, but I hope that you all enjoy it.

Last weekend, my husband was tied up in a way that he asked me to do a few times. Since last year, when me and two of my friends buried him in sand up to his head, we’ve only had one outdoor bondage experience. But this past weekend, the temperature was in the mid 70s and very comfortable to spend the day outside. About a month ago, Peter and me had a bondage night with him tied to our bed. His hands and feet were tied to the bedposts and we both had a lot of fun that night. Peter knows that I really like having him tied this way because I have him completely exposed for any pleasure that I want to have. Anyway, he told me that sometime this summer I should tie him to stakes outside. Of course, I liked the idea and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. When I’ve talked with my friends, Mary and Lisa, I told them about this and they both said that they’d love to help me stake him out. With the weekend coming, I called them to see if they wanted to come over to my house. Mary was going to be out of town, but Lisa said that she wouldn’t miss this for the world.

On Saturday afternoon I told Pete that, if he wanted, I could tie him down to the stakes tomorrow. Knowing full well that he would eagerly agree, I told him to make a Home Depot run to get some wood stakes. When he got home, he had bought 2 round poles and then cut them in half. Of course, when he cut them, he also sharpened one end of each so that they could be hammered into the ground easier. Peter was so eager about this that he spent part of the evening hammering the 4 stakes into the back lawn next to the patio deck. Each of the stakes was about 3 feet long and he must have driven them into the ground at least 2 feet. On Sunday morning, we had breakfast and did some household chores. At about 11:00, Lisa arrived as planned. I didn’t tell Pete that Lisa was coming over, and at first he seemed a little disappointed. But when I told him to strip down to his shorts, he knew what was going to happen. Lisa and me changed into our bikinis and we walked Peter outside and had him lay down on his back on a towel that I laid out. He was already hard from the anticipation, but when I pulled his shorts off, his cock was standing straight up.

Lisa took one foot and I grabbed the other and we started tying his feet to the stakes. His legs were stretched out and spread widely apart just the way that I wanted. When we finished tying his feet, we both took a wrist and tied one end of the rope around them. We had him lay back down and pulled his hands and arms above his head towards the other two stakes. I told Peter to stretch out as much as he could and we pulled tightly on the rope before we wrapped it around the stakes and then tied the rope to the stakes. Peter was now stretched out spread eagled and barely able to even move. As I was knelling next to Pete, my thoughts wandered to the fun that I could have with him staked out as he was. Lisa and me teasingly toyed with our prisoner by lightly dragging our fingers up and down his sides and an occasional slow stroke on his hard cock. We stood up and went to our chaise lounges to lay comfortably in the sun. I was sure that Peter wasn’t uncomfortable, but I doubt that he was as comfy as Lisa and I were. Plus, I knew that he enjoyed being a naked captive of two women. For about 15 minutes, we watched my husband squirm and try to escape from his situation. I could see that the more he struggled, Pete was able to have more movement.

An idea came to mind, and I went to the garage to get a few things. I asked Lisa to fix us a drink and when I came back, I showed Lisa a tent stake and some twine. We walked over to Peter and he stared up at us smiling down upon him, sipping on our drinks. I said that he’s fighting too much and I was going to put a stop to it. I knelled down between his spread legs and held his balls in my hand, lightly squeezing them. I started wrapping the twine around his ball sack, separating them from his dick, and then tied a knot. As I was doing this he had his head raised wondering what I was doing. Lisa was standing next to Peter and was watching Peter’s reaction as I tightened the twine around his nuts. I then hammered the tent stake into the ground between his knees and pulled on the end of the twine. As I pulled the twine taut, his balls were being pulled upon and I know that he probably didn’t like the sensation. But I actually enjoyed watching his reaction to the pain that I was inflicting on him. Lisa was laughing and also enjoying the teasing torment on him. I tied off the end of the twine to the tent stake, knowing that he wasn’t even able to raise his hips. Peter tried to adjust by wiggling his body down a little and his legs were now able to bend slightly. So Lisa and me retied his legs to make sure that every movement by Peter would cause him a slight pain. We got up and stood next to his chest and watched his reaction to the smiles on Lisa’s and me. Peter was now hard once again, and with his balls being pulled away from his body, it made me hot knowing that there was nothing he could about it. Just for these few short minutes, I was aware that Peter wanted release. But I was not yet ready.

Lisa said that he should at least have a coating of sunscreen since he’s so exposed to the sun. We started rubbing his body with the lotion and this only made him harder and created more stress on his balls being tugged on. Peter would moan and whine from our torment and teasing, but we were enjoying the control that we were having. He tried to raise his hips up a little and he let out a restrained scream. Both Lisa and me looked at each other in amusement. Nut I said, “OK…no more of that!!!” Peter thought that I was going to untie his balls, but instead I got up and went into the house and got a rag and some duct tape and something else to make his situation more uncomfortable. I came back out to where my husband was staked out and told him that one more sound out of him and I’d gag him. Since we live on nearly 20 acres of land and our nearest neighbor is 3/4 of a mile from us, no one would be able to hear him except me and Lisa. But I was going to do this anyway. I looked down at the string connecting his balls to the stake and I told Lisa to “go ahead”. She placed her foot on the string and slowly pressed down on it. The added pressure pulled on his balls even more than they already were and he let out an agonizing moan which we were anticipating. I bent down next to him and stuffed the rag into his mouth and then covered it with the tape. I tore off two more pieces of tape and wrapped over his mouth for reinforcement. I gave a wooden clothespin to Lisa and together we attached them to his nipples which made him squeal through his gag.

After a few minutes of watching his discomfort, and tantalizing him by our presence standing above him, we went back onto the deck and laid down on the chaise sipping on our drinks. We talked and enjoyed the sight of Peter staked down naked and helpless in front of us. Every movement that he made, we could hear an uncomfortable and muffled moan from him. He could hear our giggles which, I’m sure, added to his agony. After about 10 minutes, Lisa walked over to Peter and mischievously told him that he looked too comfy. She bent down and took one of the clothespins off and then reattached it at a different angle. Even from where I was, I could see Peter flinch from the new sting of burning pain. Lisa then did the same with the second clothespin and then dragged her fingernails over his cock over and over. She stood up watching Peter’s reaction at the frustration and agony that he must have been feeling. Lisa came back and laid down again and I complimented her on her devious torment. Either she or I would do this every 10 minutes or so for the next hour and every time we would also pull on the string to tug on his balls. One time I pushed my foot on the string and kept it there for a minute. Peter was in agony, and I knew it, but this was just too entertaining for me and Lisa. Besides, eventually, he knew that he would receive a very pleasurable experience. But until that time, Lisa and me were enjoying ourselves. At one point I was stepping down on the string and Lisa readjusted the clothes pins. I can not describe the muffled howl coming from my husband as he lay tortured at my feet spread out so vulnerable.

We decided to give him another rub down with the sunscreen. With every passing of our hands, there were repeated moans of pleasure coming from his duct taped mouth. Being as devious as we are, either me or Lisa would bump against one of the clothespins as we ran our oily hands of Peter’s chest. With the slightest twist of the clothespin, he was pinched him over and over to our delight. When his legs were being rubbed, we would flick our fingers on the twine and watch him tense up. Amazingly, we had been able to keep Pete hard almost the entire two hours that he’d been staked down. But we still weren’t ready to satisfy his needs. I could see that the string from his balls to the stake wasn’t as tight as before. From the repeated stepping on it and pulling, it must have stretched a little, so I untied it from the stake and asked Lisa to tie it again. She pulled on the string, leaving no slack, and pulled on it just a tad more before wrapping the end around the tent stake and tying it off. Leaving him there, tied to the stakes and in continuous discomfort, we again went back to the deck to lie out under the sun and enjoy the sight before us.

While we were lying there, my friend from work, Amanda called. Amanda has never taken part in any of Peter’s and my “activities, but she does know that Lisa and Mary have sometimes participated. Amanda is about 10 years younger than me, has a fantastic body and is very cute. She also has expressed interest in bondage, however. But I wasn’t sure how much she was interested. So I hesitantly told her that right now, I had Peter staked out on the back lawn. She said “What??” I repeated that he was tied down to 4 stakes. She was a bit shocked and had a nervous giggle, but seemed cool with it. We talked for a few minutes and we made arrangements to go to dinner some night. But she ended the conversation by saying that sometime she would like to see how I tie him up. So, there might be another story coming.

While I was on the phone with Amanda, Lisa went over to where Peter was staked out and adjusted the clothespins once again. As she was standing above him as he stared up at her, I becoming more and more excited. Once I finished my conversation with Amanda, I walked over to them and stood opposite Lisa with Peter between us. I said that I can’t take any more and took my bathing suit bottom off and straddled my husbands face. With his face between my legs, I smiled down upon him and peeled off the tape from his mouth. I wanted his mouth and tongue sucking and licking my pussy. I took his hair in my hand and pulled his face into me. His tongue started going at me and it felt wonderful. I was rocking and shifting over his helpless face and loving it. His tongue probed deep inside me and my juices were drowning him. This was so erotic as I rode his face to orgasm. I was totally oblivious to Lisa and didn’t know that she started playing with balls. The vibrations from his moans were sending shivers through me and I soon came over his face. I had him give me another orgasm that felt as wonderful as the first. I collapsed forward with my wet pussy dripping over him.

After a few minutes to recover, I climbed off and let Lisa enjoy the pleasures of Peter’s mouth and tongue. I laid between my husbands spread legs, and played with the string connected to Pete’s balls. Lisa would reach behind her and twist on the clothespins that surely gave Peter a pain-pleasure experience. It took over 20 minutes for Lisa to cum and when she did, she exploded in a loud and screaming “OHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh”. I knew that Peter was ready to explode, so as Lisa stayed riding his face, I mounted his blood engorged cock. It felt like never before as I slide down his shaft. I had mounted him so that my back was to Lisa and I was looking down Peter’s spread legs. I slowly rocked and Peter painfully was raising his hips to be deep inside me. I leaned forward and was poking and tugging at the string, knowing full well that this was causing him excruciating pain. Lisa soon had another orgasm and I was nearing another too. Together, we rode Peter and I think we were enjoying this more than he was. Lisa was continuing to twist the clothespins and I was still playing with the string tied to his balls. I finally had my orgasm, and then another came so quickly after. I was still anticipating Peter to cum, but after me riding him for two of my own, he still hadn’t cum.

I leaned forward and started shifting my hips up and down faster and faster and it took another 5 minutes for him to finally release his load into me. With Lisa smothering his face, his scream of pleasure vibrated into her and she had cum once again. Peter has never shot his load in such a violent way. We got off of him and we laid down next to him for all of us to calm down from the pleasing experience we all shared. His balls were still tied and stretched from his body, and we still had the clothespins attached. Lisa and me would sometimes pinch them or twist them as we ran our hands over him. With the stroking of our hands, Peter amazingly soon became hard again. We eventually got up and wrapped towels around us and stared down at my husband. I bent down and pulled on one of the pins until it was pulled off. I did the same to the other. But I left his balls tied to the tent stake as Lisa and me went into the house.

We refreshed ourselves and got dressed and went back outside and had a drink. Peter wanted release from his helpless position and all he could do was watch us enjoy his predicament . When we finished our drinks, we walked over to where he was helplessly staked down. As we stood over him, he pleaded to me to release his balls. I smiled and said, “but this is so much fun”. I told Lisa to step down one more time and when she did, Peter screamed out. We were surprised by his scream of agony but still laughed at him. But that was enough and we untied the string from the tent stake. He moaned from the release of pressure on his balls and his cock seeped more cum when I untied the string around his balls. We left him tied to the stakes for another 15 minutes as Lisa and me stood above him and talked about the entire experience. Peter was quiet and never asked us to free him. I guess he was too busy recovering from the constant pain and torture that we put him through. But we did untie his hands and feet, and helped him stand up. He said that his entire body was stiff and it seemed to last the rest of the day and evening. But was it worth it? Hell …..YES!!!!

He told me that he totally enjoyed this and wants to do this again, but easy on his balls. All I can say that since Mary couldn’t “play” this time, we just might have to do this again. Perhaps even Amanda too. Too bad our weather prediction is well into the 90s this weekend. I could have made plans. LOL

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Saturday, May 12th 2007 - 09:15 AM

Carol and Amanda tie up Peter outside

Name: Carol

Comments: Annie. I took your advice and it worked out fine.

She arrived last Sunday and the three of us had a BBQ lunch. It was such a beautiful day and the sun felt so warm. The temperature was 78, which is comfortable for us who live in the desert. Pete has met Amanda a few times before, but this was the first time that they’ve really had the opportunity to get to know each other. Anyway, during lunch, we talked about how I’ve tied Peter up and that sometimes he is able to escape and that sometimes he can’t. While that we were eating, Amanda kept looking at the stakes that were put in the ground two weeks ago. She still didn’t understand this “escape” game but she was willing to go along with it. After lunch, Amanda and me cleaned up the dishes while Peter changed into a pair of shorts. We both agreed that he wouldn’t be naked for Amanda because we were aware that would completely scare her off.

When Peter came back outside, the three of us walked out onto the lawn and I asked Amanda if he should take his shirt off. She said …… “I guess …..Is that what you usually do”? I told her that “it depends” and had Peter take his shirt off. Since it was such a nice day that he might as well enjoy the sun while he’s escaping, I told her. So, he lies down between the stakes and I start tying the rope around one of his feet and pull the rope towards a stake. As I wrap the rope around the stake, I ask her if she wants to help. She nervously smiles and says “I think I’ll watch”. After one of his feet is tied, I tie his other foot in the same way, spreading his legs about three feet apart. I then got up and knelled down to tie one of his wrists. While I was tying the rope around his left wrist, Amanda bent down and picked up the fourth piece of rope and started to tie his other wrist. As Peter and I looked at her, she said that was why she was here…..

Once we had his wrists tied and Pete was laying flat on his back and his body stretched between the four stakes, we pulled tightly on the rope and wrapped it around the two stakes to secure his wrists. The rope was tied off and we had Peter helplessly spread eagled on the ground between us. As I started to stand up, Amanda asked me what we do now. I smiled down at my husband and told her “anything we want”. Amanda and me went inside to get drinks before coming back out on the deck to sit comfortably and watch Peter bake under the warm sun. It was in the mid 80s and not unbearable, but Amanda asked me if I thought having Peter staked down was torture. I said not at all and that he usually does work around the property when it’s well over 100 degrees. Besides, I wouldn’t stake him down like that if it was that hot because that would be too dangerous. But I added that there have been times when I’ve teased him to provide him some motivation to escape. Judging by her smile, she assumed that I was referring to arousing and exciting him and then said that must have been fun. “Oh yessssssssssss” I said. I elaborated and told her that sometimes I enjoy having him beg me to free him just so that he can he can have his “pleasures” with me. However, I will keep him tied up because it’s fun. I then looked at her and said………..”I know…..it’s weird”. Amanda smiled and said she didn’t think it too strange.

We looked out at Peter spread out on the lawn in front of us and I said that I better rub him down with some sun screen. We went over to him and stood on either side of him. We both smiled as he looked up at us standing above him. I harassed him for being so helpless at the hands of 2 women and Amanda giggled at the things that I was saying. I bent down and squirted some lotion over his chest. I started rubbing the lotion into his skin and asked Amanda to help me. She got onto her knees and I squirted the lotion on his stomach. As Amanda rubbed her palms over his stomach and with our hands caressing Peter’s vulnerable body, he started to get visibly hard. She stopped rubbing the lotion over him and leaned back nervously, but grinning. I said “It’s OK …… don’t worry about it” and I kept rubbing the lotion into his skin. I then started covering his spread legs with sunscreen, deliberately running my fingers up under his shorts. Amanda embarrassingly leaned forward and continued running her hands over him. By now, Peter was fully erect and I could tell that Amanda enjoyed the sight of this. I was thinking at the time that if Lisa or Mary were with us, Pete would be completely naked and pleasing our desires. But Amanda would surely be scared off since this was a new experience for her.

For the next few minutes, we continued covering our staked out victim with the oily sunscreen. Understandably, Peter completely enjoyed it also judging by his moans and seemed disappointed when we stopped. But seeing him turned on, spread eagled and vulnerable to the mercy of Amanda and me standing over above him, was a stimulating experience for us. When we returned to our chairs, I asked her if she felt strange when Pete got hard. She said it just didn’t feel right since he was my husband. I told her that it’s OK and I didn’t mind …….. and that I actually found it exciting. I wasn’t really sure how she was taking this conversation but she did have a hard time taking her eyes off Peter, staked out in front of us.

We talked some more, telling me about her bondage experience (two times when she was tied up and once where she tied up a former boyfriend). Occasionally, we’d walk over to Peter to check on him, and to tantalize him with our presence. After he’d been staked down for about 90 minutes, I told Amanda that he’s not going to be able to escape and we walked over to him. As he lay at our feet, I said we were going to un-tie him. Peter had a look of disappointment, but we could only introduce Amanda to a point. The three of us chatted for a few minutes with him still tied down, but Amanda and me finally got down on our knees to free Peter from the stakes holding him down.

After, we all had another drink and talked some more about the afternoon. Amanda seemed to enjoy the experience and said that she’d like to do this again sometime. On Monday at work, she and I talked some more about the day before. Basically, there will be another story involving Amanda. The next story however, will not be having Peter staked out though. Since last weekend, the weather has been in the 90s and sometimes over 100 degrees. That’s WAYYYY too hot for my Peter to be staked out.

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Default Re: F/M Tied Up Stories

Sunday, February 17th 2002 - 09:16 PM

Name: AuntMary69

Comments: To begin, let me tell you that this is my first entry of what I promise will be many to come. To elaborate on my name, my key bondage partner is my nephew (not by blood) Alex from a divorced marriage...he is 19 and I am 48. I am about 5'10 in heels and have straight greyish brown hair. He and I have been playing tie up games for a little over a year now. The games are not sexual, but I can be perverse at times. What we have found is a common interest in bondage, mine more dominant, his more submissive....and so we play our games.
On this particular day I sat in my green taurus wagon in the grocery store parking lot. I checked my face in the mirror. Dark eye shadow and black lipstick. I wore a tight red sweater accentuating my large breasts. I had a brown and gold plaid skirt, black stockings and brown knee high boots. I watched the store like a hawk until I saw my prey. The man came out, he was lean, about 5'9 and wore khakis and a blue dress shirt. He had short brown hair and had been working on growing a beard. I put on my sunglasses and stepped out into the fall air clutching my purse close. It was a little heavier than usual, but there was a reason for that. I picked up my stride and stuck a gloved hand into my purse. I approached the man from behind. My pace matched his. The sidewalk was rather crowded and no one noticed anything as I managed to step up beside Alex and in one motion put an arm around his shoulder and another to his side...a gloved hand clutching a starter pistol into his side. He feigned shock and I brought my lips to his ear.
"Make a move and your done for, walk with me and maybe I'll go easy on you."
"I don't have any money" he replied.
"Shut your mouth" I hissed. I dug the pistol into him and he behaved. We walked back to the green wagon. I stepped aside and opened the front door. I ordered him in and stepped in the backseat behind him. I told him to drive where I told him. He started the ignition and pulled the car out of the parking lot. I crossed my legs in the back seat and smiled slyly. I gave him directions to a local park. I directed him to an empty lot down by a lake. "Get out and stand up against the back of the car." He followed my order to the back. Getting out I commanded that he cross his wrists behind him. Ensuring no one was in sight I took my purse and pulled out a thick chord. With expertise I bound his wrists securely. I had become qutie proficient at securing Alex's wrists and he knew he was not getting away.I opened the trunk door opening to the wagons flat bed. I commanded him to lie down inside. I stepped in and held the starter pistol to his back as I closed us both in the trunk space. "I'm gonna finish tying you and gag your mouth, struggle and I'll tie you so tight your limbs will go numb." he silently obeyed. Taking a roll of duct tape I wrapped his ankles together. I also ran the duct tape over his wrists for extra restraint. Taking a plastic tie I looped it around one ankle and over his wrists. I stretched it tight and he was hogtied. From the purse I pulled a rolled ball of stockings making a nylon ball. I force fed this into his mouth and it filled it completely. I proceeded to wrap the duct tape around his mouth three or four more times. He grunted slightly. "That'll keep you quiet my little kidnapped bitch" I hissed. Teasing him was all part of the fun. "You know, these pantyhose here..." I began pulling out a pair of beige hose and letting them touch his face..."I wore for four days, quiet pungent, but you don't mind do you..." I teased waiting for a responce. "Well, if you don't mind." I laughed as I pulled them over his head. I tied the legs off around his eyes, completing his helplesness. I got out of the back and shut the door. Going back to the drivers seat I drove us from the area. I talked to him in the back, letting him no that my only intention was to kidnap him and that he'd be kept in bondage for as long as I felt like it. We pulled into my neighborhood and I drove into my garage. I entered the empty house leaving him in the car. I made myself a glass of wine to relax. I slipped off my boots and sat down looking over the daily paper. After about a half hour I went out to fetch my prey. I opened the trunk and with a knife cut loose the hogtie and the tape around his ankles. "Get up and don't try a fucking thing" I hissed holding the blade to his throat.I led him blindly from the garage into my house. We stopped in the laundry room. "Lets make you a little more comfortable." In the room I unbuckled his pants and let them drop. I cut loose his white undershorts and he stood there humiliated. I told you that even though we are not related by anything except a failed marriage, we don't engage in sexual activity. He began trying to mumble through his gag but I held the knife to his genitals. "I would stay quiet, your sucking on my nylons for a reason." I laughed but then got stern. "Lets go." I led him through my kitchen and down a set of stairs into my basement. Taking an old dog collar from the wall I put it around his kneck. Attaching a leash I led him further into my furnished basement. I attached the leash to a hook on the sealing and sat him in a chair in the middle of the room. For the next ten minutes I went to work securing him to the chair. I used primarily old stockings. I found they held the best and didn't cut the skin. WHen he had been completely secure I whispered in his ear. "Youll stay nice and quiet down here for a bit. I'm gonna go relax with a bottle of wine, afterwards I'll deal with you kidnapped bitch". I gave him a kiss on the cheak through the nylon hood and patted his cock firmly. Giggling I pranced back up the stairs leaving my nephew secure and helpless, waiting to see where our game would take us.

Monday, February 25th 2002 - 07:27 PM

Name: Aunt Bondage

Comments: Hello again, its Aunt Bondage here, and I have been waiting to place more entries regarding the bondage games that my nephew Alex and I have been playing. If you recall last time, my little prisoner was in quite a precarious state of affairs. After successfully plotting his kidnapping and making him helpless I had gotten him back to my home (now solely mine since I divorced his mother’s brother) As I sipped my wine and watched the television upstairs I contemplated what he looked like down below in the basement. He was sitting in a chair in the middle of the room, his wrists tied tightly behind him. Old gray and black stockings tied him securely to the chair wrungs and his feet were bound as well. His head is covered with a stocking and the legs are tied over his eyes leaving him in the dark. Beneath the makeshift nylon hood layers of duct tape keep a ball of nylons stuffed into his mouth. An old dog collar adorns his neck, the leash of which is run up to a hook on the ceiling. There is no tension, but this ensures that he cannot stray too far if somehow he were to orchestrate an escape from the chair. And as the added kicker, his pants and underwear were removed when I first ushered him into the house. I had all my bases covered and I was sure that he could not go anywhere, let alone make a sound. I new soon it would be time to “play”, all the games up to this point had me excited. I’ve explained that our relationship is never really sexual, but it would be a lie to deny that we both receive some level of sexual satisfaction from our play. And while for me the satisfaction is derived from his torment, I have in recent months found a way to give him a little “release.” I finally made my way back downstairs. I approached him from behind in the chair and put my face very close to his stocking covered ear. “I see you haven’t moved very much bitch” I hiss. He mumbles a little through his gag, but by now he knows it is useless. I check his bonds and smile to myself. It is clear that he has been struggling, but the strong knots have held. Its now that I play the role of captor, and explain to my prey what purpose he will serve.
“You’re probably wondering why I kidnapped you. The fact of the matter is, I intend to sell you on the black market as a slave. You’ll go to whoever pays the highest amount, female or male, and they’ll do whatever they want to you. Just think of the possibilities little slut.” My speech is rehearsed and he quivers at my words. He begins to moan through his gag and I place a hand over his gagged mouth. “But before we send you on the way, your future sellers request that you are…drained, if you no what I mean. They don’t care for pent up slaves, so we’re gonna have to accommodate them.” As I talk I cut loose the old stockings holding him to the chair. “On your feet.” I order. As he stands he is awkward, wrists still bound behind him and balance shaky from sitting and being tied so long. I unhook his leash and I bring him into the corner of the basement where there is an old washing machine. It was by chance that I discovered this little torture, but its proven quite interesting. The washer stands only about three and a half feet high, basically waist level to my prisoner. I order him to stand right up against it. With one had I lay his penis on top of it. It instantly becomes erect and points straight as I retract my hand. He spreads his legs and I walk to either side of the dryer. For some time there have been ropes attached to the pipes on the wall. Coincidently they stretch out to just about where his ankles come to the sides of the machine. I bind each ankle which pulls his legs and lower body up against the machine. Retrieving a roll of duct tape I pull off two short pieces and with them I tape his shaft down onto the top of the washer machine. “I think you’ll find this oddly pleasureable.” I kid as I turn the machine on. The machine is such an antique that if nothing of significant weight is in it, it tends to shake, shutter, and vibrate for the entire forty-five minutes cycle. Immediately the vibrations begin on my prisoner and a slight moan comes from his gagged mouth. I go back to the middle of the room and get the dog collar and leash. I put it back on him and attach the leash to another hook on the ceiling. This time I tie the leash off so there is very little slack on the collar and my prisoner is kept up against machine as it pulsates and gyrates his member. “Now I’ll let this work on you for a bit, lets hope you can last.” I smack his ass and laugh. Its now that I walk towards the basement steps and walk my way up. Then, having faked my departure I tip toe back down to the basement. I edge back over to the seat he was bound in and sit myself down. Then I enjoy the show. The first ten minutes pass with my nephew standing there obediently. Its then that I notice things beginning. Alex first begins to struggle with his bonds, testing them and recognizing the futility in doing so. He then will begin moaning, hoping beyond hope that he might loosen his gag. As the machines gyrations take over and he becomes more and more aroused he hangs his head down and moans as he attempts to move his hips in a swaying motion to compliment the erotic pulses. His moans increase in depth and I can hear his breath coming quickly through his nose. And within minutes he ejaculates forcefully. It lasts for about ten seconds and then his struggles cease…yet the washer machine continues on its cycle, as it will for about thirty more minutes. I tip toe away and head back upstairs to relax a little…knowing that the prisoner games are not yet complete, no matter how much my nephew wishes they were right now….more to come soon darlings.
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