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Default Re: marriage (Matriarchia Solaris)

My first attempt at writing.
i will be writing more in the future. Though whether i post here depends on feedback. I will mostly write about gynarchy ,female supremacy and superiority ,since I enjoy these themes deeply.

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The temple that was now crowded with guests had an intricate design to it, with the main goal of reflecting the sphere’s personality, philosophy and cultural background.

The outside of the temple was what appeared to be a modernized pagan temple with a prominent Nordic aesthetic.

The wood which made up the bulk of the beautiful structure was actually not organic, but rather an inorganic compound which simulated the color, smell, and even texture of wood while also being immune to degradation caused by natural elements.

The ‘wood’ could also absorb light due to its chemical composition, allowing it to not only use the bountiful energy of the sun, but also shimmer with a vibrant green light that ramped up in luminosity as the sunset approached.

The temple itself was situated in the middle of a vast green expanse made of different selections of trees.

The position of the trees looked rather random from the ground perspective, but from a bird eye's view, came together to form the helm of awe, with the temple at it’s center.

The sun had begun to set, welcoming the night’s cold air and the warm glow of the temple, which was the best time for festivities.

The garden right across from the gate of the great temple was the point of gathering for the guests, where they enjoyed pleasantries and refreshments.

Both men and women were present, yet there was much that could be said about their distinctive and contrasting appearance.

The women were massive to say the least .they stood at 2,50 m on average, with some easily surpassing such an already impressive height.

Their heavy-built frames vibrated with raw power, robust muscles shifted underneath their porcelain skin.

Clad in two pieces of mulberry silk, joined together at the hips on each side by a silver ornament in the shape of a web of wyrd.

The salacious dress was designed with the Amazons's impressive size in mind, and yet it threatened to fall apart at the lightest flex.

They sported different hair colors and hairstyles; delicately sculptured facial features, combining an ethereal feminine beauty and sharp authoritativeness; Hefty fat breasts;a muscular wide back exposed by a deep opening reaching all the way to the small of the back, with a beautiful tattoo of Gungnir at the center.

The tip of Odin’spear pointed downward at a heavy, large sized bottom .each buttock easily weighted in the tens of kilograms in rock solid glutes.

The outline of Thick eight pack abs pushed against the dress’s stomach area.

A long cut from the waist down showcased tree trunk quads and large beefy glutes, clothed in jet black stockings that hugged every curve and wave of their ripped muscles.

Men on the other hand were tiny in stature, not surpassing a 1,40 m in high. A small-boned, undersized frame, trim stomachs with no sign of fat. Boyish, adorable features with a flushed face and a permanent blush.

Tight skimpy shorts that framed their round butts, and clung tightly to a sizable bulge on the front. Around their narrow neck was a silver collar in the shape of leaves with the first letter of their owner’s name in the middle

On a table in the east section of the courtyard, a group of women sat around a large circular table carved of white stone.

Discussing the latest happenings in the Norse sphere, as well as bits and pieces of information they managed to acquire of the greater Matriarchia Solaris .

They drank mead from glass horns that floated in the air whenever the women let go of them. Some males were at their feet, massaging their stiff soles, which outsized the doll-faced males.

Others could not be seen, but below the tables, loud wet sounds of kissing, liking, and sucking could be heard.

For others, their males were seated on their thighs, sucking and nibbling on their owner’s neck, with love and affection dripping from their worshiping eyes.

Right across the table section, luxurious reclined chairs sat on a raised platform. Laying down on one of them was an eye-catching Valkyrie.

She was extremely tall, easily reaching a standing height of 2,80 m. she had long sparkling silver hair, a beautiful heart shaped face and mesmerizing silver eyes.

Her biceps bulged and pumped to a massive size as her hands crossed behind her head in a relaxed manner, the massive breasts crowning her chest heaved rhythmically with her slow breathing.

Her name was lady skadi . A respected yet reclusive Valkyrie huntress who lived on the kebnkaise mountain with her mate and their son.

The two males in question were currently tending to her, one on each side.

There was hardly a difference between the two, except or a few centimeters in height. If one wasn’t already familiar with both of them, they could be mistaken as twins.

They were distinguished by their collars. The father, Kari, had the usual silver collar, except it was a custom-made one in the form of linked snowflakes.in the center was the rune (ᛋ) according to his owner’s name (ᛋᚲᚨᛞᛁ).

The son, Frode, had a simple anklet with the (ᛋ) rune.

Both of them were sweating profusely as they kneaded and squeezed the Valkyrie’s adamantine eight pack abs . Two phallic bumps stood out with rigor against the tight fabric of their mini shorts.

It wasn’t their first time providing this service to their owner, yet her robust abs were as unyielding as ever. Their wispy little hands failed to make a dent in her flesh.

It had been an hour now, and Frode was already succumbing to fatigue.

He took a side glance at his mother’s perfect face, her face placid. The little boy began to tremble slightly, overwhelmed by her near god like perfection.

‘How could such a perfect being exist ? I'm I even worthy enough to serve her?’ he wondered, discouraged.

It had only been a few years since he had joined his father in her service, yet Her superiority remained a matter too complex for his feeble young mind to fathom.

Tears started to gather behind his eyes, but he didn’t allow himself to cry.

Instead, he pushed against his mother’s hard muscles with renewed fervor. He adored her, and her pleasure was his priority, that was all that mattered.

His internal strife did not escape his mother’s keen insight, and when she saw his valiant efforts, she couldn’t help crack a small smile.

‘So cute….’

A male’s submission and obedience was a matter of course. But deep affection and complete surrender was a gift to be cherished.

She glanced at her male on the other side, her smile only deepened.

kari hadn't looked at anyone, not once since they arrived here, nor did he utter a single word.

He was completely focused on her. Working his tiny hands on her massive abs, small droplets of sweat gathered at the edge of his long eyelashes. She was the center of his world.

‘Such adorable little things…’ she thought, adoringly.

She had not planned to attend this event. Her monastic tendencies had earned her a not so positive reputation as a recluse.

Not to mention her own issues…but when she remembered today was her old student’s special day, she had no choice but to make a concession.

At the very least, her pets made the wait bearable.

Her ears twitched as the sound of flesh slapping against flesh resounded nearby. She didn’t have to look to know exactly what the cause was.

‘Still as much of a show-off as I remember her’ she thought, amused.

The sound was emanating from a nearby bench. A raven-haired Valkyrie was seated. A male was currently immobilized on her colossal thighs, tears flowed down his face as he screamed silently.

On hand was keeping both his arms behind his back, with his legs locked tightly between her bulky legs, wrapped in black stocking that stretched to the max.

While the other hand rained hard, powerful slaps on his naked rear, “slap!slap!slap!slap!slap!’. His soft mushy baby bottom was blood-red, and almost flattened.

The stern, strict face she wore while delivering such a merciless punishment terrified many of the boys present, who scurried to their owners in fright.

The Valkyries close by knew there was no pacifying Revna. Her hunger for strict, painful and daily punishment was one of a kind.

They knew where she was coming from, after all, they too enjoyed delivering strict punishments from time to time.

Though, they had hoped Revna would hold back for the joyous occasion, but it seems they underestimated her. At least, the punishment was nearing its conclusion.

At the very center of the courtyard was a small arena which was meant for warm-ups between priestesses. There, a Valkyrie was holding a demonstration for a group of young girls.

she was impressively ripped, dressed in a simple loincloth for ease of movement, and sported a mane of messy red hair.

she performed a submission hold with her pet’s cooperation. The tiny boy struggled for breath, captive of a prison made of thick, muscular legs.

“And this,”informed the red haired Valkyrie, “is the gogoplata submission. Do not take the ease by which I performed it as a point of reference, as I’m performing it on a weak male. Rather, observe the basic movements” she instructed.

“ You need to focus on wrestling, especially since your shield maiden training is nearing” she added.

“Lady Gunhild ?” interjected one of the girls.


“I think little Njal has passed out!” the girl exclaimed.

“Oh!” Gunhild gasped .she promptly released her male from the tight hold, sat upright with her legs crossed, and hugged him tightly in her bosom.

After checking his pulse, she breathed out a sigh of relief, “he only passed out from prolonged lack of air, he will wake up shortly” she reassured the concerned girls.

“But it was only a minute…” a girl puzzled.

“Yes ,it was just a minute. Most of you young girls can easily hold your breath for 15 minutes .adult Valkyries such as myself can hold our breath for 40 minutes or slightly more depending on our condition” she explained

“ but for males, one minute is a minute too many. Their fragile bodies can’t handle the stress. Let this little accident be a lesson for you. You will eventually complete your shield maiden training and one day subdue a male of your own” she planted a kiss on her male’s head before continuing
“Bruises are acceptable, ‘ an unbruised male is an unloved male’ as they say.
Fractures and, in extreme cases, broken bones can be easily amended. But you must be careful. Males are inferior, thus, you must always keep their weakness in mind” she warned. The girls nodded in acknowledgment.

“It’s been a little too long, no?” a girl questioned, gesturing towards little Njal, who had yet to wake up.

“ I realized,” Gunhild agreed, “the damage was more severe than i expected… the Ichor should have already begun to work it’s magic in his blood by now”.

And as if to confirm her words, the male jerked awake with a jump. Had the Valkyrie not been holding him tightly, he would have fell face first on the marble floor.

He turned his head let and right. His eyes darted around, before finally settling on his owner.

Tears filled his eyes as he hugged her, burying his face in her chest.

“Oh baby! I'm so sorry, it was an accident…” Gunhild coaxed, lovingly,“ you forgive me?”. He nodded his head, still clinging to her chest.

“But, lady Gunhild …when will we get to use the lethal moves we heard so much about ?.neck snapping Head scissors, ball busting and other deadly moves?” a girl asked.

“On a submissive male? NEVER!!!” she thundered, agitated.

The girls moved back slightly, the Valkyrie’s outburst taking them by surprise.

“It is strictly forbidden to lethally injure or cripple a submissive male in the Norse sphere, or any of the spheres as far as I know, make sure you remember that” she warned.

The girls nodded in agreement.

“As for lethal force, you may only apply it to the savage creatures living in the untamed zones. There live creatures who resemble our males, but are bigger and uglier” she blurted out in disgust,“ from what we know, they had escaped the light of the outer ones, refused the blessing of the gods.”

“But none of this concerns you yet,” she reminded, “focus on your training for the time being. Now, I would have asked you to find some untamed males and bring them to the arena for some practice, but…”

A defining sound approached the courtyard, becoming louder , “it seems the time has come, run along now” she added, before standing up, her little boy still cradled in her arms, his legs still numb.

Soon, what appeared to be a flying vehicle hovered above a landing platform by the courtyard, preparing to land. The main party of the event had arrived.

to be continued …….

the gogoplata submission,the way i imagine it in the story
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Default Re: marriage (Matriarchia Solaris)

Originally Posted by goddesspriest [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
My first attempt at writing..
Good stuff, looking forward to more. I inhabit a similar dimension, where strict Alpha Women are all-powerful & unapologetically tyrannical.
Artwork featuring dominant, cocky, Female Tyrants:
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