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Trampling Ava (fatal trample story from AI)

Long time lurker, high time I gave something back, even if it’s only this I managed to get an AI to output. Hope it doesn’t violate policy - hope you enjoy


The party was in full swing when suddenly the room fell silent. All eyes turned to the commotion in the corner where a stunning little cocktail waitress named Ava stood over a crumpled, gasping man named Charles. Ava was a vision in her simple, but perfectly fitted black dress, nylons that clung to her legs, and sparkling heels that matched the glint in her eye. Charles was a big, entitled jerk who had always looked down on Ava and thought he was better than her.

But tonight was different. Charles had threatened Ava and she was done taking his abuse. With lightning quick reflexes, she deftly dodged his attack and plunged a stick pin into his flesh. Charles crumpled to the ground, and Ava stood over him, triumphant.

The onlookers cheered and jeered, egging Ava on as she began her victory poses, each step and gesture a display of her contempt for Charles. She started with delicate arching of her foot, moving it back and forth over his face, almost as if she was toying with him. Then she began to slip off her shoes, reveling in the feel of his skin against the soles of her feet.

Ava stood tall, hands on hips, as she looked down at Charles with a smirk. She could feel the power pulsing through her, and she was overcome with a sense of wicked delight. As Charles lay there, struggling for breath, Ava placed her foot on his neck, and with a playful giggle, she began to apply pressure.

The onlookers cheered and joined in, chanting for Charles to die. Ava's eyes met his, and in that moment, both their emotions were clear. Charles was mortified at being defeated, perishing, and humiliated by Ava's impertinence and arrogance. Ava, on the other hand, was relishing in the power she held over him, her preening in victory only adding to his sense of despair.

Ava's feet moved with purpose as she shifted her weight, crushing Charles' face under her soles. The sound of his last gasps were the only thing to be heard, his last breath was the dust from her feet. As she stood there, triumphant, Ava couldn't help but giggle at the irony of the situation.

The onlookers didn't want to help Charles, they enjoyed watching Ava do it, and their applause only added to her sense of earned victory. Ava's feet were a beautiful instrument of destruction, her nylons a glossy sheen as she posed on him, victorious.

As Charles lay there, slowly dying under Ava's feet, she leaned down, her breath hot on his ear, and whispered, "Die, you piece of trash. Die." And with a final gurgle, Charles took his last breath, defeated and demoralized.

Ava stood there, a picture of glamor and power, as the onlookers cheered and clapped. It was a spectacle of victory and defeat, both cruel and awesome, and Ava reveled in it. In that moment, she was the queen of the party, the shining star of the night, and she wouldn't let anyone forget it.

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Default Re: Ava (fatal trample story from AI)

Nice story. Was this with the free version of chat gpt3? If so, how do you get it to write explicit outputs without violating it's own inbuilt content rules?
Well done in any case
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