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Default Three Sisters

Four years ago, I had the good fortune to get roped into a sparring match with a beautiful woman named Claire as her sister Ashley looked on. That story is documented [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register].

Thankfully, I’ve remained friends with Claire and Ashley, and recently started dating their sister, Aimee. The following is an account of my first weeks dating her and my first time wrestling with her. While the dialogue might not be perfect, I’ve tried to represent it as accurately as possible from memory.

I had been friends with Ashley for a couple of years, and was always impressed with her good looks and athleticism. I was even more stunned by her sister Claire’s BJJ skills and drop dead gorgeous body. But it wasn’t until Ashley got married that I met her other younger sister, Aimee. Aimee was a bridesmaid and I was a groomsman at a wonderful little informal destination wedding in Honolulu last spring. I met Aimee at the rehearsal dinner the night before, enjoyed some friendly banter and dancing with her at the wedding reception, and then got to know her even better after a couple of drinks at a beach party the next evening.

At the beach party, Aimee looked fantastic in her solid red bikini. She’s 24 and stands at 5’8”, and probably weighs about 140 lbs, with long, athletic, toned legs and arms. Her fair skin and big smile are accentuated with a few freckles, stunning blue eyes, and long, straight blonde hair. She wears a 34B cup, but her ample breasts always seem larger to me. Her nice round, tight little ass filled out her bikini bottoms perfectly. She always smells like heaven too -- like clean lotion and maybe a touch of Victoria Secret’s Bombshell perfume. My friends think she looks just like the actress Kristin Bell, but quite a bit taller, with bigger eyes and a more spectacular body. I concur.

In any case, I got Aimee’s number before the beach party was over, and I called her when we got back to the midwest. I was only one of about eight guys chasing her tail at the party, so I figured my chances with her were lean. But she eventually texted back with some mild flirtation, and I was taking her to dinner at an upscale Italian place downtown just a week later.

At dinner, she was wearing this cute black dress and these great leather boots. I was a little nervous, but the conversation got going once we were into our second round of martinis, and of course the subject of her sisters was a natural focus of conversation. I was wondering if we were going to address the subject of my hot little grappling match with her sister Claire from a couple of years before. Sure enough, she playfully hit me with it right about when the main meal arrived.

“So I hear you wrestled my sister,” she said, smiling knowingly.

“Pardon?” I replied as I put down my drink, trying to act like I was unsure of what she was talking about, or that I didn’t recall.

“Come on. You don’t remember? Ashley said that Claire used you as a sparring partner at her gym a couple of years ago.”

“Oh yeah. I’d forgotten all about that.” I lied, trying to play it down. I didn’t want to offer too much information, not certain how much she knew.

“And they both said Claire put a pretty good squeeze on you. I’ll bet you remember that!” She had a twinkle in her eye.

I hesitated. Should I tell the truth or play it down? Claire really did wipe me out. She had me in an arm bar and then a triangle choke with her legs before I even got around to a real takedown. All while Ashley watched. It was one of the hottest moments of my life.

I decided to be honest but mildly evasive. “Well, yeah, she used some jiu-jitsu or something that I’d never seen before.”

“Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Claire learned some of it at college in California. Our overprotective dad was so impressed with it that he hired a personal instructor to give all three of us lessons. He wants us to know self-defense, I guess.” she said. “Did Ashley tell me that you wrestled in high school?”

I was thinking to myself “she’s taken Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu lessons?!” Now my motor was really starting to run for this girl. I tried to stay cool, though. “Yeah, I wrestled just for a year, but I wasn’t really that good. Not good enough to take Claire, I guess,” I replied, laughing it off.

“Well, I wouldn’t worry about it. You were just one of many of Claire’s victims. She’s pretty good, and she loves to flaunt those long legs by wrapping them around people’s necks whenever she can. She’s such a flirt and a total show-off. You’re not the only guy she’s tapped out.”

I remembered back to those smooth legs squeezing my neck, and took a sip of my drink without speaking. I was starting to feel a warmth in my crotch.

“Anyway, you should take up wrestling again, Jack. You’re in good shape with all of that running and biking you do. And with that physique, I bet you’d be pretty good!” She smiled, taking the pressure off.

“Well, I haven’t really had the opportunity since high school, but it would be good to get on the mat again.” I tried to sound casual, hoping that it would lead to an invitation. I was internally pumped that she complimented my body.

“You should. I love a hot guy in a singlet.”

I’m sure I blushed at that comment, but she acted like it wasn’t a thing and went back to eating her salad.

The conversation moved in other directions -- to our college experiences, her love of soccer and swimming, my work, her new job working as a physical therapist and athletic trainer, and to our mutual love of golden retrievers and action movies. The date went about as smoothly as any I’d been on for a while, and I was excited. Most of all, I had a total itch to hear more about her involvement with jiu-jitsu, and to find out if she liked it. Maybe I had a shot at getting on the mat with her.

Everything went well with Aimee over the next couple of weeks. We texted back and forth quite a bit. We went to a party and had dinner again, and I felt like we were hitting it off pretty well. We hadn’t slept together, but there was definitely a connection. One of the most attractive parts of Aimee’s personality is that she seems to be an open, adventurous person, willing to try anything once. And she loves just about any sport, from volleyball to soccer to biking. We even went mountain biking a couple of times, and she was totally fearless and competitive. I knew I had a fierce girl on my hands, and I was dying to get a chance to wrestle with her.

I managed to nudge in a question about jiu-jitsu into one of our conversations before a movie one evening.

“So you mentioned that you and your sisters were training in jiu-jitsu. What’s that like? Do you enjoy it?” I asked.

“Are you kidding? I love it. I love the competition. We have a guy who trains us, and he’s really good, but it’s mostly just my two sisters and me. He brings in some other people sometimes, but I’d love to have more competition. You should join us sometime!”

Now I was completely stoked. This was the invitation I was looking for! And she had asked without a moment of hesitation.

“Yeah, that would be fun,” I replied nonchalantly, trying to suppress my raging hard-on for her.

The next week, I had been out of town for a few days, but we had arranged for dinner one Friday evening after I returned. We had both been working late, and she asked me to show up at the medical and rehab training facility where she worked as a physical therapist.

When I arrived, the doors were locked. So I texted her, and she came to the front door. To my complete surprise, she wasn’t dressed for our date. She looked sweaty like she’d been working out, and she had on these athletic little red slick yoga leggings and a black halter top. Her glistening breasts bounced as she trotted, barefoot, toward the door, and I could see her completely flat stomach with just a hint of ab, also slightly awash in sweat.

“Hey, Ashley and Claire stopped by for a quick workout. Come on in!” She took me by the hand and led me down a hallway. She was breathing a little heavy, and walking behind her I noticed her blonde hair bobbing back and forth in the pony tail, her heavenly ass supported well by the red leggings. I could tell she had been working out.

We turned a couple of hallways, and then she opened the door to a training room. The first thing I noticed was her two sisters, Ashley and Claire, wrestling fairly aggressively on the blue puzzle-piece mats in the center of the room! They grunted and jostled for position, not even noticing my presence yet.

I’d known Ashley and Claire for quite a while, but I didn’t imagine I would get to see this. Ashley is the brunette in the family, with curly strawberry hair and a darker complexion. Like Aimee, she’s about 5’8” too, but with a little more muscle and shorter legs. She was wearing green sweats pulled up to about her knees, and a white t-shirt. When I walked in, she had the upper hand on Claire, on top of her, working to control Claire’s hands, her brown locks draped over her face and onto the mat below.

Claire was quick to move though. She was a little taller, at 5’10”, with the same blonde hair as Aimee, but in a shorter, shoulder-length bob. She too had lighter skin and long, lean legs. She was wearing a pair of tight pink gym shorts, almost panties, and a green tank-top. As she struggled to break free of Ashley’s hold, I caught a glimpse of her ample cleavage, her chest heaving.

Aimee turned to me. “They’re both getting tired. That means Ash is in trouble. Watch Claire use her legs here.”

Sure enough, the blonde used her bottom position to her advantage. She maneuvered quickly to get her right knee up near Ashley’s head. Ashley was still distracted in trying to control Claire’s hands, so she didn’t see the vicious leg attack about to befall her. Before Ashley even had time to react, the blonde’s right knee was on her shoulder and the left knee came up into position. This was an extraordinarily flexible move. Claire then brought her left knee up and curled her lower leg around underneath her right foot. I got a front row ticket to see Claire’s hot little ass, clad in the tight pink gym shorts, waving high in the air as she moved her legs into position. Now Ashley was starting to realize she was under attack, but it was too late, and she was already in the trap. Her arms flailed. Claire squeezed and pulled her left leg toward her body with her arm, with Ashley’s head and left arm solidly in the triangle.

Ashley was now the fly caught in the spider’s web, struggling but only getting further entwined into the deadly hold of the leg choke. She thrashed left and right, but Claire held on tight with those glistening long legs. Ashley then fell to the side, no longer able to keep her mount on the taller blonde, desperate to loosen her head, weakening. For a while, they jockeyed as Ashley grunted, trying to unlock the noose with only one free hand, desperate and ineffective. Meanwhile, Claire held to the back of Ashley’s head and pulled her face forward into her flat belly, tightening the pressure on Ashley’s neck for the choke. I could tell it was almost over, the trap sprung. Claire moved effortlessly to top position, basically sitting on Ashley’s neck, squeezing full on with her legs, Ashley’s head and arm now completely immobilized. The blonde even issued a smile as she glanced over at Aimee and me, knowing she had her prey trapped helplessly in her grasp. Ashley tried bucking a couple of times, but was starting to really suffer and lose control as the choke was applied fully. She finally gave up, and tapped the side of Claire’s leg with her hand, submitting to her dominant younger sister.

As the two girls were getting up, I started to notice my surroundings. Aimee was still holding my hand. Some 80’s music – Prince’s “Little Red Corvette” – played in the background. There were all kinds of pieces of equipment around the room and a couple of weight machines, apparently all for physical rehab. It was a nice facility. The blue puzzle-piece mat sections were in good shape, and took up a large part of floor space, perfect for a grappling workout. I knew Aimee enjoyed working here.

My distraction was called back when I heard Claire taunting Ashley: “Hah! Got you again, Ash. You’re off your game tonight” she said.

Ashley got up slowly. She was obviously a little dizzy from just having her head put into a vice. I felt a little bad for my longtime friend, but at the same time the whole match had turned me on. It was amazing to see these two sexy sisters going at it.

Putting her hair back into a pony tail and noticing my presence for the first time, Ashley approached me and said, “Jack, you’re here. It’s good to see you!” She stepped off the mat and gave me a hug. She drenched me with sweat, but I enjoyed the clinch and her tits rising and falling heavily as she breathed against my chest.

Claire stepped in for a hug as well. “Remember that triangle choke, Jack? I seem to recall it was pretty effective against you, too, long ago!” She smiled flirtatiously and began toweling off the sweat on her face. I noticed that she still had makeup on, though, and some hot hue of luscious red on her lips. I certainly did remember those legs wrapped around my neck. Who could forget that!

“Long ago,” I said, with a tone as though it wouldn’t happen today. I was torn. Now that I was witnessing the jiu-jitsu after weeks of thinking about it, I wasn’t sure what to do. I would have loved to get on the mat with Claire again, or even Ashley, but Aimee was front and center in my thoughts now. Was I finally going to get to wrestle her? I wasn’t even wearing gym clothes, as I had just come from work. For now, I just had to be satisfied with the amazing catfight I had just witnessed.

“We work out here every once in a while. It’s a good, clean space, and the mats aren’t too bad,” Aimee chimed in. “Do you want to get a quick workout in with me, Jack?” she said, nudging me in the arm.

“Um, but I don’t quite have the right clothes…”

The three girls smiled at each other. Evidently they knew something I didn’t. Then Aimee walked over to a workout bag in the corner and brought it over. She returned, saying, “I told you I like a hot guy in a singlet. So I got one for you, hot guy!”

She handed me the bag, and inside was a brand new blue wrestling singlet, tag still on.

“Actually, it was all three of us who thought of it, Jack. Hopefully we got you the right size. We’d like to see that hot ass in a tight singlet!” said Ashley, smacking me on the butt. For a married woman, Ashley could be pretty flirty with me. It turned me on.

“Ummm….ok. This is a surprise! Where can I put it on?” I asked.

“Here, I’ll take you to the restroom” Aimee took my hand and led my down a hallway to a men’s room.

I shut the door and opened up the bag again, taking the tag off the singlet. The men’s room was spacious, intended for people with disabilities and wheelchairs, so I would have lots of room to change. I started taking my clothes off. I was noticing how hard my dick was having seen these three beautiful sisters in some fairly skimpy workout clothes wrestling it out on the mats. I took a few deep breaths to calm myself so that I didn’t go out there with a hard-on in a singlet, which would be pretty damn noticeable. I hadn’t been in a singlet since high school, and had forgotten just how tight they were. This one seemed to fit me well, and I was pleased with how I looked. I’d been lifting some weights in addition to some cycling and running, and the singlet accentuated the best in my fairly athletic physique. Still, I was going to feel exposed in front of the girls. Had I not known the three for quite a while, I’m not sure I would have even stepped out of that bathroom. But I gave myself a pep-talk in the mirror, reminding myself that I was about to wrestle a beautiful woman. I took another deep breath, opened the door, and walked back into the training room.

The girls were all sitting on the side of the mat, talking, but turned their heads when I came in. I walked over to the corner to put the bag down, standing upright, trying to look composed.

“Woo, Lambert. Looking good!” taunted Claire, following it up with a catcall whistle.

“Pretty hot, Jack. I like it,” said Ashley, looking me up and down. I caught her staring shamelessly at my crotch, saying to Aimee, “Your boyfriend has a nice package there, Aim.”

“Oh, leave him alone,” Aimee replied. “It’s embarrassing enough that he’s about to get submitted by his girlfriend in front of her sisters!”

“Oh, yeah?” I said with a haughty tone. “I think my girlfriend is about to get her shoulders pinned to the mat in front of her sisters.” I folded my arms, stepping onto the mat, confidently.

Aimee stepped up onto the mat. “Oh, it’s on, baby!”

Ashley and Claire clapped a little and rooted her on. “Take him down, Aim!”

I hesitated for a moment, unsure of the rules exactly. “Hey, I don’t know jiu-jitsu, so what rules are we going by here?”

Claire was quick to respond. “Well, why don’t we let Ash referee. Maybe we can count both pins and tapouts? Best two out of three?”

“That’s fine by me,” Aimee responded confidently.

“Fine with me, too. Loser buys dinner.” I responded.

“I don’t mind you buying me dinner after I make you tap out, big guy” said Aimee, starting to circle me on the mat.

“Pfft. I’m going to have you pinned in like 30 seconds here,” I taunted.

Ashley got up and stood at the edge of the mat, ready to referee for us. Claire looked on from the side, clapping her hand down loudly on the mat, “You’ve got this, Aim.”

I remembered back to my match with Claire and knew that the BJJ Aimee had learned was dangerous, and that I’d have to watch for arm bars and chokes. I figured I would go right for an aggressive takedown to establish dominance immediately, demonstrating to Aimee that I was confident. So I went for a double leg. Aimee wasn’t quite ready apparently, because I got a clean takedown. She fell to her back as I held on tight to those legs. I had my hand locked around my other wrist, so the grip was pretty tight, though I could feel her trying to stretch out of it. Her legs were stronger than I thought. Still, I have probably 25 pounds on her, so I figured this was going to be a breeze if I could stay aggressive.

Aimee sat up, and was able to grab hold of my upper arms, currently circled around her calves. I was impressed with her flexibility, and her strength. But she had no leverage, and I advanced up with my grip on her knees. I was closer to her body now, and she tried putting me in a headlock, but I evaded. I pulled up a bit, lifting her legs off the ground, and she lost balance, falling to her back. I used the opportunity to move up on her, grabbing her wrists while lacing one of her legs with my own. I was on top of her completely now, and could feel her breathing beneath me, her warm boobs mushroomed up against my chest. She looked right at me with those gorgeous blue eyes, but it was a quick glance of flirtatious defiance. I had gained control of both of her wrists, and she was struggling to pull them up and out of my reach. After a bit, I lost her left arm, but I still had her right wrist under control.

I could hear Claire yelling instructions in the background. “Get that leg out and move to half guard.”

I wasn’t going to allow that. I knew if I let her leg loose, chaos would ensue and it would probably end up wrapped around my body or neck, so I kept it laced up with my legs. She pushed up with her left leg, bridging, but I had too much weight straight on her. She was concentrating on the legs, I could tell, but I had good upper body control. I took my left hand and let go of her wrist, but immediately wrapped it around her head for the headlock. Both of her arms were free now, and she tried unlocking, but I had a strong grip. Not having success with the hands, she figured she would try to bring her left leg up for position, but I leaned back and caught it with my right arm. I got lucky, and managed to get my bicep behind her knee, which spelled trouble for her. In a single quick effort, I brought my right hand up, pulling her leg, and connected with my left wrist under her head. She gasped a bit as I torqued her entire body backward.

I now had her locked tight in an outside cradle!

I was on my left side with her head in my left arm and her leg up against her left temple cradled in my right arm. It was a tight cradle, and I even had her right leg still wrapped up with mine, so there was no leverage to bridge out.

She squirmed. And squirmed some more. But I had her. Her foot was basically behind her head, I had her so tight. It’s amazing how flexible she is. Our faces were right up against each other, and I looked down at her, smugly.

“I’ve got you now. No getting out of this. Ready to be pinned?” I exclaimed.

She grunted. “Ugh. No……way.” She tried to twist away, but I just pulled her in tighter, adjusting my hold slightly so that her shoulders were pinned to the mat.

I’m pretty sure I had her pinned like that for several seconds. Ashley was giving her sister an unfair chance to escape, but finally had to call it. She eyed the position, and then tapped the mat. “That’s a pin!”

I held the position for another second, and kissed Aimee. Her lips tasted like cherry gloss, and I could smell her perfume. Even though she’d been sweating hard, she still smelled sweet, of lotion and cherries. She kissed me back, defiantly, aggressively inserting her tongue in my mouth. Our bodies were smashed together, as close as we’d ever been physically. I was starting to go erect.

“Enjoy it while you can, sweetie, because you’re going down on the next one.” She sat up quickly, put her long blonde hair back into the scrunchie, and then was up back on her feet in no time, shaking it off like it was nothing. She didn’t look tired, and wasn’t even really breathing heavily.

“That was a nice cradle,” said Ashley, “you’re faster than I thought!”

I just smiled back, standing up. I realized now that my dick was pretty visibly erect in the singlet, and Claire, of course, had to comment.

“Somebody enjoyed tussling with his girlfriend,” she said.

Aimee took notice as she was getting up, and heard Claire’s statement. She walked over to me and put her open palm lightly on my crotch, looking straight up into my eyes. “I guess he did, didn’t he!” she replied, winking at me and licking her lips flirtatiously.

With that, I was now completely hard. Aimee and I had not gotten physical in the relationship, and so this was an interesting, and might I say strategic, time to start. I’m certain she grabbed my jock just to gain an advantage in the next round. I was trying to shake it off, but I knew it had worked. She had a spell on me.

Claire called both sisters over to the side of the mat, and they spoke in whispers for a minute. It was clear that they were coaching Aimee. I didn’t mind the time to rest and to cool my jets, trying to think about something else to soften my hard-on. I was mentally distracted now.

“Back on the mat, Lambert!” Aimee demanded after a minute, taking command. “You’re about to get submitted.”

I got back on the mat into position. Ashley uttered “go,” and before I knew it, we were back at it. I had some confidence now, knowing that some of my old wrestling skills had come back to me. I was thinking I might go for a straight headlock this time, hoping that my upper body superiority would trump whatever Aimee had in mind. We circled around a bit. I noticed she’d taken her hair out of the ponytail and was just letting it drape over her shoulders and halter top. It covered half of her face, and she brushed it past her ear. It was sexy. She moved spryly about the mat, her confidence unaffected by the cradle I had just inflicted on her.

This time I wasn’t so lucky with my takedown. I went for a single leg, but botched it badly, and Aimee was on my back quickly. She got her legs in around my abdomen, and I could feel her working her arms for a rear-naked choke. I was now crouched on my knees in a defensive position with her on my back, legs gripped around me. I tried prying her left leg off, but she had me wrapped up tight, and wasn’t going anywhere. I had to defend my neck with her hands, shielding myself.

She tightened the grip on my abdomen, and now I was having a little trouble breathing. Her legs felt like an anaconda around my midsection. I tried dumping her over, and that was a huge mistake. When I fell over onto my side, she had my arm, and quickly moved her legs so that I overcompensated, falling onto my back. Now I was in trouble. She quickly got up and maneuvered on top of me with her flat stomach pressed into my neck, her arms controlling my left hand completely. All I had was my right hand, but she put that out of commission pretty fast by wrapping her lower thighs around my upper bicep.

“You’ve got him, Aimee!” I heard Claire yell. “Yeah!”

Aimee’s midsection was across the top of my chest and neck, and I now had no use of either arm, stuck in the crucifix, a cross-body pin. I tried bridging with my legs and bucking her off, but she squeezed her hips and locked down even tighter on my right arm. All I could do with my right hand was feel the slick red leggings on her thigh and butt. She had my left hand pinned under her tits, keeping it tightly in place with her grip.

“You’re not wriggling your way out of this one, my dear!” I could hear Aimee say.

Before I even really had made an effort to get out, Ashley was tapping the mat. “She’s got you pinned, Jack.”

“No, she doesn’t” I uttered, barely able to get the words out, Aimee’s stomach partially covering my mouth. “My right shoulder is still up.”

I tried bridging on my right side and keeping my arm up, but Aimee just reacted by squeezing her thighs tighter around my upper arm, pushing down on my shoulder for the pin. I tried to bridge with my legs again, but then I felt a weight push down on my midsection. I looked up and saw Ashley’s red hair above me. She had decided to sit on me right there. My jock was completely erect from the whole experience, but she didn’t seem to care, straddling me over my crotch, disallowing me any leverage at all with my legs.

Amy took complete advantage of my distraction, and started putting some twisting leverage on my left arm and elbow. She was strong, and it felt like my elbow was about to come off. I heard Claire yelling in the distance, but my concentration was undone as I was trying simultaneously to get out of the pin, the arm twister, and Ashley’s straddle. I basically didn’t have a chance.

When the pain in my left elbow got to be too great, I started tapping with my right hand. I realized I was tapping Aimee’s perfect little ass. She pretended not to notice.

“I tap! I tap! I submit!” I cried, my mouth muffled by Aimee’s sweaty midsection.

“Wooo, Aimee!” cried Claire from the corner. “You had him totally under control! Nice!”

Ashley got up off of me, looking down at me on the mat with her hands on her hips, red hair dangling onto her shoulders. “I should count two for her because she just pinned AND submitted you!”

Defeat. I stopped trying to get out of the hold, and just laid there. Aimee wriggled her hips a bit, and held me in the position. “I got you good, Jack. Your takedown was too slow!” She then sat up, still on my arm, and noticed my erection in the singlet. She patted it, condescendingly. “Looks like you’re having a good time, though!” She gave me a little kiss – cherries again – and stood up.

I got up slowly, my elbow still hurting from the arm lock. She had pretty much dominated me that round, and my confidence was draining. It was totally sexy to have lost to her that way, but I wondered now if she was going to lose respect for me. I had a boner the size of Texas, having been straddled by Ashley and then taunted by Aimee. Claire was next:

“I gotta hand it to you, Jack, you have a nice tight butt in that singlet. But that isn’t gonna help you now. My sister’s a handful and a half!” she taunted.

I was dizzy. Aimee was getting some water and talking to her sisters. The 80’s music blasted Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” in the background. A fitting tune, I thought. I tried to compose myself, but these girls pretty much had me overwhelmed in every way. My mind wasn’t even on wrestling anymore; I just wanted to fuck Aimee wherever and whenever she wanted. Her mind game had completely rattled me, and Claire’s taunts were no help, either.

After a quick drink, Aimee was back on the mat, ready for more.

“Winner of this one buys dinner,” said Ashley.

“I’m going to make you take me to that really expensive Korean place downtown,” Aimee said, confidently tying up her hair again. She meant business.

“I’ll take you there, but you’ll be paying,” I replied.

“Nah. I’ve got your number now, Lambert,” Aimee said.

She began a fresh assault toward me. I didn’t know what to do at this point. I flubbed the last takedown and paid for it with an armlock. I figured I had to go for something with the upper body, where I had the obvious strength advantage. But I was a bit gassed, and wasn’t sure how much I had in the tank.

Aimee seemed to have everything left endurance-wise. I didn’t realize how fit she really was until now. She’d broken a sweat, and was breathing hard, but not nearly as hard as I was, and I’m I good shape. Her gorgeous chest heaved up and down in the black halter-top, her ponytail swaying back and forth as she moved into position. I noticed that she was nipping out through the halter, so she had to have been turned on like I was. Good, I thought, maybe I’m not the only one at a disadvantage. But now she was circling much faster than I was, and I knew I was going to have trouble keeping up. I decided a quick takedown into a headlock was my best chance of winning.

When Ashley said “go,” I totally went for it. I wrapped Aimee up in an arm battle hoping to gain position. But in the end she was just too quick on her feet. She moved laterally on me and put one of her legs inside my stance, pushing me over with a leg sweep. I could tell she’d practiced it many times. So once again, I found myself on my back. Amy had both legs wrapped around my right leg as I tried to sit up, battling her for wrist control. But as I was thinking about hands, she was thinking about leg position, and she got a full mount in on me. I bucked her off for a second, but she was quick to get back on, righting herself and anchoring her knees against my sides.

Now it was entirely a matter of survival. I couldn’t turn over, because I knew she’d get me in a choke. I’d seen BJJ people do that more than once. So now I had to get some kind of hand control. Aimee was quick with her hands, though, and I couldn’t get a wrist.

But she managed to get my left wrist. I guess my left arm had weekend a bit from the armlock before, and she was going to take full advantage. She got her right hand on my wrist and her left hand clamped around it as well. Then everything was a whirl as she sat partially up, pulled her left leg up and around so that her calf was on my face. Meanwhile, her left leg was over my chest, and she began to pull my arm into her pelvis.

She was going for the arm bar.

I was already in pain at my elbow, still smarting from the round before. But I knew enough to turn my entire body into her direction. My right arm was free, so I grabbed my left arm with it, and we were now in a tug of war for my left arm. If I lost hold of it, she was going to submit me, and that would be it. So I held on for dear life.

I could hear Ashley chiming in, “You’ve got him, Aimee. Just push his head down with your leg and pull on that arm!”

I heard the din of the music and felt Aimee’s heavy breathing with the back of my left hand. She was sweating with effort.

“You’ve got him, sister,” Claire blurted out.

But I had some still left in me. After some struggle, I managed to get to my knees. Aimee’s legs were still pressed against my face and chest, but now I was bringing them up into the air as I lifted up toward her. I could tell I was winning the tug of war for my elbow, and I thought I was just about in the clear.

Boy, was I wrong. Knowing that the arm bar wasn’t going to hold, Aimee managed a lightning fast adjustment with her right leg, sneaking it under my head. Not much I could do about that. Now her left leg was positioned on top and her right on the bottom of my head as she still kept hold of my left arm. Then she started to squeeze with her hips.

I was in trouble deep in her head-scissors.

The pressure on my carotid artery was tremendous as she clamped down on my neck with those beautiful thighs clad in the pink athletic leggings. After just a couple of seconds, I was starting to go out. So I turned toward my neck toward the left to get a better angle, hoping to alleviate some pressure and get the blood flowing again. Now my face was basically in Aimee’s heavenly, gorgeous ass. But I didn’t have a lot of time to enjoy the view. She had my left arm, still pulling it against her chest, and she was clamping away on my neck like a vice.

“Oh, you’ve got him now, Aim. No getting out of that, Jack. Might as well tap!” said Claire, now fairly close to me on the mat.

I didn’t answer because I didn’t have the air. My head was swimming, nearly unconscious, as Aimee kept on the pressure. I looked up and could see her butt and just a bit of her back along with her long blonde locks flowing down to the mat. She was propped on an elbow in what looked like an almost relaxed position. She then turned her head to look over her shoulder at me, and she smiled.

“I know you like my butt, Jack, because you’ve been staring at it all evening. I didn’t think you needed to get this close, though,” she taunted, smiling. “Ready to tap out yet?” she asked, clamping down hard again.

I tried to take a breath in to respond. Even down here with my head locked into her thighs, I could still smell the sweet lotion, and maybe a bit of vanilla, along with the sweat.

I tried pushing her away with my free arm – my right arm – but I had no leverage. Bridging with my legs brought nothing but a chuckle from Claire.

“You can squirm all you want. You’re not getting out of those scissors!” she said.

I was weakening, fast. Aimee had adjusted her hips, wiggling them ever so slightly to get the angle so the pressure was back on my carotid, and I started to go out. Still, I moved back to the left. I figured if my nose was pointed toward her ass, I might be able to get blood to my brain again.

Ashley leaned down and spoke into my ear. She was smiling, even giggling at me. “Oh, come on, Jack. She’s got you. You can’t do anything. You’re totally immobilized. Tap out and buy her dinner, you handsome devil. Be a good loser.”

“I…I won’t” I managed to gasp out.

“I love that competitive spirit, but I’m going to have to play rough now,” said Aimee.

Then she hit me with an atom bomb. She sat up off of her elbows, flexed her top knee, pushed my head so I was facing the ceiling, and then sat with her full weight directly with my neck pinched in her knee. My face was buried in her butt cheek. She still had my limp left arm clutched to her chest. It was a brutal position. I was completely under her control and fading fast, drained from the battle, unable to move any part of my head. Her knee was a total vice.

About two seconds later, I just about went out.

I knew I had to submit, so I tapped her hip with my right hand.

Fortunately, she immediately lifted her thighs up off of me, knowing that I was almost unconscious. I could hear in the fuzzy distance both Ashley and Claire laughing and giving a short clap in favor of their sister’s victory over me.

Aimee got up, but I remained stuck to the mat, trying to regain my senses. My hot blond girlfriend had just dominated the hell out of me in front of her two sexy sisters.

Dinner that night was on me, and it was good. But it paled in comparison to the fun Aimee and I had under the sheets at my place, late into the evening.
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Default Re: Three Sisters

If that really was a true story, I am sorry to say that I hate you, mate. I'm sure you're a great guy and all that, but it should have been me on the mats with Aimee's glorious ass in my face as she squeezed and taunted and won.

Thanks for sharing this with us, mate. Very well written with excellent action and immersive description. I definitely hope you and your girlfriend tussled some more after this.
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Default Re: Three Sisters

Originally Posted by mixfightor [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
If that really was a true story, I am sorry to say that I hate you, mate. I'm sure you're a great guy and all that, but it should have been me on the mats with Aimee's glorious ass in my face as she squeezed and taunted and won.

Thanks for sharing this with us, mate. Very well written with excellent action and immersive description. I definitely hope you and your girlfriend tussled some more after this.
Don't hate me, mixfightor. I just got lucky. I hung around blueballing it for four years waiting for this to go down. Patience rewards all.

Thanks for the kind words. And yes, we've gotten on the mat a few times since. If people like my descriptions, I'm happy to write more.

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Default Re: Three Sisters

Really nice piece of writing...well done...
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Default Re: Three Sisters

Thanks so much for sharing! Those sisters really sound like something else.

It sounds like Aimee is super fit. Did she get there just by dabbling in random sports?

Were you able to redeem yourself in future encounters? I'd love to hear more about them.
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Default Re: Three Sisters

Originally Posted by Germar [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Thanks so much for sharing! Those sisters really sound like something else.

It sounds like Aimee is super fit. Did she get there just by dabbling in random sports?

Were you able to redeem yourself in future encounters? I'd love to hear more about them.
Hey, Germar. Aimee is super fit partly because she's always been an athlete. She played high school soccer, and ran cross country and track. She also played soccer in college. In the last couple of years, she's run triathlons, played some club soccer, trained in bjj, and dabbled for a little while in CrossFit.

The encounter I talked about was from the spring. Since then, I've grappled with her and Ashley and Claire several times. And yes, I've won my fair share of bouts, mostly because I have the weight advantage.

I'll try to get some more written down.
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Default Re: Three Sisters

hi u have any pictures of the three sisters thank u great story
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teen girl

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