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High Heel Shoe the good, the slave and the bad

Hi everyone,
first of all i want to apologize for any mistakes i'm making writing this, english is not my language and i've studied it for no more than 1 year.
I'm gonna appreciate any correction..let's start.

Wednesday, Torino, North Italy

Elisa was cleaning up the dinner leftovers from the table,when a lascivious voice called her from the sitting room.
Hoooneey..how long does it take?
Elisa quickened herself and headed toward the voice, reaching Sarah (the owner of the voice).
The sight of her, as always, excited Elisa.
Even though she was her girlfriend for almost a year, Elisa couldn't remain indifferent to that sight.
Sarah was a thin woman in her early thirties, long black hair and a pale skin made even more pale by the black home suit she was wearing.
On the other hand, Elisa was in her lately twenties and she was not that thin.
No one would have said she was fat, she was just softer than average.
Lying down on the couch, Sarah snapped her fingers pointing at her naked feet protruding from the edge.
Sarah: -I've settled everything down for the weekend.-
Elisa kneeled down at her feet, grabbing one of them in her hands and commencing a massage.
Sarah giggled: -Are you ready sweetheart? you know, there is a spare for both you and me.-
Sarah accompanied her words by caressing Elisa's nose with the bottom of her toes.
Elisa smiled and put a kiss under the big toe.
Elisa knew Sarah was into a peculiar kind of kink, she liked being worshipped by someone who was humiliating himself to her.
Being at her feet, kissing and massaging them was her way of satysfying this kink of Sarah.
Even though this wasn't Elisa's kink, she always indulged it, feeling happy about Sarah being happy.
In fact, Elisa's kink was about inflicting pain.
Sarah never allowed Elisa to torture her though, so Elisa was giving up hopes about satisfying her particular desire.
Not too bad anyway, sex with Sarah was so good for Elisa that rarely in her life she had felt so sexually fullfilled.
Sarah abruptly slapped her face with the soles of a foot.
Sarah: -are you with me?-
Chasing away her thoughts, Elisa nodded and pressed her lips under the forefoot wich have just slapped her, inhaling deeply the inaudible smell of sweat.
Elisa: -I'm sorry love, anyway, are you sure about this? I'm feeling a bit sorry for Adam..-
Adam was, or had been, Elisa's best friend until a year earlier.
The two of them were very bounded for years, they used to do everything together, playing d&d, watching every MCU movie and all that kind of nerd stuff.
They used also to confide a lot in each other, in fact Elisa used to like him a lot until..
Adam was in a relationship with Sarah lasted several years.
At the beginning Elisa was a little bit jealous of his friend, but when she met her, everything changed.
Sarah acted like she lost interest in Adam, and started courting Elisa relentless.
Elisa was never been in an homosexual relationship, Sarah was persistent and the most beautiful woman living for Elisa though, and in the end she surrendered.
Long story short, Elisa started her relationship with Sarah, and she lost the friendship with Adam.
Months were passing by, and month by month Sarah kept teasing Adam using his friendship with Elisa against him.
Elisa tried to make her stop but in vain, and the uneasiness she felt was always submerged in Sarah's lascivious excitement after having humiliated him.
Removing her lips from her girlfriend's toes, Elisa drew out her tongue and pressed it against the heel, licking gently and slowly her way up through the soles.
Sarah bit her lips at the sight of her girlfriend licking her foot, turned on more for the idea of submission implied in licking a person's sole than for the physical sensation.
Sarah: -i told you, i know him, he's quite resistant,he won't suffer that much. He will be able to stop everything though, if he feels overproven.-
While saying this, Sarah lent a leash to Elisa.
"Where was she keeping this?" thought Elisa, wearing on the leash and passing the other end to her girlfriend,knowing full well what she wanted after so much time spent with her.
Sarah tugged the leash two times, making Elisa crawl between her legs, then she motioned for Elisa to remove her sweatpants.
Sarah: -Deal is: he's gonna endure some humiliation from me and some pain from you, and if we both say that we are satisfied, his reward will be having sex with me another time-
Elisa finished to remove Sarah's sweatpants,her eyes widened.
Elisa: -I don't know if i want you to-
A powerful tug to the leash interrupted her.
Sarah: -Do you think i want to have sex with him again? honey i love you, i don't want him anymore. Even if he act like the Saitama of the masochist, we're not going to deem him worthy,
and we're not giving him any reward.-
Elisa removed her knickers.
Elisa: -Still doesn't feel right. I mean, god knows if i'd love to torture him a bit, but is still consensual if we cheat?-
Sarah pulled her by the collar to her vulva,where without esitation Elisa started to kiss her labias making her moaning.
Sarah knew that Elisa capability of reasoning whas shutted down every time she has the lips pressed to her labias, a malicious sneer appeared on her face.
Sarah: -For real, i don't think is cheating. He should know that my feelings for him disappeared a long ago, is his love for me blinding his judgment? i say: his fault.-
Sarah started to tremble under the kisses Elisa was giving to her clit.
Sarah: -In addition, are you really feeling bad for cheating on someone who wants to fuck your girlfriend? lastly, i already told you how psichological resistant he is,
you are gonna enjoy torturing someone who is never giving up no matter what the pain you can inflict to him. or did you lie telling me you're kinda sadist?-
With the mouth eating Sarah's vulva and the tought of being able to take out her sadist kink against a man she liked so much like adam, every sense of guilty
was vanquished from her, and she kept on massaging Sarah vulva with her tongue, drinking every drop of juice spilling from it.


Saturday evening, countryside near torino, Elisa's second house
Elisa was waiting in the living room with Sarah, the first one waling nervously up and down the room and the latter laying on the couch, absorbed by something on the phone.
Elisa was dressed with a pair of tight jeans, a white shirt and a pair of closed black high heeled shoes.
Even though she wasn't confortable whith high heels, she remembered Sarah saying "he's a foot fetishist, a pair of high heels will boost up his endurance and will lenghten our fun".
On her account, Sarah was pretty hot, with a tight red shirt, blue jeans on black thin pantyhose and a couple of black opened high heeled shoes.
When the doorbell rang, Elisa winced.
S: -Is him, sweetheart you go, open the door.-
Adam shown up in a casual outfit, jeans and shirt.
Elisa was pretty suriprised by his appearence. They didn't meet in a while, and she find him with a short beard and a well trained body.
"Hey handsome" She thought.
-Hey Adam- She said.
If Adam was somehow embarassed,he concealed it very well. Elisa's sense of guilty struck her back pretty strong while a solar Adam was asking her about news in her life.
Before Elisa was able to answer him, a voice call them from the living room.
S: -Come on guys, don't make me wait.-
In the living room Sarah make Elisa sit next to her on the couch, while Adam was still on his feet casually greetings Sarah.
S: -Adam i find you great! you already know Elisa right?-
Sarah chuckled, making ELisa wondering what was so funny about that.
S: -let's get down to business, no need to dance around it.-
Hearing theese words both Elisa and Adam froze, not knowing what to expect but not that.
S: -Adam, as you know, we are offering you a deal. Both me and Elisa are kinda sadist, her angle is pain and my angle is humiliation.-
Elisa's face turned red in a fraction of a second as she find herself speechless.
A quick glance to Adam revealed to her that his face was red too, tomato's red.
S: -You are still in love with me..right?-
Adam's face turned from tomato's red to blood red, his jaw wide open.
S: -So, if your willing to be ours and you manage to satisfy both our kink, and both me and Elisa deem you successful, you're gonna have sex with me one last time-
Adam and Elisa were both shocked by the ease with wich Sarah was putting everything on the table.

Still unbelieving, Elisa watched at the Adam's pepper-red face nodding at Sarah.
"isn't this too much?" was the tought in Elisa's head, in a fit of mercy elicited by the sad face of her ex best friend.
S: -isn't this kinda weird for you? after all Elisa was your best friend, aren't you angry with her?-
Adam lowered his head, unable to make eye contact with Elisa.
S: -Anyway, you agreed so.. one more thing: you don't speak so much please,and when you do please adress us with reverence.-
Adam , the head still lowered, whispered: -Yes Miss-
Elisa heard a not well concealed unease in his voice.
S: -Miss, i like miss, good starting. Don't repeat yourself though, use your fantasy.-
Adam nodded again.
S: -Well, we need you to cook something, but before this shall we get a little bit used to this situation?-
Elisa was staring at Adam, her unconfortable sense of guilty preventing her from focusing on something else, when something popped out at her:
Covered by the lowered position of his head, his gaze was locked onto Sarah's nyloned feet.
"He mustn't be so much unease if he can focus that well on her feet" Elisa thought.
Once, when he was still talking to her, he mentioned he had a foot fetish, and Sarah told her too that he was aroused by feet, even though Elisa was kinda surprised
by the concentration Adam was putting in his gaze.
-Why don't you greet your friend by whorshipping her shoes a bit?- Sarah said pointing her index toward Elisa shoes, while her stunned girlfriend was stille sitting next to her.
Even though Adam knew the terms, he wasn't able to follow his ex girlfriend's istruction, and he just stared at Elisa with a confused and embarassed face.
S: -Come on my dear, do you still want your reward right? plus, if you can please us, you will be able to hang up with me every now and then-
Sarah stood up and reached him, placing her pale hand on his cheeck and getting closer to his face.
-Or do you want to never see me again?- She whispered.
Adam winced hearing that words, and composing himself he got on all fours, in front of Elisa's heels.
While he was starting to get closer to her friend's shoes Sarah cleared her voice.
S: -Not so fast. If you want to worship her, you first ask for her permission.And be sure you're gentle.-
Adam stopped and looked at Elisa, barely able to keep the gaze in her eyes due to the embarassment (embarassement perfectly shared with Elisa).
A: -So..Elisa, could i..worship your shoes?-
She was taken by surprise, and didn't answer, just staring at him and stretched her legs to the bowed man.
S: -Adam, are you stupid or what? didn't i tell you to adress us with reverence?-
Adam cleared his voice and tried again.
A: -Ok. So, beautiful lady, may i worship your shoes? even though i'm still wondering why you are wearing them in a home since they look a little bit unconfortable,
they also look fabulous on you, and it will be an onor to be allowed to clean them with my tongue.-
Elisa giggled, a little bit more relaxed, and crossing her legs she accorded Adam the permission to go on with his task.
Adam started to lick the side of the higher shoe,removing every trace of dust from it.
-Don't forget the sole.- Sarah said,looking at him caressing the heels with the tongue.
S: -How does it feel?you're licking the dust off the shoes of the girl who take the girl you love from you.You real are willing to get mortified for me-
Sarah told this with a sneer on her face, while his ex boyfriend tongue was cleaning off the dirt under the sole.
A little bit went by, Elisa crossed the legs the other way and Adam started to clean the other shoe.
A. : -Wonderful miss Elisa, may i lick you barefeet too after this? i'd love that.-
Sara answered for her: -No you perv, you are going to earn our barefeet if you want them, don't be greedy. However, you did two mistakes: you addressed Elisa without
reverence, and for that you are not eating with us, you're going to eat later if we decide so. In addition you tried to lick her shoes without asking-
Elisa, looking at the passion Adam was putting in licking her second sole, feeled like that was quite unfair, after all Sarah ordered him to do that.
S: -So your gonna get punished a little bit before dinner. You better remember this time, ask her.-
Another little bit went by, and every trace of dust was removed from the second shoe too.
Elisa, slowly getting used to the situation, stopped him.
Adam stayed on all fours.
A: -Lady Elisa, thanks for letting me whorship you-
To Elisa it seemed he was having na hard time to stay serious saying this, and she chuckled a little bit too, luckly Sarah didn't notice it.
A: -Would you please punish me for my sin?-
Elisa didn't manage to stay serious, and exploded in a loud laugh.
A: -Glad to making you having fun goddess.-
This time both Sarah and Elisa was laughing, with Adam forced to put an enormous effort not to.
E: -Sure Adam, why don't you remove your shirt and lie on the floor on your back?-
Adam executed her order and he was lying down barechested when Elisa stood up and got closer to him, reaching the space between his legs.
S: -do you see it my love? There is a spare for both of us with him- She smiled saying that.
Elisa, getting the chance to torture a guy she liked much as Adam, didn't pay attention to her and put an heeled shoe on Adam's crotch.
E: -Are you ready? i need you to stay put, you get it?-
Adam nodded.
Elisa planted her right sole on Adam's crotch, then lifted herself on the foot and planted the left foot on his stomach.
Adam, surprising Elisa, stayed put, letting out just a light groan.
"The boy is quite durable" sneered Elisa in her mind "Let's test him a bit".
-Do you mind?- Asked Elisa holding out her hand to Sarah.
Sarah grabbed it, helping her mantaining the balance.
Elisa glanced once again to her carpet's face, who seemed unaffacted from the pain of the heels planted on him, then she took her right foot and pointed the heels on
Adam's left nipple, starting to crush it and spin it.
This seemed to work out, her carpet started groaning a little bit louder and flustering under her, his no more unmoving arms tempted to reach the heels wich was crushing his nipple.
He managed to control himself though, while his suffering expressions was arousing the sadism of the girl trampling him.
"This could be fun" Elisa thought "why didn't we try this when we were both single?"
With every qualms in her mind shutted down by the picture of an handsome guy suffering under her control, she lifted her left foot from the crotch and planted the sole in the side of
his head, forcing him to turn it to the side.
She stayed there for almost two minuts,alternating the weight from the nipple to the head and back, until the carpet's moaning was too loud, then she came down from him.
E: -Adam, what a surprise, your endurance pleased me, but try to not moan so loud, or i'm gonna be force to gag you- She winked at him.
Adam smiled back at her wink, like she was joking.
"i'm not joking handsome" thought Elisa. Then she got surprised at the sight of his swollen crotch.
E: -Emm..Adam?what about this?-She pointed her finger at the crotch -don't ruin everything to me telling you like pain.-
Adam shook his head : -No my divine, is not that. The thing is I..kinda like feet,and shoes.. and you know, you have beautiful shoes and you are beautiful yourself so..-
Sarah laughed at her ex boyfriend explanation, while Elisa was quite surprised.
She had never tought to be an handsome girl, indeed she evaluated herself like an under average looking girl (reason why she was so surprised when Sarah hit on her), the
compliment made her smile though.
E: -Do u want to kiss my feet?-
The phrase came out unexpected for everyone, even Elisa herself.
E: -I mean, if you want, you were nice downthere enduring that for me..-
-Nope- exclaimed Sarah -The reward is for pleasing both of us. You pleased her by enduring some pain, but what do you do for me?-
"For example he humiliated himself at the feet of his ex bestfriend for you" Elisa thought, amused by the teasing endeavor of her girlfriend.
Adam spoke out resigned: -I did nothing Sarah.-
S: -right, you did nothing. And besides you call me Sarah, not a reverent way of adressing me right?is it?
Adam sighed: -You're right beloved mistress, I'm sorry.-
Sarah giggled: -"beloved", particular choice of words. Now, run and let's cook something, remember, just for me and Elisa,not for you.-
Adam stood up still barechested, bowed to the girls and left for the kitchen.
It took half an hour for him to return, half an hour that Elisa spent with Sarah cuddling her pussy and plotting what to do to the poor boy.
When he returned, Elisa was lying on the couch with the right hand of Sarah in her jeans, caressing her vulva.
S: -You managed to return, you punk we were starving, give it to me.-
Adam gave to her the two plates filled with abboundant portions of mushrooms risotto and two glasses of wine.
Still on the couch, Sarah tasted the risotto, while Elisa naively waited, unconfortable to eat while Adam wasn't allowed to do the same.
Sarah giggled again: -Sweetlove, you crushed him under your heels, and you care about him not permitted to eat?-
Elisa found a little bit of hilarity in the thought, and tasted the risotto.
E: -Your quite the chef Adam, congrats!-
Sarah laughed: -Yeah you're pretty worthy, it's a shame you're not getting to eat with us.-
Adam, not wanting to unplease Sarah anymore, stayed up with a deadpan face while the girls were enjoying the dinner.
After eating a little bit more than half of her risotto, Elisa realized the portion was enormous, and she was quite full already.
"You're a tricky one Adam" Elisa laughed in her mind.
Sarah was quite full too, so she went: -All right, that was delicious, you did great. Now, have you got any idea of how to please me? i've got some, but what about you Adam?
You know, something to degrade yourself for me?-
Adam bow in front of them.
A: -I didn't think about that goddesses, maybe you can..trample the food and then let me eat it by your soles?-
"What a masochist masterplan" Elisa thought smiling.
S: -Yeah that would be great, but don't you remember about your punishment? you're not going to eat with us tonight.-
Adam's face turned from deadpan to sad in an istant.
S: -What about this?-
Sarah poured her glass of wine on the floor, the red fluid spreading on the tiles.
S: -You know what to do?-
Adam stared at her, confused.
S: -Come on, are you dumb other than pathetic?-
Adam realised, his face still disappointed for not being allowed to eat: -Goddesses, could I..drink the wine from the floor?-
Sarah smiled: -Sure you can.-
Adam got on all fours, starting to lick every drop of the wine from the tiles.
"Quite a good wine indeed" he tought.
S: -You came out with a relatively good idea Adam, something more?-
Adam could do nothing but recycle the old idea of him: -Could you trample the wine goddesses? I'd love to lick it from your shoes-
Elisa found weird the request from him, but maybe his foot fetish would allow him to enjoy the task.
Both of the girls trampled the wine stain, dirtying their show with wine, and after avery drop of it was licked off the floor, Adam started to clean their soles.
Elisa was staring at him, surprised by the sense of worship he was transmissing to her.
Sarah: -Yeah, i'm pleased too now, great job. Honey, do you still want him to lick your feet?-
Elisa nodded, glad to be able to make something to him that she was hoping he would feel like she was ..gentle, to him.
S: -You're a weird one, you know? you understand that you are begging to lick the feet of the woman who took from you the girl you love?-
Elisa felt a little bit of guilty again, elicited by the humiliated and sad face of the man at her feet.
"Too bad for him though, he agreed to this."
S: -it's quite fun indeed, looking at you trying to please her. Do you know you have to please her right?-
A: -I know. About this, sadistic beauty-
"Sadistic beauty?" Elisa asked herself "Is this a reverent way of adress me?"
A: -I'd love to worship your feet. Could I ask you to trample me while i do this?-
Sarah burst in a violent laughter, while Elisa sneered at her new carpet's devotion.
E: -I'd love to. Lie the same you did before, next to the wall.-
Elisa didn't even notice Adam crawling instead of walking to the wall.
As soon as her victim was lying in the right spot, she step over his belly with both her feet, causing just a light gasp from him.
E: -you must be pretty confident in your endurance to asking me for trampling you right?-
Adam sneered: -In fact goddess, I am, and you are pretty light.-
Elisa had never tought to be light, indeed,she had always tought to be a little bit chubby, so the comment flattered her.
She made a step pointing her left heels on his nipple and the sole in the pectoral, a few centimeters under the collar bone, then she lifted her right foot and grabbed it with her hand, leaning on the wall for the balance
For a few seconds she waited in that position, looking in his face any trace of pain.
The only trace was a growling grimace though, not enough to satisfy her.
She removed the shoe from her right foot, and suddenly the intense flavour coming from the shoe in her hand reminded something that worried her:
she was in the office the whole day with those shoes, and Sarah for some reason (reason that now she could see) insisted with her for keeping them up all the evening.
"Would it be disgusting for him?"
The thought haunted her when she put her bare left foot on his stomach.
S: -Honey, what is that face? have i told you he's into bad smelling feet? Do you think is too much? Ehi perv, why don't you tell her?-
Adam, relieved from pain by Elisa sharing the weight between both her feet, tried to reassure her: -Don't be worried splendid goddess, it won't bother me.-
Sarah walked fast toward him and trampled his forehead witi the soles of her right shoe.
S: -Could you be more specific perv? and for the god sake, try to be more self humiliating,you know what I want.-
Adam sighed: -Goddess, I'm gonna like it because it is a fetish of mine. Indeed, i can smell it from here, and it is already arousing me. You can check if you want.-
Elisa, following his suggestion, looked back at his crotch, under witch his phallous was clearly pulsing and swelling.
A: -In fact, I'm kinda dying to having the chance to smell and lick your foot.-
If Elisa could have doubt Adam, she couldn't doubt his wood, and esitantly handed over her foot to his mouths, slowly putting her toes on his nose and her forefoot on his mouth.
She was surprised by the deelply inhaling Adam performed under her toes though, but that quickly freed her from embarassment.
She managed even to enjoy the warmth of his smooth tongue caressing her soles, until she shoved all her toes in his mouth.
She giggled at the sight of his mouth filled by her foot, just a moment before focusing back on her heel.
She shifted the whole weight from the sole to the heel, crushing the nipple and spinning the stiletto in it.
This time, the "torture" took effect,and Adam groaned and writhed under every spin of the heel, amusing his trampler.
Even though she was making him writhe, Elisa never felt a pause in his tongue caressing between her toes.
E: -You are a real foot fetishist ain't you?-
She continued hurting his nipple for several minutes, Sarah watching in awe her ex lover letting her present lover torture him to please her.
After that, Elisa wore the right shoe back and got off him, keeping her left heel on his chest.
S: -Adam, did I see a tear coming down your cheek?-
A: -Yes goddess, you're right. Just a little bit of allergy.-
Elisa spinned a little bit more the stiletto on him: -Aren't you gonna complain about a light trampling?-
A: -No goddess, I'm just sad about not being able to lick your other foot.-
Both of the girls bursted in a loud laughter.
S: -That was funny. However, time to relax a little bit with a movie and then go to bed.-
After saying this walked to the side of Adam's head and lifted an heel, pressing a little bit on her ex lover mouth.
Understanding, Adam's opened the lips and the stiletto was fast shoven inside his mouth, not bothering him but leading him to suck it.
S: -So, carpet..Do you like carpet? Or do you prefer slave?However, wich movie would you like to watch carpet?-
-Du..no- Adam said,the heel preventing him from speaking clearly. -M..e..a..my..f..ark..ness?-
-Did you say along came polly?- Sarah giggled pressing forward the heel in his mouth and making him cough. -Wonderful, 'cause i've already downloaded it.-
Sarah went to the couch freeing Adam from the heel gagging.
S: -Sweetheart do you mind taking two pairs of handcuffs?you should have two pairs of them in the basement right? Adam , asd regards you, you get naked.-
Elisa, quite amused, left the room, while Adam was still esitating.
Sarah noticed it after setting the movie on the huge TV standing 4 meters in front of the couch.
S: -what is the problem? I've already seen you naked..Ohh..is about Elisa. Yeah i can get this can be quite weird for you, but you already agreed right? so, don't waste my time.-
Adam,resigned, took off everything he was wearing, looking then at Sarah questioningly while she was seaten again on the couch, her leg crossed.
S:- On all fours now, and come here.-
While crawling at her, Adam couldn't help but stare at her right foot dangling in front of him, the shoe partially stripped revealing the heel covered by the thin black nylon.
Sarah eventually took off her right shoe, uncovering the sheer foot wich started to release a quite strong smell of sweat, then she thrown it to the other side of the room.
S: -Do you get it? this will be your task while we watch the movie. Go and take the shoe back to me. Do I need to say it? don't touch the shoe with your hand.-
Adam quietly obeyed, fearing the moment when Elisa would have returned and seen him doing this, naked.
Crawling he reached the shoe and grabbed the edge with his lips, profiting from the position of his nose inside the shoe to inhale the aroma of her loved foot.
S: -Did i tell you to smell it? come back and put it on me. I suggest you keep it from the heel to do that.-
Adam, the heel stapled between the teeth, crawled back to Sarah, her legs still crossed and her right foor still hanging in mid-air, and putting the nose under the ball of her foot tried
to make her toes slip in the top of the shoe.
S: -Nice trying,but don't you dare take advantage of this to smell my foot.-
Adam in face, was doing just that, the smell pumping a lot of blood in his manhood, but somehow he managed to eventually make also the sheer heel inside the show.
E: -Great job!-
Elisa chuckled, amused by the sceene, then she threw a pair of handcuffs to Adam.
-Would you mind handcuff your ankles?- Elisa said while shortening the distance from him.
In a minute, both Adam's ankles and wrists was handcuffed, the latter behind his back, while both Elisa and Sarah was sitting on the couch.
S. -Come here, under our heels. Do not pretend, we know you like it.-
Looking at him clumsily squirming on his side to reach their feet made Elisa asking herself how was he standing something like that. Sarah used to like umiliating her, but Elisa had
never felt humiliated every remotely as Adam was now..He wasn't complaining though.
When he was next to the couch on his back, Elisa seized the occasion to rest her feet on him, fiddling with his wood and having fun every time he writhed under her shoe
spinning on the tip of his manhood.
Sarah, for her part, just rested her crossed legs on him, casually pointing her heels in his chest while starting the movie.
After a little, Sarah threw again her right shoe to the other side of the living room.
Without the need of being instructed, Adam started laughably squirm on his side, slowly reaching the thrown shoe.
S: -You better do it quickly.-
Elisa watched at Adam trying to quicken himself after that, succeeding in fact, but seeming way more ridicule, until he was able to grab the heel of the shoe with his teeth and
he crawled back to them.
Looking at him under the sheer foot of Sarah, trying to make her dangling foot slip in the shoe, made her think he had no hope of succeeding in the task.
After several minutes in wich Elisa had the impressione he was just smelling Sarah's nyloned foot instead of really trying to put on the shoe, Sarah snorted and made the foot slip
in the shoe by herself.
S: -Maybe your kinda too stupid even to help someone wearing a shoe, ain't you? Sweetheart, would you mind reward his failure?-
Once again Elisa was sexually aroused by the idea of causing him some pain, she took a blindfold from a bag behind the couch and gently applied it to him.
-Sorry for making you suffer, but you know , i'm loving it- Elisa gently whispered in his ear while applying the blindfold on his eyes.
-You're welcome beauty- Adam whispered back, surprising and flattering her.
Adam wasn't able to see her anymore, Elisa smiled for the compliment though, then she stood up and ordered him to lay down.
His victim in front of her, Elisa lifted the foot over his stomach, the sharp heel pointing at the defenseless skin, then she kicked.
For a moment the heel sank effortless in the flesh, then adam suddenly curled up, trying to repair himself from the pain.
-Aaargh- Adam screamed.
Sarah stretched out her leg laying the shoe on his left temple, and warned him: -Why screaming you punk? we're in the middle of nothing, no one is gonna hear you.Calm down,
calm down, lick my shoe.-
Adam, the leg still curled in fear, calmed down and licked the soles of the shoe Sarah was laying on him, and in a little time he was again lying down on his back, quiet again.
Elisa could then see a red square mark on his stomach, where she hit the flesh.
Once again,while Sarah was talking to him to get him distracted, she lifted her right foot and again he stomped the stomach with her sharp heel, enjoying again the suffering
movements of Adam, wich again curled his leg in pain.
Sarah: -Next time you better put the shoe on faster.-
The game went on for the whole length of the movie, Elisa unable to understand the plot and often focused on stomping Adam.
Sarah for the the whole time mocked him for moving so laughably, and also mocked him for being not able to put her shoe on with his mouth (task that he never managed to complete,
for the joy of Elisa that had several excuses to stomping the pain out of him).
At the end the trampled boy was pretty sore, Sarah freed him from the handcuffs while Elisa, tired, was heading to the bedroom they prepared for the night.
Adam told something to Sarah that Elisa wasn't able to hear while massaging his wrists and ankles.
S: -Don't ask me, ask Elisa, you need her permission for that. Actually, first ask her to punish you and then, if she is pleased by this, you can ask her for it.-
Elisa watched Adam beginning to stand up, when a harsh glance from Sarah put him back on all four, then he crawled to her and stopped himself next to her, the hands in front of her feet.
A: -Divine Elisa, may I ask you to punish me? I'd love to.-
Adam paused a moment the he went: -I'd like to..being crushed? like, would you like to crush my tongue?-
For a moment the idea of his sensitive tongue suffering under her soles unable to excape warmed her vagina, chasing away the curiosity of what Adam was going to ask, so she smiled.
E: -Sure..- Then she lifted the sole of her right shoe pivoting on the heel.
Adam, esitant and unsure on what to do, lowered his head and pulled out his tongue, putting it on the floor under the sole of the shoe.
Elisa slowly deposed it on the tongue, looking at the worried glance of Adam locked on her shoe tip, then she pressed it relishing the panicked trying of him to pull the tongue out of the trap.
He didn't succeed though, and after few seconds he almost reached her shoe with his hands, stopping just before reaching it and clenching his fists in the attempt to control himself and
not disappointing the girl that was torturing him.
Elisa was really pleased by the effort, smiled at him and pressed a little bit more (drawing out a faint scream from him) before freeing his tongue.
E: -Well then, you did great. what were you going to ask?-
Adam wasn't fully able to talk clearly, with the aching tongue of him, so he needed some seconds before answering.
A: -Could I have some water please?-
Caught by surprise Elisa stammered with a sheepish expression on her face,not noticing he broke the "adress with reverence" rule: -No. I mean, i'm sorry, but I can't.-
Elisa looked first at the confused and sad face of the guy she just trampled, then she threw a glance at Sarah.
"Devilish girl" she thought.
E: -I'm sorry, seriously, but for tonight we want you to sleep kinda tied up-
"We? the fuck it was an idea of Sarah" she whined in her head.
E: -So we decided to not let you drink, in order to making you able to lay down until morning without the need to use the toilet..-
Now that she was saying this to him, it sounded quite unfair.
Adam sighed once again: -Ok..goddess Elisa. And thanks for punishing me, you looked pretty sweet while you were permorming that.-
Elisa wasn't able to tell if he was sarcastic or sincere.
Half an hour later, the three of them were in the Elisa's bedroom, prepared for the occasion.
Adam, still naked, was tied up supine at the frame of the bed, his legs spread and tied to the headboard of the bed, the arms wide open and handcuffed to the side of the double bed,
the head resting on the frame of the bed, at the very bottom.
He seemed pretty confused to Elisa.
In the meanwhile, Elisa and Sarah, still dressed up, where deposing a big mattress on the bed, covering his whole body but the head.
"It looks pretty heavy" Elisa was worrying
S: -So slave, does it feel confortable?-
She didn't wait for the answer and jumped with her knees on the bed,drawing out a gasp from him, then she beckoned Elisa to get on the bed, and started kissing her.
After several minutes of kissing Elisa without getting any signal from the tied up boy, Sarah made her lay with the head near Adam's face (that look pretty ridicolous coming up from the
bed like an head with no body throwing around his sad expression) and the legs toward the top of the bed.
Elisa then started looking at Adam while Sarah was taking her jeans and knickers off, kinda feeling guilty looking at him not able even to make eye contact with her.
With the head between the now naked legs of Elisa, Sarah put her feet near the face of Adam, her jeans still on and the thin pantyhose still covering her legs ends.
Elisa was noticing that she could see the black nail paintings under the fine stockings, when she saw Sarah posing the left foot on the boys face and felt her beginning to eat her privates.
Rush of pleasure from her genitals chased away any guilty sense she was feeling.
She watched the tied up boy inhale the smell of the hose under Sarah's toes (smell that must have been quite intense,since she felt it from a distance of half a meter).
At the beginning the miserable appearence of his face, forced to humiliate himself and worship the woman he loved while she was eating the vagina of the person wich took her from him,
kept her from being pitiless on him, but with the pleasure rising up from her private parts to her belly, she couldn't control herself anymore.
while the right her of her was clenching, with the left one she grabbed his throat and started squeezing, making him unable to breath.
After few seconds the suffering face of him in need of air was arousing her genitals, Adam opened his mouth wide looking for oxygen, giving the opportunity to Sarah to shove her
left foot deep in his mouth.
Elisa freed him for a moment in wich he coughed with the foot still deepened in his mouth, then she clenched her hand again around his neck, once again enjoying the suffering air-needing
face of him.
It lasted almost a minute, Adam face was purple and panicked, the mouth stille wide open with the foot engulfing it, and finally Sarah's tongue brought Elisa to her peak.
One last squeeze, and Adam was freed. He coughed, and between a cough and the other, Elisa could see several tears coming down his cheeks, not knowing if caused by the
breathplay or by the general situation.
Sarah pulled Elisa back to her, and she accomodated her, leaving a devastated Adam without a word.
Sarah was now hugging her tenderly, their feet near the head of the poor guys under the mattress.
S: -Did you like it my love?-
Elisa nodded esitantly, returning the hug.
E: -Are you sure this is cool with him? aren't we forcing him?-
Sarah sneerd and spoke a little bit louder: -Hey arshole, are you ok with this? or do you want to give up?-
With a voice that seemed to Elisa at the edge of being broken by tears, Adam answered: -I'm fine divine Sarah, thanks for making me smelling your foot, it was great for me. And thanks
goddes Elisa for chocking me, i loved to be a tool for your pleasure.-
Sarah burst into a loud laugh, when Elisa wasn't able to understand what in his words was true and what was an exaggeration.
Still not convinced,Elisa stretched her right leg and gently touched Adam's nose with her toes,getting in return a kiss on the ball of her foot.
Whitout being able to see she groped her way to his cheek,rubbing her sole gently on the side of his head, drying off the tears from his face,
then she moved her foot back to his mouth ,shoving her toes between her lips.
Although her heart was in the right place,just after having put the toes in his mouth she feared that it could be misunderstood.
Her idea was using his fotfetish as a leverage to do something good to him and to make him happy,the result was simply misunderstandble though.
In fact,the idea of tenderly rubbing his cheek with her foot and then letting him satisfy his fetish by licking her toes,leaded to an action wich seemed to Elisa like collecting his tears with the bottom of her foot ,
then forcing him to lick them mixed together with the significant dose of the sweat accumulated between the toes during the day.
However,Adam appeared pretty ecstatic sucking the mixed sweat and tears from her toes,while Sarah,who had escaped the hug and taken off the stockings,was now climbing her way up to Elisa's face,
so she decided to not listen at her sense of guilty and to focus on her girlfriend almost sitted on her face.
While her lover labia was above her face,she was surprised to find herself drooling with the jaw opened,unable to wait for licking her privates.
Luckily,she didn't need to wait: quickly Sarah granted her wish pressing the vulva on her lips.
Elisa found it more than damp,almost wet,rare event for Sarah. Enraptured by tasting and smelling the flavour,she grabbed her girlfriend thighs and pulled her closer to the mouth,kissed the clit and started fiddling it with the tongue.
After few seconds her face was pretty wet,the love juice coming from her girlfriend's vagina all over her nose and mouth.
in the middle of her idyll with the vulva over her lips, Elisa pulled out the foot from Adam's mouth and deposed its sole on his face,fully covering it and appying some pressure on his nose with the ball.
Adam didn't understand though, and Elisa could percive his tongue caressing her heel. Upset, Elisa slapped him pretty violently two times,then she put the foot back on his face. Again, Adam pulled out his tongue to lick her sole.
Quite irritated, Elisa slapped his face again,making him scream faintly,and willing to focus on licking her girlfriend without being bothered,pressed her left foot on Adam's side of the head,
blocking it in that position,and then put the right forefoot between his larynx and his adam's pole.
As soon as Elisa began to push her foot in his throat,Adam coughed. It needed few attempts,but after some exaggerated crushing of his throat under her sole (every one of them followed by a convulsed chocke of Adam) Elisa found the right level of pressure:
now Elisa could feel that Adam had no more room to move, her left foot pinning his head down on its side and the ball of the right foot pressed on his throat,preventing him from moving the face forward,
so she focused on the vulva rubbing itself on her face.
She started to draw small circles with the tongue around Sarah's clit and went on relentless for several minutes, stopping every now and then to stick the tongue inside the hole of the pussy and tasting the ambrosia juice coming down trough it.
It lasted short, Sarah thighs soon squeezed Elisa's head accompanying the orgasm spreading from the pussy to the lower abdomen.
Eventually, out of breath, Sarah collapsed besides Elisa,enveloping in a gentle hug and kissing her.
Being french kissed by the girl she loved, Elisa stretched her legs and arms, when a whooping cough remembered her she was still chocking Adam with her feet.
-Ops i'm sorry, are you ok?- Asked Elisa while removing her feet from him.
Adam didn't answer, just keeping coughing, while Sarah abruptly kicked him on the forehad.
S: -How the fuck are we supposed to relax and fall asleep with you making all this noise?-
Adam kissed the feet of both of them as a way to apologize: -I'm sorry goddess, this is not going to happen again.-
S: -It will be better for you. Now, lick my toes until i doze off,then try to rest a bit, tomorrow it will be pretty fun for the three of us, better for you if you have a good night's sleep.-
"Poor thing, how can he get a good night's sleep in that position?" Elisa thought while Adam was licking and sucking Sarah's toes.
The following minutes,Elisa stayed hugged to Sarah.
Knowing full well how much Adam desired to lick Sarah's feet, she didn't want to hinder his action.
She wanted to let him know how grateful she was for the suffering he was taking on for them, so she stretched her right foot toward him and gentle rubbed its soles on the side of his head while letting him licking and sucking Sarah's toes.
Ten minutes went by, Sarah had fallen asleep, she turned the other side and she curled up, removing her feet from Adam's reach.
Not knowing if he was still awake, Elisa carefully moved her right foot and deposed her thumb on his lips, ready to let him be if he slept.
Adam opened his lips immediatly though, grabbing gently her thumb between them and initiating to lick her toes.
Reassured, Elisa posed her forefoot in front of his face, enjoying the cuddle of his tongue under the toes. After a some minutes, she noticed that he was trying to reach with the tongue the lower part of her sole, unable to do that due to his restriction.
With an unseen smile over her lips, Elisa moved both her feet in front of him, resting them on the heels and placing the toes over his eyebrow.
In this position, Adam was able to reach with his tongue almost every part of her soles, and in fact Elisa felt his tongue massaging her baresoles quietly but restless.
A dozen a minutes went by,Elisa was relaxed by the tongue-massage on her feet and started feeling sleepy.
"Wasn't he thirsty? How is he still able to lick my feet?"
That was the last thought that flashed in her mind, just before she fell asleep, her feet confortably rested on the adoring-boys.
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