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Foot Requested Story | Kardashian Chaos

Requested Story | Kardashian Chaos

"Sold, to the man in the yellow shorts and blue shirt!"

I've always hated the Kardashian reality TV shows. Kim has been hogging the spotlight all these years and it really ticks me off. I mean, the show's drama is so ridiculous. She gets worked up over the tiniest things! And don't even get me started with her attitude.

Also, The clothes she wears on a daily basis are absolutely appalling, to say the least. You can tell she tries so hard to show as much skin as possible to please her fans. Not to mention, she's as spoiled as spoiled can be. Did you know, when she did a bikini on the beach photoshoot, she had her own personal assistants pad sand all over her very large booty, just to provide more realism to the scene? (writer's note: I am not making this up, it's actually true, she has assistants for these types of scenarios)

This bidding contest was my chance to show the world that Kim Kardashian was an absolute joke. I didn't care about the money, I just wanted to wrestle and humiliate her in front of everyone. That will change people's minds.

And it's not like I was completely clueless. I know how to wrestle. At least, I've seen it done before, and it didn't look too difficult. Plus, Kim wasn't very threatening, at least to me. Her day job is constantly complaining about nothing and posing half nude for pictures. So even if she did find herself in an advantageous position during the match, she wouldn't know what to do next.

There wasn't a clear area where the wrestling was supposed to take place. I shifted through the crowd, which gathered together in one main area. I walked my path all the way to the front, and that's where I found Kim sitting down in the sand, waiting for her challenger to arrive.

Then, I noticed a blue chalk-like line drawn in a medium sized circle. The crowd dared not to step over the blue line and into the wrestling area, or else her body guards would have to run them into the ground.

"What's your name?"

Kim stood up and began walking my way. As she motioned for me to step over the blue line, I couldn't help but be enthralled with the shape of her body. The fluidity of her curves, the smoothness of her skin, the way her hair waved with the ocean wind. She is 10x more beautiful in person than when she's on camera. I fumbled out an answer, cautiously taking my first step inside the ring.

"I'm Felix."

As the two of us met within a foot's length of each other, she extended her arm forward and we shook hands.

"Nice to meet you Felix. I look forward to our match, you ready to have some fun?"

I puffed out my chest and stood tall and proud. By now, she must have known I meant business.

"Oh, I am so ready for this Kim."

She graciously smiled and turned to walk away as the event manager read me some of the rules put in place to protect Kim from injury.

"Here's what you can't do. You can't bite, hit, kick, punch, spit, or apply any excessive amount of force in any move you do to Kim. Got it?"

"Got it. Do these rules apply to the both of us?"

"No, Kim can do whatever she wants. Good luck!"

The manager disappeared into the crowd as I turned back toward Kim, who was patiently waiting for me to get into position. Her posture was perfect, her spine fully extended in a straight line and her back slightly arched. I couldn't tell if she was purposefully sticking her butt out for show, or if that was just how large her rear end truly was. Nonetheless, I slightly inched forward and waited for her to make the first approach.

Gradually, we came closer together. I took my turn inching forward, she took hers, until we were within arms length. Then, suddenly, she threw her hands forward and wrapped them around my waist. I tried to grab hold of her body, but she was already pushing me back. I couldn't find any feasible location to latch onto Kim. Inevitably, I was forced to fall down as my back approached the out-of-bounds area. Even the crowd took a step back as Kim piled on top of me.

"Looks like someone is having trouble with managing their footing."

The crowd began to feed off of Kim's taunts, cheering ever louder. Meanwhile, she managed to roll me over, flat on my stomach, and sat on my back. With my face sideways against the sand, and her body pinning me down from behind, she placed both of her feet on top of my exposed cheek, smushing me further into the sand. I could even feel the little particles filtering into my ear as she continued rubbing her soles across the side of my head.

I tried to shake my head around to thwart the effectiveness of her foot smother, but she picked up on this rather quickly. In swift, subtle movements, she scooted up to my shoulders and used her hands to hold my head in place. Then, she migrated the foot rub to go over my mouth in addition to the edges of my cheek. This was the first time I was able to make direct eye contact with the bottom of her feet. And may I say, it was not a pretty sight to behold.

She had been walking up and down the shoreline all day, posing for pictures and splashing in the shallow water. So, naturally, she had to have wet sand spread all over the bottom of her feet. Having sat around for awhile during the bidding, this wet sand solidified into a muddy/sandy dark layer of mush that was now being spread all over my face and lips.

"Sorry if it's a bit grimy, but I didn't feel like cleaning my feet before the match."

I wanted to say something witty in response, but I couldn't get hardly any words out, as I was too busy inhaling sedimentary particles into my lungs. I couldn't believe I was getting dominated by Kim Kardashian's dirty feet in front of all these people. I wasn't ready to call off the match and give up, as I foolishly still desperately held on to some hope that I could come back from this.

I was on the brink of tapping out so I could leave with the shred of dignity that remained inside my weakened body. However, she unexpectedly hopped off my back and gave me enough space to jump back up to my feet. This opportunity renewed my sense of hope, and I sprund back to action. We locked hands once again, except this time I was the one pushing her back. It seems her footdom from before was now fueling every fiber of my being.

For the first time in the match, Kim's facial expressions were showing signs of fatigue and tiredness. She collapsed down onto her knees, her body flat across the sand as I forced my way on top of her. I took a few seconds to stare down at Kim, helplessly struggling to squeeze out from underneath my pin. The way her body moved against my crotch as I straddled her chest aroused me in the most sensual of ways. My posture slouched, and my eyes unfocused for a short time.

"You got a situation happening in your shorts there Felix."

I glanced down at my shorts, which obviously was a distraction to pull my attention away from Kim. Nonetheless, I took the bait and paid the price. While I was examining the size of my outward growing shorts, she was already firmly planting her feet into the sand behind me. In one swift move, she jerked her hips up in the air and threw me to the side. Having rested the whole time I was on top of her, Kim gained a newfound energy and momentum. I struggled to keep up with the fast pace she was setting. So, I instinctively rolled over as she proceeded to jump on top of me. It was close as I inched out of the way, Kim just barely missing my chest as she landed onto the sand.

"My turn."

With her somewhat shaken up by the landing, I mounted her back and wrapped my arms and legs around her. But, the mount wasn't a very effective one, since I was halfway falling off the side of her. I thought if I could hold her in a choking scissor long enough, she would be forced down to the ground. But this wasn't the case. She retaliated by rolling onto her back, the full force of her weight now crushing my whole body. But I still didn't unwrap my arms from around her neck, I was too stubborn to give up even the smallest of advantages by freeing Kim.

"You can't see a thing, can you?"

She was right. Her long dark hair draped over my entire face, some strands even making their way into my mouth. Everything was dark, the only thing I could see were the tiny rays of sunlight poking between the openings of her follicles. I had to rely on touch alone to keep aware of Kim's situation on top of me.

After 2 whole minutes in that same position, Kim grew impatient. She grabbed my arms with her hands and quickly twisted my skin in opposite, alternating directions until it felt like a million fire ants were chewing every square inch of my arms. I immediately released her from the scissor, her hair lifting off my face. Then, I quickly examined my arm, but all I found was a large, reddened area where the pain was emanating from. The fiery feeling quickly faded away, but my humiliation was far from over. Kim, still going at full force, jumped up into the air and sharply landed, butt first, right on top of my now suffering stomach.


My body compressed into the fetal position as I groaned in agony. Without a second to waste, Kim kicked me onto my back and propped her foot on top of my face. By now, I could've stopped this from going on if I just tapped out. Unfortunately, the excruciating pain hurt so bad, all I could think about was how to survive the next few minutes without passing out.

"I admire your spirit and dedication Felix, but this has to end at some point."

Trample by Kim, I idiotically went to open my mouth and say something, but then a huge chunk of sand, which was spread against her nasty foot, filtered straight into my mouth and began coating the top of my tongue. I started choking on the particles and was forced to cough into her foot some more, letting more pebbles inside. She just watched and laughed at my cycle of self-inflicted torture.

"And now for the cherry on top..."

She released me from the smothering trample, and even though there was a window for me to escape, I was stripped of the will to do so. I laid there, waiting for my most certain doom. Kim stood tall and proud above my body, as she placed both her feet on each side of my head. I would never forget this moment, watching Kim Kardashian take off her bikini, softly throwing it to the side and shaking her naked booty from high above. Then, I suddenly remembered I could tap out! I pounded my hands on the sand as hard as I could to grab her attention. She had to stop now, because those were the rules. I was safe... at least that's what should've happened.

"Oh sweetie, we have come much too far to stop now. Besides, this is my favorite part!"

She stuck her big booty out and titled her head up as her beautiful, yet deadly ass descended down to my face. I offered one last plea of surrender, hoping she would reconsider dropping her totally bare bottom over my mouth and nose.

"Wait! No! Sto.. mphh."

I got cut off as my head was forcefully inserted between her huge cheeks. The smell of sweat was pungent inside her ass crack, as the rough texture of sand scraped and rubbed against my face. It was already warm outside, but as she trapped me inside her glorious ass, my head was now heating up. I couldn't tell if the sweat spreading all over my forehead was her ass sweat, or my own perspiration.

"Did you get the joke Felix? See, my ass is the 'cherry on top'."

I was not amused. I quickly realized that the sweat was creating an adverse side effect. As the sweat inside her ass crack built up, the juices created less friction between my face and her skin, forcing me to slip farther down into her unruly depths. She was probably having the time of her life, waving to the crowd and whatnot. Meanwhile, I was basically drowning deeper and deeper into her butt cheeks, until I hit 'rock bottom'. With my nose squished against her anus, and my mouth pressed firmly across her blooming pussy, my main concern was now shifting toward the lack of air (more specifically, fresh air).

"Oh, looks like you hit the sweet spot. Why don't I give you a little show before you're suffocated out inside my badass booty?"

I initially had no clue what she was talking about. How could I be given any 'show' to 'see' if I was already as deep as I could be between her cheeks? But, all my questions quickly faded away as I felt a slight tickling on my nose. I could feel the muscles in her cheeks expand as her asshole fully opened in front of my nose. I feared the worst, as I was for sure about to get sprayed with the most awful, most horrible, most foul odor imaginable. I flinched as hard as I could, as it was going to happen any second now. Then, she uncontrollably broke out into hysterical laughter, as I gradually slowed my struggles to a stop. I was very confused... why hadn't she farted directly into my nose yet?

"Oh silly, I'm not THAT cruel! Damn, I wish I could have seen the look on your face as you struggled to break free."

The whole crowd broke out into laughter with her, as my life was officially ruined by Kim's smothering ass. She unclenched her cheek muscles and her asshole returned back to normal. I took a sigh of relief, but she wasn't finished. She quicky resealed her pussy over my lips and plugged my nose with her ass. There she sat, gently shaking her hips from time to time to check if I was still moving and breathing.

Thankfully, I survived for another 6 minutes pinned under her butt. That was just enough time to force her to move off of my face, as we reached the time limit of the event. If she didn't have other priorities throughout the day, she probably would've continued sitting atop her throne (aka my face) for a much, much longer time. One thing I gained from this experience was a newfound respect for Kim and her show. Now, I will think twice before I ever trash talk a celebrity again. I offered her a shake of hands and a polite farewell as she slipped back into her bikini.

"Hey, good match today Kim."

She graciously shook my hand.

"Yeah, I had a ton of fun! If you ever want to do this in a more private setting, here's my number."

She warmly smiled and turned to walk away, whipping her hair around in true diva fashion. I couldn't tell if this was the heat exhaustion, but I thought I saw Kim discreetly throwing me the bird with her right hand tucked to the side of her hip as she strutted away. What... a... woman.

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