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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

I say update! Not too much a fan of her old pic haha
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Originally Posted by Wrestler35 [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
I say update! Not too much a fan of her old pic haha
This series definitely suffered a bit early on for me having started it so soon after I just got into writing here. Even the character model pictures improved a lot after Alexa (original) and Skylar’s.

Also, for some reason I just remembered you’re the author of that ‘School Wrestling Tournament’ series. Really enjoyed that one while it was being posted here.
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Thanks man I appreciate that. As I’m sure you’ve been able to tell, I’ve really enjoyed the vast majority of your stories as well, pretty much insta-reads when I see your name to be honest.
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Originally Posted by Josh42 [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
This series definitely suffered a bit early on for me having started it so soon after I just got into writing here. Even the character model pictures improved a lot after Alexa (original) and Skylar’s.

Also, for some reason I just remembered you’re the author of that ‘School Wrestling Tournament’ series. Really enjoyed that one while it was being posted here.
LOVED “School wrestling tournament!” I’d love a sequel to that!!!
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Part 31 Night 6 2/2

As She walked back to her team, a frustrated and embarrassed Brooke grasped for something or someone to blame. Approaching, she made a sudden late curve away from her spot on the bench, and moved towards the other end.

Quickly working herself up, she marched up to Melissa and complained “Why do I get matched with Alexa?! This is so NOT what you sold us, to get us to join. Why does the team slut get the new guy?! Why does this ditz get the other guy?!” Brooke pouted, briefly looking to Kelsey. “Why do YOU get the most pathetic bitch here, who ran out and cried once you got a little rough?”

Next to Melissa, Summer braced herself for a fiery confrontation between them as Brooke spoke, but it never came. Melissa simply sat unbothered, like an adult hearing out a child’s tantrum. Apparently Brooke’s fit didn’t press her buttons quite right.

“It’s not my fault she’s out of your league.” Melissa dryly retorted, once Brooke finished.

With an indignant huff, Brooke stormed off back to her place on the other end. As she passed by and took a seat next to Charlotte, Brianna had a look of amusement on her face. She took the high road on this one, though, holding her tongue for now.

Maybe she’d been allowing the two girls to drag her down to their level, just a bit, lately.

“-you’re crazy for that one.” Max laughed to Alexa, sitting next to her and Skylar.

“I really don’t mean to brag, but, well, I already knew I was better. Why not have some fun and give everyone a show?” Alexa smiled. “I wasn’t expecting to get to relax this much in my tournament match.”

“I’m glad you’re having fun, but don’t get tooooo relaxed.” Skylar lightly cautioned. “You never know. Look what Clara pulled off when Addison stopped taking her seriously enough.”

“I know, but trust me, she’s no Clara.” Alexa giggled. With it being about time to return to the mats for round 2, Alexa surprised Max as she leaned in to the side, planting a quick peck on his cheek this time, before springing up to her feet.

“That’s it?” Max teased with a grin. A quick kiss on the cheek was a small step down.

“You know you’ll be getting way more than that, later, Maxy.” Alexa teased back, spinning around to head back out to her spot on the mats.

(Alexa: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

A happy, energized Alexa, threw her arms out wide as she returned to the mats. She was immediately met with the roaring cheer she signaled for. Comfortable and in full control, free to play to the crowd, Alexa was in her element.

A moment later, Brooke came out to retake her own place on the mats. In a sour mood, she had nothing to say this time, and in a way, she was already mentally defeated. She wasn’t really considering the idea that she could still turn this around, or crafting a battle plan to do so. She was just plain upset after being rudely dismissed by Melissa, and having convinced herself that she’d gotten a raw deal and was already screwed, here.

(Brooke: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

About 20 seconds later, they got the signal to begin.

Alexa quickly moved in, though feeling just a little anxious, actually. In the brief time she’d been waiting for the round to begin, she’d had a crazy idea. If it failed, it’d probably go down as her most embarrassing wrestling moment, that Max and Skylar would surely never let her live down. If she could execute it the way she could in her mind, it’d always be in any highlight reel of her best moves.

Never lacking in confidence, she boldly went for it once she reached the perfect range. Alexa fell forwards into a handstand right in front of Brooke, who paused in confusion after being ready for a grapple. Her back now to Brooke, Alexa swiftly ‘fell’ towards Brooke with her lower body, her lower half bending so that her legs were coming down up at Brooke’s head and neck. By time Brooke realized what Alexa was attempting, she barely had any time to react, as Alexa’s flexible, powerful legs, lashed around her neck.

With a twist of her body, Alexa ripped a panicked Brooke off balance and took her tumbling to the mat. It wasn’t a pleasant fall for Brooke or Alexa, but Alexa’s strong legs managed to hold on, actually squeezing Brooke’s neck extra tight on instinct.

The crowd had gone a bit quiet in the early stage of her tricky maneuver, that only someone with a gymnastics trained body could even come close to pulling off. When she’d completed it though, taking Brooke down, the crowd erupted.

On their side, Max and Skylar both looked to each other in a silent mix of shock and excitement.

On the opposing side, Summer’s face lit up, an encouraging cheer leaving her mouth as she got caught up in the moment. She immediately regretted it, briefly feeling her teammates eyes on her. Glancing down the bench, she caught a glare directed at her from Charlotte. Despite how conflicted she was right now on things with Skylar, Alexa, and Max, while being nudged a certain direction by Melissa, she couldn’t help but get excited for Alexa’s success.

She glanced towards Melissa, half expecting some form of disapproval, though Melissa merely acknowledged “She’s good.” before grumbling “imagine if we had her instead of a loser like Brooke.

Overhearing her, with resentment bubbling, Lucy spoke up “Imagine if we had Clara as our captain, instead of you.”

“What was that, Luce?” Melissa replied with a sudden sharp edge in her voice, daring Lucy to take it further.

Lucy continued “Maybe someone like Clara would’ve helped Brooke figure something out, or at least encouraged her, instead of being a selfish bitch!” She snapped, more so meaning it about herself than Brooke, who she never said a word to.

“What is it, do you want to sleep with Clara now? Is getting fucked by Addison every night not enough anymore?” Melissa fired back with an irrelevant personal attack, temper quickly blazing.

A mix of hurt and anger came to Lucy’s face, surprised that Melissa would go there in front of others.

Both of them jumped up, appearing ready to come to blows, but not before Addison got between them. “Okay, you’re both gonna talk this out later, but we’re not doing this now.” She firmly insisted, while noticing they were starting to catch attention from onlookers.

“As if.” Melissa dismissed. In her mind, Lucy fired the first cutting personal attack. The only talk to be had, was an apology from her.

“There’s nothing to talk about.” Said Lucy, sitting back down.

Meanwhile, Summer kept her eyes on the match as best she could, staying out of it. She could tell that whatever this was didn’t just take root in the last few days.

Only small squeaks and gurgles escaped Brooke’s throat, as Alexa’s legs delivered pulsing squeezes around her neck. After going to the ground, Alexa had adjusted and scrambled on top into a reverse headscissor.

She definitely preferred scissoring Max like this, though. Brooke just couldn’t appreciate the amazing view she was also offering up, with her skimpy hot pink bikini riding up, contrasting against her tanned skin.

Brooke’s hands rested on Alexa’s flexing thighs, not wasting any energy and strength trying to pry them apart. With Alexa mostly toying with her rather than aggressively pursuing a match ending knockout, she was just in survival mode right now, with hopes that she’d get some sort of opening soon.

“Come on, let’s try it this way.” Alexa playfully told Brooke, wrapping her arms around and underneath Brooke’s waist, before slowly rolling them over as Brooke squirmed. Her head and neck were still locked in place between Alexa’s thighs, but now Alexa was on her back with her locked ankles pointing up into the air on an angle, with Brooke now on top of her.

Brooke flailed her legs, desperately trying to get them around Alexa’s neck, but Alexa fended them off with ease, pushing them away with her arms if they got too close.

“Nope, it’s not gonna be that easy.” Alexa teased.

Brooke gave up quickly, going mostly limp, laid out over Alexa’s body as she was slowly strangled. “Done already?” Alexa said, feigning surprise. “Someone getting sleepy back there?”

Brooke was actually starting to drift out of it a little. Though she wasn’t being put out, with Alexa relenting enough for her to ‘keep going’, the lengthy scissoring was taking a toll.

After a moment, Alexa got bored, and decided to roll them back over. “Here we go.” Alexa said with a smile, as she promptly set their position right again, back into a normal reverse headscissor.

Peaking back over her shoulder, Alexa giggled “Hey, your face is starting to match your hair!” in a teasing exaggeration, of course.

A slight spark of anger flashed in Brooke’s eyes, as her hands clutched at Alexa’s thighs and began giving weak pulls, some of her strength having already drained away. As Brooke got nowhere and soon stopped attempting that, Alexa had now had her fill of casually squeezing the life out of Brooke.

Releasing the scissor, letting Brooke’s head fall to the mat, Alexa got onto her hands and knees, holding her body up over Brooke’s.

“Guess what time is it!” Alexa laughed, giving a playful shake of butt.

Brooke was a little out of it, but not THAT out of it, yet, as Alexa slowly lined her hips up with Brooke’s head, to lower onto her face. Eyes widening, she knew she couldn’t let Alexa get set in place with a reverse facesit. That’s probably how Alexa would end the match.

Desperate to simply deny the smother, Brooke managed to quickly twist herself over beneath Alexa, who apparently wasn’t expecting any sort of real resistance to be left in her.

As her ass gently lowered down onto the side of Brooke’s head, Alexa playfully said “Wait, get back here!”. She raised back up a bit, which allowed Brooke to complete her ‘plan’. Getting herself rolled over onto her stomach, stopping the facesit.

“Now what?!” Brooke taunted, with some defiance in her voice. She hadn’t exactly turned the tables on Alexa and taken control, but she had avoided a match finishing smother, for now, denying Alexa one of her beloved facesits.

This is where Alexa really missed Max being her ‘opponent’. At least in private, he’d be twisting the other way to get his face upwards for this part.

“Hmm…….good thing I can still smother you like this, too!” Said Alexa, clearly just having fun now.

Brooke paused in thought, rushing to figure out Alexa’s intent, not realizing what she meant by that. How could she still-

Brooke’s thoughts were interrupted, as Alexa reached down and back, lifting Brooke’s head up a bit, and sliding her upturned feet beneath Brooke’s face. Brooke was barely able to react before Alexa’s ass dropped down onto the back of her head, mashing her face right down into her soles.

“There, you can have my feet instead, but now I’m definitely sitting on your face after I’m announced the winner.” Alexa teased.

Brooke began to writhe beneath her, as Alexa grabbed her arms to keep them away behind her back. “Mm mm ummph!” Brooke complained into the feet that covered her mouth and nose.

“Bet you wish you would’ve just taken the facesit.” Alexa laughed as Brooke futilely squirmed. In a weird way, she kind of did. If she were going to be finished off with a humiliating smother, better to be finished by the more common, less memorable one.

In full control, Alexa briefly released one of Brooke’s arms, and gave a quick wave over to Max, before swiftly recapturing the limb with no harm done.

Starting to run out of air, and accepting that she wasn’t going to escape, Brooke stopped flailing and went still. “Mm ummitt.” Brooke calmly said, muffled by Alexa’s feet.

“What was that?” Alexa asked, raising her ass a bit so Brooke could speak.

“I submit.” Brooke told her reluctantly. “Let me tap.

Alexa let go of one of Brooke’s arms, allowing her to tap out. She didn’t have to, Brooke was pretty much at her mercy, but she wasn’t one to just be cruel and mean spirited.

“Winner Of The Match 2-0, Via Foot Smother, Alexa! Team Melissa’s Lead Is Cut To 4-2.” The announcement was made to loud cheers, Alexa having put on arguably the most entertaining performance of the tournament, so far.

Now it was time for her post match fun. “Now, roll over!” Alexa giggled, getting an annoyed mutter from Brooke. “Please?” She added playfully.

Reluctantly, Brooke gave in, knowing it’d only be delaying the inevitable now. With a groan, Brooke rolled herself back over onto her back, still underneath Alexa. “Good girl.” Alexa teased, going along like she was directing a dog to do tricks, as she plopped down on Brooke’s face.

“Umm phmm.” Brooke complained into her ass.

“I mean, thanks.” Alexa laughed, victoriously shaking her tanned cheeks all over Brooke’s face.

Pausing, Alexa lifted up an inch or two and prompted ‘Kiss?”, but Brooke neither replied nor reacted in any way, as if just hoping she’d give up and move on from it.

“Come on, just one? It won’t kill you.” Alexa teased.

With a small delay, Brooke replied “No way.” expressing disgust but lacking assertiveness, aware that she wasn’t in a position to truly refuse.

Thinking for a second, Alexa playfully responded “Fine, you can skip it this time, but if we fight again, you’ll be kissing it as much as I want.”

Those ‘terms’ were……acceptable. There was no way she was ever letting Alexa defeat her again.

As Alexa was wrapping up her ‘fun’ with Brooke, Karly decided to talk to someone else for a moment, in the meantime.

Heading over to Clara’s team’s bench, Karly quickly decided she’d chat with Emma for a minute. “Hey, mind a quick question or two?” Karly asked Emma with a friendly smile.

“Hi, um, sure.” Emma smiled back, pausing her conversation with Travis.

“So, you took a rough loss in your match some days ago. Working on anything new to make sure that doesn’t happen again?” Asked Karly.

“Well, I-…….I think I’m done with wrestling….actually.” Emma answered anxiously.

“Oh.” Karly replied, unsure what to say as Emma dropped a bombshell out of nowhere. That was the last response she’d have expected. “Well, that’s big news.” As she glanced over to those within earshot, Travis, Colleen, Harper (though she didn’t seem to care),and Clara, it wasn’t hard to tell that it was news to them, too.

“Thanks for telling me first!” Said Karly, stepping away before she got a little too excited. This was much juicer content than what she usually got. Looking back to Alexa, who had just now come back over, she decided she’d catch up with Melissa first before she disappeared, then double back to Alexa.

As she raced across the gymnasium, she was guessing Melissa would be in a bad enough mood to give a good video clip, but not bad enough to freak out on her.

A little out of breath, Karly caught up with them just in time. “Hey…….thoughts on……Brooke’s loss?” She gasped out.

“She’s pathetic. That’s all.” Melissa dryly replied. Mostly annoyed and being blunt, rather than being angry.

“At least she’s not a narcissistic bitch.” Lucy cut in.

“After the favor she did for you last night? Fuck you!” Charlotte shouted.

With that, they returned to their locker room, leaving a surprised Karly behind.

“Wait, you’re done with wrestling? You didn’t say anything about that.” A blindsided Travis asked Emma, as they and their teammates lingered on the bench post victory.

“……maybe not with you.” Emma playfully replied, her demeanor just a bit flirty. “And……I still need my revenge on Max.” She joked. “But with random people……probably.”

Clara came over, interrupting them. “Hey, don’t give it up yet. It was my fault, I put you in that position. Most people won’t be as…..awful, as she was.” She encouraged, gently putting a hand on her shoulder. “Trust me.”

“I don’t know.” Emma replied, not yet going to flip back on the choice she was leaning towards.

Upon reentering their locker room, it had quickly become a war zone.

“-and I’m a ‘ditz’?! At least I haven’t been taken down by a rejected idea for a Black Widow takedown.” Kelsey mocked Brooke, in an unusual change from her usual kind, pleasant demeanor. Her words referencing the Marvel films.

“Maybe she would’ve won if she wasn’t wrestling another girl, and had the chance to just shake her tits and ass to get an edge, like you!” Charlotte snapped, as Brooke quietly let her do the talking.

“She didn’t get to pick who she wrestled!” Summer cut in, defending Kelsey.

Across the room, Lucy was shouting “-and she actually offered to help me, too!”

“You go to Clara, and we’re done.” Melissa growled.

“Think of it like, her using Clara for a bit. Taking advantage of her being so open to share.” Addison said, trying to reframe it in a way Melissa might approve of. Though it would only solve part of the issue.

“How about you teach her something of yours, instead, so she’ll stop bitching?! A pissed off Melissa spat.

“You know I mostly rely on my strength…….there’s not much I can really-“ Addison began.

“I guess if you were good for anything more than some muscles, you wouldn’t have fucked up against Clara, and we wouldn’t be here right now!” Melissa lashed out at her.

Anger flashed in Addison’s eyes, and Lucy took a lunge at Melissa, but was shoved back by Summer, who was stepping in just in time.

“Let’s go.” Addison said to Lucy, who silently agreed, as they turned and walked out.

Brooke and Charlotte quickly followed, Charlotte glaring at Kelsey as they exited.

A moment of quiet had finally settled over the room, after it had just been filled with heated arguments and exchanges of insults.

Kelsey was the first to speak, giving a sigh, and saying to Summer “I’m gonna go, I’ll see you tomorrow. And, thanks.

“Okay. And, anytime.” Summer replied, giving her an awkward, small smile.

Walking to the door, Kelsey stopped as she held it open, asking “We’re good, right Mel?” There was no reason they wouldn’t be, their arguments hadn’t crossed into each other’s, but she was just checking after all the chaos.

“Yep.” Melissa tensely replied, honest but distracted.

“Okay, night then.” Kelsey chirped, leaving.

After another quiet moment, Summer approached Melissa. “Um, hey-“

“Not now.” Melissa shut her down, with an unintended coldness. “I-…..we’ll talk tomorrow.” She followed up with a softer tone, quickly stepping out, and closing the door firmly, behind her.

That left just Summer and Brianna.

Summer glanced over at Brianna, not sure what to say to her after everything that had happened.

Luckily, Brianna took the pressure off of her, remarking “Who knew you could actually wrestle in the tournament, rather than watch from the crowd, and still get entertainment?”

“Yeah. What a night.” Summer awkwardly replied. “Do you wanna…..walk out with me?” She offered, just to be nice.

“Mmm, sure, why not.” Brianna accepted.

And off they went.

End Of Night 6 2/2

- Alright, finally back to this story. This arc’s been taking forever, but we’re finally at the point where we’re nearing the end of it even if the tournament runs as long as possible.

- I know the Alexa takedown was a bit over the top, but I really wanted to get her high athletic ability on display and further separate her from other characters. It’s a unique and entertaining moment in the story, I think. If any of you didn’t like it, I get it, and you won’t be seeing that kind of stuff regularly now, or anything, unless maybe people actually do want more of it.

- New Summer and Skylar Model Pics, Coming Soon.
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

I was a little disappointed when Emma said she was done with wrestling, but when she flirtatiously said she might still get rough with Travis and Max, I felt a bit better.

Wow, Melissa's team is kind of flying apart at the seams and she seems to have too abrasive a personality to hold them together. I like this gradual disintegration as it makes for a lot of great confrontations.

Oh, and don't worry about Alexa's athletic takedown and ankle scissor, mate. It read as perfectly reasonable and that and her dominant attitude only made her shut out victory all the more satisfying.

Thanks for continuing this for us, mate.
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Yes, the best story of all time makes a comeback!
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Part 32: Night 7

Walking towards her spot on the bench as everyone was getting settled in for the night’s match, Brianna paused in front of Melissa, who was on her phone, as she heard audio playing from it. She wouldn’t know or care what it was otherwise, but she’d happened to see it already herself. It was Emma’s voice. From what she could gather, Melissa didn’t seem to be taking any twisted sense of satisfaction from it, as one may expect.

“Mmm, does someone have a conscience?” Brianna prodded. “Never would’ve guessed.”

“How about minding your own business?” Melissa dryly replied.

“Fair enough. Not sure that’ll help your guilt, though.” Brianna lightly taunted.

As she was about to move on, Melissa cycled to the next thing, since Brianna was the one who was there. “Look what they did.” She grumbled, flipping her phone to show the clip of them heading back to their locker room. “Can’t keep their mouths shut.”

“In Charlotte’s case, you’re just finding that out now? Lucky you.” Brianna joked with a smirk, glancing over to Brooke and Charlotte, who were already seated at the other end.

As Melissa went back to her phone, Brianna went to go sit down. Then, as Summer and Kelsey approached, a new post came up in the feed from just a few minutes earlier. It was by Colleen, revealing that she’d been chosen to wrestle for her side tonight, slightly early for anyone who happened to be on the app to discover.

It was quite convenient now, that both Brooke and Charlotte had pushed to be next in line ahead of Summer. Neither Summer nor Charlotte were a good option to match again Colleen’s size advantage, and ‘sacrificing’ Charlotte to hold onto Summer for the next night, was the obvious play.

As Summer opened her mouth to say hello, as Kelsey continued on to go sit down, Melissa interrupted her with “It’s Colleen and Charlotte tonight, what do you say we go hang out at Lindsey’s?”

Summer hesitated, feeling tempted but unsure. Her new friendship with Melissa had quickly become a roller coaster of highs and lows, and after the low point that last night was, should she pass up the likely next high?

“Um, I’d like to, but don’t you think we should-“ Summer began.

“Come on, we both know how this match ends. “Do you really want to spend your night watching Charlotte get demolished?” Melissa replied.

“……okay. Let’s do it.” Summer answered, her tone starting out uncertain but gaining confidence in the decision as she spoke.

“Good.” Melissa flatly replied, getting up. “Kelsey, you’re in charge.” She said, raising her voice a bit to be clearly heard. With Addison MIA, Kelsey was the obvious choice if Summer was coming with her.

“Wait, really?!” Kelsey exclaimed, her face lighting up.

“Sure, have fun. All you have to do is go out there and pick Charlotte.” Said Melissa.

“Yes!” Kelsey quietly exclaimed to herself, before quickly adding “Why? Where are you going?” after she’d gotten ahead of herself.

“I need a break. Just text me updates between rounds.” Melissa replied.

“Got it.” Kelsey smiled. “See you later Mel, we won’t let you down!”

As Melissa and Summer walked off, it was about time for her to go make their selection.

Kelsey got up and and happily headed out the center of the gym floor to meet Clara, Skylar, and the referee. She was mostly over the previous night’s drama already, and the surprise of being left in charge of the team was the final emotional boost she needed to get back to her usual spirits.

Clara and Skylar were left a bit puzzled as Kelsey met them by herself. They’d all seen the last night’s video clip, but who would’ve expected it to lead to only Kelsey, Brooke, Charlotte, and Brianna, being present now?

As Clara made her choice “Colleen.”, Kelsey asked herself ‘what would Mel do?’ before making their selection “Charlotte.”

Start a fight?

“You guys are really working hard at this comeback, too bad it’s over tonight.” Kelsey uncharacteristically sneered, Clara and Skylar not even engaging with her weak trash talk attempt as they turned and left.

Kelsey headed back to her team, feeling pleased with herself.

Entering the party, Melissa and Summer were greeted by Jack.

“Aaay, look who decided to drop by! Aren’t you supposed to be busy with another tournament match tonight?” An energetic Jack asked.

“Yeah, needed a break.” Melissa replied. “Where’s Lindsey?”

“Oh she’s in the other room, doing some kinda wrestling challenge event thingy. Don’t think she was expecting you tonight, she’s had some to drink.” He replied. “Kelsey joining us?”

“No, she’s handling the tournament match.” Answered Melissa.

“No Addison again, either?” He followed up, seeming a little disappointed.

“Nope, get used to it.” Melissa tensely replied, walking off to find Lindsey.

“Sheesh, someone’s in a bad mood. Guess it’s nothin’ some drinks won’t fix.” He grinned to Summer, who awkwardly stood in place. “Anyway, glad you’re back to hang, Summer!” Jack told her, heading off.

After a pause, Summer went off in the direction that Melissa had gone, entering a wider, open room. “There she is.” Melissa pointed out as Summer caught up with her. Lindsey was across the room with Grace at her side, and a little microphone stand set up with some mats next to it.

Grabbing the microphone, Lindsey announced over the music “So, who’s going to be the braaaave challenger that takes on me and my wrestling partner tonight, Grace, in a little 2 on 1 match!” Her announcement briefly got the room’s attention, before losing it. Not many people were there to wrestle.

(Grace: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

(Lindsey: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

As she waited for someone to step up, she was instead greeted by Melissa and Summer. “Oh I didn’t know you girls were coming tonight!” Lindsey said.

“Yeah, change of plans. Tonight’s match is Charlotte Vs Colleen. Not worth staying for.” Melissa replied.

“Oh, poor Charlotte must be getting flattened right now.” Lindsey smirked. “Too bad you couldn’t have told me earlier, we’re already kind of in the middle of something-“

“Can’t you do this some other time?” Melissa dryly asked.

“I did already announce-“ Lindsey began.

“You’re just doing it for fun, it’s not like it actually means anything, you can-“ Melissa started to reply.

“Relax.” Said Lindsey with a grin, gently sliding a hand under Melissa’s chin, who promptly recoiled. “We’ll finish up with this, and then later……..you can have me all to yourself.” She was clearly feeling good from the alcohol.

Turning to Summer, Melissa spat “If you need me, I’ll be drunk.” before walking off in a sour mood.

A little confused by how Lindsey was acting, though she knew Lindsey’d been drinking, Summer asked her “Uhm……are you two…..?”

“Summer, get your mind out of the gutter.” Lindsey playfully replied. “But for the record, she’s the problem there…….not me. I wouldn’t say no.” She grinned.

Interrupting them, a challenger finally stepped up. “I’ll take you two on.” He said with a cool confidence about him. “Name’s Dylan.” Standing 6’2 tall with a toned athletic build, and short brown hair, Lindsey liked what she saw as she looked him over.

After exchanging a quick glance with Grace, who seemed to feel similarly, Lindsey confidently replied “We accept. You sure the both of us won’t be too much for you to handle?”

“Eh, you’re just two girls.” He jokingly dismissed, matching her teasing energy.

Addressing Summer who awkwardly stood by, Lindsey told her “I’ll come find you later……..after we’re done with him”, finishing with a bite of her lip.

“Okay, maybe I’ll hang around and watch a little bit of your match, but, do you know where Raven is?” Summer asked. Raven was someone she already knew just slightly, so she figured that if she got bored, she could always go see how Raven was doing.

“Probably out back having her practice matches, as usual.” Lindsey replied.

With a nod, Summer moved back, and a moment later, she watched as the playful match began.

With a silent understanding between the trio, that they were starting now, Dylan teased “Alright, so who’s the weak link between you two, that I should target first?”

“Her!” Grace laughed, pointing to Lindsey. She was always singled out as the ‘soft target’ in these matches.

“Nice try, but I don’t think I believe you.” Dylan grinned, lunging forwards and grabbing ahold of her. He quickly wrestled her down to the mats laid out on the floor, without much issue. He wasn’t using his full strength, and Grace hardly bothered resisting.

As he climbed atop her body into a mount position, Grace playfully complained to Lindsey “Why do our ‘challengers’ always go for me first?!”

“I guess you’re just too cute to resist.” Lindsey smirked.

“You ready to come down here and get pinned, too?” Dylan taunted Lindsey, who had stood by and watched as he took Grace down and secured top position, seated on her stomach, sitting up. Grace’s arms were free, but it was obvious to both of them that she didn’t have the upper body strength to force him off, even if she tried.

“Actually, I have something else in mind.” Lindsey purred. Instead of joining them on the mats covered floor, and trying to push Dylan off of Grace, she stepped over behind Dylan and took his exposed back.

Before he knew it, Lindsey was pressed against his back, leaning down to quickly slip an arm under his chin, locking in a loose chokehold. Since she wasn’t actually choking him yet, Dylan was able to say “A chokehold? You’re taking this serious, huh?”

“Oh no, trust me, this isn’t me ‘taking you seriously’.” Lindsey taunted into his ear. “Now let’s get you off my friend.” She said.

“Wait Lindsey, I could stay down here a bit longer.” Grace joked in a flirty tone. She enjoyed both ‘roles’. Whether she had Lindsey’s thighs wrapped around her neck, or this case, a bigger and stronger attractive guy pinning her down, or whether she was on top cramming Lindsey’s face into her deep cleavage, Grace was having a good time.

“You heard her.” Dylan joked as Lindsey tightened the chokehold enough to make it snug, and began to try and drag him off of Grace.

“Nope, funs over you two.” Lindsey teased.

Dylan could’ve at least made a fight out of it with his size and strength advantage, but he let her pull him off of Grace by the head and neck with just the struggle of moving his larger body. He didn’t care about ‘winning’, and wasn’t taking it seriously at all. He was just enjoying having a playful wrestle with the two very attractive women.

“Aw. Never been so disappointed that you saved me.” Grace joked as his weight came off her, Lindsey pulling him back and than falling backwards with him into a standard RNC position, Dylan allowing her to transition him into the position she wanted.

“So, what, gonna choke me out now?” Dylan asked a grin.

“Don’t tempt me.” Lindsey teased, giving a nibble on his neck as she continued to hold on to the chokehold snugly, but not enough to actually choke him. “I think it’s time for Grace to get some payback.” She smirked.

Grace had gotten up, and now she stepped over them, descending upon Dylan and laying herself atop him, leaving him sandwiched between herself and Lindsey.

“Hold him Lindsey!” Grace giggled, sliding up and shoving her tits over his face. Dylan’s arms were free to quickly fend her off, but he definitely wasn’t going to fight this, allowing Grace to bury his face into her black bikini top clad chest, without even a hint of resistance.

“I might not be as tough to wrestle as she is, but it’s much easier for me knock you out with my boobs, than it is for her.” Grace told him playfully.

“Mmmph.” Dylan replied into her breasts, muffled, as Grace cracked into a smile at the vibration against her pale skin. He rested his hands on her back, content to endure the smother for as long as he could.

“That’s why she’s my partner. I get you down, and then she drowns you in her tits.” Lindsey joked.

“I think he’s enjoying it a little too much, though.” Grace giggled. He certainly was. It was like having two large, warm, soft pillows pressed against his face. Unfortunately though, he was starting to run out of air.

Dylan began to squirm a little, in discomfort, as he tried to fight off his need to breathe. “Ummmph.” He groaned into her tits.

“What, not as fun once once you start needing air?” Grace teased him.

“How about just putting him to sleep?” Lindsey playfully suggested, trying to mess with him. He remained calm though, trying to hold out every extra second that he could.

Grace waited a moment longer, until his need to breathe finally started to overpower his desire to stay tightly in her chest. “So” Grace began as she released his face from it’s tit flesh prison, with a slight ‘unsticking sound’ as her skin had begun to moisten inside the smother. “- am I still the ‘weak link’?” she finished with a smug smile.

“Yep.” A red faced Dylan gasped out, while trying to suck in air.

“Oh really?!” Grace laughed, dunking his face right back into her deep cleavage, for a moment.

Pulling his face back out after he gave a muffled sound into her breasts, she asked “How about now?”

“Maybe not.” Dylan said, half conceding. Even after all the smothering, he still managed to flash her a grin.

“Ugh, good enough.” Grace replied, rolling her eyes with a small smile.

“You sure you’re happy with that? We still got him. I could tighten the choke, you slam your tits back onto his face, -“ Lindsey playfully suggested.

“Yes!” Grace giggled.

“You’re lucky she’s so nice.” Lindsey taunted, fully releasing the chokehold while Grace got off of them.

As the three of them got back to their hands and knees, Grace saw he was still breathing heavy, and taunted him “Regret going after me first, now?”

“Actually, if that’s the price for people who go for you first, I wanna rematch you two sometime so I can do it again.” He joked.

“Her breast smothers are to die for, aren’t they.” Lindsey grinned, both herself and Dylan’s voiced enjoyment of Grace’s breast smothers, making Grace blush a little. “Now…..round two?” Lindsey asked.

“You’re on!” Dylan replied.

“That’s good with me.” Grace answered.

They immediately began, remaining on their hands and knees for this one. Dylan made a playful grab for Lindsey, that she slipped away from. She came back towards him quickly though, grabbing him into a headlock. As he grabbed at Lindsey’s arm to pry off the headlock, Lindsey shouted “Quick! Help me Grace!”

Before he could break the headlock, he had Grace helping Lindsey force him over onto his back. Lindsey pulling him by the head, and Grace shoving his body with all her strength. After a few seconds, they overpowered his halfhearted resistance, pushing him over onto his side, and then his back. “Got him!” Grace cheered.

With Dylan now on his back, Lindsey dove atop him, head facing his feet, as she snapped him up into a reverse headscissor. He didn’t mind this one either, simply resting his hands on her soft, smooth skin, as her legs clamped snug around his neck, but not squeezing.

“Hey, this one’s got a nice view.” He joked, forced to stare forwards at Lindsey’s plump cheeks, with just a thin black thong strip going down the middle.

“You’re not the first to think so.” Lindsey smirked.

“And now she doesn’t even need my help anymore, to keep you there.” Grace teased, as she watched next to them on her knees.

“Good thing I’m not in a rush to get out then.” Dylan replied with a laugh, caressing Lindsey’s creamy thighs.

Summer continued to look on, but now decided that she’d go find Melissa, with the action between the three of them seeming to slow down again.

Leaving the room, and making her way past people, it didn’t take her too long to track down Melissa tonight. As she approached, Melissa had just answered a video call from Kelsey.

“Um, hey Mel.” Kelsey greeted her with an anxious smile.

“What is it?” Melissa dryly asked.

“Wait, are you at a party?!” A puzzled Kelsey asked, noticing the background and hearing the music.

“My way of taking a break.” Melissa replied.

“Oh. Well, I just wanted to let you know, the match is about over…..” Kelsey trailed off, tapping her screen to flip the camera towards the match.

The camera flip revealed a squirming Charlotte trapped under Colleen in a reverse facesit, while folded in half with her legs tucked underneath Colleen’s arms. Even from a distance, it was clear that Colleen’s ass had completely devoured Charlotte’s face.

“Shocking.” Melissa sarcastically reacted.

Flipping the camera back around, Kelsey said “Sorry Mel. Round one she lost to a breast smother.”

“Whatever, it’s fine.” Melissa told her.

“Well, see you tomorrow then.” Said Kelsey.

“Yep.” Replied Melissa

“Goodnight Mel.”

“Night Kelsey.” Melissa replied, ending the call.

“I’m surprised you’re not a little more upset.” Summer lightly joked, joining her now that the call was over.

“What’s there to be upset about? It was obvious she was going to lose.” Melissa replied.

“True.” Summer answered. With some hesitancy, wondering if it was a good idea or not, Summer asked “have you talked to Lucy or Addison, since……you know?”

With a sigh, Melissa simply replied “Screw them both!” I have you and Kelsey now, just like you have us, and don’t need your old friends that fucked you over.”

Summer acknowledged her with a small nod, not knowing much about the friction between the three girls, in the first place. Though she could smell the drinks on her breath, Melissa did still seem mostly in control at the moment.

After a few minutes, Summer decided to go say hello to Raven. “I’m gonna go see if Raven’s here, I’ll be back in a bit.”

“Sure.” Melissa replied with indifference.

Summer’s first stop was outside to the backyard. Scanning the area, Raven wasn’t in the pool, nor in her usual spot on the grass with her mats laid out. Heading back inside, she roamed through the downstairs, Raven nowhere to be found. Summer was pretty sure she hadn’t glanced over her. Raven had a pretty distinct style, compared to everyone else there.

Heading upstairs, she found the balcony empty. Peeking into some rooms, she found what appeared to be Jack and Lindsey’s bedrooms, before arriving at one last bedroom door.

Giving it a try, she was greeted by the familiar voice she was seeking. “Oops……guess I forgot to lock the door.” Raven said.

(Raven: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

Entering the room, Summer was met with an……unusual sight. Raven was sitting on the bed, a guy on the floor in front of her on his hands and knees, with her black polished toes and the front part of her foot lodged in his mouth.

He froze up upon realizing someone had come in, but Raven firmly told him “Don’t let that stop you. Keep sucking.”, adding an edge to her voice.

“Um……is he okay?” Asked Summer, standing there in confusion.

“Oh yes. In fact, he’s paying me for it. Aren’t you?” Raven said, retracting her foot from his mouth, creating a slurping sound.

“Y-yes Raven.” He replied, embarrassed to be admitting it in front of someone else.

Slipping her foot back into his mouth, Raven smugly told Summer “I don’t just provide this kind of treatment to anyone, for free. Well, outside of a match, anyway.”

“What you brought you up here……..to do this.” Summer questioned.

“Lindsey let’s me use this guest room for my little ‘sessions’, during the parties.” Raven explained. “How about you?”

“Um, I just wanted to say hello……while I’m here, but I didn’t know I’d be interrupting-“ Summer began.

“Oh, you’re fine.” Raven replied. “You must’ve looked through this whole party to find me though…….I’m honored.” She joked.

“Yeah, pretty much.” Summer replied with a small laugh.

“Want a turn?” Raven asked her, glancing down to her ‘victim’. “It feels good if you give it a chance.”

“Uhm, no, I think I’m good.” Summer replied with an awkward smile. “You can have him.”

“Your loss.” Raven shrugged. “Anyway, tomorrow’s your tournament match, right? If you didn’t fight yet, you must be the only one left by now.” Raven said.

“Oh. Yeah……it is.” Summer answered. Truthfully, it’d slipped her mind. She hadn’t gotten a chance to really stop and think about it, but now that she was, she was the only one left on her team now that Charlotte had gone and lost tonight. Their lead would be down to 1 now……..

“You ready for it?” Raven asked, pulling Summer from her thoughts.

“Yeah, I hope so.” Summer replied.

“If not, we can still probably squeeze in a little practice match tonight.” Raven offered.

“No way! I saw what you did to Harper! That’s more likely to get me hurt for tomorrow than it is to get me ‘ready’. Summer laughed.

“Mmm, maybe I’d be more gentle with you……if you begged well enough.” Raven joked with a grin.

“But really, thanks for the offer.” Summer smiled, getting a nod back from Raven. “I guess I’ll let you get back to your……session, now.” She laughed. “Was nice seeing you.”

“Same here.” Raven casually replied, as Summer stepped out of the room and shut the door behind her, leaving them to their ‘business’.

After hanging out on her own for a little while, Summer rejoined Melissa, as the night began to wear on, and the party slowly began to wind down.

“Hey, I found Raven.” Summer told her.

“That’s nice.” Melissa replied, seeming quite a bit…….different, now.

“She reminded me of something, actually. I kind of forgot about it for a bit. Tomorrow’s my night.”

“Why……..for what?” A drunk Melissa asked.

“Um, to wrestle?” Summer lightly laughed. “Remember?”

“Oh…..yeah.” Said Melissa. “Against…….Skylar.”

“Wait. I’m facing Skylar?!” Summer asked in surprise. It should’ve been obvious, but she hadn’t thought about it enough to realize Skylar was the only one left on Clara’s team.

“Yep. Tomorrow you……crush her, and we finally win the damn thing.” Melissa answered, completely oblivious to Summer’s reaction in her current state.

“Oh……wow.” Summer said, sort of lost for words, in shock. She was really going to have to wrestle her best friend-, or ex best friend…….between her own thoughts, busy recent days, and Melissa’s thoughts on it, she wasn’t sure what they were right now.

But…..she was going to have to wrestle Skylar with the tournament just about on the line, as the difference between winning it for them or completely blowing their lead and allowing Clara’s team to tie it up.

Quiet, she remained at Melissa’s side, continuing to think about it.

A while later, the party had come to an end, and it was now deep into the night.

This time, Summer was letting Melissa crash with her. Ever since Melissa had brought it to her attention, though, Summer struggled to stop thinking about the fact that she’d be fighting Skylar within hours.

Joining her on the bed as they were about to go to sleep, the room dark, Summer teasingly asked “Do you have to drink so much at every party?”

“Why else would you…….go.” Answered Melissa.

Summer gave a small sigh, a faint smile coming to her face. She was glad she stayed sober tonight. “Goodnight.” She said.

“Hold on.” Melissa said quietly, shifting towards Summer for a moment, and giving her a small hug.

Caught off guard, Summer barely had a chance to reciprocate before it was over.

“I…..needed that.” Melissa whispered. “Night.”

For a moment, Summer just laid there in surprise. She could actually be sweet once she drank her walls down.

Then, her thoughts drifted back to Skylar, and the coming match. Luckily though, after a few minutes, her mind shut off.

And she drifted off to sleep.

End Of Part 32.

- A one part Night 7. Sorry if anyone actually got excited for Colleen Vs Charlotte, for a moment there, but I decided it was a good time to not only break up the monotony of tournament match after tournament match, again, but also to get some F/M action in there again, as well. You’ll get a full Charlotte match at some point after this arc.

I figured it would’ve gone down as the least interesting matchup in this arc, anyway, not just because of the obvious result and it being F/F, but because there’s really no storylines between them.

- Next Up, a big one. Summer Vs Skylar in Night 8, and new model pics for both of them will be coming along with it.
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Yes! The best story makes a comeback!
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I can’t believe it took me this long to find this story! Love it!
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