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Old 16-Dec-18, 17:58
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Default Facesit Roleplay Ideas?

(There have been a couple threads dedicated to RP ideas, but hopefully this one is different since its more specific)

I've had a couple sessions in the past, mainly involving smothers, and facesitting, but I haven't really tried any roleplaying yet. It seems like it could be fun, though if I do try it, it most likely will be without costumes or anything fancy, depending on whom I session with.

Ideally, it would be a RP involving a lot of smothering and buttworship, but I've struggled coming up with a good "plot." Here are a few ideas that I've been thinking of:

1. I work as a massage therapist, and the session wrestler acts as a customer. During the massage, I accidentally massage her butt too enthusiastically. She decides to punish me by facesitting me and having me worship her butt.

2. I'm a celebrity and she is an overenthusiastic fan. She hugs (and unintentionally breast smothers) me and I have to try to escape. (Not too fond of this idea, since I feel like it'll probably be pretty stagnant.)

3. Maybe a teacher/student or boss/employee situation, though I haven't given much thought to this.)

Please let me know if you have any good ideas for a facesit RP session or if you've had any great roleplays like this in the past. Thank you.
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Old 18-Dec-18, 07:20
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Default Re: Facesit Roleplay Ideas?

Have a look at this post..one of my best facesitting sessions. Ideally visit Lina in Bournemouth UK for the real experience.

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Old 18-Dec-18, 09:09
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Default Re: Facesit Roleplay Ideas?

I've never had much luck with roleplay in sessions. I like sessions, and many of the ladies are kind of fantasies to me already, so I never really got the role play thing down. I tried a few times.

The downside to a roleplay face-sit, is when she's sitting, you mostly can't talk, so it's pretty one sided. I think the best would probably be the "give me the information or suffer" kind of approach.

I had a great face sitting session with a NYC dominatrix, who wasn't around long. I don't even remember her name, but she smelled great. Strong and pungent, but not over the top and a great ass, kind of looked like Lia lebow a little, but with 10 or 15 lbs of padding added and she was able to do a complete smother where I couldn't breath at all.

I'd tap and she'd stay for 10 seconds past tap. I've tried that with other ladies after her and it never worked cause I wanted to breath too much and it stopped being fun, but that one time, with her it was an amazing hour.

I guess, other than that you can try to play the game where she wants to and you don't want her to, but I never understood that approach. It's like the guy in the video who complains about a body scissor when he's enjoying it. If I want the lady to sit on me, I don't like pretending I don't want it, so the whole game for me is that I want it, and she stays longer than I want her to.

One or two ladies who've facesat me have joked about farting, which can be a fun little comment. Neither of them did.

Not sure that helps, it's all pretty basic, but it's all I've got.
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Old 18-Dec-18, 12:05
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Default Re: Facesit Roleplay Ideas?

I tried some roleplaying for the first time last weekend, and I have to say, I enjoyed it immensely. It's a little silly - you're acting out scenarios that would never go this way in real life, like you're in some kind of fun but odd universe where getting scissored and smothered by hot women is a common occurrence - but it adds an interesting element.

I did two roleplays, though one was more involved than the other. The first had me playing the part of an unruly slave, challenging his mistress for freedom. The deal was that, if she couldn't submit me ten times in an hour, I'd go free. If she could, I'd remain hers and she'd spend the rest of the hour playing with me at will. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your view) She racked up the submissions pretty quick, and I wound up spending the lion's share of the hour at her service, admitting how stupid I'd been. Lots of smother involved, reverse and forward, and ass worship, among other things. Good times.

The second thing we did was an interrogation scene, playing as spies, her grilling me on the location of my partner. Not too much facesitting with this one, more of a beatdown, but I do want to point out something that might interest you: I used a blindfold, and I was very pleased with how much it added to the session, especially with the facesits. Never knowing what's coming, always in darkness, even more helpless than usual...it's a rush, and something I want to incorporate into future sessions. I don't see too much sensory deprivation with mixed wrestling stuff, and I'd love to experiment more in that area.

As for other potential scenarios, I've been brainstorming a bit lately on stuff to do, including facesit related things. One scenario that appeals to me is the idea of having a mistress training her slave to win a facesitting competition, or to break some kind of facesitting world record (which doesn't seem to be a thing, sadly, tried to look it up) For more ideas, I'd actually go to a place like facesittingvixen, if they're still around, and check out some of their videos. I stopped paying much attention to them a while ago, but now that I think about it, they did have some neat little ideas for their scenarios.
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Old 19-Dec-18, 20:42
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Default Re: Facesit Roleplay Ideas?

All the hundreds of face sitting sessions I’ve had have been told play. It’s really for you to decide what role play excites you - no one else can really come up with it, use your imagination!
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Old 20-Dec-18, 17:30
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Default Re: Facesit Roleplay Ideas?

The other night Mister Harding put on a mask and came in through the bedroom window while I was reading. The roleplay ended with fantasy wrestling and me sitting on his face.
We've also done interrogation play that involved facesitting.
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