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Taekwondo Punished by Mariska Den Bosch

Punished by Mariska Den Bosch

Mlador Leon was quite a harsh person to deal with. Being in his early twenties with brown hair and green eyes, he solved all of his problems with violence. He never hesitated to punch someone unconscious with a devastating hit if that person was bothering him. Being around 183 centimetres tall with compact muscles unmatched by most people, Mlador Leon could do as he pleased.

Since his childhood, Mlador Leon enjoyed action films. Seeing a large number of people shooting at each other with fully automatic guns and throwing grenades was something he enjoyed watching. However, action films started to bore him more and more in his teens. He then switched to watching violent road rage footage on the Internet, execution videos and all sorts of violence that you could find on the Internet. Ultimately, even this started to bore him. After seeing the 17 minute footage of the Christchurch shooter in New Zealand, Mlador Leon got excited. "Finally", he said out loud, "some good stuff!" He watched that video dozens of time with big eyes and a watering mouth.

Mlador Leon joined the army when he was 18 years old. He was extremely determined, learned how to handle guns very quickly, hit all of his targets with an accuracy unmatched by anyone else in the army and basically was the best soldier by far in the whole French Hexagon. He loved fully automatic guns with high caliber bullets. He could lock into many targets simultaneously and neutralised them in a matter of a seconds. Physically he was also either the strongest or one of the strongest men in the whole country. He could throw his whole body into the air with just his arms and always won fights with fellow soldiers. His impressive capabilities earned him a place in the French special forces, where he was also the monster of the team.

However, there was something that was bothering Mlador Leon. Every day he was shooting at wooden targets that didnít scream or bleed. Every day he was training in several simulators that didnít simulate the human screams, blood and torn off limbs that he yearned for. All shooting simulators simply removed the target from sight when it was hit. It also bothered Mlador Leon that he was never being sent on a mission. After all, there arenít that many countries that France was at war with, and the NATO drills near the Russian borders were merely muscle flexing rather than something that evolved into some action. Inside France itself there is lots of crime and unrest compared to other European nations, especially in the cities. After the terrorist attack against Charlie Hebdo, there was nothing that Mlador Leon yearned more than single-handedly carrying out a massacre among the Islamic population of France, but as much as Mlador Leon hated those people, he was never sent on a mission to do any of that sort of thing. Instead, he was stuck with boring simulators, shooting at wood and climbing artificial obstacles.

There were some predictions made by Klaas van Rensburg and Billy Meier about an upcoming World War III in which Europe and especially France would be the battlefield. Unfortunately for Mlador Leon, that war hasnít started yet, so there was nothing for him to enjoy. "Theyíd better start that FUCKING war soon. The boredom is killing me!", he grunted.

Mlador Leon honestly considered moving to a place where he could participate in a war, but neither of all options felt appealing. In Eastern Ukraine, the war was pretty much over with the Minsk agreement. In Kosovo, there was unrest, but not an all out war yet. In Syria, the situation has become quiet, with ISIS being defeated. There seemed to be a war coming between India and Pakistan, but it turned out to be false alarm. Yemen did appeal to him somewhat, but not enough to actually go there and fight, although he was considering moving to Yemen to kill some Saudis.

Despite of Mlador Leonís sadistic side, he was actually a man of honour. When someone helped him, he felt obligated to repay that person the debt by doing something in return.

Suddenly, without anyone in the special forces expecting it, a brown-haired woman joined the special forces. Beautiful brown hair fell to her shoulders, but her facial expression was deadly serious and even intimidating. On top of that, she also had a somewhat muscular body, but in no way could she physically compete with any other soldier in the special forces. While most men kept quiet about the fact that a female companion joined their team, Mlador Leon openly expressed his disgust: "What is a bitch like you doing in our team? Go back to the kitchen or something", Mlador Leon told her.

Turning her glare to Mlador Leon, the woman forcefully said: "You go to the kitchen. I am here to defend France!"

"Hah! "Defend". If our countryís destiny depended on people like you, we might as well change our national language to Arabic and raise the ISIS flag right now! How did you even pass the admission tests?", Mlador Leon scornfully said.

"Well, I ran the obstacle course in less than 7 minutes. I hit all my targets in the green ma..."

"What do you mean "less than 7 minutes?". The absolute minimum to be even allowed in the regular army is 5 minutes, and the special forces need to be be able to do it in less than 3 minutes." Mlador Leon interrupted her.

"Ha! Those are menís requirements. I am a woman, so you canít expect me to..." WWHAAMMPP!! Mlador Leonís fist hit the womanís face, instantly breaking her jaw, forcing her to fall back into the air and crashing into the ground with a hard, audible sound. As a result of the punch, she lay unconscious on the ground with a dislocated jaw and a pile of blood.

"Stupid bitch", Mlador Leon said. "This feminised shithole country is doomed." 7 other soldiers saw this happened and watched the whole event with a gulp. They were shocked as to what happened in front of their eyes. "People with an IQ lower than 140 should be removed from the gene pool", Mlador Leon said before walking away. Other soldiers hurried to check if the woman was okay. It appeared that "Marie Cosque" was her name.

Several days passed since this "incident". Marie Cosque was in the process of healing her jaw, although she was planning on leaving the special forces. She considered Mlador Leon to be a complete psychopath. She also filed a complaint against him, but nothing happened as a result of that complaint. The reason behind this was that everyone was afraid of Mlador Leon. A second reason might be that, although everyone shit their pants at the idea of angering of Mlador Leon, the army staff also valued him due to his exceptional shooting skills. Having him go to prison would be highly undesirable in case they needed him for a mission.

"Oh my God, who did this to you?", a concerned woman with dirty blonde hair asked Marie Cosque. "A complete psychopath, sadist and misogynistic man.", Marie Cosque responded.

"You donít meanÖ Mr Leon?"

"Yes! Thatís him! He hated me for joining the special forced because of my gender. When I tried to explain to him that I passed all the required tests, he simply knocked me unconscious! That man must be stopped! He is putting France at shame!"

"IÖ agree.", the girl from Dutch descent said. "I will teach him a lesson!"
"Thank you", Marie Cosque said.

---------------------The next day-------------------------

As Mlador Leon was shooting at a target while being blindfolded, he felt the aura of a vengeful girl approaching. Feeling how much anger she had in her, Mlador Leon grew excited. "This is going to be fun!", he thought to himself, before shooting at his target and hitting the red dot while still being blindfolded.

"Excuse me, mister Leon, but can I have a talk with you?", the woman said.
"About what?", Mlador Leon asked, even though he could guess what it was about.
"About your behaviour in this facility.", the woman said.
"Scram", Mlador Leon said.
"You think you are a tough guy because you know how to handle a gun, but you are just a coward with a dangerous toy. You always injure people through surprise attacks, because you know that you wonít last in a fair fight."

"Just name one person that you think I cannot beat in unarmed combat, and I will fucking kill him with my bare hands!", Mlador Leon said with an angry tone.

"Me, Mariska Den Bosch. Meet me in the gym when you are ready to receive your punishment. Keep in mind that I will not go easy on you." Then the Dutch girl walked back to where she came from.

Mlador Leon stood there perplexed, his heart making a jump. A few moments he stood there paralysed. "Who is this woman?", he finally thought. "So confident, so fearless. What the hell is happening here?" From her energy field, Mlador Leon could tell that she meant what she said.

Being 23 years old, Mlador Leon had never been in love. Girls that other guys considered "beautiful", were just skeletons with a thick layer of make-up for Mlador Leon. His hard and sadistic nature drove all girls away from him, but he wasnít interested in those fragile, emotional driven creatures anyway. Even the most muscular, buff and sporty types of girls showed fear when being confronted with Mlador Leon. Girls just werenít his thing. He also never understood how people could enjoy pornography. Those images always disgusted him.

Now, however, he felt as if a hand lifted his heart a few centimetres. He took off his blindfold and looked to his right. The girl was gone. For some reason, Mlador Leon really wanted to see her. He wanted to see what she looked like. He wanted to know more about her. He wanted to see her undauntedness. But, despite of his wish to accept her proposal, he did not have any desire to hurt this girl. He didnít want to kill her, nor injure her. This is something that Mlador Leon has felt for the first time in his life.

"Is thisÖ What human beings feel when they are in love?", he thought. He put on his blindfold again to finish shooting the platforms, but after having put up the blindfold again, he couldnít raise his arm. He also didnít know where to aim. Where he can normally sense the presence and positions of living beings and objects without looking, he was now blinded by not just the blindfold, but by a strange feeling inside of him as well. In his mind, he replayed the conversation with that girl from memory. "Mariska..." he quietly said to himself. His whole world became engulfed with her voice and attitude. "Meet me at the gym", she said, "but she didnít specify the time. Is she expecting me to come right now?"

Not being able to withstand his curiosity any longer, Mlador Leon dropped his semi-automatic gun and walked to the right side, where he had heard the girlís voice. Walking past a fellow soldier, that soldier noticed a total different facial expression from Mlador Leon, but he was too afraid to make a remark about it. Mlador Leon finally walked past the reception of the gym and asked the woman who was sitting there: "Did a Dutch girl by the name of Mariska Den Bosch pass by?"

"Yes, she is expecting you in hall 3F.", the woman kindly responded.

Mlador Leon then started walking again, up to hall 3F. "Fuck, nobody ever trains in hall 3F. I forgot it even existed.", Mlador Leon quietly said to himself while running down the hallways and running up the stairs to reach 3F. Finally there, he entered a spacious gym with lots of pink and blue mats on the ground. Looking around, he saw a woman standing there in a white gi with a black belt around her waist. She had an elegant face with high cheekbones and long dirty-blonde hair that was tied up in a ponytail. Her blue eyes looked pretty penetrating, as if she could see right through you. Looking down, Mlador Leon saw her bare feet. Her feet were without nail polish, a tiny lump at the side of the big toe (almost unnoticeable) and a second toe that was slightly longer than the big toe, although the big toe was considerably thicker. Her feet were considered to be very cute by many men, but Mlador Leon couldnít care less about it. He just looked at it because it was all he could see about her: her head, hands and feet.

Something about the way this woman looked at him, made him pretty sure that this must have been the girl that spoke to him, Mariska Den Bosch.

"You must be Mariska, right?", Mlador Leon asked.
"That is right, Mlador. I am glad you decided to come so quickly. I hate waiting.", the girl said.
"So what was this "punishment" that you were talking about? Are you going to badmouth me for knocking out a whiny bitch?", Mlador Leon said.
"Oh, you will found out soon enough. But first, take off your shoes. Then meet me on the mat.", Mariska said.

Mlador Leon hated following orders. He was always the rebellious type, although he very strictly followed instructions during training missions to impress other people. Just the idea that everything his fellow soldiers did, he could do better, added to his confidence. Unfortunately, Mlador Leon used his gifted abilities to abuse people he didnít like, due to his high level of aggressiveness.

But, there was a difference between following orders of the command during a mission to impress the rest of the military staff, and following the orders of a bossy girl that thinks highly of herself. Despite of this, Mlador Leonís curiosity was higher than his principles of not obeying other people, so he took off his shoes and wanted to walk to the mat, but then figured that his grip on the mat was better if he was barefoot, so then he took off his socks as well and walked to the mat.

Mariska Den Bosch then spoke up: "Your punishment will be a severe beating from me, followed by some final humiliating to both avenge your mistreatment of Marie Cosque and to adjust your attitude by adding a hint of humility in your behaviour towards other people in this facility."

This was some talk that Mlador Leon would never accept from anyone. However, his heart made a new jump after hearing these words. Rather than anger or aversion, a surge of excitement went through his body. Mlador Leon never experienced this bodily reaction from himself. "What is happening to me?", he thought while failing to suppress a slight manic laugh while staring Mariska Den Bosch in her eyes.

"This is going to be fun", he said. "Give me a challenge!", he then exclaimed.
"I honestly donít think that this is going to be much of a challenge, Mlador", Mariska Den Bosch said while bowing for him. Feeling some kind of obligation to mimic her move, Mlador Leon decided to bow for her as well.

Raising her hands in a fighting position, Mlador Leon raised his arms as well. Mariska Den Bosch approached Mlador Leon and feinted a jab at Mlador Leonís face and then quickly followed up with a jab to his stomach. *WHAMP* Her fist connected solidly with Mlador Leonís stomach, resulting in him giving a grunt. Mlador Leon felt the impact. "That punch was hard! She is stronger than she looks!", the thought to himself. Mlador Leon then approached Mariska Den Bosch to punch her face. Mlador Leonís punch was blocked by Mariskaís forearm. Frustrated about the fact that Mariska Den Bosch could block his punches so quickly, Mlador Leon landed a large series of hard punches to Mariska Den Bosch. Mariska Den Bosch blocked 7 of them, but the last one connected with her shoulder. **BAM** Mlador Leon couldnít help but notice the hard surface his fist hit when it connected with her shoulder. She also didnít grunt or show any other sign of pain when Mlador Leon hit her shoulder.

Mariska Den Bosch did take a step backwards, resulting Mlador Leon in thinking that she still got scared because of that hit. When Mlador Leon approached Mariska Den Bosch again, Mariska Den Bosch suddenly turned around, jumped from one foot to the other and blasted her bare sole deep into the stomach of Mlador Leon. **WHAMP** Mlador Leon doubled over in pain. The kick came so quickly that he didnít even tense his abdominal muscles to brace for impact. Being in this temporal weakened state, Mariska Den Bosch gave a hard chop to Mlador Leonís neck, resulting in him temporarily losing control over his body. *BUMP* The chop with her hand sent a shockwave of pain through his entire body, but Mlador Leon remained on his feet. Before fully having regained his composure, the upper side of Mariskaís bare foot was flying to his cheek. *BLOCK* Blocking her shin with his forearm, Mlador Leon couldnít help but feel the impact of her incredibly solid kick. His forearms could take a lot, but this kick genuinely hurt his forearm. Mlador Leon didnít want to waste any time and delivered an extremely powerful punch to Mariska Den Boschí chest. **WHAMP** Mlador Leon used his whole body for the punch. Mariska Den Bosch quickly put up her arm to block this punch, but only her hand was quick enough for catch Mlador Leonís punch. **WHAMP** The power behind the punch prevented Mariska Den Bosch of successfully blocking it, so her own hand flew to her breasts with Mlador Leonís fist behind it, throwing Mariska Den Bosch 30 centimetres backwards with lots of pain in both her hand and her chest.

"Owwww!!!", Mariska Den Bosch screamed. "You asshole!"
Mlador Leon looked at her without any emotion or care. Then he casually said: "You started this, stupid bitch!"

Despite of the chance that Mlador Leon had of quickly following up Mariska Den Bosch with some extra punches and finishing the job, Mlador Leon didnít want to use her weakened state to his advantage. "I am a man of honour", he always said about himself, meaning that he never hurt people who were defenseless or who surrendered.

After that Mariska Den Bosch angrily said: "I was just going to punch and kick you around until you begged me to stop to show you that you are not invincible, but now you are really going to get it!", she said, trying to hold back her tears.

Not responding to these desperate bluffs, Mlador Leon just stood there, waiting for Mariska Den Bosch to recover from her sore chest so that she could fight again. After a while, Mariska Den Bosch, having recovered in a matter of seconds, approached Mlador Leon again. This time, she feinted a kick to Mlador Leonís balls. Quickly using both of his hands to protect his balls, the actual kick was being delivered to his face. A dirty, calloused female sole with pulled back toes approached his face until impact. ***WHAMP***

A solid sole crashed into Mlador Leonís lips and chin, resulting in him staggering back a few steps, instantly touching his lips to see if it started bleeding. It did. Then, before realising it, Mariska Den Bosch stood just before him, grabbed his hand, turned her back to him and thenÖ "Whoah!", Mlador Leonís left the ground as he was being thrown to the ground over Mariska Den Boschís shoulder. Crashing on his back with a hard thud **WHUMP**, Mlador Leon was both surprised and slightly disoriented. Wasting no time whatsoever, Mariska Den Bosch went down to grab Mlador Leonís arm, but before she could apply her hold on him, Mlador Leon pulled his arm back with all of his might. Mlador Leon was surprised at how hard this was: this girl was stronger than he expected. But, Mlador Leon wasnít the only one who was surprised. Mariska Den Bosch could also hardly believe how someone could be this strong. Nobody ever broke free after both of her hands solidly grabbed a wrist. Yet, that is what Mlador Leon just did. Immediately after freeing his arm Mlador Leon used the fist of that same arm to punch away Mariska Den Boschís hands with his knuckles. **BAM** Mariska Den Boschís hand immediately felt the pain and Mlador Leon stood up. Mariska Den Bosch tried to deliver a devastating kick to Mlador Leonís clavicle, but Mlador Leon turned around in time, resulting in his shoulder being kicked instead. **BAM** This also hurt Mlador Leon, but not as much as it would have if that foot of hers managed to hit his clavicle. Mlador Leon stood up and looked at an overly surprised Mariska Den Bosch with big eyes. Mlador Leon looked with eyes of excitement.

"You know, this is kind of fun!", Mlador Leon said. "At least you are giving me a challenge!"

A highly frustrated Mariska Den Bosch didnít know how to react to this and instead decided to approach Mlador Leon again to kick him. This time, Mariska Den Bosch quickly turned around, feinted a kick to Mlador Leonís face with the instep of her foot, then elegantly turned around again, tensed her legs and blasted her sole into Mlador Leonís stomach. **WHAMP** Mlador Leon immediately doubled over in pain again, after which Mariska Den Bosch swiftly lifted her leg again and his time kicked Mlador Leonís cheek with the toes and instep of her foot, resulting in Mlador Leonís face knocking to the side. **BOCK** Mlador Leon felt the devastating impact against his cheek and felt disoriented again, especially because this kick came right after the sore stomp into his stomach. Mariska Den Bosch, not wasting any time, jumped on the foot that just delivered the kick and powered her other foot in the air with pulled back toes. Just when Mlador Leon turned his head to face Mariska Den Bosch, the ball of her foot hit the underside of his chin, **WHAMP**, knocking his head up violently and resulting in Mlador Leon losing balance and falling on his butt. Mlador Leon was surprised at which speed Mariska Den Bosch could deliver these powerful kicks, but also at the powerful impact these kicks had. As Mariska Den Bosch approached Mlador Leon for further punishment, Mlador Leon fell on his back, quickly made a turn on the ground and powerfully kicked forward with both feet against Mariska Den Boschís right shin, were most of her weight was centered as that moment. **WHAMP** Mariska Den Bosch immediately fell forwards uncontrollably. Trying to catch her fall with her hands, Mlador Leonís reflexes were faster. A solid punch to her forehead made Mariska Den Bosch lose consciousness. **WHAMP**

After that devastating punch, Mariska Den Boschís head fell on Mlador Leonís stomach. Laying there unconscious, Mlador Leon carefully lay down Mariskaís head on the ground and then stood up himself. He then looked at Mariska Den Bosch. She looked like a sleeping baby; like a little girl who just fell asleep. Mlador Leon walked around her and noticed that he actually liked the sight. "She looks pretty cute from this angle", he had to admit to himself. It almost made him sorry for punching her unconscious. The bare soles of her feet were also exposed, which looked rather dirty. It was a strange contrast: clean and good looking on the upper part, but so rough and dirty on the other side. The thick layer of calluses made Mlador Leon suspect that Mariska Den Bosch was among the women who could walk and run on rough terrains without getting sore feet. It also meant that she could deliver devastating kicks without hurting her feet in the process.

When Mariska Den Bosch woke up, she noticed that she was laying on a very soft surface. Especially her head felt softness. Not having fully recovered yet, she looked around, seeing that she was in the corner of a sports hall, laying on a mattress with a pillow underneath her head. A terrible pain came to her head, after which she started blinking, fearing that she might loose it again. Finally, she managed in staying focused. She saw a glass of water on a bench next to her. Then a man approached her, saying: "Good thing you woke up. I prepared a glass of water for you. Drink it."

Incredulously, Mariska Den Bosch looked at the glass of water, her memory of what happened slowly getting back to her. Finally, she swept her arm and deliberately hit the glass of water with the knuckle of her fist, throwing the glass against the wall and thereby pulverising it, breaking the glass and creating a wet spot on the wall and the floor. "What the hell did you do that for?", Mlador Leon loudly said, to which Mariska Den Bosch almost screamed "Poisoned!" Mlador Leon just stood there, looking at Mariska Den Bosch ardently, finally saying: "That was cold and fresh tap water. Tap water is safe to drink in France." "NO, ITíS FUCKING NOT!", Mariska Den Bosch screamed in anger. "French tap water is chlorinated, but you must have added something to it yourself as well!"
"Not reallyÖ But you can get some water yourself if you really donít trust me."
"NO! I will kick you ass first!", Mariska Den Bosch said, standing up. The anger grew in her with every second that passed by, thinking back to how she got knocked out. "I became careless due to overconfidence. I shouldnít have dropped my guard with a trained person like him. He is dangerous!", Mariska Den Bosch thought to herself. Then, however, she started thinking: "How did I end up on a mattress? And why did Mlador Leon give me a glass of water? Why didnít he just kill me when he had the chance?" She looked at the way Mlador Leon stood there, self-assured, strong, yet caring. When his gaze turned to her, Mariska Den Bosch quickly turned looked away, blushing. Her heart rate increased uncontrollably. "IÖ what is happening to me? Ö This manÖ HeÖ"

"Donít expect any sympathy from me, stupid bitch! The only reason I didnít kill you, was because I wanted some more fun fighting you. Either stand up and fight me, either you get out of here and never come back!", Mlador Leon suddenly said, as if reading her mind. These words brought Mariska Den Bosch back to reality with a shock, making her stop blushing in an instant and stabilising her heart rate within seconds. "I forgot what an asshole it was...", Mariska Den Bosch said to herself, cursing herself for letting her emotions get the better of her for a short moment.

While walking to the centre of the mat, Mariska Den Bosch walked right through the glass she just broke. Her feet, not being damaged by the least, continued walked to the centre. This surprised Mlador Leon, thinking "How is she not in pain after this?". Mariska Den Bosch then once again bowed for Mlador Leon. Mlador Leon mimicked her move. Mlador Leon and Mariska Den Bosch started circling each other. Mlador Leon noticed that Mariska Den Bosch was visibly hesitant to make the first move. Because of this, he decided not to make the first move himself, but rather wait to see how long Mariska Den Bosch will take to take the initiative. After an awkward fighting "silence", since none of both did something, Mariska Den Bosch decided to feint a kick to Mlador Leonís balls. Immediately using both hands to block that kick, Mariska Den Bosch followed up with a devastating kick with the instep of her foot to Mlador Leonís head, between his forehead and temple. **BAM** Mlador Leon staggered sideways, feeling slightly disoriented with a sharp pain in his head and a high tone. Too late did Mlador Leon notice that Mariska Den Bosch was following him. When he did, Mariska Den Bosch already turned around and powered her the sole of her foot into the side of Mlador Leonís rib-cage with a sidekick. ***CRACK*** An audible crack was heard, followed by Mlador Leonís scream of pain. All the while, Mariska Den Bosch didnít retreat her foot, but held it there for almost 2 seconds more. Mlador Leon fell to his knees, feeling his rib-cage, worried about the damage that has been done to it. Probing the damage, an arm was wrapped around his neck from behind, which was then supported by the other arm. Then his head was being pushed into the crook of the arm that was wrapped around his neck, as more and more pressure was being applied. Mlador Leon immediately grabbed these arms in an attempt to free himself form this sleeper hold, but these arms were very strong and they didnít give a centimetre. Moreover, Mlador Leonís body grew weaker and weaker, attenuating his resistance. In a matter of seconds, his vision was being encircled by a ring of darkness. Slowly, Mlador Leonís whole body went limp.


Mlador Leon woke up with a horrible pain in his ribcage. When he looked up, he saw a rather strong-looking woman walking up to him. Mlador Leon immediately noticed her wide shoulders and her strong looking arms. A beautiful face looked at him, with dirty-blonde hair. Under a black sports bra, abdominal muscles were showing. Beneath, she had white, simple trousers and no shoes or socks. The woman walked up to him, put her foot on his chest and flexed her arms. Two mountains sprung up on her arms, resulting in Mlador Leon gulping in surprise. She really has muscular arms!

"Surprised, arenít you? These are the arms that put you away."

Mlador Leon, still having a foot on his sore chest, cursed himself for underestimating this girl. He never expected this girl to have such arm muscles. He imagined a skinny and agile girl who just knew some stupid tricks. What was this supposed to mean? Did she workout or something? There couldnít be any other explanation for her arms to be like this. It looked so solidÖ

"Impressive arms you have there, but it wonít be enough to AAAAAAAAAARRRRGHHHHHHH!!!!" Mlador Leon screamed out when Mariska Den Bosch pressed her foot against the sore part of his chest. A feeling as if his lung collapsed, he had to act quickly to defy this stupid bitch. For a moment, Mlador Leon seemed to relax, breathing out and laying down his head, as if he had lost hope. After Mariska Den Bosch removed her foot from his chest to put it on his face, Mlador Leon quicky turned around, kicked Mariska Den Boschís leg to let her fall **BAM** and quickly went to his hands and knees. Seeing how quickly Mariska Den Bosch was charging after him after falling down, Mlador Leon kicked backwards **BAM**, making Mariska Den Bosch hurt her right bicep, resulting in Mlador Leon gaining the chance to climb to his feet. Once standing, Mlador Leon turned around quickly and took a fighting stance, preparing him for any attack Mariska Den Bosch might initiate. Now, he was in a fighting stance. Now, he was in a position to defend himself. Now, he was invincible! :-D

AlthoughÖ Mlador Leon had to admit that the sight of a confident lady with a beautiful face, visibly powerful arms and shoulders that she has used to knock him out, combined with hardened and dirty bare feet, ready to demolish him, did raise some feelings. "Give it your best shot, madam!", he said. Without wasting any words to those remarks, Mariska Den Bosch approached him to finish what she started. Quickly jumping forwards, Mariska Den Bosch delivered two devastating punches to Mlador Leonís diaphragm. *WHUMP* *BAM* Before Mlador Leon could retaliate, Mariska Den Bosch jumped away. Mlador Leonís already sore chest almost drove him to the point of tears, but he held it. Feinting a punch to Mariska Den Boschís stomach with his left fist, his right fist solidly connected with Mariska Den Boschís forehead **BAM**, resulting in her falling down to the ground, being in a state of semi-consciousness. Mlador Leon once again felt his ribs and couldnít help but being worried about the damage done to it. "She really must have broken something...", he thought. Waiting for Mariska Den Bosch to fully regain her consciousness, Mlador Leon noticed her looking at him with a very peculiar gaze. It was a gaze of having a million questions. Then, as she began to realise what happened, her gaze changed. Mariska Den Bosch stood up and cautiously approached Mlador Leon, intending to quickly finish this fight. Mlador Leon prepared for the fight as well. Mariska Den Bosch jumped to one leg and swiftly delivered a kick to Mlador Leonís left cheek with the instep of her right foot **BAM**, resulting in Mlador Leonís head to be violently thrown to the right and disorienting him for a moment. When he turned back his face, a dirty foot with pulled back toes flew up to his face. ***CRACK*** Instantly flattening and breaking his nose with the ball of her foot, Mlador Leon fell backwards while losing consciousness.


Upon waking up, Mlador Leon saw a powerful woman standing there that he presumed to be Mariska Den Bosch. She was still in the same attire as before. The woman looked really powerful from this position. Then she walked up to Mlador Leon and harshly put her foot on Mlador Leonís face, including his nose and mouth. This put Mlador Leon though pain, since his nose was broken and therefore not used to this level of pressure. Mariska Den Boschís sole flattened Mlador Leonís nose, but he could still smell the stench from her foot.

"I will break you, Mlador, and I break you completely. I will destroy your body, health and ego, and I will crush your spirit, and I wonít stop until you completely surrender to me."

Wanting to protest, Mlador Leon took Mariska Den Boschís ankle in his hands to remove it from his face, but Mariska Den Bosch just put more power behind her foot, resulting in Mlador Leon grunting in pain and preventing him from being able to remove her foot.

"If you want to submit, then kiss my foot.", Mariska Den Bosch said.

Mlador Leon wanted to protest, but upon opening his mouth, all he did was making Mariska Den Boschís dirty, hard sole press against his teeth. Immediately tasting the salt from her foot, Mlador Leon desperately wanted to get that foot from his face. In a swift movement, he threw up his legs and kicked the lower part of Mariska Den Boschís thigh with both feet, resulting in Mariska Den Bosch losing balance and having to jump backwards to prevent falling. Mlador Leon used Mariska Den Boschís temporary lack of balance to deliver a second kick, resulting in Mariska Den Bosch to lose her balance and fall to her side. Immediately, Mlador Leon jumped Mariska Den Bosch to straddle her. Sitting on Mariska Den Boschís stomach and grabbing her hands to keep her under control did not turn out to be easy, since Mariska Den Bosch squirmed very hard to get free from this position. Mlador Leon once again noticed how strong her arms were. "Impressive", he thought, "especially for a woman!" He really had to put lots of power in his arms to keep hers restrained. Mlador Leon also couldnít fail to notice how cute Mariska Den Boschís face looked when she was struggling to get free. Despite her fanatic efforts and even multiple attempts of catching Mlador Leonís face with her feet, she couldnít throw Mlador Leon off of her. Due to Mariska Den Boschís firm resistance, Mlador Leon couldnít go in for the choke, and Mariska Den Boschís own arms were too strong for Mlador Leon to use to choke her. He was basically in a position where he couldnít do much with Mariska Den Bosch. After a while, Mariska Den Bosch stopped struggling and looked Mlador Leon straight in the eyes. Looking innocent, she pouted her lips when mimicking a kiss, signing Mlador Leon that she wanted to kiss him. Mlador Leon couldnít reach her face with his lips without seating himself more backwards, so he did just that. Sitting on her thighs and wrapping his own thighs around hers in case she started squirming again, Mlador Leon lowered his face to Mariska Den Boschís to kiss her. Just before he could kiss her, Mariska Den Bosch snatched her arms free, wrapped them around Mlador Leonís neck and applied all the power that her arms could muster. Mlador Leon instantly tried to grab Mariska Den Boschís hands to free himself. When he finally succeeded in doing so, Mariska Den Bosch relinquised one arm and used the other one to apply a guillotine choke on Mlador Leon. Quickly trying to get his head out of this arm, Mlador Leon wasnít quick enough, because before he could free himself, Mariska Den Bosch had used her other arm to reinforce the guillotine choke. In a flash, Mlador Leon used his arms to punch Mariska Den Bosch in her face. **WHAMP** Despite of Mlador Leon not seeing where Mariska Den Boschís face was, his punch hit her forehead and upper part of her nose instantly, making her dizzy and weakening her guillotine choke, allowing Mlador Leon to free himself. Once freed, Mlador Leon jumped back on Mariska Den Boschís stomach and wanted to give Mariska Den Bosch another devastating punch to her face. In a swift movement, Mariska Den Bosch used her arm to fend off the punch. Then she threw her legs up and caught Mlador Leon with her feet. Immediately, she brought Mlador Leon backwards, trapping Mlador Leonís neck between her feet. While both of them were struggeling, Mariska Den Bosch managed to get her legs around Mlador Leonís neck. Powering her legs shut, Mlador Leon had more and more trouble breathing. Prying at these legs in an attempt to free himself, Mlador Leon noticed that he couldnít even relieve the pressure. Two powerful pillars constricting his neck while only being able to look at the back of her legs covered in white pants and her heels, Mlador Leon started to grow weaker. His attempts of freeing himself became more and more feeble, while is vision was slowly getting darker and more blurry. After a while, the dark fog took away all his vision as he went limb.

************************************************** ***

Slowly, the light was getting back to Mlador Leon. Opening his eyes, his vision was a little bit foggy, but it became clearer with the second. Mlador Leonís right arm was stretched to his right and firmly held in that position, while his left arm was free. Mlador Leon looked to his right and saw white gi pants. A bare foot that was coming from those pants was resting on his chest. He tried to pull his right arm back, but he couldnít. It was firmly held in that position. Then, before fully realising what was going on, he heard an almost cheery female voice saying: "Ah ah, Mlador! Not before you submit to me!"

"WhaÖ submit? What the hell is going on here?", he said.

The bare foot on his chest was lifted and then its sole painfully pressed against Mlador Leonís broken nose and lips.

"Just submit to me by kissing my foot, and I will let you go!"

The strong odour of that foot quickly brought Mlador Leon back to reality. He was fighting a Dutch girl, who was avenging the fact that Mlador Leon injured a female friend of hers. Mlador Leon was just knocked out by a pair of strong female legs, and now that same woman had put him into an armbar!

Immediately, Mlador Leon tried to turn away his face to relieve his broken nose, and to allow him to speak. As he tried this, that foot followed his face and even rubbed over his face. This hurt Mlador Leon a lot, since his nose was broken and the sole of that foot was very hard. It felt like a lionís tongue, or splintered wood. Just when he got that horrible foot from his nose and mouth, the pressure on his right arm suddenly increased, making him grunt in pain.

"Youíd better do as I say, Mlador, because I will break your arm if you donít", Mariska Den Bosch said.

"Go fuck yourself, stupid BITCH!", Mlador Leon screamed in return, resulting in Mariska Den Bosch increasing the pressure a little bit, emitting new yelps of pain from Mlador Leon. Mariska Den Bosch pressed the sole of her foot into Mlador Leonís mouth as a gesture for him to start kissing it, but Mlador Leon once again ignored this non-verbal signal. Instead, Mlador Leon turned his head away from her foot, resulting in Mariska Den Boschís foot resting on Mlador Leonís cheek. Then she pushed her foot further, looking for Mlador Leonís broken nose, scrunched her toes with Mlador Leonís broken nose in it and brought forced Mlador Leonís head back to its initial position. This put Mlador Leonís nose through a horrible pain, and it also forced him to once again sense the horrible, sweaty smell of her foot. Relinquishing her hold of Mlador Leonís nose, Mariska Den Bosch pulled back the toes of her foot and held the ball of her foot above Mlador Leonís mouth, expecting a kiss, but Mlador Leon didnít move his lips. Even increasing the pressure on Mlador Leonís arm didnít help in forcing him to kiss her foot.

Eventually, Mariska Den Bosch grew frustrated. She threw her leg up and powered her foot full force into Mlador Leonís face. **WHAMP** This left a sharp feeling of pain in Mlador Leonís face, as well as a stinging sound and a feeling of dizziness. A new bleeding started from Mlador Leonís face, as well as an electric shock that seemed to go through his whole body. Mlador Leon felt that Mariska Den Bosch was about to ramp up the pressure on his arm, so he tried pulling his right hand back with all of his might, but he didnít have the leverage, and Mariska Den Bosch was a very strong girl anyway. With a final thrust of Mariska Den Boschís hips, an audible cracking sound was heard. **CRACK**

Mlador Leon immediately felt the agony and knew what has happened. "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!", he screamed with tears running down his face. "My arm! You broke my arm! How dare you breaking my arm?"

"I told you I would break your arm if you didnít do as I say", Mariska Den Bosch nonchalantly replied. "Now, for calling me a bitchÖ.", Mariska Den Bosch said while gripping Mlador Leonís right hand in both of her hands, she powered both hands together, resulting in a second audible cracking sound. **CRACK**

Breaking the base of Mlador Leonís right hand, he once again screamed out in pain. "AAARRGGGHHH!!! YOU FUCKING BITCH!!! YOU FUCKING BITCH!!! I WILL KILL YOU FOR THIS!!!"

In an impressive, but extremely painful movement, Mlador Leon rolled to Mariska Den Bosch and powered his left fist to her face. Immediately dodging that punch, Mariska Den Bosch let go of Mlador Leonís broken hand, allowing him to jerk his broken arm away, once again being exposed to hellish pain, followed by him standing up and walking away from Mariska Den Bosch. Mariska Den Bosch stood there perplexed. She couldnít figure out how someone with a broken arm could be this mobile. Didnít he feel any pain? Was he even human? What the hell just happened to her?

Wondering what might have allowed Mlador Leon to turn, throw a punch and jerk his broken arm away, despite of the fact that itís broken, Mlador Leon returned to Mariska Den Boschís vision with an iron bar in his left hand. Approaching her with a fierce look in his eyes, Mariska Den Bosch grew scared. Stepping backwards without realising it, she said: "WÖ.wait, that is cheating!", she said.

"Using the fact that someone is unconscious to your advantage is cheating. I didnít do that to you when you were unconscious, so why do this to me?", Mlador Leon asked. Looking for the right way to respond, Mariska Den Bosch thought to herself: "He does have a valid point...", but she responded with: "No weapons allowed!"

Ignoring that remark, Mlador Leon kept closing in on Mariska Den Bosch with the iron bar. In a flash, Mariska Den Bosch saw how she could use this to her advantage. An iron bar is heavy, so Mlador Leon canít swing that many times at her. Each swing will be relatively slow, and there will be a pause between each swing, allowing her to manoeuvre, dodge the iron bar and come with counterattacks before Mlador Leon has the chance to swing a second time. Especially given the fact that he has only one arm to hold the iron bar, he should be slow with this.

Preparing herself to dodge Mlador Leonís first swing, Mlador Leon didnít do anything. He just stood there with the iron bar in his left hand. Looking at Mlador Leonís eyes, Mariska Den Bosch felt a very strange vibration. Suddenly, as if someone pushed her, she fell backwards, landing on her back and instantly lifting her head to prevent her head form hitting the ground. "What the hell was that?", she loudly said. Attempting to stand up, Mariska Den Bosch lost her balance and fell once again. After several failed attempts at standing up, she just laid there, panting, confused. "Okay, I need to compose myself", Mariska Den Bosch thought. Trying to ignore her fears, increased heart rate and fatigue, she slowly but steadily stood up. Just when she was almost steady, an enormous steel bar hit the back of her head, immediately darkening her whole vision before she could even hit the ground. ****BAM****

Mlador Leon looked at Mariska Den Bosch laying on the ground, wondering if he actually killed her, or if she was still alive. Mlador Leon dropped the iron bar, walked up to the unconscious Mariska Den Bosch and felt her wrist to check whether he would feel a heart rate. He did. Then, picking up the iron bar with his left hand, Mlador Leon raised the iron bar and with one last, fatal swing powered the bar down on Mariska Den Boschís head. On the very last second, though, Mlador Leon deliberately hit the ground 3 centimetres next to Mariska Den Boschís head instead. ****DONG****

"I canít do this shit", he said himself. "My honour would be at stake if I did."

Instead, Mlador Leon waited for Mariska Den Bosch to regain her consciousness. In the mean time, Mlador Leon contemplated what he could do to start a civil war in France between moslems and non-moslems, wanting to be able to kill as many people as he could, as well as changing the political course of the country. "I...", he thought, "should just carry out a massacre among various mosques across the the whole hexagon. This will in turn infuriate the moslems to the point of intensifying the terrorist attacks against our people that they are already conducting, which will in turn motivate the French people into getting rid of this vermin". He also thought of how the French secret service would do everything in their power to assassinate him, thinking of a plan to outsmart the current authorities. "After all", Mlador Leon thought, "I will build a new France!" A gleeful look in his eyes and a broad smile on his face couldnít hide the slightest amount of excitement Mlador Leon had when overthinking all of his plans. He already had thought of a genius plan, which would either result in France ending with a completely different government, either it would split up France in several other nations with each their own idea of justice, but either way he was going to conduct his plan.

After half an hour of thinking, Mariska Den Bosch started to regain her consciousness. Regaining her consciousness was a slow process, though, because first, she started blinking her eyes many, many, MANY times, and then she started to look around the room. It took a good 10 minutes for her to realise where she was and what has happened. Mlador Leon noticed something odd about the way Mariska Den Bosch looked. Her left eye was normal, but her right eye was all red. Mlador Leon didnít want to show that he cared about this, so instead, he assumed the fighting position. Mariska Den Bosch, getting more and more furious with the second, finally said: "Now you are really going to get it!"

While Mariska Den Bosch was running at Mlador Leon, Mlador Leon quickly dodged her and then kicked her shin, resulting in Mariska Den Bosch losing balance and falling forward. Instantly, she used both hand to break the fall and quickly turned to her back with her feet towards Mlador Leon in case he wanted to kick her again. Mlador Leon indeed approached Mariska Den Bosch, but he didnít come close enough for her to get a good kick at him. Nervously, Mariska Den Bosch prepared to deliver a kick to Mlador Leonís balls if he came any closer. He didnít do that, however. Mariska Den Bosch was too afraid to change position, however, because she would be vulnerable if she attempted to stand up. Frustrated that Mlador Leon had her in such a vulnerable position without her being able to get out of it by standing up, she fully extended her right foot in an attempt to kick Mlador Leonís balls, but Mlador Leon saw this coming and jumped backwards just in time. In the wake of that moment, Mariska Den Bosch used the temporarily increased distance to jump to her feet. Once on her feet, she immediately turned to Mlador Leon while taking a fighting stance, making sure that the distance between her and Mlador Leon was large enough. Mlador Leon simply kept approaching her with a look in his eyes that made Mariska Den Bosch extremely nervous. Quickly composing herself, Mariska Den Bosch swiftly jumped to one leg and powered the instep of her foot to the right side Mlador Leonís head. ***BAM*** Mlador Leon awkwardly staggered a few steps backwards and to his left, almost falling, but quickly re-stabilising his stance. He couldnít use his right arm to block that kick, because that arm was broken. Just before Mlador Leon could retaliate, Mariska Den Bosch once again jumped on one foot while powering the sword of her other foot into Mlador Leonís chest. ***BAM*** Mlador Leon immediately staggered backwards and grabbed his chest with his left hand, immediately panicking that he couldnít breathe. An earlier kick of Mariska Den Bosch already broke something near his chest, so this kick had quite some impact. A scary feeling in his chest made him believe that Mariska Den Bosch might have seriously injured him with this kick. As if that was not enough, Mariska Den Bosch powered yet another kick with the sword of her foot, this time to Mlador Leonís throat. ***WHAMP*** This shut down Mlador Leonís throat, making it even harder for him to breathe. After a few seconds of suffocation, Mlador Leon laid down on the ground on his side. Finally, he could air through his throat again, but his chest was abandoning him. Scary images raced through Mlador Leonís mind at this point. However, yet another 5 seconds later, even this chest allowed some air to be taken in. Mlador Leon started breathing, but with pain. He totally ignored Mariska Den Bosch at this point. All of his focus went to breathing. Slowly, with each breath he carefully took in, the pain was getting less and less, but he had to do it slowly. A quick breath was very painful for him. Mariska Den Bosch walked up to Mlador Leon and used her foot to put Mlador Leon on his back. Looking into his eyes coldly, she could see that Mlador Leon was becoming afraid of her. Mariska Den Bosch then put her foot on Mlador Leonís throat, basically choking him while looking into his eyes. Mlador Leon used his left hand to try to get her foot off his throat, but Mariska Den Bosch just put more weight on her foot. Finally, she asked: "Do you surrender?"

Mlador Leon tried to nod his head, albeit this was a painful move with Mariska Den Boschís foot still pressing on his already damaged throat. Mariska Den Bosch removed her foot from Mlador Leonís throat, allowing him to slowly breathe again. Then she lifted her right foot and hovered it over Mlador Leonís face. Mlador Leon saw a dirty, corn-hardened, yet beautifully shaped sole over his face. The sole looked hard, powerful and indestructible, yet soft and feminine. Mlador Leon slowly inhaled through his broken nose and sensed the strong odour that this foot emitted. Judging from Mariska Den Boschís previous command to kiss her foot, Mlador Leon suspected that she was expecting him to do the same thing right now. Even though Mlador Leon considered this to be highly demeaning, he also noticed a weird feeling inside of him that attracted him to her foot. This was the foot that had injured him, the foot that had broken his nose, the foot that had broken his will and the foot that had allowed her to leave him in this injured, vulnerable state; a foot of destruction. On top of all, the foot also had some dirt on it. Yet, it was hovering over his face, engulfing his face in its strong, unpleasant odour. In a movement of total submission, Mlador Leon lifted his head and gave the ball of this dirty sole a tender kiss, immediately sensing the warmth and hardness of the sole. This instinctively made Mlador Leon want to kiss it again, resulting in him wetting his lips and giving her sole several other wet kisses. For some reason that Mlador Leon did not understand, it felt very right for him to be kissing the warm, hard and salty sole of her foot. Kissing it gave him some feeling of protection. Each kiss was a little bit harder and longer. Each kiss gave him more taste of the sole. With each kiss, Mlador Leon surrendered a little bit more to this woman. After seven kisses, Mariska Den Bosch casually said: "Lick".

Mlador Leon instantly obeyed by sticking his tongue out and licking the sole of Mariska Den Boschís foot, immediately tasting the saltiness of her foot. Mariska Den Boschís sole also felt pretty rough on his tongue, as if Mlador Leon was licking splintered wood. While sliding his tongue along the length of her foot and sliding into every single wrinkle of Mariska Den Boschís sole, she said "Stop tickling me! Lick harder!" with a commanding tone.

Mlador Leon instantly pressed his tongue at full power at her sole, thereby hurting his tongue. Nevertheless, Mlador Leon was afraid of disobeying her. He desperately wanted to avoid any other kick from those feet of hers, so he licked her whole sole very hard, hardly pressing his tongue against the heel, arches, wrinkles, ball, toes and the area between her toes. His tongue was cleaning her foot from the dirt. After several minutes of licking, Mariska Den Bosch removed her foot and presented her other foot to Mlador Leon. Knowing what she expected from him, Mlador Leon immediately started to lick that warm foot as well. His tongue cleaned the ball of her foot, her toes, the area between her toes, her arches and heel, all the while tasting the salt and hurting his tongue while doing so. Mlador Leonís tongue felt hurt and fatigued. Mariska Den Bosch, on the other hand, was enjoying this. After several minutes of enjoyment, she pressed her toes into Mlador Leonís mouth, forcing him to suck on her toes, which Mlador Leon did. While his lips engulfed her warm toes, his tongue cleaned them from all sides inside of this mouth, tasting it even better. This act also humbled Mlador Leon and hurt his pride. Yet, strangely, something inside of him liked doing this.

Finally, Mariska Den Bosch removed her left foot from Mlador Leonís mouth, put her left foot on the ground and instead put her right foot on Mlador Leonís face, grabbed his broken nose between the big toe of her right foot and the second toe, and painfully pressed her wet foot against Mlador Leonís face. While doing this, Mariska Den Bosch asked: "So, are you going to apologise to Marie Cosque for hitting her?", to which Mlador Leon, trying not to squeal from pain for what Mariska Den Boschís foot was doing to his nose, fervently nodded his head with his nose still trapped, hurting his nose even more.

"Good boy. I am glad you changed your attitude for me. However, for what you did, you still need to be punished.", Mariska Den Bosch said with a mocking tone and pouting lips, making Mlador Leon gulp in fear. Releasing Mlador Leonís broken nose with her right foot, Mlador Leon watched in fear as Mariska Den Bosch stepped backwards and started to remove her white pants. Underneath those pants, she revealed very muscular legs; thick, defined thighs and very solid calves. Mlador Leon couldnít help, but be surprised at the way her legs looked. This impressed him more than her arms did. "So this is why her kicks were so painful and destructive", Mlador Leon thought to himself. Mlador Leon looked Mariska Den Bosch in her eyes, and saw so much joy in her eyes, that instinctively, it made him smile as well, despite his predicament.

"Crawl to me, kiss my feet and beg me to give you your final punishment", Mariska Den Bosch said.

Mlador Leon found this odd. Why would he request her to be punished? That was just stupid. However, the thought of what she might do if he disobeyed, seemed even worse, so Mlador Leon, despite his pain in his right arm, chest and throat, slowly and awkwardly crawled using only his left arm for support to Mariska Den Bosch, who was standing tall and strong, with crossed arms and threatening bare legs. Mlador Leon looked down at her beautiful, but slightly rough looking feet without nail polish and descended his face, instantly sensing their smell, and tenderly kissed each toe of each foot. Finally, Mlador Leon tried to speak, but failed to do so. Each attempt he made to say something, just hurt him to extreme levels. When Mariska Den Bosch noticed this, she decided to be merciful. Instead forcing Mlador Leon to speak, which he couldnít do at the moment, she asked him: "Do you want me to give you your final punishment?". To this, Mlador Leon nodded his head.

"If you wish so...", Mariska Den Bosch said, "but first, I want you to sign something."
Receiving a confused glance from Mlador Leon after this, Mariska Den Bosch stepped backwards and finally powered a kick against the side of Mlador Leonís face with the instep of her right foot - **WHAMP** - resulting in Mlador Leon falling to his side. "Donít look at me with those eyes!", Mariska Den Bosch said, obviously scolding him for the defiant way he looked at her. Mariska Den Bosch walked to the tribune, commanding Mlador Leon with "Follow me!", after which she took a paper and a pen from a red bag.

"First, I want you to sign a form stating that you give me permission to fight you Ė accepting every consequence of our fight, including grave injuries. This is to prevent you from being able to press charges against me after this.", Mariska Den Bosch said. Mlador Leon was right-handed, but since his right arm was broken, he took the pen in his left hand and tried to sign it. He wasnít planning on getting Mariska Den Bosch prosecuted by some sort of judge anyway. Mlador Leon hated that kind of sneaky shit. He always solved his problems all by himself Ė with violence. He will fucking kill this bitch later on, if he really wanted to. He doesnít need a whiny judge administering a punishment to someone that should have been killed by his own hands. On the contrary, Mlador Leon would kill the person trying to prosecute Mariska Den Bosch, since her imprisonment would protect her against his retaliatory countermeasures.

Mariska Den Bosch was surprised to see Mlador Leon signing this document so quickly. She was expecting him to plead or to resist, but she didnít see the slightest reluctance in Mlador Leonís facial expression or body language in signing this. He even smiled while signing the document.

After this, Mariska Den Bosch took another form for Mlador Leon to sign. This form was a confession that she wanted Mlador Leon to sign. It was a confession that he, Mlador Leon, had knocked out and injured Marie Cosque with a single punch, unprovoked. Even though Mlador Leon didnít want to sign it, he really didnít have a choice. "But still", Mlador Leon thought to himself, "If I sign this, I might face prison." When Mariska Den Bosch noticed Mlador Leonís reluctance to sign, she took Mlador Leonís right hand, which was broken. Immediately sensing the pain, Mlador Leon started signing. After he was done, Mariska Den Bosch took the form, put it into a red bag and said: "Good boy! But, for your hesitation, I will have to double punish you!"

Mlador Leon looked at Mariska Den Bosch with pleading eyes, eyes that said: "Please donít".
"Oh, yes, Mlador Leon!", Mariska Den Bosch said while sitting at the lowest bench of the tribune and pointing to her thighs. "The back of your head, here!", Mariska Den Bosch said. Looking at how strong her legs looked, combined with the fact that Mlador Leon had only one arm to ease the pressure with, he knew that this meant trouble. He would be completely at her mercy. Not liking this prospect, Mlador Leon was also frightened to disobey Mariska Den Bosch, so he sat down in front of Mariska Den Bosch and scooted backwards, until he was right between her legs. Two steel hard, muscular thighs went over his shoulders and compressed his head and neck. All the while, Mlador Leon was looking at two beautiful feet and calves that interlocked with each other. The pressure on his head was steadily being increased. Knowing that he could do nothing to prevent this, Mlador Leon simply raised his left arm and started patting Mariska Den Boschís left thigh affectionately. This didnít stop Mariska Den Bosch, however, since the pressure kept steadily increasing. At first, it felt pleasantly. Then, the pressure started to uncomfortable. Finally, this hold was outright painful. Yet, no matter how much he resisted or tugged at her left thigh, Mlador Leon couldnít relieve the pressure even by a little. Slowly constricting his possibility to draw in breaths, Mlador Leon was feeling more and more lightheaded. With the sight of two beautiful feet and calves in front of him, Mlador Leon was slowly losing strength. His vision was becoming less and less bright. After a moment, a dark fog was surrounding the sight of two female feet. Finally, even the feet disappeared into the darkness.


As Mlaor Leon was slowly waking up, he noticed his face resting on a warm surface. This surface gave a strong, unpleasant smell, but that same strong smell was also strangely appealing. Moving his head to turn his head, Mlador Leon patted the surface with his face. The scent was still pretty penetrating and hard to ignore. When Mlador Leon finally decided to lift his head to find out where this odour came from, he saw two female feet on the ground. The feet were without nail polish and looked a little big rough, but the toenails were nicely cut. The toes were beautifully shaped, with a cute tiny lump at her big toe and a second toe that was two or three millimetres longer than the big toe. These were the most beautiful feet that Mlador Leon had ever even seen in his life. He descended his face to kiss these feet dozens of times, much to the surprise of Mariska Den Bosch, who hadnít even ordered Mlador Leon to do so. Kiss after kiss was given by Mlador Leon to the instep, toes and sides of these feet, while Mariska Den Bosch looked down at Mlador Leon, smiling, allowing him to do what he did. Finally, Mariska Den Bosch spoke up with a sweet, childish voice.

"Hehehehehehehe! Are you trying to avoid your punishment by kissing my feet in penance?", a tender, yet mocking voice said. Mlador Leon looked up and saw a beautiful face with gleeful eyes.

In a louder and less sensitive voice, Mariska Den Bosch continued: "Nice try, loser, but I will punish you anyway. The first punishment was for hesitation when signing the confession. The next knockout will be for hurting my friend, and this one will be much more painful!"

Trying to respond, Mlador Leon noticed that he could make a sound again. After standing on his knees in front of Mariska Den Bosch, he spoke up: "Please donít. You already had me sign the confession. Leave the rest to the..." **SLAP** Mlador Leonís face was violently shaken to the right by a hard slap. Looking back, another slap threw his head to the left. **SLAP** When Mlador Leon returned his head to its initial position, he saw that Mariska Den Bosch had raised her foot. Staring at a rather clean and beautifully shaped sole with pulled back toes, that sole quickly approached his face. ***WHAMP*** Mlador Leon fell backwards, his face on fire while his senses couldnít immediately process what just happened. Did he pass out again? When turning around, he saw a muscular, but almost naked women, only clothed in underwear and a sports bra. Especially her legs attracted his attention.

"NEVER contradict me!", the woman said. She put her foot on Mlador Leonís stomach, lifted it and then gave it a hard stomp. **WHAMP** This unleashed a hellish pain for Mlador Leon, resulting in him turning around multiple times to ease the pain while fighting to hold the tears. Finally, the tears started to flow freely. "Do you understand?", Mariska Den Bosch asked.

"Yes, yes I understand!", Mlador Leon gasped.

Mariska Den Bosch once again sat down and the lowest bench of the tribune and extended her legs forward. When Mlador Leon was slowly recovering from her latest stomp, Mariska Den Bosch extended her leg towards Mlador Leon and pulled back her toes. Mlador Leon saw this and liked the gesture. He also knew what it meant. Crawling to Mariska Den Boschís extended and flexed foot, Mlador Leon brought his face to the ball of that foot and kissed it, followed by a few hard licks. Then Mariska Den Bosch did a double bicep pose, impressing Mlador Leon with her impressive arm muscles. Two beautiful mountains were visible on her arms. "Kiss it", she said, resulting in Mlador Leon crawling up and press his lips against the side of Mariska Den Boschís right bicep. Pressing his lips against such a hard surface, Mlador Leon was reminded of how powerful Mariska Den Boschís arms were. "She must be training very hard to gain something like this. Her body is truly amazing", Mlador Leon thought in admiration. In the meantime, he moved to her left bicep to kiss it. An impressive, beautifully shaped arm stood in front of Mlador Leonís face. Knowing that his lips couldnít gain a millimetre, he pressed his lips against this bicep with more force. Once again, Mlador Leon felt how steely hard the surface was. Mlador Leon was impressed at what he saw and felt. This non-verbal admiration gave Mariska Den Bosch a surge of power that went through her whole body, while it humbled Mlador Leon, since this gesture pretty much meant admitting that she was stronger than he was. Rewarding Mlador Leon with a beautiful smile, he couldnít help but feel happy. Mlador Leon loved to see Mariska Den Bosch smile. "Kiss my thighs and beg them to punish you", Mariska Den Bosch said with a cheery voice. Mlador Leon sweetly patted her thighs with his cheek, followed by dozens of tender kisses. Finally, shaking in trepidation he said: "Please, Mariska, use your strong legs to punish me for injuring your friend Marie Cosque!"

"Wish granted! But I warn you, this one will be much more painful than the previous one. Are you ready for that, sweety?", Mariska Den Bosch answered gleefully.

Watching in horror, Mlador Leon pleaded with his eyes. "NoÖ no, please, not again!" he thought, while the tears started flowing again, but Mariska Den Bosch cruelly ignored Mlador Leonís non-verbal plead. Shaking in fear, Mlador Leon once again positioned himself in front of Mariska Den Bosch. This time, Mariska Den Bosch sat down on the ground and wanted to wrap her powerful, muscular legs around Mlador Leonís midsection. Before she did that, however, Mariska Den Bosch instructed: "Press your left arm to your side!"

Knowing that his arm would be trapped between her legs if Mlador Leon did that, he was afraid of not following her command either, so he kept his left arm firmly to his left side. Two muscular legs engulfed his whole midsection, with his left arm trapped in it. Once again, two beautiful, feminine feet interlocked in front of Mlador Leon. Then the pressure started increasing. First, it wasnít that painful. It actually felt like a hug. Pretty soon, however, Mlador Leon would feel the squeeze more and more. His left arm started to feel extremely uncomfortable. Not wanting his side to give in to Mariska Den Boschís right leg, he tensed all of his abdominal muscles in an attempt to reserve some space. This worked only temporarily, since Mariska Den Bosch temporarily eased the squeeze. When Mlador Leon relaxed his abdominal muscles to draw in a breath, Mariska Den Bosch powered her legs together, squishing the air out of Mlador Leon. Mlador Leon wanted to scream in agony, but he couldnít draw in enough air to do so. Mlador Leon was having difficulties getting any air at all. Awkwardly tensing his abdominal muscles, Mlador Leon wanted to prevent Mariska Den Boschís legs from gaining more space. He couldnít keep his abdominal muscles tensed forever, and after a while, Mariska Den Boschís legs started to gain space. After a few seconds of not being able to breathe, Mariska Den Bosch relinquished the pressure, opened her legs and said: "Take your arm out and use it to caress my leg!", which Mlador Leon did. While feeling Mariska Den Boschís left leg with his left hand, Mlador Leon couldnít help but notice once again how rock hard it felt. The legs around his midsection closed again. The feet in front of Mlador Leon interlocked again, and the pressure was steadily being increased. At first, Mlador Leon would just continue patting and caressing Mariska Den Boschís leg, but as the pressure became uncomfortable and Mlador Leon had to tense all of his abdominal muscles again to prevent Mariska Den Bosch from depriving him from his breath, he moved his hand to the inside of her leg to relieve some pressure. Punishing Mlador Leon by a quick and hard thrust of power, Mlador Leon quickly brought his hand back to Mariska Den Boschís leg to caress it.

This felt pretty submissive and degrading, but Mlador Leon knew that he was injured, while Mariska Den Bosch had the power to injure him even more. Despite of Mlador Leon lovingly patting and caressing Mariska Den Boschís left thigh, knee and calve, she was increasing the pressure again, slowly. Mlador Leon had his abdominal muscles still tensed to prevent Mariska Den Boschís legs from gaining space, but it hardly helped. Mariska Den Boschís legs were too powerful for Mlador Leon, and finally, they constricted his space more and more. It seemed as if her legs had become stronger now. Mariska Den Boschís legs didnít even wait for Mlador Leon to relax. Even with the abdominal muscles flexed at full power, she kept on conquering space. This process was quite painful, but Mlador Leon didnít dare to use his left hand to help him. Instead, he kept caressing Mariska Den Boschís left leg, as a brave boy. Sneakily, hoping that Mariska Den Bosch wouldnít mind, Mlador Leon worked his way up to her interlocked feet to caress and rub them as well. Mariska Den Bosch didnít mind and let Mlador Leon continue rubbing her feet with his left hand. The pressure on Mlador Leon sides, however, was hard to ignore. Mlador Leon had more and more trouble breathing. He couldnít draw in deep breaths, so he was forced to take in shallow breaths. This took its toll on him. Finally, Mariska Den Bosch spoke up, saying: "Tell you what. If you can answer my riddle, I will spare you. If you canít, I will hurt you more. Agree?"

Mlador Leon violently nodded his head multiple times, since he couldnít get enough breaths in to speak.

"All right, so in the country of truth speakers and liars, one visitor stumbles across a path division that splits into two other paths. He needs to reach the hospital, but he doesnít know where to go. In front of him, he sees two people. They both tell the visitor that one of them is the truth speaker and one of them is the liar, but the visitor doesnít know who is who. He is permitted to ask only one question and only to one person. Which question does he ask to be guaranteed to receive the answer that will lead him to the hospital?"

Mlador Leon felt Mariska Den Bosch relinquishing some pressure, allowing him to draw in limited breaths. Still in pain, he had a smile on his face after hearing this. He had learned about this in class. He knew the solution! Mlador Leon answered: "You ask one of both persons: "If I ask the other person which path I need to take to reach the hospital, what will he answer me?". Then you take the opposite path of the answer that you receive. The truth speaker knows that the liar will send you to the wrong path, so he will answer what the liar will answer, which is the wrong path. The liar knows that the truth speaker will give the right answer, but since he is a liar, he will lie about the answer that the truth speaker would have given, which means the liar will also name the wrong path. In either case, you receive the same answer. This answer is the path that you DONíT have to take, so you take the other path to reach the hospital."

Mariska Den Bosch listened to this, and casually said: "Wrong. If person A says that either he, either person B is the truth speaker, and person B confirms this, then both of them are liars. They canít both be speaking the truth, because that would contradict their statement that one of them is a liar. Itís also not possible for one person to be a truth speaker and another person to be a liar, because they agree on the same statement. The only possible solution is, is that both persons are liars, since none of them are truth speakers. Knowing that both of them are liars, you simply ask them which path you must take to reach the hospital, and then take the opposite path of what they told you. If you would, as you proposed, ask one of both persons what the other person would answer if you asked him how to reach the hospital, you would receive the right answer. This is because the liar knows that the other liar will send the visitor to the wrong path, so the liar will lie by naming the right path. If you take the opposite path of the answer that you received from your question, you will not reach the hospital."

Mlador Leon was devastated after hearing this. How could he have fallen for this trap? Mariska Den Bosch gave him a seemingly well-known riddle, but sneakily changed it a little to trick him into giving the wrong answer. Mlador Leon really felt stupid right now. He should have known better.

Mariska Den Bosch then fulfilled her promise by increasing the pressure of her legs to scary levels, preventing Mlador Leon from being able to breathe. Mlador Leon quickly started patting and caressing Mariska Den Boschís calve and foot, desperately hoping for her to have mercy on him, but her legs relentlessly continued powering together. Mlador Leon felt as if his whole stomach was turned into mush. Finally, a loud **CRACK** was heard. Wanting to scream out of pain, Mlador Leon couldnít do that because he couldnít even draw in air. Mariska Den Boschís legs, however, continued squeezing Mlador Leon without pause, finally resulting in a second **CRACK**. Mariska Den Boschís legs still continued the onslaught. In a matter of seconds, Mlador Leon began to feel lightheaded. Just before passing out, he felt a third **CRACK**, before darkness took over.


When Mlador Leon woke up, he lay on a hospital bed. His right arm and hand, as well as his chest, were in bandage. Breathing was painful, as was swallowing. He lay there, contemplating what has happened to him. When finally a doctor came in, he told Mlador Leon what his condition was, how long he had been unconscious and how long he probably needed to heal. With the exception of his right hand, Mlador Leon would completely recover from his injuries in two months time. His right hand would, for the most part, also be recovered, but not to its full former self.

"Fuck this shit. Two months walking around in bandage. I want to heal faster!", Mlador Leon said loudly. "That stupid bitch. What has come to her to injure me like this, even after submitting to her disgusting wishes? I refused to hurt her in a state of unconsciousness, waiting until she completely recovered, while she used my state of unconsciousness to put me in scary wrestling holds. I was the first to knock her out; I should have fucking killed her, then!"

"She did have an impressive body, though, so I am interested in finding out more about her before I kill her.", Mlador Leon said quietly to himself. After some days, feelings of anger and thoughts about vengeance turned into feelings of admiration. Despite of all Mariska Den Bosch did, she is the first girl in Mlador Leonís life who stirred up feelings inside him, and the first girl that he considered to be physically attractive.

Mlador Leon wondered how Mariska Den Bosch was doing right now...

[To be continued...]

Author's note: please provide feedback. Any form of criticism, even if solely negative, is greatly appreciated!
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Default Re: Punished by Mariska Den Bosch

Love this! Great foot action
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Default Re: Punished by Mariska Den Bosch

Been waiting for this story since April. Love it! You're, in my opinion, one of the best writers of the forum.
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Default Re: Punished by Mariska Den Bosch

story is not bad. perhaps drawn out a bit much in certain places which tends to disrupt the momentum & flow a bit. the only other criticism I have is I dont feel that it is at all necessary to refer to the characters by stating their full names every single time each of them is mentioned. I dont know if I'm alone on this but when I'm reading your story the voice of my inner monologue, which serves as narrator in this case, doesnt take long to sound annoying from the monotonous inclusion of the protagonists' full names & really makes the reading experience feel unnatural or flawed in a sense. thanks for your contribution. I hope I didnt come across as overly critical, I think that after the reader has properly become acquainted with a character you should begin referring to them by just their first name from that point on in the story. I think making that adjustment would have a significant positive impact.
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Default Re: Punished by Mariska Den Bosch

Originally Posted by mksample [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
the only other criticism I have is I dont feel that it is at all necessary to refer to the characters by stating their full names every single time each of them is mentioned.
It's his trademark.
Great story, looking forward to more.
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Default Re: Punished by Mariska Den Bosch

Waaaw duuude that part with armbar ans submission is unbelievable ! One of the greatest story ! Thank you sir !
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Default Re: Punished by Mariska Den Bosch

You can see you have put a lot of time, thought and effort into writing this story. Kudos to you, enjoyed it. It was very creative, the more I read, the more I wanted to continue on reading. I can honestly stay you've set the template high for yourself. This is very good, I can't wait to see if you try to top it.
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Taekwondo Re: Punished by Mariska Den Bosch

Part 2. Mysterious room

During lunch, Mlador Leonís absence couldnít go unnoticed. "Hey, what the hell happened to Mlador? I havenít seem him in more than a week!", soldier Thibault Connard asked. Thibault was a black-haired, 195 centimetres tall man with the mouth of a monkey. He also appeared to be quite skinny Ė and sinewy. He was stronger than the eye showed. Originating from Belgium, he spoke with a somewhat funny accent. This was made worse by his monotone voice. Many people thought Thibault Connard spoke like a robot. His distinct facial features revealed that he wasnít fully French by blood.

"I heard he is in the hospital after some fight", fellow soldier Claude Sac responded, sitting opposite of Thibault Connard. Claude Sac was also black-haired, but he was just 171 centimetres tall. Having been insecure for most of his life, he didnít talk a lot, until very recently. This, in most cases, saved him from people taunting him, because his voice was pretty high-pitched for an adult man. Claude Sac often tried to overcome his insecurities by going to the other extreme: non-stop talking, always looking for an opportunity to open his mouth, just so people couldnít remark how quiet he was.

Thibault Connard: "What the hell? How can Mlador Leon be injured after a fight? Was he ambushed? Who was he up against? An large group of armed thugs?".
Claude Sac: "I heard that it was a woman who injured him."

A smile appeared on Thibault Connardís face, followed with a little laugh. "I didnít know our Mlador was such a gentlemen to let a woman win a fight at his expense. I thought he hated women!"

Claude Sac: "Neither did I."
Thibault Connard: "EhmmÖ do you know which woman it was?"
Claude Sac: "No. All I know, is that itís a German bitch."

A silence fell among them. After a few seconds, Claude Sac whispered: "With Mlador Leon in hospital, we can..."
Thibault Connard: "Letís go!"

They both stood up and sneakily walked to Mlador Leonís personal storage room. Mlador Leon was always extremely mysterious about his personal belongings. Nobody was allowed even in a radius of 100 metres of the room when Mlador Leon entered it. People at the military facility knew this, but nobody ever had the courage to actually sneak up on him when he entered his storage room. Not only were Thibault Connard and Claude Sac curious to Mlador Leonís personal storage room because he was the only soldier whose personal belongings they had never seen, but their curiosity was intensified by Mlador Leonís mysteriousness regarding his personal storage room. The fact that Mlador Leon insisted on his privacy so strongly, made the fellow soldiers more curious. "What is he trying to hide?", they thought. Nobody knew, nobody dared to ask Mlador Leon about it and nobody dared to do anything that Mlador Leon considered to be suspicious. Mlador Leon was an excellent observer and knew that people were up to something before those people knew it themselves, due to him being able to read peopleís body language very well.

But now, Mlador Leon was in the military hospital. He was not capable of walking, let alone of fighting. He was laying in bed all day, contemplating his misery, getting weaker due to a lack of training and doing nothing but making deep analyses of his plans regarding the coup díťtat that he was going to conduct. Doing nothing but thinking and making mysterious notes in a notebook that he hid under his bed, was his daily routine. But, even in this state, people were intimidated by Mlador Leon. He was not showing the slightest amount of fear or restraint. He had the body language of someone who was capable of jumping out of bed any second and beat anyoneís ass if needed, even if he couldnít. Itís like a lion behind thick glass who stares at you menacingly and them storms you. You know that he cannot do anything to you, but you shit your pants regardless.

Approaching Mlador Leonís personal storage room, Thibault Connard and Claude Sac came to the conclusion that they couldnít enter the room, unless they had the key. "Damn, I totally forgot about the key due to the excitement!", Thibault Connard said. "No problem. I know just the right way to open such locks.", Claude Sac said, taking a piece of foldable metal resembling a key, examining the lock with the help of a flashlight, bending the key somewhat and trying to open the door. He failed. Then Claude Sac tried again several times. "That is a strange lock! It should have been opened by now!", Claude Sac remarked. Thibault Connard "If that does not work, our only option is to get the actual key". A moment of silence fell between them. "You meanÖ Mlador Leonís hospital room?", Claude Sac asked very uncomfortably. "Yes, Mlador Leonís hospital room!", Thibault Connard answered. "EhmmÖ You know, perhaps we shouldnít go there, because..." "Oh, man up, fucking coward! Mlador Leon is probably asleep, and even if he isnít, he canít do shit. Just go!", Thibault Connard angrily remarked. Claude Sac asked: "Why donít you go?". "Because you are the smallest of us, and you are better at being stealth anyway.", Thibault Connard answered. "Shit...", Claude Sac said. It seemed like he was the one who had to do it.

Full of trepidation, Claude Sac carefully approached the hospital area of the facility and carefully checked through the keyhole of every door to see whether he could spot Mlador Leon. At one spot, he saw an elegant lady dressed in white sweater, a black skirt and pantyhose with dirty blonde hair who looked into his direction. Instantly freezing out of fear of being busted, he tried to act normally and walked through that part of the hallway without looking through any keyhole. When he finally went around the corner, he turned around and peeked back to see whether that woman was still there. She was. The woman was looking through the opening of a door, sneakily, careful not to let anyone notice that she was spying one someone. Even though Claude Sac shouldnít be interested in this Ė he just came for the key Ė he couldnít resist the temptation of keeping an eye on the woman who seemed to be keeping an eye on someone. Suddenly, that woman jerked backwards and held her breath. Then a very familiar but also extremely loud and intimidating voice shouted: "Get lost, stupid bitch, or I will fucking kill you when I come out of here!" Blushing, the woman ran into another room, her eyes being filled with tears of shame and sorrow.

"My God, that is Mladorís voice!", Claude Sac thought to himself. He couldnít believe it. Why did a woman spy on Mlador Leon? Who was she? And how did Mlador Leon notice her?

The whole situation seemed absurd to Claude Sac, but he didnít want to follow the woman to ask her for inquiries. He was on a mission Ė acquire the key to Mlador Leonís personal storage room. AlthoughÖ wellÖ Claude Sac knew where Mlador Leon was, but he was not asleep. How the hell would he acquire the key, in that case? He couldnít allow to be seen by Mlador Leon. Even if Mlador Leon couldnít do anything to him now, there would be hell to pay once Mlador Leon was fully healed. He might even have healed now, somewhat. After all, he was in hospital for a week now. Seven days is a pretty long time. Perhaps Mlador Leon actually could beat the shit out of him, even in his weakened state! "SHIT!!!", Claude Sac thought to himself.

But, in spite of all this, Claude Sac still wanted to look inside to see Mlador Leon. Carefully approaching his hospital room (which was not closed fully), Claude Sac tried to steal a peak into the room. He saw Mlador Leon laying in a white hospital bed, his face turned to the other side. Claude Sac was afraid to open the door more, since it would make a noise and Mlador Leon couldnít be asleep, since he shouted at the blonde haired woman a moment ago. Surprisingly, however, he heard Mlador Leon snoring. "How can he be asleep this quickly? He was fully awake a minute ago!", Claude Sac said to himself. Nevertheless, he could use the fact that Mlador Leon was asleep to his advantage. He carefully opened the door and started looking for the key. After desperately looking around and almost panicking due to the fear of Mlador Leon waking up while he was in his hospital room, he noticed a white blanket laying on top of a hat, which was laying on the floor. He removed the blanket and saw a keycord with several keys attached to it. He carefully took the whole keycord, put the blanket back over the hat and ran away and tiptoed out of the hospital room of Mlador Leon. Relieved that he didnít see any doctor, he powerwalked back to Thibault Connard while putting the keycord into his right pocket.

"Do you have the key?", Thibault Connard asked. "I think so. It should be one of these", while taking Mlador Leonís stolen keycord out of his right pocket. "Good!", Thibault Connard said while taking the keycord and trying every single key to open the lock. From the five keys, the first one did not work, the second one did not work, but the third one... ***click*** The lock unlocked. A moment of joy overwhelmed both men. While opening the door, a loud "I donít think you have the ownerís permission to access that storage room!" was heard. It was a female voice, but a very firm one. Instantly closing the door and turning around, both men saw a rather tall women (taller than Claude Sac) with dirty blonde hair. Dressed in a white sweater, a black shirt and pantyhose, she revealed rather muscular legs. Claude Sac immediately recognised her as the woman who was spying on Mlador Leon. Before Claude Sac could ask her about this, Thibault Connard asked: "Is this the German bitch that you were talking about?". Immediately feeling insulted, the woman said: "I am not German! I am Dutch!". "Donít play dumb with me! I heard you talking German on the phone with someone a few days ago!", Thibault Connard threw back. "That was Dutch! I spoke to my mom, in Dutch!", the woman protested. "I know how people in the north of Belgium speak, and I can confirm that you were NOT talking Dutch to your mom or whatever. It was German!" "But, my mom doesnít live in Belgium! She is from the Netherlands! Northern part!", the woman protested. "Yeah, and you are trying to tell me that they speak German in the Netherlands?". "No, we donít! We speakÖ." "This stupid bitch isnít even consistent with her own lies any more.", Thibault Connard interrupted.

"Be careful, Thibault. I think this is the woman that beat up Mlador!", Claude Sac said. "Yeah, so itís the German bitch."

Being irritated by Thibaultís remarks, Mariska Den Bosch tried to control her anger after hearing these demeaning things thrown at her.

"You know, there is a good reason to be ashamed of being German. Germany had played a destructive role through Europeís history. Through the whole of Germanyís history, Germany has been throwing Europe into pointless wars, like the religious wars between reformists and catholics, which all started in Germany, which allowed Turks to take the Balkans. There was even a time when the Turks almost took Vienna, after which Poland had to save Europeís ass. Germany has started the first world war, in which they permanently blinded hundreds of thousands of people through their poisonous gas attacks. Germany has started the second world war, in which they murdered 27 millions Russians and 6 million Jews. Germany has destabilised Југославија by arming the fascist Усташа and the U«K. Right now, Germany is forcing other European nations to take rapefugees. Itís the most destructive country on Earth whose existence should be ceased. You are living in a shit country that is the sole reason for all problems Europe has ever faced! Germany has never done a single good thing in its whole history! As long as the German parasites exist, Europeís future is fucked!", Thibault Connard said.

"That is so unfair! You can find dirt in any nationís history! Do you remember how France allied with the Turks to attack Russia in the Crimean war? The thing is, is that humans arenít perfect. We are all here to learn things.", Mariska Den Bosch said.

"You see? Now you are defending Germany instead of admitting guilt. There is no denying it, Schweinhund!", Thibault Connard said.

"Look, I also donít like Germany, for various reasons, but you cannot talk about Germans as if they are some kind of cancer that needs to be removed. Such thinking can lead to the worst imaginable crimes against humanity.", Mariska Den Bosch said.

"That is exactly what a German would say!", Thibault Connard said.

A smirk appeared on Mariska Den Boschís face, followed with a few seconds of silence. After those seconds, she decided to troll Thibault instead of trying to reason with him: "Maybe you are right. Maybe I am from Germany. Maybe the Bundesnachrichtendienst sent me here on a mission to take out Franceís strongest soldier, Mlador Leon, in order to undermine Franceís military capabilities! Maybe I will take out even more soldiers of the special forces, as to weaken this nation to the point of France not being able to defend itself any more."

"Not to be rude, but why were you spying onÖ." "SHUT UP!!!" Mariska Den Bosch screamed, her whole face turning red from shame. Claude Sac startled after hearing this, after which he decided not to raise this subject again. It seemed like he saw her doing something she considered to be private, something which she refused to discuss and also didnít want anyone else to know. BUT, the intensity of her voice still scared him. Mariska Den Bosch really seemed to give the impression of a girl that is not to be messed with.

Luckily for Mariska Den Bosch, Thibault Connard thought that Claude Sac was going to say "us" instead of "Mlador Leon", so he didnít suspect anything strange in this.

"Maybe Mlador Leon let you win because he wanted to be a gentlemen, but I am not like that. I am not like Mlador Leon. I am not the type of person to let a German agent shit on Franceís honour, just because she happened to be a lady. You have become extremely arrogant because of a false impression of physical power due to Mlador Leon giving you the green light to injure him, but I am more than ready to remove that false perception of yours, permanently. A final solution Ė endlŲsung Ė as you Germans say."

Following this, Mariska Den Bosch stormed Claude Sac, locked the door again, pulled the key out of the lock, took the keycord in her right hand and walked to a nearby locker, which she opened. Then she put in the keycord into the locker and closed the locker with a secret code that she just made up. Claude Sac was too afraid to protest, while Thibault Connard looked at this with a bewildered look in his eyes. "I am giving this keycord back to Mlador Leon when I am done with you two." Claude Sac was worried. "WhaÖ what do you mean, Ďdoneí? ". "Our fight, of course! Follow me to hall 3F!" Mariska Den Bosch then started walking, followed by Thibault Connard. Claude Sac wanted to chicken out, but Thibault Connard grabbed Claude Sacís arm and pushed him towards Mariska Den Bosch as if to say: "Follow her!"

While Thibault Connard was confident, Claude Sac was not. Claude Sac knew that Mlador Leon was not a ladiesí man. While walking behind Mariska Den Bosch, he couldnít fail to notice the muscularity in her legs. Thick thighs, full of muscles, with visibly muscular calves underneath. You donít get such legs from walking or bicycling. This woman must have trained really hard to gain such legs. The confidence in the way she walked was also hard to comprehend. She was about to fight two soldiers of the French special forces at once, without the slightest hint of hesitation. But she also didnít seem to be the slightest bit intimidated by the fact that she walked before the men she was going to fight. She was in a vulnerable position if any of them decided to grab her from behind and apply a sleeper hold. Apparently, she wasnít afraid that such a thing would happen. Ironically, Mariska Den Bosch wasnít as confident as the pretended to be. After her fight with Mlador Leon, her eyesight from her right eye started deteriorating. She saw everything sharp from her left eye, but her vision in her right eye was rather blurry Ė and it was getting worse every single day that passed by. Frequent headaches also became a thing since her fight with Mlador Leon Ė while she never suffered from this before. Still, Mariska Den Bosch thought that this was temporary Ė and that she would fully recover from this as time went on. "At least all my bones are still intact, unlike Mlador Leonís!", she thought.

When having approached hall 3F, Mariska Den Bosch entered the ladyís dress room. Before she did, however, she remarked to both Thibault Connard and Claude Sac that they must put their shoes and socks off if they were to fight. Reluctantly, both men walked into the dressing room, removed their shoes and socks and walked into the gym. 3 minutes later, Mariska Den Bosch appeared. She walked into the room. She was clothed with a white gi, barefoot, with a black belt tied around her waist while her hair was put into a ponytail. Claude Sac couldnít help but feel in awe of how confident she looked, combined with the attire, which made her look even more confident. Thibault Connard also seemed to be impressed, but he also found something to taunt Mariska Den Bosch. "Look at those lumps of your feet! That definitely looks German to me!" Claude Sac also looked and considered Mariska Den Boschís feet to be strangely appealing: rough, yet beautifully shaped. Tiny lumps, yet smooth, with a second toe with being slightly bigger than the big toe. Her feet also looked naturally, without any nail polish, while the toenails itself also looked a little bit rough. "You must be spending a lot of time looking at womenís feet", Mariska Den Bosch said with a sweet smile. Claude Sac instantly looked up, but noticed that Mariska Den Bosch was talking to Thibault Connard, and was relieved that she didnít notice Claude Sac looking at her feet. Thibault Connard didnít know what to say, so he walked to the centre of the mat while saying: "When I am done with you, you go back to Germany and never come back!". Mariska Den Bosch threw back: "And when I am done with you, you will worship my stinky German feet for as long as I see fit and admit that Germany is the greatest nation on Earth!". "Deal", Thibault Connard said and extended his hand to Mariska Den Bosch. He was surprised how firm her handshake was when she took his hand. Finally, they nodded to each other, bowed and the fight began.

Mariska Den Bosch and Thibault Connard were circling each other, both with raised fists in the fighting position. Thibault Connard was surprised with the intensity of Mariska Den Boschís glare, but didnít want to distract himself from the fight. Finally, Mariska Den Bosch approached and threw a fist to Thibault Connardís face. Thibault Connard blocked this punch, but it was a feinted punch, since the actual punch was delivered to Thibault Connardís stomach. **BAM** "Ughhh", Thibault Connard grunted, trying not to double over in pain. Immediately following that punch, Mariska Den Bosch turned around and powered her right foot into Thibault Connardís stomach - ***WHAMP***, resulting in Thibault Connard being winded, doubling over in pain and almost losing his balance. Mariska Den Bosch immediately followed by grabbing Thibault Connardís right wrist, turning around and throwing him over her back to the ground. Thibault Connard landed with a hard thud on the ground **WHOOMP**. While recovering from the pain, Mariska Den Bosch walked up, raised her right foot and forcefully put it on Thibault Connardís stomach. She pressed her foot down on the exact same spot where he hit him twice to make him wince in pain. Thibault Connard indeed found this very painful, especially because he still hadnít caught his breath, yet. Finally, however, Thibault Connard squirmed free from Mariska Den Boschís foot and quickly stood up. He could see Mariska Den Bosch closing in on him, so he walked away from her while assuming the fighting position. "This time", Thibault Connard thought, "I will take the initiative!". He aggressively stormed Mariska Den Bosch and attempted to punch her face. Mariska Den Bosch evaded Thibault Connardís fist, but thereby she failed to maintain her balance, resulting in Mariska Den Bosch awkwardly falling backwards. Since Thibault Connard threw himself too much forward when punching, he had to take a step forward to maintain his balance, but thereby he fell over Mariska Den Bosch, resulting in both people being on the ground. Thibault Connard wanted to resort to wrestling and stormed Mariska Den Boschís head and neck to apply a judo choke, but Mariska Den Bosch simply put a foot on Thibault Connardís throat and a foot on his chest, after which she pushed Thibault Connard away with such ferocity, that Thibault Connard rolled away several metres while being totally stunned. This gave Mariska Den Bosch the opportunity to stand up and resume the fight the way she wanted it: with kicks and punches instead of wrestling. Mariska Den Bosch hated fighting when her personal fighting space was so limited. She preferred to have the space and freedom to do whatever she wants instead of rubbing each otherís bodies at the other. Thibault Connard tried to stand quickly, but just before he was on his feet, he heard a loud "KIIYYAA", after which a tremendous force hit the left side of his ribs - **BAM** - resulting in Thibault Connard falling down with tremendous pain in his ribs. He might have broken something. This certainly didnít feel right. It turned out that Mariska Den Bosch had kicked him with the heel of her right foot to prevent him from standing up. Despite the pain Thibault Connard tried standing up, but each attempt failed, because of the sharp pain in the left side of his ribs. After a few attempts, he decided to just lie down and take a rest.

Claude Sac saw this happening and knew that his friend was in danger, but he was afraid of approaching Mariska Den Bosch to stop her. He knew that if he did that Ė he would be the next victim. Suddenly, Mariska Den Bosch looked at Claude Sac with a taunting smile, as if to say: "Come one. Do something about it!", but Claude Sac was too scared to approach her. Instead, he just stood there, looking at the spectacle at a safe distance, while his friend was in danger. The next moment, Mariska Den Bosch stood right above Thibault Connard and slowly lifted her right foot, aiming her sole (which looked rough and somewhat dirty) at Thibault Connardís midsection. Too late did Thibault Connard realise what this meant. With a loud "KIIYYAA!!!" Mariska Den Boschís foot powered down Thibault Connardís midsection - ***WHAMP*** - putting him in agony. Thibault Connard screamed, but his screams were a little bit muffled by the pain in his midsection. His whole body seemed to feel the impact, even though only his midsection was targeted. Claude Sac looked at this with compassion, but still was afraid to intervene. Claude Sac was horrified, however, when he saw Mariska Den Bosch lifting her foot for a second time and powering it down again - ***WHAMP*** - crashing into Thibault Connardís stomach, winding him, making him sound strange noises. Thibault Connard couldnít breathe for a moment, resulting in total panic from his side. Mariska Den Bosch stood there, looking down at Thibault Connard with a taunting smile. Thibault Connard, despite the pain that he was in, quickly turned around and kicked Mariska Den Boschís leg, resulting in her falling. While falling, Mariska Den Bosch quickly blocked her face with her arms to prevent a knocking out punch to her face, as she had experienced before with Mlador Leon. After having fallen, Thibault Connard cautiously approached Mariska Den Bosch to apply a chokehold, careful to avoid her legs. Thibault Connard simply descended to apply a judohold on Mariska Den Bosch, but she poked a finger into Thibault Connardís throat in such a way that he had to let go of Mariska Den Bosch. This allowed Mariska Den Bosch to grab Thibault Connardís right leg so that she could manoeuvre her leg in a way that allowed her to kick Thibault Connard between his legs. Thibault Connard saw this coming, though, and kicked his right leg free immediately, preventing Mariska Den Bosch from getting in any advantageous position for a kick. Thibault Connard quickly tried standing up, but failed doing so, since Mariska Den Bosch tackled his shins with her feet, resulting in Thibault Connard falling down once again. This time, Mariska Den Bosch managed to jump on top of his back, after which she wrapped her arms around his neck in a sleeper hold, while at the same time wrapping her legs around his midsection. Thibault Connard felt so restricted, that he instantly knew that this was over. Mariska Den Bosch swung to the side, after which she fell on her side with her arms still around Thibault Connardís neck and her legs still around Thibault Connardís midsection. Then Mariska Den Bosch turned around again, after which she was on her back with Thibault Connard on top of her. Thibault Connard felt that he couldnít breathe and tried to free his neck with both hands. When he did that, Mariska Den Bosch gave strong jolt with her legs, resulting in Thibault Connard letting go of Mariska Den Boschís arms and try to pry those legs loose. Her legs felt incredibly hard, even through the fabric. He could relieve the crushing power from her legs, somewhat, but then the pressure on his neck became unbearable. He grabbed Mariska Den Boschís arm with his right hand while trying to pry her legs loose with the other hand. This didnít work, since the pain was only increasing, his breathing space decreasing and his vision growing darker. Just before he went to sleep, he felt Mariska Den Bosch whispering "Surrender to me! Surrender to me completely!" with a sexy voice.

As Claude Sac saw how Mariska Den Bosch was knocking out his friend Thibault Connard, he was overwhelmed with emotions. He said to her: "You canít do this to him! This is cruel!" Mariska Den Bosch then turned her head to Claude Sac and, with a very serious tone, asked him: "Do you wish to take his place?". Feeling confused with question, Claude Sac asked "What do you mean?", after which Mariska Den Bosch said: "Do you wish to be the person to be knocked out, rather than your friend?". Again Claude Sac felt extremely uncomfortable, and he didnít know what to answer. He did want to save his friend from the humiliation and pain, but the idea to be knocked out himself frightened him, and it wasnít even his idea to start the fight. That was Thibault Connardís idea! "Well?", Mariska Den Bosch reiterated. "nÖ NoÖ I donít wish to take his place!", Claude Sac answered. "Then stop whining. If I hear you say one word again, you will be next!", Mariska Den Bosch said threateningly, giving Claude Sac the shills. He said: "Sorry", after which Mariska Den Bosch said: "That was one word.", making Claude Sac shiver with fear. Did this mean that she would knock him out? He sure hoped she wouldnítÖ It set him at rest that Mariska Den Bosch didnít approach him, however. Perhaps, it was just a warning. He hasnít crossed the line yet, he hoped. Mariska Den Bosch kept Thibault Connard in her rear naked choke, but she stopped applying pressure two seconds after he lost consciousness.

Mariska Den Bosch decided to stand up and admire her handiwork. When Thibault Connard started regaining consciousness, Mariska Den Bosch put her foot on Thibault Connardís face and said: "Kiss my foot, and I will let you and your friend go without any further humiliation." Claude Sac heard his and wholeheartedly hoped that this friend would kiss her foot. Unfortunately, however, Thibault Connard refused to degrade himself into kissing the dirty sole of a "German" woman. Her foot was painfully pressing against his nose, and he could sense the strong odour from her foot. They stank worse than he had imagined! He grabbed Mariska Den Boschís foot and pushed it away from his face, after which he turned around and expertly tackled Mariska Den Bosch while rolling away himself. Thibault Connard quickly jumped to his feet and, although his midsection still hurt, wanted to avenge the humiliation he received from being knocked out by this, as he called it, "German bitch". As Thibault Connard stood up, Mariska Den Bosch was also on her feet. They started circling each other, after which Thibault Connard decided to take the initiative again. He stormed Mariska Den Bosch and thereby, duck low. Mariska Den Bosch foresaw this and, not wanting another ground fight, sidestepped Thibault Connard and delivered a devastating kick to his cheek as he flew forwards. ***WHAMP*** The ball of her sole fully connected to Thibault Connardís cheek, resulting in his face being swept to the left aggressively while Mariska Den Bosch scratched his right cheek and nose with her toenails. Disoriented from the sudden impact, Thibault Connard fell to the ground, laying on the ground awkwardly Ė half on his stomach and half on his side. Claude Sac saw this happening and was worrying. He made sure not to say a word, but he did approach his friend to see how he was doing. Just as Claude Sac came a little bit close, Mariska Den Bosch turned around and powered her foot with pulled back toes full-force into Claude Sacís face in a side kick. ***BAM*** Claude Sacís nose was instantly flattened between the bridge of Mariska Den Boschís sole as he fell backwards at the same time. With a loud **THUD** he fell down, feeling disoriented, but not fully unconscious yet. "He is mine", Mariska Den Bosch said, while the blood dripped from Claude Sacís nose. Tears formed in Claude Sacís eyes. Thibault Connard didnít immediately realise what happened, but when he saw the crying Claude Sac with blood dripping from his flattened nose, he was enraged. Standing up, Thibault Connard was ready to beat Mariska Den Bosch to death. Mariska Den Bosch assumed the fighting position as Thibault Connard approached her. Just when Thibault Connard wanted to connect a solid punch to Mariska Den Boschís face, Mariska Den Bosch came with a punch on her own, but she missed her target and fell to the ground awkwardly. This allowed Thibault Connard to deliver a solid kick to the back of Mariska Den Bosch head, which resulted in her falling down on her stomach. Her right eye began blinking again, extremely fast and repetitive Ė and her vision became blurrier Ė even in her left eye, which was her good eye. A hand grabbed a handful of hair at the back of her head and lifted her head up, after which another first flew to her face, instantly knocking Mariska Den Bosch out. ***BAM***

Thibault Connard approached Claude Sac and asked him "Are you all right?", to which Claude Sac responded with: "Of course not! My nose is broken and itís hurting like hell!", trying to hold back the tears without success. "That stupid BITCH! You didnít even try to fight her. You wanted to check on me. What the hell has gotten into her to kick you like that?", Thibault Connard angrily asked. "She probably didnít want me to check on you during the fight.", Claude Sac said. "Well, too bad for her. Now she is history!", Thibault Connard said while approaching the unconscious Mariska Den Bosch. He turned Mariska Den Bosch to her back and prepared himself to stomp her face repeatedly until she was dead, but Claude Sac shouted: "STOP! Donít do it!". "Why the hell not? You saw what she did to you!", Thibault Connard said, to which Claude Sac said: "What do you think Mlador is going to do to us if we kill her?". "Nothing, because he hates her.", Thibault Connard said. "That is the problem! He wants to kill Mariska himself. If someone else does it for him, he will take revenge on that person instead." Strongly irritated, Thibault Connard said: "SHIT! ButÖ what if we flee the country after killing her? Then we have our revanche, without Mlador being able to kill us." "I donít want to leave", Claude Sac said, "I am happy here!". Thibault Connard then said: "Schweinehund! What is wrong with Germany?", after which both Claude Sac and Thibault Connard started laughing.

"But, Germans never laugh, and German women indeed have that lump at the big toe of their feet.", Claude Sac said, to which Thibault Connard replied with: "I donít know. There are lots of Russian immigrants in Germany, and Russian women generally donít have that lump at the big toe. Instead, their second toe is longer than the first one."

Claude Sac crawled to the still unconscious Mariska Den Bosch and pointed at her left foot: "ButÖ Mariska Den Bosch has it both: tiny lumps at the big toes, and her second toe is slightly longer than the big one, but not by much."
Thibault Connard: "That means that she is a crossover: German dad, Russian mom."
Claude Sac: "A Russo-German girl, huh? Interesting!"
Thibault Connard: "Yeah, but when I think of it: why would Mlador Leon let this girl beat him up, if he hates her? Mlador Leon would NEVER do such a thing. I think he is in love."
Claude Sac: "Speaking of which, I saw the Russo-German girl spying on Mlador Leon, and she blushed when Mlador spotted her."
Thibault Connard: "You know what this means, do you?"
Claude Sac: "ThatÖ they are in love with each other?"
Thibault Connard: "It means, my friend, that this is Mlador Leonís future wife, so weíd better be careful with her. Letís not damage her any more than we already did. Otherwise, she will never make it to her sixties!"
Claude Sac: "Imagine the horror of not being able to see your grandchildren grow up..."

At this point, Mariska Den Bosch started regaining her consciousness. With each and every second that passed by, her anger grew as she realised that she had been knocked out. Claude Sac crawled away from Mariska Den Bosch, not wanting to involved in the new fight, while Thibault Connard observed Mariska Den Bosch with amusement. "Perhaps we should cancel the fight", Thibault Connard said, to which Mariska Den Bosch said: "Itís too late for that, now! I already gave you the chance to give in. You refused, so now you need to face the consequences!" Thibault Connard was uncomfortable at this remark, especially given the fact that Mariska Den Bosch stood up and assumed the fighting position. He did not want to fight any more, since his anger has subsided, while he also didnít want to injure Mlador Leonís future wife. "ButÖ if she insists on it, I wonít go easy on her!", he thought. Thibault Connard stood up and also assumed the fighting position. Mariska Den Bosch suddenly turned around and threw her foot to Thibault Connardís rib cage with pulled back toes in a roundhouse kick. **BAM** Thibault Connard staggered backwards in tremendous pain. For a scary moment, he couldnít inhale, since it hurt his lungs too much. While Thibault Connard was holding his chest in pain, Mariska Den Bosch jumped forwards and fired two painful fists into his midsection. **BAM** **BAM** Thibault Connard once again doubled over in pain while holding both his stomach and his chest. Before his eyes, however, Mariska Den Bosch was moving again. He looked up and saw a corn-hardened female foot approaching his face with pulled back toes. ***CRACK*** The hard bridge of the foot pulverised his nose, shattering it. Mariska Den Bosch held her foot for a few second against Thibault Connardís face for impact while looking him into the eyes. He looked at her with watered eyes, while Mariska Den Bosch looked at him with a serious look of determination. Then she carefully removed her foot, after which the blood started dripping from his nose. Thibault Connardís tears started to flow freely while his face turned red. He touched his nose and saw that he was actually bleeding. Then he looked up at Mariska Den Bosch, who gave him a defiant look. With the anger rising in him every second, Thibault Connard stormed Mariska Den Bosch with blind enrage to hurt her. "Whaaaaaahhhh!!!" he screamed while frantically trying to hit Mariska Den Bosch with all his might. He threw a right punch, left punch, right punch, a kick, feinted a left punch to then deliver a right punch etcetera, but Mariska Den Bosch evaded most of these punches and blocked some other punches. When Thibault Connard had exhausted himself, Mariska Den Bosch threw an unexpected hard and direct punch to his already broken nose **BAMM** followed by a quick kick to the side of his knee to destabilise him *WHOOSH* resulting in Thibault Connard falling to the ground with tremendous pain in his nose. Then, as cruel as Mariska Den Bosch seemed to be, she walked up to Thibault Connard, raised her knee and foot and simply stomped Thibault Connard very hard in the face with her heel. **WHAMP** This instantly knocked out Thibault Connard while at the same time loosening some front teeth, leaving him unconscious for several minutes. "That is what you get for knocking me out", Mariska Den Bosch said matter-of-factly while smiling at a terrified Claude Sac. She walked around the unconscious Thibault Connard, but finally, she decided to sit down at the nearby tribune. When Thibault Connard regained consciousness, he saw a beautiful dirty blonde haired woman sitting at the tribune. She stood up and walked up to him. She said "I broke your nose, knocked you out and loosened some of your teeth as a punishment for knocking me out." She then grabbed his right wrist, sat down perpendicular to him and applied a excruciating armbar to him, with one foot pushed against his face and the other one resting over his chest. "Unfortunately, I will need to break more than just your nose if you donít surrender to me. You can surrender by kissing my foot.", Mariska Den Bosch said. Pulling his right arm to herself and thrusting her hip forwards, she put a lot of pressure on Thibault Connardís arm. Thibault Connard was in agony and loudly grunted in pain, but he stubbornly refused to kiss her foot. He even turned his face away because even with his nose broken, he could smell the strong odour of her feet. As the pressure on his arm was being built up, the hold was getting more and more painful. The agony increased, but Thibault Connard refused to surrender, until Mariska Den Bosch gave a final, hard thrust, after which a loud ***CRACK*** was heard. WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!", Thibault Connard screamed out in agony. Tears ran down his eyes while he cried like a baby for his plight. This was so painfulÖ Unbelievable! But, the agony didnít stop there, because Mariska Den Bosch kept twisting and pulling at his broken arm. Despite the agony, his plight, the tears and the humiliation, Thibault Connard brought his face up and gave Mariska Den Boschís dirty foot multiple kisses. Out of fear that one or two wouldnít be enough, he kept kissing that foot repeatedly, no matter the smell and not matter the dirt. Mariska Den Bosch was pleased feeling Thibault Connardís lips on her left foot. She let go of the armbar and patted Thibault Connardís head while mockingly saying: "Good boy"[i] while imitating the duckface. Then Mariska Den Bosch stood up and pressed her right foot into Thibault Connardís face. His nose was totally flattened by Mariska Den Boschís sole, because his nose was turned to mush. That is why it was extremely painful for Thibault Connard what Mariska Den Bosch was doing to him, but she did it anyway, to show off her dominance over him. Then she lifted her foot a few centimetres from Thibault Connardís face, after which he began to shower her dirty, corn-hardened soles with kisses. He pressed his soft and sensitive lips many dozens of times against those hard, cheesy soles, and strangely enough, the more Thibault Connard did this, the more he began to like it. He didnít even care that his friend was watching; he just wanted to surrender completely to Mariska Den Boschís beautiful albeit dirty feet. He made sure to kiss her heels, the instep, the sword of her foot, the ball of her foot, the toes, the area between the toes, the corner of the toes etcetera. When finished with her right foot, Mariska Den Bosch presented Thibault Connard with her left foot. The same procedure followed: giving that sole many dozens of kisses to her heel, her instep, the sword of the foot, the ball of the foot, the toes, the area between the toes and the corner of the toes. This was partly because he was forced to, partly to beg Mariska Den Bosch not to punish him any more, and partly becauseÖ wellÖ because he liked it! Thibault Connard suddenly felt that it was his place to be kissing Mariska Den Boschís feet. He even began to like the odour that he was sensing. It was strangely appealing. It was a moment in which he accepted his role to be beneath hers.

"How do you like kissing the soles of my stinky, German feet?", Mariska Den Bosch asked.
"Strangely appealing", Thibault Connard answered very honestly. "That means that you have accepted your role beneath me. That is good." After a few seconds, Mariska Den Bosch continued: "Oh, kiss the bunions as well. This is to remind you that you are kissing German feet.", after which Thibault Connard started kissing her tiny bunions, but this was something that he did found humiliating, strangely enough. He didnít dare to resist, however, knowing what Mariska Den Bosch could do to him if he did.

"So, which nation is the greatest nation on Earth?", Mariska Den Bosch asked. "Germany! Germany is without a doubt the greatest nation on Earth!", Thibault Connard said. "Well said, Mr Connard", Mariska Den Bosch said.

"Now, regarding you attempting to invade Mr. Leonís privacy by entering his personal storage room without permission: that cannot go unpunished.", Mariska Den Bosch said. Thibault Connard stopped kissing Mariska Den Boschís feet and was beginning to shiver in fear. "No, no, keep kissing! I am just saying that there will be more punishment for you!", Mariska Den Bosch said. Thibault Connard continued on kissing Mariska Den Boschís beautiful soles, but he did so with tears in his eyes from trepidation. Those tears touched Mariska Den Boschís soles, which tickled her, resulting in her rubbing her feet over his face, resulting in more agony for Thibault Connard.

Finally, Mariska Den Bosch removed her foot from Thibault Connardís face. She walked to the tribune and removed her white pants, revealing her bare, muscular legs: thick thighs, visible hamstring muscles, solid calves etcetera. Both men were in awe when looking at her legs. Mariska Den Bosch approached Thibault Connard again and said: "See these legs? These legs are going to knock you out. I will make sure that you will sleep for quite a long time." with a cheerful voice. Thibault Connard, however, was terrified. "Follow me to the tribune on your hands and knees!", Mariska Den Bosch said. This was already extremely painful for Thibault Connard, with one broken arm. He put weight on his left arm (good arm), while being careful not to move the right arm in the slightest, which was hard to do. When Thibault Connard was finally at the tribune, Mariska Den Bosch, before sitting down, said: "Kiss my thighs and beg me to knock you out!" Thibault Connard pressed his lips at Mariska Den Boschís muscular thighs multiple times from multiples angles, then he did the same to her other leg. While kissing her thighs, he felt how hard they were with his lips. Even when he kissed a little bit harder to explore their density, he couldnít press his lips any further. The thighs wouldnít give him a millimetre! This greatly scared Thibault Connard, since it meant that he had every reason to be afraid of his situation. Finally, after taking a big gulp, he said: "Please, Mariska Den Bosch, knock me out with your strong legs! I deserve to be punished! I did something unacceptable!"

Mariska Den Bosch: "What exactly did you do?"
Thibault Connard: "I tried breaking in into someoneís personal storage room without that personís permission."
Mariska Den Bosch: "Are you going to apologise to that person?"
Thibault Connard: "No, because he will kill me if he finds out!"

Mariska Den Bosch wanted to slap Thibault Connard for this answer, but she quickly decided against it. He answered honestly, and her answer would be similar, since even she frightened at the idea of entering Mlador Leonís hospital room, let alone talk to him! It already took her all her courage and willpower to even peek through the opening of his hospital door, and even then Mlador Leon noticed her! Confused with Mlador Leon, Mariska Den Bosch was speechless for a few moments. What is going on with Mlador Leon in that room? What is going through his head? Is it her? If so, what does he think of her? But also: how could he be so overconfident towards her, after being beaten up so badly by her? She forced him to do very humiliating things: kiss and lick her dirty soles, worship her legs, worship her biceps, signing a confession, asking her to be punished, caressing her leg while she was breaking his ribs in an excruciating body scissors. Why wasnít there the slightest amount of humility in his voice? Why hasnít his attitude humbled after this, at least towards her?

Mariska Den Bosch was scared to death of Mlador Leon, but why? Why was she scared of him? It should have been the other way around. Mlador Leon must be the one who is afraid of Mariska Den Bosch, not the other way around! Why didnít anything surrounding Mlador Leon make any sense? Why didÖ?

"Uh, are you all right?", Thibault Connard asked. Mariska Den Bosch snapped out of her thoughts about Mlador Leon and said: "OhÖ ehmmÖ rightÖ you wereÖ whatÖ "
"You were about to punish me for peeking into Mlador Leonís personal storage room", Thibault Connard said. "Oh, right, right, uhmmÖ. ButÖ Perhaps you should just go and confess things to Mlad..." "NO, please, not that! I cannot do that! He will kill me!", Thibault Connard whined.

"Of course!", Mariska Den Bosch thought. "This is Mr Leon we are talking about: the man who injures people over the slightest irritations and marvels at the idea of killing someone! But, he still deserves to know the truth."

Mariska Den Bosch said "Here is the catch. Either you go and confess to Mlador Leon what you did, either I am really going to knock your lights out with my legs." While saying this, she turned around slightly and flexed her thigh muscles as a threat. "Choose wisely", Mariska Den Bosch said. Thibault Connardís face was filled with horror as tears were running down his cheeks. He was afraid of the health risks of being knocked out by such muscular legs, but he also frightened at the idea of what Mlador Leon might do if he confessed to him that he tried to sneak into his personal storage room. On the other hand, Mariska Den Bosch legs, though scarily muscled and merciless, did look sexy. While still shivering in fear and trepidation, Thibault Connard carefully brought his face closer to Mariska Den Boschís right thigh and kissed it, thereby having made his choice. Claude Sac saw this and also instantly noticed the look of disappointed on Mariska Den Boschís face. She really hoped that her threat would be scarier than confessing something to Mlador Leon, but she was mistaken. Even after breaking Thibault Connardís nose and forcing him to kiss her soles after it, Thibault Connard was still more afraid of Mlador Leon than he was of her. Mariska Den Bosch sat down on the tribune with her legs spread while firmly saying: "The back of your head, here!" Thibault Connard instantly obeyed by sitting in front of Mariska Den Bosch with the back of his head towards Mariska Den Bosch. Two hard, muscular legs went over his shoulder and engulfed his head between them. Thibault Connard felt two warm but rock hard pillars pressing against his ears and cheeks while seeing two beautiful female feet interlocking in front of him. "Prepare to sleep for a loooong time!", Mariska Den Bosch sang, which frightened Thibault Connard, who feared for brain damage if Mariska Den Bosch didnít release her in time. He instantly grabbed her thighs to free himself. Even under his hands, Mariska Den Boschís legs felt rock solid. Pulling those legs apart didnít yield anything. The pressure on his head, which was slowly building up, kept building up without pause. At this point, Thibault Connard was not in pain and also could still breathe, but as the pressure became more and more, his discomfort grew. Breathing was still possible, but he still didnít feel well. He began pulling at Mariska Den Boschís legs more frantically, which slowed down the process of increasing pressure, but which didnít relieve any pressure. Then Thibault Connard tried to grab Mariska Den Boschís feet to unlock them from each other, but a hard jolt of power prevented him from touching her feet. It frightened Thibault Connard that Mariska Den Bosch could control him by increasing the pressure to scary levels whenever he did something that she disagreed with. Finally, in full resignation, Thibault Connard stopped his attempts of freeing himself and instead patted Mariska Den Boschís thighs and calves, much to her amusement. Thibault Connard accepted his fate; he would be knocked out by Mariska Den Boschís legs. His vision became blurrier and blurrier. After a while, he only saw Mariska Den Boschís beautifully shaped feet, surrounded by a dark fog. Then, even those feet disappeared form his view, as Thibault Connard lost consciousness.

************************************************** *******

Claude Sac saw this all happening while sitting on the mat with a sore and flattened nose. He was too afraid to intervene when he saw how Mariska Den Bosch was knocking his friend out between her muscular legs. When Mariska Den Bosch was ready, her attention turned to Claude Sac. She took off her gi as well and approached Claude Sac in clothed nothing but a tank top and panties, her bare arms on show. Claude Sac shuddered at the sight of Mariska Den Boschís arms. They looked very strong, just like her legs. Claude Sac, afraid of being kicked, punched or choked, considered running away, but his honour would not allow him to do so. He couldnít degrade himself to such an act of cowardice. Instead, he kept sitting on the floor while a strong looking woman approached him while looking at him with menacing eyes, his heart beat increasing. Finally, Claude Sac averted his eyes to Mariska Den Boschís legs, and then to her feet. When standing two metres from Claude Sac, Mariska Den Bosch stopped walking and stood still. Claude Sac, not even looking up, crawled to Mariska Den Bosch like a dog and looked at her feet. Beautifully shaped feet with the tiny lumps at the big toes and a second toe that was 3 millimetres longer than the big one. The nails were cut short, but they were not polished and even looked a little bit rough, but that only made those feet cuter. Claude Sac could also catch the odour that came from those feet, even through his broken nose. Those were the feet that had broken his nose in just one single hard and perfectly coordinated kick, and those were also the feet that had broken Thibault Connardís nose, will and dignity. Claude Sac descended his face to her left foot and tenderly kissed the upper side of that foot. Then he tenderly kissed the tiny lump, the big toe, the second toe, third toe, fourth toe and the small toe. Then his kisses went to the sword of her foot, then to the side of her foot were the instep began, then again to all five toes, but this time, he kissed the front side, that was under the nails and closer to the floor. Luckily, her toenails were cut short, so he didnít cut his lips while doing so. Then Claude Sac moved his lips to Mariska Den Boschís right foot and followed the same procedure: tenderly kissing the upper side, all five toes from the big one to the small one, kissing the sword of the foot, the side of the foot where the instep began and then again all toes from the big one to the small one, but this time, he kissed the front side, under the nails, closer to the floor. After this, Claude Sac patted both her feet with his cheek, feeling the soft and warmth of her feet, and gave some more kisses. Finally, Mariska Den Bosch spoke up. "Did you enjoy kissing my beautiful, German feet?". "Yes!", Claude Sac replied, being afraid of receiving a beating if he would say otherwise. "I am glad you enjoyed yourself, but I still need to punish you for what you did." This sentence made Claude Sac shudder in fear. Looking up to plead to Mariska Den Bosch with his eyes, Claude Sac was met with a smirking Mariska Den Bosch. Then she flexed her right bicep, in which a solid hill was formed, which scared Claude Sac even more. "You are joining your friend", Mariska Den Bosch said with a sweet voice. Claude Sac didnít know how to reply. He just sat there on his knees, looking at Mariska Den Bosch incredulously. After a few seconds, Mariska Den Bosch stepped over Claude Sac, sat on her knees behind him and wrapped her strong arms around his neck in a sleeper hold, with her right bicep cutting into his arteries while her left hand pushed the back of his head into the crook of her right arm. Before applying any pressure, Mariska Den Bosch cooed "Donít worry. I will make this one quick, because you made it easy for me. Consider this a little reward." Then Mariska Den Bosch tensed her arms, causing immediate panic to Claude Sac. He grabbed her arms to desperately to release himself from this position or to at least relieve some pressure. It didnít work. He couldnít relieve the pressure even by a bit. The already scary pressure of her strong bicep against his arteries kept getting bigger; a pressure of total destruction, like he would be decapitated this way. Following the failed attempts to relieve pressure from Mariska Den Boschís arms, Claude Sac started tapping her arms, hoping that she would be merciful by letting him go. "No taps, knock knock!", Mariska Den Bosch whispered into Claude Sacís left ear, thereby warming his left ear with her warm breath while whispering. Claude Sac hated when people did this, but in this case, this felt strangely appealing. The pressure applied to his arteries didnít subside, however. Mariska Den Bosch temporarily stopped increasing the pressure while whispering, but then she powered her arms together again, making Claude Sacís vision to go blurry. Rather quickly, Claude Sacís vision because encircled by darkness, until even the centre of his vision faded into darkness.

************************************************** *******

Looking back, Mariska Den Bosch saw Thibault Connard and Claude Sac laying on the ground, sleeping. She admired her handiwork. Two men who tried to peek into Mlador Leonís personal storage room had to pay the price of a broken nose, humiliation and a long sleep.

Mariska Den Bosch walked around both sleeping men one more time, after which she entered the dressing room and dressed again in her normal clothing. Then she walked back to the locker in which she put the keycord that the men stole from Mlador Leon, applied the code that she made up earlier and opened the locker. Inside she saw Mlador Leonís keycord. Quickly, Mariska Den Bosch looked around her to check if nobody was nearby. Nobody was there. Then she took the keycord, and... "Hey, Mariska, how is it going?" was heard. Her heart skipped a beat out of fear. She clenched Mlador Leonís keycord in her hand and quickly turned around, trying to hide the hand with the key cord. Before her was standing Cťdric Mertens, often called "Cťdric the Nigger" for being black. "UhmmÖ wellÖ great!", Mariska Den Bosch said, trying to hide her discomfort, the sweat being formed at the forehead and armpits. "I am just warning you for that friend of yours, Marie Cosque. She is not what you think she is." Feeling offended for someone talking about her best friend like that, Mariska Den Bosch went on the defensive and asked: "Why do you say that? What is wrong with my friend?". "She might not be human", Cťdric Mertens said. Not being able to control her laughter, Mariska Den Bosch started laughing out loud. When she was almost ready laughing, she said: "You need to see a psychiatrist!" "Seriously, Mariska, something is wrong your friend. Her eyes glow in the dark!", Cťdric Mertens continued. "Yeah, yeah, I know. You saw my friend when her contact lenses were in!" Following this, Mariska Den Bosch realised something. Her friend doesnít have glasses or contact lenses. Her eyesight is perfect. Itís one of her greatest assets: her ability to distinguish objects from each other from far, far away. After this realisation, Mariska Den Bosch answered: "I will come back to my friend tomorrow evening. Then I will see how her eyes "glow", right?". "Good. By the way, what are you holding your hand?", Cťdric Mertens asked Mariska Den Bosch. "Something private. Womenís things." "EhmmÖ sure", Cťdric Mertens said. "Have a nice day", he said while walking away. "Thanks. You too.", Mariska Den Bosch said.

When Mariska Den Bosch saw that Cťdric the Nigger was gone, she finally let go of the keycord. One of the keys had cut her hand, resulting in a bloody hand. "SHIT!", Mariska Den Bosch cursed to herself. "Now, my hand is bleeding, just because of a mentally retarded announcement from a monkey nigger! What the hell is he doing in France anyway? Let him go back to his stinking shithole country!", Mariska Den Bosch thought. The anger was building up in her, as her hand really hurt and the blood kept flowing and dripping to the ground. Then she alarmingly thought: "Wait, why am I thinking like Mr. Leon? I am not a xenophobe, like him! What is happening to me?". Then she had a sharp headache again. "Not this again!", Mariska Den Bosch said. With a horrible headache and a bloody hand, Mariska Den Bosch went the toilet and tried to stop the bleeding with some toilet paper. After sitting there for over 10 minutes, when the bleeding has practically stopped, she went out of the toilet and cautiously approached Mlador Leonís personal storage room. "This is kind of hypocritical. Knocking out two men for invading someoneís privacy, only then to do the exact same thing myself. But, I am too curious. I cannot control my curiosity!", Mariska Den Bosch quietly said to herself while putting one of the keys of Mlador Leonís keycord into the lock. Wrong one. Then she tried the other. Also wrong. Then the other. Also wrong. The fourth one was the right one. Opening the lock, Mariska Den Bosch quickly looked around and then entered the personal storage room. Right before her, she saw a black curtain that blocked the rest of the room. Lifting the curtain and entering the actual room, Mariska Den Bosch saw several peculiar electronic devices that she has never seen before. Totally oblivious to their function, she carefully examined them with her eyes to see what they might be, but she really couldnít say. Looking around for some more, she saw a medium-sized safe that had to be opened with a code. Not knowing that code, Mariska Den Bosch decided to not to try anything out, out of fear of some system registering the failed attempts, after which Mlador Leon would surely find out that someone tried to get in. Instead she had a second look at the machinery in that personal storage room. They didnít resemble computers, printers or electronic tools, but what were they? Could she take one such thing and check how heavy it was? Maybe she could even check whether it worked on batteries or through the power cable, and then turn it on. While carefully raising her hand to pick one device, that device suddenly emitted a strong, yellow light to the roof, followed by a scary sound, as if it was recharging. Freaking out, Mariska Den Bosch awkwardly stumbled backwards, thereby almost falling into the black curtain behind her. When she regained her composure, she carefully lifted the black curtain and went back to the door. Getting out of the door, she quietly shut the door and locked it again, after which she ran far away from Mlador Leonís personal storage room. When she was in the training field of the facility, Mariska Den Bosch still had Mlador Leonís keycord in her hand. "How am I ever going to give this back to Mr. Leon? What will I say to him? How will he react when he founds out that his keycord is gone?", Mariska Den Bosch thought to herself, worrying. One of the first options Mariska Den Bosch considered, was simply hanging the keycord to Mlador Leonís hospital roomÖ ButÖ someone else might take it and bring it to the Lost&Found area. Not a good idea. Sneeking in into Mlador Leonís room to put it somewhere was riskier, butÖ she didnít know where those two idiots stole the key from. Where would she have to put the keycord without Mlador Leon noticing that it had been gone? And in which position? And how would she sneak into his room and out without Mlador Leon or some doctor or nurse noticing her? And what would she do if a doctor or nurse saw her? More importantly, what would she do if Mlador Leon noticed her? He probably couldnít do much to her, physically, given his injured state, but Mariska Den Bosch still frightened at the idea of Mlador Leon busting her while she snug into his room with his keycord in her hands.

After many minutes of contemplating her options, Mariska Den Bosch changed her mind: "Why am I so terrified of facing Mr. Leon? I will just enter his room, give it back to him and explain that Thibault Connard and Claude Sac stole it from him, and that I stopped them! That is the truth!"

With that new surge of determination, Mariska Den Bosch walked to the hospital area of the facility and straightly walked to Mlador Leonís room. With every step she took, the fear in her grew. What if Mlador Leon wouldnít believe her? What if Mlador Leon would scold at her? What if he would become aggressive? What ifÖ There were so many things that could go wrong. Mariska Den Bosch felt like she didnít have ANY control over the whole situation, "but I have to do it. I donít want to be plagued by regrets if I chicken out!" With every step Mariska Den Bosch took, Mlador Leonís room came a little bit closer. With every step that Mariska Den Bosch took, the trepidation in her heart grew. Her emotions became stronger by the second. When she finally stood before Mlador Leonís door, she took a deep breath and knocked. No response. She knocked again. No response. Finally, Mariska Den Bosch took the door handle and opened the door, only to see the room being empty. Slightly relieved, but at the same time more terrified, Mariska Den Bosch quickly tiptoed into Mlador Leonís hospital room, saw a hat laying upside down next to the bed and put the keycord into that hat. Then, when she wanted to walk back, she froze out of fear when she found a strong looking man with brown hair and green eyes standing in the doorway, looking at her, his right arm in bandage. Before Mariska Den Bosch could say anything, the man spoke up with obvious fury and disappointed in his voice: "SoÖ it was you who stole my keycord!"

[To be continuedÖ]

Author's note: I wish you all a happy, healthy and successful new 2020!

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Talking Re: Punished by Mariska Den Bosch

Originally Posted by flipme29 [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Love this! Great foot action
I am glad you like the foot action in this story! :-D

Originally Posted by eddyeddeddy [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Been waiting for this story since April. Love it! You're, in my opinion, one of the best writers of the forum.
Thank you. This compliment means a lot for me.

But, it also depends on what you like. You are someone who likes female feet, which explains why you like this story so much. Someone who doesn't care about female legs and feet in the slightest and instead just wants to read about penetration sex, won't like this story. It's a matter of preference.

Originally Posted by mksample [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
story is not bad. perhaps drawn out a bit much in certain places which tends to disrupt the momentum & flow a bit.
You are probably referring to the riddle that Mariska Den Bosch gave to Mlador Leon.

This is my kind of humour: interrupting the flow of a story with a sudden and completely off-topic conversation that is being held between two main characters, resulting in the reader thinking: "What the fuck?!?!?!"

I also did this to [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] when Alewijn explained what happened to school to his mother Anabella in detail. This whole explanation didn't go with the flow of the story and is also completely irrelevant to the progress of the story; yet, it's something that I wanted to include, for the sole reason of amusing myself while writing it.

If I were to put these off-topic conversations in the beginning of the story, I won't catch the attention of many readers, resulting in less people reading my whole story, while if I put this in the end, people won't read the last few paragraphs of my story, thinking: "Okay, so that was it!"

But, when I put this right in the middle of the story, the reader has already read a lot of the story, meaning that is he already clung with the story. He has already read good stuff, and he knows that more good stuff is coming if he continues on reading, so this makes it more likely for him to read the off-topic stuff.

In this case, I thought doing something like this was especially funny, because Mlador Leon was in a situation of pain where he was barely able to talk, yet he managed to explain in detail why he thought that his solution to the riddle was correct, which is contradictory. First, he could barely produce any words due to the damage done to his throat, ribs and the air constriction as a result of multiple barefoot kicks and the tight body scissors, and then he suddenly gives a whole speech to answer Mariska Den Bosch's riddle.

The story would make a little bit more sense if I were to omit the whole riddle, but it was too funny not to include. Perhaps I am the only person who laughed at this. You were probably thinking: "This part of the story sucks!"

Originally Posted by mksample [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
the only other criticism I have is I dont feel that it is at all necessary to refer to the characters by stating their full names every single time each of them is mentioned.
I have received this criticism before, and I have mixed feelings about it.

I, for example, have read books in which all the names of the main characters are named in the beginning of a chapter, and then I only see "he", "she", "him" and "her". This frustrates me, because then I forget who is who. I read a sentence like: "She was alarmed when a sudden sound brought her out of her concentration.", and then I think: "But who? Who was alarmed when the sudden sound caught her attention? Who is 'she'? " The result is, is that I have to go back several pages to find that out.

Or those stories with extremely long conversations in which quotes are followed by quotes, without ever stating who says who. Then I also get confused.

So, to avoid my readers having to suffer the same fate (forgetting who is who and losing track of who says what), I decided to name my characters reasonably often, as to avoid any confusion on what is happening.

BUT, in part 2 of my story, I followed your advice. This time, I started referring more often to characters with "he" and "she". When I have already mentioned in a sentence that Mariska Den Bosch did something, it is already clear for the reader who I am talking about, so then I refer to her as "she" or "her" further in the sentence, rather than repeating her name in the same sentence.

Originally Posted by simplyred [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
It's his trademark.
Great story, looking forward to more.
Yes, you could actually say that stating full names repeatedly in stories is my trademark, because I haven't seen any other writer on this forum doing that. Authors on this forum rarely give their characters a surname. They are almost always content with just the first name. In some cases, they don't bother to give their characters a name at all.

So, the fact alone that the characters of my stories have a surname, is special. The fact that I repeat their names adequatly often to avoid confusion and to make sure that my readers remember their names, is also unique. :-D

I am glad to read that you enjoyed my story. I have already posted part 2, so your enjoyment should continue. :-D

Originally Posted by jujigatame [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Waaaw duuude that part with armbar ans submission is unbelievable ! One of the greatest story ! Thank you sir !
Well, thank you. I am glad you enjoyed reading my story. :-D

One of the downsides of many stories on this forum, is the superficial writing style, like "She forced him to kiss her feet, so he obeyed." Instead of doing that, I aim my stories to be more explanatory. I like describing how her feet look like, what odour they give, where he kisses them, how the kiss feels, how she reacts to it etcetera. This aims to give the reader the feeling like they are experiencing what is happening.

Or the explanation as to how certain character experience getting knocked out by the strong arms or legs of a female, rather than simply writing: "She knocked him out in a headscissors!"

Or describing every single kick or punch that is being delivered, rather than something like: "She gave him 4 kicks to various places of his body, after which he collapsed."

Originally Posted by sablebomb [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
You can see you have put a lot of time, thought and effort into writing this story. Kudos to you, enjoyed it. It was very creative, the more I read, the more I wanted to continue on reading. I can honestly stay you've set the template high for yourself. This is very good, I can't wait to see if you try to top it.
Thank you. I am glad to read that you enjoyed reading my story so much. It's a nice compliment, knowing that the more you read my story, the more you wanted to continue reading. :-D

Part 2 is shorter than part 1, contains less physical domination than part 1 and it doesn't even feature the main character (Mlador Leon) in any fight. That is because part 2 takes place in the time that the Mlador Leon is still recovering in hospital from the fight of part 1. Part 2 is basically a build-up for part 3.

That is why in part 3, I will do my best to top the story. I will try to make part 3 even more impressive than part 1! :-D


Oh, and I totally forgot to mention: I not only wish all of you a happy, healthy and successful 2020, but I also wish you all a merry christmas! :-D

But, that depends on where you live, because christmas has already been celebrated in most of the world, but in orthodox countries (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Serbia, Montenegro, Makedonia, Република Српска and probably also Bulgaria), christmas still has to be celebrated, since the orthodox church follows the Julian calendar.

So, in case you haven't already celebrated it: merry christmas! :-D :-D :-D
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Default Re: Punished by Mariska Den Bosch

Originally Posted by Boze_Turk [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Punished by Mariska Den Bosch


Mlador Leon wondered how Mariska Den Bosch was doing right now...

[To be continued...]

Author's note: please provide feedback. Any form of criticism, even if solely negative, is greatly appreciated!
Is mariska Den Bosch Arab ?
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