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Default "Mercy" By A.J. Brown

**A femdom story by A.J. Brown. Email me at [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] with comments or if you would like information on my Personal Custom Stories**


“You don’t pay them,” George said to Zack. “They pay you.”

“What?” Zack thought his new boss was joking or speaking metaphorically somehow.

“They pay you two hundred bucks a night when they get here. Then they get use of the facility for the entire night, usually five hours. They keep everything they get from lap dances, private dances, tips, and all that. The good ones will make their two hundred back in less than two hours. That’s how it works.”


Zack knew nothing about how any of this worked. He had been a sales manager for the past three years. It was one of his sales reps, Antonio, who told him his buddy owned a strip club and was looking to hire someone to manage it. The job paid $75,000 a year, straight up. It was a bit less than Zack was making as a sales manager but his pay as a sales manager was a roller coaster. It all depended on his reps’ production. When they slacked it costed him money and it drove him nuts. One week he’d take home a huge paycheck, the next he barely brought home enough to pay the bills so he always had to really budget. Plus, the idea of managing a group of hot women sounded much more appealing to him than a bunch of sales reps who were almost all men, who were always complaining, and a lot of them with some bad pasts. He left out the excitement of managing all of the hot women when he sold his wife on him taking the job. He also left out that Antonio had referred him to the job and that Antonio slipped right into Zack’s sales manager job once he resigned.

“Don’t let them start working until they pay you,” George said to him. “They’re hot girls and since they’re strippers they know how to work men. You’ll have ones that will come in here with sad stories about how they don’t have the money that night because of this and that, talking all cute, rubbing their tits against you, doing whatever they have to do to manipulate you, then promising they’ll pay you later. Don’t give into it. You need to come across as sympathetic since they are women but you still gotta be tough too. If they don’t have their money for the night when they show up to work, they don’t work.”

“Got it.”

Zack liked the way this was sounding. Having chicks rubbing their boobs up against him trying to get what they wanted. He wouldn’t give in. He dealt with plenty of shit with his salespeople and he taught them not to mess with him. He’d do the same with these women and earn their respect at the same time.

“If there is one girl you should cater to, it’s Mercy,” George said. “She’s the best one by far. She’s 31 so she’s a bit older than the rest of them. She’s still hot as hell, though. Great tits, fit body she takes care of. Only one that’s really got a head on her shoulders. Doesn’t do any drugs, saves her money. She’ll be the first one here every time she works a shift because she actually understands the concept of showing up early to work. And she’ll always pay you right away. You’ll never have to worry about that with her. Be good to her, we need her. She has a big client base so she gets a lot of dudes here. They pay the girls for their services but they also pay to drink so that’s all for our profits. And she attracts an older crowd so they have money to spend – not like the fucking college kids that come in here and buy one drink to sit here for four hours looking at tits. You got this tonight – Antonio said good things about you.”

So it was time for Zack’s first night of work. He sat in his office waiting for the girls to check in and pay him their two hundred bucks to work, a concept he still thought was a little weird. George said he told all of the girls that he hired a new manager. There wasn’t going to be any formal introduction or anything, though. Zack would just meet them as they arrived.

The first one that walked in looked a little on the older side, at least to Zack who was just 28-years-old, and he wondered if it was Mercy. She had long, dark hair and a confident looking, beautiful smile on her face. She carried an expensive looking purse that she reached into as she approached him.

“You must be Zack,” she said to him, and she had a really sexy sounding voice. “I’m Mercy.”

“It’s nice to meet you,” he said and when he shook her hand he almost felt like she was the boss and not him. That feeling came from the facts that he had zero experience managing a strip club and the endorsement from his boss that he had to keep this girl happy.

“You bet, sweetie,” she said as she pulled out two one hundred dollar bills out of her purse and handed them to him. “I’m gonna go get changed and I’ll come back and say hi before I start work, alright?”

Zack put the cash away as she walked back to the dressing room. More of the girls started shuffling in. Some wore overcoats like Mercy did, others wore just regular clothes. Most of them weren’t friendly like Mercy was and they didn’t seem interested in getting to know their new boss. They'd just give him the money, say as little as possible, and then go back so they could get changed.

Mercy popped back into Zack’s office and boy did her getting changed make a difference. He had found her attractive when he first saw her but now he was instantly turned on. She wore a black bikini top and a very short black skirt. She had on extremely high black heels that showed her toes that were painted a bright red. He watched her walk on those heels and was impressed that she was able to.

Her hair was long and very straight. Her skin looked so incredibly soft and smooth. Her boobs looked enormous for her lean, fit looking body. Her legs were lean but they looked strong for a woman. He supposed she had to have strong legs to be able to walk on those heels. He could smell her perfume from where he was and it smelled sexy.

“Time for me to get to work, baby,” she said to him with a smile. “Good luck on your first night here tonight. It can get crazy here on Thursdays for all of the guys that want to start their weekends here early. You need any help with anything tonight you ask me, OK? I know more about this place than Georgie does.”

She winked at him, a wink that made him feel good, and then she left his office. He watched some of the other girls walk by his office after they got changed. When he first saw most of them he thought that they were good looking but they looked like the typical girls he would see out at the store. All of them looked incredibly hot once they were in their stripper attire. He found it amazing how much just getting changed and done up could change their look.

“Hey baby,” a new one said that walked into his office.

She hadn’t been in his office yet that evening. She was a short girl with long, curly brown hair and she wore a low-cut t-shirt that her boobs were practically popping out of. She had a seductive look on her face like she was going to flirt with him. As he felt his dick getting hard while he looked at her, he made sure to remind himself that he was married.

“You the new boss?” she said with a smile and he saw that she was chewing gum.

“I’m the manager,” he said, hoping not to be looked at as the boss – at least not yet. “I’m Zack.”

“Hey cutie, I’m Gem,” she said and she walked by his desk to get closer to him. “I’m going to pay you after I get going tonight, OK? I don’t got the two hunge now but I’ll be able to get it to you within my first hour of work.”

It seemed like a reasonable request. If the girls made the kind of money out there that George said they did then she’d obviously be able to get it for him. She spoke with a tone that made her seem like someone he could trust and the hot girl just had a sexy tone in her voice that would make any guy want to do anything for her.

Still, it was the exact situation that George had warned him against – don’t let them start working until the pay you. Zack wanted to build a rapport with the girls but he didn’t want to get fired on his first night on the job either. Not making the situation any easier for him, Gem moved closer to him and actually started rubbing her boob against his shoulder.

“I’m sorry,” he said, backing away from her, feeling like he was a square for doing it. “I can’t let you work if you don’t pay in advance.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” she said, her tone quickly changing from sweet and flirty, to outright hateful. “I’ll pay you in less than two hours. What’s the fucking difference?”

“The rules are the rules,” he said, not even confident that he was doing the right thing since he thought that she did have a point and she did not look pleased. “I’m sorry but I can’t bend them.”

“You don’t even know how this fucking works. You let me out in that club the fucking guys will be all over me and I’ll have the two hundred bucks to you before you know it. You don’t let me out there then you get nothing, you’re gonna see some pissed off clients who were expecting to see me tonight that aren’t going to get to, and you’re gonna have a pissed off boss when he finds out you pissed off one of his best girls and a bunch of clients. Don’t be stupid, here.”

She spoke with conviction and since he was so unfamiliar with the job, and even George, everything she could be saying could be completely right. The way she was looking at him actually scared him. He had to think fast as she actually looked crazy and like she may do something crazy if he didn’t respond soon. He thought about explaining either situation to George. If he didn’t let her work and George got on him about it, he’d simply tell George that he was following the orders given and if there was a misunderstanding he’d correct it in the future. If that got him fired, so be it. He’d at least know that he did his best. If he did let her work and pay him once she got her two hundred dollars, George would probably be fine with it as long as he got the money and he may not even know it happened to begin with. But what if George did find out and was not happy about it? Zack did not want to have to explain to him on his first night that he let an employee manipulate him after George specifically warned him about it. And if Gem didn’t get the money or refused to pay him for whatever reason, then he could have a big problem on his hands.

“I’m really sorry,” he said and the look in her pretty eyes looked like she was about to go on a rampage. “If you go get the money now I’d be happy to let you work. But I can’t until you do.”

The girl looked to be no more than 22-years-old and couldn’t have weighed more than 105 pounds. But the evil look that she was giving him at that moment was terrifying him and he feared her. He feared that she may call George up and make such a ruckus that she was upset that George might not even care what happened and just fire Zack because of the aggravation. Or she might just even just physically attack him right there. Even if she was tiny, Zack certainly didn’t want to be getting in a fight with one of the dancers his first night on the job and end up hurting them.

“You fucked up majorly,” she said to him, almost hissing as she said it. “I’m going to tell George about his and he is going to fire your ass immediately. Once my clients find out what you did to me it’s gonna fuck up his business and he’s gonna be so pissed at you. We both know people, too. We’ll find you afterwards for this and you’re gonna pay.”

Zack had dealt with all sorts of personality types in his job as a sales manager but he had never dealt with someone so hateful as this, especially when all he was doing was following the rules. On her way out of the office, she hawked a big loogy on the office floor. Zack was very uncomfortable going into his first night of work.

Once the night started getting going, he found how stressful the job was. He had bartenders complaining to him about this and bouncers complaining to him about that. At one point he walked out into the club area when Mercy was on stage dancing barefoot. He had to imagine those heels that she had on had started to hurt her feet eventually. He observed how packed the club was and it stressed him out thinking of how if he were to do something wrong, chaos could erupt out there fairly quickly and he wouldn’t know how to handle it.

On top of all of that, he was still worried about Gem and that he was going to be getting a call from George soon that he was in trouble or that he was fired. Looking at the number of customers that were in that club and how busy the girls were, he didn’t doubt that Gem could have made that money quickly. He then got nervous when he saw he got a text message from George. He went back in his office, feeling very worried.

“how things going?” the text message from George read.

“So far so good.” Zack texted back.

“glad to hear. I knew you’d be able to handle it. Don’t hesitate to let me know if u need anything”

“You hear from Gem at all by chance?” George’s support made Zack feel good enough to ask and the curiosity was killing him.

“no. did she show up tonight? I can never tell with her.” Now Zack felt relief. She was heated when she was talking to him. If she hadn’t called George yet she probably wasn’t going to. Even if she did, now he could explain. She was probably just blowing smoke.

“She showed up and did what you had warned me about – asked if I’d let her work without paying and then she’d pay me once she earned the money.”

“Noooooooooooooooooooo. What did you tell her?”

“Told her that was against the rules and she had to go if she didn’t have the money. So she left.”

“Good. We absolutely cannot do that. We let one girl do that then they’ll all want to do it. First we’re getting paid late, next we’re not getting paid, next we’re out of business before you know it. She knows better than to do that but it doesn’t surprise me at all that she did. She’s a druggie and the only time she does have cash to work is when she’s blown enough guys for it. Blows what she makes on drugs. I’m glad you stood firm. These girls are strippers so they’ll try and manipulate you however they can. She give you a hard time at all about it?”

“Nah, she was a little upset but it was fine.” Zack decided not to push his luck. George was praising him and there was probably no benefit in George finding out things got out of control.

“Good for you. I’ll tell you Zack, you let these girls get away with even one thing and they’ll think they own you moving forward and walk all over you. Don’t hesitate to text me if you need anything else, OK?”

Zack was glad to get the support from his boss but he still had over two hours left of work for the night and he was exhausted. He wasn’t used to working this late. When it came close to closing time, the bartenders were doing a good job shutting the bar down on time and the bouncers were doing a good job getting people out.

It was about quarter after two when most of the dancers had left and there was just one bartender cleaning up while one bouncer remained. Those two looked like they were on their way out the door as well. Zack sat at his desk about to get up and leave when Mercy walked into his office. She had on those high heels again. He couldn’t help but be impressed how she was able to move around in those for five hours. Her legs did look strong.

“So I feel bad I didn’t get a chance to really talk to you much when I first walked in,” she said and she had a seat in the chair across from his desk. “Most of the other girls are out of here right at close so they can go have their chance to get wasted. Not me. I’m going to go home and go to bed. But first I need to chill here for a bit and rest before I drive home.”

That was when she kicked off the high heels that she was wearing, stretched out her legs, and set her bare feet right on his desk. There was something about her doing that that Zack found extremely disrespectful and it really pissed him off. Even when Gem was bothering him to let her work, at least she was doing so because she wanted money. But there was no reason for Mercy to be doing what she was doing, other than to be annoying, and act like she could just do whatever she wanted. Putting your feet on a boss’s desk was something that definitely wouldn’t have been acceptable at his previous job. He was already kind of angry with himself for not doing anything when Gem spit on his floor so he didn’t want to let this slide.

“Please take your feet off of my desk,” he said.

She didn’t say anything back. She didn’t take her feet off of his desk. But she did smile at him. George had talked her up as a good employee but Zack wasn’t going to tolerate anyone doing this to him. Knowing that it would be pointless to say anything to her again, he stood up. He put his right arm around her lower legs, grabbed his hands together, and tried to pull her legs away. Her legs felt much stronger than he expected them to, making his arms feel weak. He could not move them even an inch, let alone, get them off of his desk.

“I’ve been pole dancing for 11 years,” she said to him calmly. “There is no way you’re going to be able to move my legs.”

He was determined to prove her wrong. He pulled at them harder, letting out a grunt as he did so, still not able to move them. He could feel the strain in his muscles as he pulled harder, still to no avail, her legs not going anywhere, and her feet still on his desk. He knew he looked foolish trying as hard as he now was while she just sat there calmly but the only thing that would have made him look more foolish by that point would be if he tried that hard and still wasn’t able to move her legs. But after another minute or so of him huffing, puffing, and grunting as he strained to move her legs while she just sat there calmly and comfortably, he finally gave up.

“You done with that now?” she said in a tone like she was being friendly and not trying to humiliate him, even though he was plenty humiliated either way. “Ready to sit down and talk to me?”

What could he say? He had failed in his attempt to get her feet off of his desk. He definitely wasn’t going to call George and tell him that had happened, that would be much too humiliating. So he just gave an awkward smile as she sat back down in his chair, the soles of her size 9 bare feet looking right at him.

“So tell me about yourself,” she said as she swayed her feet back and forth just a bit, just to show off that they were still on his desk. “What kinds of things do you like to do for fun?”

He told her as little as he could and she then proceeded to talk his ear off about various things she wanted to talk about. He was very tired and just wanted to go home but her feet sitting there on his desk the entire time was just a reminder to him that she had shown dominance over him and it made him feel like he had to stay there. When he finally got home, well after 3 a.m., he got into his bed where his wife was sleeping. She half woke up when he got into bed.

“How was your first night of work, honey?” she said.

“I just want to get to sleep.”

She didn’t object and she fell right back asleep. As tired as he was, he couldn’t fall asleep once he started trying to. Having to come home to his wife after letting Mercy do to him what she had done made him feel like less of a man. Images of what it would have been like if his wife had seen him being unable to get Mercy’s feet off of his desk made him toss and turn all night and he didn’t sleep well at all.

“Hey there, boss,” Mercy said the next night with a cocky tone in her voice, the first dancer to work again, as she pulled out her money for the night to give to Zack. “Here you go.”

The night seemed to go a bit smoother than the previous night, workwise. Gem didn’t’ show up at all so at least he didn’t have to deal with her again. There were less customers that showed up and a couple of less dancers as well. The employees didn’t seem as needy and Zack hoped more nights would end up like this than the previous night.

“Hey there, boss,” Mercy said at the end of the night when she walked into his office after the club had closed. “Got some time to chat with me again before we go home?”

“Not tonight.”

She said nothing but smiled at him like she had something in mind so he stayed in his seat to see what that may be. She pulled off her top to reveal her large boobs. He had already seen them when she was dancing so that was nothing new. She set down her purse and kicked off her heels.

She then proceeded to take her skirt off as well which he hadn’t seen her do as the girls could only be topless. He looked at her hairy bush as she threw the skirt aside. She now stood naked in front of him. As amazing as her body looked, he didn’t feel turned on or attracted to her right then. He felt disrespected that she just stood in front of her boss with no clothes on like that and it made him feel uneasy. She then reached into her purse and pulled out a cigarette and a lighter. She lit up right in his office. She walked closer to him confidently and he wondered what she was doing.

“Come on,” she said. “Hang out and talk to me for a bit.”

And then like she was just trying to push her limits with him, she raised her leg and poked his chest with her bare foot. He had had enough. He swatted her foot away with his hand, slapping her on the ankle rather hard.

“Don’t you EVER touch me!” she said.

And with that, she reached forward and punched him right in the face. He was not ready for that at all so he wasn’t able to defend against it so she got a real good shot in. The punch from the woman hurt a lot more than he would have thought it would have. Looking at her standing naked in front of him and looking like she thought it was just acceptable to poke him with her foot and then punch him just because he pushed her foot away, he wasn’t thinking anything about not hitting a woman.

He jumped to his feet and took a swing at her. She backed her head up and his fist grazed her chin, but it didn’t look like it hurt her at all. She threw her still lit cigarette on the floor. She now had her fists up and the two of them were going to fight. They moved at the other and grabbed each other at the shoulders.

They pushed at each other and she felt a lot stronger than he expected her too. His face still hurt from the punch and he was not pleased that he seemed to be losing this fight so far. He could feel her being stronger than him as they pushed at each other. She then reached her arm up, managed to get it around his neck, and she pulled his head down right down into the side of her waist.

He pulled hard at her arm as she held him in a guillotine choke but he could not pull her arm off of him. He could feel her hips pushing into his head. He could feel her bare ass pushing against his head as well. And just knowing that her hairy pussy was close to his head did not make him happy.

He pulled harder at her arm and when he was still not able to even able to loosen up he started to panic. He could not lose a fight to his female stripper employee or he would lose all control as a manager. He pulled on her arm more desperately and she tightened her arm on his Adam’s apple, making it hard for him to breathe.

The grown man who had a wife at home sleeping in bed that he wanted to get home to sleep with, was getting beat up by a female stripper. The longer she had him trapped, the more that it was sinking in for him that he was going to lose this fight. The idea that she may be able to keep him trapped like that as long as she wanted to made him feel even more panic.

He pushed at her hips and that didn’t work. He punched her legs but they were way too strong for that to hurt her. He reached up and punched her upper body but he was in such a bad position that he couldn’t hit her with any kind of a real punch and they weren’t hurting her. She punched him in the back a few times with her free hand and since she had much better positioning than he did, she was able to hit him with wide open punches that really hurt. A few of those back punches made him stop punching her.

He walked around a bit trying to get free and she just walked with him, her arm still strong and tight around his neck. To make matter worse his office door opened. All he could see was the shoes and jeans worn by the person who entered and closed the door behind them but that was all he needed to see to tell that it was George.

George said nothing and from what Zack could see, it looked like his boss was just standing there watching the fight. Now that someone was watching, it gave Zack more adrenaline. He fought harder trying to get free but the extra adrenaline still wasn’t enough to get free from the guillotine choke he was trapped in. He continued to walk around, trapped in the hold, while Mercy just tightened and hurt his head and neck more as she held onto him. George watched quietly for at least a couple of minutes before he finally spoke up.

“Alright Mercy, let go of him,” George said.

Mercy let go. Zack stood up straight, his neck in a lot of pain, and he could feel that his eyes were watered up to the point where he was almost crying. Mercy was looking at him like she was ready to fight some more if he decided to attack. Zack felt beyond humiliated.

“Mercy, why don’t you go outside and have a cigarette?” George said.

“Yeah stay in here and cool off where you’re safe, Zack!” Mercy said sounding pissed off as she put her clothes back on. “I’ll be out back if you wanna meet me out there and finish this.”

She picked up her cigarette off of the ground and tried to take a drag of it but it had gone out. She walked out the door and George had a seat across from Zack in the chair Mercy had been sitting in when she put her feet on Zack’s desk. Zack had a seat in his chair.

“So what happened?” George said. Zack actually started to cry a bit. He felt like he was in the principal’s office.

“You told me not to let them take advantage of me,” Zack said, trying to hold back the tears. He was really upset. It had been a long, long time since he had actually been beaten up. “She comes in here and puts her feet on my desk yesterday. I let that go but then tonight she pokes my chest with her foot. I just pushed her foot away and then she punched me in the face.” Zack felt so embarrassed having to explain that was how the fight started as the words came out of his mouth. He definitely didn’t sound like management material.

“Weird, she’s been here for a while and I’ve never had any problems like this with her,” George said. “She’s the last of the girls I’d expect that from. Sounds like she is trying to power trip you, though. I told you, all of these girls are capable of that. Still, she’s the best dancer here and it wouldn’t be good for the club is we lost her. You’re going to have to figure out how to work this out with her.”

“Any suggestions?”

“I just deal with the financials here. That’s what I hired you for to manage these girls. You’re gonna have to figure out how to make that happen. I think you can do it. Jose is still here. I’m going to have him escort you to your car. Mercy has been training for years in Muay Thai so if she’s still waiting for you out there you’re not going to want to end up in a fight with her outside. You’re actually kind of lucky that fight didn’t go worse for you in here. Jose!” Jose was one of the bouncers. He walked in. The guy stood at about 6’3 and had to weigh a good 280. “Escort Zack to his car, will you please? And if you see Mercy out there, tell her I’d like to see her.”

Jose’s facial expression didn’t change as Zack got to his feet, embarrassed that he needed this protection. But he already knew his job was in jeopardy and he didn’t want to do anything to defy George at that point. He also was a bit afraid of running into Mercy outside after what she had done to him. He didn’t know much about Muay Thai but he didn’t want to be fighting anyone who had a lot of training in any martial art as he had never trained in anything. Jose walked him out the back door. Mercy was standing right outside the door smoking. She looked right at Zack and gave him an aggressive look.

“Got a bodyguard walking you out??” she said with a laugh and she sounded like she really wanted to make him feel bad about himself. “Yeah you need that, don’t you fucker? You got any balls, you’ll come fight me right now – I didn’t think so.”

“George wants to see you inside, Mercy,” Jose said without his facial expression changing as he walked Zack to his car.

It was tough for Zack to get in bed that night next to his wife. She didn’t wake up when he got in bed but just looking at her lying there made him think of how humiliating that would have been if she had seen him getting beaten up by a woman and seeing him just let Mercy trash-talk him the way she was as he needed a bouncer to walk him to his car.

When he woke up the next day, he dreaded going to work the entire day. George had told him that he was going to have to figure out how to manage Mercy. But how was he going to do that? She wasn’t going to listen to him and George wasn’t going to get involved. And if she decided to beat him up in his office again and George wasn’t around then there was nothing that he’d be able to do about it. He was completely failing at this job.

He sat at his desk once he got to work. Mercy wasn’t there at the early time that she had been the last two nights and he hoped that maybe she wouldn’t show up for work that night. But she showed up soon enough, still the first one to report. She walked confidently and he was afraid. She had basically shown that she could put her feet on his desk, smoke in his office, or do whatever and she’d be able to get away with it. What was he going to do?

“Here’s your money,” she said as she paid him the two hundred dollars for the night. He felt a bit of relief as he realized if she refused to pay him, even that could be a problem. “So George really chewed me out after you left last night,” Mercy said. “Said you’re the new manager and I gotta respect that. Said if you report any problems with me here again he’s gonna fire me. The fucker. You’re the one that hit my foot first. But I make good coin here and I need this job. So I guess we gotta be friends here, or something. So I’m sorry about what happened last night. But I just wanna let you know – if I ever see you out and about I’m gonna kick your ass. Don’t care if it’s at a bar or the supermarket. Don’t care if you’re by yourself, with your friends, or with your wife. I see you out of work and you’re dead meat. This is a small city and I’ll run into you eventually. I gotta get out to work.”

She looked away from him and he watched her walk out of the room confidently. All he could see was the back of her, but she had shorts on and he could see the back of her strong legs. She was stronger than he was, she could beat him up, and there was nothing he could do. Even quitting his job now wouldn’t keep him safe from her as that wouldn’t reduce the chances that he’d run into her outside of work. He couldn’t believe things had gotten sour between the two of them so quickly but he wished he had just kept his job as a sales manager.
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Default Re: "Mercy" By A.J. Brown

Really enjoyed this.
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Default Re: "Mercy" By A.J. Brown

Great story! Part deux?
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Africa. No-Mercy. logiemac Wrestling & Fighting Videos 7 15-Apr-21 23:13
I have no mercy when wrestling men! alexisrain Producers' Corner 9 09-Oct-20 02:10
No Mercy For Percy, remake peters1967 Female Domination Art 6 20-Dec-16 06:10
Lexxi Brown is hot! Does she wrestle? blackgirlsontop Wrestling & Fighting Pictures 5 22-Aug-14 07:27

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