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Default Re: Just Wear Your Mask

A change of settings is always good
A little less mom is fine, it means we get to see more from his devious little sister
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Default Re: Just Wear Your Mask

Part 6: Tortured by Lacey and Kaylee

The next few minutes went by slowly for Carson, laying in silence with nothing to focus on but his breathing and embarrassing position under Kaylee, while she had gone back to her phone with earbuds in, probably listening to something.

Suddenly the quiet would be broken, as the door burst open and closed with a thud.

‘Heyyy guys I’m back, you two have fun together?’ Lacey greeted them, clearly excited to get started.

‘Hey Lace, we did’ Kaylee giggled. ‘But don’t worry, I mostly waited for you to start the real fun!’

‘You better have, or maybe I’d have to have tied you up and let you spend time with my feet too’ she playfully threatened.

‘Ewww no way!’ Kaylee laughed, ‘I couldn’t imagine having a facefull of those now, Carson might not make it!’

‘But I did take you up on your offer to use him as a seat, as you can see. And you were right, he is a pretty comfy cushion!’ She joked.

‘He didn’t give you any trouble.....did he?’ Lacey asked, it being obvious she was hoping he did.

Despite Kaylee’s promise and reassurance, that question still made Carson nervous. This was the first time for her to actually prove her words.

‘Not really, he was actually a pretty good cushion! I’m actually kind of surprised he didn’t fight back more. Obviously he wasn’t happy about having my butt all over his face after a jog at first, but he settled down and accepted it was staying on his face pretty fast’ Kaylee said with a smirk.

Carson was filled with relief knowing he could trust her now and it wasn’t some cruel trick, though maybe she could’ve stopped after the first sentence or two, but he supposed it was the best answer she could give while keeping it believable. Not that he was in a position to criticize how she handled it.

‘Wowwww bro is someone finally learning?’ Lacey teased. ‘If I knew it was this easy you would’ve had my feet all over your face a long time ago’ she laughed. Or wait. You weren’t hoping being good for her would get you mercy when I got back were you?’

Uhg, I guess I have to get up now, but I could sit here all day’ Kaylee playfully groaned, pretending it was bothersome to get off him.

‘Should we move him to the floor Lace?’ She asked.

‘Wait not yet, I didn’t get to have my fun yet!’

‘Oops that’s right, my bad Lace’ She laughed.

As soon as climbed onto him and the couch, Carson could already tell how warm and sweaty she had gotten.


‘Oops were you going to say something?’ Lacey asked with mock concern’

She waited till he started running out of air to lift up, as she did he gasped between much needed breathes ‘Lace please-.......it’s so gross and-........sweaty down here.

As both girls laughed at his reaction, Lacey told him ‘that’s the point bro, now shut it and get back in there!’ She giggled smothering him under her ass till he needed air again.

Seeing his red face as he gasped for air, Kaylee said laughing ‘oh my gosh I think he’s had enough smothering Lace, don’t kill him with your butt’.

‘Yeah I guess you’re right Kaylee’ she laughed back. ‘But I can still do this then!’ She exclaimed as she began doing bounces on his face mixing in little shakes and dances making Kaylee burst into laughter.

It didn’t take long for his face to already feel a little sore from the light battering it was getting from Lacey’s bouncing as he groaned out a ‘stop.....please’.

‘Okay Lace maybe you really should stop, you might bust his nose or something if you keep doing it. Or leave bruises.’

‘Okayyyy okayyy I know, your definitely right on that one. Mom would kill me if he accidentally got hurt’. Lacey admitted reluctantly, but knowing Kaylee was right.

By time Carson totally recovered, the girls were already moving and lowering him to the floor.

‘Oh this is going to be his favorite part!’ Lacey teased. You’re really lucky, now you get four pretty feet!’

As both girls took their shoes off, Kaylee joked ‘I think just yours would be enough, I can already smell them from here!’

‘Probably, but imagine what they’d be like on your face’ she laughed.

‘Umm......I’d rather not!’ Kaylee replied, playfully pretending to throw up at the thought. ‘It’s a good thing we have Carson here to find out for us!’

Desperately trying to appeal to his sister one last time, Carson pleaded ‘Please Lace you can’t do this to me this is disgusting, please stop!’

‘You already slept with them in your face all night, but now cause I went for a run they aren’t good enough for you or something?! You can’t be so picky expecting them to be in a special condition, this is natural!’ Lacey scoffed at him, playfully acting offended.

‘But thanks for reminding me, Kaylee we should probably retape his mouth so we don’t have to hear his ungrateful whining.’

‘Oooh good idea Lace, we don’t want him cheating breathing through his mouth either. His nose will have to suck it aaaaaall in.’ Kaylee giggled, grabbing some tape.

Realizing he’d have no choice but to smell the whole time just to breathe, he started to panic ‘please guys don’t seal my mouth again! I promise I won’t talk at all just please-‘ as the girls ignored him, sealing the tape over his mouth.

‘Ahhh it’s so quiet now isn’t it Lace?’ Kaylee joked.

‘I knooow, it is! So peaceful without any begging!’

‘Now it’s time for the treat he’s been waiting for for a while now!’ Lacey laughed as they both hovered their feet towards his face.

‘Oh and Carson, you can struggle and yell all you want now, right Lace?’ Kaylee smirked. ‘We can’t expect him to stay quiet and still through this, I’d be going crazy too!’

‘Yeah your right Kay, there’s no way he could NOT react!’ She laughed.

‘Okay bro.....here they come!’ Lacey taunted as both girls feet went to his face.

As the combined smell assaulted his nose he began to thrash around desperately trying to twist away, but now with 4 feet all over his face there was no where to squirm to for even just one breathe of fresh air.

‘Shhhh there’s no escaping them, just lay still and sniff’ Lacey cooed. ‘You’ll adjust a little.....maybe!’

‘Oooops, where do you you think you’re going?’ Kaylee teased, catching his nose with her light blue polished toes as he jerked his head one way, before he turned his nose away right into Lacey’s foot.

No no Carson, there’s pretty feet for you everywhere you turn!’ Lacey taunted. Kaylee’s were bad too but Lacey’s were definitely the worst of the pair.

‘Now let’s hold his face up and really let him smell them both!’ Lacey laughed as both girls maneuvered his face straight up while using some pressure, ending up with both girls pink and blue toes piled over his nose.

‘I guess his head isn’t stronger then 4 legs and feet’ Kaylee laughed making Lacey giggle as well.

She was right as Carson could barely move his head now, forced to smell both girl’s feet at once constantly, shuddering after each of his first inhales.

‘The air he sucks through your toes feels soooo nice doesn’t it? We can both feel it now.’

‘It really does Lace, I don’t think he’s taking it well though.’ Kaylee laughed, as they could both clearly tell how repulsed he was with each sniff.

‘Let’s keep his nose covered like this for a feeew more minutes, I think he needs a little more time to sniff them’ Lacey said.

Carson started to yell into the tape, futilely trying to pull his head away.

‘It’s okay, just breathe innnnn and outtttt. Suck all the scent off of them’ Kaylee mockingly encouraged him.

This was the most humiliated and grossed out he felt yet, but he didn’t have much of a choice but to pull in air through their smelly feet again and again until they were satisfied.

‘Ah there we go’ Lacey said as as they finally pulled their feet back from his face. ‘Was that really so bad?’

Carson just let out a low groan into the tape.

‘Come on you know you loved it’ Kaylee teased wiggling a foot over his face.

‘Oh I have an idea Kay’ Lacey said with a mischievous look. ‘it’s like what you told me to do last night. Pinch his nose shut with your toes, then let go when I say.’ She giggled.

‘Oh I think I know where this is going!’ Kaylee giggled back as she did as her friend asked.

They both paused and waited, it was only a matter of time until Carson started getting desperate for air. As he began to panic with his breathing cut off and began to squirm trying to get a breath, Lacey shouted ‘Now!’ shoving her feet over his nose with perfect timing as Kaylee pulled her foot away, resulting in Carson involuntarily taking several deep sniffs of Lacey’s feet, making the girls burst in laughter.

Taking in the aroma of his sister’s feet that deeply made him gag, only amusing them more.

‘Damn her feet must smell great huh, you were really huffing them’ Kaylee laughed.

‘Aw don’t worry I’ll let you smell them again. Kaylee?’ She smirked.

This time he was filled with dread as Kaylee pinched his nose shut again, now knowing exactly what was coming. He tried to shake his nose free from Kaylee’s toes to no success, and.....the moment finally arrived. Kaylee released his nose as his body and instinct forced him to take several more deep whiffs of Lacey’s gross feet.

‘Good boy, just keep sniffing’ Lacey taunted. ‘You want a turn Kaylee?’

‘Yessss that would be amazing’ Kaylee laughed. ‘Get ready Carson, now you get to enjoy how mine smell.’

Now it was Lacey pinching his nose shut as Kaylee waited to ambush him when he gasped for air. At least her’s weren’t as bad as his sister’s.

Seeing him start to squirm for air, Kaylee asked him ‘Are you sure you want to breathe? Give a little nod for yes.’

Desperate, he instantly nodded.

‘Really? Even though you’ll have to take deep sniffs of these pretty feet?’

He needed air to bad to care, instantly nodding again.

‘Okay, well I wanted to ask first just in case.’ She teased.

‘Okay bro, sniff those pretty feet!’ Lacey taunted releasing his nose as Kaylee shoved her feet over his nose as he desperately sniffed at them as both girls laughed.

‘Wow that was the best!’ Kaylee giggled.

‘Now should we make him taste them?’ Lacey laughed.

Hearing that he desperately started squirming and begging into the tape, trying to discreetly beg Kaylee with his eyes to save him. He couldn’t imagine having them in his mouth, and he didn’t want to find out how what it would be like. Kaylee was his only hope.

‘Um maybe we should let him off on that’ Kaylee laughed. ‘I don’t think he could handle THAT now.’

‘Fineeee, I guess you’re right. Next time then bro!’ Lacey grinned.

Carson cringed at the mention of a next time. He was never letting this happen again, but he was relieved Kaylee had saved him from her next idea.

‘And your new girlfriend won’t speak up to save you then either!’ Lacey teased.

‘What?! I am not-‘ Kaylee started to protest before Lacey’s laughter drowned her out. ‘Calm down Kay I’m just playing with you’ she said between laughing, happy to get a reaction out of her. ‘You have been the one most worried about him all day though.’

‘Gosh, sorry if I’m not quite as evil as you Lace’ she playfully spat back.

Before their little back and forth could continue , they were interrupted as Lacey’s phone rang. Pulling out her phone, she saw it was their mother.

‘Hold on, it’s mom’ Lacey said answering the phone, ‘Hi mom’.

Carson and Kaylee both waited to hear what was being said on the other end, as Lacey briefly talked to her and Carson’s mother before wrapping up the call.

As she tapped ‘End Call’ and put her phone away, Kaylee asked ‘What was that about?’

‘Oh she was just calling to let us know she’d be out a bit later then she thought, so I can let Carson go before she gets home whenever if he deserves it’.

For the first time in the day Carson got a bit excited hearing that, until he remembered it was obviously still up to his sister to actually do it.

‘So since you shot down MY idea, what do you think we should do with him?’ Lacey asked her.

‘Think we should just let him go?’ Kaylee suggested. I mean his poor face and nose have already been through a lot’ she giggled. ‘I’m sure he’s learned his lesson by now. Plus I should probably get going in a few anyway.’

‘Yeaaaah I guess so, especially if you’re gonna be leaving. We did pretty much do it all to him already anyway didn’t we’ she laughed.

‘What do you think Carson? Should we let you go now or do you want to stay under my feet for a few more hours?’ Lacey teasingly asked.

Carson desperately mmmphed and shook his head ‘no’ to both girls amusement.

Alright alright we hear you, I’ll put my feet back on your face don’t worry’ she said just playing with him, pretending to move them to his face.

He immediately tried to twist away in panic making both girls laugh again.

‘Calm down bro, it’s okay I’m just messing with you’ she smiled.

‘Well do you think you can handle untying him Kaylee?’ I have to use the bathroom anyway’.

‘Yeah sure, why not. I’ll probably head right out after so I’ll talk to ya later then Lace, thanks for all the ‘fun’ ‘ Kaylee winked.

‘Ok Kaylee, see you later! And I had so much too’ she laughed, ‘we should definitely do this again sometime!’

As Lacey left the room and headed upstairs, Kaylee began talking to Carson as she started setting him free.

‘See Carson? I kept my promise didn’t I?’ She playfully asked as she ripped the tape off his mouth.

‘Uhhhg yeah’ he groaned. ‘But did you have to make me smell your feet so much too?’

‘Hey, I helped you out but I still loved having you under me’ She giggled. ‘You shouldn’t be whining to me anyway, if it wasn’t for me your mouth would probably be stuffed with Lacey’s foot right now’. She joked with a smirk.

‘Okay okay....you have a point.’ He admitted cracking a very slight smile.

‘Aaaaannnd there we are, you’re all free to go’ She told him as she finished untying him.

Carson groaned as he started to stretch his arms and legs, finally having his freedom back.

‘Now that I freed you, it’s only fair you walk me out’ she grinned.

‘Aaaaalright come on’ he said walking with her to the door and opening it.

As she stepped out onto the doorstep she turned and leaned back in close to him, followed by a look coming over her face before she giggled and said ‘you might want to wash your face off when you get back in, you don’t smell so great now’.

‘And who’s fault is that?’ He asked in a joking tone making her laugh.

‘Anyways there is one more thing’ she said with a grin, leaning in even closer now so he could hear her ask in a near whisper ‘What do you say after everything I did in there to help you?’

His mind spun for a second before he realized he hadn’t thanked her again after she finally got him out of even more torture, but then he caught himself as he also realized she wasn’t simply fishing for a ‘Thank you’. It hit him what she wanted to hear.

He went a little red as he quietly said it.

‘Thank you Princess Kaylee.’

The End. For now.....

-A pretty quick turnaround this time guys, here’s the last part of the main part of the story. Next up is a bit of a sequel in this same thread.
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Default Re: Just Wear Your Mask

Just Wear Your Mask 2: Girls Trip

3 Years Later.......

‘Hey Lace, you almost packed yet? I’m all ready to go, I’m heading over now!’ She said as Lacey answered her phone.

‘Yessss Kay I’m almost done don’t worry, sounds good. I can’t wait to see you again, it’s been so long since we’ve had time to hang out together!’

‘Ughhh I know Lace, me too, I miss my best friend! This beach trip together is gonna be amazing, I really need it.’

It had been several years since Lacey and Kaylee’s ‘special day’, and over time as their lives had changed and gotten busier, now with them both having started college, they had had less and less free time to spend together.

With the two of them home on spring break, this was their first chance in a while to spend quality time together, and the girls had taken advantage slowly planning a little vacation to the beach for an overnight stay over the past few weeks.

Now off the phone, Kaylee had begun driving over to Lacey’s. As she drove, she already began to imagine relaxing on the beach, the warmth of the sun and the sound of the waves. As she thought about seeing her best friend again and their trip, she wondered to herself for a second if Lacey’s brother, Carson, was home too.

It had been a while since her and Lacey had time to catch up in person, but it had been even longer since she’d seen Carson. Having completely separate social circles, and Carson of course not going out of his way to be around the two of them, they hadn’t seen much of each other since that day even before her and Lacey drifted apart a bit.

Kaylee would think back to that day once in a while, still having a pretty clear memory of it. It wasn’t exactly a common easily forgotten experience, and certainly not one she’d had the chance to recreate. Later she found that she had enjoyed the playful punishment they had given Carson more then she realized then, sometimes almost wishing she could have another helpless ‘victim’ under her and at her feet again.

Finally having arrived, she pulled into Lacey’s driveway. Turning off her car, she went to the door. Already waiting with her few bags downstairs as she finished packing up her things, Lacey was quick to answer.

‘Kayleeee oh my gosh I missed you so much!’ Lacey shouted.

I know, I’ve been so excited for this!’ Kaylee said as they hugged each other. ‘How are things going here? Almost ready?’ She asked.

‘Yep I’ll be ready to get going in just a few minutes!’

‘So how’s college going for you? Dating anyone yet?’ Lacey asked playfully.

‘Noooo’ Kaylee laughed. ‘It’s been fine, just so much work to do, can’t wait to have a few days just relaxing at the beach with you.’

‘Oh I know, I need the break too’ Lacey laughed.

‘Hey, is Carson and your mom home right now too?’ Kaylee asked.

Mom’s at work, but she knows we’re going. But yeah Carson’s home for the week too, he’s in his room right now I think.’ Lacey replied as she finished getting herself ready.

‘Should I go up and say hello before we go? It’s been a while, I’m sure he misses me.’ Kaylee grinned.

It took her a second before she remembered, but then she giggled ‘ohhhh right, sure if you want too. I’ll be ready by time you come back.’

‘Okay sounds good Lace’ she said as she went to head upstairs to find Carson. Walking up to his closed door, she gave a knock before walking in.

‘Carson! guess who it issssss’ she shouted out cheerfully.

Already having said goodbye to his sister, he was now just killing some time playing video games. He knew Lacey was going to the beach with one of her friends, but he didn’t really care to ask anything more about it. But he recognized that voice immediately.

She didn’t wait for a ‘come in’, bursting in a few seconds after announcing herself.

‘Heeeeey Carson, just thought I’d stop in and say hello before we go. We haven’t seen each other in so long!’

Hey.....Kaylee’ he replied a bit sheepishly. The last thing he expected was Kaylee to come barging into his room. He hadn’t seen her in a while, and he was kind of glad for it. He did try to avoid the two of them together for a while after it happened, and eventually it ended up happening naturally as the events of that day drifted further behind them.

The idea of being around her had become a bit awkward after........well......she literally sat on his face and he was forced to kiss and sniff her feet. Hard to act like that never happened, and even now it was still an embarrassing memory.

‘Aw you didn’t miss me?’ Kaylee teased.

‘I- uh’ as he stumbled over his words at first unsure what to say, and at the same time he couldn’t help but notice how pretty she looked now.

Then he settled on ‘um it’s nice to see you again Kaylee’ as she unexpectedly came over and hugged him, leaving him to awkwardly hug her back.

‘It’s been so long, I’d almost think you were avoiding me!’ She teased with a playful smile.

‘N-no, o-of course not. I-‘ he wasn’t expecting her to call it out, even only in a joking way. He wasn’t sure why he then sort of opened up to her with the truth, but those years ago he wasn’t sure why he had went along with her ‘Princess Kaylee’ thing either when she let him go and left, when he could’ve finally easily refused. Though he didn’t have an excuse ready anyway.

‘Well......I wasn’t really trying to avoid you, I like you it’s just......it did feel kind of awkward and embarrassing after......you know.’

‘Oh I remember’ Kaylee giggled, making his face go a little red. He knew it was desperate, but part of him had wanted to hope it was mostly forgotten by now.

‘It’s cute but that’s still rude, I mean we just had a little fun. You’re lucky we’re leaving or I might have to do something about that’ She teased.

Then they heard a yell from downstairs, ‘KAYLEE I’M READY, YOU COMING OR WHAT?’

‘Oops sounds like Lacey’s just waiting on me, I better get going. It was nice seeing you again Carson’ she smiled.

‘You too’ he replied. ‘Wait.....maybe we could catch up sometime......when you’re not with my sister? The two of you together are trouble’ he joked. He did feel a bit guilty about dodging her when she was around with Lacey, and she had been mostly kind and trustworthy to him. Even the not as kind parts, she didn’t really do in a mean spirited way.

‘Aw sure, that would be nice’ she said happily as she walked out and closed his door.

As she headed downstairs, a mischievous smile came to her face.

‘It’s about time’ Lacey joked. ‘You ready now?’

‘Well wait. I just had an amaaaaaazing idea. What if we took your brother with us?’ Kaylee suggested.

‘Oh trust me, he would NOT want to come with us!’ Lacey laughed.

‘I didn’t say we should ask him’ Kaylee giggled with a wink. ‘You know......like we did that one time? Just for old times sake?’

‘Sounds fun to me, you know I still can’t easily pass on that’ Lacey grinned. ‘This was meant to just be the two of us though’

‘It’s still a girls trip......just with some extra entertainment.’ Kaylee said.

‘Ok, you got me Kay. I’m in. You might be worse then me now, this is all you’ Lacey laughed. ‘So you get him down here, I’ll be ready.’

After a few minutes, to Carson’s surprise Kaylee barged in again. Turning his head, he asked ‘you guys didn’t leave yet?’

‘Hi, actually we kind of need your help putting a few things in the car.’

‘There’s two of you, you guys can’t handle it? How much are you taking, you won’t be gone that long right?’ He asked.

‘Come on Carson, please? It’ll be quick. For me?’ She pleaded giving the best “puppy dog eyes” look that she could. If it were Lacey asking, he’d have little trouble telling her to just do it herself. With Kaylee.......he caved and decided to help.

‘Alright fine, I’ll help. Let’s go.’ He said turning off his game. ‘But mostly for you, not my sister’ he joked.

‘Awww, your so sweet. Thank you so much!’ Kaylee said energetically, hugging him again.

‘Okay okay, your welcome. Come on’ he said. Kaylee let him lead the way. As they got downstairs, Carson didn’t see any bags waiting by the door.

‘So where’s the stuff you needed help with? He asked, a little confused. ‘Don’t you both have your things ready alread-‘ he was saying as he was tackled to the floor from behind by Lacey. “Tackled” as softly as she could of course.

Confused and caught totally off guard, he didn’t have much chance of fighting them both off as they held him down on his stomach. Lacey sat on his lower back, as Kaylee sat higher close to his shoulders. It didn’t take them long working together to wrench his arms behind his back and secure his wrists.

‘Gotcha!’ Lacey laughed. ‘You’re too easy this time bro!’

‘Guys, let me go!’ He shouted as he struggled to free his hands.

‘Nope, you’re coming to the beach with us!’ They both cheered.

As Lacey sat on his legs and helped Kaylee immobilize them, Carson began to give up and accept his fate. He just groaned ‘what did I even do this time!’

‘Nothing actually’ Lacey smirked.

‘It’s not our fault you’re the perfect tie up toy’ Kaylee said making both of them giggle. Once again, he was immobilized with a combination of pantyhose and tape. ‘Now come on Lace, let’s get going!’ Kaylee proclaimed cheerfully as they hauled him to his feet and out the door.

As he was pulled outside towards the backseat of Kaylee’s car, uncomfortably in plain view of anyone who may be looking, he desperately tried to plead with them ‘come on guys this isn’t funny, you can’t take me out like this! Please just let me go! And Lace, you know mom wouldn’t be ok with this.’

‘Good thing we’re not going to tell her then, right?’ Lacey laughed. ‘And if you tell her later, you’ll be sorry’ she threatened, as Kaylee opened the car door before they both lifted him in.

‘I think we need to quiet him down Kaylee, what do you think?’

‘Your probably right Lace, or he’ll ruin the drive whining the whole way there! Hold on, I might have something in the trunk for him’ Kaylee said going to look. ‘You wanna drive Lace?’

‘Yeah sure, why not’ she answered getting in the drivers door.

‘Yes! Got something!’ Kaylee shouted, slamming the trunk closed and hopping into the backseat with Carson. ‘Guess what I got for you Carson!’ She smiled. ‘I had a bag with my workout clothes still in the trunk!’

As Kaylee revealed what she had, both girls burst into laughter. A pair of her panties.

‘I didn’t get to washing them again yet, so they should be yummy for you’ Kaylee teased.

‘Oh my gosh Kaylee I can’t believe you!’ Lacey laughed.

‘Don’t you dare!’ He shouted at her.

Carson’s mind had jumped to used socks, but used panties wasn’t really any better. There was no way he was opening his mouth again for her to have a chance to stuff them in.

‘Come on Carsonnnn, open up!’ Kaylee cooed. ‘Just let this be easy, open your mouth and I’ll slide my yummy panties in for you. I don’t want to have to do this the hard way.

She gave him a few seconds, before saying ‘fine, we’ll do it your way.’ as she grabbed his nose pinching it closed with her fingers. Of course he soon broke, needing to open his mouth to breathe. Instead, he had Kaylee’s worn panties shoved into his mouth as she released his nose. Before he could spit them out, she was already taping his mouth.

‘Mmmphhh, ouuumm’ he tried to shout at her to remove them as their taste hit him.

‘Her sweaty panties taste good bro?’ Lacey teased.

‘See Carson, aren’t they delicious? Can’t you taste how hard I worked out?’ Kaylee giggled.

With that, they would begin their drive to the beach ignoring the rest of his muffled attempts to speak, putting on some pop music and chatting as if they didn’t have a tied up boy gagged with used panties in the car with them.

End Of Sequel Part 1

-After probably the biggest gap of time between new story parts yet for me, the little sequel to this is here. A lot of just setup and buildup in this part, but it’ll get back to better stuff in the next part.

-The rest of this: The last part only pulled 4 thanks, the worst yet. Not to be over fixated on ‘thanks/likes’, but I have to admit that was kind of disappointing for the part that was meant to be the best yet. Losing more readers may be a huge red flag that I shouldn’t be continuing this and that this story already went a part or two too long, but let’s see. That said, probably can’t justify continuing this if many more people lose interest. But, hopefully the 4 of you left know what to expect at this point and are along for the rest.

-Lastly, Update on the other story: Next part of that shouldn’t be too far behind this post. A good chunk of it is already done.
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Default Re: Just Wear Your Mask

Hoping for alot of parts to this sequel as this is off to an amazing start especially with the panty gag.
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Default Re: Just Wear Your Mask

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Hoping for alot of parts to this sequel as this is off to an amazing start especially with the panty gag.
Thank you Venus, it seems this story has more life after all, the ‘thanks’ spiked back up with the last part. More to this will definitely be coming now. As for ‘alot of parts’ this sequel is probably going to be shorter then the main story. I probably did stretch the main story out a little.

If all the new people leaving likes on the last part have been following all along, try not to forget to drop a thanks on stories before you go guys! Thanks and comments are really the only way to tell if anyone is interested and enjoying your story.

And for those following both, the next part of the other story is going up now.
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Default Re: Just Wear Your Mask

Sequel Part 2: Just Enjoy The Ride

They were now around 30 minutes into their drive. The girls had mostly been chatting this whole time, completely ignoring Carson’s presence. Carson wasn’t able to join the conversation at any point, having Kaylee’s panties stuffed into his mouth and secured with tape.

Knowing what Kaylee and his sister including him would probably look like, he wasn’t very upset about being left alone since they’d left home. His worst problem now, was trying not to think about having Kaylee’s worn panties in his mouth.

They had begun to quiet down over the past few minutes though as they all settled into their ride. That’s how things would go on for the next 10 minutes or so, Lacey focused on the road and Kaylee going on her phone with only a little talking mixed in. That is......until Kaylee started getting bored already.

Turning to him, she smiled and put a finger to her lips as if telling him to be quiet as she slid over a bit till they were basically against each other.

She pulled out her phone as she wrapped an arm around his shoulders. After tapping her screen a few times, she extended her arm out in front of them, or as much as the drivers seat in front of them would allow anyway, as he realized she was going to take a selfie of them. He obeyed though and didn’t try to make any noise, not like Lacey would save him from it anyway.

Tapping her screen again to flip the camera back towards their faces, she smiled and took the picture before moving back to her side.

He’d rather their be no pictures of this at all, but this was actually pretty tame compared to what he was expecting. Maybe all they were really planning was making him come to the beach with them and having some actual fun there together?

Or not. After moving back to her side Kaylee had taken off a shoe, leaning back and twisting herself towards him as she shoved a warm foot against the side of his face. She had still kept her same old light blue polish.

He felt like letting out a groan into the panty tape gag as she held her phone up towards him and tapped her screen taking another picture, this time with her foot and light blue toes pressed against the side of his face.

She then pulled her foot away and shifted back into a normal position, covering her mouth like she was suppressing a giggle.

Noticing Kaylee shuffling around in the backseat, Lacey asked ‘Kay what are you doing back there?’

‘Oh, I’m just trying to get comfy’ she replied. ‘I have to move around a bit sometimes on long car rides.’

Kaylee then began tapping her phone screen and then seemed to begin typing something. He dreaded what she was probably doing, posting those pictures on social media like Lacey had done to him those years ago, or sending them directly to her friends.

Instead, she surprised him as she suddenly stopped and turned her phone screen towards him and pointed at it. She had been typing in her notes app.

It read: “Don’t worry, those pics are just between us

If Carson’s mouth wasn’t gagged with her panties and sealed with tape, he may have sighed in relief. He couldn’t talk or even use his hands, so the best he could do was a nod of his head, hoping she could tell he was grateful.

Then, things had calmed for a while after that. Until Kaylee decided she was bored again as she once again slid herself over next to him with a mischievous smirk. He stared back at her, almost nervous of whatever she must be thinking of now.

Suddenly, her hands grabbed at him as she began ticking him, catching him totally by surprise while all he could do was laugh into his gag and squirm as much as his current tied up state would allow.

Hearing his muffled laughter and wiggling in his seat, Lacey laughed ‘What are you doing to him?’

‘I just thought I’d check if he’s ticklish! You’re driving and I have my phone to go on, it would be mean of us to let him sit here bored the whole way. I’m sure he’s been loving the taste of my panties, but that’s not enough for the whole ride.’

‘Yeah I guess they might be losing their flavor by now’ Lacey giggled. ‘Oh wait! I remember! If you’re gonna tickle him Kaylee, when we were kids his sides were always the worst.’ She said peeking back through the mirror with a smirk.

Through the forced laughter, Carson managed a muffled angry yell at his sister as Kaylee’s eyes lit up and she immediately attacked his sides making her tickling even more torturous.

‘Don’t worry bro, your welcome!’ Lacey replied with a laugh. ‘Wouldn’t want her to miss your worst spots, would you?’

‘Oh my gosh, you were right!’ Kaylee laughed as Carson’s laughter and desperate squirming intensified.

‘Awww where do you think you’re going? There’s no wiggling away from meeee.’ She cooed, leaning into him as she tickled him harder.

She continued this for several minutes before she finally stopped, as he sat there red faced and breathing hard in and out through his nose as Kaylee moved back over giggling.

‘Hey Kay, you wanna switch off? You can drive the rest of the way, and maybe we can hit a drive through and get some lunch real quick?’

‘Sounds good to me Lace, he probably wants some bonding time with his sister anyway.’ Kaylee giggled, putting her shoe back on.

After Lacey got off the highway and found a spot to pull into a parking lot, she parked and the two girls got ready to get out and switch seats. Before they got out, Kaylee quickly moved over to him, grabbing his chin to tilt his head a little more towards her as she planted a quick kiss on his taped over lips with a wink. She quickly moved back over and got out at the same time as Lacey.

Now Kaylee got in the drivers seat while Lacey got into the backseat with him. Carson wasn’t looking forward to more time tied up at his sister’s mercy.

As Kaylee got them back moving again, Lacey kicked off her shoes, laying back and twisting herself towards him, similarly to how Kaylee had, and kicked both her feet up shoving them into his face.

‘Ahh there we go’ Lacey sighed. Carson knew better then to start protesting at this point.

‘So where should we stop?’ Kaylee asked.

‘Uhhhh, just any fast food place will do I guess. Somewhere we can get some cheese burgers maybe.’ Lacey answered, as she went on her phone.

A few minutes later, Kaylee had found them a place to stop as they pulled in and entered the drive through. Pulling up to the menu and order speaker, Kaylee asked ‘what do you want Lace?’

‘Just get me a cheese burger.’

‘Okay, that’ll be two cheeseburgers then’ Kaylee said responding to the employee on the other end of the speaker. ‘And a fry’ She added. Turning back to Lacey and Carson she said ‘for Carson’.

As they began advancing towards the window to pay and get their food, Carson quickly started trying to speak to Lacey through his gag, though his words were all completely muffled. Though she was able to guess what he meant.

‘Oh stop, the worker at the window probably won’t even notice. Even if they do, it doesn’t matter bro. It’s a random stop along the way, we’ll never be here or see them again. They’d forget about it soon enough, now shush.’ Lacey said rubbing one of her feet that were shoved in his face on his cheek.

He hoped Kaylee might step in and at least try to say something for him, but he had no such luck this time.

As they arrived at the window, it was a young brunette girl who looked about their ages working the window.

As she greeted them and told Kaylee the price, her eyes drifted towards the back of the car while she waited for Kaylee to get the money out.

She broke into a smile, trying to be polite holding in laughter as she asked ‘Umm....if you don’t mind me asking, what’s he doing back there?’ with a small giggle escaping.

Having gotten the money ready, Kaylee looked up to the girl’s question and then turned around looking back at Lacey and Carson before breaking out laughing.

‘Lacey what are you doing to him? Already?!’ Kaylee laughed.

‘What? He loves it.’ Lacey smirked.

‘Uh that’s her brother’ Kaylee awkwardly said with a slightly nervous smile. This was her first time explaining this kind of situation to a random stranger. Last time, Lacey and Kaylee’s fun was entirely private.

‘We’re headed to the beach! My bro didn’t want to come with us, so we didn’t give him a choice!’ Lacey spoke up. ‘And of course we have to punish him for making us have to force him.’ She laughed.

Carson’s face had gone red. His worst fear when Lacey had refused to pull her feet back and sit normal had happened. The worker at the window had noticed him.

‘Honestly that sounds pretty fun girls’ She laughed, ‘I’m almost jealous!’ as she took the money from Kaylee.

Returning to the window with their bag of food, the girl asked as she glanced back at Lacey’s feet stuffed in Carson’s face, ‘Does he like......like that though...or?’

‘Let’s test it!’ Lacey replied with a grin, shifting one of her feet a little and grabbing his nose with her black painted toes.

Carson immediately thrashed his head away yelling into the gag in disgust and humiliation.

‘Yep, it’s his favorite scent!’ Lacey said as they all giggled.

Handing the food over to Kaylee, the drive through window girl said ‘I’m so glad you guys came through today, the 3 of you made my day!’ She laughed. ‘Enjoy your trip! and you enjoy her feet, smell them good! She added, obviously directed at Carson.

‘Oh, he will.’ Kaylee giggled. ‘Thank you, have a nice day!’ both girls chimed something similar as they drove away and the girl closed the window.

This was already more humiliating then the first time they’d something like this to him, at least the first time it was all at home only involving them. Now he’d already been exposed in this embarrassing situation to a random stranger.

As they parked to eat before the rest of their drive, Lacey finally took her feet out of his face as Kaylee passed their food back.

‘This looks so good, I can’t wait.’ Kaylee said.

I know, I’m pretty hungry now too.’ Lacey said back.

‘Mmmmp arrrmmmmhhh’ Carson made noise into his gag to get Lacey’s attention as both girls dug into their own food.

‘Oh yeah, right. Sorry bro.’ Lacey smiled, finally ripping the tape off and yanking Kaylee’s now soggy mouthwashed workout panties out of his mouth.

‘How’d he do’ Kaylee asked in between bites of her burger. ‘Are they clean?’

‘I think so’ Lacey laughed, ‘it looks like he must’ve sucked all the flavor out of them by now.’ as she tossed the wet panties up into the passenger seat next to Kaylee.

‘I’m not freeing your hands bro, so you’re gonna have to eat like this’ Lacey said picking up a fry and shoving it at his mouth.

‘Come on guys, just untie my hands so I can eat? You can’t feed me like a baby!’

‘Your lucky Kaylee even got you something to eat, if you want to eat too you better stop complaining or I’m sure we could figure out something else for you to eat.’ Lacey shot back threateningly, clearly dismissing that.

‘You must be hungry too Carson, does it really sound that bad compared to my panties?’ She giggled. ‘Please just let her give you the fries and eat.’ Kaylee told him, really hoping he wouldn’t make this difficult for himself.

Partly listening to Kaylee, partly his hunger overpowering his embarrassment, and partly his fear of what exactly his sister would feed him instead.....he gave in.

‘Okay okay Lace, fine. Just give me some fries.’ He conceded.

And so, he tolerated the embarrassment of being fed like a child.

After they all finished their food, Carson with Lacey’s “help”, Kaylee asked ‘Okay, you guys ready to go and finally get there?’

Yep, let’s do it Kay. But what should we do with you?’ Lacey teased looking to Carson. ‘Shoving your panties back in there would probably be pointless.’

‘I think we should just leave his mouth free the rest of the way, he’s been pretty good. He’s earned it.’ Kaylee replied.

‘I guess we should give him a break, we should probably get going right now anyway’ Lacey said, though she almost seemed slightly disappointed.

This was one of those moments he was really grateful to Kaylee. The thought of what it’d be like if it were another friend of Lacey’s with them instead, who thought about it exactly like Lacey did, made him shudder.

With that, they got back on their way to finish their drive to the beach. Kaylee put some radio pop music back on, and Lacey left him alone as she sat normally and leaned back in her seat, and soon seemed to doze off.

End Of Part 2.

- Been on a tear with writing since I posted the latest part to the other story. A decent bit of the next part to that is already done. And of course, here’s this new part. Maybe the last part blowing up again was a good motivator?

- It’ll only get better from here. Things got a bit creative and heated up from the first part. Originally wasn’t planning on making the car ride it’s own part, but I’m happy with how it turned out. Ended up fleshed out pretty well and worth being it’s own part.

-Have a nice little touch planned for likely the next part that I’m excited about. Not going to spoil it, but as a hint I’ll just say: It should be a nice little addition for everyone, but some will appreciate it a little extra
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Default Re: Just Wear Your Mask

What shoe size have Lacey and Kaylee?
Put that information in story
and thanks for this, that is so good story
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Default Re: Just Wear Your Mask

Just as amazing as always. Cant wait for all the fun they will have at the beach.
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Default Re: Just Wear Your Mask

Part 3: Beach Day

‘We’re almost there I think’ Kaylee announced.

Since they had stopped to eat, they had gotten back out on the road and continued their drive. After having some fun with Carson before they stopped, Lacey had fallen asleep soon after they ate and started driving again.

‘Thank you Kaylee, for keeping her from gagging me again. I don’t wanna think of what she would’ve came up with.’ Carson told her, finally having time to talk to her. Maybe he should be angry she didn’t do anything at the drive through, but.....in her rude way, his sister did have a point earlier, and Kaylee couldn’t keep her from all of her fun. A brief moment of embarrassment was better then having something else gross stuffed in his mouth the rest of the way.

‘Aw of course. You deserved a reward after you already did such a good job cleaning my panties’ she lightly giggled, as they had to be a bit hushed to not wake Lacey. ‘It’s just for fun, but she does go a bit far sometimes.’

‘Oh, I think we’re here!’ Kaylee said as they pulled into the parking lot of a hotel.

‘Hey Lace, we’re here. Lace? Wake up!’ She said trying to wake Lacey up as they pulled into a parking spot. She received no response, as Lacey continued to sleep away.

‘You might need to come around and tap her or something, I would, but’ he joked attempting to raise his bound arms.

‘Okay, hold on’ Kaylee said getting out of the car and coming around to Lacey’s side.

Opening the car door, Kaylee’s eyes met Carson’s as she cracked a smile and whispered ‘shhh, I have an idea.’ She had noticed one of Lacey’s shoes on the floor of the car. ‘Maybe this will wake her up.’ Kaylee winked at Carson.

Curious what she was going to do, Carson watched as she picked up one of Lacey’s shoes, facing the opening towards Lacey, then slowly and gently pressing it over her nose. Carson couldn’t help but grin with Kaylee, seeing his sister get even just a tiny brief taste of her own medicine.

After a few seconds of calm sleepy breaths with her own shoe over her nose, Lacey’s nose began to twitch and her face crinkled up a little. Only a few more seconds later, her eyes started to flutter as she woke up.

‘Hey.....what’s that-‘ she started to ask in a sleepy voice as she snapped back to focus.

‘Kaylee what the hell! Ew.’ Lacey shouted jolting awake. Kaylee burst into laughter as she pulled it away dropping it back to the car mat right before Lacey was going to rip it away herself. ‘That was my shoe?!’

Carson mostly tilted his head away with a big grin on his face. He knew better then to let himself crack up laughing and draw Lacey’s attention.

‘Hey, I told you to wake up when we pulled in! ‘Not my fault I had to think of......other ways.’ Kaylee giggled.

‘You couldn’t have just tapped me or shook me?’

‘Yeah, but come on that was way more fun! You know you probably would’ve done it too!’ Kaylee smiled.

‘Ugh fine, you’re right. Good one.’ Lacey relented. ‘But I swear, do that one more time and you’re gonna end up like him’ Lacey joked with a smile. ‘He could have my feet and you could be my seat cushion.’

‘Umm I think I’ll pass’ Kaylee laughed. ‘I would’ve let you sleep, but you’re on check in duty! When you come back we’ll head straight to the beach. It’ll be easier sneaking our little hostage in later anyway.’

‘Ughhh it’s my job? Okayyy, I’ll be back in a few minutes.’ Lacey said, putting her shoes on, grabbing some of their stuff, and heading inside.

Okay, that was pretty funny, she definitely deserved that one.’ Carson laughed.

‘And see how nice I am to you? I volunteered to just sit here and spare you a few minutes tied up alone with your sister, who’d have nothing to do but torture you.’ Kaylee smirked.

But, she is my best friend you know. I wouldn’t be a good friend if I let our guest make comments like “she deserved that”, Kaylee said playfully as she slid in next to him pulling her own shoe off. ‘I think you need a little reminder.’

‘Kaylee wait- stop- I’m sorry-‘ he began to plead realizing what she was going to do, as she grabbed his head and rammed her shoe over his nose. She only held it there for about 10 seconds as he shook his head around before she pulled it away laughing and putting it back on her foot.

‘I’ve been good to you, but I’m not letting you totally off the hook. I’m still going to play with you too.’

‘Well.....it’s still better then what Lacey would do I guess.’ He said.

‘Okay! We’re set!’ Lacey shouted with excitement as she returned to the car. Lacey had changed into a black bikini swimsuit with sunglasses.

Finally, now let me go change and then let’s get over on the beach!’ Kaylee said happily. A few minutes later, Kaylee returned in a bright light blue Bikini swimsuit. The girls had matched them with their nails.

‘Um, are we going to be around a bunch of people?’ Carson asked nervously.

‘Of course not silly.’ Kaylee replied.

‘We’ll find a good spot where there’s not many people around, don’t worry bro.’ Lacey assured him. ‘Barely anyone will notice the whole time.’

The reassurance didn’t mean a lot coming from Lacey, but he did trust Kaylee to keep him from ending up in any extreme embarrassing situations around a bunch of people.

The girls found a quieter spot, down away from the noise and action of crowds. As they unpacked and set their chairs, umbrella, and towels down on the sand, Lacey said ‘ok, so plan is we bury him in the sand. No one will be able to see that he’s also tied up.’

‘Sounds good to me.’ Kaylee smiled. As the girls began to bury him in the sand concealing his body, Carson couldn’t help but have his eyes drawn a bit to Kaylee in her light blue bikini. Did he........have a crush on her? ‘No’ he thought quickly slapping down that thought.

He wasn’t aware, but his glances weren’t as smooth as he may have thought. Kaylee had noticed him checking her out a little, but she didn’t make it known.

‘Okay, looks like we’re all set up Kay.’ Lacey said as they were about to sit down. ‘Oh wait, I almost forgot. I brought something from the car for Carson!’ She said with excitement as she reached into a plastic bag she’d brought, pulling out a pair of socks.

‘Wait Lace, are those my workout socks that were with the panties?’ Kaylee laughed.

‘Yep.’ Lacey smirked. ‘If he cleaned your panties, he might as well clean your socks for you too.

‘Oh no way, you’re not putting those in my mouth!’ Carson said in disgust. He was determined not to let those socks into his mouth willingly.

‘Oh I think I am.’ Lacey said with an evil smile. Crouching down, she reached to his side with her other hand skittering her nails over his skin. As he broke and opened his mouth to laugh, she quickly jammed the socks in before grabbing the tape she’d brought with the socks trapping them in his mouth.

‘Lace you’re evil.’ Kaylee laughed.

‘Now what tastes better bro, her panties or socks?’ Lacey taunted.

Carson shook his head yelling into his new gag, but it was pointless. Kaylee’s workout socks were staying in. They were definitely worse then the panties. He then settled down as he just grumbled into the gag.

As Lacey took a seat, he shot a look at Kaylee that she just returned with a shrug seeming to mouth to him ‘sorry, not my idea.’

And of course, on top of his gross sock gag, the girls had positioned their beach lounge chairs so their feet would be right over his face as they lean back and relax.

‘Ah isn’t this just perfect’ Lacey sighed. ‘You can just taste the fresh crisp air, and Carson can taste your “hard work”’.

‘You’re too much Lace’ Kaylee giggled, ‘but oh I know, the sound of the waves, getting to sit back and relax here makes the drive worth it.’

Brushing a foot on his nose, Kaylee teased ‘how about you, you feeling relaxed yet Carson?’


‘With him buried in the sand it’s even better’ Lacey smiled, ‘now he can barely try to move his head away at all. Just relax and sniff them deep bro.’

For the next while, the girls would once again just chat and relax as if he wasn’t even there. Though feet, black and light blue toes, would dominate his vision and rub on his face from time to time. He had nothing to do but sniff them to breathe and chew on his sock gag which so far, was maintaining its flavor. All he hoped was that no one would come by.

‘You wanna go swim for a bit Kay?’

‘You go ahead’ Kaylee told her. ‘I don’t think we should leave Carson by himself like this.

‘Suit yourself’ Lacey smiled walking down to the water.

‘Now, I think you’ve had enough of those sweaty socks’ Kaylee laughed. ‘Let’s get those out.

He was relieved as she crouched down, gently pulling off the tape and removing her now slimy wet socks. ‘Looks like you did a pretty good job on these too, who needs to wash clothes when you’re around’ she joked.

As he coughed in disgust at the pungent taste left in his mouth, Kaylee ran a hand through his hair, ‘I am sorry about that, I promise I wasn’t going to gag you with those. Those must have been awful!’ She giggled.

‘Uhhhhhg.......they were’ he groaned. ‘Thank you so much for getting those out. They made me wish for the panties back.

‘I think I want a little more then a thank you......unless you want my socks to go right back in.’ She playfully smiled as his eyes went wide. ‘Maybe a little kiss?’ She suggested putting a foot to his lips.

He didn’t hesitate, planting a firm kiss on her foot. Almost anything was better then those socks.

They were interrupted by feminine giggles coming from behind them. ‘Why’s he kissing your foot?’ The female voice asked.

Turning around, Kaylee saw a girl that looked about her age, maybe a little younger, loooking at them with a big smile trying not to laugh. She was by herself, so the only sound to possibly warn them of her approach was light barefoot footsteps across the sand. Talking themselves and with the sound of the waves and seagulls in the background, soft steps definitely weren’t loud enough.

Caught totally off guard and not having prepared a response for this situation, Kaylee stammered at first before recovering.

‘We-well we had a bet. He thought if me and my friend, she’s swimming right now, buried him in the sand he’d easily be able to bust out and get up no problem. We told him he’d need help.’ Kaylee smirked. ‘Obviously he’s not budging soooooo, now he has to give my feet some kisses if he wants help digging himself out.’

Laughing, the girl replied ‘oh my gosh I wish I would’ve thought of something like that! I would’ve loved doing that to my annoying brother. Just having him stuck there smooching your feet for a while sounds soooo relaxing.

‘Oh it is’ Kaylee grinned.

‘Well I’m gonna get back to my friends, they won’t believe this! Bye!’ She shouted rushing off.

‘That wasn’t so bad’ Kaylee remarked.

‘Great, now another person saw me on this trip.’ Carson groaned.

‘That one was pretty hard to avoid, we’ll just have to be more careful.’ She smiled.

Kaylee didn’t really torture him any more, instead just sitting down and kicking her feet up onto the top of his head as she laid back relaxing. Being used as a footrest wasn’t fun either, but compared to the alternative.......he couldn’t really complain.

After a bit of peaceful relaxation, Kaylee stood up, finally feeling like going for a swim herself. Before that though, she thought she’d mess around with Carson a bit.

Standing in a front of him, she asked with a little mock insecurity, ‘I forgot to get Lacey’s opinion, does this swimsuit look good on me?’ Giving him a twirl and a few poses. He was kind of glad his body was buried in the sand now as he was stuck looking at her in her bikini. She could still tell he liked what he saw as his eyes wandered.

‘Like I’m not sure-‘

‘Oh stop Kaylee, you look beautiful’ He replied. He immediately shut his mouth as his face went red realizing the word that slipped out, meaning to have used a typical less strong word like great or fine.

‘Aw I do?’ She said with a bright smile. ‘Thank you Carson, you’re the sweetest. I’m gonna go swim for a bit, will you be alright here?

‘Yeah. I’m good.’ He told her. He didn’t mind finally being alone for a bit, especially after that embarrassing moment.

‘Okay!’ She chirped, ‘see you in a bit!’ as she headed off.

Finally having some time again without something gross in his mouth or in his face, Carson just closed his eyes and tried to relax taking in the sounds.

He had a few minutes of peace, until he heard his sister shout ‘Carsoooooon I’m back!!! Did you miss me?!’ He rolled his eyes as her footsteps approached. His little relaxation was already over.

‘Ugh Kaylee said I better go back and keep an eye on you just in case.’ Noticing his mouth was free, she teased ‘Awww she took your sock gag away? How mean!’

‘So since she left you’ve just been laying here with nothing?! Don’t worry bro, I’m here to fix that!’ Lacey laughed, sitting down and shoving her now wet sandy feet back in his face. He knew better then to complain. ‘I bet you missed them huh’ She teased.

For the next while, Lacey would just lay back like that relaxing. Until suddenly, Carson heard a pair of female voices approaching.

‘Lacey?!’ He hissed. ‘There’s people coming!’ As he got no reaction to his warning, he said in a hushed whisper ‘get your gross feet out of my-‘ he was cut off mid sentence by Lacey ramming her foot into his mouth.

‘What was that?’ She said with a smirk. ‘You wanted to clean the sand off my foot?’

‘Oh my god, what did he do to deserve THAT?’ A woman’s voice asked as they were both cracking up laughing. It was a pair of women this time, who looked to be in their mid to late 20’s. Like Kaylee, Lacey came up with her own scenario on the fly to explain it. Lacey being Lacey........her’s was much more malicious.

‘Oh this loser cheated on my best friend. He thought he got away with it too and was coming here with us for some fun, but the only fun he’s having is with our pretty feet.’

The two women didn’t hesitate to believe her, and he couldn’t really defend himself while he was slobbering on her foot.

‘That’s just what disgusting cheating guys deserve!’ One of them said laughing as the other said ‘girl that’s what you should’ve done with your ex!’

‘Trust me, she feels so much better now seeing him get what he deserves!’

‘Let’s leave them to their fun’ one of the women giggled, ‘enjoy your new girlfriends, one’s getting some action with your mouth right now!’ One of them teased as they walked away.

As she removed her foot, he spit out some sand and yelled at her ‘Lace what the hell was that?!’

‘What? I just covered for us.’ She said innocently.

They were then interrupted as Kaylee returned. ‘Hey guys! I’m back!’ She shouted.

‘Laceeeey what did you do?’

‘Nothing, what would I have done to him?’ Lacey asked still playing innocent.

‘Lace, I can just tell’ Kaylee laughed.

‘Fineeeee, these two women came by and Carson felt embarrassed. That’s all.’ That wasn’t exactly the entire truth, but Carson wasn’t going to say that now.

And so, the girls laid back for a while longer until the sun began to set.

‘I’m tired Lace, you ready to head back to the hotel?’ Kaylee asked.

‘Yeah I think so, ughh now we gotta dig Carson out.’ Lacey replied.

It took a bit, but eventually they dug Carson out and packed up their stuff. It wasn’t easy, but they had carefully managed to sneak him up to their hotel room. The girls went and brought back some food, and a while after that, they were all ready for some sleep. They had 2 beds, one for them and one for Carson.

Kaylee was the first to doze off. A drowsy Lacey was close to falling asleep as well until she remembered something. Getting out of bed as Kaylee slept, she grabbed something and some tape before creeping over to Carson.

‘Sorry bro, I almost forgot’ she teased.

‘Lace.......what?’ A sleepy Carson replied.

Jolting him back awake, Lacey had shoved some other clothes in his mouth before quickly sealing it in with tape.

‘Mmmm arrrrrph urrrrrrmph’ he tried to yell at her. He couldn’t quite tell what she had used. More panties?

‘Goodnight Carson’ Lacey giggled. Carson struggled to fall asleep.

It was about an hour later that Kaylee woke up to use the bathroom, now with Lacey in a sound sleep. Hearing her, Carson let out a few sounds into his gag as her footsteps came back past him. He was desperately hoping it wasn’t Lacey.

‘Carson?’ A sleepy Kaylee asked.

Climbing onto the bed and crawling up to him and leaning over him, she said ‘oh what did she do now?’ Taking the tape off she pulled out his gag. It took a few seconds to realize what it was in the dark.

‘Oh she didn’t!’ Kaylee said in a hushed whisper, holding in a giggle. ‘My swimsuit bottoms from earlier? You poor thing’ she teased, throwing them away onto the floor.

‘Thank you Kaylee’ he groaned.

‘Your welcome’ she giggled lightly. As she was about to go back to her and Lacey’s bed, she paused for a moment.

Aw, just come here’ she whispered, laying on her side next to him with his back facing her. She wrapped her arms around him, hugging herself tightly against him.

Part of him wondered if he should get her to go back with Lacey, but......it did feel nice.

Quickly, Kaylee drifted back to sleep. A few minutes later he would fall asleep as well, in Kaylee’s warm embrace.

End Of Part 3.

- I think we’re about at the end here guys, the next part will very likely be the finale to this story. Don’t quite have a set plan yet for the next part, there could be a bit more ‘action’ mixed in, or it may be lighter on action like the 1st part, but shorter with the main focus being wrapping the story up nicely. We’ll see.

-If anyone’s wondering what in this part was what I mentioned in the notes of part 2, the part that I had in mind wasn’t in this chapter. I ended up scrapping the idea. It may take place in the final part in a different way, or it might just be completely scrapped. Haven’t fully decided yet.

-Shouldn’t be too long before the final part is here. 100% of my story writing focus is on finishing this out now, so, Redlands will be on pause for a bit longer.
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Default Re: Just Wear Your Mask

Part 5: Driving Home, and, The End

‘Come on you two, wake up! It’s time to get ready to go!’ Lacey shouted. Morning was here. Kaylee and Carson began waking up as the sunlight poured in through the blinds.

‘Already?’ A groggy Kaylee groaned.

‘Yes, we already slept in a bit. It’s 11:30.’

‘Okay.....give me a minute.’ Carson said, not any more ready to be woken up then Kaylee.

‘Kay, we were sharing a bed. How’d you end up over there with Carson?’ Lacey asked.

‘Oh.....well I remember getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.....I was half asleep. I must’ve just flopped back on the wrong bed. Oops’ Kaylee smiled.

Studying her face for a moment, Lacey responded, ‘oh.....ok’ and then turned her attention to getting some of her things ready to go.

Soon, the girls had showered and were just waiting on Carson to finish up showering as well leaving Lacey and Kaylee alone in the room on their phones.

‘I’m not totally oblivious you know’ Lacey randomly said to her.

‘What do you mean Lace?’ Kaylee asked giving her a puzzled look.

‘There’s something between you and Carson, isn’t there? Youuuu have a crush.’ Now it was Kaylee’s turn to blush. She hadn’t really thought of Lacey possibly having picked up on any of it.

Glancing over from her phone screen she noticed Kaylee’s face go red and didn’t say anything more of it, hiding a grin.

Soon, they were all loaded up in the car and ready to leave. Just like yesterday, Lacey drove first.

Much of the ride home had been pretty uneventful. But, it was about lunch time and all 3 of them were starting to get hungry.

‘Hey Kay, you wanna start looking on your phone for a place we can stop and eat? I’m getting hungry.

‘Yeah me too’ Carson added.

‘Okay, good idea Lace. Now I’m getting hungry too’ Kaylee laughed.

A few minutes later, Kaylee found something.

‘Okay, I think I found a place we can stop. It’s a little diner, looks pretty lowkey.’

‘Does it have a drive through?’ Lacey asked.

‘Um.....it doesn’t look like it. But we can just mostly untie Carson and go in.’

‘Okay, sounds good.’ Lacey said.

When they arrived, they untied Carson from the tape and pantyhose, only moving his hands so his wrists were now tied in front of him, but allowing enough movement to eat simple food.

‘Are you sure no one will notice or care?’ Carson asked nervously, looking to avoid any more embarrassment.

‘You’ll be fine bro, it looks pretty empty in there’ Lacey assured him as they walked to the door.

‘She’s right’ Kaylee said, ‘looks like we’re here at the perfect time!’

To his relief, they were right. No other customers were there right now.

Carson kept his hands under the table as the waitress took their orders and then soon brought over their food. The waitress hadn’t noticed. Even better, Lacey and Kaylee hadn’t done anything since last night. Carson began to relax, getting more confident and hopeful that this would actually be a normal ride home with no more embarrassing situations.

Of course, that was too good to be true. Once he and Lacey finished eating, the ‘trouble’ started while they were waiting on Kaylee.

Sliding off her shoes under the table, Lacey proclaimed ‘Carson I want a foot rub’, adjusting her chair, and kicking her feet up into Carson’s lap.

‘Lace, can’t it wait till we get back in the car? Our waitress will see! I’ll rub your feet the whole rest of the way if you want, just please not here!’ He pleaded, desperately trying to negotiate with her.

Lowering her voice, Lacey told him ‘if you don’t get started right now, you’ll be riding home the rest of the way with my shoe taped over your face.’

‘It is just a massage, nothing to be embarrassed about’ Kaylee added between bites.

Reluctantly, he gave in to Lacey’s demand and began rubbing her feet.

‘Ah there we go, that feels soooo relaxing’ A content Lacey sighed.

After a few minutes, Lacey tapped him with her other foot signaling him to switch.

‘I don’t know why you had such a problem with this, what’s wrong with giving your sweet caring sister a foot rub sometimes, it just shows what a good brother you are.’ Lacey smirked.

As Kaylee finally finished eating and the waitress came over to them to collect the money, Carson secretly hoped Lacey would quickly pull her feet back. Of course she didn’t.

Taking the money, the auburn haired waitress who seemed to be in her 20’s, giggled as she saw Carson rubbing Lacey’s feet in plain view.

‘When she’s done, can I get one of those too? It could be your Tip!’ The waitress joked.

‘Of course, I’m sure Carson wouldn’t mind. Right bro?’ Lacey smiled.

Now caught in another awkward and embarrassing situation, eye contact with Lacey made it clear what she expected him to say.

‘Uh....yeah, sure. It’s no problem’ Carson awkwardly replied.

‘Really? I wasn’t really serious but thank you! That would be great! I do have to warn you though, my shift started hours ago so they won’t be as fresh as her’s.....but i am wearing socks!’ She laughed, pulling up a chair next to them.

As Lacey withdrew her feet and put her shoes back on, the waitress removed her’s and quickly replaced Lacey’s feet on his lap with her own.

Carson couldn’t believe he was doing this, but he began to rub her socked feet just as he had Lacey’s. He couldn’t help but feel grossed out by the warm moist feeling.

‘Um.....why are his wrists tied like that?’ She laughed.

‘We’re on our way back from a little beach trip, Carson was kind of our “unwilling” guest’ Kaylee chimed in with a giggle.

‘I see why you guys brought him, he’s good at this!’ She said. ‘I wish I could get a foot rub like this every day mid shift, I already feel so refreshed.’

‘Sorry if they are a bit damp’ the Waitress said to him. ‘You don’t mind do you?’

‘N-no, it’s fine.’ He said keeping his attention on the massage hoping it’d be over as soon as possible.

‘No offense, but I have to ask. Does he......like doing this?’ She asked curiously.

‘Nope!’ Lacey said proudly. ‘Let’s just say he knows he’ll get worse if he refuses.’ She giggled.

The waitress giggled, ‘Good for you girls, sometimes you just need a guy to shut up and rub your feet for a while, even though it does nothing for them.’

‘Well I won’t torture you with them any more’ she laughed, pulling her feet away. Finally. It was over.

‘Carson, what do you say?’ Lacey grinned. He could tell what she wanted.

‘T-thank y-you......for letting me give you a foot rub.’ He said sheepishly, his face reddening.

‘Your welcome’ she cracked up laughing, ‘but really, thank you’ she said. ‘That was just what I needed today! You three have a nice day!’ The waitress said as she walked away.

‘Well I think you embarrassed him enough Lace’ Kaylee giggled, ‘you ready to go?’

‘Yep!’ Lacey said. ‘Let’s go.’ Carson was relieved to finally be leaving.

As they got to the car, the girls fully retied his arms, and Lacey said that she’d just drive the rest of the way.

‘You know Carson’ Lacey began, ‘it would be pretty rude of you if you massaged my AND our waitress’s feet but not your new girlfriend’s’ she teased, making them both go a little red.

‘She is right you know’ Kaylee giggled, ‘you better get started and do a good job or I might get jealous’ she smiled, kicking her shoes off as she twisted her legs towards him and threw her feet up onto his lap.

‘Come on Kaylee my hands are tired’ he whined hoping to get out of it.

‘If you need a break, she could always use your face instead’ Lacey said as her and Kaylee laughed.

Lacey tossing out an alternative like that was all the motivation he needed to get started on Kaylee’s massage.

‘Haha I think he’d rather do it this way Lace’ Kaylee giggled as he began.

He still didn’t like it, but.......he actually didn’t mind doing it for Kaylee as much as for his sister or a random waitress.

And so, that’s how Carson spent the rest of the car ride home.

Soon, Lacey announced ‘we’re here!’ as they slowed down and pulled into their driveway. A bit of disappointment washed over Kaylee, realizing their time was up.

‘Kay, your parents went away for a few days right?’ Lacey asked.

Yeah, why?’ Kaylee asked, curious what she was getting at.

‘Sooooo it sounds like you have two options then bro.’ Lacey turned back with a smile. ‘Stay home and come inside with me, orrrrrr......stay with Kaylee and go back to her place.’

Kaylee was very happy with that idea, but she tried not to sound overly happy and excited as she replied ‘yeah sure, that would be fine’ with a light smile.

Being tied up alone with Kaylee instead of with his sister was pretty much an automatic decision at this point, but as if he needed any convincing, Lacey added with a smirk ‘You should probably go with her bro, if you stay home with me I’m not letting you go till mom is coming home.’

He wondered for a second why she would just admit that to him now but with both of them waiting for an answer, he stopped and replied ‘definitely Kaylee then!’

‘Good choice’ Lacey laughed. ‘Can you help me get my things out of your trunk Kay?’

‘Yeah sure.’ Kaylee said as they both hopped out, closing their doors. After helping her grab her stuff, Kaylee hugged her saying ‘Thank you Lace.’

‘I knew that’s what you wanted.’ Lacey grinned, ‘probably both of you.’

Kaylee helped Carson move from the backseat to the passenger seat before getting in herself. Before heading inside, Lacey came over to Carson’s side opening the door.

Leaning in, she gave him a little hug, ‘Thanks for making our trip waaaaaay more fun, we should do it again sometime’ Lacey joked, laughing at the look on his face.

‘Bye, have fun you two!’ She said before he could say anything, slamming the door shut, exchanging waves with Kaylee as she went inside.

Kaylee had a bright smile, even happier then she’d been at the beach. But, as she was about to back out and start driving.......she paused.

‘Wait.’ Kaylee said. It hurt a bit to say after things had turned out even better then she could’ve hoped, but she knew she had to. Lacey wouldn’t hesitate, but she felt guilty.

‘I don’t want to make you come with me if you don’t really want to and just don’t want to be stuck like this with Lacey.’ She said. ‘So if you’re done and you just want me to let you go now.........I will. And we’ll see each other whenever I guess.’

‘Or’ Kaylee continued, ‘you can come back with me. I can’t promise I won’t “play” with you any more, buttttt I’m sure we can find ways to make it more enjoyable for you.’ She said playfully with a smile.

Thinking for a moment, she took a leap adding ‘I think a “please bring me with you Princess Kaylee” would answer that......if you do want to come with me.’

He went a little red as he realized she remembered even that too. He thought it over for a moment, but the choice was obvious, wasn’t it?

As she braced herself for Carson to ask her to let him go, she got her answer.

‘Please bring me with you Princess Kaylee’, blushing as he repeated the phrase she’d asked for.

And Kaylee’s face lit up.

The End.
Thanks for reading!

-So here we are. Took a bit longer then expected. I’m pretty happy with how this sequel turned out, in my own opinion I think it’s better then the main story, and so far the ‘thanks’ prove it. Just did exactly what I wanted to do with it from the start. This ending wasn’t too heavy on action, but was able to change it up a bit instead of just more of what previous parts have already done.

-Next? Of course there’s Redlands which won’t be ended anytime soon, but as for a story alongside it now that this is over.....we’ll see. Might try a basic 1 or 2 part story for the first time. Would definitely write another story of this type again, just not immediately.

-Redlands Update. Haven’t touched it in a bit since I’ve been focusing on finishing this story out, next part to that is still sitting partially done. Should probably finish that part before I do anything else, but might come out with something different first.
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