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Default Always Read The Fine Print

Always Read The Fine Print

Part 1:

1 Week Earlier:

“Once again, I’m so glad we could come to an agreement.” Lena said with a smile, shaking his hand as they got up, after he’d signed his contract.

(Lena: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

“Same here.” A pleased Brett replied, shaking her hand firmly. “It was perfect timing for you guys to come calling, retirements been starting to get a little boring.”

“To be honest with you, I had some doubts that you would sign on for this role. I’m sure serious competitors like yourself-“ Lena began.

“Oh, no, no.” Brett laughed. “This is perfect for me. I’ve been out for four years, and I’m 38, a little too old to get back in the game for real. Besides, I’m not quite in peak shape anymore, and my body’s grateful I got out when I did. So yeah, those days are behind me now, and I’m looking forward to helping build up something still up and coming.”

Lena looked back at him for a moment, with a small, amused smile. That wasn’t quite what she’d meant, but she let it pass. “Well then, you’ll be making your debut next Friday night. How does that sound?”

“Works for me, can’t wait.” Brett replied with enthusiasm. “Will you be there?”

“Most likely, but it’ll probably be my daughter that meets with you before your match. She runs a lot of things around here, for me.” Said Lena.

“Alright, sounds good.” Brett responded as Lena walked him out of her office. “Have a good day……..boss.” Brett laughed.

“You too.” Lena smiled, closing the door behind her.

As he made his way out of the building, Brett was genuinely excited for this new chapter. This was a pretty cushiony post retirement gig, ‘fighting’ beautiful women, becoming a dominant star of a new organization after only being a lower level fighter where he came from, and being paid very well to do it. At this stage, it certainly beat taking and giving a beating from and to other men in a MMA league.

The present, Friday Night:

“So, Abby, huh.” Brett said, sitting in his dressing room, looking at the image on the small tablet Lena’s daughter had handed him. “Alrighty, put on a good show, have some moments, let her have her’s, than turn it on and tap her out for the win.” He cooly said out loud to himself.

“What?” Lena’s daughter, Hannah, asked, as if he’d just said something stupid.

(Hannah: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

Brett looked back at her, puzzled. “What do you mean ‘what’?

“Are you messing with me?” Hannah asked, unamused.

“No, I’m serious. Is that not how the match should go, or something? Am I supposed to just ‘crush’ her-“ Brett began in confusion, being cut off by Hannah.

“No, dummy.” Hannah said dryly. “You’re not supposed to beat her, you’re going to lose.”

“Hold up, what? I’m supposed to……lose? To this chick?” He gestured to the image on the tablet screen. Abby did look pretty fit and strong for a woman, but still, he couldn’t lose to-“

“Duh.” Hannah interrupted his thoughts. “If you had a problem with this, you should’ve gone over it with my mother-, oh……don’t tell me. Did you actually read your whole contract, or just how much you were getting payed?” She asked condescendingly.

“Well……..I’m no agent, or lawyer-“ Brett quietly replied, a bit embarrassed.

“Ugh.” Hannah rolled her eyes. “Meathead, much.”

“Woah, woah, you might be Lena’s daughter, but-“ Brett spoke up.

“If the shoe fits.” Hannah shrugged, nonchalantly cutting him off again. “Now, if you have a problem with it, take it up with her, but for tonight, suck it up.” She said, quickly stepping out and closing the door behind her, her high heels clicking against the floor.

“Hey-“ Brett tried to stop her, but she was gone. He sat in thought for a minute, and the only real option he saw, was to, as Hannah had very rudely put it, ‘suck it up’ for tonight. And then set things right with Lena.

Over the years, he’d taken punches and kicks from some of the strongest men out there. If he could handle that, what was a little embarrassment?

“Now, we have a special debut for you tonight. Welcome a former MMA Fighter to the league, Brett!” A male announcer’s voice boomed over the arena’s PA system.

Brett made his entrance to roaring cheers, the crowd eager to see the most accomplished talent in the league make his debut. After being away from this kind of atmosphere for years, it felt good, and now he was getting the kind of big reception he’d only seen others around him receive.

“And his opponent tonight, an already fan favorite, the always adorable……..Abby!” The second announcement boomed, to somehow even louder cheers.

(Abby: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

Making her entrance on her side, the adorable and sweet looking blonde in athletic wear, hair done up in a ponytail, walked out towards the ring with a beaming smile, waving to fans along the way.

Arriving ringside, Abby climbed up to join Brett, and then stood tall to strike a one arm flex for the crowd. Her flex revealed an impressive bicep that drew a burst of cheers from the crowd that quickly came to adore her, soon after the league’s startup.

Abby stepped up to him with a friendly smile, extending a hand. Brett accepted the respectful pre-match gesture, shaking her soft hand. “So, former pro fighter, huh?” Abby said playfully.

“Yeah, been some years though, I might be a little rusty.” Brett replied.

“Still, you won’t go too hard on me then, will ya?” Abby laughed. “I’m not quite ‘pro MMA fighter’ kind of good.”

“Just because you’re asking so nicely, I might give you a break tonight.” Brett joked, almost forgetting he didn’t have a choice.

“Good thing I came out here with the right attitude, then.” Abby giggled, backing off with the match about to start.

A moment later, the referee signaled them to begin. Brett stood 6’1, with light brown hair, and a fit toned body with some visible muscle.

Now came the awkward part.

‘Throwing’ or fighting to lose simply wasn’t in his DNA. As a driven competitor who enjoyed the spotlight and glory that came with winning, this was a very foreign idea to him. He was well aware he’d have to tone things down here, and was more than ready to do so, but to the point of operating as some kind of pro wrestling like jobber? To women? That was too much. For tonight only though, that was his reality.

He didn’t even know how to go about this, moving slowly and awkwardly.

As he and Abby moved in on each other, he was caught by surprise as her dainty barefoot with white nail polish, quickly lashed up and smacked hard into the bottom of his package. ‘Ooohhsss’ came from the crowd as both men and women imagined the explosion of pain Brett felt, though some women laughed and cheered Abby on.

Brett slowly sunk to his knees, clutching himself as the pain exploded in his groin, sending a sick feeling into his stomach. “Ahhh……why” he moaned, pain written all over his face.

“I’m sorry!” Abby cringed in genuine sympathy. “Did I really kick that hard, that it hurts that bad?”

“Ye-…..ssss.” Brett groaned, waiting desperately for some of the pain to fade.

“Oops, I didn’t mean to hit that hard. Just trying to work whatever advantages I have…..you are a pro after all.” Abby said regretfully. Grimacing, Brett couldn’t be mad. She didn’t realize he was actually no threat at all. If it were legal, she’d be dumb not to exploit anything she could to help herself.

Realizing she had to act before the opportunity passed, and it was all for nothing, Abby stepped up and pushed his head down in between her strong thighs, the back of his neck pressed against her crotch. Brett let out a choked groan as she began to squeeze, in too much pain to react until it was too late.

Hands free, Abby gave a smiling wave to the crowd as they cheered her on in reaction to the standing headscissor. She was suddenly interrupted though, as Brett grabbed her body, slowly forcing himself back up to his feet. “Woah!” Abby exclaimed, both a little nervous and excited as her feet left the canvas.

Distracted by the throbbing pain in his balls, and now being strangled by Abby’s legs, he’d entered auto pilot mode for a moment, forgetting he wasn’t really supposed to try and stop her. He only realized it once he was back on his feet, with Abby attached to him in midair, her legs somehow squeezing even tighter as she tried to grip onto his body with her arms. She definitely wasn’t looking to take a fall from there.

Unsure what to do from here, Brett’s hands drifted to her flexing legs. Her thighs had turned pretty solid as she squeezed with everything she had. Not just to choke him, but instinctively to help herself hold on.

Being up in the air like this was actually kind of fun, but Abby did anxiously ask “Um, any chance you could put me down now? I think it’d be best for both of us if you didn’t pass out like this.”

Brett stumbled back, starting to feel weak, and a little dizzy. Her voice almost sounded far away, the crowd noise starting to dull, but luckily it did register in his mind, and he instantly silently agreed. His legs shaking a bit, he tried to carefully sink down, but in reality going down on his one knee a little hard, before going down on the other as well, shaking Abby a bit as her feet returned to the ground.

She was able to make out a female voice shouting “Yeah take him down!”

After breathing a small sigh of relief, Abby carefully made the two of them fall to the side, Brett’s now weak body going with her with little resistance. “There we go, much better, and safer……for both of us.” Abby giggled, the two of them now on their sides.

Brett’s only response was gurgling attempts to breathe, his face turning colors now as Abby’s toned legs continued to crush his neck.

“Now, you wanna tap out big guy, or do you need a little nap? Abby teased, with Brett clearly fading fast. He faintly heard her, but her words didn’t actually register. He was just barely clinging to consciousness, now feeling dizzy and very weak, dark spots creeping into his vision. He might as well already be out cold.

Only a few seconds later, he blacked out between her thighs, his body going completely limp on the ring canvas.

Abby adjusted her head, unsure if he was out yet, as the referee raced over to confirm it. A moment later, she was told to release him.

“Winner of Round 1, Via Headscissor…….ABBY!” The announcement boomed through the arena to roaring cheers. Even those who were excited for Brett’s debut joined in, not being real fans of his yet, and unable to be upset seeing Abby triumph.

Abby had quickly let go, and now stood over him, waiting for him to wake up. Looking into the crowd, she once again flexed an arm. It was kind of her thing. Not as a taunt. Her fans just seemed to like it, so she stuck with it.

Slowly starting to regain consciousness, Brett heard a gentle, soft speaking, feminine voice speaking to him, with dull noise in the background. “Hey, you okay?“ she said. He felt a hand gently brush through his short hair. His fluttering open, in his blurry vision he saw a cute smiling blonde crouched over him. “That’s it, come back to me.” She said.

“Wha-…..what happened?” Asked Brett.

“Uhm, you didn’t tap out, so you sort of took a nap between these babies.” Abby laughed, tapping on one of her thighs. “I tried to warn you to tap, though.”

“Oh.” Brett groaned, as things started flooding back to him. That was not great. He certainly hadn’t intended to let himself be knocked out tonight. If he had too, he’d much rather go out tapping than be knocked out against his will by a woman.

“You alright? I hope so, cause we still have a round two, you know.” She laughed, getting up and extending a hand.

“Yeah…..I’ll be good.” Brett replied, taking her hand without thinking as he tried to get his bearings back. It was a ridiculous sight, the larger, strong looking, and supposedly much more skilled male fighter, being helped up by his smaller female opponent who’d just squeezed him to sleep with her legs.

After helping him up, Abby headed back to her corner to relax for a few minutes, leaving him to take stock of everything. So far, this was going a little worse than he’d hoped, but it’d be okay. Once he straightened things out with Lena, it might just take a little time of winning to redeem himself from this ‘defeat’, and bury it in the past.

Round two quickly came around, and he was ready to get this night over with so he could move forwards.

As they got into position, Abby teased “You know, I was a little nervous coming in, but taking on a pro doesn’t seem so hard, actually.”

“We’re not done yet.” Brett answered back with the same energy, playing the part, but on the inside, her playful jab really made him wish he could prove her wrong…..in the most gentle way he could, of course. It was friendly banter, but it still stoked his inner competitiveness.

“Oh, not just trying to lure me into a false sense of security with that round, are you?” Abby jokingly accused.

Brett kept quiet, but disappointedly thought to himself ‘I wish’.

After a moment, the referee signaled for them to begin again.

As they each slowly advanced towards one another, Brett’s mind raced, charting his course to a swift defeat. Brett made the first move, lunging towards her and wrapping his arms snug around her midsection. Abby tried to dance away before his arms closed around her, but she was too slow. He hugged her into him, lifting her off of her feet into a bearhug.

“Oh not again! Put me down!” Abby told him playfully, writhing in his grip as she tried to escape. He wasn’t squeezing her in his arms with enough strength to hurt her, he was just focused on containing her for a moment.

The noise level in the arena went down a bit, as the beloved Abby appeared to be in some trouble.

After restraining her in the bearhug for a moment, Brett feigned a stumble backwards as he held up her weight, adding a small, worried “woahhh”, and then ‘lost his balance’, falling backwards to the canvas.

Abby let out a small cry as they suddenly fell, though to her relief it ended up being Brett who ate the vast majority of the fall, his body sandwiched between her and the ring canvas. Having the air knocked out of him, Brett let out a pained groan beneath her. That had hurt a little more than he’d expected, maybe it wasn’t such a bright idea after all.

Abby laid mostly still atop his body, for a moment, taking a breath as she recovered from the brief panic of crashing down to the ring floor. “Are-……are you okay?” Abby asked with genuine concern as she collected herself.

“Uh……am hurting a bit……but I think so.” Brett groaned out with a hint of lightheartedness in his voice.

“If we ever fight again, please don’t pick me up anymore. Deal?” Abby asked him with a small smile.

“Yeah…….that might be best.” Brett admitted, breathing deeply.

“Now……” Said Abby in a mischievous voice, springing back into action, and in a flash, she pushed herself up to her hands and knees, spun herself around on top of him, reached back to grab his head, and pulled it up into a tight reverse headscissor.

The crowd had gone mostly quiet for a minute, until Abby leapt back into action, showing that both wrestlers were okay.

Hey……if I don’t lift you next time, can you not……scissor me?” Brett jokingly asked.

“Hmm, I don’t know……” Abby teasingly responded, trailing off she slowly began to squeeze his neck. “I mean, I wouldn’t mind choking you out with these, sometime, but……” She continued, flexing an arm to a burst of cheers. “-getting you in my legs works so well too, so I can’t make any promises.” She finished with a laugh.

“Figured.” Brett replied simply, hands going to her thighs as they tightened around his neck. They were a good mix of soft and firm before, as the muscles within flexed, they became quite solid.

Brett gave some half hearted tugs at her squeezing legs, for the sake of ‘the show’, not actually wanting to escape, though believing it was obvious he could if he wanted too. It would only prolong this, and though Abby’s kindness and energetic personality made it a bit easier to endure and play along with, he was still looking forward to the end of it.

Brett held on as long as he could, until he felt himself growing lightheaded. Enduring one last pulsing squeeze from Abby’s strong thighs, he tapped out on her soft, but hard underneath, thigh.

“Sure you don’t need another nap?” Abby giggled, feeling his tapouts.

“No.” Brett gurgled, the referee coming up to them.

Oh, okay.” Abby relented with mock disappointment, releasing her scissor.

“Winner Of The Match 2-0, Via Reverse Headscissor……..ABBY!” The announcement was made to the loudest cheers of the night.

Abby rolled off of him and stood up, soaking in the praise and approval of the crowd with a shining smile. She’d been a bit shy about all the support and attention at first, but she quickly adjusted to it. It was nice.

After a minute, she came down from the brief high, remembering her opponent. Before she could say or do anything more, she was interrupted by another announcement.

“Now, it’s time for Abby to CLAIM. HER. TRIBUTE.” The PA Speaker boomed to loud cheers. “ABBY! ABBY! ABBY!” The crowd chanted. Still laying on his back, down on the canvas, Brett was pulled from his thoughts and left in confusion.

Seeing his puzzled expression, Abby sheepishly attempted to explain. “Um…..you don’t know? ……..the winner kind of gets to do whatever they want with the loser post match. It’s like a forfeit.”

Brett’s stomach dropped. He’d thought his ordeal was over, and now the worst embarrassment was actually yet to come?!

“Sit on his face!” A female voice yelled from the crowd.

Picking up on how he felt, Abby awkwardly glanced around in hesitation. She could feel all the eyes on them, almost starting to sweat as she felt pressured. She knew what the fans were wanting and expecting from her. Her face flushing a bit, she gulped and made her decision.

“Uhmm…..for the forfeit……maybe you could just walk out with me?” Abby requested anxiously.

Brett didn’t respond at first, caught by surprise as his mind raced in anxiety through possibilities of what could be awaiting him now. “I-…..sure. I can do that.” Brett slowly answered.

“Good. Now let’s go.” Abby smiled, though having a little urgency in her voice. She held out a hand as she’d done before, offering him help up. This time though, his mind clear, he passed on the offer, awkwardly telling her “Thanks, but I’m good.” He felt a little bad, but he was focused on how it’d look to the crowd.

After he’d gingerly gotten up, Abby quickly took his hand and lead him out of the ring. Some confused murmuring went through the crowd as they did so. It was quickly becoming a rare occurrence that a wrestler passed on their chance to further humiliate their opponent. It’d only happened once so far.

Just about being pulled behind her as she for some strange reason, rushed him away down her entrance ramp at a faster pace than he expected, Brett awkwardly tried to pause her and ask her in a hushed voice to let go of his hand, feeling some embarrassment at being practically dragged away by his smaller female opponent, but he was drowned out by the noise, and she didn’t even notice.

While Brett mostly kept his eyes down, Abby put on a smile for the fans, even as she felt some guilt. There were a few boos and disappointed jeers, but the crowd seemed to mostly accept her decision.

As they were about to enter the tunnel and disappear from sight, a male fan who looked to be in his early 20’s, leaned down an arm from the railing and yelled “Abby!”

A genuine smile coming to her face, Abby let go of Brett’s hand, stretching up on her tippy toes, and giving the best high five she could muster at that height, before they exited.

As they walked for a moment, the crowd noise fading behind them, Abby spoke first. “Woooof.” She sighed. “Sorry if I rushed you a little, I kinda wanted to get out of there. Felt like I was letting my fans down a little.” She explained, girlishly adjusting her hair.

“You’re good, not like I wanted to stick around long either, anyway.” Said Brett, indifferently. Oh, and, I appreciate……what you did, at least.” He awkwardly added.

“You okay?” Abby asked sympathetically.

“Uh, yeah….yeah. I’m fine. Why?” He asked.

“Well, um, I know our match probably didn’t go how you expected-“ Abby tried to explain gently.

“Nah, it’s all good, no worries. Just had a really bad off night. It’s been a while, and this style of fighting is a little different than what I’m used to.” Brett told her.

“Yeah, you’ll get the next one.” Abby encouraged, happy but mildly surprised at how well he was taking it. “I got you all warmed up now.” She joked.

“You bet I’ll be ready for my next one!” Brett grinned, genuinely meaning it. His next match would be the start of his redemption, and for him, the start of his real career here. He’d be fighting for real, and he was going to bring it.

“Hey……think we could be friends?” Abby asked with a small smile.

“Yeah, sure. I guess I could use a friend around here.” Brett smiled back. “I met Hannah earlier, and it doesn’t seem like she’s going to be.” He joked, making Abby laugh a little, before a quiet moment settled upon them as they walked through the hallways.

Speak of the devil. Breaking the quiet, came a familiar sound of heels clacking against the hard floor, about to cross paths with them. Turning the corner a little in front of them, was Hannah.

Glancing up from her tablet, she paused. “Oh, it’s you two.” She said nonchalantly. “I wanted to see both of you really quick, anyway. Brett, you did better than expected, for how clueless you were, going in.” She told him dryly, being careful with her wording in front of Abby.

Glancing to Abby, she added “Great as usual, but PLEASE don’t pass up your post match tributes. It’s bad for ratings, the fans don’t like it.” Hannah told her with a shake of her head.

“Sorry, I-“ Abby shyly tried to say, getting cut off.

“Anyways, I have things to do.” Hannah firmly stated, her tone saying that the conversation was over.

“Hey- uhm, wait.” Brett stopped her.

“What? Make it quick.” Hannah said.

As she looked at him expectantly, he asked “Uh, do you think you could talk about that…….thing……with Lena, for me? You can probably get to her with it faster than me, and I just don’t want anything to get scheduled for-“

“Do I look like her personal secretary to you?” Hannah asked with dry sarcasm.

Brett shifted anxiously, knowing it probably wasn’t the smartest thing, but unable to help himself. “If the shoe fits.” He replied casually.

Giving him an annoyed glare, Hannah replied with a stiff “Fine” before briskly walking off past them.

Abby had no idea what the two of them were talking about, but she quietly minded her own business.

As her footsteps faded away, Abby just looked to him and laughed “Hannah being Hannah.”

End Of Part 1.

- This one takes a solid amount of inspiration from the popular story ‘Submit To Submission’, so credit to the author ImYourBitch for that. Hopefully he continues that story soon.

For those not familiar with that story, I think he explained the basic theme very well, so to borrow his words: “ I've always been big into all elements of femdom, to me mixed wrestling is just another offshoot of that. The difference of course is that with wrestling, one is physically forced to submit/be dominated whereas in MOST other femdom kinks, the man willingly submits to the humiliation/domination/whatever it is.

I've longed to see a story that connected the two. Longed fantasized about willingly submitting in a physical contest, not because a man HAD to because he was being physically forced and bested, but for other reasons. The idea of letting a girl win, letting her enjoy victory and subjugate oneself to the trash talk and shame of defeat, in anything, has long interested me, so that's the driving force of this story(at least iniitially). It's one thing to submit in a dark room to some dominatrix, agree to subjugate yourself and lick her boots. It's another thing if we take that same type of domination/interaction(featuring a willing self subjugation) and put it on a mat in an athletic contest, with people around and egos and reputations at stake.”

There you have it. Anyway, I too like the idea of the male MC having to submit willingly not because they fully enjoy it or are being beaten and physically forced into it, but for outside reasons, such as magic in a fantasy based story. A more mental than physical domination.

- Feedback/comments are appreciated.
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Default Re: Always Read The Fine Print

Wow another masterpiece as usual! I’ve been anxiously awaiting the next chapter of Redlands but now I wouldn’t mind if this one got the next update either
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Default Re: Always Read The Fine Print

Love everything you do

I love everything you do
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Default Re: Always Read The Fine Print

Amazing story! Can't wait to read more
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Default Re: Always Read The Fine Print

Originally Posted by Wrestler35 [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Wow another masterpiece as usual! I’ve been anxiously awaiting the next chapter of Redlands but now I wouldn’t mind if this one got the next update either
Well you’re in luck, next part to Redlands is going up now.
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Default Re: Always Read The Fine Print

Always Read The Fine Print

Part 2:

In his dressing room, Brett sat quietly, staring off into space.

He’d heard back from Hannah over the past week, and he didn’t receive the good news that he was expecting. He was going to be held to the exact terms he’d mistakenly agreed too, with Lena having no interest in adjusting his role. Nor did she wish to simply release him from the contract and find someone else. He’d already made his public debut, after all.

So, over the past few days, and even now, as the little remaining time before his second match trickled away, he’d been left to come to terms with his new reality. He just couldn’t fully accept it though, his mind desperately continuing to try and figure out a possible way out of this mess. Obviously no one could physically force him to lose these fights and honor the agreement, but he had enough sense to know that he’d be looking at legal consequences for that.

As he sat there, his thoughts quickened and became less organized, as it hit him more and more that he really was about to have to go out there and face it again, this time with no hope awaiting him afterwards.

His contract was for 3 years. Three. YEARS. How could he do this for the next 3 years of his life?!

Then, he was suddenly torn from his thoughts, as someone knocked on his door. Before he could even respond, telling them to come in, the door opened anyway as Hannah walked in, closing it behind her.

Brett began “Hey, I didn’t even say to come in yet! What if I didn’t have my shorts on, isn’t that the whole point of knocking-“

“First of all, I can go where I want. Secondly, you’re lucky I bother knocking at all.” Hannah casually dismissed, eyes down, looking at her tablet screen as usual. Brett let it go, knowing it wouldn’t go anywhere with her anyway. Then, she said “Before we get into the match stuff, I have something you might want to hear.”

Brett perked up at that last part, his mind suddenly racing with ideas of what it could be about. His hopes surged. Could Lena have thought it over again, and changed her mind about adjusting the deal?! Maybe Hannah talked her into giving him a break on this one?!

“Yeah, sure, go ahead.” Brett told her with optimism in his voice.

“So, we aren’t willing to drop the ‘role’ stuff, and make you a regular wrestler here, and my mother doesn’t want to go through the hassle of replacing you, either, BUT, we are willing to cut you a deal.” Hannah explained. Brett’s brief moment of hope was crushed by her words, but he was intrigued enough by the last part to at least hear it out.

“Okay, let’s hear it, I guess.” Brett replied, lacking the enthusiasm he had back on his first night.

“I talked it over more with my mother, and convinced her to shave a full year off of your contract, IF you allow us to make a few small adjustments to the terms, on our end, too.” Hannah told him.

Brett silently looked back at her for a moment, in thought. It still wasn’t much compared to what he’d wanted and had been hoping for, but it was something. Even one year was a long time, though, and would come with a lot to endure. If he could trim it down to two, that was still much better than staying stuck for the full 3 years, right?

That was his main train of thought, he didn’t really think much of allowing them to make a few minor changes of their own, in return. Of course this deal wasn’t only going to benefit him. They’d probably scale back his salary a bit, which was fair enough. He could afford to swap some cash for a year of time.

“Are you going to decide some time today?” Hannah interrupted his thinking with dry sarcasm.

Leaning towards taking it, Brett replied “I think I’ll take it, it’s a good deal, right?”

“It’s the best you’ll get.” She answered simply. “Take it or leave it, but if I were you, I’d probably take it. If you really want out of this that badly, even doing it for one extra year will be a long time.” She advised.

“Alright, let’s do it.” Said Brett.

“Good, just sign here.” Hannah replied, pulling out a stylus pen, and coming to stand next to him as she held the tablet out in front of him. Brett took the pen from her, and signed his signature on the digital line.

“Perfect. Now, we don’t have much time, but as for your match………” Hannah trailed off, pulling the tablet away for a moment to go to it, “……..you’ll be fighting…….Kamilla.”

(Kamilla: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

(Kamilla Alt Outfit Pic: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

As Hannah presented the tablet to him once again, he found himself looking at a much different opponent than Abby. While Abby had a very athletic, fit build, Kamilla had a softer looking body with plus sized curves. On the screen, his eyes were quickly drawn to her ample breasts and very thick thighs, with wide hips and a bulbous ass.

“Oh and by the way, make sure she gets her ass on your face at some point, the fans love that.” Hannah casually added.

“Wait…..what?” Brett asked, almost in disbelief. “You want me to let her…….sit on my face?”

“Yes, you know, a facesit.” Said Hannah.

“Out….there? In front of all-“ He questioned slowly.

“No, in private.” Hannah sarcastically mocked him with a roll of her eyes. “Yes, out there. In the match. Duh.”

“I-…..there-, there’s no way I can do that-, that-, it’s too much.” Brett stammered.

“Oh man up.” Hannah mocked with no sympathy, stepping away to leave. “If you’re going to meltdown over a facesit, you’re going to have a rough two years ahead of you.”

As she briskly headed for the door, Brett said “Wait! That’s gonna be a normal thing?!”

Looking back as she stepped out of the room, Hannah just gave a sigh with an annoyed look on her face, and closed the door behind her without responding, leaving him alone to try and quickly process his updated situation.

After just a few more minutes, it was time to go. Brett got up from his chair, and made his way to the door. As he opened it to step out into the hallway, he bumped into Abby, who had just arrived and was about to knock on his door.

“Oh, hey, Abby.” Brett greeted her with an anxious smile. If only she knew the whole mess he was stuck in.

“Hi! I just wanted to come and see how you’re doing, before your match.” Abby said cheerfully. “Ready to get your first win?!”

“Yeah……you bet.” Brett replied, as convincingly as he could. “Anyway, I’m outta time already, I gotta get out there.”

“Oh, ok!” Abby smiled. I think I’ll hang here until you get back, and watch your first win on the TV.”

“Sure, sounds good……” Brett replied, with a little reluctance. He’d rather that Abby didn’t see what was about to go down, but how could he say no without it coming across the wrong way?

With that, they traded places, Abby entering his dressing room to hangout, and Brett heading off down the hallway to get out to the ring.

“And now!……introducing one of our wrestler’s tonight, the Kurrrvaceous……Kamilla!” The announcers voice rung out throughout the packed arena. The crowd roared as she made her entrance, striding down the entrance ramp with a cool confidence, in her shiny black latex heeled, thigh high boots. As Kamilla arrived ringside, climbing up inside through the ropes, her opponent’s introduction began.

“Opposing her, a man seeking redemption after suffering a surprise upset defeat in his debut…….Brett!” The announcer said. As Brett appeared out of the tunnel, walking down his own entrance ramp, his reception wasn’t quite as boisterous as before, but there was still an air of excitement. While a few were down on him already, most people in the crowd fully expected him to return to the ring with a vengeance tonight.

Kamilla’s eyes followed him intently as he approached the ring. As soon as she got a good look at the 6’1, toned, ex MMA fighter, she knew she wanted to make him her bitch. Maybe she should’ve been intimidated despite his 0-1 record, but instead, she saw opportunity. Subduing and then reducing a man like him to her plaything, would be quite a status bump for her…….and very enjoyable. She enjoyed dominating any opponent, of course, but he was the ideal type she wanted to tame.

As Brett joined her in the ring, Kamilla immediately approached him. “I can’t wait to have my way with you.” Kamilla purred, hungrily looking over his fit, toned body.

A little taken aback by her direct, and sudden approach, Brett gathered himself and replied with a grin “I could say the same about you.”

“All of this, is going to be mine.” Kamilla stated seductively, reaching out and running her hands over his solid chest.

Brett shifted uncomfortably as she caressed and groped at his body. If it weren’t for his ‘situation’, he would’ve continued to match her demeanor, getting flirty and touchy with her as well, already certain that their match would go his way. That was anything but the case, now, though. Knowing she was actually right, that she had to be due to his contract, made it a little unsettling.

A moment later, she backed off, getting into position for their match to begin. She couldn’t wait to get ahold of him again, though.

While they waited for the signal to begin, Brett tried to center himself as best he could, and focus on simply getting through this match. He could think over and try to process everything else, later.

Now receiving the the referee’s signal, he and Kamilla quickly advanced upon each other, and locked up. To start off, Brett matched her strength, Kamilla relishing the feeling of her body straining against his. He held their struggle at a stalemate for a moment, and then slowly began to relent, allowing Kamilla to start driving him backwards.

Kamilla was actually a little surprised as his body began to give against her’s, already being overpowered by her as the match had just begun, each of them still on their feet. She certainly wasn’t upset about it, though, a hint of a smug smile coming to her face as she slowly but steadily pushed him back towards a corner of the ring.

Brett’s head was spinning as he allowed himself to be forced back into the corner. He knew he could put a stop to this quite easily if he tried, but he couldn’t. It wasn’t hard to tell what Kamilla was thinking right now, and he could only imagine in deep embarrassment, the reactions of people in the crowd, watching this curvy plus sized woman ‘overpowering’ him.

His round one with Abby had been a bit of blur, having been quickly kicked in the balls and knocked out by her legs. That wasn’t the case this time, though. He was fully conscious and painfully aware of what was happening, to him, and around him. For now, his mind was clear, and free to think.

Brett’s back pressed against the ring post as they finally ran out of room, and Kamilla’s body then pressed forwards into his, as she sandwiched him between herself and the post. He was face to face with her now, and he could hardly bear to make eye contact.

“Seems like someone hasn’t been lifting much since their MMA days.” Kamilla taunted. They were so close that he could feel her warm breath on his skin.

The sound of the crowd had dampened a bit, many watching in surprise and disbelief as Brett was swiftly trapped in the corner, squirming against her soft body.

Suddenly, Kamilla leaned her head forwards, pressing her lips to his in a deep kiss. “Mmmph” Brett let out in surprise, muffled by the intense lip lock. He squirmed a little harder, trying to break free from the the kiss. Only, being squished between her and the ring post with nowhere to go, it was as if her lips were glued to his, her head easily following the small movements he could make with his own. Her tongue invaded his mouth, utterly dominating him. His eyes stared back widely into her’s. Involuntarily, he began to stiffen in his trunks.

Just as it started to become suffocating, Kamilla’s tongue slipped back, as she finally broke off the passionate kiss. A look of shock on his face, Brett immediately opened his mouth to take a big breath of air. Before he could even suck all the air down, an explosion of pain went off in his groin, Kamilla’s knee swiftly rocketing up into his vulnerable balls, before he knew what hit him.

Initially, Brett couldn’t even speak, his body going mostly limp against the ring post behind him. Only pained sounds left his mouth as his face contorted in a grimace. He began to slide down towards the canvas, his legs too weak and shaky to support him as his balls throbbed with pain, a queasy feeling rising to his stomach. At this rate, he wouldn’t have anything left down there by the time his contract ended.

“No amount of MMA training can make that weakness go away.” Kamilla taunted as he slid down onto his butt, now seated in the corner. While Kamilla spun around to face away from him, and stepped away, Brett sat clutching his package, in too much pain to try and get up, yet.

A moment later, Kamilla began to back up towards him. His first thought was to try and slip away, though it’d be hard for him to move quickly enough to do so right now, anyway. Then, Hannah’s brief instruction for this match popped back into his mind. This was something he was specifically supposed to let happen, but how could he?

Brett sat frozen as her thick ass quickly closed in on him, growing larger and larger in his vision. In a last second moment of desperation, he pathetically pleaded “Kamilla pleauummph-“, being cut off as her huge ass made contact with his face, silencing him with ease.

“Don’t worry, you’ll learn to like it. I’ll make sure of that.” Kamilla said, as she grinded her ass against his face, shaking her wide hips while grabbing the ropes to rest her arms on them. With the only ‘coverage’ her skimpy black latex outfit provided her lower half from behind, being a thin black strip down her crack, Brett was getting plenty of skin on skin contact. Her plump tanned cheeks smushed his.

After just a few seconds of the stinkface, Brett panicked out of pure embarrassment and humiliation. Hearing cheers and laughter from the crowd, he decided he couldn’t handle any more. Maybe he could endure what he’d been put through so far, for the most part, but this, having her ass rubbed across his face in front of a huge crowd, was too much. In this moment, he didn’t care if Hannah got pissed later.

Brett’s hands flew to her hips, as he began frantically pushing and shoving at her ass, trying to break the stinkface and push her away. To his surprise and horror, he quickly realized that she wasn’t budging. From this position, he was unable to shift her sizable weight. “Mmmph!” Brett begged into her cheeks, though it was barely audible through the wall of feminine flesh.

It wasn’t long before Brett had an even bigger problem than a deep humiliation, on his hands. He was running out of air, having not gotten a breath since Kamilla’s ass swallowed his face and sealed it away from the outside world.

Brett frantically began to twist and squirm in his seated position, head pressed between her ass and the ring post. He pushed and slapped at her hips, as they still didn’t give an inch.
Brett begged into her smothering cheeks again, this time in a truly desperate way, but still only quiet muffled sounds made it out.

Kamilla showed no signs of letting up, continuing to casually wipe her ass across his face as his lungs started to burn, a smirk on her face as she was fully aware of his distress.

“What, is there no oxygen in there?” Kamilla taunted.

Brett became dizzy, wondering through his clouded mind if he was really going to be knocked out this way. As he started to fade, Kamilla finally freed him from her imprisoning ass, her cheeks peeling apart from his face as she moved away.

“You can’t go to sleep on me already, we’re not done yet.” Kamilla smirked. A lightheaded Brett could only groan in response as she bent over and grabbed ahold of his ankles, pulling him out of the corner to leave him laid out flat on his back. Before she did anything else, she raised a heeled boot clad foot, and placed it atop his chest as she struck a pose. Though there wasn’t exactly much muscle to show off, Kamilla flexed her arms anyway, in a display of dominance.

A weakened, oxygen deprived Brett, could only stare up helplessly as the image of his soft bodied, curvy conquerer posing over him, was immortalized, camera flashes going off in the crowd.

Ending her pose, she stepped over him, planting a Heeled boot clad foot on each side of his body. Brett hardly moved as she gestured to the crowd with her arms, no longer having the will to even consider an escape attempt. Though he had no idea what was coming next, the most humiliating part of the match was surely already behind him, so what what pride was there to cling to now?

The crowd began to chant in response “DROP!DROP! DROP!”, and drop Kamilla did, as she pulverized Brett’s core into the canvas beneath her full weight, with one of her devastating butt drops. His eyes went wide, his breath crushed from his body.

In the crowd, even some of the fans that encouraged Kamilla’s move had to cringe at the full thudding impact, imagining taking it themselves. Back in Brett’s dressing room, watching on the tv, even Abby cringed, selfishly feeling lucky that it wasn’t her in Brett’s place.

As Kamilla shifted off of him, Brett gasped for air, clutching at his pained midsection, feeling like it’d been hit by a truck. Down on the mat with him, on her hands and knees, Kamilla leaned her face over his, threatening with a smug smile “there’ll be more of those to come, if you don’t do as you’re told.”

Still gasping for breath with pain from his chest to his stomach, he had no response.

Ready to wrap things up, Kamilla moved behind his head, crawling forwards over him until her wide ass hovered menacingly over his face. In his tired, beaten down state, it took him an extra second to realize what was clearly coming next, but when he did, some of the panic returned.

“Wa……wait…….Kamilla…..please. Don’t do….this, to me.” Brett gasped, in a mix of pain, exhaustion, and fear. Hadn’t she humiliated him enough?

“Either you suffocate in it and take a nap, or I flatten you under it until you black out. Your choice.” Kamilla calmly replied.

In reaction to the second ‘choice’, Brett panicked “n-no, not again, I can’t-“

“So should I sit on your face……..or do I need to get back up.” Kamilla followed up.

“Sit on my face.” Brett quickly replied, not needing to consider the alternative, at all.

“Really? Mmm, I don’t know. Actually, I’m feeling like another-“ She began, just to toy with him.

“No! Just smother me, please!” Brett pleaded, dreading the idea of her weight crashing down onto him a second time.

“See, I told you you’d learn to like it. You’re already begging for it.” She taunted. “But, fine, have it your way.”

With that, Kamilla’s butt and it’s suffocating weight descended onto his face, plunging him into darkness. She wiggled herself atop his face, wedging him in even deeper between her cheeks to ensure that not a whisp of air would be had. Unable to see or breathe, face trapped up her ass and too weak to stop her now even if he was allowed to, all Brett could do was wait for his oxygen to run out, and the suffering to begin.

A small part of him almost regretted his choice, now, though, as he imagined how pathetic he must look to everyone watching, trapped under a woman’s ass as she waited for him to pass out beneath her.

It wasn’t long before his body began to crave air, Brett starting to squirm beneath her. “Need to breathe? Too bad, you’re going all the way out, this time.” She taunted.

Instinctively, he escalated to twisting and writhing beneath her, his body fighting for even just a gasp of air that wouldn’t be found with his nose and mouth swallowed up by warm flesh. He tried to wrench and twist his head to the sides with as much force as he could muster without hurting his neck, but her weight nearly kept it perfectly still. The slight side to side movements his head could make, only succeeded in wriggling himself even deeper between her smothering cheeks, his nose pressing into the black strip down her crack.

“I love when they get desperate.” Kamilla cruelly mused to herself, casually stretching her arms up over her head as she waited for ‘nature to take its course’.

Brett was growing lightheaded, the feeling of suffocation reaching an unbearable point. He futilely pawed at her hips, weakly grabbing hand fulls of her thick cheeks and trying to lift her off while his legs slowly flailed.

It was seconds later that his hands slipped from her ass, falling uselessly to the canvas as all 4 of his limbs became too much to lift. Mercifully, darkness was finally taking him.

Having arrived at a delirious state as he drowned in her ass, he finally blacked out.

“Winner Of The Match, With A Reverse Facesit Knockout……..KAMILLA!” The announcement boomed through the arena, to mostly loud cheers, but there were some boos mixed in. Not directed at Kamilla, but as an expression of disappointment to Brett for such an ugly defeat.

Having gotten off of him, and not waiting for him to wake up, Kamilla gestured to a ring girl/attendant outside and below, casually asking her “fetch my things, will you.”

With a nod, the petite blonde crouching down retrieving two hidden objects, tucked away underneath. Passing them up to Kamilla inside the ring, she gave a playful smile “There you are. Take good care of him, he’s all yours.”

“Oh, I will.” Kamilla grinned, turning and heading back towards an unconscious Brett.

Brett’s eyes fluttered, as he finally began to stir. He sensed movement around him as he started to remember what happened and where he was, the sound of the packed arena filling his ears again. Before he could really regain his bearings, though, he felt something be wrapped around his neck and click, holding snug. His vision still a bit blurred, he realized that Kamilla was leaning down next to him, attaching something to whatever had been put around his neck.

His vision clearing but his mind still foggy, Brett asked in a confused and tired voice “What are you……doing?”

Instead of answering his questions, Kamilla simply replied “come on, nap’s over.” with a smug smile. “Get up.”

Brett hardly reacted to her words, his body was ready to remain down on the canvas for at least the next several minutes, before an attempt to get up and walk out.

“I’d get moving if I were you.” Said Kamilla. “Wouldn’t want me to ‘lose my balance’ while I’m standing over you.” She finished with a playful threat.

His brain may not have been fully ‘rebooted’ and back up to speed quite yet, after the brutal smother knockout, but that certainly got through to him, as he gingerly rolled over and began to struggle back onto his hands and knees, first, before really being ready to do so.

Now on his hands and knees, he took a deep breath before trying to force himself up to his feet, only, he wasn’t given the chance to, as Kamilla turned and began heading out of the ring. He felt a sharp pull on his neck, making him realize that the mystery objects were a collar and leash, as he was dragged behind her, stuck on his hands knees. He struggled to follow down the steps from that position, but somehow he made it.

There was audible laughter and the light of camera flashes from the crowd as Kamilla pulled him behind her, out of the ring, but it didn’t quite register for Brett, yet. He was just barely able to push his body to perform the actions Kamilla impatiently demanded from him, never mind clearly think of the larger picture and his surroundings in detail.

As they headed down the exit ramp, Brett managed to quickly get to his feet, though not fast enough to avoid a tug on his collar that almost pulled him over onto the floor, before he could get his footing. “So slow.” Kamilla mockingly commented without looking back.

As they approached the cover of the tunnel, his mental clarity started to kick back in, allowing him to take full stock of his current situation. Needless to say, he felt anything but good about it. After being obliterated in the match, mostly by her butt, he was now being dragged out on a leash while half conscious after being smothered out cold by said ass.

He kept his eyes down, unable to bear even a glance into the audience, though the downside was that it led to him mostly staring at the huge ass that utterly crushed him.

As they finally disappeared from view, Kamilla paused after a few steps, as if in thought. Then, she spoke “I guess I’ll just return you to your dressing room, for tonight. Lead the way.” She gestured.

Brett submissively stepped past her, accepting it, until he remembered something rather important. Abby was there waiting for him. Though if she was still watching, she’d surely seen it all on the TV already, the last thing he wanted was to be presented to her like this, in person.

“I……I can’t.” Brett paused, turning back towards her. I……there’s someone…….waiting there for me.”

“Oh?” Kamilla replied, staring back deep into his eyes, possibly trying to get a read on if he was lying to escape her sooner. “Now I’m curious. A girlfriend? Had a post fight hookup with another wrestler, planned?” She questioned, slowly pulling him closer with the leash until they were face to face.

Despite his 6’1 , toned physique, and knowing that he’d allowed her to take control and reduce him to a state where she could genuinely dominate and have her way with him, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of intimidation now. A cornered feeling. Even if his body was already back to being more than capable of physically standing up to her, there’d be a good chance he wouldn’t.

“Uhm, she’s…….just a new friend. Fellow wrestler.” He sheepishly replied.

“Scared I’ll embarrass you in front of her?” Kamilla smirked, not needing a response as his face said it all. “Well, I guess I’ll let you hang onto some shred of your ego, for now. Have to leave some fun for later. But, you’ll have to introduce us sometime.”

Brett dreaded the sound of that idea. If he had his way, he’d have no part of Kamilla again after this.

Kamilla reached towards his neck, removing the leash, and than the collar. “Th-thanks.” Brett quickly and awkwardly spat out in response to the first hint of mercy she’d shown him all night, before turning and walking away, trying to quickly retreat away. He had a lot to sort through mentally.

“Wait.” Kamilla firmly ordered, and despite being free to ignore her and keep going, Brett froze. “So you really want me to let you go on your way?”

Unsure what response she was looking for and where she was going with it, he reluctantly answered “Yeah?”

“Prove it.” She smirked. Show me how bad you want it.” Gesturing down to her heeled latex boots. He gave her a confused look as he slowly came back towards her.

“Kiss my boots.” She told him.

Brett hesitated, looking back at her as if she was going to announce that she was only kidding. That didn’t happen. Glancing down to her shiny black boots, he gave in. He might as well give in to this simple thing, to avoid a worse humiliation in front of Abby. Kissing Kamilla’s boots, in private, would be one of the least humiliating parts of night, anyway, at this point.

Brett kneeled down before her, lowering his head and planting awkward kisses on the smooth material, as Kamilla looked down on him in amusement.

“That’ll do, for now.” Kamilla said after a moment. He didn’t like how she kept saying ‘for now’, like this was only the beginning.

Standing back up tall, finally free to leave her for real, he wasted little time making his way down the corridor and around the corner as she smugly watched him go.

Back at his dressing room door, Brett took a deep breath before entering. He could only hope that Abby had quickly dosed off after being left on her own, but he knew that that would be way too convenient for him, to be true.

That faint hope was quickly shattered as he entered, finding her wide awake on the room’s couch. “Hey.” Abby anxiously greeted him, feeling just as awkward about this as he did. She’d been fully expecting to joyfully congratulate him on his first win.

Brett nodded, unsure what to say. He was kind of wishing she wasn’t there. For obvious reasons, he wasn’t in the most talkative, social mood.

“So…..that didn’t go so well, huh?” Abby commented.

“That’s one way of putting it.” Brett dryly answered, having a seat next to her.

Trying to find a way to brighten his mood even just a bit, and offer some hope, Abby thought of an idea. “You know, what if we have a little practice session? Maybe I could help you get this kind of fighting figured out? Could be just what you need!” She proposed, putting on a smile.

Brett didn’t respond immediately, thinking it over for a second. Abby didn’t know it, but there wasn’t actually any point to that, for him. He wasn’t truly being demolished despite his best efforts. Winning was simply off the table.

On the other hand, maybe it didn’t matter? It’d still be more time to hangout with Abby, the lone bright spot he’d found so far in this whole mess. So, why not? Plus, if his struggles were real as she believed, it’d be hard for him to justify passing on her kind offer.

“You might be onto something, Abby.” Brett replied, his mood brightening. “Let’s do it.” He grinned.

“Great, can’t wait!” Abby smiled.

“Even if it doesn’t get me right, it definitely couldn’t hurt.” Said Brett.

Abby grinned, glancing down at her toned, tanned legs, and placing a hand on one of her thighs, before making it go solid with a mock squeeze of her legs.

She teased………

“Are you sure about that?”

End Of Part 2.

- Finally got back to this story. Had a chunk of it finished soon after Part 1, then ended up putting it down for a while as I often do with stories. If any of Kamilla’s dialogue feels a bit off, some of it didn’t come to me so easily, as say, Abby’s has.

- Like Abby, there will definitely be more Kamilla.

- I know that the ‘league’ setting itself makes this story somewhat similar to quite a few other ongoing stories here, including my own Redlands series, so I’d like to put out there that the plan isn’t for this to be ‘league match after league match’ until the end. There’s gonna be parts with different scenarios where ‘action’ happens, starting with part 3.

- Redlands Update:
Hoping to have the next part done within a few days.
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Yes! So happy to see a return to this one, and the upcoming Redlands as well
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This is now one of my favourite series. Thank you!
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i think im in love with Abby lol
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This is a great story. I kinda randomly remembered it last night, and remembered how good it was. I just had to praise it here
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