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Default 100% REAL beatdown video from Gia Primo Productions!

That's right folks. This is 100% REAL. A brutal beatdown with no pulled punches
& no fake stuff....like you see from other companies. This is the type of
beatdown vid you get with a trained martial artist. Not a porn star "beatdown".
This is NOT for the faint of heart!

This is one from the archives! This video has rarely seen the light of day
before now. A brutal beatdown starring the late, great Kyla Luciano!! Kyla
Luciano was scheduled to film a beatdown video with independent pro wrestler Bad
Brad. Less than 5 minutes into filming, he quit. Kyla was too rough & he had no
idea what he was getting into. Now Kyla needs a new beatdown victim. No problem.
Her good friend Gia Primo offers up the services of her personal slave &
painslut, Moose. He has no idea what his Goddess signed him up for either!!
Almost 30 minutes of brutality & a vicious beating....that's what!! But, Moose
is feeling cocky & lets Kyla know it. She starts out with a series of vicious
punches too his stomach. Ever the jokester, Moose tries the "crane technique"
before she takes him to the floor. Trapping him a headlock, she sends him to
dreamland. Then wakes him up with a series of brutal kicks, stomps, knees &
punches all over his body including his balls, stomach & face. The she sits on
him & rains down on his face with intense hand slaps. She even pinches & twists
his nipples for good measure! Moose gets in his one offensive move by throwing
her to the floor in a firemans carry move. But that just makes her madder. She
punches his face, beats his head on the floor, pulls his hair, whatever she
wants. His face bears the brunt of her anger. She even puts the claw on him.
Full force slaps to his bare back, then she rolls him over & unleashes a flurry
of unbelievably vicious elbows to his stomach & groin. Then Moose is trapped in
a figure four headscissors so she can ravage his face some more! She spits in
his face then grabs his nuts & won't let go. She even gets the cameraman to get
a close up of his face as she beats him & screams "this isn't fake right here."
And, believe me, it's not!! No pulled punches or fake stuff here Just flat out
brutality!! Biting him on his side, she then proceeds to punch & elbow the spot
repeatedly, even sitting on his head to do it. Full force stomps & kicks all
over his body, not letting up for a sceond. She tries to get him to tap to a
headscissors with brutal punching. When that doesn't work, she gets a
whip....and starts whipping the hell out of him!! He tries to grab it from her.
Bad move! She wraps it around his neck & starts kicking him!! Now she starts
spitting on his face before embarking on another brutal onslaught of full force
whipping. Even stepping on his throat as she whips his stomach. She actually
breaks the whip on him & blames him for it....which just angers her further!!
Unleashing yet another series of vicious stomps, kicks & punches before making
him lick the mat. Then she wraps her legs around his head & squeezes tight as
she hits his face & arms. She laughs sadistically at him before another brutal
series of stomps, punches & elbows. Next, she sits on his face as she tortures
his nipples some more. A finally flurry of feet & hands to his face & body
before she makes him admit that he enjoyed having her climb Moose Mountain & she
leaves him VERY battered & bruised!! This video is a 100% real brutal beatdown.
This is NOT for the faint of heart!!

Full video can be found here:
[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

Broken into 4 smaller clips here:
[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

Goddess Gia's slave4life,
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