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Default A Meeting With Destiny

(Hi guys, I’m stuck at home. Thought I’d try to write a chapter story. It’s about a college Junior who meets a freshman girl, but who the previous year was interested in a girl his grade and still had intentions for her to begin the new year. It takes awhile but he finally decides which one he wants, but before he can date, one of theses girl’s mothers will have a day in the matter. )

A Meeting With Destiny

There I was, on my knees in front of a mid-thirty-something year old woman named Destiny. She was likely 15 years older than me, but hotter than most of the girls at my college. She had dark hair pulled into a pony tail, fair skin, was in a skin tight neon pink sports bra, wearing black leggings, and was barefoot. But there was something about her. She clearly enunciated her words as she spoke slowly to me. “I bet you never thought you’d meet your soon to be girlfriend’s mother like this. But I want you to know Benny, I had my daughter at 16 Benny, she’s everything to me. You will treat her like a goddess, and whatever she tells you to do, you’ll do it. DO . . . YOU . . . UNDERSTAND?”

I looked up at her, I had no idea what to say, then I heard the sweet voice of the woman I loved in my head “I won’t date a boy who doesn’t respect my mommy. Benny.” I couldn’t believe what I was about to say as I looked up at Destiny and was about to answer.

“Don’t speak boy, show me understanding by kissing my feet.”

I had never done anything like this before, so I hesitantly moved my mouth closer to her feet. As I did, I heard her say,” I don’t have all day, do it or leave.”

My mind raced, wondering how I got to this point as I planted my lips on the top of her foot. Just then Destiny laughed and I heard words come someone else’s voice from behind me, “I’m so glad that you and mommy are getting along so well.”

Chapter 1: A new friend a new rival.

I enjoyed being on the “freshman move-in” team at college. My sophomore year was amazing, I got to go in a week early, get away from the family, and I was able to party with my friends without having to worry about going to class. My Junior year was even better. After freshman move in day, I was able to go to the athletic fields and play some pick up Ultimate Frisbee. There were enough upper classmen there to field a couple of teams early in the day, then by the later afternoon the freshman would finish their orientation activities and come and join us.

On the second day, a few freshman girls joined up with us. Enough to actually play a 6 on 6 game against some upper classmen ladies, which had a girl I was mildly interested in playing on it named Anne. There was one freshman who showed up in a tie-dyed shirt and socks, black athletic shorts, and eye black that caught my attention. Not because she was a smoke show, which she was, but because of her abilities on the field. To be honest, she was probable better than 80% of the boys in our intramural league. Not only was she good, she was a natural leader! She was directing her team and carving up the older girls, but she wasn’t cocky about it she was cool, calm, and collected. After giving the upperclassmen girls a drubbing, 11-1, she walked off the field, towards me and bent down to pick up her water bottle.

“Nice game, you looked amazing out there,” I complimented. Looking back, it wasn’t the best line, but it was the truth.

“Thanks, I’ve been playing quite a while, my high school had a club. My name is Linsey by the way.”

I fumbled a bit in replying, how could I be so stupid, I had not even introduced myself before talking to her, I bet I seemed like a creep. “uhh, my, uhh I’m umm Ben.”

“Well nice to meet you, Umm Ben,” she sarcastically stated as she looked down at me winking. “So does this school have an IM team or club here?”

I thought to myself “damn, why is this girl doing better at talking with an upperclassmen guy than I am with a freshman girl. Collect yourself!” “Umm yeah,” I replied, we have an IM league, “I was actually wondering . . .”

“Wondering I’d have dinner with you?”

“No, I mean yes, no,” I was so flustered at the moment that I could barely talk. How was I on defense here? I wanted to see if she’d possibly be interested in trying out for our IM team, not go to dinner with her. I mean yeah I would love to have dinner with her but. . . “

“Boy you know how to make a girl feel welcome on campus don’t ya?”

“No, no, I was going to ask you if you’d like to try out for the co-ed team that I’m on. But yeah, I’d love to take you out on a date.”

“Well first, Umm Ben, do you really think I need to try out after what you just saw?”

I looked over at the upper-class girls who just played against her. And they were beat, some were nearly passed out on the field after trying to exert enough energy to handle Linsey and her squad of freshman girls, a couple were somberly walking off the field with their red faces bowed to the ground and acting as if they were twelve year old girls who had just been shamed in front of their friends by their parents.

I looked back at Linsey, shaking my head while at the same time kinda feeling sorry for some of the girls out there I knew. I mean here was a girl just out of high school who nearly single handedly beat a group of girls who would often play against girls from other colleges when we had inter-squad meets.

“And secondly, Umm Ben, I didn’t say you wanted to take me on a date, I said you wanted to take me to dinner.”

“What’s the difference?” I replied back in puzzlement.

“Friends go to dinner; couples go on dates. We aren’t a couple . . . yet, you still have to try out for that.” She stated with a smirk but then started to walk away. “Meet me at the student union in an hour and don’t keep me waiting.”

Just then I heard an “umm hmm” over my shoulder. It was Anne, we had started fooling around a couple weeks before the end of the last spring term but nothing had come of it due to the couple months off from semester break. How long had she been standing there?

“Weren’t you supposed to come with me to my sorority party tonight Ben? Yet you’re flirting with some freshy?”

I stood up quickly, but found myself back peddling. “Anne, I didn’t set it up the time with her, and I.. I.. I just was going to talk with her about joining out IM team as the 4th girl. I swear.”

“No Ben, don’t try and talk your way out of it, we both know you were going to go with Freshy, to dinner. Heck, it’s not even a date, you gave up a chance of fucking this tonight.” She said as she ran her hands down her body from her chest down and around to her ass. All I could think was that her bod was hot, but it was far inferior when compared to Linsey’s. “And all for dinner with a girl who doesn’t want to date you. You’re a pathetic bitch.”

Anne then stomped off in the opposite direction towards her sorority house, as I meekly tried to call out “wait” but she either didn’t hear it or she ignored it. All I heard from her was “I’ll see you and Linsey later Ben, that’s a fact and a threat.”
What was I to do now? I looked at Anne, then I looked back toward Linsey and was barely able to make out her blonde hair in a ponytail swaying in the wind, her tight read end encased in her black athletic shorts, and her toned legs walking back toward the freshman dorms. At that point, I knew then what I had to do.
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Default Re: A Meeting With Destiny

Ok, so here is chapter 2. It sets up nicely for chapter 3. It’s only between Linsey and Ben at this point. I promise Anne will reappear. Besides Anne might end up being Destiny’s daughter at this point, who knows. ��*♂️

Chapter 2: The Negotiations

To be honest, I felt a bit guilty. I mean I didn’t quite exactly try to flirt with Linsey, but I didn’t try to stop it either. But was it really my fault that Anne was angry? I mean I guess I could have yelled back that I was busy, but I didn’t. I could not meet Linsey, but then what would I do, Anne already told me not to come to the party, and there was no way they would let me in if I showed up. So, my only two choices were to sit at home alone or go to dinner with Linsey.

I showed up one time wearing some casual clothes, blue plaid shorts, with a matching solid blue shirt, and sandal. I mean it was just the student union, so no need to stick out like a sore thumb. But when I got there, I realized something; I knew no one and a sore thumb was exactly what I was going to look like. Everyone there was a Freshman. Upperclassmen never at here before classes started. “Oh God, they are gonna think I’m some dork who doesn’t have any friends!” I thought to myself. Between me being here and Anne likely spreading rumors, or truths for that matter, to her sorority sisters, my reputation was going to be shot before classes even started.

Those thoughts however dissipated when Linsey walked in. My jaw dropped. I thought she was hot out on the field, but she was even hotter now! Her long blond hair was down, one side was behind her the other side went down to her slightly larger than average but perky breasts. She wore a loose but low-cut black shirt that allowed you just a glimpse of cleavage and her stomach - which showed off the fact that she had abs – and she finished the ensemble off with jeans that were ripped in the thighs and black high heels, which made her the same height as me, maybe even a bit taller.

“Hi, Umm Ben!” she called out as she walked up and gave me a friendly hug which allowed me to get a faint whiff of some a fruity smell which quite frankly smelled as good as she looked.

“Hi, Linsey, you look great!” I said, as I looked into her blue eyes, which matched mine. But on her face were more beautiful.

“It’s nice to see you, I see you came casual, good call. Remember, this is dinner not a date.”
I cringed inside a bit inside realizing Anne was right. No way was I getting this girl.

“Perhaps an arrangement can be made after the season though, it wouldn’t be right if the captain dated one of his players, now would it?” she whispered with a wink.

“Fuck yeah,” I thought to myself. “Of course, I totally agree. Want to get some dinner.”

“Yeah, but not here. My first demand for joining your team is that you take me someplace, I’m gonna have to eat this crap food all year long, so I’m guessing you have a car, take me off campus.”

“Well, since its for the team, I guess I have no choice.” I clumsily stated in my excited state.

From there we just made small talk as we walked to my car. When we got there she waited by her door and lightly cleared her throat to make me realize she wanted me to open it, I quickly ran to her side and did so, “what a gentleman. Here I was gold by my mom that college guys were going to be rude, inconsiderate, and only want me for one thing.”

“Well, she was right about one thing,” I replied.

She looked at me and stated with attitude, “Oh yeah Umm Ben, and what is that?”

I gulped for a second hoping my joke wouldn’t fall flat, “I only want you for one thing,” I paused for a second, “my team.” I gave a slightly grin as I said it hoping she would take it as a joke.

“You liar!” She shouted playfully. She leaned in close to my ear and then whispered, “you want me for two things, one you might get tonight, the other in a couple months. Now, take me to dinner, I’m hungry.”

“Yes, ma’am” I replied jokingly, I hurried to my side of the car and got in.

“Yes, ma’am?” she asked quizzically, “I’m not your mother!”

“I was kidding, I swear.” I was on such pins and needles with this girl, what was I going to do. Every second I was afraid that I was going to offend her.

“Ma’am, I kinda like it. It’s a cute pet name, shows me that you respect me. But no pet names, just yet.”

“Ok, but what about you, you call me Umm Ben?”

“Well, that’s what you introduced yourself as. And I like calling you it. It puts you in your place and it’s cute.”

“It’s not fair!”

Yeah it is, cause I’m Linsey, I get to make the rules. Now drive!”

I drove her to a local hang out, and we had dinner. Once again conversation went back to normal. As we ate. We both had a good time. She laughed at my jokes, she kept making me think she was offended from time to time to keep me on my toes. But when the waitress to our order she ordered the same thing for both of us, a grilled chicken salad and a glass of water. When I questioned her on it she gave me an answer about how a good captain need to make sure he is healthy for the team. I complied, which I did a lot with this girl.

Nothing really came up about ultimate frisbee while we ate. I relaxed a bit, almost completely forgot about Anne, and just had a fun time with Linsey. When the check came, I picked it up, and Linsey handed me a couple of folded sheets of paper.

“Well now that dinner is over, time for contract negotiations.” She looked back at with her playful smile. “I also included my accomplishments in there so you can see just how valuable I am.”

I opened up the first page and it gave her stats. She was 5’4 and 135 pounds, could run the 40-yard dash in 4.8 seconds, but even more impressive was that she could bench her weight 15 times! I looked at her, I wasn’t sure if I was more intimidated by her looks, personality, or athletic abilities at this point.

“Keep reading.” she said.

She was all conference in soccer her final three years of high school, won MVP her last two years, was all-state her final year and as a team won state three years in a row, wow! I looked up at her again.

“Keep reading.”

The list continued, she was captain of the co-ed Ultimate Frisbee team, which was a club sport, for three years. Won state one year. Which I looked at her and jokingly said, “You only won one state title?”

“Our boys sucked,” she said casually. The year we won, 10 of the 12 players were from our girls’ soccer team, and 6 of the starters were girls. Too bad it took me till my final year to convince them to join.” She shrugged as she finished. “Keep reading.”

State wrestling qualifier for 3 years, 103 twice and 125 last year. I looked up at her, “I didn’t know this state had girls wrestling in high school?”

“The didn’t she replied with a smirk, “that was against boys,” she then lowered her voice and took a serious yet cold tone, “and I’ve proud to say, I made at least 20 of them cry, especially that senior boy I beat out for the varsity spot last year.”

I looked at her and then she once again lightened up, “I’m just kidding, the boys stopped crying after my first year, and I didn’t have to beat anyone out at my school because it was small.”

She laughed, and I laughed. But all I could think was, “damn I hit the jackpot, we aren’t just going to win the school IM league. When I take the team to the regional tourney, we are going to destroy everyone with this being one of our mandatory girls.”

I then looked over at the list of demands, they were few but were as follows:
Get to start and play the entire game
Offer one-on-one off campus training opportunities on Saturdays
Cook me healthy dinner options at least once a week
Post-match massages, from the captain.
Week night gym training.
Week night study sessions.
One favor to be named at a later date.

To be honest, she was asking for a lot of my time, but on the other hand giving her my time was something I was willing to give her. I looked at her and tried to play it cool. “Umm, Linsey, don’t you think other team members will get jealous?”

“Well, they don’t have to know, silly Umm Ben. And just so you know, that last one will be special for you.” She said with a wink.

“But they will see us together all the time and assume . . .”

“Well, we will just tell them that you’re my gay friend.”

“But I’m not gay!”

“Ok, then let them assume.”

She handed me a pen, and I signed. She would get everything she wanted for the time being and later. I on the other hand was friended for the time being, made to look like her puppy (which would most definitely ruin my reputation), but I had a glimmer of hope for the future.
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Default Re: A Meeting With Destiny

Chapter 3: We Win?
The school year had begun, and the IM leagues started up 2 weeks later. The season only lasted 6 weeks, so I only had to wait 8 weeks total before I had my shot with Linsey. Everything went according to the deal Linsey and I had made, and every game went according to plan, as we won all of them easily. Some games we played with 3 girls and still beat teams who were playing with 2.

The best part was that I got to spend all of my waking time with Linsey, well except for the first hour of the day and during classes. But I would wake up an hour before she would come over to my off-campus house. During that time, I would get ready and prepare breakfast for both of us. From there we would both go to classes together. What was nice was that we both started our classes by 9, had the same 45 minutes for lunch (which we would eat together), and then were done by 1. At 1pm, I would meet her at her last class, take her book bag from her and we headed to the library and would study for a couple hours then off to the gym, on non-match days, on match days she took me to the gym afterwards.

It truly was the most productive time in school I ever had. I was finishing assignments early, getting good grades. I had become leaner as I had converted about 5 pounds of fat into muscle. It was the first time in my life that I had a faint 6 pack going on. I was quite impressed with Linsey’s workout, despite weighing 30 more pounds that she weighed, she was lifting just a little bit less than I was when it came to upper body, but she crushed me when it came to lower body and abs work outs. I was mildly embarrassed, but I also knew that nearly every guy wanted her and out of all of them, I was the closest to being hers.

Weekends were the most fun however. It was my job to choose some “training activity.” One week we went hiking up a mountain, another we went to the beach, one weekend we actually entered a 5k. But now the season was winding down and the championship game was just two days away, and it was there that Linsey and I were in the student union at a table by ourselves.

“What do you have planned for us this Saturday?” Linsey asked.

“Umm, I didn’t know we still were training after the season, I guess I will have to come up with something.” I said nervously.

“Well, I mean this is the last week of the season, and Saturday is still part of this week. Besides, I want something special for our last weekend together as teammates.” She was put quite the emphasis on special. “Plus, its my birthday, and do I have a present for you!”

“Oh, really now? You never told me your birthday was coming up. I guess now you will me to come up with something to do AND a present.”

“Naw, I tell you what. Why don’t we just go to the state park, find some place alone, and we can then have a picnic.” She looked at me and sweetly smiled.

“Umm… yea... but that isn’t very active is it? I mean won’t we just be sitting there?” I replied nervously.

“Well by the time we walk to find a secluded place, that could result in A LOT of activity.” She interjected as she winked.

All I could do was emphatically say “DEAL!”
“Whoa there Umm Ben, don’t get to excited, we are just friends, remember?” She stated in a serious tone, but then gave me a seductive glance. “Perhaps I’ll get to use that favor I asked for.”
I sat there stunned, and quite frankly hard. This was going to be it, my chance to get with Linsey. I had worked my butt off to impress this girl the entire year. I was celebrating in my head when all of the sudden Anne sat down at our table.

“What’s up Linsey, how’s your little puppy doing?”

“What are you talking about, you know I can’t have pets in the dorms, Anne.”

“And yet you have Benny here following you around like a lost puppy.” Anne looked at us both and saw that we were not amused, then she laughed. “I am kidding, Benny here is a good boy and he will suit most of your needs, and I am sure you will do the same, someday. That being said, I am here on other business. But I need to talk to Linsey alone.”

I looked at Linsey and she nodded, so I got up and said “I’ll see you at 1.”

As I walked out, I wondered what could they be talking about. What business do those two have to do? Anne only knew Linsey from our league. In fact, Anne was on the team we were playing for the championship. We had already destroyed them once, and we were likely going to do it again.

Things went normal, for the days leading up to the championship game. We all showed up, Anne was there, and surprisingly she was friendly to both Linsey and myself. The game started, but this time it was tight. Linsey was not playing well at all, and every time she was matched up with Anne, Anne always got the best of her. I on the other hand was having a relatively good game, I had 5 goals scored and had thrown another 3. But time was winding down and we were tied 8-8. We had possession of the dis with 30 seconds, and were huddled up in a time out. During that time, we were trying to get a play together when Linsey blurted out, “Just throw it to me in the endzone, “Anne will be the only one on me and I can take her.”

“Are you sure Linsey? She’s been getting the best of you all day.”

She looked back at me with an intense glare like I was in deep shit, which I knew I wasn’t but I knew I would be if I didn’t comply.

“Ok, ok. Steve, I’m gonna run a crossing route to the 5, Linsey will run one to the end zone, john, you’ll come from the other side and run a rub on whoever is on me. As soon as I get the frisbee, “I’ll throw it in front of Linsey, and its gonna fade away from you, you’ll have to outrun Anne.”

Play started back up, and we did exactly as we had planned. I had received the frisbee with about 15 seconds left, and I threw to Linsey who was in the endzone, covered by Anne. I knew if I threw it far enough in front of them that Linsey could catch up and Anne would be left in her wake, and I did. I released, Linsey sprinted, dove, and with 5 seconds left caught the winning goal. We quickly ran to our places to throw off, but we knew Anne’s team wouldn’t have enough time to spring back down field let alone run a play to score.

Sure enough, time ran out. Everyone on our side erupted, except Linsey. Anne was fuming, she marched up to me and whispered, “Enjoy it now; next week for you is going to be hell.” As she walked away, she crossed paths with Linsey, I have no idea what they said, but I saw Anne reach back and land a slap across Linsey’s face, it was so loud I could hear it from 30 yards away. Linsey to her credit didn’t tear up, but she looked like her puppy had just died.

“What was that all about?” I asked.

“Don’t worry about it, lets go enjoy the win tonight and tomorrow we can do our “Saturday training.”

“Ok,” I replied. And that is what we did. But Linsey did nothing close to celebrate our win. She just kinda hung out in the shadows looking glum. I didn’t dare ask her about it; I knew she would not tell me until she was ready. So, I ignored it the best I could, but no matter how much we drank and partied, one thing never left my mind, “what is going on between Linsey and Anne? And, why I next week going to be Hell for me?”
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Default Re: A Meeting With Destiny

(From here the story begins to ramp up. Linsey is showing her more assertive side and the role she is planning on playing in the relationship. Ben is showing how much control he is letting Linsey take in their relationship. The next chapter will reveal a lot of secrets that Linsey has been keeping from Ben, and the way she is going to tell him might just be one of the sexiest ways possible. The following will bring Anne back in to play, where she will be a main character. And shortly after, Ben will have his meeting with Destiny. Feel free to say something if you wish. I hope people are enjoying the story.)

Chapter 4: A Birthday Present.

“Buzz, Buzz” I heard my phone buzzing. My head was spinning a bit, last night was a late one. The team and my housemates were up until about 2AM celebrating. I looked at my phone and saw that it was just a minute past nine and Linsey was calling.

“Umm Ben? Why are aren’t you answering your door? You were supposed to pick me up by 8:30!”

I didn’t even respond, I jumped out of bed and ran to the front door to let her in and to profusely apologize, but I never got the opportunity the do so.

‘Whoa buddy, you could have put some clothes on!”

My face turned red as I realized that I was wearing just my tight jockeys, I was about to speak, but Linsey beat me to it.

“Well, if that’s your apology for standing me up, it’ll almost work,” she stated with a giggle. “It’s a really nice view, now without a word, turn around and saunter your cute little tushy to the bathroom and take a shower. I’ll be waiting.”

I quickly showered but then I realized, I forgot to grab come clean clothes and all I had was a towel and my dirty jockeys. I cracked the door a bit to see if I could see Linsey, she was waiting on the couch and I knew if I walked out, she’d see me. So, I chirped up “Umm Linsey, can you go grab me some clothes, I kinda forgot…”

“Nope Ben, this is your apology for standing me up. Now, come out of there and give me some eye candy.”

The way she stated that confused me, it was stern but yet playful, did she really want me to exit the bathroom all natural?

“Come on, I don’t have all day,” she pressed. “Besides, I have some important decisions to make today, and I want to see the goods before doing so.”

I cautiously stepped out of the bathroom, completely naked, trying to cover myself with my hands. Linsey stood up, walked to me slowly, then slapped my hands away. Then she walked around me as if she were inspecting me. During that time all I could do was hope my housemates didn’t wake up to see this. Then I noticed for the first-time what Linsey was wearing, she was wearing the exact same outfit from the first day I met her on the IM fields, right down to the same eye black, God. She was so hot. To make it even better, she was wearing a perfume that was mildly intoxicating, and as she sauntered around me, I felt as if I was encased in a “Linsey cocoon.” I couldn’t believe where I was at the moment, but I was brought out of it as I heard her giggle a bit.

“So, Anne was right, you are a little horny dog!”

Linsey was right in front of me looking down, it was then I realized that I had a ragging erection. But worse, what did Anne tell her? Did she tell her why we never went any further last year? How I blew my load before I could even get to third base? My face turned red.

“It’s ok Ben, if I were in your situation right now, and I was inspecting myself, I’d totally be turned on.” The way she said it, it was so sweet, she was so caring. Then she did something I didn’t expect, she grabbed my chin and kissed me. Not a peck on the cheek kiss, but a full open mouth kiss. Then she pulled away. “You have been such a great sport for the last two months. Going through that without getting any would make any man horny. Now let’s get you dressed. I brought you something special so it was kinda nice that you hadn’t gotten ready yet. Plus, it was one hell of a birth day present!” she stated enthusiastically and slapped my butt hard enough to leave a hand print as I turned to go to my bedroom.”

We went into my room and she pulled out of her gym bag some clothes, clothes that practically matched hers. Long tie-dyed socks, a tie-dyed shirt, and black shorts. The only difference was that my shorts weren’t the butt hugging lycra style shorts she had. They were men’s shorts, but shorter than I was accustomed to wear. They came down to the mid-thigh, were a bit loose in the legs but definitely showed off what I was packing.

Before I could say anything, Linsey took out a tube of eye black and put some underneath each of my eyes, “There, not we match, everyone will know that we are together.” she state nonchalantly. “All the guys will be jealous of you as they look at me, and all the girls will keep their eyes off of you cause I have you marked,” she said as she winked.

“Linsey,” I began to object. “This was sweet, I like everything, but can I put on some shorts that are a bit looser?”

“You don’t like what I bought you?” She stated with a pout. “Besides, I got them for our special activity when we are all alone, you really won’t want loose clothing on for it.”

I looked down into her sad blue eyes and there was nothing I could do but say so I did.

“Aww thanks Umm Ben, you have been such a great friend. And the lengths you’ll go to make me happy makes me believe you’ll make the perfect boyfriend.”

I was speechless as she grabbed my hand and walked me out to my car. I went to open up her door but she stopped and said, “No, I’d rather have the keys, I’m the one in charge today.”

I tossed the keys to her, and got in on the passenger side of my car for the first time ever. She put a small cooler and blanket in the trunk, then got into the driver’s side, and looked at me. It was an odd look, almost as if she was exited but at the same time as she turned away she looked a little on the tender side, almost like she was concerned for me.

I tried to put everything negative that had happened over the past 24 hours to the side and think about only the positives. So rather than feeling nervous that something I did not like was going to happen, I began to feel nervous about more about what “activities” were being planned for today. So for the whole way to the state park I sat in silence, unsure of what to say. At the same time, Linsey was focused on driving, so she didn’t say much either. All she did was tenderly rub my left thigh, which was left practically uncovered by my shorts. I think we both were a bit on the anxious side to get to our destination.
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Default Re: A Meeting With Destiny

Is something sexy going to happen soon....?
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Default Re: A Meeting With Destiny

Chapter 5: Fate Always Wins
Linsey and I got to the state park about a half an hour after leaving. There were hardly any cars there, which was a good sign for me, we’d be able to find a place all to ourselves. We got out of the car and all she grabbed from the trunk was her bag.

“Don’t you want me to get the other stuff I asked?”

“No leave it behind, we are going to do a couple hours of some cross training then we can come back for the rest.”

I shrugged my shoulders, and turned to see Linsey running down a wooded trail. “Hey, wait up!” I yelled. But she kept going, and at a pace I had never seen before. It almost forced me to go to a full-on sprint. She kept up the pace for what seemed about 30 minutes, while I struggled to keep her in my view as my sides were splitting and I was gasping for air.

Finally, we got to the point where I had lost her, and all I could do was to keep running, hoping to catch up to her. After running for about five more minutes I felt someone grab my arm and yank me off the trail. “Come on, this way, I knew a secluded spot.” I kept going, my legs were burning. She on the other hand looked nearly fresh, just thin layer of perspiration had formed on her flawless skin. I had no choice but to keep going.

About ten minutes later we came to a clearing in the woods. That only had one way in or out, which was the way we came from. There were make shift benches out of tree stumps and logs. I looked at her and panted, “looks like a few people know about this place,” as I pointed to the logs and a small ashen fire pit surrounded by rocks.

“Only my step sister and myself know about this place,” she said without making even the slightest bit of gasp. “We should be fine.”

She grabbed in her bag and fished out a bottle of water and tossed it at me, “Catch!” I reached out an grabbed it. “OK, you 2 minutes to recover and we start the next part.”

“What are . . . we gonna. . . do out. . . here?” I said gasping for air.

“Well my third favorite sport, we are going to wrestle!” There it was another wink. “That’s why we needed tight clothes, silly.”

I had begun to regain my breath, but her revelation had taken the words from my mouth “Umm. . . this doesn’t seem fair, I don’t have experiences.”

“That’s ok, the important part is the resistance, your muscles will resist mine, making mine stronger and yours will be resisted by mine, making you stronger. Its not about winning or losing. Besides, you get a treat no matter what.”

“Oh, and what’s that?” I questioned.

She took off her shirt revealing only a tight black sports bra that matched her shorts which may have been a size too small. She also revealed her hard abs, and toned upper body. I had never seen her this scantily clad before.

“You get to play with this,” she said in a sexy tone while rubbing her hands down her sexy waist.”

“Ok, you got me, I’m game, but you have to tell me the rules.”

“Rules are we wrestle, and when I kiss you while in a move, I win,” she said enthusiastically.

“Umm, I don’t think that how it goes in high school,” I said with a nervous chuckle. “Besides how do I win?”
She looked at me, walked up to me, and in a deeper tone than normal, “you don’t stand a chance.” Then she shot at my legs and executed a perfect double leg take down, putting me on my stomach, and she moved to straddle my back. “Two points for me!” she exclaimed.

“No fair!”

“It wasn’t fair to begin with anyway, my activity, my rules boy.”

We grappled for a few more minutes, once again I was breathing hard, as I never had fully recovered. From the run we did before. Most of that time I spent trying to get to my hands and knees, only to be broken down again. Finally, she let me up. “I don’t want to end it too quickly” she said in a cocky tone, which she had a right to, she was fresh still, I was gassed and had no experience.
I tried to match her stance and move like she did, trying to keep my distance, but she had backed me towards the edge of the clearing which allowed her to tie up with me. The next thing I knew she shot again, but rather than grabbing my legs, she shot her right arm through my legs, while holding onto my right bicep with her left, she then threw me like a sack of potatoes into the clearing and I landed with a “thud.”

I laid there motionless, she quickly secured a headlock on me, looked down at me and said, “I am so sorry I have to do this Ben; I have no choice.” She squeezed hard, forcing my head into her chest, cutting off nearly all of the air supply. They felt so soft, and warm, they would have been comforting me if they weren’t trying to kill me. I almost passed out, but then she let go of me. I can’t end it just yet; I have to let you see just how futile it will be to resist me.

It was over, well I knew it was whenever she decided it would be. She did too, but she had more moves to show off. I slowly tried to get up, but that’s when she laced my right leg with her right leg, reached across my body and grabbed my other leg with both hands, and next thing I knew, I went for a ride on my back with my legs spread apart. “Ahh the spladle, sometimes called the banana splint. Want to know why? Cause when you do this . . .” She took my left leg and put it behind her head, while using her leg to pull right apart, effectively making me do the splits with my ass in the air “. . . it splits the banana wide open.
I was helpless, I was begging her to stop. Why was she being so cruel all of the sudden. “Please, Please, no more.” I begged as tears came from my eyes. “You win!”

“I know I win Ben, but like I said, I need you to know how badly I can win. I need you to know what happens if you fail to follow through on out contract. Besides it looks like you’re enjoying this way to much.” She patted my hard cock as she said it. “I guess I need to fix that as she reached her free right hand into my waist band and pulled out my cock.

She began to fondle and play with it, stroking it gently at first, but then tugging at it hard. Quite frankly, I wasn’t going to last long and she knew it. “Move your head to the right” she hollered out as warm cum flowed freely out of my cock, right past my head. I swear, it took about ten quirts. That’s how long it had been since I had relieved myself. And once it was over, she released her hand from my manhood and slowly and carefully released me from her hold.

She got up for a bit, giving me a respite from her tortuous holds, but when she came back over, she didn’t put me in a wrestling move. Rather she sat on my chest, facing my feet. You would have thought that I would get another raging erection with her perfect ass in my face, but I was too spent. And that is what she was counting on. I felt her touch my cock, then I felt something cold at the base of my balls, then the same sensation over my cock, followed by a “click.”

I knew exactly what she had done. Anne had talked about it as a joke at the end of last year, or at least I thought as a joke, when I blew my wad getting to second base with her. She looked me in the eye that night and said I think if we see each other again before summer break, I might have to put a chastity device on ya. Cause I bet you’re gonna be gross and jerk off to this moment all summer.” She was kinda right, I did a couple of times.

Linsey then turned around and straddled my body. She looked me in the eyes and her hair created a curtain around my face that didn’t let me see anything. She was still so gorgeous, and I still was smitten with her, thought I felt a bit betrayed by her. She snaked her legs around mine like two vines, while holding my arms at the biceps. She slowly spread my legs a bit, just enough to make it impossible to struggle. Then she spoke.

“I’m so sorry Ben. I thought my mom and step-sister would let me be here at college. But they didn’t. They believe I have a legacy to fulfill and no matter how much I argued they forced my hand.” She was tearing up as she said it. I had never seen her cry. “I really wanted you to be my boyfriend, I really did, but now, well I don’t think you will want to be involved with some crazy girl like me. I mean I noticed that you liked my assertiveness, but the level of assertiveness that I will have to be with you now will grow exponentially. I promise, you only have to put up with it for a week. Then you can leave me.”

“What do you mean? Why would I put up with it for a week? I have a choice, don’t I?”

“Well technically yes, yes you do,” she replied. But you’re an honorable guy, and you made a contract with me. You still owe me a favor. I was going to ask you to date me with that favor. But I have to use it for something else now.”

By this time, tears were flowing freely down her cheeks, dropping onto my face almost like it was a down poor outside.

“Ben, I have to use my favor to ask you to be my Delta slave for my rush.” She let loose even more tears. “The founder of Delta is my mommy, and she asked to determine my activities. They all require using a slave boy.” You could tell from the tone and tears that Linsey felt ashamed. She didn’t want this. I felt really bad for her. And to be honest, she had become my best friend over the last two months. There was nothing I wouldn’t do for her. Even if she put me in this position, I understood it was not her doing, but another’s doing.

I looked Linsey in the eye, my tears were mixed with hers on my face at this point because I felt terrible for this young lady. I mustered up all my courage, and still wanted to impress her, even if she had not reveled everything about herself to me that resulted in putting me in this situation.

“Linsey,” I began with my voice cracking, “I won’t allow you to use your favor on this, you can use it later when we are both in a better position. I’ll help you on one condition, I just need a full explanation.”
Linsey looked down at me, by now her hole face below the eyes were covered in eye black, and for the first time since we had won the IM league, I saw the look of relief on her face and she relaxed. “I promise, my little Umm Ben, you’ll know everything. Just remember one thing, I have to tell you now. I won’t date a boy who doesn’t respect my mommy, Benny, so don’t hold this against her.” Then she bent down and gave me one of the most passionate kisses ever.

The kiss was amazing, but I was curious, why did she call me Benny? Only one person called me that. Just then I heard a rustling from the forest, and slow clapping. “Well done step-sis, I wasn’t sure you would be able to live up to Destiny’s standard, but you sure did. It only took you what, 8 weeks to bag a boy. Our Mommy is going to be so proud.”

I couldn’t see who it was, but I knew that voice. I knew that voice extremely well, it was Anne’s voice, and it continued, “Good news Benny boy, since Linsey here just made Delta house, and since you’re her property, that means your ass is mine too. After all, Delta sisters share EVERYTHING. And rather than making our sister go through the humiliating part of Hell Week, her and I will get to make you do it for her. For your first task, I want you to eat that grass you spewed your filth onto.”

Linsey got off of me and I was now able to get to my hands and knees to look over at Anne. As I looked over, I saw another Delta with camera recording everything. It would suffice to say that at this time, I knew my life was fucked. So, I did the only think I could do, I crawled to the cum covered grass and ate it.
Anne wasn’t finished though. “Now, Linsey, put your foot on his head and shove is face into his mess and smile while flexing for the camera.”

I felt a sneaker against he back of my head gently pushing my face into my mess. It was then that I realized, I may have to go through the humiliating stuff, but at least Linsey had broken me in over the last eight months. Linsey on the other hand was about to get broken in by her step-sister.

Later that week I’d get a chance to see it all on video, and I won’t lie. Linsey looked like a natural at doing this kind of thing.
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Default Re: A Meeting With Destiny

Chapter 6: Change in Custody

I did my best to continue eating the grass as Linsey used her foot to press my face into the cum covered blades of grass. I had no idea how long this went on, it seemed like hours. I knew that no matter how much it broke my spirit to be in this situation, that Linsey’s spirit was being broken even more.

After a while, Anne began to bark orders at Linsey, “Ok that’s enough Lins, ride the slave over to me so I can take custody of it. We have a special surprise for you at the house. Steph will drive you; I’ll take the slave back in the car you brought.”

Linsey removed her foot from my head, and I felt her sit on my back, she wasn’t heavy at all. Under normal circumstances I could have taken Linsey the 20 feet over to Anne with ease. However, I was spent, between the running and the ass whooping I had been given, I could barely move. I was glad however that I didn’t have to get up and walk yet, cause my groin was on fire from the wresting move Linsey had subjected me to. But I crawled on my hands and knees, straining with what little strength I had.

“Grab is hair and direct him Lins,” Anne blurted out, “don’t be afraid to be rough.”

Linsey did as she was told, pulling my head up so that all I could see was Anne standing there with her hands on her hips, looking at us impatiently and Steph standing there with her phone out recording the whole ordeal while giggling. “OMG Anne, I’ve never seen a boy give in so easily,” Steph blurted out, “I can’t believe you almost ended up with this wimp!”

“I know Steph, thank God Linsey fucked that up,” Anne replied. “However, he would make me a nice slave. If Linsey fucks this up, I may have to claim him.” both girls giggled a bit, and I finally made it to Anne and stopped at her feet.

“Ok Lins, go with Steph and leave him with me. We will meet back at the house.”

Linsey dismounted me and I saw her walk away. All I could think to myself who how amazing she looked, and how much I was in love with the girl. At that point, I felt nothing would keep us apart. I figured that after a week of this, that perhaps things could go back to the way they had been.

I then looked up at Anne, and began to speak, “Wh . . .” but I was immediately silenced by a hard slap across the jaw that had me seeing stars.

“Silence!” She spat out, as she grabbed chin, putting her fingers between my jaw, forcing my mouth open, then she hacked up a huge loogy, spat it out, and deposited it perfect in my mouth and then let go. “Swallow!”

I wanted to gag. It was awful. The texture was slimy, the taste was salty, and it was really warm. But I dare not disobey. Between the earlier filming, my promise to Linsey, and knowing what Linsey could do to me if I broke that promise made me swallow.

“Now stand and open wide,” Anne barked again.

I did as she said. The pain was unbearable between my legs. I felt like the muscles down there had been torn in two, I wanted to collapse but I stayed up. I saw Anne bend down and rustle around in a bag. She pulled out a while leather strap with a pink ball in the middle and a hole in the middle of the ball. The strap had been decorated with metal that had writing on it. I wasn’t able to make it out until Anne held it in front of my face. I then read it, “Property of Delta.”

“Open up.”

I opened my mouth as wide as I could but Anne stuffed the ball in my mouth so hard that she was able to get it open a bit more. As she walked behind me, I heard he begin to read my rights as if she were a police officer.

“Your only right is to remain silent. Everything you are allowed to say and do will be dictated by a Delta Sister, current or alumni. Failure to comply will result in servere physical, psychological, and/or emotional pain.”

She latched my gag, she pulled tightly on it, forcing my mouth to separate even move. The pressure on my jaw was unbearable. She then ordered for me to take off all my clothes. I complied and was gifted by Anne with a new set of clothes.

The shirt was a female spaghetti strap shirt that was white with pink lettering that had Delta’s letters on the front and a number 1 on the back. I put it on and it was definitely too small, but thanks to the stretchiness of the fabric it covered my torso. She then tossed me bottoms, they were the same kind of black shorts Linsey had been wearing, the only difference was that these had lettering on the backside, “SLUT.”

I looked at Anne and said, “Are you serious?”

“Do I look like I’m fucking kidding slave, put them on or find your way to our car without them, your choice.”

For the first time, I realized how hot Anne looked in this role. She was dressed in tight jeans with rips on the things, high black leather boots that covered her calves, a leather jacket that was opened to reveal a scanty pink tube top that showed off her belly. She wasn’t as tight as Linsey, but she definitely had the softer sexy look going. Unlike her step-sister’s blonde hair and deep blue eyes, she had long black hair to go along with greenish blue eyes. She completed the look with dark eyeliner. This truly was a role made for Anne.

“Stop staring at me, perv! Put them on!”

I quickly squeezed myself into the shorts that were a size or two too small, and not at all made for a man to wear.

Anne then looked me over with a smile. “You do make a nice look Delta Slut, that’s for sure, but something is missing. Oh yeah, I almost forgot!”

She reached into hear back and pulled out a black studded leash and collar. “Can’t forget this.” She walked leaned into me, putting the leather collar around my neck putting her lips close to my ear quietly but forcefully whispered, “by this time next week, your life as you know it will be over.” She then backed away, and help up one last item, a padlock with keys attached. “One last item.” She then reached out, grabbed my collar, yanking me close to her and using the lock she latched my collar.

I bowed my head in shame, I couldn’t believe I ended up at the end of this bitch’s leash.

She then turned her back to me holding my leash over her shoulder, I watched her put the keys to my lock in her back pocket, "this way Delta Slut 1."

“Oh God I thought, I hope no one sees us.”

Should Ben end up with Linsey at the end or Anne?
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Default Re: A Meeting With Destiny

Chapter 7: More Surprises Await
We walked down the trail. I figured at the pace I Linsey and I had ran, it was going to take close to an hour to get back to the car if Anne and I took the same path. And it would have, but we had to deal with other visitors on the way back. Mom’s would cover their kids’ eyes, but then curl a smile, almost as a way to celebrate Anne’s victory with her. Dudes laughed, a couple actually asked Anne she’d do the same to them.

The worst however were the single ladies out for a jog, some of which decided to chat with Anne about the obvious. There were about 7 of them and they always began with something like, “OMG, how did you get him like that!” Each time Anne came up with some story that made it sound like I did something to deserve this. The first young woman she told, “his macho-self decided to the bet me that there was no way I could beat him at basketball. He said no girl could beat him at sports.” But that turned to, “He tried to get fresh with one of our sister’s last night.” Then, “Panty raid gone wrong.” Each time the woman would look at me and laugh and say something like “Well I bet you learned your lesson, didn’t you.” Then she’d laugh and Anne would say “want to help that lesson sink in?” A couple said no but most of them said yes. So, Anne came up with creative ways to rub in my predicament even more. It started with spiting in my face, which added a mess to my already soil, grass, and cum covered face. Bot got progressively worse. She even let perform an over the knee spanking.

The worst however was the last one. The last runner was probably in her mid-30’s, had jet black hair with piercing blue eyes. By all accounts, she was a MILF, but ladies in her age-range were not my style. I preferred slightly younger ones. But you could practically smell the pheromones coming out of her. This excited her more than any of the other strangers we ran into. Anne gave her the “botched panty raid” excuse and the lady laughed but then she said something I couldn’t believe.

“If I give you $50, can I give him what he was wanting in the back of my SUV over there?” questioned the MILF.

Anne stood there for a minute, pondered the question, and pulled out her phone. “Yeah, we got 15 minutes of so, he’s all yours and handed the leash to the MILF.

She marched me to the back of her large SUV with tinted windows and opened the back door. The seats were all laid down and she had plastic covering the upholstery. “I was going to go get some mulch for my garden today, but I can do that tomorrow. Get in an on your back!” She yelled, it loud enough so anyone could have heard. Fortunately, no one else was in the parking lot at that time.

“Now’ I’m gonna ride your face until I come, you better leave that nose facing upwards since you can’t use your tongue, and I better cum at least twice or I’m not gonna pay, you hear me?”
I weakly nodded my head and lay perfectly still on my back. It was not at all comfortable as my hands were cuffed behind me and it put a lot of strain on my shoulders. I just stared at the ceiling waiting for the inevitable, “I’m about to be some MILF’s sex toy, could this day get any worse?” I asked myself.

After a minute of laying there and hearing rustling from the MILF, I finally saw my punishment coming to me, above me was a nicely trimmed blonde haired pussy hovering over my face. I actually thought to myself, “Hmm, doesn’t match.” But put it out of my mind as her pussy found its way to my nose. The smell was not pleasant, but not too repulsive. But you could tell that this lady wasn’t “fresh” down there. Who knew how long she had been running? But one thing was for sure, she was most definitely moist. You could tell this was giving her the jollies. This wasn’t just a MILF; this was a MILF who loved to dominate.

Over the next ten minutes, which seemed like an hour, this lady pulverized my face. I could tell that my nose was bleeding as she was grinding hard. The worst part was when she would orgasm, she would put every last bit of her weight on me and cut off all my oxygen as she screamed out. After two rounds of that, I saw the first signs of light as she scooted off of my face.
“OH, that was amazing, you have the perfect nose for that.” She reached down and tweaked my nose that was now covered in her juices as well as my own. “I need to do this more often! Good thing I got 5 more minutes. Let’s have another go of it shall we?”

Despite being gagged, I let out an audible moan. I was beat, and the last thing I wanted was to go another round with this hot MILF using me. “Aww come on it won’t be that bad… I’ll even give you something special at the end.”

She grabbed her panties, wiped the blood off of my nose, which by all accounts could have been broken by that point, and then placed her pussy firmly back on my nose. “Try and move your head in the opposite direction as I grind, but at the same rhythm” I heard her yell out. “We only have 2 minutes.”

I struggled to obey her demand, but did my best. Obviously, it was working as she was moaning louder than ever, and that’s when it happened. Her third orgasm along with a stream of piss that splattered all over my face, into my nose, and into the hole in my gag. It was awful. I gagged and choked. It felt like I was drowning. I have no idea how long it lasted but by the time she was done, by head was soaked.

“Told ya I’d give ya something special.” She said as she looked down and winked at me. “I know you really wanted to pussy and panties last night, I am sorry you failed in your quest. But at least you got some pussy today. Oh, and just to show you what a good sport I am, Here’s some panties.” I watchers her as she grabbed her worn panties from the side of my head, opened them up, and put them on my head so that the crotch was up against my nose. “Something to remember me by.”

She unmounted my face, put her pants back on and go out of the passenger door of the SUV. When she shut the door, I heard her talking to Anne, but I wasn’t sure everything that they were saying, but I’m pretty sure I heard the MILF state, “I can’t wait to try him out when he isn’t so tongue tied.”

“Oh, don’t worry. I’m sure we can loosen up the tongue a bit so he isn’t so bashful next time.”

The next thing I remember was the back end was being opened up, Anne was dragging me out of the vehicle using the leash, and the MILF was removing the plastic from the car and dispensing it in the dumpster.
“Nice job slut.” Anne said, “Your horny little ass just made me 50 bucks. And since you were such a good boy, I’ll let ya in on all the juicy secrets as we head to your new home.”

With that, she guided me to my car, put me in the back seat with my face covered in MILF juices, piss, and panties and surprisingly to me, all I could think of on the way back home was the MILF. How amazing would it have been if she had driven off with me?” I thought. Then I noticed a wierd senation. For the first time that day, I felt my cock being restrained by its new cage.
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Default Re: A Meeting With Destiny

Chapter 8: Secrets Revealed

I was at least spared from having to sit up in the backseat on the way home. Anne pushed me down to my side after helping me in the car. “Stay there,” she said. I began to notice how terse she was getting when she spoke to me. I had no problem obliging her command, last thing I needed was for every motorist out there to see me in my predicament. “The good news for you is that Linsey and I are going to answer all of your questions on the way home.”

How was Linsey going to answer my questions? She wasn’t with us. Or was that another surprise they had in store for me?

Anne turned on the car, plugged in her phone to the stereo-system, and began playing it. It was a voice recording of Linsey, and it lasted quite a while, and all I did was listen to every last word.

“Ben,” she began to speak, but was cut off by another voice.

“Call him by his actual name!” It was Anne interjecting.

“Slut Number One, I want you to know that I am sorry about what has happened, and that this recording was done last night after I left the celebration party.”

I could hear her choke up as she paused, I could just imagine her pleading with Anne not to have to do this with her eyes, but the cold-hearted bitch wouldn’t allow her any reprieve.

“So, I know you were wondering why Anne wanted to talk to me the other day, the fact is this, a deal was made. Anne knows about my past and my family, well because she is my step-sister as you know. She has embraced that past. I, however, was hoping to escape that past. You see, my mommy, Anne’s step-mommy, is a life-style and professional dominatrix and to be honest, I am quite embarrassed of the situation.”

“What!” I thought to myself, “why be embarrassed, it isn’t your fault!”

“What is worse, is my mommy keeps hounding me not only to accept it, but to embrace that following in her footsteps is what I was meant to do. I am sure you noticed how easily it was for me to manipulate you. But in doing so, I never wanted to do anything more than make you realize I was something to be conquered, but rather a person who you could relate to in one way or another. Mommy on the other hand says this type of attitude shows that I am supposed to be what she is. And when Anne told her of what was going on between us, mommy decided that the time was right to show me who I really was.”

Part of me was excited to hear this, Linsey was an innocent bystander, and she was a victim just as much as I was in the whole ordeal. The more she spoke, the more I felt sorry for her, and the less distress I felt. I knew that I was going to be able to help her navigate out of the situation.

“Well, anyway, Anne made a deal with me the other day. If I threw the game, she and mommy were going to let me live my life as I wanted. They felt that if was willing to let you down for my own interests, that it was only a matter of time before I’d put all my interests before you. However, If I didn’t throw the game, they were going to tell everyone who my mommy was, and that would have killed me. I was going to throw the game, but when I saw how much it meant to you, I just couldn’t let you down. So, at the last minute, I did what I had to do to make you happy.”

Everything was becoming clearer now. Linsey’s poor play, her reaction after we won, Anne’s reaction to me after the game, and Linsey’s aloofness at the party after wards. I couldn’t believe it, but I was actually starting to feel worse for Linsey than for myself. This wasn’t her fault after all! I just wish I had known; I would have sacrificed the game for Linsey’s happiness had I know. I wish she would have trusted me.

“Slut number one, I hope you can forgive me. And I doubt you will believe me, but I truly do love you.” And with those final words, the recording cut out.

There was silence in the car, for quite a long while after the recording ended. Anne didn’t play any music. I am not sure if that would have made things any less awkward on the way home or not. But about what I was guessing to be 20 minutes later I heard the first words out of her since the end of the recording. “Yes mommy, I played him the recording. I’d ask what he was thinking, but it looks like the kitty has his tongue.” She laughed as she said that. “Well, we are pulling into the drive as we speak. Should I spray him off before letting him in? He smells awful! . . ., Will do mommy.”

I felt the car turn, and then stop. Anne got out of the car, yanked the leash to get me into a sitting position, and helped me out of the car. She shut the door and in a cold tone gave me an order, ”kneel.”

I knelt down on the concrete and the next thing I felt was a spray of cold water hit me in the face. Once that was over, a towel was roughly rubbed all over my face and my upper body.

“Rise,” was the next word out of Anne’s mouth.

As I stood, she stood next to me and said, “Now the real fun begins. Follow me Slut Number 1”

And with that she led me into Delta House by the leash.

Added after 52 minutes:

Added after 8 minutes:

Chapter 9: A Pleasant and a Shocking Surprise.

Nothing could have prepared me for my entry into Delta House. I had been in there once at the end of the year last year, but apparently, they kept the true nature of the Sorority hidden from everyone. Hell, they had to, not way they would be chartered if the administration knew what was going on here. But I am getting ahead of myself. What I would find in the coat room would be quite surprising as well.

Anne led me in through the side entrance where the car drop-off was located. Upon entering I found myself in a small room where one could place their shoes and coats upon entering. It wasn’t large, enough for maybe four people to be in there at a time. There was only one person in their waiting, when Anne and I had walked in, but she was bent over with her back was to us and appeared to be lacing up her boots.

Anne stopped, and walked behind me, I felt her fiddling with my gag. She loosened it, and then walked around front and removed it from my mouth, she hung it on a hanger that was labeled with a 1. I didn’t dare speak even after the gag was removed. My jaw still hurt, and I spend some time flexing it, trying to get the pain to go away. During that time my gaze was fixed on her, she had a great body with dark hair. Her body kinda reminded me of Linsey’s body to be honest but I didn’t recognize her. She was wearing an outfit similar to Anne’s, tight jeans with a black jacket and boots that covered her calves.

Having removed the gag, heard a rattling of keys and looked at them. Anne had taken the keys out of her back pocket, and was dangling them in front of me. “See these, they unlock the collar around your neck and the one around your cock, whoever has these own your ass!” she said with an emphasis on the last words.

At hearing what Anne had to say, I bowed my head, but I still dare not speak, I knew my place and it was to stay silent. Right then, the other girl in the room turned around, she was wearing a tube top like Anne’s but hers was a light blue. And unlike Anne, she had some cut abs, all the sudden I looked up and realized who it was, it was Linsey, but her hair had been dyed black, that’s why they took her from me, to change her! She actually looked hotter than the blonde-haired Linsey. She actually kinda reminded me of MILF, except leaner. I opened my mouth to speak, but I heard Linsey bark out, “don’t speak number one.”

I complied with the order, and watched as Anne handed the keys and leash to Linsey. After the transfer had been made, I heard Anne say, “He’s all yours again.” Upon hearing her, I swore I heard a bit of jealousy in her voice, as she turned and entered the house, leaving only Linsey and I in the coat room.

I wanted to speak so badly, but Linsey was able to tell so she placed her finger upon my lips. “Please, don’t talk slut, we don’t have much time” the way she said it wasn’t like Anne, she was much more compassionate in the way she spoke. “I am hoping Anne played my recording for you on your way here, nod if she did.
I nodded.

“Good, then you know I never wanted this for you. I mean, you are definitely a submissive guy and I was the one in charge over the past two months, but I didn’t want to go to this level. I still wanted to keep your dignity intact while keeping our relationship socially acceptable.”

I thought about what she said, and what she said did make sense. Linsey was in total control of our friendship up until now. But there was a strange feeling about that now, she no longer was, but then neither was I. Some other force was in control, but who or what that was had not yet been made clear.

“I just want you to know Slut Number 1, that one or both of us is likely to change over this next week.” She bowed her head, looking as if she wanted to cry, but holding back the tears she continued, “I just hope that we still can be together despite the changes. To be honest, you’re the first and only guy I have met who has put up with my persona which I put up to try to keep you at bay.” She then paused for a moment before continuing, “it shows me that you really care and respect me. And it really hurts me to have to be so cruel to you this week.”

With that she gave me a peck on the cheek and led me into the strangest situation I had ever seen in my life.

Delta House was a huge house; it was a mansion. How they could afford it was unknown to everyone, even Delta members. Finally. we made it to the front room, upon entry there were loud claps and cheers. I looked, and noticed that there before us were about 20 girls standing. Each wearing a similar outfit as Anne and Linsey. Next to each girl was some guy on his knees, wearing white shorts and a pink polo shirt with the Delta letters on the pocket. The ladies were cheering, but for what? My predicament, or for Linsey?

“Way to go Linsey!” a couple of members shouted out.

“You look hot!”

“We knew Delta Life would suit you.”

I was paraded in front of the ladies, and Linsey and I stopped in front of them. I saw Anne walking down the stairs and saw her glare at Linsey. Linsey then spoke up.

“Slut one, on your knees.”

I quickly fell to my knees.

“Crawl to each sister and ask they will allow you to train in Delta House, then thank them.”

I crawled to the first sister, I knew some of them, others I did not.

“Address them as Miss.” I heard Linsey bark out.

“Miss, please allow me to train in Alpha House,” I mumbled.

“What was that?” The sister said?

“Please, Miss, allow me to train in Alpha House,” I yelled out

“I allow it Delta Slut, thank me by kissing my feet!”

I bent down and kissed her perfectly pedicured feet.

I then repeated the process. Some allowed to just say “thank you,” others made me kiss their feet, and a couple made me kiss their asses. I sighed as I got to the last one, but then I saw another person step up. It was Anne.
“Please Miss, let me train in Delta House.”

“As long as you close your eyes while you kiss my ass, I will allow it, Delta Slut Number one.”

I did as she said, I closed my eyes, the then slowly leaned forward, but my lips came into contact with something other than jeans. I pulled myself backwards and looked. There in place of Anne in jeans was a pair of black athletic leggings. I looked up and could not believe who it was, it was MILF.”
“Of course, I will accept you your request,” she said, “But you can call me Mommy.”

The next thing I knew, Mommy reared her hand back and I felt a sharp smack hit my jaw. And everything went black.

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Default Re: A Meeting With Destiny

Chapter 10: Destiny’s Introduction

I came to a bit woozy, but I could tell that much time hadn’t passed. I tried to get up off the floor, but my limbs felt like jelly. Next thing I heard was the older lady saying, “Lins, take the slut down stairs, the rest of you go about your day, the dungeon will be off limits.”

Next thing I knew I was being lifted off the floor, but my head was upside down and I realized that Linsey had me over her shoulder and was carrying me to where her Mommy wanted me to be. Once there she plopped me down onto a sofa. I tried to stand up but immediately fell down.

Linsey bent over and put her lips to my ear “Do not try to get up,” whispered, “you are in no shape to stand. Besides if Mommy want you here its best you stay here.” She straightened herself up and began to walk away. “I’ll come back for you later.”

I sat there sprawled out on the corner of a sofa, my world was still spinning a bit but I heard a door open behind me, and I heard Lins whispering with the older lady but I couldn’t make out what they were saying till the end when the older lady said, “Give us about 30 minutes before sending Anne down, tell her I have an important errand for her to run.”

I heard footsteps approach me, I knew who it was, but I dare not turn around. Next, I heard keys jangling, “Well, well, we meet again and it looks like sweet Lins has given me custody of you for the time being.” She walked around in front of me, her legs spread apart dangling the keys in front of me in one hand, the other hand was in her pant. “The situation just makes me so, horny, and if you play your cards right, I might let you out of your cage for a bit.” She then pulled her hands out of her pants and I could see her juices glistening on her fingers.

With the black hair, I couldn’t believe how much Linsey and her Mommy looked alike. Linsey truly was her spitting image. The only difference between the two was that this lady was a couple inches taller, making her my height, had larger hips and a chest, and looked a bit bigger overall. I wasn’t sure if it was muscle or of she was a bit less in shape than Linsey, but either way, Mommy looked amazing.

I was paralyzed with fear as she then bent over, I wasn’t sure what to do or expect. She reached out and put her to ringers underneath my nose, she touched me above my lip and then let her moist fingers descend all the way down to my chin. The smell was musty, but erotic and the result was that for the second time that day, this lady had my cock straining against my cage.

“Hmm, bring back any memories, slut?”

I didn’t respond at all. I was afraid to.

“Speak, boy.”

“Yes.” I mumbled.

She shot a stern look at me, her blue eyes piecing into my soul. ‘What?”

“Yes,” I said a bit more loudly.

“I heard that slut, but yes what?”

I looked down, embarrassed at what I was about to say, but grabbed my jaw which still had yet to recover from the gag, and pointed my face towards hers. “Look me in the eyes and say it!”

She let go of my jaw and I looked her straight in the eyes. I knew that saying this would cement the status of our roles; I dare not deny her. “Yes, Mommy.”
“And is that a pleasant memory?”

I can’t believe what happened next, but instinctively I nodded my head, and not in a hesitant manner, but distinctly, as if I wanted more.

“Settle down you greedy little Delta Slut. There will be more time for that later.” She walked away, giving me an amazing view of her ass in tight leggings. “You know, you remind me of my late husband? He was eager to serve me. In fact, he was eager to serve me back when he was married to Anne’s mother. But just like you, he was easily broken in like you are showing to be. Would you like to hear about him?” I looked at her as she bent over, pouring herself a glass of whiskey. She then turned around with two glasses filled with spirits. “We can talk about it over some whiskey, not as Mommy and slut, but as two people.”

“I’d like to hear about him Mommy,” I said in a higher than usual pitch. “But, if we are talking as two people, can I get out of this cage?”

“I tell you what, I guess it is kinda hard to talk as two people like this.” She put down the two drinks on the table, tossed the keys at me then began to remove her leggings and her loose t-shirt to reveal a pink sports bra, which she would quickly remove.
I stared at her as she removed her clothes, her body was more like Anne’s not tight and trim, but she only had a thin layer of fat on her that made her look more “womanly.”

“Go ahead, take off everything, then we can be equals as we talk.”

I complied, with her request, but as I got to the cock cage and the collar, I was having a hard time taking them off as I fumbled with the keys. Mommy came over and helped me out, and when my cock was let loose it sprang to full attention.

“Hmm, what would Linsey think about you badly wanting her Mommy ?” She purred.

“By the way, for the next 20 minutes, call me Destiny, ok Ben?”

“Yes, Mom…. I mean, yes, Destiny”

She then handed me my drink and took a seat next to me on the couch. “So, I guess you might be wondering what’s going on. I think its only fair to tell you.”
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