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Part 4
Sara then joined Amanda on the couch but sat Indian style on the couch and just watched Amanda. Amanda kept rubbing her warm and stinky feet all over my body as they talked about the upcoming week. Then Amanda lifted her feet up off me and said now slave kneel in front of me and I want you to kiss and lick my feet for a couple minutes and go home and pack for the week. I said yes Goddess Amanda. I rolled off my back and got to my knees in front of her then I put my hands on the floor and bent over and started to kiss and lick the tops of her feet. Amanda and Sara just say there and watched me kiss and lick Amandaís feet for the next couple minutes. Amanda then said you can stop now slave Iím gunna go home and pack Iíll see u in a hour or so. Then Amanda walked out the house and into her car barefoot as she left her shoes in the house.

After Amanda left Sara stood up and said ok slave I want to follow me upstairs and I want you to crawl and follow me you no longer have the right to sand up unless you are giving permission to stand but I donít think thatís going to happen since your a male and males are dogs so thatís how you going to act. So Sara slowly started making her way upstairs and turns back and watches me crawl behind her like a lil puppy would and she laughs every time. We finally make it to the bedroom and she grabs the box that Amanda has given her when she got here earlier. she pulled out a weird looking device and I had no ideal what it was. Sara turned to me and said get on your knees. As fast as I could I got on my knees and Sara held the device in her hand and said this is a chastity device it goes around your worthless penis so you can get aroused. Sara then said I just want to see if this one fits I had Amanda her the smallest one possible and she laughed as she said it. Sara then said get on the bed and lay on ur back. I crawled over to the bed and crawled up on the bed and laid on my back. Sara quickly hopped on the bed and started to put the device on and she even started to laugh more when it fit perfectly around my penis and she locked it and took a picture and sent it to Amanda and said it fits perfect pick up some ankle bracelets and when you get back weíll put the keys around our ankles and tease him with them. But for now Iíll unlock him and let him have his lil bit of freedom he has left.

Sara undid the chastity device and put it on the desk and she said ok letís go back down stairs come on slave dog. I followed her back down stairs on all fours and she sat down back on the sofa and said ok slave my feet hurt a lil bit I want a massage so bring the table closer so I can put my feet on it and you can go to the other side of the table and massage them. I started to massage her feet starting with her left foot. I massaged each foot for about 10 minutes each. When I was done massaging her feet I moved the table back to where it was and then kneeled in front of her. Sara looked down at me and and just laughed at me as I was naked kneeling at her feet doing what ever she said she was having a lot of fun humiliating me. Then as I was kneeling there she lifted her right foot and with her toes grabbed my nose and started to shake my head. Then she kept her foot there but lowered it a lil bit and said now slave lick in between my toes. Without hesitation my younger was going in and out of her toes like it was nothing. As I am licking her toes I see her have her phone out and start to take pictures of me licking in between her toes. Then she said your never going to be the same after this week Iím going to break you down so much itís just going to b a normal thing after the week and I just sat there licking in between her toes. In my mind I knew she was right especially now that sheís telling all her friends. Then she looked down at my crotch and said see now when we put the chastity device on u this wonít happen as she takes her other foot and starts to rub my crotch with her other foot as she hears me moan. Sara says are u really starting to like my feet I was wound wrong how long it would take you to enjoy my feet like every man should. I just kept licking her feet and didnít stop until she told me to. After about 10 minutes she switched her feet around and made me lick in between the other foots toes and that was another 10 minutes.

After I was done licking Inbetween Saraís toes she got a call from Amanda saying she was out front and Sara said donít touch anything the slave will come out and get it all for you just come in and sit on the couch with me. Sara then said slave Amandaís back go get her stuff and bring it in for her so she doesnít hurt herself. I said yes Mistress Sara. She threw in there remember to crawl in till u get to the car then u can stand get her stuff one thing at a time and carry in your mouth and crawl and get it upstairs to my bedroom. I really struggled to get her suitcase up the stairs to the bedroom it was heavy and kept falling out of my mouth and they just laughed at me. I finally got everything that she brought up the steps and into the bedroom and crawled back down and kneeled in front of them.

Then Amanda said to Sara you did a really good job in training him since itís only been 2 days and heís listening really well. Then Sara said he better or he knows what happens if he doesnít obey the rules of the bet all the picture I take will go on his Facebook and say I lost to a women and she made me her slave for a week.

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