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Default Dystopia

In the year 20XX AD, the world had reached its peak in human evolution, with a small caveat: The number of males living in the world had drastically dropped down over the years, to the point where females outnumber the males significantly and comprise 99% of the world population. The power dynamics between the two genders had changed significantly since females had the overpowering majority, and took steps to preserve the human race.

It first started off by training the males to become efficient sex slaves so that the females could bear children, but that line of thinking meant the males were completely robbed of their freedom. With how much of a rarity they had become, they had rapidly became seen as a commodity, and that lead to some major ethical boundaries crossed forever. Eventually, only the rich could afford to purchase a male slave, and companies across the globe would specialize in buying infantile males and breeding them as livestock, to then sell them to the highest bidder when their training was complete.

The way the males were treated had only gotten worse over time, with no one ready to defend their rights anymore. They were subjected to acts of violence if they weren't doing exactly what they were told to, and once they were fully grown and sold to the rich, they couldn't help but indulge in their sadistic desires. It ended up being a rule that they were not allowed clothes, and their owners were legally allowed to do whatever they liked with them.

This was the sad world where a young lad called Jeremy was brought up in. Blessed with no strong genes, he was treated as a defective product by countless companies. His will was completely eviscerated after countless beatings, and they had even resorted to not feeding him properly because they saw him as a reject. Once he was of age, he was no taller than 5ft and looked quite malnourished. It was tested and decided that he was completely infertile, but he still had value to the especially cruel women out there who wanted a regular slave.

Eventually bought by a wealthy, beautiful woman in her 40s, he was immediately packed up in a box and delivered to her mansion on the same day. Once the woman paid for him, the deliverers unpack him in the living room and leave the house. Jeremy meet her cold eyes for the first time, and gets a proper look at her.

Standing at her heels, she towers over him and looks no shorter than 6ft 3, with beautiful long blonde hair. Her face is gorgeous, but he also looks down at her pretty one piece dress, and sees that she’s adorned with all kinds of fancy jewelry. What catches his eye immediately is her necklace, and her massive cleavage that the dress was refusing to cover up. The dress is short enough that it accentuates her legs and he got a good view of how long and toned they look.

She began removing her heels, laying out her pretty feet on the floor. Her nails are painted purple and Jeremy’s interest in them were poorly concealed. With a flick of her fingers, his attention is immediately brought back to her as he stares into her hazel eyes.
Jeremy immediately gets on his knees like a dog, and patiently waits for her next order.
"I'm your new owner, and the house rules are you're to bark in response, and nothing more. Do I make myself clear?"
"WOOF!" barks Jeremy.
"Good, now put your head down and suck on these toes until I tell you to stop."

Jeremy doesn't need any further instructions, as he immediately goes down and unashamedly gets to work, making sure to lick between the toes as well.
"That’s a good little puppy," chuckled his new owner. She was thoroughly amused with how well trained her new pet was, and decided to test out his obedience.

She beams a smug grin as she harshly inserted more toes in his little mouth, almost making him gag.
"Don't spit it out wimp, keep going until I say stop."
Her smile widens as she sees how difficult she’s making it for him, and couldn't help but laugh as she notices that she managed to make him cry a little.

"Mom, I'm home!" echoed a voice across the room. Jeremy's tormentor suddenly removed her large foot from his mouth to allow him to breathe properly again, and she quickly went to hug whoever was behind him. He looks back to see a young girl in her late teens, who appeared to be her mother. Even from a glance, he could tell she’s just as pretty, but more importantly she looks just as imposing as her mother.

"Lillie, I've bought us a new slave for the house since we had to get rid of the other one."
They both glanced over to me and the daughter made her way towards me. It seemed like her choice in wardrobe was clearly influenced by her mother, as her outfit was intentionally increasing her female sex appeal and left nothing to the imagination. Her white blouse looks almost unable to contain her breasts, showing off her cleavage proudly. The black mini-skirt she's wearing is incredibly tiny, and he gets a full view of her long, muscular legs.

Jeremy looks to be almost drooling like a dog as his eyes inspected this incredible female specimen, and his eyes eventually meets hers.
"He looks so weak and fragile mom!" shouts the daughter.
"We have enough to buy another one if he doesn't last the week, so do what you want."
"You really mean it mom?"
"I do, sweetie. You're my only daughter after all!"

Lillie immediately goes to hug her mother again, and goes to remove her heels. She races back in front of me again and stares at him with a large, gleeful smile.
"Stand up."
Jeremy obeys immediately. She can no longer contain her excitement, as she easily picks him up like a baby in a cradle. She exerts no effort lifting him as she walks over to her room, even keeping him there with one arm. Lillie throws her new pet on her bed and she looks to get changed.
"Lie down on the bed with your little face up, I'm getting more comfortable."

Jeremy did exactly as he was told, and was able to catch a view of Lillie undressing to her pink undies. She picks up a book and climbs up on the bed, and mercilessly plops her ass down on his chest. She giggled as she notices that her weight completely outmatches his.
"Am I too heavy for you little guy," snickers Lillie, as she shifts her large ass towards his face, painfully sitting on his neck now.

"You're not to move your face until I'm done reading. If you try and get some air even once without permission, I'm going to really make you regret it."
As soon as she finishes her sentence, she brings up her round butt and sat on his face. Her ass mercilessly encompasses him, leaving no possible way for him to get any breath.

Jeremy's mind races as he struggles pitifully under her, and his loss of oxygen soon becomes a fatal problem. Lillie wiggles her ass sexily to tease the smaller man every now and then, flipping the page of her book ever so slowly. She grins a sadistic smile each time she looks down and hears his breathing get a lot more frantic.

"Still not done yet, little man. You'll just have to hold out a little longer."
This was a lie. Lillie fully intends on knocking out Jeremy with a facesit. This is obviously dangerous and could very well lead to his death, but she finds it hilarious anyway.

This soon began to be too much for him, and he had no choice but to turn his head for what little oxygen he could breathe in. Lillie sighes as her butt still squished his head, and raises it slightly so that his ears could fully pick up what she's saying.
"Put your head back up again. I'm not warning you again."
"Please, I'm going to die this way. I.." Jeremy's words were harshly cut off as she moves her ass and reaches down for his head. She ruthlessly yanks on his hair and wedges his face painfully between her ass. She then shifts her legs back and wraps his head between her thighs.

Without remorse, she tenses her hard legs and crosses her ankles, relentlessly squeezing his puny head in a reverse headscissors. Jeremy's muffled screams do little to get her attention, and Lillie squeezes with so much force that Jeremy swiftly passes out from the sheer pain.
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