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Default Blackmailed by Sister

Lauren looked herself up and down in the mirror, then nodded in approval at her appearance. She was wearing a blue, tight fitting blouse with a short matching skirt that flaunted her athletic figure generously. She did a final twirl in the mirror then left her bedroom to go downstairs. On her way downstairs something caught her eye. She peaked into her older brothers room and saw him standing on a chair, lifting a bottle onto a top shelf and then behind a duffle bag.

“What are you doing?” Lauren asked, taking a step into the room She had obviously caught her brother off guard. He turned quickly and tried to conceal the bottle of gin in his hand, then shoved it behind the duffle bag and hopped off of his chair.

Lauren took another step into his room, a bright smile on her face.

“Stealing Dad’s liquor again?” Lauren asked, but it wasn’t question. She had caught James red handed.

“What are you doing in my room?” James countered, unable to deny the fact that he had stolen a bottle from their father.

“You’re the idiot who's hiding alcohol with the door wide open. It’s your mistake, not mine.”

“Just get out,” James said, hoping to get rid of his sister quickly.

“Ok, I’ll leave…but I want half,” Lauren countered. “And a headscissor…or I tell Dad.”

James went completely still. He heard exactly what she had just said, but he couldn’t believe it. She wanted a headscissor. It had seemed like forever since she last wrapped her legs around his head, and he thought those days were far behind them, but apparently not.

“Come on Lauren, I’m not letting you headscissor me. Not again.”

Lauren frowned and smiled at the same time, then took two quick steps towards the door. Raising her voice to a shout, she cried out, “Dad, can you come here? I have to show you something.”

“What are you doing?” James said, panicking. He rushed over to his sister and tried putting his hand over her mouth, but she pushed him away.

“Dad,” Lauren yelled again, her voice ringing through the house.

“What the fuck Lauren!” James said angrily.

“I’m telling Dad you stole a bottle,” Lauren said casually, leaning her back up against the wall.

“What the fuck?” James said again. He looked towards where he had hidden the bottle of gin, thought about trying to get rid of the evidence, but knew that was pointless. “Come on Lauren, I’ll give you half,” he pleaded with his sister.

“Half, and a headscissor,” Lauren said flatly.

Just then they heard their Dad coming up the stairs.

“What is it Lauren?” Their Dad grumbled.

“Do we have deal?” Lauren said quietly to her brother.

James looked at her with his most pleading expression, but saw no mercy in her eyes. Their Dad was at the top of the stairs now.

“Fine,” James said in a whisper.

Lauren flashed him a mischievous smile then skipped into the hallway.

“Dad, this light switch is broken,” Lauren said as she raised her hand to flick the lights on. As she switched up, the lights turned on. She switched down, the lights turned off.

“That’s odd, they weren’t working a minute ago,” Lauren said with a look of disbelief on her face.

Their Dad grumbled something under his breath and tried the light switch. After flicking them on and off a few times, and seeing that they were working perfectly fine, he glared at his daughter then stomped down the stairs.

Lauren watched him go, and when he was gone she flashed James a smile and practically bounced with joy into his room. She shut the door behind herself and stretched her arms high into the air, extremely excited for what was about to take place.

For James and Lauren, this situation was almost like clockwork. They both knew their roles and exactly what was to come. Lauren had blackmailed her older brother into this situation many times. So when Lauren smiled and pointed her finger down at the floor, James slowly lied down onto his side.

Lauren stretched her body one last time, then sat down right next to her older brothers face. Then she lifted one leg slightly into the air, grabbed his head with two hands, pulled it snug against herself, then closed her legs tight. It took her just a moment to secure her old, and when she did, she knew she had her brother completely trapped. Her legs were strong, and she had practiced this headscissor many times.

“Just like old times,” Lauren said mockingly. Slowly she squeezed her thighs tighter, watching with absolute delight as her brother grimaced in pain. “It’s been a while since we’ve done this, I won’t let so much time go by next time.”

As Lauren squeezed harder, James instinctively put his hands onto her thighs to try and pry them apart. He knew this was pointless. Her legs were too strong and he had no leverage to open them. But he had to try, otherwise his sister would continue squeezing harder and harder. She played a sort of game with him, squeezing her legs as hard as he could handle, then slightly harder for a moment, then doing it all over again. If he didn’t tap out in submission or try to escape in panic, she simply squeezed tighter until he did.

As Lauren pressed her bare thighs tight against her brothers head, she held his gaze and smiled sweetly at him. She knew this was both painful and humiliating for him, but that’s what she liked about it. She didn't know why, but having complete physical and mental control over him excited her.

After the first several hard squeezes, Lauren eased up the pressure, but kept her legs locked around his head.

“So tell me about your girlfriend…” Lauren said as if nothing were out of the ordinary. Like most girls, Lauren loved to gossip. And like most guys, James didn’t. But with his head trapped between his sisters thighs, he was forced to indulge his sister and chat endlessly about his relationship with his girlfriend.

Lauren teased him relentlessly, threatening to tell his girlfriend about what she does to him and teach her how to do it.

“Wouldn’t that be amazing. Your girlfriend and I tag teaming you. Could you imagine?” Lauren squeezed her legs hard at the thought and squealed with excitement. “I think I might just do it. I really do.”

This had all started a long time ago over a simple argument. Lauren and James were fighting to use the family iPad, and James won by ripping it out of her hands. At least James had thought he had won. As the iPad slipped from her fingers Lauren immediately jumped on top of him and they collapsed onto the floor in a tangle of limbs. James had ended up on top of her, pinning her chest to the ground. Without knowing what she was doing, Lauren lifted up her legs and wrapped them around his head. From there, she closed them shut and pulled hard, forcing him off of her. She almost let go, but then James squealed in pain, and to her surprise, she saw that her legs were actually squeezing hard enough to hurt him. She doubled down, squeezing her legs harder. When she did this James had dropped the iPad, but Lauren ignored it. She concentrated all of her strength on keeping her legs locked around his head. And she succeeded.

For the next hour Lauren experimented on her new hold, squeezing harder and harder, forcing her older brother to submit over and over again. By the time it was over, she was addicted.

She had tried to get her brother into several head scissors after that, but James refused to allow that to happen. Every time she tried he fought back viscously, and Lauren simply couldn’t overpower him. But then one magical night, everything changed.

James had snuck out at night to go drinking with his friends. Lauren had caught him trying to sneak back into the house. Before he could make it upstairs Lauren confronted him and threatened to tell their parents on him. He reeked of alcohol, and if she woke them up they would smell it instantly.

James was drunk, but not drunk enough to see reason.

“I want to put you in that hold again, the one with my legs,” Lauren said with a smile. “If you don’t let me, I’m waking up Mom and Dad.”

“Fuck you,” James said quietly.

But Lauren wasn’t bluffing.

“Mom, Dad…” Lauren called out loudly.

James’ confidence vanished instantly. He pleaded with his sister to keep quiet.

“Let me put you in that leg thingy and I’ll be quiet,” Lauren said flatly.

James’ heart was racing. On the one hand, he didn’t want to get caught drinking. On the other, he didn’t want to be trapped in his sisters legs again.

Lauren saw the internal struggle her brother was having, and decided to press him. She raised her hand, all five fingers extended. Then she whispered, 5, and lowered one finger. 4, she lowered another.

“Ok fine,” James said quietly. “But just for a minute.”

It didn’t last for a minute. Lauren started with a side head scissor that lasted for a long time. But when that was over she rolled him onto his back and put him into a reverse head scissor. James had complained and started to fight back, but when she threatened to wake their parents his body went limp. Lauren grabbed his head, pulled his chin into her ass and closed her thighs tight. She squeezed hard, looking over her shoulder at his trapped head stuck tight between her thighs. The feeling was incredible.

From that night on Lauren knew she didn’t need to physically overpower her brother to get what she wanted. She just needed to out smart him. And she always found a way.
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Default Re: Blackmailed by Sister

I wish you continue this story!
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Default Re: Blackmailed by Sister

Loved it. I absolutely love stories where the girl blackmails a boy and forces him to submit to her whims and pleasures. I also love hypnotism stories too, where the girl puts the boy into a trance and gets him to do her bidding and satisfy her.
You definitely have a talent for writing so please do continue in this vein.
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Default Re: Blackmailed by Sister

Please continue
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Default Re: Blackmailed by Sister

Are the names Lauren and James taken from the Cherub books? There were some great mixed fighting scenes in those books I remember them well from when I was a kid.
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Default Re: Blackmailed by Sister

I just picked these names at random. Also, I never heard of cherub, but I should probably check it out. Thanks revelation.
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sister, slave, teen girl

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