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Pinned Down Requested Story | The Army Brat Fights Back

Requested Story | The Army Brat Fights Back

Teresa - Sister
Zach - Brother

My brother was going to be here any second. Why did he have to use his time off during the holidays to visit me? I never liked the way he acted when we were growing up together. Always stealing my stuff, blaming his mistakes on me, pushing his chores off to me.

Now, as always, I was the one who had to accomodate him during the holidays, the time when everyone is supposed to be merry and have joy. All I could think about was how to crush his thick skull in any way possible.

I tried rebelling against him in the past, but it never worked out well. He was always stronger, more adept than I was. As a result, I would often handed the smaller end of the stick when it came to our sibling rivalry. When Zach left to join the army, I hoped they would've taught him some discipline and a decent amount of respect by now. How naive I truly was. If only he had some sort of weakness or fantasy I could exploit and take advantage of...

However, my deep thoughts on plotting revenge was sharply interrupted by three violent knocks on my apartment's worn wooden door.

"Hey Teresa, let me in. It's your brother."

Not even a hint of chivalry! I took a few deep breaths before reluctantly opening the door.

"Hey bro, how's the army life treating you?"

He filed past me, walking around as if I wasn't even there. It was one thing to treat me like crap, another to not even acknowledge the fact that I actually exist.

I was near my breaking point, but I pushed forward as I centered my mood toward the holiday spirit. I guided him down to the basement, where his cold, dark room awaited.

"Why do I have to sleep here?"

I tried to quickly close the door, but he grabbed the side before I could get the chance.

"I been out there, risking my life just to come back and have you give me the shittiest room I ever seen?"

I pushed the door with all my weight in an attempt to close it on his fingers, but he was too strong.

"It's my house Zach!"

He finally let go of door, and I instantly slammed it shut on his face.


Hearing him in even the slightest of pain gave me so much joy. I skipped away from the door, finally free from having to deal with his attitude for the rest of the night.

Unexpectedly, I spotted something extremely interesting out of the corner of my eye. It was his phone, peeking out of one of his military backpack's pockets. I quietly spoke to myself as my curiosity piqued.

"Wonder what secrets are hiding in there..."

I dug into his camo backpack, yanking his phone out from the side. I remember when he received his first phone as a gift over the holidays. I would peak over his shoulder to memorize the pin he would use to unlock the phone... 6996. I tried that combination first.

Yes! It worked on the first try. Zach may be tough, but his brain was the equivalent of a useless pile of rocks. My eyes stayed stuck to the screen, focusing in on his browser history and saved photos.

"Oh my GOD!"

I exclaimed rather loudly throughout the whole house. Noticing that I may have woken him up, I immediately dropped to the floor and waited for him to pass by... but he never came. I was safe, for now.

I scrolled through videos of scantily clad women wrestling men. There was such a variety of female domination. I'm talking headscissors, hand/breast/foot smothers, facesitting, ass suffocations, the list went on and on!

After browsing his online history, I took some time to filter through his saved photos. So... many... bikinis. 90% of his storage was taken up by supermodels and anonymous ladies in tight bikinis or tiny thongs.

My initial reaction to this was total disgust toward my brother. But, after that feeling passed, my mind manifested the most brutally brilliant plot I had ever created to get my oh so sweet revenge.

I had to work fast if I was to pull this off. So, I tossed my shirt off to the side, dropped my tight blue jeans down onto the floor, stripped away my bra and panties, and slipped into the smallest swimwear outfit I owned.

Finally, I had to sneak into his room and catch him off guard. Shouldn't be too hard, since he failed to hear my loud shout from earlier. I carefully tiptoed down the basement stairs, pausing for the times when the boards began to creak under my feet. Next, I slowly stepped up to his door, which was slightly cracked to let air enter and exit through his already somewhat musty room.

He was slightly snoring, which helped mask the sound of me walking around the carpeted floor of the pitch black bedroom. I was debating whether I should wake him up with a sudden attack, or a strategic crawl across the mattress. After talking it over with myself, I decided a subtle crawl was the best bet.

I cautiously watched his closed eyes as I began my forward climb across his body. I started at the bottom of the bed, scooting over his feet, then his legs, then his torso, until he shifted for a moment. I stood as still as a statue as he shifted his sleeping position. Before, he was lying down on his left side. Now, he laid flat on his back, his face pointing straight up into the air. I silently cheered to myself, as he was now in the ideal position for my masterful plan.

I resumed crawling, inching my way past his torso, until my hands were braced on each side of his head and my lower body was hovering above his chest. One last thing to do... and then the real fun could begin. I lowered my crotch down on top of his chest and leaned in real close to his face. Then, I yelled as loud as I could right into his face.


I accidentally spit all over him as I screamed over top of his face. But, it was a happy accident and only added to my pleasure in the moment.

He was shook awake, too disoriented to figure out what was going on. In his haste, he lurched his face forward, not noticing how I positioned myself perfectly in the event of his sudden reaction. Much to his dismay, he plummeted straight into my cleavage. I wrapped my hands tight around his neck as my breasts smushed against the sides of his cheeks. My embrace left his face surrounded by my warm feminine flesh. He tried to speak to me in protest of my actions, but it was to no avail. I left no room for any air to escape in my breast smother. He was trapped, no hope for release from my amazing tits entrapment.

"What's that brother? You want me to squeeze harder? Sure! But only because you asked for it."

His whining intesified as I squeezed my arms closer together around his neck. Now, ever time he opened his mouth, all he would taste is the flavors of my cleavage driving down hard against his mouth.

"Bet you never knew your sister tasted this good, did you Zach?"

He hesitated to reply, as he knew all it would mean is taking in more of my breast's heavenly aromas. Nonetheless, he eventually replied with a volley of indiscernible, muffled groans into my smothering chest.

"Don't worry, I took a look into your phone. There is much more submissions on the agenda for tonight. All you have to do is sit back and relax."

I gradually softened my grip around his head, giving him a slow release from my breasts. Then, I advanced my chest straddle into a schoolgirl pin, my panties pressed up against the bottom of his chin. I arched my back and looked down at his redder than usual face.

"I should beat the shit out of you right now, Teresa!"

I started gringing my pussy back and forth over his neck, brushing my beautiful crotch up against his jaw. His mood began to soften up as I did this. Then, I placed my index finger over his lips and caressed the right side of his head with my other hand.

"Shhhhh, now why would you want to do that? I can only continue to do this as long as you let me... and be honest, you want me to keep going."

I tilted my head to the right and puckered my lips. Then, I let that sentence sink in, and after a few more grinds I lifted my body up off his neck and went back to straddling his chest in an arched matriarchal pose from above.

"What do you think of my outfit Zach?"

He was already clouded with so many emotions running around in his brain. Now, he was having trouble forming coherent sentences, but he squeaked out a simple response after some time.

"I, I... think it's pretty."

I gently laid my body down across his chest, weaving my legs around his feet. Next, I brought my face closer to his, our lips dangerously close to one another. Finally, my eyes glared into his as I smirked at his impending doom. I spread my legs apart, separating his feet as far as I could in an extremely effective grapevine. Before he could scream out in pain, I grabbed the sides of his face and positioned him so his face was looking straight up at mine. As he started yelling out in agony, I took my opening.

I pressed his face up into mine as our lips fused together, my tongue fishing through his lips. As I penetrated through his lips, I could taste every single inch of Zach's mouth. The best part was when I was able to play around with his tongue. I would use my tongue to slap, wrap, and brush up and down the entire length of his own juicy tongue.

He was immeasureably horrified as I did this. First, he couldn't scream out in pain any more. Second, his sister's lips were now passionately pressed up against his, her tongue laying claim to his entire mouth. I think a part of him liked it too. He would sometimes open his mouth even larger to let me go deeper inside. Also, he once used his tongue to enter into my mouth. That is, until I pushed his tongue back out and let him know who was boss. This memory of me would be stuck and seared into his mind for the rest of his life.

After pushing and pulling apart his legs, our lips and tongues reconnecting countless times for an entire five minutes, I let him out of the grapevine and returned to a schoolgirl pin on top of his throat. He was so ashamed, he couldn't even make eye contact. But I wasn't done breaking him down to dust. I still wanted to do one more thing before I left him to his misery.

"I saved the best for last. This was one of the most prevalent dominations I found in your phone's browser history."

He finally looked up at me, but I was already turning myself around to prepare for the final submission. He could've squirmed free in the time I was repositioning myself, but by now he was too curious to run away. He needed to know what else his dominant sister had planned for him.

After fully turning myself around, I plopped my booty on top of his throat, tilting over my shoulder to look down at the defeated expression plastered across his face. I had been waiting for a moment like this since the day he left to join the army. Finally, my chance to gain the revenge I so desperately deserved. Additionally, the utterly humiliating and emasculating element to my revenge plot made it all the more sweeter.

"Zach, I need you to know something before I go* forward with this last move."

He couldn't stop staring into the the depths of my panties. I knew he wouldn't be listening to what I had to say as long as my glorious ass was straddling on top of his neck, pressed up against his chin. The warmth of my booty, the pillowy softness of my butt cheeks, the way my ass crack curved and morphed around his body. He would be mesmerized indefinitely if I didn't get his attention soon.

"Zach... ZACH! Eyes up here bro!"

I let a long line of spit fall down on top of his nose, and he was shocked into attention. Finally, he looked up at my eyes.

"Before I continue, you have to tell me just how much you want your sister to sit her sexy ass on top of your pitiful face. I need to know that my ass is your one and only desire in life. If you want to be trapped between my buttcheeks, sniffing up my asshole as I dance on top of your face, then you have to do something for me. You will be my man servant forever. Wherever my booty sits, your face will be there. On the couch, in the bed, even on the.... toilet. I need you to swear. Or else, I get up and walk out of here right now. Your move."

Zach didn't take long to consider my proposal. All he saw was the way my buttcheeks bounced on top of his neck, and the deal was sealed. He agreed, and I knew he was forever trapped as a slave to my ass.

I scooted off his neck and descended my fiery hot ass on top of his begging face. I tried to get him as deep inside my crack as he could go. I would shake my ass and use my hands to spread my buttcheeks out, making his face slip deeper into my depths as he filled the mighty gaps. Soon, I could feel his warm breath directly against my asshole. It was then that I decided to lift up and rip a nice, juicy fart right into his mouth. He tried to cough, but I was too quick. I sat down even harder onto his nose and mouth, sealing off his access to the outside world and preventing him from coughing up the gaseous airs released by my beautiful butt. The only way I would give him air is if he licked my asshole hard, and I'm talking HARD! If I didn't feel his tongue get inside the hole, he wasn't getting any air.

Lastly, I took off my bikini and let him taste the full flavors of my bare naked ass. But, this time I didn't get up. This time, I pressed his nose so forcefully against my anus, so he would always remember the putrid smell of his sister's ass choking him out. He tried to struggle out of the situation, but he was stuck. His face glued against my booty's ferocious female flesh, he finally passed out after trying so desperately to escape out from underneath me. With time, he'll learn to be a good ass slave.

"Sweet dreams, Zach. See you in the morning, with another round of smothering seduction!"

There I laid, straddling my whole body across his. I wanted to make sure he didn't escape my domination over night, so I slept on top of him. It was the best sleep I ever got.

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Default Re: Requested Story | The Army Brat Fights Back

Damn.... what a story, hope there is more
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Default Re: Requested Story | The Army Brat Fights Back

Originally Posted by peacefulc [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Damn.... what a story, hope there is more
I might consider adding on a part 2. But, I have 2 more requested stories to finish up before then. Glad to see you enjoyed the story though!
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Default Re: Requested Story | The Army Brat Fights Back

Bro you make it awesome ,I love the way you described it,
And please make other parts when you get time,
Your fan is waiting for you.
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Facesit Re: Requested Story | The Army Brat Fights Back

Part 2

I was so comfortable, my entire body sprawled out on top of Zach's. The way his chest rose and fell with each breath peacefully rocked me up and down. If I had known sleeping on top of my brother was this comfortable, I would've done this a LONG time ago.

Just as I was starting to dose off, I was violently shook awake to the sound of Zach grunting unusually loud.

"Get.... OFF!!"

Zach launched me in the air, successfully pushing me off the bed. I quickly tumbled to the side to avoid spraining my ankles. Unfortunately, I still lost my balance and softly crashed down on my left hip. I was pissed beyond belief!

"What the fuck Zach?!"

He was trying to scoot himself off the bed while I stood back up on my two feet. I wasn't going to make this easy for him. I fully came to my senses, and fueled with a newfound sense of anger I bolted toward him.

"Leave me alone!"


He was making a break for the door, but I was hot on his trail. Right as he was reaching for the handle, I drove my shoulder hard into his back, smushing him up against the door. He was completely immobilized, thanks to my powerful legs which were planted down hard on the floor.

"This could've been so much easier if you had just remembered your place in this relationship, brother. Then I wouldn't have to be doing this again!"

He tried to shake himself around my wall pin, but I wasn't even entertaining that idea for a second. I delivered a swift knee to his crotch, which sent him rolling on the floor in agonizing pain. I just watched and laughed at his misery, like any competitive sister would.

"Dammit sis, I can't take much more."

I grabbed his chin and forced him to look me in the eyes as I told him something I had been waiting to say to him for a long, long time.

"I... don't... care."

I forced him back to his feet and pushed him against the wall, this time we were facing each other, chest to chest. He kept turning his face away from mine, closing his eyes as he tried to make himself believe this was all a bad dream. I was about to show him how real this really was.

"Look me in the eyes like a real man, you pussy."

"That's... not the problem."

"Oh, really... then what is the problem?"

"You're morning breath is awful!"

Where Zach saw a problem, I saw an amazing opportunity. I pressed my body against his, using my chest to pin him into the wall as hard as I possibly could. Then, I stepped my bare feet on top of his to make sure he wouldn't try to shuffle his way out of this. I took both of my hands and grabbed each side of his head, positioning his face right in front of mine.

I took a long, large exhale in. Next, I took my right hand and used my fingers to pry open his lips. Finally, I released all the morning breath straight into his mouth.


He briefly moaned from the flavors of my warm air. I stepped back and punched him twice in the gut, once in the groin. He went back to rolling on the floor, tears dripping off his cheeks.

I dragged his worthless body back onto the bed, as he made weak, pathetic efforts to squirm free. He just never learns... I took off my long, sweaty socks and wrapped them in a neat bow around his arms and legs, ensuring his total cooperation.

"You pissed me off Zach, and I don't ever want this to happen again."

I stepped back onto the bed, as Zach's eyes widened in utter fear. This was the only way to truly make sure he would stay my personal servant for life.

"Wait! Teresa, I'm sorry. You don't have to do this."

"Oh yes I do!"

I walked forward until my body was standing directly over his stupid face. He began nervously sweating from his forehead as he could sense his time was running out.

I turned myself around and began squatting down, my butt inching ever closer to face. However, I allowed him to say his final words before he entered the dark, damp, smelly dungeon that was my beautiful ass.

"Any last words brother?"

"Fuck you! I knew I never should've come to your place for the holidays."

I glanced over my shoulder and stared down at his face. My ass was so large, I could only see his eyes poking above my butt cheeks.

"You know... Mom hated bad words. I remember she used to put soap in your mouth when you cursed. Unfortunately, I don't feel like going all the way to the kitchen to get some soap. But my booty is the next best thing. And I know just the way to "clean" that dirty little mouth of yours."

I slowly lowered my ass on top of his face. I wanted to make sure I didn't crush his nose, or else he wouldn't be able to smell my 100% natural scent. So, I slowly rocked my hips side to side, back and forth, until his nostrils were pressed far down into my camo panties. He started fighting against the way my booty rocked side to side, but eventually I got him too deep inside my ass crack. Now, he had no choice, if my booty moved one way, his face followed suit. Lastly, I had to discipline my naughty brother, and this was how I was going to do it... (see the video below for the conclusion)


Note: video is from 2 years ago by "Ydidero," who is no longer active. I used FluidPlayer for the video embed. Please let me know if I did something wrong with the embed.

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<iframe src="https://videosection.com/embed/98099286" width="300" height="213" style="border: none;overflow: hidden;" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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Default Re: Requested Story | The Army Brat Fights Back

Bro awesome work ,I know you make it very good and also you can make more parts
Like brothers gets call from his girlfriend and sister picks it amd tell her to come here and see whats happening with his macho man
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facesitting, farting, sister, slave, smothering

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