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Default Re: Becoming the Family Toy

Part 4

John followed Claire downstairs with his head hung low. John could hear the familiar laughing of Monica's friends in the dining room.

"There they are!" One of them, a curvy, blond woman with fair skin, cried out as John and Claire entered the room. "Claire! You'll have to tell us all about college!"

Claire smiled, "Of course, Suzanne, I've missed you guys!" The three visitors began pestering her with questions as John sat next to Monica, his head still down.

Suzanne was a lifelong friend of Monica's. They joined the same high school wrestling team back in the day, and often told stories of how embarrassed their male opponents would be when they won against them. She stood a few inches taller than John at 5'9", and had a much thicker body than him. She, along with the rest of the group, focused primarily on fitness while her husband worked. However, her focus was more on keeping her "milf-like" appearance than maximizing strength or shred. Her goals were more than reached -- her revealing purple bikini showed off her flat stomach, large yet slightly toned arms, huge, slightly fatty thighs, and perfect curves. She visited Monica the most often and practically lived in the pool some days. The weather in Florida was always pool-ready, so she spent a great amount of time around John's family. To her right sat Karen.

Karen was the shortest of the group at 5'4". She was into running and crossfit. Her green 2-piece swimsuit showed off her toned 6-pack abs and shredded arms and legs. Karen didn't lift weights often, but still liked to tease John that she was stronger. She loved visiting Monica's house as she sometimes would swim laps in the pool as cardio. To her right, next to where Claire was now seated at the head of the table, was Maria.

Maria could only be described as a true amazon. She stood at an impressive 6'3" and had arms the size of John's legs. Every time she visited, she would make sure to show off her strength by racking up as much weight as she could squat in the basement gym. She wore a black bikini which did well to show off her curves. Her stomach and muscles were well-defined, but it was clear she trained for strength. Maria had recently moved into the neighborhood, and the other ladies often asked her for workout tips.

As the three women pelted Claire with questions about college, John sat quietly to himself and ate his food. He didn't want to arouse any attention, as he was sure nothing good would come of it.

"How about you, John? How was your first semester this year?" Suzanne's voice snapped John to alertness.

"It's been alright," John said meekly.

Monica placed her hand on John's arm. "John has been learning a lot at school, but I'd say he's learned more so far during break," she said cheerfully.

"Is that right?" Karen leaned forward, "what have you been up to in the last few days that's been so educational?"

Claire stifled a grin from across the table. John looked up at the three expectant neighbors, unable to speak and beginning to blush.

Monica smiled. "He's been learning how to be more obedient, and that the women in his life will walk all over him if he doesn't toughen up a little." She looked at her stepson. "Isn't that right, John?"

John's face was bright red. "Yeah," he said, staring down at his plate.

"Oh?" Maria looked at Monica quizzically, "How so?"

Monica smiled, glancing at her extremely embarrassed stepson. "Well, John sometimes has a tendency to speak up when he should stay quiet, so I've been taking it upon myself to root it out while his father is away for the month."

Suzanne intently looked at John. "Well, whatever you're doing is working," she laughed, "he's certainly staying quiet right now!" The ladies laughed as John continued to stare at his plate. The ladies resumed their conversation after a while, talking about various workout endeavors, their husbands jobs, and so on. Soon, they were all finished with their plates.

"John, why don't you take everyone's plates for us then meet us by the pool?" Monica nudged John's shoulder with her own. Without a word, John got up and gathered everyone's plates.

As he took Karen's plate, she looked over to her host. "What an obedient little servant you have here, Monica!" The three women laughed as John took the plates inside.

John, absolutely humiliated by the events in the dining room but not daring to retaliate, started the dishes. As he worked, he could overhear Monica's friends asking about her "educational methods."

"So he called you a bitch and you just choked him out with your legs? That's hilarious!"

"He had it coming, he should know better than to use that language with women. Especially to women who are much more physically capable than him."

"That's amazing. Did he just stop speaking out after that?"

"Well, he had a little trouble coping with being physically dominated, so I made sure he knew his place by making him kiss my ass after."

"You made him do what? No way!"

Claire passed John on her way upstairs, giggling at the sight of him obediently doing the dishes.

The women made their way to the pool, and John followed after a few minutes. Suzanne, who seemed to enjoy Monica's story the most from the other room, called out from her chair. "John, fetch us all some drinks, would you?" John froze. He was getting accustomed to following orders from the members of his household, but he felt put off by Suzanne telling him what to do. He glanced at Monica, who casually flicked her wrist, indicating to do as he's told. As he walked through the door to the kitchen, he could hear giggling from the women.

"It's amazing, it's like we have our own personal pool-boy!" John could hear Maria's voice over the laughter.

John came out with the drinks and handed them to the women. They all smirked at him as they took their drinks, obviously aware of the power they now had over him. "You can just wait by me, John," Monica chirped, "We'll let you know if we need anything else." John, once again, did as he was told. John stood next to Monica's chair, head down, as they continued their conversation. After about 10 minutes, Suzanne stood up.

"I'm going to grab myself another drink."

"Oh, don't worry about it," Monica said, "John can get that for you."

"No, it's alright," Suzanne replied, "I have to use the restroom anyways." She got up and inside the house.

"Well I could use a refill," Maria spoke directly to John, "and make it a stronger mix this time." John took Maria's glass inside.

John fixed up a drink for Maria behind the counter as Suzanne returned from the restroom. She smirked at John as she took the bottle from his hands and began to pour her own glass. When she gave it back to him, she fumbled the bottle and spilled it, splashing John's athletic shorts. "Oop!" Suzanne exclaimed.

"It's alright," John said, "I'll run up and change."

"No that won't do, Maria's waiting on her drink." Suzanne grabbed the waistband of his shorts and John instinctively stepped back. Suzanne gave him a look. "You wouldn't expect a pool boy at a country club to deliver drinks with vodka all over his uniform, now would you? Just lose the shorts."

"I-" John started.

"What? do you not have anything underneath or something? You'll be fine. Most pool boys wear a speedo, anyways." Suzanne smirked as John reluctantly shed his shorts, now just wearing his underwear. She grabbed both his shoulders and pushed him back, pinning him against a wall. "Next time I tell you to do something, don't make me ask twice. Monica's been working hard to make sure you realize your place." John struggled against her grip, but the sturdy, taller woman easily held him immobile. Suzanne glanced down at John's exposed body and without warning seized his crotch, gripping his balls firmly. Before John could protest, her other hand covered his mouth, silencing him. As her grip tightened, she leaned in and whispered, "These mean nothing when you're as weak as you are. You'll come to learn that some women know what's best for you better than you do." Before she could release her grip, Maria piped up, now standing behind Suzanne.

"I've been waiting on my drink, what's taking you so long?" Maria asked coldly.

Suzanne glanced over her shoulder, her hands still tightly gripping his crotch and covering his mouth. "I guess Monica was right, he has trouble following directions." Suzanne pulled at his balls, forcing him to step forward off the wall. "I guess we've got to teach him a little respect too, huh?" Suzanne released her grip and wrapped her arms around John's waist and pulled him to the floor. She quickly mounted him, straddling his neck with her thighs. In this position, his hands were uselessly pinned above his head. He tried to bridge to get her off, but Suzanne's hand zipped straight back to his package. Her firm grip was enough to immediately stop the boy's struggles. "Apologize for not following directions." She stared down at him coldly.

"I'm sorry," John said as quickly as he had the breath. "It won't happen again."

"It better not, because you're in no position to challenge us." Suzanne smirked at her new boy toy, gripping his groin tighter for a moment before letting go. She stayed perched on him and crossed her arms, looking down at him. "Now apologize to Maria for taking so long on her drink."

John's head was forced upward, staring at Suzanne's beautiful body on full display in her bikini, and couldn't face Maria. He called out, "I'm sorry Maria."

Suzanne ran a hand through John's hair. "Good boy," she cooed. She suddenly looked up, noticing that Monica and Karen had entered the room. "Monica, I can see why you've enjoyed training him so much. He's so easy to take control of." John felt a flash of embarrassment now that all four women were in the room, seeing him helplessly pinned under Suzanne's perfect body. He tried to look away from his captor, but her legs kept his head firmly in place. "Honestly, I don't know how you do it more often, it feels so empowering to dominate him like this." She giggled as she looked down at the red-faced John.

Karen spoke up. "Honestly, Monica, it looks like a lot of fun."

Monica smiled. "Well he's not going anywhere, so you can absolutely give it a try." Suzanne gave John one last smile before dismounting her prey. Karen sat behind his head and wrapped her legs around his neck before he had the chance to get up.

"So you said you squeezed him like this?" Karen looked up at Monica expectantly.

"Essentially. In my opinion it's better to have him facing you, though. It's more fun to see his face." Monica said, watching Karen with amusement.

Karen released John's neck. "You heard her, turn around." John, knowing he had no chance of escape, reluctantly repositioned himself to his stomach. Karen's legs were open as she laid on the floor in front of him. "Get in there, bitch!" Karen giggled at her position of superiority. She'd never had the opportunity to do something like this to a man. John lowered himself into position, and Karen wrapped her legs around his neck. She immediately began to squeeze. Her scissors were not nearly as tight as Monica's, but she was certainly strong enough to inflict punishment. John's hands instinctively rushed to her thighs in an effort to pry them apart. "You can try, but I don't think you're strong enough for that, little guy," Karen teased as he helplessly looked up at his new assailant. She was tensing her core as she squeezed, which helped reinforce her six pack. She grabbed the back of his head, pulling him deeper into her hold, and crossed her legs. John thrashed wildly, unable to escape. Karen couldn't stop smiling as she watched John's eyes turn from pain, to fear, to panic, then to desperation. "You're right, Suzanne, this is amazing!" John was seeing stars. Mercifully, Karen released him before he passed out. She let his head drop to the floor and rolled him over to his stomach. She sat squarely on his stomach, briefly knocking the wind out of him and making him grunt, which caused all the ladies to snicker. John couldn't help but notice the skin-to-skin contact of his stomach and Karen's cheeky bikini bottom. She raised her feet up in front of John's face. "Kiss them." She said. John looked at her desperately. "Come on, bitch, show me you learned your place. I'm sure I could knock you out in another chokehold if you haven't yet." John swallowed what was left of his pride and brought his lips to her soles. The women all laughed as John kissed each foot once, and Karen got off of him.

As soon as she was off of him, Maria grabbed his torso with one hand and his legs with another. She heaved him off the ground, cradling him in her arms. John, shocked by her strength, looked her in the eye as she chuckled. She then shifted her grasp on the boy, wrapping both arms around his waist. "It must have been so humiliating to have your lovely neighbors dominate you like that. You must need a hug," she cooed. Gradually, she began squeezing John tighter and tighter. John's legs instinctively wrapped around Maria's waist as she began to apply more and more pressure. Soon enough, he couldn't even breathe. Maria began to walk around as she bearhugged him, showing off her strength. "Honestly, you seem like you're a good weight to do some exercises with. Maybe next time I visit I can use you with the other gym equipment." Maria laughed as John fought for precious breaths of air. He began to groan, the pressure from this woman's arms was almost tighter than that of Karen's legs. Maria began to stroke his back with one hand, like a mother consoling a child. "It's alright," she cooed, "I've got you now." John let his head fall to a rest on her shoulder. He could see the rest of the women from here, all laughing and whispering as they watched Maria manhandle him. Suzanne even ran out to the pool to retriever her phone and snap a picture. If John had the breath to protest, he likely would have. Eventually, Maria set him down flat on his back. She then took one of John's arms and stuck it between her legs, and laid down on top of him, taking his other arm and pinning it under her torso. Her bodyweight made it impossible for John to move an inch under her cross-body pin. Maria laid on her side, placing one hand on her hip. "Maybe with the others, you could someday grow strong enough to outlift them. But no matter what you do, I'll always be stronger than you." Maria smiled down at her completely defeated opponent. John looked at her with desperation in his eyes, clearly defeated. Without warning, Marie leaned down to lay on her stomach, forcing John's face upwards with her free hand. Marie's stomach descended on his face, completely smothering him. He could hear the ladies laughing and commenting on his helpless state.

"Look at him thrash his legs in those briefs, he looks like an ant compared to Maria."

"He's definitely got to get a little stronger if he ever wants to be the man in a relationship!"

John couldn't find a breath of air to save his life, his nose and mouth helplessly smothered by the skin of Maria's exposed stomach. Finally, Maria relinquished her hold. She stood up and placed a foot on John's chest, flexing her muscles for the others. Suzanne snapped another picture, absolutely delighted at the display of domination. She was the first to speak. "Monica, you told us all about what you did to the poor boy, but why don't you show us?"

Maria stepped off her trophy, and Monica descended on him. She laid on him, grabbed his hair, and forced his head in between her thighs. She began to apply pressure from in her reverse headscissor.

"You said you knocked him out like that?" Karen asked.

Monica glanced back at John and smiled. "Yeah. First in my chokehold, then in my headscissors." She applied more pressure. "It's actually not quite as hard as you'd think, and it definitely gets the point across when John here needs to be taught a lesson. Right, John?"

The pressure on John's neck was too much to allow him to speak, so he just gave a weak thumbs up. This led to more laughter from the ladies. His vision was starting to darken.

Monica continued to increase the pressure. "See? He's almost out." Suzanne stuffed her phone in John's face, snapping a picture. He could see his stepmom's glutes in action, his vision almost completely taken up by her thong-like swimsuit. "Good night, baby," she cooed as he blacked out.

John snapped awake quickly, with Monica now sitting on his chest facing his feet. "I didn't tell you about this one, ladies, but I've found it's extremely effective." Monica scooted back and descended her ass on to John's helpless face. The women all began to laugh gaudily, making comments and cheering at the humiliating hold. Monica gripped John's exposed package, much harder than Suzanne had earlier. "This is what happens to young men who need to learn their place around here." John laid there helplessly as his entire world was taken over by Monica's ass. He couldn't breathe against the fabric of her bikini bottom. His face flushed red as he noticed the sensation of skin-to-skin contact on his cheeks, as her bottom had seemingly ridden up since she'd scissored him. After a few minutes, Monica leaned forward, allowing John a breath of fresh air.

"And you said you made him kiss your ass after? You're pure evil, Monica!" Suzanne laughed as she snapped another picture.

Monica looked back at John. "Tell them yourself," she said.

John looked up at the women who'd been dominating him all night. "I kissed her ass and apologized for calling her a bitch," he said meekly. The women all laughed.

Monica kept her gaze on John. "Now do it again, for letting us down as our pool boy." John sighed and kissed each cheek once. "Keep going," she said, "and let me know why you're doing it."

John kissed her exposed cheek. "I'm sorry for not being a good pool boy," he said before kissing it again. He continued, apologizing in between kisses.

"Kiss them like you're really sorry, John. Don't make me knock you out again." John started to let his kisses linger, no longer speaking between them. He kissed her ass for a few minutes before Monica stood up. He laid, defeated, on the floor. "I didn't tell you to stop," Monica said. John mustered the strength to get on his knees and resumed his task. "That's enough," she finally said.

"What about me, John? You spilled my bottle when I was trying to fix a drink. I deserve an apology too." Suzanne, clearly enjoying dominating John the most out of the neighbors, looked at John expectantly.

"I'm sorry, Suzanne," John said.

"Don't tell me, tell my ass." Suzanne turned around and hiked up her suit, exposing her round cheeks. She placed her hands on her hips expectantly. John crawled towards her and began to kiss her butt as well. Suzanne's hand drifted down and began to stroke John's hair, occasionally pulling him deeper into a kiss.

Once she was finished, the other two ladies were already facing away from him. Without even being asked, John began to "apologize" to them as well, giving them plenty of firm kisses on their cheeks. Eventually, he finished.

Monica walked to John, still on his knees, and firmly took hold of his chin, forcing him to face her. "You're excused for the night." John stood up and began to walk away.

Suzanne gave him a playful slap on the ass as he walked past her. "Goodnight, pool boy," she said cheerfully.

John made it to his room, exhausted and humiliated. He opened the door to find Claire fast asleep in his bed. Anger began to rise up through him. After all he went through tonight, what the hell was Claire doing in his room? He wanted to wake her, but feared what could happen if he angered his stepsister. If Monica and her friends caught word of it, he'd never escape their clutches. John sighed and walked into Claire's room. She didn't have a TV, so he just laid in bed, staring at the ceiling, until he fell asleep.
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Default Re: Becoming the Family Toy

Thanks for part 4. I hope there is more to come
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Default Re: Becoming the Family Toy

This is such a great series!! Love it and hope you continue
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Default Re: Becoming the Family Toy

John woke up after a restless night of sleep. As he remembered he was in Claire's bed rather than his own, he groaned. He pulled the covers off his body, but before he got out of bed, he saw Claire standing in the doorway, arms crossed. She had gone to bed in her underwear -- a lacy bra and cheeky bottom -- and hadn't changed since. John instantly pulled the covers back over himself, embarrassed at his current attire. He was still wearing the briefs from last night. Claire seemed to notice his embarrassment and smirked.

"What makes you think you can stay in my room uninvited?" She said.

"What do you mean," John challenged, "you took my room for the night! Where was I supposed to sleep, the floor?"

Claire stared him down. "Watch your tone," she said, "I'm hungry. Make us some breakfast." She stepped over to the bed, ripping the blanket off of him. "Now."

John begrudgingly got out of bed and wordlessly headed downstairs. There wasn't much use in arguing with Claire right now. He fixed up a couple plates of eggs and bacon. While he worked, he could hear the familiar clanking of weights downstairs. Monica was working out. Thank god, he thought, because he was extremely nervous to see her after last night. Unfortunately, he could also hear light conversation, which likely meant Suzanne had stayed over. John walked back upstairs with the plates, entering his room where Claire was lounging on the bed. She hadn't changed, but had just thrown on one of John's old t-shirts. Because of their height difference, the shirt was slightly cropped on Claire. John handed her a plate and walked to the dresser to grab clothes for his shower. However, when he opened the drawer, he found it was filled with Claire's clothes instead. "What the hell," he exclaimed, "why are your clothes in my room?"

Claire giggled. "Well I never thought it was fair that you got the bigger room, so I figured I'd move in while I'm here. If you're looking for your clothes, I left some of your stuff in the top drawer." John, frustrated, opened the drawer. Inside, there were a couple pairs of his underwear pushed to one side, while Claire's underwear took up the rest of the space. All three pairs were from when John was a little smaller, so they would be pretty tight on him. John, exasperated, looked to his step-sister. "What?" she said, "You certainly seem comfortable walking around here in your underwear so what's the problem? It's like your little uniform." She giggled at this statement as she watched John's cheeks flush with embarrassment. John bit back the urge to yell at Claire, knowing it could never end well, and took his one garment of clothing with him to shower.

After he was finished, John walked downstairs, hoping to watch some TV now that Claire had commandeered his room. Right when he sat on the couch, Monica opened the sliding door from the pool. She was wearing her black bikini, which, like just about every other one of her bathing suits, showed off her natural curves and figure extremely well. "John," she called, "Suzanne and I are relaxing at the pool, why don't you come out?" She closed the door and John was close behind. Although he felt embarrassed to see Suzanne again, following Monica's directions was clearly better than the alternative.

When John got outside, Suzanne gasped in delight from her chair. She was wearing a blue bikini and sunglasses, obviously working on her tan. "I was joking when I told you about the pool boy uniform, but I'm glad you took my advice!" John's cheeks flushed once again at this objectification, but he remained silent. He spent the next hour fulfilling their needs-- fetching them drinks and waiting patiently besides them when they were content.

"Come here John, I need to re-apply my sunscreen." Suzanne called out to him. John grabbed the tube of sunscreen and offered it to her. Suzanne laid flat on her stomach. "Get my back, first," she said. John hesitantly put some sunscreen on his palm and began to administer it carefully on her back. "Now my legs," she said expectantly. John worked the lotion from her feet up to her thighs. As he approached her hips, he became increasingly aware of how revealing her swimsuit was. It left nothing to the imagination as her soft yet shapely rear was on display. Suzanne noticed his hesitation. "Keep going, pool boy," she giggled. John got right up to the base of her cheeks and stopped. "What, you could kiss it last night but can't help me out now? Come on," she asserted. John obediently applied sunscreen to Suzanne's ass, massaging it with his hands as she sighed with contentment. She then flipped over, and John began applying the rest of her body before she needed to ask. While applying her arms, John couldn't help but notice how much larger her biceps were than his. From the outside, Suzanne looked like a maturely beautiful woman, but once he was up-close and beautiful he could tell she had real strength from all her workouts over the last few years. It was no wonder she was able to dominate him so easily last night. Right after he finished, Claire walked out. She was wearing a swimsuit he'd never seen before. It was bright red, showed a large amount of cleavage, and had a thong bottom. She must have picked it up in college. If John wasn't so terrified of angering her, he would have thought she looked absolutely gorgeous. He felt a slight stir in his crotch and prayed it wouldn't grow, as there was little to cover it in his current attire.

Claire had a seat next to Monica and began to sunbathe as well. She indicated for the sunscreen, which John silently handed to her. He was extremely thankful she didn't demand that he applied it, as he would have had some trouble hiding his excitment. The three women chatted while John stood silently behind Monica, waiting to be called on. After about an hour, Suzanne stood up. "I think it's about time for me to go. Thank you for having me over, Monica, it was a pleasure."

"Oh of course, Suzanne, you know you're welcome whenever you'd like," Monica replied. She turned to John "Walk her out, would you?" Although her tone was pleasant, John knew she wasn't asking.

John escorted Suzanne inside, where she grabbed her bag from the guest room. The two of them walked silently until they reached the front door. Before exiting, Suzanne turned to John and took a step forward. John instinctively backed up a step and found himself with his back against the wall. Suzanne placed an hand next to his head and stared him in the eye. "You were such a good pool boy for us this visit. I'm definitely going to have to come by again soon." Suzanne's hand gently rested on John's chest, then slowly moved down across his stomach, to his side, and rested on his hip. She pulled him in for a long hug. "It's so nice to have someone so obedient around," she whispered in his ear as her hand shifted slightly and grazed his crotch. He felt it stiffen a little despite himself, and he could tell Suzanne noticed. She smirked, and without any more words walked out the door. He shook off the embarrassment and walked back out to the pool, where now only Claire was seated. John stood by her chair, figuring Monica would want him to wait on her, too until she was done.

Claire quickly broke the silence. "It looked like mom had a lot of fun having her friends over. My old friends from high school are in town right now, I should have them come over, too."

John turned to Claire in desperation. "Please, don't," he said, "I'm embarrassed enough as it is right now."

Claire smirked. "Hm. I'll think about it, but for now you should stay on your best behavior." She looked at her step-brother expectantly and nodded. "In the meantime, you should make sure all the dishes from breakfast are done." John, looking for any excuse to go back inside, rushed to complete the task. Once he was done, he decided he should try and find the rest of his clothes while neither Claire nor Monica were on him. He crept upstairs to his -- or now Claire's -- room, and began poking around. He noticed she'd really moved *everything* in. Her photos, clothes, books, and all her other belongings were stowed in his room. John looked around and couldn't find any of his stuff. He decided maybe she put his clothes in her room, and turned to leave the room. His heart sunk as he turned to Claire in the doorway once again, her hands on her hips. "I tell you to be on your best behavior, and the first thing you think to do is go poking around my room?"]

John put up his hands. "Look, I was just trying to--" Claire cut him off.

"Look, if you can't keep your hands to yourself on your own, I'm going to have to force you to!" Claire slammed the door behind her. There were two jump ropes, which Claire used for cardio, hanging on the doorknob. She grabbed one and began to approach John. John tried to book it past Claire, but she scooped his waist up in her arms and threw him onto the bed. Without much effort at all, she was instantly on top of him as he thrashed about on his stomach. She lifted her knees up in the air as she sat on his back and harshly yanked his arms back between her legs. His arms were instantly stuck. "Best behavior my ass," she muttered as she wrapped the jump rope around his wrists. John continued to thrash and plea, but Claire silently continued her handiwork, making sure to keep the restraint as tight as she could. Once she was done, John's hands were tied hopelessly behind his back. Claire rolled him over and straddled his stomach, looking down at him with her hands at her hips.

"Claire, please--"

John was once again cut off as Claire casually placed her hand over John's mouth, silencing his pleas. Her glare slowly turned into a grin as she watched him squirm. "You really shouldn't have gone through my stuff, little guy." She smirked as John slowly began to lose steam. She got off her perch and walked over to the other jump rope. John gave her a look of desperation as she walked up to him. She stared him in the eye as she seized both of his ankles and began tying them up, too. John, unable to accept reality, began to thrash his legs. Claire swiftly jumped on top of him once again and sat near his knees facing his feet. She was able to keep his legs straight and contained this way. John couldn't help but admire Claire's ass from this view. Her thong bikini bottom showed off her well-toned glutes perfectly. She honestly looked like a swimsuit model. Once she was done, she stood up next to the bed and spun him around by the shoulders, so his head was hanging off the foot of the bed. Claire straddled his neck with her thighs, preparing for a standing headscissor. John tried to reach for her thighs to pull at them, but his hands were hopelessly tied. He could barely move his legs, either, as he wasn't flexible enough to buck up his legs both at a time. Claire placed her hands on her hips. "This is for going through my stuff," Claire said, and she began to squeeze. John couldn't believe how much pressure Claire was able to generate from this position. He groaned loudly and was immediately smothered out by Claire's hand once again. His muffled voice made Claire begin to laugh as she squeezed the life out of her step-brother. "You're so done, John," she giggled. "You're so freaking screwed."

John was on the verge of passing out when Claire mercifully relinquished the pressure. She spun around, resetting her position but now facing the other way. John was absolutely mortified, as he now had a perfect view of her perfect ass. He was almost glad for the restraints, as he might have instinctually reached for it without them. Claire began to squeeze once again, laughing at John's pathetic struggles through his bondage. After a few minutes, she got off. "I'm going to grab a quick lunch, don't go anywhere." Claire laughed at her own joke as she walked downstairs. John glanced back at the doorway as she left, getting one last look at her rear before she walked downstairs.

Soon enough, Claire was back upstairs with a large bowl of mac and cheese. She grabbed John, pulling him so he was sitting up facing the TV. She then sat right next to him and started eating as she began watching the show. When she was a little over halfway through with the bowl, she nudged the incapacitated John with her shoulder. "You hungry?" John nodded, hoping she would untie his hands to let him eat. Instead, Claire turned to John and wrapped her legs around his torso. She didn't apply pressure, but he certainly knew it wasn't worth resisting her. She prepared a bite of mac and cheese and moved the fork towards his mouth.

"You've gotta be kidding me, Claire." John squirmed a little in his restraints.

"You said you were hungry, and you can't eat yourself like this, so I thought I'd help you out." Claire smirked at John and gave a quick, powerful squeeze with her thighs. John's mouth opened in surprise, and Claire took the opportunity to place the fork in his mouth. John flushed with humiliation as he took the bite, chewed, and swallowed it. Claire smiled and prepared another bite. She continued the process, slowly feeding him bite-by-bite. She seemed to bask in how embarrassed this made him. Once the bowl was empty, she put it to the side. "Now say thank you," she said cheerfully. John gave her a look and she began to slowly apply pressure with her thighs.

"Thank you Claire," he said begrudgingly."

"For what?"

"Thank you for feeding me."

Claire smirked and lightly grabbed his chin in her hand. "Oh, it's no trouble at all, John." She repositioned herself so she was now sitting behind him with her legs spread on either side of him. She wrapped his body up with her legs and slowly wrapped up his neck with her arms, gently holding him in a rear naked choke. They continued to watch the TV. This episode, a mid-season finale, got increasingly more and more intense. As the climax was approaching, Claire was unwittingly squeezing John with her arms, choking him out. He was unable to speak due to the pressure, and his struggles were written off by Claire as discomfort due to his humiliating position. Before the end of the episode, John was out cold.


"Wake up!"

John awoke, instantly sore and alert. He went to rub his neck with a hand before realizing they were still firmly tied up. Claire was sitting on his stomach, grinning from ear to ear. "Did I just knock you out!?" John dumbly nodded. "Oh, my god, that's so funny!" Claire laughed. "Mom said she was able to knock you out with her legs last night at dinner, I kind of want to try that," she smiled.

"Nono Claire wait--"

Before he could finish, Claire had already changed her position on John. She turned to face his feet and wrapped her legs around his neck. She tucked one ankle behind the other, placing him in a reverse figure-four. When Claire grabbed her ankle and pulled, John's face was forced into her ass. He had absolutely no room or ability to resist with his hands and feet tied. Any cries for mercy were absolutely muffled into Claire's exposed ass cheeks, as her thong bottom had ridden up as a result of getting into this hold. John couldn't even breathe, the skin of her rear was smothering him on top of the pressure in his neck. "What are you trying to say back there, John?" Claire looked back at John, laughing uncontrollably when she only saw his eyes as the rest of his face was fully enveloped in her greatest asset. To his horror, John felt another, stronger stir in his crotch as he began to accept his position. He couldn't help but feel excited about the skin to skin contact of their torsos in this position, as well as his proximity to Claire's perfect ass. Claire turned back towards John's feet and immediately noticed his excitement. "I can't here what you're saying, but by the looks of it you're enjoying yourself." John couldn't contain his embarrassment, but there was nothing to be done. He was completely trapped. Claire eased up a little on the pressure. "Tell you what, kiss my ass and I won't knock you out." Claire smiled expectantly at her step-brother, who immediately took the opportunity as he was terrified of another knockout. "Wow, you were really excited at that prospect, weren't you?" Claire laughed and began to apply even more pressure than before. "Of course, now that I think about it, you deserve to get knocked out for going through my stuff. It's only fair." John became even more enveloped in Claire's ass as she continued to crank up the pressure. To his humiliation, his hard-on grew even stiffer. "Damn, it looks like you like kissing my ass almost as much as I do!" Claire looked back at him one final time with a smile. "Almost." John faded out of consciousness.


John grogilly awoke, taking a moment to regain consciousness. Claire still had him in the same position, but she had completely let up her hold and was just keeping his head in place. He could vaguely hear her on the phone.

"Yeah, I'm sure he'd love to see you too!"

John quickly realized Claire must be on the phone with a friend. He started, ready to shout to Claire to hang up and not have anyone over. Before he could get a word out, Claire sat up and on top of his face, completely silencing him under her ass. As his muffled cries were barely audible from beneath her, Claire wrapped up her conversation. "Of course, I'll see you tomorrow!" She hung up and tossed her phone to the side. John could hear the TV resume as Claire kept watching her show. She let up a little as John took in a deep breath of air. "Guess who's coming over tomorrow? Remember Stella?"

John began to struggle again. Stella was one of Claire's close friends from high school. Like Claire, used to use her physical superiority to John to have her way with him. For the most part, it was only in small ways, like physically taking the remote from him when she stayed over, because she didn't want to risk getting in trouble with John's parents. If she came over tomorrow, that wouldn't be a problem for her. John once again attempted a plea. "Claire, please--"

Just like before, Claire shut him up. She sat right back down on his face and wiggled her hips, giggling. "She will be SO excited to see you!" On 'so,' Claire gave both of his nipples a playful pinch, sending a short shock down his spine.

"Claire! John! Dinner!" Monica was calling from downstairs.

"Come on, big guy, let's go downstairs." Claire got off of her seat and helped John off the bed and to his feet. She led him out of the room as he slowly made his way out the door and down the stairs, forced to take tiny steps and hops due to the restraints on his ankles. When the two got downstairs, the table was already set for them. Monica sat at the head, wearing yet another busty sports bra and booty shorts. She typically wore much more conservative outfits when John's father was around, but apparently modesty went out the window the second her husband was gone. Monica gave them both a smile, seemingly unsurprised the fact that John was completely tied up. Claire helped John sit at his seat and took her own across from him. The two women began to eat, and Monica periodically fed bites of John's food to him as he silently complied.

Monica broke the silence. "You know, this is good for you, John," Monica said as she was feeding her step-son a bite of broccoli. "A boy like you could use some more discipline and obedience. You should feel grateful to have a sister like Claire." John's cheeks flushed. He really didn't appreciate Claire being referenced as his sister after her demonstration of superiority earlier. He could see Claire slyly grinning at him from across the table.

Once Claire was finished with her plate, she stood up. "I'm going out for the night to meet some friends. Thanks for dinner!"

"Of course honey," Monica smiled, wiping off a piece of mashed potatoes she'd gotten onto John's lip. "Oh, and let me know sometime if you ever want me to show you a couple holds. I know plenty that are great for keeping disobedient little boys contained." She ruffled John's hair as she said this last bit.

Claire giggled. "That would be great, mom, thanks!" She began to walk out, her hips swaying as she went upstairs to change. "See you tomorrow, John!"

Monica fed John the rest of his meal. Once they were done, she left him in the room while she took the dishes back to the sink. She then walked up besides John and helped him to his feet. To his surprise, she bent down and lifted him by his waist. She seemingly effortlessly slung him over his shoulder and began walking him into the living room. John was astonished by the raw strength of his step-mother, and he couldn't help but admire her booty as she walked. He could certainly see where Claire's genetics came from. Monica set John in front of the couch and turned on the TV and put on a romantic comedy. She sat behind him and let her legs slowly coil around his neck into yet another figure four. "I'm glad you and Claire are getting along so well," she said. "Tell me what you did that made her tie you up."

John sighed. He wanted to start venting about how Claire and the other women have been treating him terribly, and how he just wanted to find his clothing, but he knew Monica wouldn't have it. "Claire caught me poking through her stuff."

Monica tightened her hold around John's neck slightly. "Why were you in Claire's room?" John didn't have the energy to tell Monica the entire story about how Claire had commandeered his room, so he tried to think of an excuse.

"I thought I left something in there when I helped her unpack when she got here."

Monica tightened her grip even more. "Well, you should have asked her to check for you. It's definitely not appropriate for you to be sneaking into her room uninvited."

John wanted nothing more to argue that Claire has been doing just that all along, but he saved his breath. "You're right, Monica, I'm sorry."

Monica ran fingers through his hair. "Good boy," she cooed as she slowly continued increasing the pressure. She lounged back with her hold tightly containing her step-son. They both silently watched the movie. Throughout, Monica would continue to apply more and more pressure in the hold. Once it became hard to breathe, John started to struggle. His struggles were completely irrelevant. Even without being tied up, Monica could easily keep him in place with minimal effort. Halfway into the movie, her headscissor became unbearable. Claire was strong, but Monica was on another level. Within moments of her full strength, John was out for the third time that night.

John awoke with his back now resting on the couch. He opened his eyes to see Monica. He realized he was laying with his head in her lap. He instinctively went to sit up, but Monica stopped him by grabbing a gentle hold of his hair. She looked down at him. "Did you prefer the chokehold, John?" John shook his head no. Monica lowered his head back to her lap, pushing his head so he was facing her body. For the rest of the movie, John didn't dare to move. He laid there, his head in Monica's lap, watching her bare torso move up and down with each breath.

Once the movie was over, Monica sat John upright. Silently, she picked him up over her shoulder once again and carried him up the stairs. She walked into John's room and plopped him on the bed. Monica crawled on top of him, straddling his waist. She leaned forward, lips pressed to his ear and whispered, "goodnight, baby." She then leaned forward even more, her breasts made contact with his chin as she kissed his forehead. She let the kiss linger a little before dismounting him and walking out the door. Monica flipped the light off and shut the door on her way out.

John laid in his bed for half an hour, staring at the ceiling, waiting for sleep. In a moment of panic, he remembered that Claire would be coming back to this room for the night, not her own. Before he could struggle out of bed, the door creaked open. Claire entered, wearing a t-shirt and jean shorts from her night out with friends. "Who told you you could stay in my room?" Claire grinned as she grabbed some clothes from her drawer and crossed the hall to the shower. John didn't want to risk trying to get out of the bed, as he would likely fall facefirst on the floor. Instead, he waited for Claire to get back.

Claire re-entered, wearing a lacy white pair of underwear. "Look, we match!" Claire giggled as she gave John's exposed body a look. Claire crawled into bed besides John, wrapping her arms and legs around him. "Mom and I are going shopping tomorrow, but Stella's coming over earlier. Looks like she'll have you all to herself for a while! I'm sure you can't wait." Claire snuggled in, using John as her body pillow, as she drifted to sleep. John, finding it difficult to get comfortable in Claire's embrace and his restraints, fell asleep after thirty minutes.
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Default Re: Becoming the Family Toy

Another brilliant chapter. Thanks.
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Default Re: Becoming the Family Toy

An awesome story,
Very hot!
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Default Re: Becoming the Family Toy

Great story. Hope it's not done!
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Default Re: Becoming the Family Toy

Amazing story
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Default Re: Becoming the Family Toy

wonderful ! great characters great pacing. love the build-up and subtle eroticism
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