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Old 27-Dec-23, 00:37
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Default Re: Breath Control

Hey thanks for the reminder! I'll post it in about 30mins. It's not the final chapter, it's Julia explaining more about her past to him...by using her body.
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Old 27-Dec-23, 02:09
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Default Re: Breath Control

Part 9

Chris woke up to Julia spooning him from behind, her massive body was draped all over him. It wasn’t a hold per se, but there was definitely no way to escape. The 6’2” amazon stroked his hair in a tender, loving way and he relaxed a little. Chris still felt a slight ache whenever he inhaled, likely from any number of Julia’s painful holds, but at least she seemed to be in an affectionate mood this morning.

“I’m sorry about last night.”, Julia said softly.

“O-oh no prob-”, Chris started to say before Julia abruptly cut him off.
“I wasn’t finished yet, Chris. I’m sorry I hurt you so badly but I still don’t think you FULLY understand how dark my past was…and whose emotions you might be unintentionally playing with.”

Chris’ entire body involuntarily tensed. What the hell was she talking about?! Then he remembered Julia’s previous struggles with her newfound vulnerability and more specifically, how often that triggered her need to dominate him. Chris’ mind was screaming at him to leave but there was something about the warm caress of Julia’s embrace that froze him in place. He had never felt this conflicted in his life.

Julia took advantage of his hesitation and tightened her grip around him. Julia shifted positions slightly, opening her long legs, pulling Chris’ back deeper into her warm crotch and then closing her menacing limbs all around him. She looked down over his shoulder with a smirk. The 150 lbs man had a tiny waist that was slightly less than the circumference of one of Julia’s thighs and she easily enveloped him in her flesh. Chris was in shock at how much of his body was now covered in her heavy, powerful muscles.

“Chris, I want to tell you a story from my past.” Julia coldly stated. “Many of my assignments required me to overpower and snuff highly trained male operatives who were my size or even bigger. To be honest, it was easy because I had so many tools at my disposal, including seduction.”

Julia’s tree-trunk thighs began to slowly contract and relax around his engulfed torso. Chris thought it actually felt quite comforting, almost like a nice, long repeating hug. Oddly, after a few minutes he began to feel inexplicably light-headed. Not too bad but kinda weird.

“However, one mission required me to eliminate a much smaller woman, who was about your size. At first I was disappointed, then I realized this presented an opportunity to be…. a little creative with my victim”

Julia’s big thighs kept the same slow pace for about ten minutes then started pulsing with enough intensity to force each of his breaths to wheeze. Nothing overtly hurt but something wasn’t quite right. Chris thought about asking her to stop but honestly, the pressure of Julia’s smooth tanned limbs felt kinda good. Plus her ankles weren’t locked so she clearly wasn’t scissoring him.

“Yeah, time to man-up Chris. Don’t be a little bitch”, he thought to himself and decided not to complain. Chris swiped some light perspiration from his brow and tried to focus on Julia’s story.

“This woman, I got her into bed, had my way with her and afterwards spooned her just like we were. And I’ll never forget her expression of pure bliss and exhaustion and then pure fear as I did THIS!” Julie said wistfully.

Unknown to Chris, Julia was reliving one of her favourite and most effective elimination techniques. Julia’s strategy was to use her hips and thighs to subtly and incrementally steal her victim’s oxygen. All she had to do was keep her target engaged with small talk and they’d soon find themselves inexplicably exhausted and breathless. Julia would squeeze their tiny frame in slow rhythmic flexes of her ropy inner thighs masking it as a passionate, sensual embrace. In response, her lover was forced to take increasingly more shallow inhalations and usually their egos prevented them from asking her to relax. Eventually, their movements began to slow and their eyes began to glaze over. With her victim in a state of weakness, it was then Julia struck using any number of suffocating holds.

Today Chris would be unlucky enough to experience “The Angry Anaconda”. Fitting, Julia thought irrationally, because her irrational fear of him hurting her had once again made her really mad.

Chris now realized something was very wrong but it was much too late, his scream for mercy was cut off by the sudden impact of her thick, bulging thighs sucking him deeper and trapping his entire ribcage. Julia was squashing it harshly between the muscles of her legs, stopping the scream in his throat and forcing air from his lungs.

She saw his ribcage buckle horribly, his ribs bending inwards with the force to her grip.

“Stppppppppp” he mumbled

Julia reached down, cupped his chin from behind and turned his face up towards her.
For a few wonderful moments, Julia stared at the surprised and scared little man.
Then Julia loosened her legs enough to bury Chris even deeper, right up to the top of her legs. For the second where she loosened the legs, she heard a gasp of air and “Ple...” before she applied the bodyscissors, burying him back into her smothering hold.

Now Julia, slipped her large arms under him and clasped her elbows, putting him in a savage bearhug. She bit his earlobe and whispered “Double trouble. I’ve got really strong arms too, strong enough to shatter ribs but the bearhug is just for fun. You know, sometimes I worry that you don’t really respect the power I possess. And how am I supposed to control you if you don’t fear me, hmm? Answer that and I’ll release you.”
Chris’ eyes widened in equal parts fear and disbelief. He tried to form a response but instead his mouth just silently flapped. He was in far too much pain and had far too little oxygen to even make a sound.

“Nothing to say? See I knew it and now I have to punish you. I’m about to REALLY hurt you with my legs. This next move can only be done by a woman with VERY long legs against a much smaller opponent. Unfortunately for you, both boxes are checked tonight baby.”

Chris’ could only thrash ineffectively in pain and confusion. He was so dazed, he could barely understand her.

Julia unlocked the bodyscissors but tightened the bearhug to ensure the same level of asphyxiation. Slowly, she raised her right leg and held it mid air, squeezing it hard against his body.

Then she lifted it higher than her left leg, angling it inwards, watching in the overhead mirror as his eyes widened in panic, unsure what was going to happen to him next.
Squeezing hard with her left leg, Julia puuuuuushed her right leg over the knee, twisting Chris’ body a little as she did, “Gggg,” he cried at her, his face a strange colour of red and white. With a grunt, she pressed the big right leg down over the left knee, feeling the pressure of Chris’ chest almost threatening to pop beneath the powerful pressure she had created. Julia glanced up at the mirror again and smiled. His forehead seemed swollen and purple, and his eyes were half closed, squeezed shut with the pressure from her crossed legs.

Chris’ face changed from confusion to utter panic as he realized his predicament, what little air he had in his lungs would not last much longer, and the burning as he tried to take in oxygen made him wheeze with desperation.

For Chris, the world was already darkening, he could see Julia coldly staring down at him. “Pff” he seemed to whisper to Julia, she could see his torso, horrifically crumpled between her legs.

The small man tried inhaling through the tight muscles in her leg, flailing his head backwards and forwards to try and find a single lungful of oxygen.

“Why was she doing this?! Everything was going so well. Fuck, she must know…”, Chris’ oxygen-deprived brain was trying to make sense of Julia’s sudden mood swing.

Julia watched Chris' eyes and was happy to see his struggles.

“Yes! Yes! See, now that you understand the power I hold over you, you won’t dare even THINK of leaving me!” Julia’s twisted mind assured her.

Chris’ pupils dilated and he snorted with desperation as he tried to breathe. His screams were silent but she could feel his chest vibrations between her legs, and the bubbling of the snot running from his nose.

“Only a woman with really long, muscular legs can pull off this crippling move. I don’t even have a thigh gap so this hold must be horrible for you.” Julia said with a content smile, and then pressed her upper leg down even harder, hooking her large right calf around her left and cruuuuushed Chris tighter in a ladylike pose.

“Mmmmhmmmmm” he cried, and this cry was filled with utter despair, he was running out of air, she could tell by the sounds in his voice and the desperation in his eyes, his eyes seemed to protrude further out of his head, bulging and popping with tiny splotches of blood.

Julia held him like that for a few minutes and then loosened her grip slightly.

“Chris, I could easily tighten up even more and absolutely pulverize you with my legs. I mean END YOU. Would you like that?” Julia said calmly.

Chris thrashed his purple head back and forth.

“No. No I suppose you wouldn’t but ooooh, it’d be such a turn on for me. Nothing gives me a bigger orgasm than when I watch my legs crushing my helpless prey. Nothing.” Julia replied and then paused, seemingly contemplating whether or not to finish suffocating her lover to death.

A small stream of drool began leaking from Chris’ mouth and Julia tenderly wiped it away.

“I really do love you, Chris, so I'm willing to spare you and give you one more chance to prove how much you love me. I’ll give you one week to take me on the most unforgettable date. If I like it, I’ll take you to a hotel room and fuck you into complete submission. And if not, well, I guess I’ll be getting an orgasm after all.”

Julia moaned and started flexing her thighs again. “Tap out if you submit to my offer. If you submit to your goddess…”

Chris used the last of his remaining energy to weakly tap on her hard, smooth thigh. The deadly woman mercifully stopped squeezing and patiently watched Chris burst into tears and gasp for air. Eventually, the frightened man realized that Julia was still wrapped around him possessively and thrashed around trying to escape her hold.

Julia was completely unphased by Chris' best attempts, he was so weak compared to her. Instead, she casually turned him around so they were face to face, wrapped her long legs around him and locked her ankles. To her amusement, she didn’t even need to squeeze her prey this time, as the sheer weight of her gigantic legs were enough to flatten him to the mattress.

She took Chris’ head in her hands, leaned down and gave him a long, deep kiss. Chris was again being suffocated and tried to pull away. Julia switched to a body triangle and continued her liplock until she felt Chris’ struggles subdue and his body collapse in defeat. After a while, she finally lifted her head and allowed him to breathe again.

“Remember…you have one week. And don’t even think about trying to escape me. I used to track hardened intelligence operatives across the globe. I would find you. And once I did…Chris did I ever tell you the story about how I crushed a man’s skull with my bare thighs? It’s nothing like a watermelon challenge, nope it takes a looooong time. He must have screamed for about an hour. Or at least I think he was trying to. It was hard to tell because I was smothering him at the same time. Yeah I had him right in there. Poor guy.”

Julia paused to let Chris’ mind process the implications of her terrifying threat. She gradually wrapped herself from her semi-conscious lover and strutted towards the shower.

“So babe.”, She gleefully called over shoulder, as if nothing was wrong. “You’d better get going…one week.”

To be continued.
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Default Re: Breath Control

Things are not looking good for poor Chris..Please tell me that the next part is coming. You're really killing me with those cliffhangers
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Default Re: Breath Control

Everything about this story is great, but the part on eliminating the much smaller woman was simply splendid and otherworldly and definitely worth getting back to.
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Old 12-Mar-24, 18:19
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Default Re: Breath Control

I and many others anticipate the next, and perhaps final, installment. Normally so much choking doesn't do it for me, but this one "clicked".
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