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Old 21-Jan-24, 09:30
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Post Me and Randy Wrestle

Second Story ever, this one has some truth and some fantasy to it... ill let you decide when the lines blur

"Randy" moved in up the road from me when I was in middle school, both of us were kind of on the cusp of being cool kids, but still outkasts. At this time unlike my last story I hadn't quite hit my growth spurt yet, and I was a little dude, like 100 lbs soaking wet maybe 5 foot one(im a healthy 6'2 225 nowadays). Randy was a gorgeous little red head with wavey hair, green eyes and a fair amount of freckles. Skinny as a pole, but her breast were beginning to blossom, and she normally wore something the revealed her tight legs and bubbling butt. she must have been an inch or two shorter, and a few pounds lighter than me. Anyways we built up a friendship between mutual classes and living in somewhat close proximity after school.

We Hung out pretty regularly the summer between 8th Grade and our freshman year, admittedly because I was sniffing around some of her friends, they were also a few of the only kids I knew may age that wanted to smoke and drink. Gingers had a bad wrap when i was younger for what ever reason, i was truly interested in a few of the other girls she hung around with then her for the most part. However she was still kinda of a temptation in the back of my mind, mostly because I could tell she had a crush on me. I think that may have also been why ther was some peer pressure about redheads not being cute, a few buddies being jealous and trying to steer me away for there own interests. But I digress, freshman year came around and we planned on smoking some weed and riding our bikes into together the 1st day.

I got to her house about an hour before for we needed to start heading to school, and brought the weed with me. I arrived knowing her parents were already gone for work and let myself in from her screen door, she was walking around the house in black booty shorts and a light green tank top, with a little sports bra on underneath. When she saw me she jumped and said something along the lines of "whoa I almost took you out, how about knocking next time?" My smart ass said something along the lines of "that's cute you're welcome to try" she gave me a little push that sent me back some. I'm not sure if she put more into than she gave off, I but definitely made me step back some, and she teased about it. we went back to her room and she had a few outfits laid out on her bed, she wasn't she what to wear on the 1st day and wanted to make a good impression. I rolled my eyes at her and told her I'm not her girlfriend, im not going to pick your outfit out for you. she responded quickly with a "wow I thought maybe a man's opinion would be helpful but maybe you're still a little boy"

I quickly got flustered by this, 100% was young and not reading this fine young ladies signals, but at the same time it went to my benefit. I responded with some quip about little girls playing dress up and women knowing what they want. She then kinda of jumped me in a playful way, pushing me a little harder than last time, but her bed was behind me. So instead of stumbling backwards I fell back onto the bed and Randy hopped right on top of me. pretty quickly working her way up to a tight SGP and trying her best to pin my arms between her legs she managed to get one between her calf and thigh while still struggling with my dominant arm. At this point she began teasing me "didn't you do wrestling I thought you'd be strong than this? Am I going to have to protect you from the seniors today?" I admittedly was enjoying her on top of me to this point, but she was right, I really couldn't have her punking me before the first day of highschool. So I tried to bridge and pop her off of me, she handled the bounce fairly well and though I got her off of my chest I didn't totally get her off of me. Instead she landed feet on the floor with me still on the bed stuck in a heck of a front headscissors.

Like literally her butt should have been 3-4 inches closer to the ground but instead my head and the bed cushioned that from happening. I got the full frontal cootchie swipe/squeeze from her, I cupped her cheeks trying to push her off yet again, but she used her leverage along with pressing her arms against the wall to hold me in place, giggling and telling me I messing up her outfits. I shoved one last time on she little booty trying to get her to budge but she was leaning into it now. I was looking up at her, tight little body, green belly button right hanging out of her tank top, green eyes and red hair shimmering down on me. She took one had of the wall and shoved me a little deeper before giving a wiggle and telling "you better tap before for have something other than a poptart for breakfast." I enjoyed a few more struggles before she declared her dominance and went to the shower. were I was I truly couldn't get her off, if it was a level spot I'm sure I could have but the angle she caught me on the bed was very lucky for her. When she released me from her legs she bopped back down and rubbed her but in my face a little bit and told me to make sure the blunt was rolled by the time she got out of the shower.

I begrudgingly began breaking down the weed while she was in the bathroom, and for my age definitely rolled a nice blunt. When shee got out, she looked even better than before, were a pair of skin tight navy Abercrombie sweats, and a matching polo, equally as tight, with the buttons undone and breasts popping out. She instantly asked to see the blunt I presented pretty proudly a finely rolled masterpiece, and she comes at me about how it's a pinner and only enough to probably get one of us stoned. I responded that she doesn't have to smoke if she doesn't want to. She quickly starts walking out the back door with it, and says "I think I should be the one to smoke if anyone, you promised to get me high before we went in today I run out right after her saying fat chance that's plenty for both of us, and as she's holding it out I reach for it, but Randy extended her butt and grabs me by the neck, hitting me with crazy hip throw that I did not see coming. Me and her have been friends for some time and have never wrestled before. Now she was challenging me twice in thirty minutes?

I'm on my back wind knocked out on me and she drops right on my chest, saying "wow didn't we just do this?" I try the same move as before bridging which again just lead to her being higher up, and closer to on my face, im looking up at her, pulling her thighs apart but as I do she's just thrusting forward. She holds the blunts out in front of me, and asked for a lighter. I ignore and keep struggling even though it seems useless, she arches backward while shove her pubuss forward on my chin/face , reaching into my pocket as I try to pull her hand away shes rubbing against me in here breif struggles. Randy pulls a lighter out of my pocket sparks the blunt while looking down on me and blows the smoke right in my face. Then closes me into her thighs and giving me a good rub. she's takes her 3 hits and then puts the cigar my mouth. we smoke the whole thing while I'm pinned down and she continues to tease me saying things like "your lucky im letting you smoke, i could have just took this and sent you on your way", ashing on my forhead and putting the blunt to my mouth for my turns to hit it...once it was done she made me kiss her butt to get up... I didn't know at the time be she managed to snap a picture or two of her victory during our struggles. a few of her girlfriends and me got to see those for the first time on the way home from school, which lead too a whole other tussle with her and some of the other neighborhood girls having there way with me
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Old 31-Jan-24, 12:23
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Default Re: Me and Randy Wrestle

Thread approved
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Old 31-Jan-24, 18:27
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Default Re: Me and Randy Wrestle

Mate, forget Randy's other friends. She is a keeper.

Thanks for sharing this fun and hot story with us.
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Old 06-Feb-24, 16:38
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Default Re: Me and Randy Wrestle

Randy gets me again, as my day continues...

As I mentioned we went to school together after my 1st two losses and locked up are bikes, Randy didn't bust my balls at all about her victories otw, but she definitely was exubrating confidence.As we were headed in and looking at our schedules she asked me if we were meeting up after school to ride home together. I was kinda of suspect by the way she said it and was trying to come up with an excuse, but she pressed me a bit by saying one of her friends, Erin had an open house until around 6 and that her older brother had scored some smoke for us already. I responded that I didn't really know if I could, because Idk when my dad would be home and that I really should he there before him. And then she mentioned that one of her friends, and as she knew my crush Andi was going to be riding home with her too....

That quickly changed my mind and she saw it right away, Randy was slightly annoyed but still happy that I had said yes. Andi, was a drop dead beauty, a similar hieght to me and randy probably right in between us(5ft or so, but she had atleast and extra 20-25 lbs on me) She had an almost pale white glow, but was half Puerto Rican, but you could see here ethnicity in her curves, and swagger... curly brown hair with blonde highlights, blue eyes, and with and the thinnest waist and thickest butt I've ever seen on one person. Her legs brushed together but there was still a clear thigh gapTold, her young breasts were just blossoming and complimented by hoop earrings and a skin tight shirt most of the time. Randy told me not to be late after school and that she'd see me at lunch. Nothing too wierd happened at school that day, but a few of the girls in my friend group had a little bit of a strange energy. Andi asked me if I was still playing on coming by Erin's later in the day. I asked if she was and when she said yes, I told her I was hoping to make it. Still debating in my head of it was a good idea or if I should hustle my way too the bike stand after 8th period and just head home.

I Didn't really get the opportunity to make my own decision though, as my last class was on the opposite end of the school and the girls beat me to the bike rack. We went on our way and randy was clearly hinting about some boy getting bullied earlier that day by a little girl. I was getting uncomfortable and she was clearly prodding, and I was beginning to suspect Erin and Andi were I the loop. as we pulled up to Erin's house Randy came out with its and said they know im talking about you and me. I quickly denied it and said it never happened and then she pulled out here phone. she had a photo of me stuffed pretty deep in her front from earlier on the bed, I was however cramed so far in that thankfully my face wasn't visible. I defensively said that you couldn't even tell who that was blah blah blah, and then Andi chimed in with a giggle that those were clearly Randy's bed sheets and she recognized the shirt that I'm wearing in it. Red in the face I charged randy while reaching put for her phone and she quickly hip tossed me using just her free hand and butt. I landed on my back head to Randys front. Staying up and standing over me she put on foot on my chest as I tried to get up shoving me down onto my back. OMG is she about to beat you up for a third time today!?! Andi chimed in from the back round as Randy slowly lowered her knee into my shoulder blade dropping her hips onto my chest and lining up for a reverse sgp and quickly plopping down on my face. I reach out with my hands to stop her but she grabbed them and pinned my arms to my side while transitioning into more or a reverse head scissors. It was another awkward spot on a small ditch and my head was down slope. She had again managed to fine a spot to take me down and use leverage to her advantage. Unlike the last pin before school this was in front of two other girls, and as much as i realized i enjoyed what happened before i really couldnt let her show me up in front of her little friends. I attempted Bridge as she released one of my hands and cranked my neck straightening me out and shoving me a little deeper in. My ears covered by Randy's tiny legs, just over her butt in skin tight blue sweats I could Andi standing in the background giggling at me. She had her phone out and was recording Randy was faking yawning and making cute poses as she continued to occasionally reach back and shove me deeper. After about 4-5 minutes I was slowly losing juiced and had just about stopped struggling when Andi noticed me getting a little excite though my shorts. Just as she was calling me out Erin thankfully popped her head out from in the house. "What are you guys doing?" and then quickly identify the situation busted out laughing "wow Randy you really needed to put him in his place again? well let him go and come in the back yard that blunt is ready and we've been waiting for you three."

Randy gets off of me slowly definitely her crotch and belly on top of me on purpose, I shove her of with some aggression and she quickly pushes me over once more before I get to my feet and tells me t0 watch myself or she'll beat me up in front of my crush again, seems how she knows I like it.
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Default Re: Me and Randy Wrestle

wow stick with Randy she could be your bodyguard and teach you how to wrestle lucky guy
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randy, sgp, smother, teen, wrestling

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