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Grappling Liz vs John - Battle of the slaves

“You will fight a slave girl that is owned by one of my friends,” Kate said. “I want you to do your best and try to beat her. I am betting on you, and you don’t want to disappoint your Mistress, now do you?”

“No, Mistress,” John said with a gulp. He did not feel confident in his wrestling abilities.

“This slave girl has more wrestling experience than you do, so you’ll have to try to avoid getting caught in a hold by her,” she continued. “She does however have one weakness that you need to take advantage of if you want to win this match. Orgasms. When she has an orgasm, it completely drains her powers. I’ve seen her fight in a sex fight before, and after the first orgasm was ripped from her, it was all over for her. She is also multi-orgasmic, so if you make her cum once, you can just keep going and the orgasms will keep coming and drain her of any energy she has left. ”

As Kate and John arrived at the location, a room had already been set up with a wrestling mat covering the floor.

John got introduced to his Mistress’s friend, Veronica, and then her slave girl that he was about to fight, Liz.

John got very nervous as he looked at Liz. She was the same height as him and had fairly large breasts. Her blonde hair was tied up in a knot and she was wearing a bikini with tie sides, allowing it to be removed easily.

“Go get changed, slave,” Kate told John and handed him a bikini bottom that looked the same as the one Liz was wearing. Being forced to wear women’s clothing was very humiliating for John, but he had no choice but to comply. The women giggled as John grabbed the bikini and went to go get changed.

“Now, let’s get started,” Kate said when John got back. “It’s time for the ultimate battle of the sexes. Man versus woman in a winner-takes-it-all wrestling match. That’s right, the winner will get to dominate the loser any way he or she wants after the match!”

This came as a surprise to both Liz and John. The thought of dominating their opponent after beating them on the wrestling mat made them both excited and eager to win.

“Submissions and forced orgasms will be counted in this match and score a point for the dominant wrestler,” she said. “There will be three rounds with six minutes each round. Understood?”

Liz and John nodded.

“Wrestlers, get ready!” Kate called out and John and Liz assumed the starting positions. “Fight!”

Liz quickly grabbed John’s head and forced it down to the mat. He was taken by surprise by this move and was then pinned down with his face to the mat as Liz moved in over the back of his head and sat down, pressing his face into the mat. While in this position, she untied his underwear and threw it away.

The two Mistresses watched in delight as John was stripped naked before them and his cleanly shaved ass and genitals were exposed.

Liz slapped John’s bare ass before John was able to free himself and get up to his knees.

John threw himself at Liz and managed to knock her down onto her back. He straddled her stomach and undid her bikini bottom as well. His hand started rubbing her now naked pussy, causing her to moan slightly in desire.

As John leaned down to kiss her, Liz took advantage of the opportunity by grabbing his head and forcing it against her breasts while locking her legs around his stomach. She had him trapped in a combined scissor and breast smother hold now.

“Nicely done, Liz!” Veronica cheered on from the side.

“Fuck!” John groaned, realizing his predicament. He felt embarrassed from getting trapped by the slave girl so quickly in front of his Mistress and her friend.

“That’s it, suffer for me” Liz said to John. She was trying to get into his head.

Before long, John was forced to tap out in this position and Liz scored the first point.

As the match continued, John was being more cautious now. He did not want to get trapped in another hold by this more skillful wrestler. Unfortunately, this meant that he had to focus on being defensive rather than offensive.

Liz noticed that John was taking a step back now, and it made her feel more confident in herself. She had already scored one point, and if he kept on being defensive the rest of the match, she would win this.

Feeling more relaxed, Liz started being more aggressive in her attacks against John. She managed to get on top of John and pin him down on his back. Her legs effortlessly reached in between his legs and tightened, securing them in a painful hold.

John felt his hope fade away as he found himself in a grapevine hold.

“No!” he said in frustration.

“Wow, she’s really kicking his ass,” Veronica said to Kate. “Looks like you shouldn’t have doubted the power of my girl.”

“We’ll see, there’s still two rounds to go,” Kate said with doubt in her voice.

Meanwhile, John was being painfully stretched out to the point of agony. Liz was looking him in the eyes with a sadistic smile as she had him pinned down securely and was putting him through an increasing amount of pain and humiliation.

“No! Stop! I submit!” John cried out as the pain became too much for him to handle.

“Liz takes a dominant lead, 2-0 to Liz!” Veronica called out. “That was the end of round one. You’ll have some time to rest now and then it’s time for round two!”

Kate took John to the side for some coaching.

“Listen, I know that she is a more experienced wrestler than you are, but you can’t keep being defensive,” Kate said. “You have to be more aggressive and try to pin her down. Don’t let her get on top. Her most powerful weapons are her legs, try to stop her from using them. Also, remember what I said earlier, try to go for sexual attacks. That is her biggest weakness.”

“Wrestlers ready,” Kate said as Liz and John assumed the starting positions. “Wrestle!”

This time the fight was more even again.

John managed to get on top and quickly untied Liz’s bikini top, revealing her large breasts. They were now both completely naked.

He slid down on her body and sat down over her legs in an effort to pin them down. He knew he had to stop her from using them against him. Reaching down, he started teasingly licking her now exposed right nipple, trying to get her aroused. His hand moved down between her legs and started softly rubbing her pussy. He could feel that her pussy was getting wet and hear that she was moaning slightly.

“Ooh,” Veronica said. “Looks like there’s some sexual energy on the mat!”

“No! Stop it!” Liz moaned.

John kept on sucking Liz’s erect nipple as his fingers found her tight hole and started penetrating it.

“Mmm… No, uh-uh,” Liz said in refusal and twisted her body.

Having freed up some space, Liz was able to drive her knee up into John’s unprotected balls.

“Ooh,” John groaned as her attack effectively stopped his ongoing sexual move. He felt the stinging pain from his balls and he reflectively clutched them and fell over to the side, freeing Liz.

Liz acted quickly and trapped her stunned opponent in a head scissor hold before he was able to defend himself again.

“No! Stop!” John groaned. “She’s cheating!”

“Sorry, dear,” Veronica said. “Low blows are not against the rules.”

“What?” John said in disbelief as Liz started squeezing the life out of him between her sexy, powerful legs. “Argh! Fuck!”

“Poor boy,” Liz said with a big smile on her face. She was obviously enjoying dominating John against his will on the wrestling mat. “Beaten by a girl, just like that… Just give up already and save yourself the humiliation.”

The torturous scissor hold was the worst possible place that John could be in right now. He badly wanted to tap out and end it, but he could not allow himself to give her yet another point. He struggled and tried to turn and twist himself in order to escape.

“At least he is still trying,” Veronica said, “but I’m afraid it’s of no use. Liz is clearly the superior wrestler. Do it now, Liz. Make him tap out.”

Liz increased the pressure on the hold around her captive’s neck. A gargling sound came from John’s mouth as his airflow was cut off. His legs and arms flailed around helplessly. He felt his consciousness start to fade away. He had no choice but to tap out and Liz eased off the pressure in response to this.

“Submission! Keep that hold Liz,” Veronica said. “The score is now 3-0 to Liz. Since the slave boy here seemed so determined to get out of this hold, I say we let him try again. If he can get out, he will score two points, but if he is forced to tap out again, Liz scores yet another point.”

“Fair enough,” Kate said. “You can do it, John!”

“Shit!” John thought to himself. Liz’s vicious, strong legs were still locked around his head, slowly squeezing his strength away. He had to act fast if he wanted to escape this.

John started struggling again. He tried rolling, twisting and turning and was trying to pry Liz’s strong legs open with all his might. Liz kept her relentless hold around his head and followed along with John’s movements in a way that almost resembled riding a rodeo bull, and she seemed to be enjoying herself.

Kate and Veronica watched in delight as the wild struggle took place on the mat in front of them. They were both cheering for their slave to come out winning the battle, but as John grew more and more tired, Kate started to realize it was a battle he would not win.

John’s struggles were reduced to a desperate flailing again as the ruthless legs around his neck resumed squeezing with ferocity. Liz was determined to get the submission from him now.

“No, not again!” John thought to himself, feeling helpless between Liz’s powerful thighs.

“Good girl!” Veronica cheered on. “You got him now!”

As the world started to fade away for John again, he was forced to tap out, signaling his submission.

“Submission!” Veronica called out. “The score is now 4-0 to Liz, and that is the end of round two. What a match! John simply has no answer to Liz's fatal leg holds. Looks like we have some female domination to look forward to later tonight.”

“I admit it does not look good for John,” Kate said. “There’s still one round left though, and anything can happen. I’m hoping that he can pull himself together and get back in this match.”

As the third and final round started after a short break, John was still tired from the last round. Liz had not lost as much energy as him, and it was clear as they grappled on the mat.

After a short struggle, John found himself on his back, pinned down to the mat. Liz was sitting on his upper chest, facing his feet. She held his arms pinned to the mat and slowly inched her way backwards until her ass was resting on his face.

She now had him in a reverse face sit pin as she reached down and started stroking his cock. It quickly grew hard in her hand.

John tried to use the opportunity to lick her pussy, but it was out of reach. Instead he started licking her ass, hoping it would make her aroused.

“Look at that submissive boy of yours,” Veronica said to Kate and giggled. “He can’t even stop himself from licking my slave girls ass even when he is supposed to be fighting her.”

“I am your Mistress, and you are my slave. This means that you belong under my ass,” Liz said dominantly. She was trying to use his slave training against him and make him submissive to her.

Leaning down, Liz’s mouth found John’s hard cock and she started sucking it, intent on bringing him to a sexual submission. In order to do this, she had to reposition slightly, moving herself back. This meant that John could now reach her pussy with his tongue. He quickly got to work, lapping her pussy with quick strokes of his tongue.

Veronica and Kate watched as their slaves were in a 69 position, giving each other oral worship. Both slaves were moaning and enjoying the treatment they were receiving. It was now a race of who could make the other cum first.

John knew that if he could force an orgasm out of Liz, he still had a chance of winning this. On the other hand, if he was made to cum first, it would be all over for him. He focused his efforts on her clit, sucking it and licking it with short, strong strokes.

“Oh fuck!” Liz cried out. The tongue working her clit felt so fucking good that she got distracted from her task.

“Oh shit, I think she’s about to cum!” Kate said with delight.

“Oh god!” Liz moaned. “Oh yes! Yes! Yes!”

Her whole body tensed up and started shaking as the orgasm hit her hard. Waves of pleasure spread from her pussy and through her entire body as the tongue working her clit kept on going faster than ever. She rode his face through the orgasm and he eagerly kept licking, knowing that he was now back in this.

“Yep, that’s an orgasm!” Veronica called out. “The score is now 4-1.”

“Fuck!” Liz said as she dismounted John’s face. John wiped the juices off his face and was relieved that he was not the first one to cum.

The match resumed.

John could immediately tell that the orgasm had indeed made Liz less aggressive and determined. He was able to get on top of Liz and his hand went straight for her pussy.

“No!” Liz said as she felt the fingers pushing inside of her.

With a strong push, Liz was able to push John to the side. With a quick and skillful move, she moved her legs up and around his head, securing another head scissor hold.

“Nice, Liz!” Veronica said.

“Oh fuck, not this again,” John thought to himself as he felt the pressure being applied around his neck again.

Instead of trying to free himself from the hold, this time John focused on trying to continue his sexual attacks. He was too far away to lick her pussy, but he was able to start rubbing it with his hands and finger fucking her.

Liz felt the pleasure coming from her pussy again and couldn’t stop herself from moaning. She increased the pressure around his neck in order to let him know that she was in charge and not him.

“Make that slut cum!” Kate said to John.

“Don’t cum! Make that bitch boy tap out!” Veronica said to Liz.

John could feel that Liz’s pussy was very wet and was able to work three fingers inside of her without much effort while still rubbing her clit with quick strokes. However, the pain from his neck was becoming a big problem and he knew he would be forced to tap out soon.

Feeling her pussy getting filled up and her clit caressed, Liz could feel another orgasm rapidly approaching. As it got closer and closer, she lost focus again and her grip around John’s head loosened. She was right on the edge of cumming now.

John felt her legs relax a little and used to chance to escape the hold. He could tell she was getting close to cumming, so he quickly started licking her clit and kept finger fucking her roughly.

“Oh god! Fuck!” Liz moaned.

John could feel Liz’s pussy spasming around his fingers as she came again. She threw her head back and her whole body shook as the second orgasm hit her even harder than the first one. John heard a gushing sound and realized she was squirting a little on his hand.

“Orgasm!” Kate called out.

Liz’s body was filled with orgasmic delight as John fingered and licked her through the intense orgasm.

“Unfortunately, that is the end of the third round,” Veronica said and walked over to Liz and John. “Slaves, get up.”

As John and Liz stood on both sides of Veronica, she turned to Kate and smiled.

“With a score of 4-2, the winner of this match is Liz!” she said and raised Liz’s hand up into the air, signaling her victory.

“We’ll take a break to rest up and make some preparations, and then it’s time for your prize, Liz,” Veronica said. “I can’t wait to see how you are going to dominate and humiliate this slave boy.”

For more stories like this and the next part of this story, check out fightswitch on patreon.

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Default Re: Liz vs John - Battle of the slaves

Hey bro i really like this storie what happend whit parte Teo
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Default Re: Liz vs John - Battle of the slaves

FightSwitch has a Patreon page, mate. If you sign up to make a small donation per month you can read part two to this story as well as the other stories that have been shared on there.
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