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Default Don't Mess with the Dons

Character Profiles:
Dawn is 5'11, 135 pounds, 20 years old with long black hair with brown eyes. Dawn's parents immigrated to America from China when Dawn was 3 years old. Dawn had a hard childhood, both financially with her parents trying to find work in a new country, and socially as she had to learn a new language as she started school. Things got better in 1st grade when she met Kelly who both helped her with learning English and in gaining social confidence. Nowadays Dawn is focused on her studies, but makes time for her friends and especially Kelly. She is very determined to help her parents in anyway possible.

Kelly is 5'6, 155 pounds, 20 years old with medium length brown hair, that she often wears in a ponytail, and brown eyes. Kelly is a second-generation American, her parents meeting while studying overseas from China. She grew up bilingually, speaking mostly Mandarin at home, and English everywhere else. This allowed her to befriend Dawn when they met in first grade, who at the time had limited English. Now at university Kelly is a very good student, but she also wants to have the classic American university experience, going to parties and meeting boys. She'd previously had a crush on Nick, but he was a dick to her so she now dislikes him, while stile being attracted to him.

Nick is 5'8, 150 pounds, 20 years old with short brown hair and green eyes. Nick grew up rich with very little to worry about. He never focused to hard on school, but excelled at sports, specifically soccer. As he got older and became interested in girls he found he could get basically any girl he wanted to with his good looks. Every since he got to Jasper Hall Nick has made it his mission to sleep with as many girls as he can and go to as few classes as he can. Nick has no interest in Kelly, who had previously shown interest in him, as he claims he's not into Asian girls. In spite of this claim Nick harbors a secret crush on Dawn, but one he refuses to act on.

Lilly: Lilly is 5'5, 130 pounds, 18 years old with long black hair, glasses and brown eyes. She is an International Student who is the roommate of Kelly and Dawn. Her roommates are very protective of her and try to keep her out of trouble. Lilly is head over heels for Nick, but Dawn doesn't want her going to parties and Kelly doesn't want her to get rejected as she once was. Lilly loves her roommates, but wishes she had a little bit more freedom.

Chapter 1: Welcome to Jasper Hall
Jasper Hall was a lot like most university dormitories, it was full of all kinds of different students. Some of these students were completely focused on their studies, and some where completely focused on partying. The two students who were most focused on their studies, were the two Dons responsible for the top floor of the building. Dawn and Kelly had been best friends since they were kids and had decided to go to university together. Dawn and Kelly were third year students who were in the first year of being dons at the university. Jasper Hall had gathered a negative reputation as being more of a party residence than an academic, so those in charge of the residence had laid out incentives to the floor dons, offering free residence to the dons of the floor with the best grade average. This was especially important to Dawn whose parents had been just scraping by to pay for her classes and housing, and Dawn would've done anything to give them a break. Kelly came from money, but would've done anything for her friend Dawn. The two friends had done all they could to get their underclassmen's grades up, hosting big group study sessions, exam prep, and movie nights to celebrate the end of midterms and other big test days. All this had lead to the students on their floor having fantastic grades with the exception of one. The only other third year on the floor, Nick, who couldn't have cared less about school, the dons, or anything that wasn't a party.

Chapter 2: Nick Thomas, Bad Boy of the Ninth Floor
Nick hadn't ever wanted to go to university. Until he realized it would get him away from his overbearing parents who were always trying to get him to do his homework or study or whatever. Nick didn't care about any of that. Nick was the king of his high school, he was the captain of the soccer team, the prom king and he didn't need to focus on school or anything that he didn't want to. So imagine his frustration when some goodie-goodies were trying to get him to study or whatever. He'd known Dawn and Kelly since they were all in first year. Dawn was always acting like she was too good for everybody, and while Kelly had tried to come to some of his parties she never fit into his crowd. Nick didn't have anything against Asian girls, they just weren't his type and he only liked to keep around girls that he wouldn't mind sleeping with. He couldn't however, help thinking what it would be like being with Dawn, but he refused to act on this as she was so high and mighty and probably wouldn't go for his idea of a relationship anyways. Dawn, Kelly, and even their little roommate had tried to pester him into studying with them, but he just blew them off he wasn't going to let some girls tell him what to do.

Chapter 3: The Confrontation
Nick was surprised to get a letter from Dawn requesting his presence at her apartment to talk about his declining grades. He hated the way this was worded, as if she was disappointed in him or whatever, like she was his mom or something? He thought about throwing out the letter and forgetting about it, but then decided he'd rather give this girl a piece of his mind. The letter had asked him to come to their unit at 8, but he showed up at 9, he wasn't going to give them the satisfaction. He knocked on the door and a short while later it opened and Lilly was there.

"Hey Nick, are you here to talk about your grades?" Lilly asked inquisitively, but cheerily as she didn't sense Nick's hostility about the subject. Lilly couldn't help being excited when she saw Nick in his tank top and shorts, showing of his athletic body. She hid this excitement well however, as she had been warned of the way Nick treated girls.

"Oh hey, sorry I don't remember you name, where are those two?" Nick responded looking over Lilly's head at the apartment. He maybe would've felt worse about forgetting this girl's name, but he couldn't focus on that when he was seething over the size of the apartment. Why should these girls get a bigger unit than him and his boys? So what if they were the Dons or whatever, he was on the soccer team! Plus boys are bigger and need more space. Nick walked past Lilly into the apartment looking around for Dawns room.

"Oh no worries, my name is Lil-" Lilly started, slightly nervous as Nick was closer to than she expected him to get.

"Thanks Lil, but I found the room." Nick cut her off when he spied the name tag on Dawn's door, patting the young girl on her shoulder.

"Oh um, good luck studying!" Lilly spoke quietly, she couldn't believe that he had touched her and given her a nickname, this had been a great interaction. She went back to her room overjoyed. Meanwhile Nick had arrived at the door and opened it without knocking, because he wanted to get the drop on these dumb girls. He opened the door and his previous frustration at the size of their apartment was now replaced with near rage at the size of Dawn's room, it had to be twice the size of his own. Nick had been practicing what to say, but his anger clouded his memory.

"So I got some letter." Nick let out gruffly, sitting down on the couch opposite from the bed where Dawn and Kelly were sitting. Wait, why does she get a couch!? Nick was crestfallen.

"Oh great, thanks for coming Nick, Dawn and I wanted to talk to you about your studies and what we can to do help." Kelly started politely, trying to diffuse the tense situation Nick had already managed to create. Dawn was happy that Kelly had spoken first, if she hadn't been there then Dawn might've shouted at Nick for being so rude. Nick was at this time, unable to listen to anything, because he noticed Dawn had a TV. A TV? What was this brainiac gonna use her TV for? Nick's thoughts were occupied with all the soccer he could watch with this TV after he'd found a way to get it from Dawn.

"Nick are you listening? We are trying to help you." Dawn could see Nick losing his focus, god it was like she was dealing with a little boy. Why couldn't he just grow up.

"Oh you want to help me? So this is for me? Perfect! If it's just for my benefit then don't worry about it. I don't care about school." Nick responded condescendingly, as if caring about school was lame. Kelly was frustrated, she knew how important the reward was to Dawn and if this guy put in a bit of effort then she could have it, but he couldn't be bothered.

"Look Nick, I understand you don't want to study all the time, and you don't have. We just want to help you raise your grades a bit so you aren't failing." Kelly tried to reason with this boy, all the time wondering what she ever saw in this petulant child.

"Nah, thanks for the offer." Nick was already on his way out the door, off to continue plotting after his new goal, Dawn's television. Maybe he could get Lil on it, she seemed like she'd do anything he said. Dawn saw her chances at making a real difference in her parents lives walking out the door and decided to approach this from a different angle.

"Nick please, you must know about the reward for the floor that has the highest GPA, that kind of money could change my parents lives." Dawn asked politely opening up her heart to this boy who had to have some decency in him somewhere. He had to.

"Oh please, so this is all for you? As if I'm helping you." Nick responded coldly. Why would he care about some girl he wasn't even sleeping with. Kelly was irate, how could he be so heartless, she was gonna give him a piece of her mind, but Dawn spoke up first.

"Nick please, what would it take for you to try harder." Dawn pleaded. She had already lowered herself more then she had ever wanted to in front of him, she was now desperate. Nick thought about it, what would it take? Maybe she would sleep with him? She was pretty hot, but then again there were lots of hot girls. He wanted that TV. He was about to offer to study harder in exchange for her TV, when he had a realization. Why study if he didn't have to. This girl looked desperate, maybe he could take her TV and give her nothing.

"How about a contest? You win and I study my hardest just for you. But when I win I get your TV." Nick offered sleazily, his plan forming in his head. This had got way out of hand from Kelly's perspective, she was fuming and was gonna scream at this idiot, but once again before she could do anything Dawn spoke up.

"Fine, but you better stick to your word." Dawn accepted the challenge, confident in her own abilities and confident in Nick to pick something stupid that she could beat him at. Nick was overjoyed, she hadn't even asked what the challenge would be. Stupid bitch.

"Great, we're gonna play a game called tap, the winner is the one who is able to make the other submit." Nick confidently explained the extremely simplistic rules of this dumb contest. He couldn't wait to feel up Dawn before making her submit and taking her TV, this night had ended up being way better than he expected.

"Come on Dawn, you don't have to do this." Kelly tried to get her friend to reconsider now that they had learned what the challenge would be, the last thing she wanted was for her friend to get hurt by this brute.

"No Kelly, I don't have to do this, we get to do this to him." Dawn responded with a smile, and Kelly immediately knew what her friend was going for. They had a near telepathic ability to communicate after spending the better part of the last 15 years together.

"What do you mean we? This is one-on-one?" Nick asked bewildered. Had he made a misstep?

"Haha the only rule you outlined was that the winner had to make the loser submit, you didn't say I couldn't have help." Dawn giggled as her and her best friend closed in on the now much less confident boy they had their sights on.

Chapter 4: Nick vs Kelly and Dawn
Nick couldn't believe that these girls were cheating. Like he hadn't said that it was one-on-one but wasn't that implied? Weren't these girls smart enough to understand an implication. Whatever he was strong enough to beat them both anyways, and he would make them both pay. Kelly's fear at seeing her friend get hurt was now replaced with excitement at the prospect of humiliating Nick after how he'd treated Dawn. Dawn meanwhile, was already trying to think of the best way to make this stubborn boy submit, and surmised their best bet would be breaking his spirit completely. Dawn's thoughts were interrupted by Nick crashing into her, knocking her to the ground. Nick wanted to submit Dawn as quickly as possible, knowing that the longer the fight went the worse his odds would be. Dawn was holding him at bay, not letting him gain any kind of advantageous position. How was she so strong?

Then all of a sudden Kelly tackled Nick off of Dawn and he couldn't believe how hard she'd hit him. Nick was knocked loopy and by the time he regained his composure he looked up to see Kelly sitting confidently on his chest. Kelly had always loved going to the gym and especially liked working out her legs and glutes. Her strong lower half easily controlled Nick's body as her she used her body weight and leverage to pin down the boy she'd captured. Dawn stood beside the two smiling at how easy it had been for Kelly to control their opponent.

"Well Kelly, it looks like we have him right where we want him. How should we make him submit?" Dawn looked down hungrily at their prey. Nick was panicking, but couldn't find a way to shake this solid girl off of his chest. He hated the wide smiles on Kelly and Dawn's faces.

"We don't need to rush this Dawn, lets torture him a bit before we let him get away. I have some tape in my room, go grab it while I hold him down." Kelly stated confidently, she loved the feeling of control she was getting from dominating Nick and wasn't keen on letting it go. Dawn was somewhat concerned on leaving Kelly by herself, but she had confidence in her friend's ability to hold down Nick. She left quickly to find the aforementioned tape.

"Let me go!" Nick shouted at Kelly after Dawn left. He was fuming, infuriated that he wasn't able to get out of this girls grasp. Kelly just laughed and lowered her face until it was inches from Nick. He could smell her perfume, it smelt of peaches, he vowed to never touch another peach for the rest of his life.

"You know I used to like you, and here you are totally under my control. I could do whatever I want to you." Kelly spoke softly, this conversation was just for the two of them. She was at this very moment considering how excited the first year version of her would have been to have this boy at her mercy.

"Eww as if I could ever be into a fat bitch like you." Nick responded, disgusted with the suggestion. Not only was he not into Kelly, he was especially not into the idea of being dominated by some girl.

"Haha I'm not saying you'd let me do it, I'm saying I could make you. And trust me I could make you love it. But don't flatter yourself, you don't deserve it." Kelly punctuated her point by tightening her grip on Nick's wrist, reminding him that he truly wasn't going anywhere. For the first time, Nick considered that he might not be stronger than a woman. Just as this thought crossed his mind Dawn returned with the tape and before he knew what was happening he had his hands taped behind his back and his feet taped together. He was helpless.

"Hmm we could do whatever we want to him now. You've been having all the fun so far Kelly, let me try something." Dawn suggested, she was enjoying the feeling of power she got from the control they had over Nick but was still focused on getting that submission that she wanted so desperately. Kelly got off of Nick, who squirmed around trying to break free of his binding, the girls had a good giggle at how helpless they had rendered him. Dawn then turned the boy onto his back and locked him in a head-scissors, squeezing his head with her long and powerful legs. Nick couldn't believe how strong Dawn's legs were, he thought his head was gonna explode. Dawn loved seeing Nicks head turn darker and darker shades of red, but felt bad that Kelly wasn't involved.

"Hey Kelly, do you wanna help me submit this loser?" Dawn offered pleasantly, as if she was suggesting to two take a stroll in the park. Kelly was overjoyed to get back on top of Nick and once again feel the overwhelming feel of power.

"I'd love to Dawn, thank you for offering! I know just the way to help." Kelly said properly, matching the pleasant nature Dawn had started. The two girls broke into tears laughing at how ridiculous this situation was becoming. Nick couldn't laugh as he had nearly no oxygen left in his body. His situation was only made worse when Kelly shoved her ample chest into his face, now adding asphyxiation to his already horrible situation. Dawn couldn't stop laughing at Kelly's newest maneuver, but made sure to keep her scissors as tight as possible.

"Haha you're so lucky Nick, most guys would kill to have Kelly's tit's in their face." Dawn teased Nick, adding insult to injury. Kelly was laughing as well, so happy to be having this moment with her friend. Nick couldn't take any more. He couldn't breathe and he couldn't stand the humiliation. He was miserable to do so, but he had no option to tap out, hoping he could end this hell he had created for himself. This hope would soon be dashed.

"Oh he's tapping!! We did it Kels!" Dawn cheered, celebrating the hard fought victory that her and Kelly had achieved. Kelly couldn't believe how good it felt to force the submission from Nick but wasn't interested in letting him go just yet.

"Hold on Dawn, don't let him go just yet, he submitted to you but now I want him to submit to me." Kelly said playfully, hoping her friend would play along. Dawn was more than happy to keep torturing Nick. Nick tapped out again, tears streaming down his face. "Oh sorry Nicky, that isn't gonna work for me. If you want to submit to me, you gotta kiss my tits." Kelly teased the boy, but the situation couldn't have been further from a joke. Kelly jiggled her breasts in Nick's face, only furthering his humiliation. It killed him, but he had no choice but to kiss her boobs again and again. Kelly couldn't have felt better, to have this boy who she'd once liked now worshiping the very body he'd rejected. Finally after what felt like a lifetime for Nick, the two girls got off of him and fell onto the couch laughing at their success. Nick tried to get away but he was still taped up. After a few minutes of celebrating with laughter and hugs, the girls turned their attention to they boy at their feet.

"Well Nick, you lost are you going to promise to study harder." Dawn asked trying to be serious, but still overjoyed at the success she had achieved. Part of Kelly wanted Nick to decline so they could keep torturing him.

"Yes Dawn, I promise I'll study hard everyday...right after you suck my dick." Nick spit out venomously, he would never do anything this bitch said til the day he died. Dawn was only somewhat surprised that Nick was going back on his promise, but unsurprisingly Kelly was ecstatic.

"Clearly we need something to blackmail him with and I have just the idea, get your phone out and start filming Dawn." Kelly had an idea and she couldn't wait to put it into practice. Dawn was very interested to see what her friend had planned. She started filming Nick squirming on the ground. Nick tried to turn away so they wouldn't see his face, but Kelly jumped on top of him and brought him right in front of Dawn. She grabbed his face and made him face the camera.

"Hello Jasper Hall! Kelly here with Dawn! And you know this boy! Nick here loves coming over and worshiping Dawn's feet. Don't you cutie?" Kelly teased, she had said all of this as if she was hosting some kind of weird talk show, while clearly holding Nick hostage.

"Eww, I would never kiss this bitch's feet!" Nick yelled, trying to break free of Kelly's grasp. She held him close and kissed him on the cheek, giggling like this was all some game.

"He's just playing, he loves us! Now start kissing Nicky." Kelly kept up her talk show voice as she shoved his face into Dawn's feet. Dawn was laughing, at this once confident boy now reduced to laying at her feet. Kelly forced him to kiss Dawn's feet over and over again to Nick's dismay.

"You sure love my feet don't you Nicky?" Dawn teased. Kelly forced him to nod his head, as tears fell from his eyes. Finally she threw the boy back and hugged her friend as they finished their incriminating video. Nick laid on the ground, realizing he was now at the girls mercy.

"Well you better get those grades up, or I'm posting this video everywhere." Dawn told Nick through bouts of laughter. It wasn't funny to Nick, it was the worst night of his life.


Coming up in Part 2: Nick tries to steal Dawn's phone at the library, Kelly finds Nick watching a movie in the lounge, Lilly learns about the blackmail and gets an evil idea

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Default Re: Don't Mess with the Dons

Do you plan continuing this story?
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Default Re: Don't Mess with the Dons

Chapter 5:Nick Has A Plan

Nick hadn't been the same since his run-in with Dawn and Kelly. He hadn't been able to stop thinking about how powerless he felt when Kelly held him down and how worthless he felt when he had been made to kiss Dawn's feet. More than anything he hadn't been able to stop thinking about how his social life would be over if that video ever came out. He had tried harder to study, even tried to convince himself it was for the best if he got his grades up, but even when he got a good mark on his quiz, he couldn't feel any joy, unable to forget about where his motivation to study had come from. So, after a month of trying to get better at school he decided he'd rather get even.

Now he wanted to get back at Kelly more than anything, she'd emasculated him more than he'd ever been emasculated in his life, but he couldn't help but have a tinge of fear when he remembered what it was like to be under her control. How terrified he was when she used her chest to cut off his air supply. Even if he wasn't afraid of Kelly, he couldn't afford to make her his priority. Dawn had the phone with the video recording, the video recording that would destroy him, and so Dawn was the one he'd have to get too first. That suited Nick fine, after all Dawn may have been taller than Kelly, but she wasn't as strong, she couldn't be. So, Nick had a plan, he'd get Dawn alone and take her phone, even if he had to take it by force.

Chapter 6: I Promise You, Nothing Good Has Ever Happened in a Library

Nick spent the next couple days doing his best to learn Dawn's schedule and figure out when and where she would be alone. He had to do it carefully, the last thing he wanted was being caught by her and Kelly and punished, but Nick had always been pretty good at sneaking around, he had tons of practice sneaking out of the house when his parents were asleep. Eventually, Nick learned that Dawn always went to the library on Wednesday's after Chemistry. This was the perfect opportunity for Nick to get her alone.

Nick had been on auto-pilot all day, barely cognoscente of anything going on around him, completely focused on what he had to do. When he finally got to the library, finally saw her sitting there alone, it was as if he'd been brought back to reality all at once. Nick couldn't help but admit that Dawn was hot, even if she was far from the type of girl that he tended to usually go after. If she wasn't so bossy, he might have even asked her out. Nick sat their ogling Dawn for a bit longer than he likely should've before eventually remembering what he was there to do. He wanted to get the drop on her, to sneak up behind her, grab her phone and get out of there before she even knew what was going on. Nick was captain of the soccer team and knew he was fast enough to get away from Dawn once he had the phone. Nick used the bookcases to get closer to the table where Dawn was studying alone, counting his lucky stars that she had chosen to study on the third floor, which was almost always empty. Finally, Nick got to the bookshelf right behind where she was sitting as he prepared for his quick strike attack. He was about to leap into action when he noticed that Dawn was gone! Her books were there, but where was she? Before Nick had time to investigate further, he felt a hand cover his mouth and nose. The hand was unbelievably soft, but when he tried to shake it off, he found it was just as strong. He tried to turn around, but another hand grabbed the back of his head from underneath his arm, effectively forcing him in place. Who could possibly be doing this!

"Nighty-night Nicky." A cool whisper came from right beside his ear, he slumped back into the arms of whoever was controlling his breathing, before passing out in fear.

Chapter 7: Rise and Shine

Have you ever woken up and felt out place? Like you were somewhere you shouldn't be? Maybe you were in your own room, but something felt different? It's a feeling that usually passes quickly as you acclimate to your surroundings. Usually. For Nick, that feeling of displacement lasted a bit longer. He was quickly able to remember where he was, the library, a place he was all too familiar with sleeping in. What was different was the fact that he was flat on his back, staring up at the lights and he had something in his mouth. Wait? What was in his mouth? When he realized what it was, he almost passed out right then and there. It was a foot. As Nick followed this foot up the shapely leg of its owner, he learned to his dismay that it belonged to Dawn, who must've been the one who knocked him out.

"Oh, you're awake! Welcome back to the world of the living Nick, you know you really shouldn't be sleeping in the library, you have to get your grades up." Dawn couldn't help teasing the boy, elated to have reduced him to something she could control so easily. She smiled sweetly at the boy trapped underfoot, as he gagged and tried to get her foot out of his mouth. "Shhh, this is a library, you have to be quiet Nicholas." Dawn scolded.

Nick had a million questions. How had Dawn knocked him out? Why was she torturing him? How could he get out of this? But he couldn't ask any of them, and he was pinned under Dawn and unable to end his smelly torture. After minutes of trying to get free he finally began to accept that he wasn't able to break out of her pin. Dawn felt an even stronger sense of control now that Nick had stopped fighting back and accepted the humiliating position, that she had trapped him in.

"I've been noticing you staring at me Nick. I know you like me, but unfortunately, I'm out of your league. I do feel bad for you though, I'm sure it's hard to like someone who doesn't like you back, so I've decided to let you suck my toes while I study. See I can be nice." Dawn loved wiggling her toes in Nick's mouth while she degraded him, she wasn't usually this vindictive, but Nick was a selfish asshole and had treated Kelly like shit when she liked him, he needed to learn some humility and she was more than happy to be his tutor. Nick raged at this, how dare this bitch say she's out of my league, she'd be lucky if he even gave her the time of day! Nick wanted so badly to tell her off, but her foot was making sure that wasn't possible.

"Now you better start worshipping my toes Nicky, you don't want me to get angry. I might send out that video of you kissing my pretty little feet, or take a new video of you gargling on my toes." Dawn threatened sweetly. "Or maybe I'll knock you out again, take your clothes and leave you here naked and unconscious for the campus police to find." This latest threat came without the tender sweetness or Dawn's earlier threats and was apparently all Nick needed as he started to helplessly suck on Dawn's toes. "Good little boy, now keep sucking while I finish studying. Don't worry I only need another hour or two." Dawn giggled and winked at her prisoner before opening her book and reading like nothing was out of the ordinary.

Dawn stayed like that studying, with Nick worshipping her feet. Whenever he'd stop she'd use her other foot to slap him without ever taking her eyes off her book. When she was finally finished, she decided to call Kelly and tell her all about her library adventures. Nick felt smaller than he had in his whole life hearing this beautiful woman laughing to her friend about she'd dominated him.

"Wow, sounds like Kelly is pretty jealous of our little alone time. She says she's going to pay you a visit soon so get excited about that!" Dawn relayed Kelly's message excitedly to Nick, who received this news about as well as he would have notice that he'd been expelled and banned from playing soccer for the rest of his life. "Well I'm done studying so I guess I'll leave you now, lover boy. Hmm, but knowing you you'll be checking out my ass as I walk away. Maybe I should knock you out, to keep your pervy eyes off of me." Dawn considered this as if she was decided whether or not to have a salad or soup with her sandwich. Nick shook his head, he wasn't gonna look at her ass, he never wanted to look at her again. "See you say you won't, but I know you can't control yourself around me. Sorry Nicky, but I promise it won't hurt." Dawn cooed as if she was talking down to a child. She used her foot to plug his nose so he wouldn't get any oxygen and it didn't take long for him to stop struggling.

Nick woke up a minute or two later and brushed himself off. He sat down at a nearby table and considered just how badly his plan had gone. It was at this point he looked down at his hand and noticed that Dawn had left him a note written in her lipstick. "Don't forget your studies Nicholas -Love Dawn❤️"

End of Chapter 7

I have two more segments planned for this story, one with Kelly and one with Lilly. I'm aiming to be done the next segment before the end of the month. I said I'd have this written by the end of 2020 and I was ten days late, but honestly ten days late is like a new record of being on time. Outside of this story I am hoping to write one final segment of my story with Priya, and then I am planning something longer inspired by Wrestler35 and Tron67, if you've read their work then you probably already know what I'm going for and if you haven't then this is a good chance to read their work while you wait for mine! Finally, if you are desperate for more Davos, I am opening up 500-word commissions for $10! These can be brand new adventures or expansions of previous stories. Do not worry though, I still plan to post free content as frequently as ever. (which some may say is infrequent, but I generally only write these when I'm struck by inspiration)
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Default Re: Don't Mess with the Dons

Chapter 8: Movie Night

Nick was tired. Sure he was angry, and hurt and confused and a whole host of other emotions, but right now he was just tired. He didn't have any idea how to get himself out of the situation Kelly and Dawn had placed him in and at this point he didn't care. He hadn't relaxed for a minute since that horrible night, where his world had changed and he needed a break. He decided he'd give himself one night to relax and then in the morning he'd have a renewed energy, and then he'd be able to come up with a way to get back at the two girls who were ruining his life.

If there was one thing that Nick liked as much as soccer, it was movies about soccer so he went up to the common TV room that the university residence shared to watch a few movies. He lamented, briefly, that if he had won that bet with Don he'd have her TV and could watch the movie in the comfort and privacy of his own room, but then he reminded himself that he had to relax.
The common room was empty, as it usually was during exam season, most people were off studying for some stupid tests, so it was the perfect time to get the most of the big TV. Nick settled in and started his movie, and for the first time in a while things actually felt normal. Nick really was relaxing, and in fact he was so relaxed that he didn't even notice when the door to the common area opened and someone else walked.

"Shouldn't you be studying Nicky?" A sweet voice called out from behind Nick, and his heart nearly stopped. He knew exactly who it was even without turning around. He was looking for a quiet night alone, but now he was alone with Kelly.

Chapter 9:

"Listen Kelly, I've been studying all day. I just needed a little break, everyone needs a break." Nick didn't like that his automatic response to seeing Kelly was to begin pleading, but he couldn't shake the fear he felt when he saw her. It seemed to be ridiculous for this athlete to fear this chubby girl, but she'd used her curves against him before and he'd been helpless.

"I understand Nicky, I actually did study all day so I do deserve a break. But you didn't study at all today, I know because Dawn told me all about your cute little library date. I have to admit hearing about how you sucked on her toes, I'm a little jealous, don't you remember how much you liked worshipping my body?" Kelly asked sweetly, but with a clear threat behind her tone. Nick wanted to run away, but he didn't want anybody in the halls to see him so visibly shaken, especially not if they saw Kelly chasing after him.

"Umm.. you're right Kelly, I have to go study now, see ya." Nick tried to get up and make a break for the door, but Kelly pushed him back into his seat. She loomed over him, with a hungry look in her eyes.

"Don't worry cutie, you'll have plenty of time to study after I'm done with you. After all I do deserve a break." Kelly teased flirtingly as she leaned over the chair that Nick was sitting in, blocking any possible pathway of escape for him. "You know, I've heard stories of you bringing girls in here, and pretending to watch movies, but I never knew what you did all that time. Maybe you could show me" Kelly continued flirting as she closed the space between her and Nick even more.

"Hell no!" Nick yelled, he wasn't gonna be pressured into doing anything with this girl he'd previously found unattractive and who he now found detestable. Nick tried to slip past Kelly and out the door, but she grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled him back to her. They struggled for a bit as they both tried to gain the upper hand, before they both fell to the floor. Nick landed hard on the ground and hit his head, with Kelly falling on top of him. While Nick was dazed from the fall, Kelly remembering her previous success in restraining Nick, sat down hard on his chest and leaned over him, using her strong lower body to constrict his weaker torso, while avoiding his strong soccer legs altogether. As Kelly looked down at Nick, she was overjoyed that the previous time hadn't been a fluke, she really was stronger than the object of her affections. Nick tried to squirm, but Kelly rode him expertly keeping him completely pinned underneath her.

"Look where we are again Nicky, do you remember the last time we were in this position? I seem to remember you kissing my boobs? Is that how you remember it?" Kelly asked with a smile on her face, sure in the fact that they both knew the answer.

"Get off of me!" Nick shouted, he had no interest in playing along with this girl's fantasies any longer. Although it was becoming clear he had little choice in the matter.

"Of course I will let you go, but first I want you to kiss me! Kiss me like those girls you bring in here, and pretend to like." Kelly demanded, all the while moving closer and closer to Nick's face.

"NO, I WON'T DO IT!" Nick shouted, he wasn't going to be humiliated any more by this girl.

"Fine, then I'll keep sitting on you all night. I actually had a movie night planned with some friends; Dawn, Lilly and a couple other girls. I'm sure we can think of some fun things to do with you." Kelly described her plan innocently, but Nick knew firsthand that when Dawn and Kelly were together they could do evil things, and he had no interest in having their creepy roommate Lilly or any of their other friends involved either. He had no choice, he'd have to kiss Kelly. Seeing the defeat in his eyes, Kelly knew she had him. "Close your eyes sweetie, I want this kiss to be magical.

Nick did just what Kelly asked, closing his eyes was actually a blessing, know he could imagine he was kissing someone else. Except when he tried to think of a hot girl, he wasn't able to get Dawn out of his head, it must've been because Kelly had just mentioned her. "I'm ready for my kiss Nick." Kelly sang out and Nick leaned forward, miserably, resigning himself to his fate.
Wait what? That didn't feel right? When Nick opened his eyes he realized he wasn't kissing Kelly, he was kissing her ass. He tried to pull away, but she sat down, and pressed his head back into the carpet. "Haha, did you actually think I wanted to kiss you? Get over yourself! You're only good enough to kiss my ass."

After she had her fun, Kelly got off of Nick and laughed at just how completely she'd dominated him. Nick was miserable and just wanted to be alone, he ran out of the TV room, running past Dawn and Lilly who were on their way to meet Kelly.

"Have a nice night Nicky." Dawn sang sweetly to Nick, blowing him a kiss. Nick didn't even notice it, he just ran down the stairs and went back to his room.

"Are you and Nick friends now?" Lilly asked, she'd always liked Nick, and was interested why Dawn was being so friendly towards him. Dawn just laughed and told Lilly all about how they'd been toying with him. Lilly giggled and told her friend she was messed up, but she couldn't help get some ideas herself.
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Default Re: Don't Mess with the Dons

Chapter 10: An Unforeseen Opportunity

Just when Nick was starting to give up hope of ever living his normal life again, to the point were he was even considering actually studying, until he got a surprising text. It was from Dawn and Kelly's roommate Lilly. She'd never texted him before but it was clear from the way she texted that it was hers. It was just the same as her lame flirting in person, but this time Nick was interested. That was only because of what she was offering. Unfiltered access to Dawn's phone, and an opportunity to rid himself of the embarrassing videos she'd taken of him.

Nick came over to their dorm while Dawn and Kelly were in class, he was looking to get out of their as fast as he could, as he was terrified of being caught by the two of them. When he knocked on the door Lilly opened it almost immediately, clearly she was well prepared for the situation. Nick immediately noticed that she had done her hair and makeup and was wearing a tight sweater/jeans combo designed to show off her body, clearly interested in ensnaring the boy in her limited amount of time. But Nick didn't have time for that, he didn't even have time to reject her, he needed to get in and get out.

"Hi Nick, nice to see you! You are looking nice today." Lilly started pleasantly, but Nick had already slunk behind her and was off to Dawn's room. Despite this, Lilly was not discouraged. Nick had fruitlessly searched all of Dawn's drawers by the time Lilly joined him in her roommates bedroom.

"Where's the phone Lilly?" Nick meant to ask, but it came out more like a demand. Lilly looked somewhat disappointed, but she remained calm and slowly shut the door. Nick was confused as Lilly started slowly towards him.

"I have the phone Nick, and I'll give it to you for a price." Lilly said teasingly, making it clear exactly what she was looking for from the boy she was now alone with. Nick felt somewhat uncomfortable, but he'd be lying if he said some part of him wasn't expecting this. Lilly moved close enough to be nearly touching him and she started to lean in when Nick finally spoke out.

"Look Lilly, I appreciate what your doing for me, and I'll be happy to do whatever I can to make it up to you, except for what your thinking." Nick was somewhat uncomfortable with the fact that he had to ease things with this girl. He was used to telling girls that he liked them or flat out rejecting them if he didn't, but he couldn't afford to hurt Lilly's feelings. Lilly wasn't pleased with this, but she didn't take even a single step back.

"Sorry Nick, that's the deal. You want the phone, and I want a kiss. Can't we make everyone happy?" Lilly offered, once again leaning in and starting to close her eyes. Nick was uncomfortable with the fact that she had continued to pursue him even after he'd declined. She was only inches away, when Nick grabbed her shoulders and held her back. This was finally enough to surprise Lilly.

"Listen Lilly, I am sorry, I am not doing that. But I am taking that phone." Nick made it clear that he meant business, he didn't want to hurt Lilly, but he wasn't above it intimidating her to get the phone. To Nick's surprise, Lilly didn't look intimidated, she looked excited. Before he knew what was happening Lilly had pushed him back onto Dawn's bed.

"You want something and I want something, if only one of us is going to get what they want I'm pretty sure it's going to be me." Lilly said mischievously, approaching Nick as he laid shocked on the bed. Nick couldn't believe he was going to have to fight this girl, but he certainly wasn't going to let her push him around.

Chapter 11: Lilly vs Nick

Not an instant after he was finished talking Lilly was on him. He was surprised to feel the energy shooting through the usually docile girl who was now trying to pin him to the bed, in order to get who knows what from him. He tried to push her off, but he only succeeded in moving her back slightly. Having her initial attack rebuffed Lilly grabbed onto Nick's wrists and tried to pin them down to the bed.

"C'mon Nick, aren't you used to getting pushed around by us girls by now? Dawn and Kelly told me all about your fun times together." Lilly teased as she continued to attempt to force herself on the larger boy. Using her leverage she succeeded in pinning one of his wrists to the bed, and in her excitement she darted in to kiss Nick, but he moved at the last second. Lilly kissed him sweetly on the cheek, but while she was still reveling in her little victory Nick slipped his other wrist free and rolled Lilly onto her back. Now he was the one in control and planned on pinning her down and making her tell him where the phone was.

"Where's the phone Lilly!" Nick shouted as he loomed over the girl who'd brought him here under false pretenses. He still wanted to avoid hurting her, but he figured that now that he was in control he might be able to intimidate her. For the first time in a while Nick was right, Lilly stopped wiggling and a look of sadness and fear reached her face, it was clear to Nick he had gotten to her.

"Why are you being so mean to me Nick?" Lilly pleaded from underneath him. Nick felt all at once like the biggest jerk in the world, how could he push around this girl who was two years his junior. He let go of her wrists, but before he was able to get off of her she reached up with both hands and pulled his face towards her own. Before he knew what was happening she was firmly kissing him, holding him close to her. She had tricked Nick and now she was finally getting the kiss she had dreamed off. Nick tried to back away but Lilly used her arms to hold his head close and began squeezing his body with her legs. Nick let out a cry from the pain, and Lilly was all to happy to explore the boys open mouth with her own, teasing him with her tongue. Nick wanted to stop the kiss, but he couldn't he focus on that while he was trapped in her bodyscissors, how was it possible that her legs could be this strong. It felt almost like Dawn's headscissors.

Finally breaking off their first kiss, Lilly rolled Nick onto his back and leaned in so that she was close enough to whisper to him. "Dawn was telling me all about how she cut you down with her strong legs. Mine aren't as strong as hers, but I guess they are still strong enough to handle you." Lilly giggled as she went back to kissing him fully, while playing with his hair and face, showing that she was having no trouble at all detaining him in her leg prison. Nick couldn't believe that this girl who he'd never even given a second glance could be strong enough to put him through this torture. This was almost worse than Dawn's scissors which had completely incapacitated him, as this pain was duller but longer, drawn out by a captor that planned to enjoy every second of his captured state. Finally he could take no more and he began to beg for an end to his torture.

"Please let me go Lilly, I'm sorry that I tried to hurt you." Nick pleaded with the girl who'd spent the better part of the year making googly eyes at him. Lilly looked down at the helpless boy she had dominated and couldn't help thinking he'd never looked sexier.

"Sorry Nicky, I don't think I'm down with you yet." She replied softly, while pecking at his cheeks. "While unless you were willing to show me just how superior I am to you." Lilly finished, as she gazed into his eyes. Nick didn't need to hear what it was, he was game.

"Anything, what do you want Lilly?" Nick pleaded, even when he felt Lilly's scissors loosen slightly he didn't dare make an attempt to escape, he didn't want to give Lilly any reason to hurt him more.

"Well your weakness for scissors wasn't the only thing Dawn told me about you, she also mentioned you had a fondness for Asian feet. Why don't you show me?" Lilly stated lovingly, like they were on their honeymoon and not at all like she had just asked him to degrade himself further than he thought possible. Nick definitely wasn't into feet, Asian or otherwise, but Dawn had forced him to worship his feet and now it looked like he was going to give a repeat performance to Lilly.

"Fine, I'll do it, just let me go." Nick complied fully, desperate to end his torture from her powerful legs. Lilly giggled as she let go of the hold she had him in and let him fall to her feet. Eager for her new boytoy's servitude to begin she gleefully stuck her cute toes in his face. It nearly killed him, but Nick gently kissed them over and again, closing his eyes and pretending he was doing anything else.

"Good job Lilly! Looks like you had an even easier time with him than we did." Nick heard a voice call out from behind them. As he swung his head around he was devastated to see Kelly and Dawn in the doorway, not only witnessing his ultimate humiliation but recording it for the world to see
"Haha it was easy, when I have great coaches like you." Lilly answered excitedly like a younger sibling beaming after receiving praise from their older siblings. "I loved having him kiss my feet Dawn, that was great advice!"

"Oh did I ever tell you what I did to him Lilly? I made him kiss my boob and my ass." Kelly bragged to the other girls about the various ways that she had dominated the boy who was now lying on their floor doing all he could to not weep.

"Oh my god that's so cool! I have to do that!" Lilly nearly shrieked, and within a second she was on Nick, backing her small ass right up against his face and wiggling it to tease him. "Kiss my ass cutie" she sang.

"You better do what your girlfriend says Nicky, or we post this video to the whole school." Dawn threatened, but she was elated to learn she didn't need to, as Nick was already worshipping the butt of the girl sat astride him.

"Haha great job Lilly? Are you gonna make him kiss your boobs next?" Dawn asked, thoroughly enjoying the fact that the boy who had once deemed her not attractive enough was now reduced to a plaything for her younger friend.

"Hmm, no I think I might save that for a more...private setting" Lilly teased provocatively, as the girls all broke into laughs. Lilly continued to bounce on Nicks face as he wondered why he hadn't just studied in the first place.

That's the end of my story. As always if someone wants to write more they are welcome to, but I've come to an end with these characters that I'm happy with. Hoping to finish my story with Priya in the near future and start something else I've been thinking of for a while
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Default Re: Don't Mess with the Dons

Thank you very much for completing this story for us, mate. I do like the sound of reading more about Priya, and the prospect of you starting a new story is intriguing, too.
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