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Default Slacking On College Project

Slacking On College Project (FF/M)

Brooke’s Character Model: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

Charlotte’s Character Model: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

Part 1: Brooke And Charlotte Capture Their Partner

“Ugh.” Cody groaned. “These chicks are REALLY still blowing up my phone. Can’t they take a hint and handle the project themselves?” He thought to himself.

This past week, one of Cody’s classes had been given a group project, with randomly assigned partners in groups of three. He had ended up being placed into a group with these two girls Brooke and Charlotte. The thing is, he had no plans of doing much work on this project himself. Usually he could get away with it too.

His random partners would often get tired of waiting on him or of repeatedly having to follow up with him, and they’d simply do it themselves. They usually caved pretty early, deciding it was easier then the hassle of dealing with him. Not these girls. These two were irritatingly persistent, so far refusing to let him off the hook and take on his share of the work.

Cody had been both putting it off and at times straight up ignoring them for days now. They’d been pretty patient and calm so far, but instead of finally giving up and leaving him be, they’d apparently ‘lost it’ today. He had several unanswered texts from each of them, all from today, and it was only the afternoon!

“Come on.” Cody rolled his eyes, as another text message notification from Brooke popped up on his phone screen. “Well……I guess I’m gonna have to say something, or they’ll be on me all day. Can’t believe this.” He thought to himself, begrudgingly finally opening the text thread.

The latest text from Brooke read: “Cody, enough is enough. We know you’re getting these. We waited and gave you some time, but me and Charlotte aren’t going to sit here and do it all ourselves while you slack off. You don’t get to blow us off and come in to share the credit when we finish it, while you did nothing. Just come over so we can get this done.”

“Both of these girls need lives.” Thought an annoyed Cody. They could be getting so much of it done on their own with the time their using to bother him. “I guess I better just go over there for a while and help, get them off my back for a bit.” He reluctantly decided. They didn’t seem to be backing down. Instead of breaking their patience like his usual school project partners, they broke his today.

He finally sent Brooke a response. “Fine. I’ll be over soon. Do you guys have to be so crazy about it though? You’re all over me today, calm down. You could always do it yourselves.” He texted back, letting his frustration out in it. Couldn’t they just leave him alone?

So, Cody gave in. He soon begrudgingly left and made his way over to Brooke’s dorm room. He didn’t check back on the text thread, but if he did he’d have seen that his annoyed reply was left on read, with no response.

Needless to say, Brooke and Charlotte were not happy. They weren’t stupid, they knew what he was doing. It wasn’t the first time either of them had been paired with a lousy partner. From his blatant laziness dodging the work and even ignoring their attempts to set up a meetup time, to now trying to ignore them all day just to finally respond with an attitude, they had had enough. They weren’t playing these games with him anymore.

After a while, Cody finally arrived at their room’s door. He took a deep breath, and let out a sigh. “Can’t believe I’m doing this.” He told himself in his head. This was not a place he wanted to be today. He paused for a few more seconds, toying with the idea of walking away and going to do something he actually wanted too instead, before dismissing it.

Cody resigned himself to this, knocking on the door and announcing himself. “Hey, it’s me. I’m here.” He spoke through the door, in a pretty dry and uninterested tone that made no effort to hide how much he didn’t want to be there.

He received silence for a few seconds, and light noise that sounded like rushed movement on the other side of the door. He didn’t care to think anything of it, other then being slightly annoyed at being expected but still left to stand there waiting on them when he arrived.

Then, one of the girls finally answered. “Okay. Come in.” Charlotte told him, giving him back the same energy in her tone that he gave them in his greeting. Immediately as the door opened, he unhappily trudged in to his place of boredom and misery for the next few hours.

As he walked through the door, he only saw Charlotte inside the room. Immediately after he entered the room, the door closed hard behind him. Before he could turn around, Brooke jumped him from behind, quickly snaking an arm under his chin to pull him into a tight choke.

“What the hell………are you doing?!” Cody gurgled out with as much anger as he could while being choked from behind by Brooke.

“Taking care of our useless partner.” Brooke casually replied, while trying to sink in her hold as much as she could.

“Useless?! Get…….off me!” He choked out, trying to shout. He began to struggle the best that he could, grabbing to pull at her choking and restraining arms that were wrapped around his neck.

“Nope, you’re going to take a little nap now.”Said Brooke, with Charlotte coming over to help her take him to the floor. He was no match for the two of them, as they managed to get him down within seconds.

“Get your hands off of her!” Charlotte ordered, reacting to his attempts to pull at Brooke’s arms. She quickly joined the pair on the floor, grabbing his arms away from Brooke’s. She couldn’t maintain full control over his arms, but she didn’t need too. Every time one or both would escape her grasp and shoot back to Brooke’s choke, one or both of them would quickly be pulled away again by Charlotte, preventing any meaningful escape attempts.

“Sto-…..ppp.” He half demanded and half pleaded, his face reddening as he grew lightheaded.

“You could’ve avoided this if you weren’t so lazy.” Charlotte told him, his vision starting to swim. He was too weak to even try to break Brooke’s chokehold now, not that it had been helping anyway. Charlotte now held his hands away with her’s, with ease.

The last thing Cody heard as he passed out was Brooke playfully cooing “Thaaaaats it Cody, just go to sleep.”

Cody’s eyes slowly opened, his brain momentarily slow and confused. Was there a……desk right in front of him? It was. And he was leaned back against a……..chair? He must be sitting on the floor. Wait…….his arms were stuck behind him. He tried to move them, only to find they were tied behind him, to the chair. His ankles were tied together, his legs cramped under the desk. He rested his head back against the seat of the chair again, looking up at the ceiling of the room. Oh right………he was in Brooke and Charlotte’s room. What the hell had they done to him?

“Oh! I think our partner’s finally awake!” Brooke cheerfully announced to her friend, from behind him.

Now coming back to his senses and remembering their ambush, he roared “ What did you psychos do to me?! Let me go!! I’m leaving, you crazy bitches can do the entire thing yourselves! I’m done!” He definitely wasn’t going to help with any of it now, he should’ve never gave in in the first place.

“Oh you’re not going anywhere.” Brooke, his redhead captor, said with a smile. “And don’t worry, that’s the plan now! It’s not like you can do much in that position, right?” She teased. “And you might want to watch your mouth. If you keep calling us ‘crazy, bitches, and psycho’, it’ll only get worse for you.”

“Since you were so desperate to avoid doing any work on THIS project with us, we came up with something……different…..for you to do, while we handle it. Think of it as…….your own special solo project.” Charlotte announced with a laugh.

“I’m not doing ANYTHING. You better let me go right now!” He angrily yelled, trying to rip his arms free.

“Or what? Sorry, but I think you need to get started on this new project of your’s immediately.” Brooke smirked. “There’s no slacking on this one.”

“She’s right, you better get to it. And don’t worry, one of us will be staying on top of you the whole time, so you’ll get it done.” Charlotte said, the blonde exchanging an amused devious look with Brooke. At this moment, they were the only ones who knew how literal the ‘stay on top of you’ part was. He was about to find out.

As the girls came over, Brooke took a seat next to the chair he was stuck to. She was wearing tight fitting leggings. “Charlotte will get you first.” Brooke casually informed him.

“What do you mean ‘get me’?” Asked Cody.

“Well, Cody, your special project is………to be our seat cushion!” Charlotte announced to him with a triumphant smirk, preparing to have a seat herself.

“Your…….seat cushion?” He replied in confusion. “What the hell are you talking about?!” He raised his voice again, as she now moved to stand over him and the chair, wearing a tight pair of short shorts.

While he was very angry with these girls and wanted nothing more then to be able to storm out and leave them to it, he had to admire the view Charlotte was giving him right now. He didn’t like them, but there was no denying they were very attractive. Maybe if they weren’t such uptight bitches, the three of them could be doing……..something else………together right now.

“She means……your face is going under her ass.” Brooke dryly interrupted, while she was getting herself and Charlotte set up to work.

“Charlotte!” He quickly began, in shock. “D-don’t you dare! Get your fat ass away from me!” Cody tried to say forcefully, his tone a mix of anger and panic. He was painfully aware of how helpless he was to actually stop her.

“That’s the first time I’ve heard a guy want a pretty girl to get her ass AWAY from him!” Brooke commented with a laugh, making Charlotte laugh too.

Cody wasn’t amused. “I-I-I swear, I’ll report both of you-“ he desperately tried to threaten them, more of the anger in his voice being replaced by panic.

He was cut off by Charlotte’s full, well rounded ass, settling onto his face.

Charlotte calmly answered, “The only ‘reporting’ you’re going to be doing, is your face reporting to my ass.”

End Of Part 1.

-Back with something new. This one will also be mostly facesitting. As of now, this will just be a simple 2 part story, with this being the shorter intro part.

-This story takes place in the same story world as Redlands. You won’t be missing anything in part 2 if you aren’t into the Redlands story too, all it means is that Part 2 of this won’t be the end of Brooke and Charlotte. These two characters will enter that story afterwards.

Redlands Update:
Taking a small break from that to do this one, it’s been a while since I’ve done anything else. I think a light burnout stage was creeping back in over the last part or two I’ve done to that. Hopefully you guys who are waiting on more of that will enjoy this in the meantime.
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Default Re: Slacking On College Project

Lovin it so far!
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Default Re: Slacking On College Project

You should continue this!
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Default Re: Slacking On College Project

Another fantastic post!
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Default Re: Slacking On College Project

Slacking On College Project FF/M

Part 2/The End: Brooke And Charlotte Have Their Fun

“OMMM MMMM GMPHHM!” Cody complained as loudly as he could into Charlotte’s ass and crotch. He was caught off guard by just how quickly Charlotte had followed through, completely ignoring his desperate little threat. She didn’t even let him finish talking!

“Oh………those vibrations actually feel kind of nice.” Charlotte said, her tone suddenly shifting for a moment.

“Don’t get her too excited Cody. We have work to do!” Brooke said, teasing both of them.

Somehow this was already getting even more humiliating for him. He almost wanted to stay completely silent underneath her now, but also didn’t want to be her object. There weren’t many other ways to express his great displeasure.

He struggled uselessly to pull his arms free as her hips wiggled on his face, Charlotte getting herself comfortable on her new ‘cushion’.

“I don’t know why you’re fighting it so much, being buried in my ass is probably the most action you’ve gotten lately.” Charlotte commented.

“This is the furthest he’ll ever get with girls like us.” Brooke laughed, their comments adding to his humiliation.

Meanwhile, as the girls began working, Charlotte’s ass was now Cody’s world. His face swallowed in her cheeks, there was no air to be found. All he could feel on his face was the warmth of her body, her soft skin separated from his face by her shorts. All he could smell was her scent. Making it even worse, it wasn’t exactly the most comfortable position for his head and neck either, and he’d be stuck like this for a while.

Fighting to breathe under her ass, while she and Brooke went to work on their project, no longer paying him any attention, had to be the most emasculating experience of his life. While they casually worked and discussed what they were doing, he struggled to breathe.

As his air supply ran out, Charlotte mercifully lifted up for a moment so he wouldn’t pass out. “Get…….off……..me!” He gasped out between deep breaths.

“Come on, is it really that bad having me sit on your face?” Charlotte rhetorically asked, rolling her eyes. “You should be thanking me.”

“Mmm hmmp!” Her ass had descended back on to his face right as he went to say something back.

“Maybe he’d rather another guy be doing it. Maybe that’s his problem.” Brooke snickered, as her teasing brought more muffled protests and struggles from beneath Charlotte.

It became a cycle of humiliating suffocation. He’d run out of air and start to struggle, Charlotte would lift up to grant him some oxygen, he’d be met with jokes and taunts, her ass would consume his face before he barely got a word in, and they’d go back to ignoring him as they worked.

Her weight crushing his head down against the seat, left him barely able to move his head. He could move his head slightly side to side, but not enough to breathe. All it really accomplished was rubbing his own face into her smothering ass. He was at their mercy.

As Charlotte raised herself up again, all Cody managed was a breathless “…….stop…..” while trying to greedily suck in air, before she came back down on his face with a “Back in you go.”

“Poor guy, he’ll never be looking at a girl’s butt again!” Brooke laughed.

“Unless it’s with fear.” Charlotte added with a smirk.

All the smothering while also trapped in an uncomfortable position, was taking a toll. They were keeping him conscious just fine, but the lack of air was making him weaker and weaker. A humiliating question came to his mind. If his arms were to somehow slip free, would he even be able to get her off of him anymore? Or would she just continue to use his face while he weakly pawed at her hips?

The process of being smothered, given a few breaths, and sealed back in her cheeks was going from an unpleasant embarrassment, to torturous.

When Charlotte lifted off of him again, he turned his head to the side as he gulped in air. After a few seconds, she casually ordered “Face up.”

“No. ……….no more smothering.” He said between deep breathes. It was more of a desperate plea then an angry, forceful, demand. “Let me help you with the project.”

She turned to Brooke and gave her a mischievous look, putting a finger to her lips before she spoke. “Fine Cody, we’ll let you go and you can help us with the rest of the project.” Charlotte pretended to concede.

Her response filled him with relief. He never would’ve thought he’d actually be grateful to get to work on this with them. Now getting the most air he had since this started, he relaxed his head, letting it turn back upright while he waited for her to move to free his arms.

Then, to his surprise and horror, his face was plunged right back into Charlotte’s ass. “No-ummmphhh!” He cried out as both girls broke out laughing. Cody struggled harder then he had in a while. She was supposed to let him go!

“Oh my gosh…….he really believed it!” Said Brooke, in the middle of hard laughter.

“This is how you can help us!” Charlotte told him between her own laughter.

Their laughs, along with his struggles, soon died down. A devastated Cody resigned himself to his fate again. He truly thought he was about to be free.

Charlotte soon noticed he wasn’t doing so well again, and came up with an idea that would benefit both of them. Lifting up, she began “Cody, let’s make a little deal. I know all the smothering has been hard on you. I’ll get up more often to give you more air, BUT…….you’ll have to kiss my ass while you do it!”

Both girls cracked up laughing as she finished giving him her offer. Even though she of course wanted something out of it, she also genuinely did want to give him a bit of a break, she wasn’t a monster. This was the perfect way to do it!

Though the almost constant smothering and lack of air was breaking him down, he wasn’t sure if he could bring himself to do this.

“Come on Cody, it’s a pretty fair deal. Right Brooke? She asked her friend, encouraging Cody to give in.

“Yep, sounds like a win-win to me! He needs more air, and you need motivation to get up more often. You should take it Cody.” Brooke replied.

After a few more seconds of hesitation, Charlotte was about ready to give up and sit back down on him. “If you don’t choose, you’re going back in now.” Charlotte warned him, giving a little shimmy of her hips as her butt hovered over his face. It would’ve been hot before, but now it was sort of threatening.

In a split second decision, his fear of having his face enveloped in her ass once again, won out over the pride he had left, as his head quickly strained up to plant a quick peck on her ass.

Charlotte and Brooke exchanged wide grins. “You’ll have to do better then that if you expect me to get up for it!” Charlotte complained to him.

“Yeah, kiss it like it’s your girlfriend.” Brooke added with a smirk.

Cody hesitated once again. Why did they have to take an already very demeaning thing and make it worse? They couldn’t just be satisfied that he was giving in and technically doing it?

“5 seconds Cody.” Charlotte told him. She wasn’t going to wait and encourage him for much longer, she either wanted to sit back down and get back to work, or start feeling real kisses on her butt. If he was going to be stubborn, the first one was fine with her.

As her mental countdown hit 2 and she braced to lower herself back down, Cody finally leaned up and planted a more firm and lingering kiss against her tight shorts, to her and Brooke’s absolute glee.

After a few girlish giggles from both girls, Charlotte playfully demanded “And? The deal isn’t one and you’re done. You keep going until I sit back down!”

Cody held in a groan. He hated going through with it, but he knew he needed these breaks from all the smothering. Sticking to whatever scraps of pride that weren’t already smothered out under Charlotte’s ass, would only lead to an even more torturous experience.

As Cody began placing (faked) passionate kisses on Charlotte’s bottom, Brooke laughed to Charlotte “Wow his attitude is so much better now. You’re magic!”

“Hmmm, maybe we should make this a regular thing.” Charlotte playfully suggested to Cody. “Wouldn’t it be great? Whenever you aren’t getting your work done, I come over and sit on your face, and I could get my work done! Imagine how much better off we’d both be!” He didn’t like that suggestion at all, but he knew better then to stop his kissing to say it.

After a few seconds of near silence, other then light kissing noises from Cody and computer keyboard typing from Brooke, Charlotte announced “Be right back, bathroom break!”, and pulled away from the kisses.

Alone with Brooke for a few minutes, Cody seemed to finally have his first true ‘break’. No smothering, no humiliation like kissing a girl’s ass, just peacefully staying there.

“Mmmm, while she’s gone I could probably get some use out of you.” Brooke said, turning towards him in her chair and taking off her shoes. Oh no, she was going to switch seats now wasn’t she?

To his surprise, though a still very unwelcome one, she just kicked her feet up onto his face. “Ahhhhh” Brooke signed in contentment, while she leaned back and stretched her arms up. “You’re a good cushion and foot rest!”

Cody wasn’t sure what was worse. On the bright side, he could breathe through this. There wasn’t much air to go around with his nose and mouth stuffed in Charlotte’s ass. On the other hand, it was still humiliating, and honestly he didn’t really love making use of his ability to breathe now, with Brooke cupping her red painted toes over his nose.

“You’re awful!” Charlotte laughed as she returned. “You couldn’t let him be for a few minutes?”

“What? It’s not my fault! His face was just there begging to be covered, and I needed a footrest!” Brooke laughed.

“Well I guess it’s you’re turn anyway, want to switch seats?” Asked Charlotte.

“Sounds good to me! Excited Cody?” Brooke teased to no response.

“No? Okay, I think I have a surprise for you then that you’ll really love.” Brooke happily told him as she got up, allowing Charlotte to take over her seat.

“Uh B-Brooke, what are you doing?” Cody nervously asked as the red haired girl began slowly shimmying down her tight leggings.

“Ditching these leggings.” Brooke answered, pleased with herself. “You didn’t seem too excited about me sitting on you in these, and you’re kind of right. It would be kind of underwhelming after being under her in those tight shorts wouldn’t it?”

“W-wait, no, I didn’t mean that-, I love your leggings, they look great on you!” Cody desperately tried to get her to stop stripping off her leggings, to no avail.

As she pulled them down, it revealed only a skimpy black thong underneath. The thong left extremely little to the imagination, showing off the vast majority of bare skin around her hips.

Catching a glance from Charlotte who had been distracted with getting herself set up at the other half of the desk now, Brooke joked “You mind?” As she finally stepped out of her leggings.

“No, but I think he might!” Charlotte laughed. Cody did mind. A lot.

“Come on guys, don’t you think this is going too far now?!” A panicked Cody pleaded, realizing how she intended to sit on him. Charlotte sitting on him in tight shorts was bad enough, but a thong…….that was on another level.

“Really? A girl wants to sit on your face in a thong and you’re whining about it?” Brooke teased him. “People would kill to be you right now!”

He certainly wasn’t feeling very fortunate.

“Now, face up.” Brooke ordered, as she stepped around to take her seat. Now as her thong clad ass loomed over him, he could really tell that it provided very little skin to skin separation.

“No, this is too much-, just put the leggings back on!” Cody pleaded.

“Need a little help?” Charlotte asked Brooke, leaning over and grabbing his head to force it into position.

“Wait-, please Charlo-“” he cried before Brooke’s well shaped ass came down on his face.

“Thank you!” Brooke chirped. “You’re just making it harder on yourself Cody, and is it really so bad?”

“He’s in there nice and good now!” Charlotte laughed, as they each turned back towards their work.

Meanwhile, Cody quietly got accustomed to his new ‘situation’. All he could smell was Brooke’s scent, and almost all he could feel was Brooke’s warm, soft, skin against his face, his nose pressed into the slim strip of the thong. It was extremely hard to breathe under Charlotte as it was, but the skin to skin seal under Brooke somehow made it slightly worse. He had Brooke’s cheeks mashed against his, though they weren’t the cheeks he would’ve hoped for.

Unlike when Charlotte had first sat on him, he didn’t bother pointlessly protesting into her crotch, or struggling, this time though. He had very little will left for that. He was completely at their mercy, and Charlotte had just proven their ability to force anything they wanted on him anyway. He just quietly and submissively stay trapped there, accepting his place buried in Brooke’s ass.

Soon, his lungs started to burn as he ran out of air, giving a few pathetic muffled noises into her.

“Same deal?” Brooke nonchalantly offered as she raised her hips up, giving him some time to gasp for air.

A gasping, red faced Cody instantly agreed this time, raising his face up to press his lips into the soft feminine flesh. His lips lingered against her skin, before repeating the process again, placing another firm, slow kiss on one of Brooke’s cheeks.

It was then that Brooke’s heel happened to brush against his crotch, the unexpected touch from her sending a little shiver through him. “I think he’s getting into it now.” Brooke smirked to Charlotte, after feeling a poke against her foot.

Cody froze from his kissing routine, just now realizing himself that he was hard. Practically zoned out on auto pilot as he went through with his repetitive task, he hadn’t even noticed his ‘physical reaction.’ His face flushed as the two girls looked down at the bulge in his pants and giggled. How was this still getting even more humiliating?

Now having reached a more ‘submissive acceptance’ rather then anger, fear, or just deep embarrassment, his body couldn’t help but react to the gorgeous girl above him, her lower half covered in only a thong.

“What’s wrong? You’re clearly enjoying yourself, get back to it.” Brooke half playfully encouraged and half ordered.

A now even more humiliated Cody obeyed, going back to kissing her ass.

“See Cody, we told you this wouldn’t be so horrible for you!” Charlotte teased, as the girls went back to their work.

Many kisses later, and even a little more smothering underneath Brooke, it was seemingly finally over.

“Aaaaaaand, we’re done!” Charlotte exclaimed as they finally wrapped up their project.

As Brooke stood up, allowing him to take in deep breathes, Cody was relieved that they were done. He couldn’t wait to get out of this uncomfortable position, but he knew enough by now not to be the first to mention it.

“So, who’s ass did you like the most?” Brooke grinned.

Cody hesitated. This question was an obvious trap, and he wasn’t going to fall for it. “I loved them both, you’re both perfect.” Cody replied after a moment of thought, confident that he had dodged her trick question.

“Oh come on, you must’ve liked having one of us on you more then the other.” Brooke pushed.

“She’s right.” Charlotte chimed in. “ ‘both’ is such a lie. You gotta have a favorite.”

Welp, he was trapped. They weren’t going to let him slip out of this question. Cody thought it over again for a moment, and decided he may as well just be honest. He had a bad feeling about this no matter which of them he chose.

“Charlotte’s.” Cody reluctantly answered the question. He didn’t actually like being sat on by either of them, but at least Charlotte hadn’t done it in a thong.

“See Brooke, less clothes isn’t always better.” Said Charlotte, pleased to win their little ‘competition’.

“Really? I think he might need some more time under mine…….so he can really be sure.” Brooke said teasingly. “Maybe another hour or two would change his mind?”

“I think he really loves mine, but you can try!” Charlotte laughed. “We can watch something on one of the laptops for a while.

Cody began to panic at the realization that the two girls had no intention of letting him go quite yet. “No-, Brooke wait please!, I love your ass, it’s amazing, you’re so beautiful, I said both-, you made me pick her!”

“Oh now you’re just saying that.” Brooke rolled her eyes. I want a FULL second opinion!” She smirked, stepping back over her seat as Charlotte laughed next to her.

“Charlotte please!” Cody pleaded in desperation, as the thong clad butt that was about to become his home again, loomed over his face. He chose her, she should have some mercy, she should stop her friend!

“Sorry Cody, I’d be pretty offended too if you said another girl’s ass was better then mine.” Charlotte responded, with no sympathy.

“B-but you made me pick one-MMPHHH” His pleas went ignored, and then finally cut off, his face once again buried deep in Brooke’s ass, fleshy cheeks pressed down hard against him.

“Now” Brooke asked her friend, “what do you wanna watch?”

End Of Story.

-A bit longer then usual between posts for me, but here it is finally, part 2/the ending to this story. Enjoy. As I mentioned before, Brooke and Charlotte will now show up in the Redlands story going forwards. Maybe even Cody, we’ll see.

-Redlands Update:
I can almost guarantee that a new part for Redlands will be posted tomorrow, hopefully that’s a nice surprise for those following that story. If anyones wondering, no I haven’t been working on both at the same. Most of the next part to Redlands was already done before I started this story, just lost where I wanted to go with it for a bit, but I finished it up while working on this, and now it just needs some finishing touches before being posted.
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You are a machine man, thank you for putting the forum on your back recently with these frequent and great quality updates. Also, these are the two best models to date, hands down! I love these side projects that you give us while you continue Redlands, and I especially love that they usually involve a heavy dose of reverse facesitting because it can’t get any better than that. Keep up the good work man!
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Holy shit Josh, this story was fucking INSANE! Being an avid facesitting lover myself, I am normally incredibly picky when it comes to complementing facesitting stories, but this was hands down THE most PERFECT facesitting anything you have ever done. I want to watch a movie/video version of this story! Damn bro!

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This is the man on the forums to watch right now, my guys
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Fantastic, I'm also a fan of facesitting and multiple girls dominating the same guy.
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2v1, bondage, facesit, facesitting, female domaination, femdom, foot domination, humi, slave, teen girl

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