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Default Sarah

Sarah was invigorated.


She’d thrown out a single front kick and felt the ball of her foot dig into her boyfriend’s stomach, but for all her preening and pre-fight trash talk, she’d never expected he’d be down on both knees before her, gasping for air within seconds of the opening bell.

It was exhilarating. Enough to bring forth certain memories. . .


Andy was sitting in the back seat of Sarah’s father’s van, and she was right beside him. They were on their way to her uncle’s farm for Christmas.

They had been living together, both at the age of 18, fresh out of high school, and Sarah was excitedly talking about a movie she’d just seen with her stepmother that afternoon.

“So it’s Jennifer Lopez in the lead role, and she’s this abused housewife. She manages to get away from him, but she knows he’ll never truly leave her alone, so she trains.”

Andy looked over at her. Sarah was a youthful, beautiful woman, 5 foot 6, often no more than 120-125 lbs during those days.

She had expressive green eyes that always seemed to have a certain intensity behind them. Andy knew that, depending on her mood, those eyes could either feel like they were gazing right into your soul, or they could melt you back into the earth.

As she spoke, she had crossed her legs and turned slightly in her seat in order to face him. Andy loved her legs. They always seemed so impossibly smooth, and they took a tan so easily in the summer.

And now, detecting a note of passion in her voice, Andy’s interest had been piqued.

“Trains? Like, with guns?”

Sarah gave him a mischievous smile as her eyes lit up.

“No, martial arts! She trains, she confronts him, and then she kills him. . . With her bare hands!”

Andy’s heart skipped a beat. He had always been turned on by movies where women beat men up, but seeing Sarah’s passion, hearing her say those words felt like she’d shined a flashlight on the real him, the one he’d kept in a dark corner since they’d first begun dating. He had to look away.

She continued, “Isn’t that cool? It’s just so. . . empowering!”

Andy glanced back at her. She was now facing forward, her eyes on the back of the passenger seat, seeming to be considering something in what she’d just told him.

He was incredibly turned on. He reached his hand over and placed it between her legs. She wasn’t stopping him, but her expression contained a warning. Her parents were up front.

***** 5 months later *****

“Are you okay? I can’t believe I knocked you out. . .”

Andy was laying on the carpet. He opened his eyes and saw Sarah’s pink, pedicured toes. She was standing just to his right, looking down on him with concern. She sighed heavily as she saw him begin to awaken.

“We can’t keep doing this.” Sarah turned and sat down on the couch in their living room. She was wearing her white crop top and pink workout shorts. She crossed her legs and gazed down at him expectantly.

Andy was still feeling woozy. What had happened?

Sarah had started taking martial arts classes on campus a few months ago, and for the past few weeks he’d been offering to spar with her. At first, it was easy — they’d each agreed to go until the other would quit, and in their first two matches he would quickly use his size to pin her down.

Lately though? Not so much. She’d gradually gained a lot of confidence, always keeping her distance with precision kicks and wearing him down until he made some excuse and quit. Today the last thing he remembered was putting his hands up, ready to fight as she stood across from him.

Now all he knew for sure was that his ribs were aching and he tasted blood.

“. . . What happened? How long was I out?” He managed.

Sarah looked disappointed. She inspected her fingernails. “You seriously don’t know?”

Andy, now kneeling, shook his head, still trying to clear the cobwebs.

“Well, let’s see. I push kicked you with my lead leg, grabbed your shoulders, kneed you twice, and finished you off with a roundhouse. Andy, you were asleep on your feet! You fell forward onto me, so I thought you were just winded or something, but when I moved back you just slid your face down my leg and onto the carpet.”

“Ugh. . . .I’ll . . . do better next time.”

Sarah scoffed at this. “Andy, there won’t be a next time. I feel like … like this is making me lose respect for you. You haven’t even been able to lay a hand on me for weeks.”

Andy managed to lift himself up and shuffled over to sit next to her on the couch. Her expression was serious.

“I’ve beaten you twice, though. That only makes it 3-2. Don’t act like I’m nothing.” He was starting to feel indignant.

“Andy . . . You did pin me the first time . . .” Sarah looked down at her feet. “but I let you win the next one.”

He couldn’t process what she was saying. Did she really let him win? The only time he’d been able to physically overpower the former cheerleader was when she had *just* started training? His ego couldn’t handle it. She was so pretty, so soft, so . . . feminine. Could she really be that much stronger than him?

Andy felt his frustration start to boil over. “Fine. Then let’s go again, right now, if you think you’re so superior. I never wanted to hurt you, but you’re changing my mind on that really fast.”

Sarah wore an expression that seemed to him almost like pity as she glanced at him, then looked down and sighed heavily. “Andy, you. . . can’t beat me. Certainly not now. Maybe you never could.”

Her eyes were now pleading as she shifted to face him. “Don’t do this. I’m going to put you in the hospital if we fight again.”

She grabbed his hand and cupped it between her own. “If we do this. . . things will never be the same. I started this because it made me feel strong, confident. . . I hate to say it, but when I saw you slump to the ground at my feet just now, I felt something. Something . . . primal. I knew in that moment that I own you. That no matter how hard you work or how badly you want to change things, I will always beat you in a fight. I’m not saying this to emasculate you or embarrass you, I just need you to understand: You. Can’t. Win.”

She suddenly stood up and walked to the center of the room with her hips swaying before turning back, “. . . And if you can’t give me a challenge this time, we’re done.”
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Default Re: Sarah

Can't wait for the next part
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Default Re: Sarah

Awesome! Waiting for the next part!
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Default Re: Sarah

Originally Posted by Blazingwhale [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Can't wait for the next part
Thanks, I’ll definitely be adding a 2nd part at some point. I hope you enjoy it.
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Default Re: Sarah

Part Two

Andy stood up and moved to meet his girlfriend in the middle of their living room. All the furniture was still pushed back from their last fight, and Sarah was standing dead-center, arms folded and hip cocked slightly to the side. She looked impatient. She looked arrogant.

Strangely, he also thought, she looked sexy as hell.

Andy tried to match her confident gaze as he looked down at the shorter woman. “Alright. If you want to boil down everything we’ve been through for 4 years, to put it all on this, then I’ll do it. But don’t think I’m gonna be easy this time.”

Sarah kept her eyes on his for a brief moment before stepping back with her hand over her mouth, unsuccessfully trying to suppress a giggle.

“Andy, you . . . “ she suddenly started laughing, “… baby, I’m sorry, you just look so serious right now.”

He felt his cheeks begin to redden. She was . . . Laughing at him? Was she not worried at all? How could she be so dismissive?

He balled his fists and put his hands up. “Shut up and fight.”

No sooner had he said the words than her smile had faded, and she assumed a martial arts stance. A half-second later, and she had already scratched his cheek with an unexpected jab from her lead hand.

Andy stumbled back and called for Time. He pressed down on his cheek where she’d struck him, revealing a small amount of blood when he checked his palm. “I know you like your kicks, but take off your damn rings if you’re gonna be throwing punches.”

Sarah smiled sheepishly. “Oops. Sorry, babe. Guess I forgot.”

She sauntered over to the corner table and slid the rings off her dainty fingers and turned back toward him.

“One thing, though. . . I think this one stays on.” She gracefully extended her tan left leg and brandished her bare foot, showing off the glint of her silver toe ring.

“If you’re lucky. . . I’ll let you remove it with your mouth…”

Her green eyes twinkled. “. . . after you wake up.”

Seeing his eyes widen in disbelief, Sarah then smiled and jogged back over to resume her stance.

Andy’s mouth suddenly went dry, and his pulse quickened. She had acted so concerned about his well-being only moments before, so what was with these mind games? They had sparred before, but this was beginning to feel different.

She was enjoying herself. And at his expense.

Sarah was completely unthreatened by him. He had to strike first. He stepped forward and threw out a straight right hand which she gracefully sidestepped, then pivoted on the ball of her foot as she drove a hard kick to his midsection, her shin smashing into his rib cage.

Andy tried to draw in a breath as he fell to one knee.

“Don’t tell me you’re done already,” Sarah teased. “Ya know, it’s not like I’m some kind of Kung Fu prodigy— there are girls in my class that beat me all the time.”

Still regaining his composure, Andy coughed. “Fuck you.”

“Aww, I think he’s getting cranky. Nothing another little power nap won’t fix…”

Sarah suddenly lashed out with her right leg, striking his ribs, but this time Andy pinned her leg to his side with his arm, and with his free hand reeled back and blasted her with a straight right to her breast, toppling her over onto the carpet.

Sensing that this was his opportunity, he scrambled over to try and mount her. He knew if he could just keep things on the ground, he could use his size to finish the fight.

She wasn’t going to make it that easy for him, however.

Sarah was on her back, and as soon as he came into range, she kicked out hard with her left leg, her soft sole connecting with his jaw and sending him careening to the carpet beside her.

As he groaned, attempting to gather himself, Sarah straightened her legs toward her chest and performed a perfect kip up. Turning to him, She examined her now twice-fallen boyfriend like he was some trifling curiosity at a yard sale.

“Is that the best you can do? I mean, you’re really down again?” Sarah gave an exasperated sigh. “We’re gonna have to get you some training. This is sad.”

Andy was certainly trying to get back up, but his limbs were useless. He’d already been knocked out once tonight, and his motor functions were all but abandoning him. After considerable effort, he finally made it up on his hands and knees and looked up.


Sarah had raised her leg until the sole of her foot faced the sky, the entirety of her tanned, gorgeous limb now braced nearly parallel with the rest of her body. She was holding it there threateningly, looking every bit the flexible former cheerleader.

“Baby, plea. . . “ Andy couldn’t finish, as Sarah’s heel came crashing down in a violent arc, snapping his head around. Her axe kick planted him firmly into the carpet and he was still.


He woke up on his back, feeling something fleshy and warm poking at his mouth.

Sarah was standing over his midsection with her left foot on his face, her pedicured toes gently sliding over his lips.

She was glaring down at him. “Welcome back to the land of the living. I know you’re probably confused, so I’ll fill you in on a couple of things. . . “

She guided her shapely arch up over his dazed expression. “While you were counting sheep, I decided on a little show of sportsmanship for your effort this time. Ya know how athletes exchange jerseys after a good game? Well, seeing as my tit’s a little sore, I figured you deserved a little reward for your troubles. . . “

She rested her toes once more upon his bottom lip. “Now. Suck off my toe ring. It’s yours now.”

Andy was too tired, too groggy, too defeated to resist. He gently wrapped his hand around her slender foot and brought her toes into his mouth, running his tongue over and around her painted digits, ashamed at himself for enjoying it. He then sucked at her middle toe until he felt the ring slide off onto his tongue.

She quickly removed her foot and placed it upon his chest. He started to reach for his mouth, but she stepped on his arm with her other foot, pinning it down.

“No. You keep that in your mouth and think about what a winner tastes like. Maybe it will rub off on you.”

She stepped off of him and made for the kitchen. “Stay right there, don’t move. Now I need something from you. . . “

Andy laid there staring at the ceiling, his cheeks still burning with embarrassment. She’d completely dominated him. Again. He heard her open and close a drawer, and then the padding of her bare feet against the carpet as she reentered the living room.

Sarah knelt down and held out a pen and a wallet-sized square of paper.

“Sign this, baby. It’s mine now.” She was smiling, beaming at him with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

Andy took the paper and read it. She’d scrawled, “Andy’s Man Card” across the middle, and there was an “X” followed by a blank line meant for his signature.

“Sawah, no. . . “ He tried to speak around the toe ring.

She responded only by planting her foot firmly on his groin and pressing down slowly.

Andy grunted and did as he was told, applying his signature to the paper.

“Thanks, babe!” She cheerfully removed her sole from his tormented nether region and snatched up the paper.

“I was gonna help you pack, but I think you showed just enough promise to keep you around for a *little* while longer. . . “ she teased.

Sarah slid the Man Card between her breasts and sat down on top of him, straddling his waist. He felt her hot breath as she leaned down and whispered into his ear. . .

“Wanna make me happy? You’re gonna have to train. Take some classes. Maybe I’ll let you try and get this back.”
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Default Re: Sarah

Any feedback is appreciated! I would like to improve as a writer and continue to add stories to the forum.

I don’t want to detract from other creators and bump my own thread unnecessarily, so I’ll try and make this my only request.
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Default Re: Sarah

lovely story, keep going!! i really like the action!
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Post Re: Sarah

Part 2 was really good! I don't think I have much in terms of feedback, set up was good, loved the action, loved Sarah's earned confidence and dominant attitude, absolutely loved the finish, and the preceding humiliation was also very hot. My only comment I guess is that I would like more please, as I really like the story and writing style. Some people might ask for longer chapters, but imo I didn't mind it at all, as long as I get more eventually. Good job.
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Heart Re: Sarah

Originally Posted by Person [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Any feedback is appreciated! I would like to improve as a writer and continue to add stories to the forum.

I don’t want to detract from other creators and bump my own thread unnecessarily, so I’ll try and make this my only request.
I absolutely loved this story!

I love it when a wife/girlfriend physically dominates her husband/boyfriend. I love it when she turns out stronger than he thought / more skilled than he thought. I love it when the stakes are high and the husband/boyfriend gives it his all, followed by still being overpowered and deeply humiliated by his wife/girlfriend, especially when the lady has this kind of mocking, yet playful and still somewhat loving attitude.

I think the legs and feet are the sexiest part of the female body, and I absolutely LOVE it that this story puts the emphasis on exactly that: her strong and smooth legs, and her feet - and the toe-ring that the protagonist needs to suck off after his defeat.

I love stories where the lady uses her lower body (her strong legs and her powerful feet) to dominate her boyfriend/husband, either by strong headscissors, either by administering the proper kicks to the man to humble him, followed by letting him kiss her feet tenderly and lovingly to humble him even more, followed by the man kissing her feet willingly and lovingly, fully accepting and even enjoying his new place under her, being in total awe of her after this defeat.

In short, please make part three!

But don't let them separate. I always find it sad when a femdom story (especially a cute one like this) ends with a divorce / separation. I mean, in the beginning of the story, it is being said by the protagonist really gets turned on by women beating up men, whereas his girlfriend turns out to be the one capable of making his wish come true. This is a match made in heaven. She is his second half. They should be together, because who else is going to dominate him like this, if it isn't his girlfriend?

So, I would prefer you to keep them together. Give this story a good ending, but make it a sexy one!

I know you can do it. You are a talented writer - and I believe in you. Go for it!
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Default Re: Sarah

Part Three

She was right, Andy thought. Things would truly never be the same between them.

In the ensuing months after her double-knockout dominance, Sarah’s demeanor had completely changed around her boyfriend. Simple pleasantries had all but evaporated, and when she wanted something from him, she was no longer asking, she was commanding.

Though they hadn’t yet sparred again, Andy often felt a lingering physical threat in her presence, but when he gazed upon her, he wasn’t sure exactly why.

At times he would steal glances at her, always trying to record the nuances of her feminine posture, to attempt in some small way to commit them to memory — the casual crossing of her silky legs at the dinner table, the way she would brush a stray strand of her dirty blond hair back to tuck it behind her ear, the way she absentmindedly bit down lightly at the cap of a pen while studying, and the hint of her cute tongue poking at it between her soft lips.

And sometimes she would catch him, her lips curling up into the subtlest of smirks, the attention of her green eyes hitting him like a flashbulb. In those moments, he could tell that she sensed it in him. The intimidation. The humiliation.

The fear.

At Sarah’s insistence, he’d done as she’d requested and enrolled in some martial arts classes, selecting a school on the other end of town. While the drive was less than convenient, he thought it was important that he not train where Sarah did— for one, he’d felt embarrassed at the idea of her seeing him as even more of a novice at fighting while clearly only doing it to prove his worth to her, and secondly. . . well, what if they wanted him to spar with her? The idea of publicly being demolished by the smaller girl was too much, and he wasn’t sure he could improve as a fighter under those circumstances.

And though he knew she cared about him, he also thought there was no guarantee he wouldn’t end up with her toes in his mouth again, this time with an audience of his martial arts peers . .

Yeah, no.

As it was, rebuilding his confidence was proving to be a chore after being thoroughly dismantled by the legs of a beautiful young woman whom he outweighed by at least 40 pounds, but after a few weeks of training, he felt that at the very least he was building a solid foundation of stamina were she to challenge him again.

After all, despite everything, Andy loved her. And, he had to admit, he was in complete awe of her. He could barely admit to himself how arousing it was to be in a relationship with the girliest of girls who was also getting stronger and more confident by the day.

When she came home this particular evening, however, her mood was gloomy.

Reclining back on the couch with the tv on, Andy was immediately alarmed to see his girlfriend storm through their front door, slamming it behind her and haphazardly tossing her purse to the ground in the entryway. She stomped past him without saying a word and he heard the bedroom door open and close.

Andy followed her. It was unusual to see Sarah looking that frustrated, and he wanted to be there for her. However, as he reached the door and motioned for the knob, she called out, “Andy, I’m fine. I don’t wanna talk about it.”

“Baby, whatever it is, I’m sure it’s not so bad . . . and it might feel better to get it off your chest. You know I’m a good listener.”

No response. After about 30 seconds of standing at the door, he started to feel silly. “. . . Ok, well, let me know if you need anything.”

Andy re-entered the living room and plopped back down on the couch, preoccupied by thoughts of what could be upsetting her. After a few minutes of distractedly trying to get back into his television show, his eyes wandered over to her purse by the door, and a frightening idea occurred to him. . . . Could he get away with it?

He quietly rose from his seat and checked the hallway— their bedroom door was still shut. He crept over to her purse and pulled it open, eventually fishing out her wallet.

There it was— “Andy’s Man Card,” displayed proudly in the plastic wallet window. He slid it out as carefully and quietly as he could and slipped it into his front pocket before returning her belongings to the purse and closing it back up.

“What are you doing?”

Sarah’s voice suddenly startled him. He shot up and turned to see his girlfriend standing at the end of the hallway, now in her yoga pants and tight blue tee, with a curious expression on her face.

“Oh, hey baby! I was. . . just gonna bring your purse to you. . . Are you feeling better?”

Saying nothing, she approached him slowly, her hips swaying from side to side, keeping her eyes trained on his. She stopped no more than 6 inches from his (noticeably nervous) expression before finally leaning down past him and retrieving her bag, so close that he could smell the freshness from her post-workout shower.

“Thanks, but I got it.” She finally gave him a little smirk and twirled around to make her way to the kitchen, setting the purse down in one of the dining room chairs. She seated herself at the table and crossed her legs.

“So, uh. . . Are you feeling better? I gotta admit, Sarah, you had me a little concerned.”

She looked up at him kind of sadly as he stood at the edge of the room. “Yeah. . . I’m alright. It’s just. . . I failed my belt test today.”

Andy could hardly believe what he was hearing. Sarah never failed. At anything.

“What? I mean . . . how? You’re so good at it. . . so strong . . .“ He could feel his cheeks begin to burn after issuing his compliment.

She rolled her eyes. “Look, baby, no offense, but I really don’t want to get into it right now, especially with you. It’s just with school and work and fighting, I’m feeling a little stressed. I let myself get distracted. Just let it go.”

But Andy wasn’t ready to let it go. “What did you mean by, *especially with me*? I told you, I’m a good listener. Try me.”

Sarah laughed dismissively, feigning amusement. “Babe, I’m not gonna ask for dojo advice from a guy who had his clock cleaned by a girl.”

So there it was. The truth. And it hurt.

“Aaaand . . . while we’re on the subject,” she continued as her expression darkened, “is there maybe something you’d care to tell me?”

She rose to face him directly, pushing the chair back with her foot.

Andy’s heart was racing. Did she know? “I . . . I’m not sure what you’re talking about.” He averted his eyes.

“Oh, okay. So, if I were to check my purse, nothing would be missing. . . Is that what you’re saying?” She began putting her hair up into a ponytail. “. . . that’s your story, right?”

Sarah was now taking steps toward him, and he found himself involuntarily backing up at the same deliberate pace.

“Listen, baby. . . “ but before Andy could continue, his girlfriend had rushed in and blasted him against the wall with a side kick, the sole of her foot crashing into his solar plexus.

Still reeling and completely taken off guard, he also failed to defend himself from the top of her right thigh digging into his gut. Her face now just inches from his, Sarah held him there against the wall, pinned by (and draped slightly over) her strong right leg.

“No, it’s your turn to listen. You keep saying what a good listener you are, but if that were the case, you wouldn’t be taking things that don’t belong to you. Things that I *told* you I own.”

She slowly slid her leg back down his body until both feet were back on the carpet and wrapped her hand around his throat, pushing his head back against the wall and holding him there firmly. He dared not move.

With her free hand, she then ran her fingertips lightly down his chest, stopping at his waistline, a playful smile developing on her features.

“Don’t get any ideas, hotshot.”

Her fingers suddenly slithered down his front pocket and produced the Man Card.

Sarah released his throat and stood in front of him for a moment, examining the paper, then walked over and slid it back into her purse. Andy, panting slightly, stood dumbfounded, searching her face for a reaction.

Finally, she spoke. “Push the furniture back. You wanted to goad me into a fight? Well, now you’ve got one.”

Andy moved to the living room and did as he was told while she watched, filling her time with various warmups and stretches. When he finished, he moved to the middle and put his hands up.

Sarah sashayed over to meet him, hands on her hips.

Sizing her up, Andy couldn’t help but notice a cute shade of blue polish adorning her toes.

Grinning at his attention, Sarah taunted him. “You like my new pedi, babe? I think the color might match your bruises tomorrow. . . How about a closer look?”

She quickly fired out her right leg toward his gut, but Andy was prepared this time and blocked down with his forearm, swatting away her opening gambit. “I won’t let you take me down this time, Sarah. You’re not stronger than me.”

His girlfriend looked throughly amused, grinning at his attempt at confidence and circling him predatorily.

“Please. I’d say I could beat you with my hands tied behind my back, but . . . I really didn’t have to use them much last time, anyway. The heel of my foot was all the sleep medicine you needed. . .”

Andy responded by throwing out some range-finding jabs. None of them made contact, but he was keeping her on the defensive as she moved her head from side to side. Sensing an opening after feinting another quick punch, he stepped forward into a hard front kick, doubling her over after making contact.

Despite his surprise that his girlfriend was finally the one on her knees sucking wind, Andy kept his distance. He knew he couldn’t rush if he was going to have any chance of beating her this time.

Slowly lifting her head and rising back to her feet, Sarah was no longer smiling. A fire had been lit behind her eyes.

“You picked the wrong day. . .”

Sarah then lifted her left knee as a distraction before pushing off the ground with her right leg and gracefully swinging it straight up in a jumping scissor kick, the ball of her foot smacking him hard under his jawline and throwing him off balance.

He had no time to recover, however, as she pressed the action, coming forward and lashing out with a series of kicks, a left to the ribs, a right to his knee cap, and punctuating her combo with a spinning heel kick, planting her soft sole into his abdomen and collapsing him to his hands and knees before her.

Before Andy could recover he felt her fingernails run through his hair, her cute blue toes stepping into the side of his blurred vision.

“Ya know, baby, a *real* man would have challenged me directly. Now I have to hurt you.” Sarah closed her fists around clumps of his hair.

“Hi-ya!” Gripping him by the locks, she pulled his face down into a devastating left knee, her beautiful limb shooting straight up through the strike, flattening his nose and sending him tumbling onto his back.

Groaning and blinking through watery eyes, he saw her approach, now looming over him.

“Nighty nighhht . . . “ Sarah lifted her foot to finish her boyfriend with a stomp, but he managed to grab her ankle and twist her to the ground beside him.

“Aieee!” She was now laying perpendicular with her dangerous legs still near his head. He started to crawl toward her but caught a face full of foot as she kicked at him while laying on her side.

Andy rolled away and scrambled to get to his feet, still awake but feeling increasingly diminished from her onslaught.

When his eyes finally refocused, he could see that Sarah was already standing with her arms crossed, her confidence now fully restored, wearing a look of smug satisfaction as she examined her battered opponent.

“Okay, sweetie, I’m gonna give you one chance— you can surrender now, or . . .” She giggled, “well, you know how this ends, don’t you? No need to prolong the inevitable.”

She let her arms fall to her sides and approached him slowly, swaying her hips and lightly crossing one foot in front of the other in exaggerated yet seductive steps.

Sarah then stopped in front of his panting, damaged visage, and clasped her hands up behind her head.

“Here’s the deal: either kneel down and kiss my toes, or. . .”

Sarah beamed at him with a mischievous smirk.

“Take a free shot at me right now, and we’ll soon clear up any misunderstandings about who is stronger.”

Andy hesitated. Was this a trick? She was completely unguarded in front of him, but he was also bruised and exhausted, and he had no idea how much more punishment he could take.

He didn’t want to lose. . . did he? He looked down and saw that she was gently rubbing her left foot up and down her right ankle in a kind of modified yoga tree pose, and his heart nearly skipped a beat. How could he be so turned on at a time like this?

Sarah sighed. “I know I’m fun to look at, but don’t keep a girl waiting, huh?”

In that moment, Andy knew what he had to do. He nodded to her defeatedly and began to kneel . . .

. . . but just as he neared the ground, he balled his fist and shot up as hard as he could with an uppercut aimed squarely at her chin.

Sarah, anticipating the strike, was already bending her entire torso back as soon as he started the punch. As his fist sailed up against empty air, the former cheerleader bowed all the way back and braced her hands on the ground, using her backward momentum to crack both feet up under her boyfriend’s unguarded chin, kicking right through him and rocking his head violently before swinging her legs upward toward the ceiling with her hands on the carpet, then landing like a gymnast with her arms in a victorious “V,” completing a mystifying and graceful back handspring attack.

Andy wobbled, felt to his knees, then face-planted at her feet.

Sarah was elated as she rolled him over with her foot. “Still with me, Mr. Good Listener?”

Andy was barely conscious and beyond humiliated. He’d tried to cheat, and he still couldn’t beat her. He just wanted it to be over.

“Sarah, please. . . don’t rub it in. . . just finish me. . .” He croaked.

Sarah pouted out her bottom lip, “Aww, but we wouldn’t want to send you to bed without dinner, now would we?”

She stepped her feet to either side of his head, and then she slowly glided the ball of her right foot up his chest until her pedicured toes were once more upon his lips. He offered no resistance when she coaxed them apart and began sensually pampering her with his tongue.

“Thanks for making me feel better, babe,” Sarah teased, “the way you’re going at it down there, I’d almost think you *like* losing to me.”

Andy could barely hear her. He was now lost in a whirlwind of humiliation and desire, kissing her pillowy sole from heel to toe.

Sarah chuckled. “Pathetic. . . but you did last a *little* bit longer this time, didn’t you?”

She removed her foot and slapped it down on his chest, glaring at him with those piercing green eyes. “You get one more chance to win my respect, Andy. Next time. . . we fight in front of my class, at the gym, in the ring. You have three months.”

Sarah then slowly raised her dainty foot until her sole was hovering right over his face. He stared up into it, terrified at what might come next.

“Sleep tight . . .”

Andy’s eyes widened in horror as she raised her leg up and proceeded to stomp her bare foot into his face. His vision went black. His consciousness faded.

He lost.

Added after 20 minutes:

Part three is in. If you like the story, please let me know with the Thanks button or feel free to share any feedback or suggestions in a reply.

Thanks for reading. I have fun doing this.

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