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Old 18-Nov-22, 20:47
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Default A Twitch Streamer’s Dream

A Twitch Streamer’s Dream

As he slipped into bed, Sam was ready to pass out. It’d been a long night of streaming for his audience on Twitch. His current focus was on a popular, newly released game called ‘Overwatch 2’. He’d began at 7PM in the evening, and rolled on deep into the night, finally wrapping up his stream and saying goodnight to the friends he’d been playing with online, as the clock neared 4AM. His eyes were tired, and he was ready for a nice long sleep.

Only minutes later, he was out like a light……

“Let me……out!” Sam strained as he pushed at the doors, trapped in a small room. There were no handles on the two large doors, and no matter how hard he pushed, they refused to give. The room did have a window, and peaking through the blinds, he could see what appeared to be an empty city outside, on a sunny day.

Suddenly, he heard an automated female voice begin to countdown from 10. “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Capture the objective.” The voice stated as it finished counting down.

With that, the doors promptly swung open, revealing the city outside.

Sam cautiously stepped outside, to find a 7 foot tall wall of muscle standing in the street, waiting for him.

“Going somewhere, mate?” The tall woman with defined abs, greeted him, in an Australian accent.

Junker Queen. Tank class. ( [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

Sam was frozen as the behemoth of a woman confidently strode up to him, their size difference rapidly becoming more apparent. She towered over his 5’9 frame. With no hesitation, her hand shot out and grabbed him by the neck before he could react, lifting him up off of his feet with ridiculous ease.

Sam grasped at her solid, toned arm, as she choked him. “Ple-….ase” he gurgled, his feet dangling in the air. Being held at eye level, his panicked eyes stared desperately into her’s.

“You’re a weak one, ain’t ya?” Junker Queen mused as she looked into his face. Apparently satisfied with his helpless begging, she lowered him back to the ground and let go of his throat.

Sam almost collapsed to the ground, barely reclaiming and keeping his footing as he coughed and gasped for air, rubbing his throat.

“Now, kneel before your Queen.” She commanded.

Sam hesitated as he got his breath back, briefly considering doing as Junker Queen demanded, but no. He had to fight through her, and capture that objective.

Instead of kneeling before her, Sam stepped up and fired a punch into her bared midriff, to no affect. Completely unfazed by his blow, she stood tall with a grin on her face. In fact, it was his hand that was kind of sore, now. Attacking her solid core was like hitting a wall.

Sam looked up at her in both surprise and fear, as she taunted “Nice shot. My turn!”

Sam quickly attempted to backpedal away, but he wasn’t fast enough, her arms closing tight around him from behind as she leaned over, pulling him into a bearhug. He was once again lifted off of his feet, this time crushed between her thick, powerful arms, and solid body.

He immediately began to squirm and groan in her iron grip, the pressure mounting almost instantly as she crushed his body. The air was being forced out of him, and he couldn’t draw breath. She was crushing the life out of him.

She continued to squeeze him for a few more seconds, all sorts of pained sounds escaping him, until his body began to go limp in her arms. Ceasing the pressure, she smirked and taunted him “That it? Had enough already?”

She then let go of him, allowing him to drop to the ground in front of her. Sam slowly pushed himself send over onto his back, staring up into the blue sky. Sore all over, he could barely bring himself to move. As he focused on simply breathing again, he felt like he’d been hit by a truck.

“Should’ve known there’d be consequences for that.” Junker Queen said as she stepped up and stood over him.

“Please……no more……I give up.” Sam groaned.

“Hmm, I think I’ve found my new throne.” She said with a menacing grin. Stepping over his face and turning around, Sam couldn’t muster the strength and energy to even try to slip away as she lowered her hips towards his face. She wore tight pants that were pretty torn and shredded in the thighs and hips, revealing quite a bit of skin.

Sam only began to struggle a few seconds after her ass pressed down onto his face, mostly out of necessity as his breathing was cut off again. The only resistance he could muster was desperate pawing at her hips and legs.

In the midst of his frantic squirming, his hand connected with a weak slap on her hip. “That’s no way to treat your Queen.” Junker Queen said, forcefully seizing his arms and pinning them down. His arms tried to pull free with desperation, but they couldn’t overpower her’s before, never mind now.

With his arms trapped, there was now not even a slight hope of escape. He flailed his legs as his lungs started to burn, trying and failing to turn his head out of her cheeks. He couldn’t breathe, nor see. Her weight kept his face wedged in her ass.

His head pounded as a dizziness began to overtake him, the small remaining strength in his limbs evaporating.

His world had become the warm, crushing weight of Junker Queen’s butt, and there was no escape.

The last thing she said to him, though he was too out of it for it to register, was, “Back to spawn with ya.”

Darkness took him.

Sam looked around in confusion, back on his feet in the same room, the doors already open this time. He knew what had happened, but how he did get back in here? He had just blacked out beneath Junker Queen’s ass. Did she put him here? Where did she go?

He also realized, that he felt perfectly fine. No pain, no soreness left over from his crushing defeat at the hands, arms, and ass, of Junker Queen. It felt like it never happened.

Stepping outside, Sam half expected Junker Queen to be back in the street, waiting for him yet again. To his relief, she was nowhere to be seen. It appeared empty outside, the city unnaturally and eerily silent.

Looking around, Sam spotted a lit up letter ‘A’ in the sky, off in the distance. Oh right, the objective. Time to get moving.

Sam cautiously proceeded to the next street, making a right. He ducked behind a car and peeked out, scanning what laid ahead. Junker Queen just had to be around here somewhere, waiting to ambush him a second time. He wasn’t going to walk right into her again. He’d rather avoid any more encounters with the Amazonian woman.

Satisfied that it was all clear, he made a break for it, dashing down the road. After all, a 7 foot tall women built like a tank could only do so much to hide herself.

Halfway to the next block, eyes darting to find his next cover, he was struck in the arm with a dart. Stopping mid stride, he grabbed at and checked out his arm, that felt like it’d been poked with a needle.

With a pained squint of his eyes, he pulled out the purple dart, and discarded it. As he started to frantically look around for the source, a sluggish, weak feeling began to flood through him. He almost wanted to……..fall over.

Continuing to look around on shaky legs, he heard the sound of a grappling gun, coming from behind him. Sam slowly turned and saw a woman in a mostly purple outfit swinging through the air on a line, complete with an athletic flip in midair as the line released, to land gracefully on her feet.

He hadn’t scanned the rooftops.

She had purple skin, and a sniper rifle strapped on her back. She removed the rifle and gently tossed it aside.

Widowmaker. Sniper specialist, damage class. ( [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

([Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

He’d learned his lesson with Junker Queen, trying to back away as she came towards him, but he could barely keep his feet under him.

She casually outpaced him with ease, her hips swaying as she approached. “Ma prochaine victime.” She said in French. Her words translated to ‘My next victim’.

“What?” Sam asked, fatigue in his voice.

“You should be more careful. You never know who’s watching.” Widowmaker taunted. With a tilt of her head, she added, “Feeling a little weak? How unfortunate for you.”

“What did you do…….to me.” Sam tiredly questioned.

“You’ll live.” Widowmaker assured, getting closer and closer, stalking him.

Sam turned to break into a run, but he only made it a step before his legs gave out on him, and collapsing to the ground. He let out a groan after his faceplant, too weak and tired to try and get back up.

A moment later, she was upon him. She nudged him with her foot, pushing it into him, forcing him to roll over on his back.

“Enjoy your last breaths.” Widowmaker taunted , crouching down and then laying herself on top of him, her head towards his feet. She reached back, scooping up his head and pulling it deep into her thighs, throat pressed to her crotch. Her outfit was skin tight.

Sam weakly grasped at her thighs as her legs began to compress around his neck. Her shapely butt consumed a chunk of his vision. This time, he couldn’t bring himself to flail, his body just wanting to lay still and accept defeat.

As she slowly turned out his lights, his hands rested limply on her squeezing legs.

“Can’t…..breathe.” Sam weakly gurgled.

“Mmm……Delicious prey.” Widowmaker purred, enjoying every moment of her devastating reverse headscissor. She loved feeling the life fade from her enemies as her legs constricted around them.

Her crotch grew warmer against his neck as his vision dimmed. The last thing he heard was a pleasure filled “Now I truly feel alive.”

Sam looked around, finding himself back in that same damn room.


End Of Part 1.

- Doing something a bit different than what I’ve done before. More of a fantasy story with characters from the gaming franchise ‘Overwatch’. This will be a 3 part story. With Junker Queen and Widowmaker revealed, that leaves three characters left. Feel free to take a guess if you’re familiar with the franchise.

- Did a little research and mixed in some of their actual voice lines if anything made sense in the story context. With maybe a small edit if needed.

- For those familiar with my stories, I know I’m probably gaining the reputation of ‘one of those people’ who don’t finish what they start, but if the support is there on this, I guarantee it will be finished. It’s been nice getting out of a ‘real world’ based story setting for a bit.
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Default Re: A Twitch Streamer’s Dream

Great first part. Thanks definitely given.
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Default Re: A Twitch Streamer’s Dream

As a OW1 &OW2 player this seems cool, and you can fulfill many fetishes with the various stereotypes OW brings. Nice idea ����
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Old 23-Nov-22, 17:10
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Default Re: A Twitch Streamer’s Dream

A Twitch Streamer’s Dream:

Part 2: Double Trouble

Sam carefully trekked through the empty city, now being extra cautious as he scanned his surroundings before moving up, intent on not getting reset back to square one for a third time.

He was making real progress now, advancing two blocks past where he’d been ambushed and promptly squeezed to sleep between Widowmaker’s thighs, in a reverse headscissor.

There seemed to be a pattern, where he was in the clear up until he crossed into new territory, past the locations of his previous encounters.

Suddenly, despite doing his all to remain undetected, he heard a high pitched, very feminine voice yell out “Enemy detected! Engaging thrusters!”

Sam quickly made a full spin, eyes darting in every direction, frantically attempting to figure out where the attack was coming from.

Then, he heard what almost sounded like a rocket lifting off, and with little delay, a brightly colored pink mech came blasting over buildings from another street, on a backwards tilt.

D.va: Tank Class. ( [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

( [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

Sam momentarily froze in surprise as she shouted “Diving in!”, shifting the control sticks to begin a sudden descent. Then, he realized the mech was descending right towards him.

Snapping out of it, Sam ducked down just in time as the Mech passed over him, it’s ‘feet’ going right through where his head and shoulders had been moments earlier.

“Excuse you!” She shouted playfully, in reaction to the near miss, as her mech landed just a bit behind him.

Sam stood in place, staring at the mech in thought as it turned to face him. What was he supposed to do against this thing?! He definitely couldn’t fight it. It was Junker Queen all over again. Unless…….he made a break for it, and could out maneuver her powerful machine to lose her.

As he went over his options, he was interrupted by a friendly “Hiya!”, as she gave him a wave with her mech’s arm.

“How’d you even find me?!” Sam asked, the idea of running leaving his mind after her friendly greeting. Her friendly, playful demeanor was a stark contrast to Junker Queen and Windowmaker’s, and was quite disarming.

“You popped up on my radar.” D.Va casually replied. “Nothing gets past me!“ she giggled.

“A-are you here to help me?” He asked. Despite proclaiming him an enemy before actually seeing him, she was friendly so far, and hadn’t attacked yet…..

“Nope, sorry!” She replied, crushing his brief hope. “That objective’s mine, and you don’t stand a chance!” She proudly proclaimed. Watch this!” She shouted energetically, aiming one of the mech’s arms up into the sky without a glance, to show off its main weapon.

Just as she fired a burst of blue energy into the air, another female voice shouted from above “Angel at your should-!”, cut off mid sentence as D.va’s blast struck her right in the breastplate, knocking the winged woman out of the sky, crashing down to the ground with them.

Mercy. Healer Class. ( [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

“Oopsies….” D.va said, shifting the mech anxiously as Mercy slowly stirred with a groan.

Pushing herself back up to her feet, Mercy assessed the damage. A gaping hole had been blasted through her breastplate, vaporizing the outfit material and light armor underneath, leaving her bulging chest covered by just a bra.

“Now look what you’ve done.” Mercy scolded with a shake of her head. “Must I always have my eye on you?”

“Didn’t see you there….” D.Va giggled anxiously, quickly shifting her view back to Sam to change the subject. “Let’s do this!” She shouted, the mech taking a step towards him.

“Wait!” Sam shouted. “How about you fight me without the mech? Or are you scared?!” He challenged her. He felt much bolder with her than Junker Queen and Widowmaker.

“Like I need a mech to take you down.” D.va replied in a bratty tone, stepping back.

“Are you sure about this?” Mercy cautioned as D.Va backed her mech up, and then hopped out.

Ignoring her, D.Va made a few taps on a device on her wrist as she walked forwards, narrating out loud “Initiating self destruct sequence!”

Within seconds, the mech went up in a ball of blue energy, before exploding in light behind her, leaving no trace.

“Such a show off.” Mercy said with a light smile, backing out of the way.

“Let’s see what you got!” D.Va challenged, charging towards him.

To say she wasn’t nearly as physically intimidating as Junker Queen or Widowmaker, would be putting it lightly. She was a slim, petite woman in a skintight blue and pink bodysuit. She was fast, but that was about it. Her power on the battlefield relied heavily on her personalized mech’s.

She fired two quick punches into his body, that he was just a little too slow to block, but they lacked in strength. She giggled as she attempted to quickly follow up by jabbing a knee into his groin, that he just barely managed to avoid. As she tried to continue her fast paced assault, her arms were quickly caught by his own as he finally managed to get a grip on her. Sam pulled her closer, starting to wrestle her down to the ground.

Finally, an opponent he could not only physically handle, but was superior too.

D.Va grunted as she strained against him, trying her hardest to resist, but finding herself overpowered as he dragged her to the ground, and mounted her. She briefly flailed her arms until he swiftly recaptured them, forcing them up over her head, as he slowly scooted up her squirming body, until he held her in a school girl pin.

“Aww, no fair!” D.Va playfully complained, squirming beneath him.

Sam paused for a moment. What was he supposed to do now? Knock her out? Maybe he could try a scissor of his own.

Sam cupped his hands on the back of her head, rolling them to the side into a headscissor of his own.

Her hands clasped his legs, choking out “damn…..it!” as his legs began to squeeze her neck. She pulled at his legs, to no avail.

“Need some assistance?” Mercy interrupted with a little smugness in her voice, taking a sense of satisfaction as she quietly observed a cocky D.Ava’s defeat.

Sam had almost forgotten she was even there. He quickly looking towards her, waiting to see what she would do.

“N-….no.” D.Va squeaked, before changing her answer to “-….Yes!” only seconds later.

In response, Mercy pulled out a white and gold staff, pointing it at them. In a flash, a beam of blue energy blasted out of the staff, the beam connecting to D.Va.

“Powering you up!” Mercy said cheerfully.

“Ooh…..that feels….good.” D.Va gurgled, hands still on his thighs.

Suddenly, her grip strengthened, and she began to pry at his legs with a strength he hadn’t yet felt from her. He desperately focused on squeezing her with everything he had, but to his horror, it didn’t seem to matter, as she slowly began to pry his scissor hold apart.

Starting to panic, he quickly grabbed her arms, attempting to pull them away……but they wouldn’t budge, almost as if her hands were glued to his legs.

She had fully relieved the pressure on her neck, and was now opening his legs. A moment later, her head popped free, and she quickly slipped away and jumped back to her feet.

“Oops, was that your best?” D.Va giggled. “That was just a warmup!”

Sam got back up himself now, readying himself to start again. He took her down once, he could do it again.

She came at him again, this time with a blue glow, as Mercy’s beam continued to do its work. He quickly realized that she was not only much stronger, now, but even faster, too. He couldn’t lay a finger on her.

She landed a flurry of punches to his body, that actually really stung now, running a bit behind on every attempt to block or dodge each strike.

Attempting to put her on the defensive for once, he took a few swings of his own, that she easily danced out of the way of. He took a swing at her head, missing, quickly followed by her foot lashing out and crashing up between his legs.

Sam went stiff, letting out a pained whimper as he clutched at his balls after her shoe had just smashed into them.

“Aw, did that hurt?” D.va teased him in a bratty tone, mockingly clutching her own crotch and mimicking his facial expression, while he slowly sunk to his knees. Sam couldn’t even speak as D.Va stepped around to stand behind him, his focus simply on enduring the intense pain radiating from his groin.

Crouching down behind him, D.Va coiled an arm around his neck, sinking in a rear naked choke as he continued to hold his crotch. His hands quickly went to her arms though, as she began to stand up, dragging him up from his knees by the head and neck, choking him further.

“Are you even trying?” D.Va taunted as he began to sputter and gurgle in her choke. He desperately pulled at her arms, but there was zero give.

She held him until his body began to slacken, his face turning colors, and then released him, letting him collapse face first in front of her.

As he gasped in air, he felt her plant a foot on his back, as she threw her arms up in the air and cheered “I win! D.Va: 1! Sam: 0.”

“Oh? I don’t remember you taking him down all by yourself?” Mercy teased her, ending the beam.

“Yeah yeah, you helped a little.” D.Va laughed.

“We make a great team.” Mercy replied.

“You wanna finish him off?” Asked D.Va. “I think I made my point. He’s not on my level.” She smirked.

“Hmm…….I suppose it couldn’t hurt to have some fun myself.” Mercy replied, in thought. “Maybe we can put your clumsiness to good use.” She added, with a smile.

Joining him on the ground, Mercy pushed him over onto his back, and climbed on top of him. Spreading herself out, she angled her ample breasts over his face, covered by only a lacy gold colored bra.

“You don’t look so well.” Mercy told a weak, tired Sam. “I think I’m going to have to recommend a nice, long nap. And you’ll be good as new.” She laughed.

“N-no…….not again. Please.” Sam weakly begged.

“Sorry, doctor’s orders!” Mercy smiled, lowering her chest, before being paused by D.Va.

“Wait! Again? How many times has this happened?!” D.Va asked, curiously.

“Tw-twice……three times now. Junker Queen and Widowmaker.” Sam revealed, hoping for Mercy to, well, HAVE mercy.

“O-M-G! They got you too! That’s a skill issue.” D.Va giggled.

“Sleep tight!” Mercy chimed, hugging his head and plunging him into her deep cleavage.

“Mmmphhhmum” Sam let out into her tits, quickly starting to struggle beneath her, but getting nowhere fast.

He pulled at her arms and shoulders, until they were grabbed away. “Nuh-uh!” D.Va teased in a bratty tone, aiding Mercy.

With D.Va holding his arms at bay, he was practically defenseless. Unable to see, breathe, or use his arms, the most effective thing he could do was try to turn his head. He was just barely able to wiggle it side to side, almost burrowing himself deeper into her chest rather than escaping for a breath.

“Plmmmmmph” Sam moaned into her boobs, trying to plead for her to stop. He couldn’t get reset back to that same room, yet again.

“I think he’s getting sleepy.” D.Va teasingly commented, feeling the pulling of his arm’s weakening.

His lungs were starting to burn, and there wasn’t an air pocket to be found in the suffocating, soft, warm darkness of Mercy’s cleavage.

“Relax, you need your rest.” Mercy commented.

“Mmm.” Sam softly moaned into her tits, growing lightheaded as the strength once again left his body.

Night night!” D.Va giggled as his arms went limp.

The last thing he heard as he blacked out in Mercy’s suffocating tits, was her calmly chime “Patient discharged.”

Sam let out a sigh, as he stood back in that same room for the third time. He was physically good as new, this cycle was just getting old fast. He was making progress, getting closer and closer to the objective each time, but it was still disheartening to be set back to the same place he started, over and over.

Time to do it all again.

Sam trudged outside, making his way through the same streets and alleyways, much more carelessly than before. Soon enough, he made his way back to where he’d encountered D.Va and Mercy. As expected, they were gone.

His guard went back up from then on, as he continued forwards.

After a few minutes, the objective was just one more right turn away. Finally, he’d made it. No more of that damn room. No more passing through the same streets he’d already moved through several times.

Now, the question was, what would he find when he rounded that corner? He couldn’t hear anything.

Well, there was only one way to find out.

End Of Part 2.

- Appreciate the support on part 1, did better than I expected. There was going to be one more character, but it seemed a bit much, so I cut it down to just Junker Queen, Widowmaker, D.Va, and Mercy. Final part coming soon!
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Default Re: A Twitch Streamer’s Dream

Great story so far, looking forward to reading the finale
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Default Re: A Twitch Streamer’s Dream

Keep going please, it's so good! Also would love to see something with mei since she can freeze her opponents in place, could be really interesting!
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Default Re: A Twitch Streamer’s Dream

A Twitch Streamer’s Dream

Part 3: The Objective

As Sam rounded the corner and finally approached the objective. There was an empty space where it seemed like a building should be, instead with a wide, illuminated circle on the ground. Once he entered the circle, he’d be corned.

He stepped forward slowly, staying alert as he glanced around, until he was at the edge of the circle. No sign of Junker Queen, Widowmaker, D.Va, or Mercy.

Sam took a deep breath, and stepped into the circle, making his way into the middle.

“Capturing The Objective.” The female voice from earlier, announced.

He only had a few seconds to collect himself, before the silence was broken.

“Stop mucking around and MOVE!” An authoritative, female voice thundered. “You wanna lose this? To HIM?!”

“Try to keep up!” A high pitched voice teasingly shouted back, followed by the familiar sound of her mech’s thrusters.

Hardly a moment later, he saw her, as she rocketed towards him through the sky, landing just outside the circle. “Miss me?” D.Va giggled.

“Right behind you!” Mercy shouted with a smile, gliding through the air and landing next to her.

Then came Widowmaker, swinging in on a grappling line, complete with another acrobatic flip as she landed next to Mercy. “Hello my little insect.” Widowmaker greeted him.

Lastly, were heavy footsteps as Junker Queen jogged in, covering impressive ground with each stride as she caught up with her faster allies.

Sam gulped. What was he supposed to do now? He couldn’t handle them individually, never mind together, 4 on 1.

“Now one of you get in there!” Junker Queen ordered.

“Mine.” Widowmaker said quietly, staring him down and taking a step forwards into the circle.

“Objective Contested!” The female voice announced.

Sam froze as Widowmaker broke into a sprint, leaping up and taking him down with a flying headscissor.

“Maybe you can show me how to do that!” D.Va asked eagerly.

“Stick to your machine.” Widowmaker replied, wrapping her arms tight around his body and hugging him into her as she squeezed his neck with all she had. It was like being wrapped up by a snake, as both her arms and legs squeezed his squirming body.

Sam pulled at the skilled assassin’s legs, choked gasps leaving his mouth, but they were latched on tight.

Widowmaker continued her squeezing a few seconds longer, closing her eyes in contentment as she felt the life draining from his body. Then, she forced herself to let him go, un coiling her strong legs, and springing back up to her feet.

“Overtime!” The female voice announced.

“Ooooh, now we just have to get him out of the circle!” D.Va cheered, while Sam coughed and gasped on the ground.

“He’s not gettin’ off that easy.” Said Junker Queen.

Widowmaker stepped over his neck, crouching down until her crotch pressed against his throat. “Plea-se-“ Sam sputtered, eyes going wide as her body weight pressed down on his neck.

Pinning his arms down with her own, Widowmaker looked down at him with an almost blissful look in her eyes, her most intimate area denying him precious oxygen. She preferred a good scissor, slowly squeezing the fight out of her victim, but this worked too. Her crotch began to feel a little extra warm against his throat.

She whispered something to herself under her breath, in french, that he couldn’t make out.

As his face turned colors, Junker Queen paused her. “Alright, don’t bloody break him yet, we’re just gettin’ started!

Widowmaker didn’t immediately reply, eyes closed with her head tilting back, lost in a sub space of ecstasy.

“Ey, you goin’ deaf or somethin?” Junker Queen mocked.

“I’m not sure I could fix that. I’m not a miracle worker…..well, not always.” Mercy joked.

“Yeah, stop hogging him!” D.Va chimed in.

Widowmaker’s eyes opened as her head titled back forwards, her trance broken by her teammates jeering. “The reason I prefer to work alone.” She quietly commented, forcing herself to lift up off of him and step away.

“Hmm…….I think he’ll need some patching up if we’re going to continue.” Mercy said, watching him gasp for air as he held his throat.

“Whatever, do your thing.” Said Junker Queen with a dismissive wave of her hand.

Mercy walked up and stood over him, pointing her staff down at him. “Did someone call a doctor?” She teased with a smile, as a beam of yellow light shot from her staff into his body.

Sam didn’t know how to describe the feeling of her beam, other than a blissful relief throughout his body. The soreness of his neck evaporated within seconds. “Th-thank you.” Sam gasped out.

“A clean bill of health.” Mercy chimed, ending her healing beam and backing away.

“My turn!” D.Va shouted, quickly advancing on him inside her mech.

Having to think fast, the only potential weak spot Sam could see in the mech’s design was the apparent glass barrier that she was visible through, inside the cockpit.

In a move of desperation, Sam threw the hardest punch he could muster into the barrier when she stepped up, but it didn’t leave a single crack. Sam let out a small yell of pain as he quickly pulled back and clutched his now pained hand.

“It’ll take waaaaay more force than that.” D.Va giggled at him.

D.Va grabbed him, her mech’s arms lifting him over her head, his back to the sky, with ease. Disoriented, Sam grabbed on to the mech’s pink arms. She then carefully lowered him down onto his back, Sam continuing to cling onto the mech in fear of being dropped.

She didn’t release him, though, the metal hands remaining clamped onto his upper chest and stomach, now holding him pressed down flat. To his surprise, she powered down her mech and hopped out.

“Now what?” D.Va teased. “I don’t need Mercy’s help to make you mine. No handicaps for you this time.”

Held down by the heavy mech, Sam had nowhere to go as she stepped over his face, and lowered her ass towards his face. All he could was attempt to fend her off with his arms.

“Hey! Cut it out!” D.Vs complained as his arms shot up, blocking her from settling into her reverse facesit. A little battle ensued as D.Va fought to capture his arms and force them out of the way.

Lacking patience, Junker Queen proclaimed “Thats enough of that.” , stomping forwards and instantly ripping his arms out of the way herself.

“Thank you!” D.Va chimed happily.

“No-“ Sam tried to say, as D.Va’s bubble butt touched down on his face, smothering his words.

“Mmph!” Sam complained, beginning to wriggle beneath her, though all he could really do was kick his legs. The mech had him pinned flat, while his arms were locked in Junker Queen’s tight grip.

“Ugh, stop that!” D.Va whined as Sam managed to twist his face to the side for a quick gasp of air, before D.Va grabbed his head and forced his face back up her ass.

Then, an idea came to her. D.Va got up and quickly removed her shoes, throwing them to the side, and lowered back down onto his defenseless face. “D.Va Wa-“ Sam tried to pause her, going ignored.

She then adjusted her legs, cupping her feet under his head, ensuring he would remain face up in her cheeks. “How do you like that?!” D.Va laughed.

“Very creative.” Mercy commented.”

Sam grew a little more panicked as he realized he wouldn’t be getting any more air until she allowed it.

“Couldn’t hurt to RUB IN our victory a little.” D.Va taunted, as she began to grind her ass against his face. The silver lining of this humiliation, was that her constant shifting allowed some whips of air to reach him, though it practically required him to sniff at her ass through the tight blue and pink bodysuit.

She then began to bounce up and down, her eyes lit up with joy as she did so. “D-…Va…..sto….p.” Sam tried to plead as her butt launched up and crashed back into his face over and over.

D.Va didn’t even notice, having a little too much fun with him.

“You might want to give him a break from that.” Mercy spoke up.

“Oh ok.” Said D.Va, in a disappointed tone.

Widowmaker watched on in silence. She wasn’t exactly the most chatty of the four.

“Th….thanks…..again……Mercy.” Sam gasped out, breathing heavy as his whole face hurt, now.

“Ok, if you don’t want me to start bouncing again, I better feel some kisses!” D.Va giggled at the ridiculousness of her newest idea.

Sam hesitated, but what choice did he have? His face already going red at the thought of it, he puckered up and began to kiss the tiny girl’s ass.

“And say thank you!” D.Va laughed.

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” Sam repeated pathetically each time he pressed his lips to her cheeks.

“Time’s up, you’ve had your go. I think it’s time I take back my throne.” Junker Queen announced.

“Aw, come on! Just a little longer?!” D.Va pouted, while Sam continued kissing.

“Off you go.” Junker Queen ordered.

“Fineeee.” D.Va relented in a bratty voice, reluctantly getting up.

“And get this stupid robot out of my way.” She added.

“That ‘stupid robot’ is top of the line tech-“ D.Va began to retort, while tapping on her wrist device to auto pilot her mech out of the way, releasing its grip on Sam.

“Yeah, yeah, my own body is stronger than that thing.” Junker Queen dismissed, cutting her off.

“Ready to serve your Queen, or do ya want a little rematch?” She taunted him. She absolutely towered over him before when he was standing up, never mind now as he lay flat on his back.

“N-…..no.” Sam squeaked, frozen in place. He was like a bug to her. What was the point of resisting?

“That’s what I thought.” She grinned, stepping over his face and lowering her crotch down onto his nose and mouth. Sam squirmed a little as she settled down, having forgotten just how crushing her weight was on his head.

Sam fought his instincts, trying his best to keep his arms down and off of her as she smothered him, afraid to provoke her.

“Hey, he didn’t do that for me!” D.Va complained.

“To be fair…….you have to admit she’s a little more…….convincing, than you are.” Mercy teased her.

“Ah, right where you belong.” Said Junker Queen, while Sam started to squirm and twitch beneath her. His lungs were crying out for air, he wasn’t going to be able to control himself much longer.

“Okay, let him breathe before he blacks out.” Said Mercy.

“Alright.” Junker Queen relented getting off of him and back up to her feet.

“Another save? I think it’s time he starts showing you some appreciation.” D.Va giggled mischievously, having thought up another amusing idea.

“What do you mean?” Asked Mercy.

“Come on, and get those shoes off!” A bubbly D.Va instructed, taking her hand and dragging her over to Sam.

“Um, okay.” Mercy replied as she was pulled towards Sam.

“Now, kiss kiss.” D.Va teased, as Mercy stepped out of her shoes, her toes polished a bright yellow.

“You…..you want me to-“ Sam began to question.

“Yep, kiss those feet. Think of all she’s done for you.” D.Va smirked.

“I, um, don’t know if this is really-“ Mercy stammered.

“Oh shush.” D.Va teased.

Reluctantly, Sam began to plant soft kisses on the tops of Mercy’s warm feet. Mercy looked down as he did, unsure what to think of it.

“And thank her too!” D.Va added.

“Th-thank you Mercy.” Sam said as he alternated between each feminine foot.

“You’re very welcome.” Mercy laughed, starting to get comfortable with it.

“Time’s up, let’s get this over with.” Junker Queen spoke up.

“Yes……..this is getting boring.” Widowmaker dryly commented.

“But we’re still-“ D.Va tried to say.

“You heard me.” Junker Queen asserted.

“Ohhhh, ok.” D.Va sighed.

“I think I could get used to this.” Said Mercy, watching Sam smooch away on her feet. “Maybe this will be the way you all repay me for reviving you.” Mercy joked with a wry smile.

“No way!” D.Va giggled.

“Try it and I’ll bash your skull in.” Junker Queen replied, only half joking.

“I’d rather stay dead.” Widowmaker deadpanned, zero humor in her voice or expression.

“Welp, time to take out the trash.” Junker Queen said, walking up and pulling Sam up to his feet. She strode towards the edge of the circle, dragging Sam stumbling over himself behind her with momentum, and then sent him flying towards the edge. He wasn’t going to fight it.

Sam stumbled, tripping over his own feet and falling at the edge, tumbling outside of the circle with a groan.

A few seconds passed, and the female voice announced “DEFEAT! Junker Queen, Widowmaker, D.Va, and Mercy, WIN!”

“Yes!” D.Va shouted with enthusiasm, throwing up her arms.

“Easy work.” Said Widowmaker.

D.Va raced over to Sam, victoriously planting a foot with pink painted nails onto his face, and playfully rubbing it in to his facial features.

He opened his mouth to say something, and she slipped her foot right in, his mouth hit with a salty taste as her toes grabbed his tongue.

D.Va giggled. “G.G!”

Sam’s eyes shot open, as he woke up with a jolt, in his dark bedroom. To his relief, it was all just a dream. It was all very clear and vivid in his mind. What a strange one.

Junker Queen had sat on his face? He kissed D.Ava’s ass and punched her mech? He kissed Mercy’s feet and got smothered in her breasts? Widowmaker choked him with her legs? He choked D.Va with his legs?”

Maybe he’d been playing a little too much Overwatch lately. It made it’s way into his dreams now, apparently.

As he closed his eyes to try and go back to sleep, he realized……….there was a wetness in his underwear.

End Of Story

- Finally, I’ve completed a story again. Really enjoyed writing this one, and it performed pretty well. I definitely might do another Overwatch themed story in the future, but I think this will be it for right now. Getting away from ‘real world’ based scenarios seems to have given me back that spark to write, so I’ll probably be back with another fantasy based story very soon.
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Default Re: A Twitch Streamer’s Dream

I've never been interested in playing Overwatch, though I do enjoy their cinematics on youtube. If it was like this, though, you'd never get me to stop playing.

Thanks for this story, mate.
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