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Post The “Tutoring Session.”

“You think I’m still tutoring you because of the pay? Please, my parents are already wealthy enough. Yeah I like the extra money but I really only tutor you because I enjoy watching you get nervous and choke up in my presence. I know you have a crush on me. I catch you staring at me and trying to peek up my skirt everyday at school. In fact, you probably have a boner right now, don’t you?” Valerie questioned.

You blush and don’t reply. It was true and you couldn’t even deny it.

“Oh my god I knew it, That’s so pathetic. Anyway. Here’s how things are going to work from now on. I know that you don’t need a tutor. The only reason you failed your math class is because you knew that I was in the tutoring program and you knew I tutored mathematics.” she continues to explain.

“NO I DIDN-“ you attempt to lie, but she sees right through you.

“I wasn’t finished speaking. You obviously only failed your class to see me so I’ll make you a deal. I’ll still come over to “tutor” you and get paid but I want you to study on your own time. I honestly despise tutoring and the only reason I’m in the program is because it’s extra college credits. Instead, our “tutoring” sessions will now be my personal time” she says.

“What does that mean? Your personal time??” You ask, confused why this was all coming up so suddenly.

“Well that depends on my mood. If I’m feeling generous I’ll let you kiss my ass, fondle my tits, maybe I’ll even show some love to your little member who’s always hard down there.” She answers looking down at your bulge.

You blush with excitement. It’s like your all your prayers have been answered. Here was the perfect girl, the queen of the school, saying she would let you fondle her tits???

“Don’t get too excited. If I’m feeling stressed, which I am a lot, I’ll take out my frustrations on you. If I’m sad, I’ll smother you and you can tell me how perfect I am.” She continues.

How bad could that be? A beautiful girl smothering you? Still sounds like a dream come true, you thought to yourself.

“So does this mean, we’re like, dating?” You ask.

“Oooh no no no. Please. I’m valedictorian, captain of the cheer team, and I have a D1 soccer scholarship. I’m way out of your league. The only reason I chose you to do this to is because I know how desperate and pathetic you are. Well, that and I enjoy watching you awkwardly suffer around me. Think of yourself not so much as a boyfriend but more as…” she taps her chin thinking “…. my slave. ”

“O-okay.” You respond, unsure what to make of all this.

“Okay, now, there are two caveats to this. Number one: you must do better on your exams so that I can continue tutoring you and earn my credits; and number two: if you tell ANYONE about this, you will never touch this perfect ass again. I’ll drop you and find another sad pathetic boy to be my slave. Understood?” She lectured.

You stared at her in awe, dumbfounded at everything she just said. You scanned her from top to bottom, admiring every inch of her body. Her beautiful blonde hair and gorgeous face; her black long-sleeve sweater that perfectly encapsulated her divine figure and nice breasts. Her short blue skirt that revealed her thick thighs and toned calves from soccer; and her dominant heels; that made her glaring brown eyes level with yours. All you could do was nod.

“Good,” she took a deep breath, “Now lie down bitch.”

You comply and lay on the bed. She slowly crawls on top of you and positions your head in between her thighs under her skirt.

“Good boy, now kiss my thigh.” She ordered.

You kiss her thigh and afterwards, she slowly increases the pressure between her thighs on your head. You keep your gaze on her white panties as she starts squeezing your cheeks together. You can feel your boner start twitching. The pressure starts to become uncomfortable but you don’t want to disappoint her by complaining. Suddenly, she grabs her skirt and moves it back to reveal your eyes. She squeezes your cheeks together and grabs a handful of your hair while gazing down at you. You grab her waist and try to rub your hands up her breasts but she slaps your hands away.

“Get your worthless hands off me.” She scoffs.

She grabs a chunk of your hair again and pulls your face further into her crotch. She then extends her legs behind your head and locks her ankles.

“You can only touch my breasts when I say so.” She says as she squeezes her legs together.

The pain was no longer just uncomfortable, but now almost unbearable. Her thick thighs were crushing your jaw and neck, making it impossible to breathe. You let out a loud grunt as she increased the pressure and you could hear her begin laughing sadistically. You couldn’t handle the pain anymore and frantically tapped out on her thigh.

She released the pressure and slid down onto your now raging boner.

“Oh yeah, two more rules for our tutoring sessions. One: If i cum, the session is over, unless I choose to keep going. Two: if you cum, I knock you out. Understood?” She explained, whispering into your ear.

You gulp at the sincerity in her tone. You knew she meant what she said, and with the way your boner was now, you knew it wasn’t long before you ejaculated. Still, you knew you had to comply. It wasn’t your choice anymore.

“Understood.” You reply

She turns around and hovers her ass inches above your face.

“Kiss.” She commands

You plant a kiss on her plump, soft ass cheek.

“Did I tell you to stop?” She asks.

You continue to kiss. Squeezing her perfect ass and alternating between each cheek. Right now, it’s just you and her perfect butt. Her skirt blocks off your view of anything else. Val starts to shift her hips back and forth on your face, moaning as she increases in speed. Suddenly you feel a finger run across your hard cock

“UUUuuuuGhhhHHhhhh” you moan, shooting your load into your underwear and jeans instantly.

Valerie began to burst out in laughter.

“How pathetic! That’s all you can handle! All I did was lay a finger on your dick. You must be obsessed with me, that’s the quickest I’ve ever made a guy cum!” She teased.

“I…. I… I… I didn’t kno-” you stammer but are quickly interrupted.

“Unfortunately for you, that means I get to knock you out now.” She says as she starts readjusting her body.

“No wait!!!” You plead while she wraps her thighs around your head, this time with your face looking directly at her ass. You try to pry her legs apart but you can feel that her ankles are locked. You attempt to buck her off but sink deeper into her reverse headscissors.

“Stop squirming bitch.” You hear her say faintly, her voice muffled by her thighs.

You frantically slap her thighs, signifying your surrender but she doesn’t let up. Finally you accept the inevitable and squeeze her ass while you slowly fade into darkness….

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Default Re: The “Tutoring Session.”

Are more parts coming
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Default Re: The “Tutoring Session.”

Wow great story, hope you keep going
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Default Re: The “Tutoring Session.”

Really nice story, especially the facesitting hand job sequence!
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