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Old 03-Sep-23, 07:44
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Default The gym girl

Hello guys, another story for you. Remembering that I apologize for the horrible English, I am Brazilian and English is not my native language. I hope you enjoy it.


This story is part real, part fiction.

I used to practice Muay Thai at a gym close to my house, there I met several people and fell in love for the art. After a few years of training, sometimes i would hep some people train. In an afternoon like any other I started helping a woman who had been training for a short time, she had a slightly curvy body, she was training to lose weight and the training was starting to take effect, let's say she weighed about 165lbs(70kgs) and her weight was well distributed in thighs and legs. In this specific training session, I was encouraging her a lot, at a certain point when she was already exhausted, to encourage her, I proposed: "If you do 50 more sit-ups and skip another 1 minute of rope, I'll do whatever you want". I didn't say with ulterior motives and thought of something about training. She just laughed at me and tried very hard to finish, managing to complete it without any major problems. At the time I was very excited because she was a woman, besides being beautiful, very friendly and nice. However, when I asked what she would want for a prize, I was surprised with a smile.
- "When I'm less tired I'll tell you". And so we spent several weeks without remembering this conversation.

On any given day, at the gym, Bruna (I forgot to mention her name) told me that her birthday was coming up and she wanted me to attend her party. I accepted at the same time without even thinking. The days passed and Saturday arrived, I ended up being very late because I had to work on a company project over the weekend. When I arrived at her house, it looked more like a meeting of the gym staff, but several had already left and she was already a little drunk (nothing beyond an acceptable limit, just happy, after all, it was her birthday) as I arrived late, I was embarrassed to leaving when most people had already gone, and whenever I tried I was blackmailed by her "you arrive late on my day and you already want to go? No, no, no." And I was still there. She lived only with her sister, who had gone to sleep about 10 minutes ago. The clock already showed 2:40am, it was just the two of us at that moment, we were laughing a lot and talking about various subjects without seeing the time pass, when I got up to go home, Bruna held my arm firmly, laughed with clear second intentions and said:
- "I think it's time for you to pay your promise" At the time I didn't remember which promise she was talking about and, despite the drink, she remembered it very well.

"Now I'm less tired, and you will pay for having doubted me" I remembered what she said and started laughing, thinking that the prank would be drinking or something else. But what she said surprised me in a way never seen before.
"You took the air out of me at practice, and I'll take the air out of you... With my ass" she said as she lifted her mini Hem skirt which was showing the smallest panties I had ever seen in my life. At the time I had no reaction, I had already looked at her voluptuous ass a few times, but this way, it was something very different. She noticing my surprise, pulled me by the arm going towards her room. Where I knew our friendship would never be the same.

When I was thrown onto her fluffy bed, lying on my back I asked her "Don't you think you've had drink too much?" She giggled straddling my belly "Just enough not to regret it. Have you heard of facesitting?" To hear from a woman's mouth, riding you, something you used to pay for was out of this world. I answered her with just a smile that was enough for her to understand. "I'm going to sit on your face until you beg me to stop. And when that happens I'll remember every sit-up you made me do" My heart was racing, by this time her skirt was across the room and her big ass she was already positioned on my chest high enough to smell her through her thin panties. She lightly sat her pussy in my mouth, I could still breathe through my nose and this was evidenced when she ordered "take a deep breath and smell me", I promptly obeyed by touching my nose on her red panties and taking a deep breath. My mind was confused: how a sweet and friendly woman could be such an implacable dominatrix with a few shots of alcohol? it wasn't her first time doing this and despite paying I never found a professional dominatrix in my city. So that was by far the best experience I've ever had. I was taken out of my thoughts when I noticed her lifting her body and putting all her weight on my chest, taking all the air out of me. I could only say a painful "Oooff" that drew a smile from my dominatrix. She repeated this process 5 more times. I held on tightly with my arms pinned close to my body with his legs straddling me. "Very good, I expected nothing less from my little coach. Now our night will begin" Bruna told me giving me a strong slap on my face, I confess that this turned me on even more and having her pussy being placed on top of my nose with total ferocity made it even more exciting.

"I want to look into your eyes when you realize that today you are mine" Bruna told me that staring into my eyes while my view was of her wonderful body taking my breath away. I don't know how long she stood there, moving lightly back and forth, waiting for her prey to get tired while I was intoxicated by her scent and taste. My lungs began to show slight signs of need, I was an athlete but not immortal. Tap on her thigh in submission, it wasn't my limit, but he would arrive soon and I didn't want to go that far. At the same time that I touched on giving up I felt her weight increase a lot and I heard her say "One more minute" and her count started slowly ... 1 ... 2 ... She was accelerating her rhythmic movements on my face with each count. I started to despair when she arrived at 23, I couldn't take it anymore, I desperately tap her leg, not having any response in return. My cock throbbed like I had never felt it before, I knew I would not pass out at that moment because I knew my body but my lungs burned in a way that I had never felt. My eyes were already begging him for mercy and we were still in 39 seconds "Look, you're purple. I've never left anyone like this. Our night is going to be so fun" 45 seconds... at this point, I left my pride aside and opened my mouth wide. As much as I could to breathe, I was lucky to catch the exact instant that his movement had gone forward and I swallowed a dose of air. This pissed her off, to which she responded by getting up from my face and landing her ass heavily on my nose angrily telling me "I said 1 minute", repeating the process of jumping in my face with each word. These jumps despite being painful right under her perfect ass were enough to breathe and endure the last 15 seconds. She looked a little sad as she fell, again, heavily onto my chest "1 minute. You're good, my gift is paid." She said this getting up from my tired body and breathing heavily, leaving me with the view of her ass walking across the room. "Bruna... please... I want more" her eyes met mine, her excitement was evident, and with a naughty smile she replied "I just need a glass of water and all of this will crush you" she said this running his hand over her ass.
And I can say this for sure, it was the best crush I've ever had.
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Default Re: The gym girl

Thread approved
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Default Re: The gym girl

Nice story! You're really lucky you got to experience this
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facesit, facesitting, sitting on face, smother, smothering

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