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Default Secret Basement Wrestling with My Best Friend’s Mom (Commissioned Story)

This is a commissioned story. The requestor has opted to remain anonymous but given the okay to share on the forum. If you’d like a commissioned story, my PMs are open.

Chapter 1: Wendy the Wrestling Champion

“You? You used to wrestle!? Against the men!?” I asked in disbelief, trying not to sound too ignorant. Of course women could wrestle, I just never would have imagined that my best friend’s mother had experience on the mats.

“I didn’t just wrestle the men. I actually won the district tournament my senior year and placed third in states.” Mrs. C stated matter of factly, grabbing my plate and stacking it on hers before turning back towards the sink as if she hadn’t just delivered incredibly interesting news.

The sight of her in tight blue jeans was too much to pass up so I snuck a peek, much to my best friend Derek’s dismay. He was used to it by now, with us both being eighteen years old and having grown up together. It sort of came with the territory. Pretty much from the day we became friends as kids his Mom usually had my attention. And now that she had been divorced for a few years, I barely ever let a day go by where I wouldn’t joke about becoming his Daddy.

“Oh yeah! Mom was a beast! At first the guys in her class refused to wrestle her. Then they found out how good she was and they really didn’t want to wrestle her anymore!” Derek exclaimed before shooting me a dirty look for staring at his mother. He never wanted to let his friends ogle her too much in his presence and it was clear he’d already had enough of my antics.

In my defense, it was kind of hard not to check her out. She was 5’ 8” tall and probably weighed around 160lbs. It was obvious she had kept herself fit even at her age of 46. She oftentimes bragged that she was at the gym six days a week. I had spent many a night in my youth and adolescence contemplating her tantalizing figure.

“Well I may have only come in 4th in states this year but I was top ten all four years of high school Mrs. C. And each year I finished better than the last. Even if I never did win a district tournament.” I responded, puffing out my chest. I was 5’ 6” tall and weighed 160lbs and for some reason suddenly felt that my accolades were being overshadowed. After all, her son and I were just a week from embarking on our first year of college together as top wrestling recruits. The whole reason I was staying there in the first place was so that we could train together to prepare for the upcoming college practices.

“For the millionth time you can call me Wendy.” She reprimanded with an eye roll before adding “And you didn’t win a regional tournament even one time? And you do realize 3rd place is better than 4th, right dear?” She said back, hands on her hips and looking back at me. She tossed her blonde hair over her shoulder and a sly grin formed across her lips. The smirk eased the rising anger in my body and I let out a slight chuckle.

“You’re messing with me right now aren’t you Mrs. C?” I asked, realizing the joke was on me.

“It’s Wendy. And a little… but I really DID come in 3rd place in states.” She stated rather proudly. She took a swig of the remaining water in her glass and slammed it on the table.

“Wow. I never even knew you wrestled, let alone came in 3rd in states.” I responded rather astonished. The fact that she had managed to come in 3rd while I was so proud of being 4th was irking me much more than it should have.

“That’s because I never mentioned it.” She said back casually, causing Derek to jump right in.

“I don’t know why you don’t talk about it more, honestly. You were awesome Mom! I can only hope to accomplish a fraction of what you did in your career.” My buddy beamed, clearly proud of her.

“Oh thank you honey. It just feels like it all happened so long ago, I don’t want to bore anybody with ancient history.” Mrs. C. proclaimed with a slight blush. She had been trying to stay modest but I could tell she really appreciated the kind words.

“Are you kidding me? I’d love to hear more about it!” I stated eagerly, hoping to get more detail of how the object of my childhood desires pinned guys in her high school days. But Derek was quick to shut it down.

“I know it’s cool and all but like Mom said, it happened a long time ago. Plus, we really need to get back to training.” He stated firmly, rising from the table and gesturing for me to do the same. As badly as I wanted to find out more about Mrs. C’s wrestling days, my best friend did have a point. I shouldn’t let distractions get in the way of our college preparation.

“Another time dear. You two should keep training.” Mrs C. said back assuredly before instructing as only a mother can “But don’t stay up too late. Your bodies need time to rest too. Trust me. I know.”

“I know Mom. We won’t.” Derek muttered back and off we went to train, with illusions of wrestling my best friend’s Mom dancing in the back of my head.

As we trained, I found myself unable to shake the thought of Mrs C. on the mats and what that might look like. If she was as good as she claimed she was, how did all those guys she beat feel losing to a girl? I couldn’t imagine suffering that sort of defeat. Losing to an accomplished male competitor in a tournament was hard enough. Getting pinned by a female in front of a captive audience would be a whole other deal.

“So like, about your Mom…” I randomly asked between sets.

“Don’t be gross.” Derek demanded, immediately defensive about whatever I could possibly say about his smoking hot mother.

“No I’m not… I was just wondering…3rd in the state? Really?” I asked, trying not sound too much like I was accusing her of lying.

“Yea, she never really talked about it much but now that I’m going to be a collegiate wrestler like she was, she’s started to get more open about it. She’s actually been really helpful with tips and stuff. If you weren’t always so weird about her, maybe I’d invite her to help us train.” He responded. That sounded like it would be an incredible idea but needed to temper my enthusiasm. Plus, I had more questions.

“Did you say she was a collegiate wrestler too? That’s… wild. Sounds like she’d really know her stuff.” I confessed, impressed by the news.

“Oh yea she’s legit. She’s got the medals and trophies to prove it. She could really help us both.” Derek confessed before checking the clock on the wall and adding “But rest time is over. Let’s hit it.” And off we went to keep training.

Later that night, I laid on the air mattress on Derek’s bedroom floor. I was tossing and turning to the incessant sound of my best friend snoring. All I could think of was his Mom at the age of 18 on a winner’s podium, bronze medal around her neck after winning her final match. How could she have come in 3rd all those years ago and I could only manage 4th place? Why was this bothering me so much? It’s not like she beat me for third place.

I let out a deep sigh and sat up. I threw away the covers and stumbled my way to the bathroom. After relieving myself I realized I didn’t want to listen to Derek’s snoring anymore and headed downstairs to crash on the couch. When I got there, I could hear the television on in the basement and with my mind still very much focused on Mrs. C’s wrestling career, I decided if there was ever an opportunity to hear more about it, now would be the time.

I made my way down the stairs to the basement in nothing but my blue boxers to find my best friend’s Mom, curled up on the couch watching a movie.

“I’m sorry Adam. Am I keeping you up? I came to the basement hoping the noise wouldn’t carry.” She asked. She was looking cozy in her pink and white checkered cotton pajama pants with matching top. Her hair was strewn about messily. She laid with her legs curled up, her bare feet poking out the bottom of a maroon blanket that was draped over her lap.

“Oh no it’s not you Mrs C… I just couldn’t sleep.” I confessed, biting my lip.

“It’s Wendy.” She reiterated firmly before going on.

“And I understand. It’s perfectly normal to be nervous about heading off to college, especially as a soon to be collegiate athlete.” Mrs C. stated in a calming tone.

“Wendy. Right… it’s not that either…” I said again, trailing off. At this point, her brow furrowed as she began to wonder what may be troubling me. She threw the blanket off her lap and turned more directly towards me, sitting up straight on the couch. I was too committed now and realized that I should just go for it.

“I was wondering if… I just wanted to know… if maybe… you might… want to wrestle me?” I blurted out with an awkward grin. I locked eyes with her, unable to look away. She tilted her head inquisitively and flashed a smile.

“Oh Adam… I don’t…” she began but then her smile faded. She eyed me up and down before leaning back on the couch. She tugged at the top of her pajama shirt and chewed on the inside of her cheek as she was seemingly considering my completely out of the blue offer.

“Is this about the 3rd place thing? Because I was only teasing you.” She said back rather seriously, clearly concerned she may have offended me in some way.

“Oh I know. But you were just saying how good of a wrestler you were…and I’m sure you certainly were. I just… I’m having trouble thinking that you could possibly be any better than me. I mean, I think we both know if we were to wrestle one another, that I’d be the one to come out on top.” I said back, hoping that the confidence would instigate her a bit.

“Adam, honey. I wasn’t just 3rd in the state my senior year. I placed 5th the year before that and 8th my sophomore year wrestling against senior boys. After high school, I went on to win rookie of the year my freshman year I college. Then I was named captain of the team my final two years where we won back to back division two championships.” She proclaimed proudly, getting to her feet and walking towards me.

“I’m not telling you all this to try to intimidate you or because I think that I can still wrestle at that level. I just need you to understand that, as of right now, you have not accomplished nearly as much as I have.”

She was in my face and her two inch height advantage felt much larger now that I was up this close. But I wasn’t about to let her or her accomplishments cloud the fact that I was a healthy 18 year old man and she was a past her prime female, who despite having a surprisingly lengthy and impressive pedigree, could not possibly keep up with someone in my current physical condition.

“So… is that a yes?” I asked, barely able to contain a sense of giddy excitement.

“Derek asleep?” She asked, raising an eyebrow. My heart pumped frantically as I realized she wouldn’t have asked me that if she wasn’t about to agree.

“Out like a light.” I answered swiftly, hoping she had no more objections. She let out a deep sigh and shook her head as if she couldn’t believe what she was about to say next.

“Okay... But just a couple of rounds though!” She relented, adjusting her hair behind her shoulders.

“Just a couple rounds. Got it.” I said back as calmly as I could manage which admittedly, was not very calm at all.

“And we start on our knees. I’m not looking for either of us to get hurt.”

“On our knees. Got it.”

I immediately dropped to my knees and she sort of frowned at me.

“Wouldn’t it make more sense to do this over on the mats?” She asked, rather condescendingly. She was referring to the other side of the basement where her son and I frequently trained. The same exact place I had spent training practically the whole day earlier.

“Oh right. Of course. I knew that.” I muttered out, trying to stifle my embarrassment as I hurried back to my feet. The two of us walked over to the mats and both got on our knees

I looked across the mats at my friend’s mom and could not believe that this was actually about to happen. There’s no doubt I had always been attracted to Mrs. C. But I didn’t even know she had wrestled up until maybe 6 hours ago. And now she was across from me, about to take me on one on one. It was certainly a lot to take in!

Wendy twisted her back and arched side to side a few times as a quick way to get loose. She had a quiet confidence about her and if she had any reservations about tussling with her son’s friend, she was doing a good job of hiding them.

“Well… let’s see what you got then 4th place.” She teased, beckoning me forward. I eased my way near her and she met me halfway. I went to grab her arms and she easily hand checked my attempts away.

“I’m not some rookie…” she muttered rather threateningly, and I reacted to one of her swats by diving for a double leg takedown. Much to my surprise, she widened her base and easily avoided my takedown.

“Garbage.” She stated plainly as she rotated cleanly onto my back. I quickly got my arms up to prevent her from grabbing around my throat.

“You are strong though.” She remarked casually, as she managed to get her feet in front of my thighs, trying to plant me face first to the mat. I realized that I was in deep trouble of ending up in an extremely vulnerable position much too early in our tussle. I managed to prevent her getting both of her hooks in and flashed back to meet her forward.

We met face to face and suddenly feeling overwhelmed by the situation, I froze. The slight hesitation allowed her the chance to grab my head into a side headlock, driving my cheek into the soft fabric of her pajama top.

“Why’d you wait? A strong boy like you could have pinned me down, no? I hope you don’t think you can take it easy on me. I’d hate for you to have a ready made excuse for when I beat you.”

I let out a muted roar and forced my opponent to her side. She still had a grip on my head but I was on top with one leg on either side of her. My hands now moved to her arm as I began trying to slide out from her hold. The cotton of her top dug into the side of my face but I continued to wiggle my way out, causing a slight burn on my cheek as I slipped free.

Not wanting to make the same mistake of pausing again, I immediately went to pin her down but she was already turning onto her hands and knees under me. I hooked one arm under her armpit and the other around her throat and fell backwards, fully expecting to trap her in a rear naked choke. But when I went backwards, she kept going with me and continued to roll, easily breaking my grip on her as she somersaulted over the top of my head.

She wasted no time crashing forward on top of me. She used her left hand to grab my left wrist and positioned her whole body on my left arm. She got her right arm around my head with my jaw propped up under her armpit. I swung my right arm up to prevent both shoulders from being pinned to the mat but she still had full control.

The two of us grunted as she fought to maintain her control and I struggled to keep her weight off my throat. She kept a wide base and was not letting me slip out sideways. Knowing we had reached a potential stalemate, I had to do something. I let my right side fall and threw my left side up. Relying on my brute strength, I forced my left shoulder off the mat, despite her using her weight to try to keep me down. I could feel her body trembling as she put everything behind holding me down.

Slowly but surely, I forced my way back up and then promptly spun to meet her head on. We both ended up in a sort of clinch so I used my strength to bull rush forward. She went with me but locked her legs around my waist in a body scissor. I grabbed her wrists and forced them down just as she extended her legs around my midsection.

The strength of her legs was shocking and I found myself collapsing forward and reaching for her entwined ankles behind my back. She reached forward and hugged my head close to her. She unleashed another prolonged squeeze and rolled us to our sides as I fumbled away at unlocking her feet behind me.

“Already done 4th place?” She whispered into my ear, causing me to thrash about in a foolish attempt to yank my way free. I widened my stance and tried to roll back to my knees. I got one knee under me but she artfully swung our embrace around and suddenly I was on my back. In a panic, I waved my arms, to avoid her from assuming a straddle position over me but she dove over top of both of them. She snatched my left arm into a key lock grip and promptly hooked my right arm in between her legs. She stretched her body out long in a perfect cross body pin as I struggled to bring one shoulder off the mat. She quickly let go of her key lock to prop my chin under her side and then collapsed down, using both her arms to hug my left arm close to her.

I kicked my legs and bridged as Wendy’s weight settled itself onto my wind pipe. I let out a gurgle, twisting my body in a pathetic attempt to ease the pressure but found myself crashing back to the mat as she flexed her whole body outward. My shoulder joints began to burn as it felt as if she was about to yank one of my arms clear off. I struggled in this position for a few more seconds but she was not easing up. She had me and we both knew it but I was too proud to admit it.

I let out a sigh of exasperation as my movements were slowly restricted with each passing second. Every time I struggled, she’d cinch in a bit tighter, leaving me less and less room to maneuver. The pressure on my jaw was becoming unbearable but my pride was still preventing me from submitting. Had she not said anything, I may have let her rip my shoulders straight out of their sockets.

“There’s no shame in conceding a fall if it means you get to fight another day.” Wendy calmly stated without easing her hold in the slightest. A few desperate gurgles escaped my lips as I was forced to consider her advice in real time. Unable to escape or ease the pressure of her hold, I grudgingly tapped out to indicate my submission.
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Default Re: Secret Basement Wrestling with My Best Friend’s Mom (Commissioned Story)

Now I wish I had a mate in school with a scorching hot mom who used to wrestle. Wow.

I wonder if she still has any of her old wrestling singlets and how they would fit her now?

Thank you, J, and your commissioner, for sharing this story with us. It is excellent.
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Default Re: Secret Basement Wrestling with My Best Friend’s Mom (Commissioned Story)

Chapter 2: The Competition Continues

My opponent released me and swiftly hopped off of me. I rolled myself up and saw she was looking absolutely exhilarated, almost glowing. Who knows how long it had been since she had last wrestled someone?

Meanwhile I was feeling somewhat flustered, having thrust myself into such a wild situation against this gorgeous woman. Not to mention I hadn’t really expected her to be quite so talented. As such, I couldn’t believe that she had beaten me in our first go at each other. I cursed myself under my breath for allowing it to happen.

“You were pretty good but like I said, I’m not a rookie. Simple tricks aren’t going to beat me.” Wendy lectured, looking slightly flushed. She gathered her wild hair behind her shoulders again and squared back toward me before adding “Ready to go again?”

My blood had only just gotten pumping so I was more than ready. I tried to adjust my boxers so that my dick wouldn’t just pop right out of them but it was becoming quite difficult. I was trying to remain focused on the competition but there was no denying that being this close to Mrs. C, er, Wendy, was a major turn on. And with my being in just my boxer shorts, I really had no way to hide my enjoyment.

“Ready when you are.” I said back, shifting my weight from side to side in anticipation. She nodded in agreement and made her way near me.

Determined not to have an embarrassing repeat of the first round, I thought about what she had said to me and feinted a dive for a single leg take down. She reacted defensively but instead of going low, I came in high. With her weight shifting one way, I was able to tackle her right to her back and she quickly clinched her arms around my back, clinging herself to me.

“Ok you caught me with that one.” She admitted thru gritted teeth as she intertwined her legs with mine. I shook one leg off but she had enough space to turn her body. She got one foot out and was already sliding sideways. I couldn’t stop her from battling her way back to her knees and we were once again clinched together head to head. She swatted my head down and gracefully spun to my back. I blocked her attempt at a choke but she got her legs around my waist with a body scissor.

I dropped to my ass but had to keep my arms up to prevent her from wrapping her arms around my head. She managed to hook my right arm behind and I responded by leaning my weight all the way backwards. She unleashed a squeeze around my midsection. I yanked my arm back and went to work prying at her feet. As I did, she saw her opening and wrapped her forearm around my throat.

I gurgled out as she tightened her choke. My eyes watered as the desperation grew. I couldn’t possibly lose two straight falls to a 46 year old woman wearing her pajamas! I planted my feet and leaned all my weight back while grabbing each of her bare feet as tightly as I could, wrenching them apart. I managed to pry myself free from the body scissor which allowed my hands to shoot up to my neck, in hopes of breaking the choke. I rolled onto my side and then onto all fours. Wendy again got her legs around my waist but couldn’t really deliver a proper squeeze while balancing on my back.

I crawled forward for a bit before standing upright on my knees. I reached behind my head and then snapped forward, forcing her to tumble over top of me. I tried to collapse on top of her but she gracefully spun on her back to get her legs between us. I got caught and suddenly her legs were snapping shut on the sides of my head. The pain caught me off guard as her powerful, cotton clad thighs tightened directly over my ears. I knew I could not handle that sort of pain for long as my hands darted for her legs. I pushed hard under her quads and luckily the cotton fabric pajamas allowed enough space for me to start slipping free. I grumbled out a cry to summon more power and popped my head out before it could be crushed any further.

Wendy crashed to her stomach and I hustled to get on top of her. She brought her hands up to keep me from grabbing her head, so I locked my arms around her waist and squeezed her in a bear hug from behind. Her ass pressed into my boxer shorts but I tried not to concern myself too much with how perfectly framed my raging member was by her pajama covered back side, despite how delightful it may have felt.

She grunted in pain as I pulled her tighter, slowly squeezing the air out of her abdomen with our bodies grinding into each other. I knew I could hold her down like this and eventually she’d have to tap out. She must have realized this because she fought her way to her knees, pressing her ass tighter into my boxer shorts. I tried to apply more pressure to the bear hug, as she was maneuvered her way up. In a flash she had shifted her rear from my pelvis and dropped to her butt. I anticipated the escape and knew she’d break one way to spin free so as soon as she moved, I committed fully. Except her movement was a feint and she spun rapidly the other way and out of my grip.

This was a truly baffling move. As a result, she caught me tumbling to one side and tackled me down. I was so stunned as she straddled my waist and pinned my wrists down by the side of my head. We made eye contact in this moment and part of me just wanted to stay like this forever. The skill that she was displaying combined with the look of determination on her face was making me feel things I had never truly experienced before. And being on the receiving end of her fury was becoming a tempting option that I hadn’t truly considered until this point.

But my competitive juices kicked in and would not allow me to lose another round. So I ditched the thought and went for a twisting bridge but she responded by hugging her body close to mine, so as not to be thrown too far from me.

Wendy advanced higher up my torso, using the momentum from my bridge to accept the available space. She continued to work her way up and settled her knees painfully on my wrists, while still holding my hands down too. She sat down onto my throat which caused me to crash back flat. She brought her legs in tight on either side of my face with my arms trapped under her. She kept wiggling up while still leaning forward over my head. Her crotch kept pressing tighter and tighter into my jaw. My eyes were again bulging as it felt as if she was trying to choke me under her weight. Whether I couldn’t escape due to her perfect pin positioning or just out of sheer awe of her dominant skill, I can’t be sure but it certainly seemed like I’d be having to submit to her again.

And then something strange happened. She lifted her weight off of my throat and proceeded to move even further forward. Her pajama pants now brushed against my chin, then my lips and nose before pausing in place. I laid frozen as my best friend’s mom hovered her ass directly over my face. Almost as if I had willed something like this to happen, I could have sworn she was starting to lower. My pride however would not let me learn her true intention because instead of waiting to find out, I took my opportunity to escape a seemingly inescapable pin and slid right out from under her descending bottom.

I immediately wondered if she was really trying to sit on my face but didn’t have much time to think about it. I rolled onto all fours but she was quick to twist and meet me, hooking my head into a guillotine choke. I tried to push forward but she widened her base to defend against a brute force takedown. So I ducked lower and exploded upwards, lifting her up and dumping her, rather roughly, back first to the mat.

Wendy let out a grunt and tried to hang onto her hold but I ripped my head free. She tried to reach up and hook on to my body the same way she had earlier in the match but I was ready this time. I grabbed her wrists and slammed both her arms down, pinning them on either side of her head. I hopped past her guard and leaned my chest down over her face, spreading my weight evenly across her upper body.

She bridged in defense but couldn’t get quite high enough to sneak free. She collapsed flat and went quiet for a few seconds. I thought I had her but she surged up with a twisting bridge that got us back onto our sides. To prevent her from escaping I locked my legs behind her back in a body scissor of my own.
When she reached back to try to break my hold, I twirled her in my legs and got my arms around her head into a rear naked choke. I cinched my legs around her mid section and as soon as I squeezed she tapped out on my forearm.

I released her and she rolled off of me breathing heavily and softly massaging her neck. I laid flat on my back, catching my breath. We both stayed in silence for several moments, allowing myself an opportunity to reflect on the situation. I had just tried to choke out my best friend’s Mom but it was okay because she had demanded that I hold nothing back, right? Plus she had already beaten me once and I couldn’t possibly allow that to happen again so I did what I had to do. I also tried to deemphasize in my mind the fact that in order to beat her just that one time, it had taken about almost every ounce of effort I could stand to muster. There was no denying that she certainly was the real deal when it came to wrestling.

“So I guess that makes us even.” Wendy stated, finally breaking the silence.

“Guess so.” I said back, basking in the endorphin rush from me victory. Despite my enjoyment, I was still feeling unsatisfied about the results and was hoping she’d feel in a similar manner. She sat up and I did the same to meet her.

“I don’t know about you Adam, but I hate ties.”
She said to me, causing my heart to race. She had to be about to challenge me to one more round!

“Oh ties are the worst.” I agreed, counting on another chance to show that even though she proved to be a valiant competitor, at the end of the day, I was the better wrestler.

“Well now that my blood is pumping, I figure I have a couple more good rounds in me. What do you say, the next person to get 3 submissions will be considered the winner?” She suggested and I did my best to swallow my excitement. Apparently just one more round wasn’t good enough for her and I couldn’t be happier to agree.

“I’d feel a little bad about choking you out three more times but I was raised not to disobey a host in their home so I suppose I have to accept your terms Mis- Wendy.” I said, rolling to my knees with a pompous grin.

“Well as your host, I’m about to give you an advanced lesson in manners… Fourth Place.” She responded with a subtle attitude before getting to her feet. I gave her a confused look but she was quick to assert she was not trying to gain an unfair advantage.

“It’s just… really hot. You wouldn’t mind if I took these pajamas off, would you?” Wendy asked, a hint of embarrassment in her voice. It was certainly the most vulnerable I had ever seen her.

“Oh yea. Of course… I’m already drenched and I’m just in my boxers. And you’re in those pajamas? You might as well be wrestling in a suit of armor!” I quipped, trying to downplay the fact that my best friend’s Mom was unbuttoning her pajama top right in front of my very eyes.

“Shut up! These are cozy!” She allowed out a slight laugh as she undid the final button and shedded her top off the back of her shoulders. She was wearing a light grey bra that contrasted nicely with her tanned skin. Despite for the first time having the opportunity to get a good look at her fairly large breasts, I tried not to stare at them. But to say that that was difficult would be an understatement.

She reached down and slipped out of her pajama pants to reveal a matching pair of light grey panties. Her rather plain set of cotton underwear indicated she hadn’t exactly planned being seen in them, but her confidence while wearing them only made her sexier. She kicked her pants aside, knelt across from me, and placed a hair elastic in her mouth.

“Hold on.” She muttered with the elastic between her teeth before reaching back and gathering her hair up. She quickly snatched the hair tie out of her mouth and wrapped it around her hair several times. With a loud snap, she had completed a high and tight ponytail.

“Ok. I’m ready.” She concluded, bringing her hands in front of her into a fighting stance.

“So am I.” I answered confidently, leaning forward. I was more than eager to get back into it, especially now that we were both in our underwear. If it wasn’t clear from wrestling her, seeing her in this state of undress showed how her time in the gym had served her well, with a flat stomach as well as finely toned quads and calves. Her upper body was not overly muscular but certainly contained deceptive power to it as I had witnessed first hand in the previous rounds.

We slowly started working our way towards each other and to my surprise she dove at me, attempting a double leg takedown. I managed to side step and grab her from behind but she scurried out under my legs and tried to take my back but I flipped her over the top of my head. Before I could jump on her she was back into all fours. I snatched her head and tried to cinch in a guillotine coke, but couldn’t quite get my grip right. She grabbed my wrist and twisted her way out of my hold. I stumbled as my balance was thrown from the sudden escape and she tackled me high, bringing me down.

Wendy landed on top of me, straddling me high up on my torso. I sat up to the best I could and tried to hug her close but she burst through my defenses, kneeling roughly on the insides of my biceps.

“Yow!” I yelped out quietly, as I brought my legs up to try to hook her from behind. She let out a chuckle as she swatted away my legs and settled up higher onto my throat. She leaned her weight painfully onto my arms forcing another distressed cry to press out of my lips. This time I arched my body and threw her side ways and off of me.

As I tried to roll back up to my knees, she was advancing her legs back toward me, in an attempt to clamp on a head scissors. Remembering earlier in our tussle how strong her legs could be, I retreated, swatting at her long legs to keep them from locking on.

I continued to backtrack and she quickly shifted to her backside and launched herself forwards toward me. As I was still in a seated position I was forced to my back again. She continued to press her advantage and I brought my hands up in defense. She passed one of her legs between my upheld arms and threw it behind my head. She then began working her opposite leg up and I realized her intentions. She was trying to hook in a triangle choke which I knew would mean disaster for me. She had my free arm hooked now and was getting closer to finalizing the hold. I rolled sideways and she toppled, but she got her foot into the crook of her opposite leg. I forced her shoulders flat as she reached to grasp her ankle to complete the triangle choke. I powered forward hard enough to break the hold. I landed roughly on top of her, folding her in half in the process as my chest slammed into her face.

I bounced off of her and landed off to her side. Neither one of us wanted the other to gain the advantage so we found ourselves right back up at each other in a clinch on our knees. I pressed forward and she sidestepped, using my own momentum to send me crashing to the mat. She dove on top of me with a waist lock and as I reach down to break her grip, she expertly rotated one hundred eighty degrees so that her legs were on either side of my head. She twisted her ankles and tried to squeeze me in a head scissor, but couldn’t quite get the positioning right as I collapsed back flat to the mat.

Wendy leaned tightly down on my upper body and grabbed at one of my arms with both of hers. She widened her base to try to flip me onto my back while maintaining top position for herself. I battled to keep her from twisting me any further than my side. As she attempted another powerful yank on my arm, I didn’t resist and rolled with the pull. I quickly spun to my other side and she was thrown over me. She quickly gathered herself and launched back at me and this time I was ready, I caught her with my shoulder in her midsection and wrapped my arms tightly around her.

She let out a breathless screech as I torqued my arms as tight as I possibly could, forcing the air out of her lungs and giving her no space to inhale any either. I adjusted my head so that we were now face to face and held her tightly against me. Our sweat soaked bodies pressed solidly into on another. I took one more moment to stare into her eyes and savor the feeling of her swollen breasts smashed into my bare chest. Then I exploded my arms into a flex, amping up the pressure of my bear hug.

She slapped at my back defensively but I remained firm in my squeeze, not allowing her any space to fill her lungs. I reared back and wrenched as hard as I could in a long drawn out squeeze. My arms trembled from my continued efforts and my opponent could no longer outlast me and finally tapped out furiously on my back.
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Default Re: Secret Basement Wrestling with My Best Friend’s Mom (Commissioned Story)

I am usually more of a pro-style kind of wrestling fan, but the collegiate style is really working for me in this story. Or maybe it is that Miss... Wendy is one of the most insanely hot women I have seen in a wrestling story. Now that she has stripped down to her underwear, I REALLY wish I was in Adam's place. I don't have his youth, skill or speed, so Wendy would likely wipe the floor with me, but I am more than okay with that.

Thanks again for sharing this with us, mate. Awesome story.
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Default Re: Secret Basement Wrestling with My Best Friend’s Mom (Commissioned Story)

I really like seeing that the male protagonist is pretty skilled, but we gradually see that the female just has all the right answers for him. Also its really cool seeing how often she’s going for leg-based moves around his head but he keeps barrreeelly escaping that embarrassing position by a hair… great suspense! The fact that she took off her slippery cotton to fix her last mistake + how she’s going for more and more “intimate” moves like that must be a heart pounding revelation for our guy here
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Default Re: Secret Basement Wrestling with My Best Friend’s Mom (Commissioned Story)

Chapter 3: Evenly Matched

I released her and she collapsed to the mat, favoring her lower back and breathing heavily. Before I could properly check on her, she was back to her knees and shoving me away to get to her side of the mat.

“Ok, you got me again.” She admitted, sounding slightly flustered as she reached back and readjusted her ponytail.

“I told you Miss-.. errr, Wendy. You might have been good in your day but you’re not as good as me now.” I taunted, feeling like I finally had things under control. Two more submissions and she would have to admit that I was indeed the superior competitor.

“We gonna wrestle or do you want to keep talking all night?” She spat back, making her way towards me.

“Oh we can wrestle, I just thought you’d need a rest. Trying to be a good sport is all.” I said sarcastically and she lunged at me. I caught her with my shoulder in her midsection, thinking I could bear hug her again but she baited me into the position because she immediately grabbed a guillotine choke, making sure to hook her hands first before attempting the body scissor.

I defended the body scissor but collapsed forward as the choke was well applied. I managed to kneel onto one of her legs to prevent it from wrapping around me. This freed my hands up to work on the choke that was threatening to put me out much quicker than I could have expected.

“Come on! Come on!” Wendy shouted, wrenching away at my neck. She could sense my desperation and I just barely broke the hold she had on me. But I was incredibly dazed and stumbled as I backed away. I wasn’t quick enough and she scooted forward and wrapped her legs around my midsection. She locked her ankles tightly and I let out a pained groan as my organs felt like they were being mashed into one another.

“Years of training have built some pretty strong legs. I’d bet they’re even stronger today than they were in my wrestling days.” Wendy opined, bracing her hands on the mat to maximize the leverage on her body scissor. I immediately pressed down on the inside of her knees as my guts constricted from her powerful squeeze. My struggles did nothing to ease the pressure on my abdomen and I found myself doubling over from the pain. She immediately responded by hugging my upper body and glueing herself to me in the process.

“Unggggg!” I groaned out collapsing sideways as her legs refused to relent. The constant tension was taking its toll on my ability to breathe. As I continued to pry at her grip, she rolled us sideways which managed to get her even more leverage on her punishing body scissor. She snatched my hands away from her legs and held them out wide before unleashing even more power into her hold.

“Fuckkkkkkkkk….” Breathlessly pushed out of my mouth as I could no longer comprehend the compression my body was suffering. Sensing victory, she rolled me onto my back, mercifully releasing her scissorhold but still grasping my wrists tightly. She hurriedly scooted herself up my torso and onto my throat. My eyes bulged as her weight pressed down directly on my windpipe with her shins draped across my upper arms.

Sufficiently weakened by her body scissor, I couldn’t defend against this brutal pubis choke. It would be a slightly embarrassing position to lose in but I was being unabashedly strangled. There was only so much I could handle and was prepared to submit but before I could tap out, she made a quick hop and her crotch went from being driven under my jaw to planting itself right onto my nose.

“Mmmphhh!!!!” I panicked into her panties, completely taken by surprise by the unorthodox tactic. She had squeezed all the air out of me and the addition of the smother came at the most inopportune time for my respiratory system. She had taken away all my strength by artfully building upon each successful maneuver until I was helpless to stop her from achieving this suffocating front facesit.

“It’s certainly not a traditional wrestling hold but it’s most definitely effective.” Wendy casually remarked, her fingernails digging into my wrists to prevent me from pushing her off of me. She widened her stance, allowing her full weight to sink into my face and preventing any chance I may have had at toppling her sideways.

In desperation, I threw my legs at her back but she easily leaned forward away from my pathetic counter attempt. I tried again and she actually hooked one of my legs, causing a painful stretch on my groin muscles.

“You want to give me the other one too now?” Wendy asked but I learned my lesson and stopped with my kicking. The slight shift in her weight allowed me to sneak some air so she ditched her grip on my leg and focused herself on keeping my body flat. She resumed a more effective position on my face, using her knees to pin my wrists down and her lower legs to trap my upper arms. This freed up her hands which she allowed to rest casually on the tops of her thighs. She let out a long satisfied sigh and relaxed her body.

I looked up in pure awe, my opponent’s grey cotton panties smashed into my nose and mouth. Her flat tummy led up to the hulking grey bra that held her glorious tits upright. And peaking over those two mountaintops was an absolutely delighted Wendy, staring back into my eyes with a beaming smile. I jerked roughly to the side in a futile attempt at escape but she had me perfectly pinned.The lack of air punished my lungs but I couldn’t bring myself to submit. How could I live with myself with the knowledge that I tapped out with my face buried in my best friend’s mom’s ass?

“I know I told you there’s no shame in conceding a fall if it means living to fight another day.” She muttered before letting out a laugh and adding “But you should absolutely be ashamed if you lose in this position. That is such a fourth place way to go out.”

The remark infuriated me and I reacted by thrashing beneath her. My spastic escape attempts only served to break her seal for milliseconds at a time, granting me only a few occasional half breaths.

“That’s it. Keep wasting your energy.” She cooed, crossing her arms in front of her chest as she easily maintained her seat on my face. My feet lightly stomped as it was becoming clearer that I wasn’t going to escape. I tried to slide my arms from under her legs in another weak attempt to break her clutches but it was no use. She gazed down at me with an almost sympathetic look as she witnessed the resignation in my watery eyes. I let my arms go limp and she responded by getting off of my wrists. I breathed in desperately as she methodically tucked my upper arms into the folds of her knees. She brought her bare thighs in close to frame my face and quickly resumed her facesit. She held my hands in her lap and wiggled herself into a more comfortable stance allowing the smother to punish me some more. A few more seconds passed and I threw my body to the side in desperation. It earned me a quick breath before she had locked back down.

“You’re not getting out.” Wendy casually remarked with a light chuckle, content to wait out my clueless defiance. I responded with another weakened bridge that earned me no air.

“Here I’ll give you a breath.” She stated, sounding almost annoyed. She lifted up for a second but barely long enough for a half breath.

“There.” She muttered, shaking her head in disbelief that I still hadn’t quit despite being trapped for quite sometime now.

“Need another?” She asked as my legs were growing restless. I mumbled an affirmative and to my surprise, was gifted by another half breath which was not enough. I thrashed in distress, needing a break from her suffocating onslaught.

“That’s it. Get it allllll out.” She encouraged and I grew still again. It was finally dawning on me that she could have forced a submission at any moment. She was just drawing it out to further weaken me for future rounds. I mean, she had pretty much spelled it out for me but obviously I had grown quite distracted from the task at hand. Recalling her advice from earlier in our match, I mumbled a submission into her crotch and lightly tapped out on her thigh.

“That’s what I thought.” She remarked before throwing my arms to the mat and standing up over me. I laid there, trying to process what had just occurred. Had I really just tapped out to a facesit smother applied by best friend’s mom?

“Who needs to rest now fourth place?” Wendy spat out, kneeling on her side of the mat, awaiting me to get ready for her.

“… Sorry…” I muttered through heavy breaths and forced myself back upright. I should have taken a bit more recovery time but Wendy’s teasing convinced me to get right back to it. I got to my side of the mat and gave her a nod to indicate I was ready.

She immediately pounced. Sensing weakness, she tried to take me right down but I was able to stop her and we locked ourselves in a familiar clinch. Except this time I was the one entirely on the defensive as Wendy jockeyed for superior position. I could feel my muscles seizing up as I struggled with all my might not to be taken down.

Wendy however had become completely emboldened by achieving her previous submission. I’m sure the manner with which she won only served to invigorate her already feisty spirit as she was really trying to press her advantage. With us tied at 1 round a piece, she was looking to take the lead by capitalizing on my exhaustion.

“Still showing good fight.” She casually remarked, before throwing her body sideways. Unable to keep my balance, I was slammed to the mat with her on top of me. She snatched my wrists and swiftly advanced to my throat. Before she could lock down, I just barely slid free and rolled to my stomach to prevent the potential smother. But she wasn’t about to allow that and continued going for the kill by hoping onto my back. She tried to sneak her forearm around my neck and I found myself covering the back of my head with both arms to prevent this.

Wendy sat up on my back and used both hands to grab one of my arms. She began desperately trying to roll me over while maintaining her straddle. I could feel myself twisting sideways and became concerned that if she pinned me down again I may not have the strength to get out. I wildly flailed and rolled back to my stomach, managing to pull her off of me in the process.

I quickly pushed myself to all fours but she was was already mounting my back. She hooked both her legs in front of mine and drove me back chest first to the mat. She advanced on me, hooked me into a half nelson and started rolling me over. This time the hold she had on me forced me to turn and she collapsed forward onto my arm. She reached back in an attempt to lock my other arm between her legs and complete a cross body pin but I blocked it. As she tried to wrangle my free arm, I was able to push my hips up and get her to roll over top of my head.

I was growing more and more tired but had no time to recuperate as she continued to press her advantage. As I again tried to get back to my knees, she was already meeting me with another tackle. This one easily took me down and my situation was growing dire. I considered myself to be in very good shape but this extended training session combined with my opponent’s relentless assault on my airways was kicking my ass!

“Sounds like you need to work on your cardio.” She purred, grabbing at my arms. I dodged her attempts and back tracked but she crawled with me, keeping me on my back. I rolled to try to crawl but she took my back, throwing her forearm around my neck. I instantly got my fingers up and found both my hands between my throat and her arm. She reared back and with my hands trapped, easily got her legs around me into a body scissor.

My own knuckles dug into my jowls as I tried to ease the pressure off the choke hold. I rolled onto my knees and slammed us both sideways but she held firm.

“Uh-Uh. Nap time for you fourth place.” She spat through gritted teeth. My insides were again being punished but I forced myself back to my elbows and knees. This time I leaned forward before slamming backwards as hard I could. It was a brutal and desperate move and it succeeded in jarring me loose from my opponent’s constricting embrace.

I slowly pushed back onto all fours and saw her struggling to sit up, the wind seemingly knocked out of her. I inched towards her but she flashed a grin and threw her legs at me in attempt to apply a front headscissor. I just managed to get both arms up, one between my head and her crotch, the other grabbing one of her feet. Her powerful legs exploded and the only thing keeping them from popping my head off were the placement of my hands.

I collapsed sideways with a defiant grunt, one hand clinging to her foot, trying to break the hold. My other hand plastered against her thigh desperately trying to ease the pressure on my sore and aching neck. She reached forward and grabbed behind my head, trying to pull me in deeper. As she tried to adjust into a more lethal position, it weakened her ankle grip just enough for me to break it.

I popped back up to my knees and she went instantly into guard as I collapsed on top of her. I was completely winded but for the first time since my last submission, I was in dominant position and I had to maintain it. I snuck one leg past her guard but she managed to scissor my other leg to prevent my advancement. I reached for her wrists but didn’t have the strength to engage in a hand check battle so instead I hugged her head into my chest. She turned her face to the side but as I hugged her tighter, I could feel the muscles in her neck tense. Her hot breath flashed against my chest as she braced her hands under my chin. She began pushing up to create separation as i flexed my arms to try to torque her neck.

We battled against one another in this position but slowly my leg was making progress, slipping through her scissor. The perspiration between us certainly helped the process as I slid clear and mounted her waist. She planted her feet but I clung to her body, hoping to try to recuperate some energy while she expelled some of hers. I shook my head free from her hands and tucked my chin to stop her from doing that again. I bent forward all the way down, the top of my head on the mat as I leaned my entire weight on her head and upper body.

Wendy reached behind her head and began trying to pry my arms off of her. She attempted another bridge to try to throw me, but I had managed to flatten myself tightly with her. Any movement she made, I’d ride along with her. She was getting frustrated as she could not shake my tenacious pin. I yanked upwards on her tighter, eliciting a slight whimper from my opponent as her neck twisted beneath me.

But I could not continue the pressure and had to ease up. When I did, she made one strong bridge while yanking on my arm and it broke the hug I had on her. I battled to stay on top of her and found myself teetering on my side. Both of us weakly struggled to try to topple the other over. Unfortunately, I was the one that lost my balance and she landed on top. She tried to leap past my guard but I was able to get my legs high enough to stop her.

Wendy let out a frustrated sigh and actually backed off. I laid on my back, knees bent open, anticipating another attack but she made no movement towards me. For a brief moment I stayed in that position, unsure if it was safe to move but when she still made no effort to attack, I realized she had opted against fighting through my guard so I spun up onto my knees.

Both of us were tiring from the frenetic pace but we both knew the next fall was such a crucial one as the victor would only need one more successful round to win the match. We circled each other, neither one of us wanting to make a mistake. I slowly worked closer to her but she was avoiding me now, keeping her distance, waiting for an opportunity to strike. I wasn’t going to allow that chance and lunged for a single leg take down. She hopped forward but I tenaciously hung on to her leg and took her down. She tried to fight me off but I managed to straddle her waist. I tried to kneel onto her arms but she bridged and slid out from underneath me.

I turned and she met me head on. Instead of crashing into her, I fell backwards. Without my body to brace into her, she crashed forward right into my embrace. I wrapped my legs around her into a body scissor and hugged her head into my chest. With her in my grasp I rolled on top of her into a pinning position, straddling her waist and leaning onto her head. As she tried to wiggle her way free, I gambled by jumping into side position. She must not have expected this change of attack as I was able to easily scissor her left arm and then grab a key locked grip on her right one. I laid across her in a perfect cross body pin.

Wendy’s head shook back and forth as she realized I had complete control of her upper body while pinning her shoulders down. No amount of bridging was going to get her out from under me.

“Dammit.” She spat out, planting her feet and twisting as far as her body would allow.

“Go ahead. Waste your energy.” I teased, giving her a taste of her own medicine.

“Real funny. I’ll remember that the next time I’m sitting on your face.” She responded with a bit of fire. She wasn’t too happy about her inevitable loss in our pivotal third fall.

“Oh, are we gonna talk about that? I just thought you were going to pretend it didn’t happen.”

“Oh I can talk about it honey. It’s you that should pretend it never happened. ‘Oh please, don’t smother me Mrs.C! You’re too much woman for me!’ … you should be embarrassed of yourself fourth place.” She taunted, seemingly enjoying egging me on despite being pinned.

“It’s Wendy.” I deadpanned before adding with an exaggerated sense of frustration “Are you going to submit or are you going to make me hurt you?” She had stopped struggling, apparently content to lay there and continue to trade barbs.

“I’m letting you enjoy this moment. I assure you, it will be your last victory tonight.” Wendy responded much more confidently than someone pinned flat on her back should. I adjusted my grip on her arm in preparation of applying more pressure on her shoulders. She grimaced as she sensed the impending pain but didn’t say a word. I slowly started to stretch and felt her body tense in response. She kicked her feet and grumbled as the pressure on her joints methodically increased. It was not until I had almost reached a full on flex that she finally tapped out and admitted defeat.
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Default Re: Secret Basement Wrestling with My Best Friend’s Mom (Commissioned Story)

The best story I've read this year !! Thanks a lot
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Default Re: Secret Basement Wrestling with My Best Friend’s Mom (Commissioned Story)

I think I am going to start using that taunt in real life. "Such a fourth place thing to do." I will really enjoy that people have no idea what I am talking about and there will be that certain subterranean thrill in the knowledge that I could encounter a woman who has read the story and might do to me what Wendy is doing to Adam.

Wendy is possibly my favourite ever female character in a wrestling story. I know there have been others who were incredibly beautiful, or funny, self confident or skillful, but Wendy brings all of those qualities together into one intoxicating package. She has pure collegiate wrestling knowledge, but is ready, willing and able to submit Adam with a facesit. And then taunt him about it. I love that.

Thank you, again, for sharing this story with us, mate.
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Default Re: Secret Basement Wrestling with My Best Friend’s Mom (Commissioned Story)

Chapter 4: On the Edge of Defeat

I released her and slowly crawled to my side of the mat. I expected her to take a few seconds to collect herself but she quickly rolled to her knees and scurried to her side. Beyond a lightly red face, she didn’t appear to be any worse for the wear. And even though I was only one more submission away from victory, I seemed much more sapped of energy than she did.

“We gonna go again or did pinning me down tire you out more than you realized?” Wendy asked with a smirk as she placed her hands on her hips. Not wanting to prove her right, I shook my head and waved her on.

“I’m good…” I said lightly, taking a step towards her. She let out a laugh and then exploded forward.

“Oh I’ve seen that look before sweetie…” Wendy muttered as she blasted through my guard. I managed to shift my shoulder up and roll her off of me. She caught herself on her knees and I got to mine to meet her.

“That’s the look of defeat.” She stated launching herself back at me. I caught her and wrapped my arms around her, trying to slow things down. I pulled her in close with as much strength as my aching muscles could allow.

“That’s the look that fourth place loser gave me right before I pinned his ass in front of everyone.” She whispered into my ear, enraging me. I thrashed side to side, rag dolling her but she just braced against my arms and cackled. I stopped the shaking and tackled her to the mat but her hips shot upwards and she rolled on top of me.

“Want to know how I did it?” She asked, grabbing my wrists and kneeling painfully on my biceps. She thrust her pelvis under my jaw and sank her weight down over my windpipe.

“It was just like this! And he looked just like that!” She proclaimed with a laugh as my face turned purple from the choke.

“But he was lucky. He had a referee that counted him out. Your only way out is if you tap out.” She remarked. Something in her words spurned me on and I mustered the strength I had to power one shoulder up to topple her sideways.

“Oh you’re not going anywhere.” She calmly stated, still holding my wrists and getting her legs around my head. She unleashed an unholy squeeze that shocked me to my core. Too stunned to even tap out, my body just tensed up and took it. She punished me for a few seconds, drawing out her flex. When she finally eased, she hooked her left foot into the crook of her right knee and then gracefully rolled sideways and on top of me with a mounted figure four headscissor.

Wendy flailed my arms side to side as she hovered high up on her knees. I feebly kicked but was too weak to truly defend. The pressure on my neck slowly began to ramp up as she sat lower down.

“Unc! Unc!” I grunted, still too dazed to tap out as my best friend’s mom squeezed my neck tighter between her legs. She tossed my hands aside and ran her fingers through my hair.

“You can tap out any time now.” She encouraged, crossing her arms in front of her chest with a look of satisfaction on her face. My vision was blurring but still I saw the opportunity here so I braced my hands on her butt cheeks and thrust my hips upwards.

My desperation escape attempt toppled her sideways and loosened the headscissor. As she tried to adjust her grip, I blocked it and rolled on top of her. Weakened and stupid, I sat tantalizingly low in her guard and she caught me. Her legs snaked back around my head, trapping one of my arms with it. She instantly grabbed behind my head and wiggled her legs properly into place for a triangle choke. As soon as she pulled down, I felt all the blood rush to my head.

I tried to power up and just as I did I lost control, and collapsed down. She uncorked her legs and I tumbled flat on my back, having just been brought to the brink of consciousness. I weakly lifted my head up in an exhausted attempt at defense as my opponent swiftly swung one of her legs over my waist. She snatched each of my wrists and pinned them to the mat beside my head.

“This one’s gonna hurt.” She warned, snaking her legs so that they were intertwined with mine. Her cotton panties were pressed snugly against my upward facing boner and I looked off to the side, not wanting to make eye contact in this awkward situation. I was sure she had to have noticed my erection in the heat of battle, but right now she was pressing her most intimate parts right into mine. There was no longer any way to ignore it. I did my best to clear my mind because if I focused too much on her positioning, I’d bust all over both of our tummies.

“You readyyyyy!?” She teased, gently rubbing up and down against me, causing me to wonder if maybe there was a part of her that was enjoying this on something more than just a competitive level.

“NooooooMMMPHHHHH!!!!” I shouted in agony as Wendy flexed her legs, painfully stretching mine in the process. My yelp was immediately cut off by Wendy’s breasts smashing down into my face.

“Shhhh!!!!! You’ll wake Derek!” Wendy scolded, smothering me in her glorious tits while simultaneously straightening her legs in a punishing grapevine but her words meant nothing as I continued to whimper into her chest.

“I told you it was gonna hurt.” She remarked, easing her grapevine but holding the smother. I pushed up against her, briefly raising my hands off the mat but she responded with another brutal flex.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” She threatened, smashing my hands back to the mat. She then lifted off of her smother and eased her leg lock. I was breathing hard as her beautiful boobs hovered inches over my face.

“You gonna scream like a bitch again?” She asked, lightly easing into another flex.

“No… OW…noooo” I tried to say quietly as my legs wish boned painfully outwards. A smile spread across my opponent’s lips as she ramped up the pressure and watched me struggle not to make a peep. She eased up briefly before slamming her pelvis into mine full bore, forcing an ached yelp to jump out of my mouth.

“YOOOWWWWWMMMMPHHHH!!!!” I cried out, but was immediately thrust back into Wendy’s suffocating breast smother.

“I told you to keep quiet!” She scolded, bringing my arms in closer to my head so she could prop herself up on her elbows.

“There, that’s more comfy for me. Is this comfy for you?” She asked. When I couldn’t respond due to her smother attack, she flexed her legs in full again.

“MMMPPHHHHHH!! mmmp! MMPH!” I whimpered, completely trapped by her combination grapevine breast smother.

“Shhhhhh! Shh shh shh!” She shushed, easing her grapevine but keeping the smother. She released my wrists and reached behind my head. I snuck a few vital breaths in before she hugged my face back into her chest.

With my hand now free, I braced them under her arms. I wasn’t going to be able to break her grip but that didn’t stop me from feebly trying. My fingers fumbled around her arms, searching for a weak point. My struggles came to an abrupt stop as my opponent tightened her grapevine again. Pain shot through my groin down to my knees but as soon as it hit me, she was easing up. She lifted her breasts off of my face and I drank up the oxygen desperately.

“That’s enough.” Wendy suddenly remarked and dropped back down. As soon as I grabbed at her she was flexing her legs to further subdue me. She was toying with me now, continually pushing me towards a submission but always easing up before my breaking point. Her tactics were only serving to debilitate me further but my already damaged pride wouldn’t allow me to tap out to anything beyond a dire circumstance. And while I was in a rather hopeless situation, without an impending sense of being knocked out or experiencing bone breaking pain, I just was not going to surrender.

She began running her hands through my hair, alternating between granting me quick short breaths and punishing my lower body with her inescapable grapevine pin. If I cried out in pain, she’d silence me by burying me in her cleavage. When I’d inevitably fight for air, she’d tear my legs apart until I’d stop my struggles. The way she controlled and ground against me was turning me into a leaky mess.

“You haven’t learned anything, have you?” She cooed, lifting up to give me a short breath before hugging me back into her glistening chest.

“You lost this round long ago.” She remarked, slowly straightening her legs for what was no doubt about to be another groin straining grapevine.

“And your state of denial, while quite adorable, has basically cost you the next round too.” She flexed a little bit more eliciting muted yelps to muffle into her tits.

“Because I can keep going.” She was in a full on flex now as my body trembled from the intense stretch. She hadn’t granted a breath in quite sometime either. My fingernails began digging into her flesh as I couldn’t hold on much longer.

“And you… you just can’t hang with a woman like me.” She finished her monologue but not her flex or her smother. She held firm in both until I could take no more and finally tapped out.

Wendy let go of my head and lifted her breasts off of my face. Then she slowly uncoiled each of legs before sitting upright directly on my throbbing member, in what I had to assume was a deliberate show of domination on her part. She reached behind her head and tightened her ponytail while looking down at me with a hungry look in her eyes.

“All tied up again.” She remarked, releasing her hair and resting her hands on the tops of her thighs. The combination of my attempts to catch my breath along with her current positioning on my manhood had me focused on things much different than a fifth and final deciding fall. Of course, I couldn’t possibly mention that to my best friend’s mom.

“Yup.” I answered cleverly, laying perfectly still and looking off to the side for fear of losing control and cumming all over the two of us in the middle of a competition.

“You look like you could use a rest… Fourth Place.” She teased, observing my reddened face and heavy breathing.

“Huh?…. Me? … nope… fresh as… a daisy…” I stammered out, chest heaving. I really needed her to get off of me but I couldn’t bring myself to say it out loud.

She seemed to have sensed my discomfort and reached down to grab my chin and force me to look up at her.

“It’s okay if you need to rest...” She said, her lips curling into a devilish smirk before adding “I’ll just wait. Right. Here.” She punctuated each of her last two words with a subtle bounce of her hips, which threatened to push me over my edge. My eyes widened in panic as the embarrassment seemed inevitable. The only thing that saved me was Wendy suddenly lifting up and getting to her side of the mat.

“Just kidding.” She proclaimed, causing me to say a silent prayer. I brought my hands up to cover my face in relief of having avoided that incredibly humiliating experience.
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Default Re: Secret Basement Wrestling with My Best Friend’s Mom (Commissioned Story)

Chapter 5: It’s Mrs. C Actually

“Well let’s go then.” Wendy reprimanded, causing me to snap up in spite of my exhaustion. I rolled to my knees on my side of the mat and tried to clear my head.

The match was all tied up. There was only one more round to go and I was running on fumes. My dick was hard. I was dripping in sweat and still huffing and puffing from all the energy I had expelled to keep up with my opponent all night. An opponent who, not only seemed to be equal in skill and talent, but dare I say even stronger than me. An opponent who had laid out a game plan, executed it throughout the course of the match, and was now reaping the benefits of it.

She didn’t wait for me to say anything and charged directly at me. I tried to meet her tackle and managed to hold my ground. But she reacted by quickly hopping behind and taking my back. I didn’t have the energy to deal with this and tried to spin out. As I did we turned to meet each other and I immediately found myself deep in a guillotine choke. She had anticipated my every counter and expertly dropped to her back with a combination body scissor. She gave one firm squeeze on both holds before instantly releasing me. I collapsed to the mat but pushed right up to all fours.

“Come on.” Wendy taunted, calling for me to get up. I dove in her direction and she easily sidestepped. She took my back and applied a rear naked choke. As soon as she did I reached up to try to defend. She expertly fell backwards and into a combination body scissor. And just as she did a moment ago, she gave one firm squeeze on both holds before releasing me entirely.

“Last chance.” Wendy warned, implying that next time she wouldn’t be letting up until hearing my submission.

I weakly pushed myself back up and prepared for another grapple. I tried to push the exhaustion from my mind and power through it. We met head to head and I knew I couldn’t last in a prolonged clinch. I needed to do something fast to gain the advantage so I popped my hips and slammed her down with a powerful suplex.

I maintained my waist lock but to my surprise, Wendy was getting back up. She forced herself back up with me still hooking her so I drove her back to the mat with another forceful suplex. Again she started battling her way back up to her knees.

I gritted my teeth and cinched my grip tighter. I barely had anymore strength left in me but I popped my hips one more time, intending to drive her down and keep her there this time. Except as soon as I went for my throw, she managed a little hop and instantly rotated our embrace 180 degrees. With a quick pop of her hips, it was me being thrown to the mat, not the other way around.

I crashed down with a resounding thud, the impact causing me to lose the grip I had around my opponent’s waist. Fighting through my fatigue I tried to sit up but she thrust a leg across my frame and sat down on my chest. She maneuvered one knee onto my left arm but I managed to spin sideways, toppling her off of me. I was wary as she tried to clamp a headscissor on and found myself able to avoid her attack. I grabbed both of her legs and hugged them together, then rolled on top of her. She was laying chest down with me straddling her back. It was a weird position but at least I wasn’t underneath and in any threat of being choked or smothered. The problem was, she had way too much space by her upper body so she managed to climb away and slide her legs free of my grip.

We again smashed into each other head on and I couldn’t stop her from suplexing me right back to the mat. This time when I tried to sit up, she exploded forward, kneeling her left knee onto my right arm. She repeated the motion on my opposite arm and I knew I was screwed as she settled her weight onto my throat.

I let out a pained gurgle, having been rendered completely helpless beneath her. I couldn’t escape her pin, ease the pressure of her pubis choke, or stop her from potentially smothering me again. She let out a little giggle when she came to the same realization. A few seconds later and a subtle snap of her hips put me right back into her now somewhat familiar front facesit.

“Don’t tell me you’re going to lose to this again.” She remarked as my body twisted and contorted beneath her. My nose was buried in her womanhood and her panties were plastered over my mouth. Another quick shimmy from my opponent and I could’ve sworn she let out a soft moan. She looked down into my eyes, biting her lip as her hips gave the slightest of rolls forward. She held firm in her stance as my lungs burned. I didn’t want to lose in this fashion again but she had me at the point where I really thought I’d be having to offer up my final submission.

But then in a flash, she rotated her body to face my lower half and sat on my chest while kneeling back onto my arms. She wiggled her way backwards until she was seated on my throat with my jaw nestled snugly into the crack of her ass. Having never been trapped in a hold quite like this one, I didn’t know what to do. My arms burned from her knee placement on them and my energy levels were well past my reserves. I let out a groan along with a pathetic bridge as my opponent casually reached up to tighten her ponytail.

Without a word, she braced her hands on my chest and quickly plopped herself past my chin, directly onto my face. Her ass cheeks smacked into my eye sockets and worked my nose way up between them.

Once more unable to breathe but emboldened by the brief bit of oxygen I got during her transition had me trying to wiggle my way free. When that didn’t work, my next potential breath became the top priority. With my lips smashed up against her now dampened panties, I struggled to open my mouth. I managed to get my lower lip out from her crotch, letting out a quick exhale before she was reaching down and forcing my mouth back under her. She used both hands to keep my from trying the same tactic again, mashing my mouth shut and keeping it properly beneath her.

Things were growing destitute for me now, as I weakly fought to find air. The suffocating smother had more than taken its toll on me but idea of surrendering the entire match with my nose plastered in Wendy’s ass crack was not something I could bring myself to do.

“I guess I’m going to have to squeeze it out of you…” She suddenly remarked, breaking the agonizing silence we had been experiencing since she had begun the relentless ass smother. She then lifted up sat back down on my throat, sinking her ass under my jaw and peeking over her shoulder down at my purple face.

“…Wendy…” I gurgled out, as she reached back and grabbed a handful of my hair. She lifted my head off the mat and spread her legs out, wedging my neck into her crotch. I reached up and clutched her thighs as her legs snaked behind my head into a picture perfect reverse headscissor.

“Please… call me Mrs. C.” She said and began tensing her quads. The pressure beneath my ears slowly built up and my hands instantly began prying at my opponent’s bare thighs. I grimaced and futilely clawed at her powerful legs.

“Might take me a second but we’ll get there…” she muttered, biting her lip as I felt the artery in my neck pinch. I bridged and tried to roll as I let out a loud groan but Wendy, er, Mrs. C. snatched my wrists away and reasserted herself in the dominant position on top. For a couple seconds, the pressure on the headscissor slightly eased as she proceeded to plant both of my arms to the floor by my sides. I spat out a few desperate breaths before the pressure was amping up beyond even its previous levels.

“UNGGGGGG.” My eyes went wide as I felt my arteries snap shut, my opponent’s legs still tightening. My body flopped as my brain considered the reality of my situation. I couldn’t fight any longer and not wanting to pass out between my opponent’s legs, I made the difficult decision to quit. I took one last mental snapshot of my best friend’s mom’s ass jiggling just beneath my chin before tapping out frantically.

My submission was met with an immediate release of my neck but Wendy continued to lay on top of me. I soaked in the view of her booty as she laid on top of my rising and falling chest. It was giving her quite the elevator ride from my desperately labored breathing. We both stayed in that position for several moments, as I hoped to stay like this as long as possible, waiting for the inevitable teasing for having lost the match.

“Thanks for the match... I’m glad we got to do that. But now that it’s over, would you like to know why my 3rd place finish bothers you so much?” She finally asked, sitting up on my chest and readjusting her hair but making no effort to ease her weight off. It was hardly a time to learn a lesson but given my current view, I wasn’t about to complain.

“I just … don’t like… losing.” I muttered out between breaths, as I came to grips that the fun was coming to a close.

“It’s not just that…” she answered, letting her hands drop to her knees. She twisted her head to look over her shoulder down at me.

“The consolation match is the hardest one to compete in. It’s difficult to motivate both competitors, having just had their hopes and dreams of a championship taken away and being forced to go back out there and stare the possibility of staring defeat in the face once again.” She explained. It was certainly an odd position to be in while being mentored, but I again was just thankful to be in this position at all.

“I won my third place match the same way I won tonight… I outlasted my opponent. You either need to wrestle smarter, or drastically increase your cardio training. Because by the end of that match, I wasn’t even up to full strength on my reverse headscissor and you still tapped out.”

I almost did a double take at that final remark. I mean, she was definitely right, she had worn me down effectively all match and I was completely spent but to imply that she hadn’t used her full strength had to be an understatement.

“Wendy, er, Mrs. C….” I stammered. With all that had unfolded between us, I was unsure of where we had landed on what I was supposed to be calling her.

“I was only teasing in the heat of battle. Wendy’s fine.” She said with a laugh before allowing me to continue.

“Wendy. Right… did you say you weren’t at full strength on that final headscissor?” I asked, hoping she wouldn’t get up to offer her response.

“Oh honey… it was a long match and even though I wasn’t panting like you were the whole damn time, I am a little tired myself. I was just about ramping up to full strength when you couldn’t take anymore.” She claimed, adding a little shimmy to her hips. I figured she wouldn’t still be sitting on my chest if she hadn’t been reluctant for the encounter to end as well, so the same way the whole night had gone, I decided to shoot another shot.

“Well ummm… I’m kind of … interested in what… that might feel like.” I stuttered out, closing my eyes and hoping for the best. Suddenly I felt a hand lightly graze the sides of my raging hard on.

“Ha! I bet you would!” She laughed, removing her hand as quickly as it had been placed there but she made no effort to get off of me. Instead, she started to readjust her stance, as she contemplated my offer.

“I suppose …” she stated, reaching back and yanking her panties up into her ass crack. I could not believe she was not only still sitting on me, but also now apparently giving me a full on show of her bulbous backside. She shimmied left and right, wedging the fabric as deeply as she could.

“For the sake of training…” she muttered, reaching back and lifting my head up off the mat.

“And not a word gets back to Derek.” She stated much firmer, as her ankles cinched in behind my head.

“Not… A…Word.” I squeaked out thru scrunched up cheeks, as she worked her ass tightly under my jaw. I instinctually grabbed at her thighs to which she quickly snatched them away, pinning them at my sides.

“Of any of it.” She affirmed, her thighs closing in on my neck.

“Anneeeeefffitttttt….” Pursed out of my lips, as it already felt like she had achieved similar power to what I had tapped out to earlier. I stared at her beautiful bottom as tears pooled in my eyes.

“Just tap when it’s too much dear.” She calmly instructed with her legs still holding firm. My vision was already starting to blur but I steeled my resolve and refused to quit.

“You wanted… full power… right?” She spat out, her legs tightening even more, sending my body into a panic. I flopped about, feeling like backing out now would somehow make my loss even worse.

“Well… Here. It. Is!” She groaned out as her quads exploded. Her thick thighs trembled as they maxed out their strength around my aching neck. I immediately felt the blood flow to my brain restrict and my vision narrowed further. In any other situation, I would have tapped out but thinking this may very well be my last time between my best friend’s mom’s legs, I hung on. Even as my body went rigid, I didn’t want to give up my exquisite view and found myself nodding off in Wendy’s grip. My final image before losing consciousness was her glorious glutes flexed as hard as they could go.

I coughed myself awake and slowly came to. My eyes blinked themselves open to reveal a figure standing over me. As my vision cleared, the figure revealed itself to be Wendy, toweling herself off. She dabbed the towel across her abs before rubbing it up and down her thighs. She realized I was now awake and greeted me with a smile before dropping the towel across my face.

“You should probably go back upstairs. Get some sleep.” Wendy instructed, as I snatched the towel off of my face. I watched as she stepped over me and started to walk away. As dazed as I was, I still had the awareness to enjoy my last precious seconds staring at her ass, each cheek jiggling with every step she took. Even if I could tell anyone about what happened, would anyone even believe that THAT was repeatedly thrust my face. Wendy reached the bathroom and reached behind her back to unclip her bra. The last I saw of her was her bare back as she tossed her bra to the floor. She closed the door behind her to take a shower, leaving me to ponder my wild night of secret basement wrestling with my best friend’s mom.

The End
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