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Default Long Term Domination...

This story is inspired by smothered123's "Tongue Slave" and a similiar type of story, only over many years.

I met the Mistress in the late '90s. At that point my "beast" or "tarzan" session persona was developed, but I had not yet entered the world of female bodybuilders or wrestlers. I saw a print ad near where I lived in NYC which was an immediate turn on. My sessions were only in Manhattan. I called, she sounded great, which made me hornier. As it turned out she was physically aggressive and very fit. Legs and ass to die for (still are) gorgeous face and perfect perky breasts (yes still) and a seductive, assertive attitude to die for.

The ad I answered was so long ago there was no picture. I hit the lottery. The first time I met her I wanted to go down on her... and much more. She transformed me into her male slut. Not really a bull, but more of a boy toy that she grabs, slaps and pinches for her amusement. Even in the winter I try to wear unbuttoned shirts or jackets (she loves my chest hair) and no underwear so I am completely available to her when I run errands for her. I give her complete access.

But our time is the warm weather, the summer. In recent years I've served as her massuse, doing odd jobs for her. Last summer we almost got caught a couple of times in parks or near my car, stripping and flexing for her, and worshipping the Mistress' feet, muscular thighs... whatever and wherever she wants.

We have not known each other continuously over the years. She left town a couple of times, stopped sessions, we lost touch, etc. Now... it is only her. The first time I met her I wanted to seduce her, and she beat that notion out of me. I no longer dream of intercourse with her. She fucks my mouth with her strap on and I now crave it. It usually means I can worship her orally afterwards.

She calls my penis a "thick clit" and I love it. She uses a butt plug on me, strap on is not for me. I'm in deeper with my Mistress than ever before. On a recent early Sunday morning I went to her apartment. I texted to "hurry up" with instructions. Was told to text her when I was on her block and to go into her apartment door, lock it, strip and go to the bathroom to wash my hands.

When I entered and locked the door she whispered from behind her bedroom door, "I have a hard on" as I washed my hands. I entered her room and, wearing a skin tight black mini dress up to her waist. Below it she wore her strap on.

She started my lightly spanking my ass, crotch and chest with a small whip. But I had a surprise for her. I brought red lipstick to wear to properly suck her strap on. The apt. was dark and she only had a red light on in her living room with a matress on the floor when I entered. She loved my red lipstick and all I wore was my homemade animal print thong.

I devoured her strap on while she insulted me, laughed, and said, "You are my #1 slut. I own you." Of course she does. But I learned how to suck her strap on so hard the base of it hits her at the right spot, and she gets wet...

I got up to flex and pose for her, and she got out of her strap on. She ordered me back down and put my head between her gloriously strong thighs. She knows my history with female bodybuilders and always shows she is either just as strong as them, or as sexy, or both. I was allowed to orally pleasure her, through her thong, while she squeezed off and on uncontrollably. I didn't care.

When I finished my job her thong and thighs were warmly wet and she ordered me off her bed and said, "I have to pee." She had me lie on a couple of towels on her wooden floor next to the bed. Towering over me she removed her thong, put her foot on my chest and she looked like a giantess.

She put her foot down on my chest saying she was "Amazon Jane" that she completely owned her "beast" and "slut." Mistress squatted down and released her golden essence in my mouth, in little drops, and then a continous stream on my face and chest. I asked to clean her with my mouth when she was done, and she briefly let me lick. She crouched over me smiling, not rushing the moment, letting me enjoy the warmth and taste of her essence all over me, telling me to remember this always.

I don't know if it means as much to my Mistress as it does to me. I'm a special client - she calls me her #1 slut - but it is a business. Over the yearss the Mistress told and slapped me on a few occasions, when I groped her without permission, "I'm your MISTRESS! And you have gotten too many privileges from me as it is!" But she always has said it with a grin. She does love my devotion.

At the right moment she told me to take a shower and I did, returning to her bed. She allowed me to massage and hold her quietly. She told me what she thought and as I carressed her, I did the same. She ordered me to play with my "clit" and I exploded to her excitement.

I eventually drove her to run a couple of errands. I had the courage to suggest getting up early on a Sunday AM in a couple of weeks when it is hot in the summer and drive to a secluded place for me to worship and suffer for her outdoors. I am still stunned and relive the memory of what happened a week ago.

If she retires from doing sessions, I will to. I'll never serve anyone else like her and have that mutual trust and bond.
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Default Re: Long Term Domination...

I’m flattered that one of my stories inspired you.
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Default Re: Long Term Domination...

Long Term Domination… Evolution?

At this point Mistress and the sub no longer do roleplay. When they meet there is no longer any discussion of their vanilla lives. They have changed in the same way. With each other the masks, the personalities, their families, friends and coworkers see are gone. They know each other’s needs, wants and true personalities. She is the Goddess, Mistress and Owner of this slut, beast and whore.

She owns the slut’s body and soul. He is a possession to be used and abused for her titillation and entertainment. He came to the Mistress as a stud trying to act like a sub. As soon as he saw the Mistress, he became consumed in lust, wanting her inappropriately. She slapped him out of it, showed pity and allow some body worship, and laughed at him. The Owner’s turn on is that, after years of training and seduction, he considers himself now just a thing, property of the Mistress… and the beast loves it. He realizes the Mistress is his reason to live, to exist. He struggles now in his day-to-day life, because all he thinks of is being under her physical and mental control. He no longer has any self-respect.

Their favorite time of year to session is now, the summer, when the beast is in heat. The session outdoors at dawn on weekends, when few are on deserted industrial neighborhoods, parks or the waterfront. The Mistress never cared if someone caught her using her possession in public. The slut used to be worried. Not anymore. Driving to pick her up he wears unbuttoned shirts for Mistress to grab his nipples and chest hair whenever she wants, and shorts open so when she enters the car she can see his thick “clit” as she calls it.

Instead of a kiss and hug, the Mistress slaps his face when getting into his vehicle and tugs his ear. She berates him. Looking at her briefly the beast begins to sweat and get wet all over. Mistress never combs her hair when they meet. It is always wild and free. She never wears stockings, usually a tight black, blue or animal print dress, which emphasizes her powerful and gorgeous hips, thighs and feet. And she never wears a bra, the slut can see the erect nipples of his Owner on the outline of whatever dress or top she wears. Sometimes she wears a thong – animal print, black or red – sometimes not. And she flashes it as he’s driving, telling him what is in store for the slut that morning.

Two weeks ago, they went to a secluded spot in a small park with plenty of trees and a stone wall. Mistress slipped on the beast’s steel dog collar when they parked, ordered him to remove his shirt, button up his shorts and follow her inside the park. No one was in sight. She was a half dozen or so steps in front of slut and he was almost drooling as the way her ass and powerful legs move towards their spot.

She immediately pushes him against a tree, grabs his chain and slaps him in the face, saying, “You were so disrespectful in the car, exposing your clit!” The Owner grabs his clit and says, “What do you have to say for yourself?” He stammers, “I’m… I’m sorry Mistress.” She growls, “LOUDER!” “I’M SORRY MISTRESS!”

Approvingly she orders him on his knees in front of her and the slut asks, “May I look up Mistress?” She smiles and says, “Yes bitch, you may.” She towers over him, hitches up her skirt and puts her right foot on his shoulder. He can see the Goddess is not wearing a thong. She grins, knowing what must be going through his mind, and walks over to the stone wall and says, “Crawl over. I want you to worship my feet.” Following her instructions, he removes one sandal and lovingly sucks and kisses her long red toenails on her left foot, gradually sucking three or four toes at a time. She then orders him to do the same to her right foot.

Looking down on him, she smiles and comments, “You did a very good foot job… but look at you. You’re all dirty.” The beast was since he crawled over to the Mistress to do her feet the dirt and grass had stuck on his chest, arms and hands. Grinning, she says, “You need a shower. Lie down.” He does and Mistress hitches up her dress revealing her shaved pussy and squats down over his chest. As her golden essence is released, she whispers, “Scrub yourself in it,” and as he does, she moves over his face and mouth, saying, “Open wide, slut,” and he receives the last bit of her stream and gulps it down. Her pussy is now an inch or two from his face. Mistress orders him to, “Lick the last few drops.”

After he does that for a few seconds, the Mistresss stands up and looks around and puts her left foot on his now enlarged clit which is wet with precum. Mistress puts her hands on her hips, looks at him and states, “You get too many privileges. Remember, I OWN YOU,” and she spits on him. “Get up and let’s go.” The slut does, soaked from her essence, spit and his precum. She opens the car door and throws his shirt at him. “Wipe yourself off and get in here.”

The slut does and is told to drive to a deserted street nearby. When he stops the Mistress orders him to take out his clit. “You have permission,” and he begins to stroke uncontrollably like an animal, with the Mistress begins to show off her breasts and pussy, telling him things she would do to him next time. When he’s about to cum, to avoid splattering his steering wheel, dashboard and grabs his shirt to absorb his “mess,” as the Mistress always calls it.

She laughs at him, calling him, “You’re a mess! You’re pathetic,” grabbing her tribute in the cup holder. “Take me home, bitch.” They say little as he drives the Goddess home. When they arrive, the Goddess slaps him in the face, tugs his ear so he is inches from her face, and says, “Next week, the same time… weather permitting,” grins and leaves. Watching her walk away in the rearview mirror, seeing her perfect ass swaying, he is getting aroused again.

Looking at himself in the mirror, then down at his soiled and wet shorts and shirt, he decides to drive to a public beach for a quick dip to wash off his clothes and himself. It is still before 7 am as he drives there. Dipping into the waves and driving home, he feels like he is coming out of a trance. The slut wonders how much longer he can continue to do this, to live for only a brief hour or two once a week.

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