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Old 30-Aug-22, 01:18
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Default Re: Judell DuLong

Originally Posted by MetClub [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
One of my favorite competitive matches ever has to be Vicky Clark vs Laura Nolan
I don't know much (make that anything) about Vicky Clark's background or how she happened to appear at The Amazon. Laura Nolan apparently worked as an instructor at an up market health spa in the area. Given it was the first match for both it does pose the possibility that they worked together and had a score to settle.

It was Vicki's only appearance at The Amazon as far as released matches go. Laura had a total of seven released matches and to her credit she seemed happy to take on the best because apart from Vicki she fought Liz Meles, Nancy Skarvan, Cindy Brooks, Lisa Dunwell, Diana Crawley and Roz Jansen, finishing with a record of 3 wins and 4 losses. Of course both could have had many more matches which were not released.

As for the audio, the fight was released about 1981 as Item 260 on super 8mm film, so would have had no audio. I suspect the audio was added some time later when someone converted it to video, and hence the reason why the video and audio are not properly synced. That is something one finds on a lot of old super 8mm films which have been converted and would not have been done by Judell.

As for the pin not being called, like most of what Judell produced, apart from a few early matches where pins were used, it was a submissions only match.

finally, with matches recorder on super 8mm film they were restricted to about 10 or 11 minutes in length, (400 feet from memory) so inevitably there had to be some editing of the action to fit it on a super 8 reel.

Obviously many challenges filming back in those days compared to filming on video, but great that we have the history still available.

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Old 31-Aug-22, 01:58
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Default Re: Judell DuLong

I just wanted to add that after Judell started to release matches on video tape (The first video she released was in the fall of 1981, a rematch between Nancy Skarvan and Cindy Brooks, the match itself only lasted about ten minutes but she included about 20 minutes of pre-match interviews of both women.) she released at least one compilation tape of film transfers of “old” matches. I think it was probably much more than one. Anyway, I believe on the first compilation tape she said she decided to add some audio to the matches, but I would describe it as generic audio, by this I mean she would take the audio of a videotaped match then use some of the audio and dub it on to the transfer even though they were two different matches. Somewhere in my house I think I might still have one of those compilation tapes. My recollection was that much of the audio consisted of two women breathing heavily. I guess Sigmund Freud would see a lot of significance to that.

One of the funniest things I ever heard during a Judell Dulong match was, on a subsequent compilation tape she must have taken her films to a video store of some type to be transferred to video. The reason I know that she did that was because you could hear the clerk at the store talking to either another employee or else a friend about the match. They were both males. One of them was explaining to the other that a lot of the tapes were sold in the Mideast. He also complained about people who would come into the store and not buy anything! I think he pretty much talked nonstop during the transfer. I have no idea how his comments got onto the audio of the tape; it did not sound as though he realized that the video was picking up and recording what he was saying.

Enough digression, I need to look back at Judell’s report sheets for this but I am pretty sure that Vicky Clark was a former, maybe a current, softball player when she came to the Amazon.
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Old 05-Oct-22, 15:27
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Default Re: Judell DuLong

Judell vs Gypsy Jean Powers
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Default Re: Judell DuLong

More please.... What I always loved was Judell's texts/write-ups of the matches she was in.
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Default Re: Judell DuLong

This looks to be a report of Judell's wedding 63 years ago, to Jack. I had thought her maiden name was Pofahl, like her brother's. Perhaps he was a half-brother or step-brother....

The Missoulian
Missoula, Montana
Sun, May 22, 1960
Page 23


Judell Ann Harrsch
August 16, 1938 - July 04, 2017

Judell Ann Harrsch was born August 16, 1938 in Missoula, Montana to Mondell and June Metz. She passed away the evening of July 4th, 2017 at 78 years old. She grew up in Polson, Montana on Flathead Lake, and graduated from high school in 1956. She attended nursing school training in Miles City, Montana in 1956, and briefly worked as a nurse’s aide, and in the fall of 1958 worked as a copywriter for a local radio station.

She met her first husband Jack Dulong while working at the radio station in Missoula, Mt. They married in Polson, Montana at Sacred Heart Catholic Church on May 10, 1959. They had two children Sharon Annette and Jack Clifford, and lived in several towns and states including Illinois, Wisconsin, and Wyoming before moving to the San Diego area.

Judell and Jack started a wrestling club in the early 1970s in California. It soon grew to become the Amazon, and began a way for women’s combative sports. Judell helped pioneer women’s wrestling and she was an inspiration to people across the world, paving the way for women’s wrestling to be recognized as an Olympic sport.

In her later years, she remarried a man named Keith Harrsch. They moved to Washington to be closer to family. They also lived briefly in Alaska until Keith passed away from illness.

Judell returned to Washington State and spent her last years working as a care-giver for DSHS, and Hospice. She is remembered for her supportive caring nature and her strength as a woman. She loved family and loved being a grandma. She had a witty and sarcastic sense of humor that she carried with her to the end.

Her final wishes were for everyone to laugh and love in her honor and for her ashes to be spread where she grew up in Finley Pt, Montana.

Judell is predeceased by her husband Keith Harrsch, her parents June and Mondell Metz, brothers Mondell, John, Leo and sister-in-law Betty. She is survived by her brother James Metz, children Sharon Watt and Jack Dulong, step children Liz Harrsch and Amanda Mckinnon, her grandchildren Jacqynette Shook, Joshua Watt ad Sky Dulong, and lots of nieces, nephews and cousins.
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Default Re: Judell DuLong

I heard thru the grapevine if true that the reason why they divorced was that Jack had something going on with one of the girls at the Amazon.
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