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Default Femdom World

Hey guys!

I had an idea of what a femdom world would look like and this story just came to my head. It was a bit of rushed job so hopefully it makes sense. I'm planning to make it a series but I'm terrible at following through so well see what happens.


“You will sit on that man's face or you will be sent to the principal's office girl!” Mrs. Naysmith yelled at Jessica.

Jessica blushed. She looked down at the man's red face that was poking through the hole in her desk chair. He looked so worried and scared. She didn’t want to sit on him, what did he do to deserve that?

The truth was he didn’t do anything to deserve this, he was a man and this is what men did in this world. Women ruled and men were beneath them. Jessica looked around at all the other girls in the classroom. They all had been perfectly happy smothering the man that knelt under their chairs.

Jessica had just turned 18 so she was now expected to participate in this act of dominating men. She thought she was ready, she had even worn her softest cotton panties to be sure the man wouldn’t be too uncomfortable, but now she was here, in the classroom. The teacher was yelling at her and she didn’t want to do it.

“You have held up the class long enough girl,” Mrs. Naysmith said, “you either sit in your chair or I give my dog a break and you can be strapped into my chair.”

Jessica’s eyes darted to her teacher's tight pencil skirt, she was already embarrassed about making a commotion in front of her new classmates, but the idea of the teacher smothering her on her first day! She quickly climbed on top of her chair, lifted her dress, and gently lowered herself onto the poor man. She flinched as she felt the man's rough face pressing against her legs and panties. Surprisingly it wasn't as bad as she had imagined.

“Good,” Mrs. Naysmith said. “Now let us begin.”

Jessica had been dreading this class and it had not started well at all. She had always had a problem with the way the world was run but until she turned 18 she had never really had to confront it. She looked at all the other new students and wondered what they were thinking. They all looked fairly calm about having a slave between their legs. One blonde girl up the back was giggling to herself as she pinched her man's nose and suffocated him enough to cause him to desperately try and shove the girl off his face.

Domination school only ran for four years, hopefully, it would go by quickly. She needed to get through it, those girls that didn’t make it through Domination school became the dominated. Even now she saw a few women around the room buried in the girl's panties. Those women had no doubt failed Dom school. She would not be one of those women. She would get through this! But what if she didn’t?

“Today you will be learning the basics of smothering,” Mrs. Naysmith said as she walked to the naked man in the corner of the room who was kneeling on the floor, with his hands presented upwards, holding some classroom objects, whiteboard markers, pencils, and chastity belts. Mrs. Naysmith grabbed the marker from his hand and kicked him between the legs.

“In this class you will learn how to properly smother a man, keeping him in that magic place of giving him just enough air to survive.” She began writing notes on the board and Jessica's mind began to wander.

She looked down at the man's face between her legs, his nose was buried in her cotton pantied pussy but his eyes were staring up at her, what was he thinking? His looked seemed… confused? She couldn’t look at him, it was too awkward, she lifted her dress and let it fall over his face.

She couldn’t seem to pay attention to this aggressive woman who was teaching them, she was going through some basics of suffocating a man but all Jessica could think about was the one that was currently buried between her legs. She had shifted so he could somewhat breathe but now she could feel his breath on her ass and it was strange. But she had to do this, looking at the crazy blonde girl in the corner gave her resolve. She couldn’t become one of the dominated, she didn’t want to end up between those sadistic legs.

Thankfully not too long later the bell rang and a collective deep gasp for air rang around the room as the girls all stood from their chairs. Some girls gave their chair people a few kicks before they left, the blonde girl stuck half of her school shoe in the man's mouth, he seemed to be about to choke on it. Jessica just mouthed an apology to her chair man and quickly left the room.

She grabbed her snack from her locker and went to sit outside on the grassy oval behind the school. Most girls were sitting and chatting, catching up with old friends. Some had guys they were torturing others had men messaging or licking their feet. There were no benches, the girls either sat directly on the men or had them on their hands and knees like a stool.

Jessica chose to sit on the grass, she had enough of sitting on men for the day. She winced a bit as she saw some men standing with their legs apart as girls all took turns kicking their hanging balls.

She shook her head and tried to ignore the groans of pain nearby as she went to eat her apple. But just as she was going to take a bite something knocked the back of her head non to gently. She turned and saw the crazy blonde from class before.

“Whats up Jess,” she said. She didn’t seem to have a reason for smacking her in the back of the head, she apparently just enjoyed messing with people. She took a grape from Jessica’s lunch box and popped it in her mouth as she sat next to her.

“I’m Carly,” she said holding out her hand.

“Jessica… but I guess you already know that,” her handshake was unsurprisingly bone-crushing.

“Yeah I got that from your little performance in class today,” she said.

“I didn’t…” she didn’t really know what to say to defend herself.

“You better be careful or you’ll be the one in the chair next,” Carly said with a smile. “I would have some fun with that little nose between my legs,” she gave Jessica a little pinch of the nose.

Jessica blushed. “It just… It just feels weird being so mean to the men,” she was a little embarrassed by her words. Everyone else seemed happy to torture these men and women, she felt out of place.

“Oh don’t worry about them,” Carly said, “They love it! I’ll show you.” She lifted her hand and snapped her fingers a few times. A man came rushing over, he was an older man with graying hair but still fairly muscular. He quickly kneeled in front of the girls and placed his palms on the ground in a sort of bow.

“How much do you love being dominated pup?” Carly asked the older man.

“I love it, mistress,” he replied quickly.

“See?” Carly said turning back to Jessica.

Jessica didn’t say anything, she didn’t know what to think.

Carly seemed amused by Jessica's lack of confidence but her gaze settled back on the older man. “While you're here you may as have some fun,” Carly grabbed the man by his gray hair and roughly yanked his head between her open legs. She shoved his face into her pussy and squeezed her legs around his exposed neck. He grunted as Carly locked her legs in a tight head scissor.

“How can you not love this?” Carly said, she stroked the man's hair as he winced in pain. He quickly tapped her leg twice.

“Oh no I’m not done, no tapping yet,” Carly said, squeezing her legs even tighter.

The man began trying to yank Carly's legs apart with his hands but it was no use. Carly smirked at his attempt.

“Look at the little vein in his forehead popping out,” Carly said with a giggle. “It’s so cute!”

“I think you should stop,” Jessica said, feeling bad for the guy.

“But he loves it!” Carly said again as the struggling man tried to tap out again.

“No tapping yet!” Carly said in a sweet voice. “Your princess needs her leg work out.”

The man was saved by the bell as it rang across the oval. Carly reluctantly let him go and he fell to the floor, gasping for air.

“I like you,” Carly said to the man. “Come to my bondage class after lunch, you can be my new seat buddy.”

“Yes mistress,” the man wheezed out.

“If you're a good slave I might even let you out of that chastity cage and we can have some real fun.” Carly smiled and gave him a little kick in the groin. The man grabbed his balls and groaned in pain.

Jessica didn’t feel any better after Carly’s encouragement. Maybe there was a way she could get out of this somehow?

Carly chatted with Jessica as they walked back to class, it was mainly Carly talking. She seemed excited talking about her mother training her in the ways of domination. And now that she was 18 she finally got to practice on real men. She said it wasn’t the same chocking out stuffed dolls.

Jessica nodded along to her stories, trying to pretend she wasn’t a little amazed at how casual she was about all of this. She had grown up out in the country, fairly isolated from all this. She had seen men dominated in the local town but growing up with her mums and three sisters, being around men was a fairly new concept.

They grabbed their books and headed to their next class, this time Jessica didn't cause too much of a fuss. With Carly's encouragement she sat down at a desk and buried an older women's face deep in her panties. It felt slightly better having a woman between her legs than a man for some reason.

“If you get bored in class you can use her nose for a little entertainment,” Carly said with a smile, she sat down on a man in the chair next to Jessica and began slowly shifting her hips forward and back on the face in her chair. “It feels great on the clit.”

Jessica nodded but promised herself she would never do that to someone.

The class filled and the teacher soon wandered in, but she wasn’t alone. A tall woman who looked to be in her early thirties accompanied Mrs. Naysmith. The chatter from the class died off and Mrs. Naysmith stepped forward.

“Before we begin I would like to introduce you to our principal and mistress to all, Mistress Rose.”

The tall blonde woman stepped forward with a neutral expression on her face. Her tight figure was wrapped in a skin-tight dress and her high heels made her even more intimidating.

“Good morning class,” she said in a low and raspy voice.

The class mumbled a good morning back.

“It is lovely to meet all of our new students, I hope you are all settling in well.”

Jessica was distracted as the woman underneath her ass began to struggle a little. “Sorry,” she whispered to her as realised she had forgotten to shift her ass so she could breathe.

“Jessica Glasser,” Mistress Rose suddenly called out, Jessica froze. Did she do something?

“Which one of you is Jessica Glasser,” Mistress Rose said, her eyes darting around the room.

Jessica slowly raised her hand.

“Come forth Jessica.”

She slowly stood and felt her panties peeling off her chair womans face. Jessica made her way to the front of the room, she felt every eye on her as she did. Mistress Rose gestured for her to stand next to her.

“It has come to my attention that in this morning's class you refused to take your seat. You were causing a bit of trouble on your first day here?”

“No, I…” panic filled her mind. “I just wasn’t… comfortable with the situation.”

“Was your slave being disobedient?” She asked. “I can have him punished if that is the case. They do that with the new girls sometimes.”

“No, no, no,” Jessica said, unconsciously taking a step back from the tall woman. “I just am not used to sitting on men.”

Mistress Rose smiled at Jessica in a way that sent a shiver down her spine. "So you felt uncomfortable sitting on another human's face?"
Jessica nodded.

Mistress Rose smiled down at her. “Remove your uniform,” she simply.

Jessica frowned. She looked down at her checkered school dress and black shoes.

“Do not make me repeat my demand,” Mistress said, stepping closer to Jessica, her smile vanishing.

Jessica panicked but looked up at her and nodded. She unbuttoned the dress and lifted it over her head, trying her best not to look at the other girls all staring at her in her underwear. The air felt cold on her skin and she wrapped her arms around the front of her bra to try and protect some of her displayed body.

“Let this be a lesson to anyone who disobeys a direct order from a teacher or mistress at the premier domination school in the country,” Mistress said, facing the class again. “You have two choices here, dominate, or be dominated. Jessica here didn’t feel up to dominating so she will now be dominated.”

Some girls in the class giggled, Jessica’s blood drained from her face. Did she just say what she thought she said?

“Jessica Glasser will spend the rest of the day being one of our lovely slaves and she will then get one more chance to come back to the other side tomorrow morning.” Mistress turned to look at a terrified Jessica. “You never know, you may enjoy being dominated and wish to continue that journey. But I would use the rest of today to think about what side you want to be on. I am being very lenient in giving you a second chance tomorrow, the choice is yours, girl. Now remove your underwear and kneel beside your mistress.”

Jessica knew it was pointless to argue. She felt her face flush as she slowly removed her bra and panties and stood naked in front of all her new classmates. Mistress Rose grabbed her hair and shoved her down to her knees.

“Good pet,” Mistress purred. “Now who wants to be the first to teach our new slave a lesson here?”

A few girls raised their hands with an eagerness in their eyes that scared Jessica, she was surprised to see Carly raise her hand as well. She had seen what she had done to the man at snack break and hoped the mistress didn’t pick her.

“You,” mistress said, pointing to a slim red-haired girl. “Stand.”

The girl stood next to her desk and Mistress dragged Jessica by the hair to the desk. She shuffled forward on her knees and felt the sting on the hard wooden floor underneath her.

“Unstrap,” Mistress Rose ordered the slave that already occupied the chair. The slave reached up and undid the strapping holding his face to the underside of the chair and he shuffled out from underneath it.

“Get in there,” Mistress shoved Jessica forward. She did her best not to look at other girls, feeling very exposed being completely naked in front of everyone. But she did as she was ordered and crouched down under the chair, she lifted her head and stuck her face in the whole. She squinted as she was looking directly into the fluorescent lights above her. Her knees were already aching and she had only just started her punishment. The slave who had just vacated the chair grabbed the hanging straps and moved them in place behind her head. He pulled them in across and strapped her in a lot tighter than she had expected. At least there was some padding so it wasn’t too uncomfortable.

“You will remain in this chair until further instructed,” Mistress Rose commanded, Jessica tried to nod but her face was strapped in too tight for her to move.

The light in her eyes was suddenly blocked as the redhead girl's face filled her vision. Her smile seemed a lot more intimidating being stapped to the underside of a chair, knowing she was about to smother her with her ass.

“Don’t worry,” she said, “I much prefer pretty girls to old smelly men.” She leaned down and pecked her on the lips then lifted her dress and placed her ass directly on Jessica's face. She grunted with the weight of the girl, the strapping held her nice and tight into the girl's panties. A strong smell filled her nose that she oddly enjoyed. But she had a problem that was rather pressing. She couldn’t breathe, and she was sure the fiery redhead smothering her wasn’t all too bothered by that.

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Default Re: Femdom World

Great story! Hope to read more of it!
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Default Re: Femdom World

A lovely start....well written and wonderful characters. Mistress Rose comes has all of the right tendencies.
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Default Re: Femdom World

That's one lucky guy.
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Default Re: Femdom World

Great story.
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