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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

First time posting on this forum, but I just had to say it: Batman4life, the way you’ve shown such dedication in building this world and these amazing characters (for years now!) and shared it with the folks on here is incredible. Your writing is both sexy and disciplined— you know how to forego immediate gratification in favor of larger payoffs like few writers I’ve seen. (I’ve reread the entire thread multiple times over.)

So, all that to say: thank you so much for sharing your talents with us. I can tell doing this is a labor of love given how busy you must be. Wish you nothing but good health, safety, and sanity in this weird world.

Perhaps nobody’s asking, but my favorites: I guess I’m a sucker for the blondes, but I love Mel, Cherry, and Charlotte immensely.
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Default Tales of the Sex Fighting League: Showtime

“This is big, folks. Big in ways we may not appreciate in the here and now. But certainly, history will look back very fondly what should be a landmark contest in all four participants' careers. To offer just the bare bones breakdown, let’s start with the home team. Daniel Derrick’s collegiate background has effortlessly eased him into the role of ring technician well into his freshman year here in the SFL. He does not yet possess all the tools in the toolbox, but as recent clashes against the Machine and Cherry Kiss have shown, he has begun to show the versatility that indicates he is not far off from realizing that potential. His partner, Bux Bunny, is a high-flier and an exciting one at that. She’s not the biggest dog in the fight, but she’s got plenty of fight in her. As a team, they seem to have chemistry between the ropes- and certainly plenty outside of them- but man, looking across that ring, the experience gap is about as wide as the Grand Canyon.”

“No disagreements from me. Candy and Grace are well-known entities who’ve got a trail of quivering and shivering bodies from the West Coast all the way to Manhattan. They’ve beaten some of the best teams working in independent sex-wrestling today. In terms of teamwork and communication, you’d be hard-pressed to find a duo more in sync on the open market.”

“What would you say about Danger and Bunny? Obviously, they’ve got more of a track record as singles competitors, but you can’t deny that, even in the most unlikely of situations, they always seem to rise to the occasion.”

“I can’t deny they perform well under pressure. They do, but this is a different kind of pressure. Before, they were just fighting for their careers. Now, they’re fighting for all of us. That’s one hell of a burden to bear, for what, their third official match teaming together? Only thing I can say at this point…”


“...is good freakin’ luck.”

Daniel was still in the ring, rolling his shoulders about with Melanie exiting out to the ring apron.

His jacket was folded and in the possession of a ringhand walking towards the timekeeper’s area.

Some bumps and bruises had not completely faded from his bare chest after the match with Nia, but he didn’t mind sharing the love with any of his opponents once the bell rang.

Ding ding!

And there it was.

Down to her usual height after discarding her heels, his jade-eyed girlfriend rose on his tiptoes to give him one last peck on the lips for good luck before he pushed out of their corner.

Clapping his hands together, the Dangerous One set forth to do what he did best.

Survey. Subdue. Submit.

And it was Candy who apparently volunteered herself first to go through that process.

Inside the ring too, the slim redhead reached between the ropes and handed another worker her shoes.

Then, she gave Grace a good luck kiss as well (slightly on the longer side, because of course it’d be) before turning her full attention to him. And vice versa.

From there, it was on.

It was on and she was on the move.

The petite and pretty redhead was fast on her feet, as expected for a woman her size.

Daniel had his arms up in standard grappler position as they went round and round.

He moved with cautious urgency, keeping his eyes on the legal woman as the Wildcat had painstakingly drilled into his head during their training sessions.

A task that came with its own pros and cons, given that Candy was very appealing eye candy to say the least (no pun intended).

She had the looks, that was for sure…

… and apparently the flexibility too when she broke into a cartwheel before nimbly returning to her feet without missing a single pace.

He was about to write it off as pointless posturing, but again as Nikky told him, everything they do has a purpose to it.

Maybe it’s just not obvious yet. But it will be.

She finally stopped, prompting him to do the same.

Time to square up.

Biting at her lower lip almost apprehensively, the redhead reached an open hand out.

Warily, he reached out with his, stretching his fingers out for the initial clench.

Leaning in, he started to touch her fingertips with his, closing the link-

Smack! Right as she slapped him soundly across the mouth with her other hand.

Partially turning his head away from her as the crowd gasped.

The feint was subtle but her laugh sure as hell wasn’t.

His tongue felt up the sore spot in his gums where her fingers smacked him.

Truth be told, he didn’t see that coming.

Because pissing him off early, that wasn’t very smart.

Not one little bit, as Daniel turned to grab a head full of…nothing.

Candy had already rolled backwards the second he made a movement to retaliate.

Rolling back and standing up to tag in Grace.

He stopped in his tracks.

Still giggling at him mischievously, the pale woman exited to the ring apron as her bigger, curvier partner entered.

On second thought, maybe that was a smart move.


“The threat is not just physical; it’s psychological. Women of this caliber, George, attack on all fronts. That slap was a shot right to his pride, and folks, when you insult a proud man, you might as well start waving the red flag. Because red is all he’s gonna be seeing.”

“Good thing they’re both redheads, then, huh?”

“...please tell me that’s the last joke you’re going to make about their hair.”

“C’mon, I couldn’t help it.”


Defying the commentators’ predictions, Daniel showed considerable restraint in not trying for a takedown once Grace and him started circling each other.

She was in range for it, sure.

But this required a different approach, a feeling out process.

It wasn’t about being headstrong; it was just about being strong, period.

Strong enough to take the hit…

… and also strong enough to meet the black woman in the middle with a collar-and-elbow tieup.

Daniel maintained his form while grappling for an early foothold.

As always, easier said than done.

Digging into her skin, he pushed in, and credit to her, she pushed back, hard.

Grace wasn’t giving him much slack.

He grunted. Grinned through the grit.

Just how he liked it.

The two remained locked in the center, straining and struggling for that first advantage.

Again, she was a lot stronger than initially suspected.

Strong enough to push him back an inch. Another one.

Then he bypassed her advance with a sidestep, taking her back in a swift go-around.

Interlacing his fingers against her belly button, Daniel went for an immediate liftoff, feeling her legs kicking once her feet left the ground.

Grace went up, then down on her belly as the Dangerous One scored an early mat return off the waistlock.

Some light applause accompanied that takedown as the male sexfighter shifted from one side to another in a controlling grip.

The Vegas showgirl had some weight on her, but it wasn’t anything he couldn’t handle.

Even as she tried to unbuckle his fingers from around her midriff, ultimately trying to twist and tear away but he kept on her, Greco-Roman style.

Lifting with her hips, the curvy black girl climbed back to a vertical base with Derrick still holding on to her, for a good reason.

A reason that everyone in the arena knew, including the woman about to be the unwilling recipient of it.

Unfortunately, it was that very reason that prompted Grace to throw herself into the ropes in a pure veteran’s move.

Her forearms clung to the cables like a life preserver as Daniel held on to the clench, unable to execute the full catapult.

But he was at least able to hold on to her…for as long as the referee would allow.

Which was no time at all.

“Off her, Danger. 1! 2-”

He let go at two.

Respecting the ref’s authority, he backed away, but not before smacking Grace on the ass.

Might as well.

That was pretty much the thought in Dan Danger’s head as he resumed his starting stance in the center of the ring.

Grace visibly registered his hand slapping her bottom, which triggered a reaction that the male sexfighter honestly half-expected.

Mainly her playing right into it by leaning forward so that her quite ample posterior was jutting out on full, butt wriggling display.

Turning her head around suggestively, the ebony showgirl shot him a look that was both challenging and condescending at the same time.

“Shoulda hit me harder, fuckboy,” she teased him. “Only gonna get worse for you from here.”

“Match is young, Gracey,” he nodded, keeping a low center of gravity as she pushed off the ropes.

Keeping his eyes on her, Daniel went back on the move as they circled each other once again.

Around and around, and then action.

Both competitors grunted out as they collided for the second time in the collar-and-elbow.

He pushed, she pushed back, history repeating itself.

Another deadlock, but not for long.

Without delay, he muscled the well-built black woman into a side headlock, squeezing with the inside of his forearm.

She tried to pull away, but Daniel’s convictions weren’t the only thing he held firm currently.

His biceps dug in nicely around the grimacing lines of her jawline, keeping her taut and tethered to him as a Danger chant began to bounce up into the rafters.

She then tried pushing against his face with open palms and sharp fingernails next, resulting in the most logical consequence.

Him lifting with his hips, and then slamming her down to the mat in a swift takedown.

Keeping the headlock still applied, Daniel listened as the chant grew in volume.

Grace’s body twisted and turned against him, her hands again grabbing at his face.

And again, he shrugged off her attempts to distract him.

But what he couldn’t shrug off was her legs suddenly snapping up like the jaws of a crocodile, catching him around the head and dragging him down to the mat proper.

Escaping his vice only to put the Dangerous One in one of her own, Grace’s confident smile returned as she flexed the strength of her thighs on him.

The black woman pushed up with her hands as his neck continued feeling the pressure.

On instinct, he dug his fingers against her thighflesh, feeling the certain power coursing through those lower body muscles.

But not to be outdone, he kicked out with his own legs just as she started to get comfortable.

Escaping the leggy snare, he rose with urgency, seeing her face as she also got up…

… and then squeezing it right back against his chest in a followup side headlock.

He held her tight as before.

No quarter given, only taken.

Grace’s hands locked together around his waist this time, establishing somewhat of a mutual clench.

One that lasted the amount of time it took her to push them both back towards the ropes, catching the rebound to launch him off her.

Propelled forward, he ran the ropes on the opposite side, coming back in to go shoulder to shoulder in the center of the ring.

Upon collision, Grace hit the mat flat on her back as his shoulder block easily won their brief skirmish, his legs carrying the momentum forward without missing a beat.

Coming off the ropes again, he jumped over Grace as she threw herself down on her belly for the attempted trip, a counter that was purely second nature to him at this point.

And then cue another counter that was second nature to her: jumping up vertically for the leapfrog as he returned to center.

Only he wasn’t just going under her this time.

Grabbing between her legs and around the shoulder, Daniel sharply spun her around and then went down while placing her horizontal across his body.

The sudden scoop…and the punishing slam into the canvas that effectively countered her counter!

Grace immediately arched her back with pain-stricken surprise as the Dangerous One shot up to his feet like he hadn’t just snatched a woman barely thirty pounds lighter than him right out of mid-air, and then planted her like a flag.

But he did. And he was damn proud of it.

The crowd was in shock, and then instantly stood in rapt applause.

Candy was certainly processing what she just saw.

And Grace barely had time to do much of anything besides grunt, get up…

… and then stumble right into an arm drag that sent her sailing to the mat.

Flipping the showgirl overhead with a near perfected throw, he ascended back up to a vertical base right as the black woman stumbled up.

This time, he dropped to both knees while grabbing her near arm, flinging her overhead in a fireman’s carry takeover.

He retained control of that same limb, tucking it under his pit and cinching in an armlock.

Rising on one knee, he kept the pressure applied to her shoulder and arm, keeping an eye on his surroundings at the same time.

Mel with her cautious optimism. Candy with her pouting annoyance.

Predictably, Grace fought back against the torque on her joints, climbing up with the armlock still applied.

And to no surprise, he stayed on his target, following her already to a neutral corner.

Grasping at the arm with both hands, he didn’t wait for the referee to step in this time.

Rather, he stepped out and then launched her forward with the transitioning Irish whip.

The black woman ran, realized her destination, and promptly turned around to take the buckles with her spine.

She came out of the opposite corner wincing but defiant, focusing her stagger into an attempted clothesline as Daniel stalked into range.

Catching her strike in an arm trap, however, he ducked under the swing and turned her around to face him.

Hooking his arms over the neck for the double underhook, he bent her forward for the full drop- but she fought against it.

Pushing with her legs, Grace fought her way all the way to the ropes despite still being held in the inverted full nelson.

It was there that Daniel tried again for the DDT…right as her right foot snaked across the bottom rope to broach the sacred threshold.

“Break!” The referee barked out.

Reluctantly, he let go, releasing her this time.

But damn if it wasn’t close.

Grace surely realized as much, seeing as how she had an arm wrapped around the middle rope for added security while Daniel backed up a step or two with open hands and smiling lips.

“Shoulda let me put you down early, Gracey,” he smirked, flipping her own words back on her. “Only gets worse from here.”

The black woman looked up at him with a glare, but no comment.

Straightening up, she gradually untangled herself from the safety of the ropes…

… and rushed him looking for a takedown.

He grunted as she barreled into him, shoulders and torso first.

In a sense, she got what she wanted.

Daniel grunted again as he swiftly reversed her momentum, pivoted with his hips, and sent her to the mat first.

Taken down.

Staying with her, he captured her head in his underarm while switching over to his side on the descent.

His back did not once touch the mat as he smoothly remained upright on bended knee, squeezing against her neck in a controlling front facelock.

Acting with instinct, he cranked on the pressure once more as Grace very quickly realized the folly of her lunge.

The ref was in constant motion, watching out for signs as the female sexfighter squirmed and struggled like any woman would who just rushed a former NCAA athlete.

He was just starting to really put his weight down on the choke when Grace again pushed with her legs, countering his technique with pure power.

To her credit, it was somewhat effective, forcing him to stand up while she remained trapped in his upper body clench.

But maybe she wasn’t aiming at freeing herself, as he felt himself being physically moved backwards, more and more-


He cinched a single underhook, just in time to hear the official’s declaration.

Also, just in time to realize his current positioning in the ring.

Turning around sharply, he flung the curvy showgirl down to the side as the now legal Candy jumped up on the ropes for a springboard.

Catching the top rope bounce, she brought her hands together for a flying ax handle…

… right as Daniel intercepted her coming in with an inverted atomic drop right between her legs!

Hopping up with a high-pitched “Fuuuuck!” off his bent knee, the pale redhead seemed to instantly regret her aerial attempt as both hands went down to her crotch.

And even more so as Daniel’s hands went down to her calves, yanking them out from under her.

Putting her on her back swiftly, he pulled Candy towards the center, gripped her ankles firmly before finally stepping through with his left foot between her legs.

Setting up for the patented, polished, Sharpshoo-

“Uggghhh!” And then he was kicked in the face from the side before he could finish wrapping her up.

His peripheral view was quickly and painfully exploited by the thrusting force of Grace’s bare foot smashed against his cheek, knocking him down with his other cheek now on the mat.

Out of the one good ear that wasn’t buzzing, he could hear the fans booing that sucker punch, or rather, kick.

“Well, that hurt,” he thought to himself candidly, rolling over partially on his side as he felt Candy untangling her legs from his.

Technically, they were still in the window for double teaming, so the referee couldn’t do much about it.

“Homeboy sure does love his wrestling.” That sounded like Grace.

“You were doing good, babe.” Candy, obviously.

“I was getting my ass kicked, C.”

“Well, you make that look good, too.”

He opened his eyes a little more, seeing the two redheads kneeling beside each other at his feet.

Candy seemed to be caressing her partner’s neck with both hands, drawing her in close.

As their foreheads touched, the African American woman formed a bit of a smirk, “You’re just sweet talking me so you get to ride him first, right?”

Daniel woke up quick after hearing that.

“You got to drive stick with those guys we beat in Nashville, remember?”

“Because I do it better.”

“Louder, maybe,” Candy sniped at her playfully.

“Bitch.” Grace leaned into a very lustful liplock, feeling up on her partner’s body in the process.

Giggling again with that girlish enthusiasm, the legal woman touched her right back, cupping the back of her head.

Somewhat surprised (and maybe a little aroused) that they were more focused on making out than taking advantage, he craned his neck back to see Melanie with an equally perplexed look on her face.

Deciding to leave them to it, he went over on his belly and prepared for a partner change himself.

Got ready to lunge into a sprint…right until Candy’s hand pressed down on the back of his head, making him taste the mat again.

“Didn’t forget about you, silly,” she smiled, her weight very present on the small of his back.

She was sitting on him for now, but once he figured out her current limb placement, well, not so fun for her.

“How about we play a little game, Dan Danger?” she suddenly announced, her fingers curling at his black locks while her lips whispered just above his ear, “Tag…you’re it.”

Then she hopped off him, faster than he could retaliate.

Rising instantly, he saw Candy leering at him some feet away, her hands on her slightly bent knees.

“Come and get me,” she taunted him in a challenging, singsong tone.


He took a breath. Got up. And lunged at her like a jaguar.

Unfortunately, she somehow moved faster.

Leapfrogging over him, the apparently highly athletic woman showcased her agility further by performing a front roll across the center of the ring as Daniel nearly stumbled headfirst into the turnbuckle.

Catching himself in time, he twirled around to see that she had already jumped up on the corner opposite where he currently was.

She was now casually lounging atop the turnbuckle like she was enjoying a sunny day on the beach.

Her ankles crossed over the adjacent rope, Candy clicked her lips at him mockingly.

“This close,” she mouthed at him, holding two fingers a few centimeters apart in a taunting assessment.

He got up.

“Y’know, Daniel, my first impression was that you were pretty cute, at least for a guy. But on second thought, Jeez Louise, you are just so boring. I mean, starting a sexfight off with wrestling?” She treated that very act- his bread and butter, essentially, with sneering derision.

“I like to build tension,” was his only reply as he warily approached her, quietly adding under his breath, “Like the tension I’m about to create in your spine.”

Checking out her multicolored fingernails, the redhead looked at Melanie bemusedly. “Is that what they teach you guys here?”

Finding no immediate response, she tilted her smiling face back at Derrick, further emphasizing the word, “Bor-ing.”

Keep talking.

“You know what’s not boring, Mr. Man? It’s us doing anything except wrestling. Like, do you even wanna fuck me right now?” She leered at him again, cocking her head to the side. “Can you even fuck me?”

That’s when he made his move, breaking from his cautious pace into another lunging grab- right as she dropped down from her perch to evade his very capable hands.

She landed with that ballerina grace on the ring apron, mere feet away from his frustration with only the ropes separating her from him.

But that wouldn’t stop him from aiming a clothesline at her from inside the ring, looking to connect forearm with face…and again he was denied.

Denied once more as she ducked, her lithe body then somersaulting over the middle rope to get back inside the ring proper!

Hearing her reentrance, he turned around to face the show-

“Ugggh!” Turning right into another open-handed slap, actually staggering him in place with his head briefly knocked ajar.

Blood. He tasted blood this time.

And then the bitch just laughed at him. Like a hyena.

He snapped back to face her, but the showgirl was unsurprisingly out of his range.

She had already cartwheeled over to her corner like a damn circus acrobat, within touching range of her partner.

He took a step forward out of emotion, but then the other half of his brain kicked in. The (sometimes) rational side.

“Another step, and maybe she tags Grace in again. And maybe we’re right back to square fucking one,” he thought to himself, forming a fist with one hand at her subtle threat.

That was their game.

Been done to plenty of people before him.

Now that they’re here, well, insert new player.

Relaxing on his stance some, he began to contemplate another strategy to try and upset their established formula-


He paused, mid-thought.

Turning around, he saw Melanie with her arm outstretched. Palm open to him.

He looked at her.

She nodded back at him.

Well that works, too.

Backing up against the ropes, he slapped her hand to an instant ovation by the crowd.

For the first time in the match, Bux Bunny was the legal participant for their team.

Entering the ring with an understandable degree of caution, she nodded again at her partner who exited out to the ring apron.

Candy’s smile grew wide like a jack-o-lantern.

As Daniel took to the sidelines, the blonde girl in all white began to walk around the ring, prompting the redhead to start forward and match her motions.

Mel was still a bit guarded, measuring her paces on the canvas carefully with the similarly slim sexfighter again teasing her tongue along her lower lip suggestively.

Daniel had seen what that tongue could do in video form.

He gripped the rope even tighter instead of following through with that dreading thought.

“So glad you decided to stop hiding behind your big, strong man, Melanie,” Candy purred, her words thick with sultry intentions. “I so prefer playing with girls.”

“Maybe he was hiding me from you,” Mel countered, keeping up with the redhead’s energetic padding around.

“Oh?” she cooed back at her, her tone both coy and curious at the same time. “Can’t blame the poor guy. See, we can give you orgasms you’ll actually remember tomorrow. Danny boy just can’t measure up on that, now can he?”

Daniel watched Mel’s body language as their circle closed in.

There was something building within his tag partner.

“How about you shut up and show me how good everyone thinks you are?” the Miami woman finally shot back at her.

It was building, and it was ripe to explode in a matter of moments.

“Mmmmm, with pleasure.” That was the cue.

The spark that ignited their mutual coming together in the middle of the ring.

Melanie went high, and Candy went low.

Slamming a knee level against the blonde woman’s midsection, the more experienced sexfighter took the initial advantage with a swift thrust of her front leg.

Damn it.

Melanie bent at the stomach, managing to stay on two feet as the evenly built woman lifted her chin with one hand…

… and then knocked her down with another open-handed bitchslap right to the cheek.

Spinning around in the opposite direction, Bux went down on her knees with red on her cheeks.

To no surprise, Candy threw her head back in another giggling fit, utterly amused with the sound of flesh smacking flesh.

Of a confident woman battering down her younger, more unsure oppon-

And then Melanie surged back up to her feet and smacked Candy with a bitchslap of her own!

The retaliatory arc of her arm was a flash of hand and fury, all exploding like a grenade at once.

Staggering back more than a step, the redhead briefly lost her sense of balance before coming back around to face a fully unleashed Bux Bunny.

Oh you done fucked up now.

Moving in, she unleashed a volley of point-blank forearms, each one connecting soundly and swiftly.

Candy stumbled and sputtered, but Mel was right there to keep pummeling and pummeling- only stopping when the redhead squeezed her into a desperate side headlock to finally close off her offensive window.

Still pushing where she could no longer pummel, the emerald-eyed woman continued the momentum regardless to put the showgirl back first against the ropes, and then came the push off.

The bounce off the ropes shot Candy off to rebound from the opposite side of the ring.

Melanie fell on her belly, prompting the athletic woman to again showcase her agility by performing a front handspring over her back.

Not losing much, if any speed, the redhead hit the ropes again only to see crotch coming at her.

Usually, that would bring a carnal smile to her face, but not when Melanie’s legs came attached: wrapping around her neck, and then twisting around to flip the slim woman over on her tailbone in a smooth-as-silk standing hurricanrana!

Daniel caught himself from yelling out loud, mainly because the fans were already doing it for him.

As Candy winced and grabbed at her romp, Melanie rose above the ground, laser focused.

Planting herself, she clasped her fingers together as the disoriented woman finally pulled herself up to a knee-

“Hah!” Just in time for even more disorientation as Bux slammed a roundhouse against her chest.

That kick brought her up to her feet, only to be driven back by a harsh whistle of a knife edge chop on her chest.

Candy faltered all the way back to a neutral corner, standing through a very loose definition of the word as Melanie attacked with another roundhouse to her sternum.

Switching over to a southpaw stance, she lit up Candy’s chest with a second chop against her brightly colored bra before punishing the midriff area with an alternating roundhouse for good measure.

A one-two punch of petite power that nevertheless had the once giggling redhead now grunting and gasping for breath.

Smiling at that small victory, Mel took hold of her wrist and Irish whipped the Vegas showgirl forward for the diagonal trajectory.

Candy ran at first but instinctively reversed course mid-step to send Bux Bunny to the opposite corner instead.

Running unfettered, the Florida woman arrived at the corner, launched herself off the bottom rope to get to the middle adjacent rope while turning around…

… and capping off the double jump with a dropkick to the torso of her pursuing adversary.

Launched back with all that transferred momentum, Candy flipped over her back and kept rolling around as the home-grown SFL sexfighter rose to her feet with a familiar chant hitting the airwaves.


Daniel couldn’t help but smile as his girl formed a fist with one hand, ready to open another can of whoop-ass the second Candy presented herself upright.


“It’s that high energy, that underdog spirit, that the fans have really come to admire about that fierce young woman. All it took was one slap to bring out the same sexfighter who outsmarted Kenzie in their first match together, who outfucked Apollo on PPV, and who’s now taking it to one half of arguably the most acclaimed independent tag team in American sexfighting today!”

“As I’ve said before, physicality is just one front of the war you’re fighting when it comes to those ladies. You have to be on top of your game mentally, and as I’ve said many times here, nothing tests your confidence more than a fresh loss on your record. Especially when that defeat happened in the same week as perhaps the biggest match of your career. Not trying to bring cold, hard reality into this, but, well, maybe I do.”

“That is true. The mental aspect is definitely something to be cognizant of.”


Candy heard the cry first.

The yell of impassioned determination, and then the forearm that came with it.

Bux knocked down the barely standing woman with a running lariat to the upper body.

Landing on her knees, the blonde woman whipped back her hair to reveal that war face again as the redheaded sexfighter stumbled up in a groggy stupor.

On her feet and moving as well, Mel lashed out with a second successful lariat, putting Candy back-to-mat once more.

Staying on her knees in a casually provocative kneel, Bux took her time getting up as her opponent was naturally slower on the uptake.

Melanie helped her up the rest of the way, one hand on her chin, the other reaching for her wrist…

Yes. Daniel pumped his fist again discreetly as his partner slipped under the Vegas showgirl’s underarm, twisting her forearm into a controlling wristlock.

Both hands pressed against the joint, bending the hand in a direction most unnatural and certainly uncomfortable for the pale woman now crying out in understandable pain.

With her free arm, the redhead tried futilely to stretch her fingers out for Grace, finding no such luck there.

Forcing her to carve out a new path, right as Bux cranked on the arm again.

A new path that involved her fluidly somersaulting to the ground, then twisting with her legs to force her ascent only seconds later.

She got up, slapped away Melanie's hand, spun around for a full rotation and-

“Uggghh.” Rotation and a rolling elbow, the latter connecting flush against Mel’s jaw.

Melanie reeled in place, head pitched down after taking the direct hit with no warning.

Twirling on her heel, Candy took off in the forward-facing direction, rebounding off the ropes to deliver a followup clothes- but Mel ducked the forearm.

She ducked, rounded her back, and pushed the redhead onwards with her momentum.

Candy hit the ropes with her chest instead of turning, bouncing back into Mel’s ever-loving arms.

Her arms that tightened, tensed, and threw the redhead overhead in a snap release German suplex!

Rolling from her neck over on her front, the lithe woman crumpled facedown with her ass up, provocative even in pain.

Grace stared with alarmed eyes; eyes perhaps filled with a flash of things to come in her future after seeing her partner take the infamous slam made famous by so many sexfighters in the SFL.

The Slayer. The Tigress.

And now, Dan Danger.

Ironically, the Dangerous One watched that same move unfold with the exact opposite reaction.

Surprised? Not really.

But proud? Damn straight.

The crowd cheered on as Melanie sat up, energized through that swift and satisfying slam.

Reaching behind her, she undid her ponytail, freeing those blonde locks to frame the fierce look on her face.

That look that stared down the Goddess and Apollo together in the same match, and didn’t blink once.

Over her shoulder, well, Candy’s back was still arched up to the sky, butt nice and presentable for someone with the proper hardware.

That someone wasn’t her…but it was her boyfriend.

Daniel was more than happy to accept the tag as Bux slid on her knees over to him.

Rising to her feet after making contact, Melanie returned to the gradually rising showgirl.

Casting a brief glare at her black partner glowering from the apron, she brought the similarly built woman off the mat with both hands, ultimately leading her against the ropes.

Pressing in and then pulling on an arm, the blonde sexfighter executed another Irish whip, sending the redhead running again just as Daniel entered the ring proper.

Candy came off the rope rebound seeing Mel’s crotch racing up to meet her face once more.

Unlike last time, she ducked- slipping under the blonde woman’s standing leapfrog…

… and then coming chest-to-chest (belly-to-belly, even) with the Dangerous One himself.

Without a break in the momentum, he launched her overhead with a swift snap of his hips.

From flailing in the air to now floundering on the canvas, the pale woman only partially sat up before ultimately turning over on her face.

“Tag,” Daniel deadpanned at her, getting up as Melanie exited to the outside following their tandem sequence.

Candy had no comment.

But he had her hair, tugging at her brightly colored strands to retain his newly acquired advantage over the speedy sexfighter.

Guiding her up to her feet, he backed towards the center of the ring, a prime spot to capture the attention of everyone, including one person in particular.

And it was her partner that looked on as Daniel scooped Candy up with one hand between her legs, hefting her over one shoulder…and then throwing her down flat on her back.

The ring gave its usual thud, and the slammed sexfighter, well, gave her usual cry.

For him, it was enough that Grace saw it.

But every fan in every direction of the ring, well, they wanted more.

“One more time! One more time!”

Daniel cocked a grin as he looked at the black showgirl.

Gotta give the people what they want, Gracey.

That’s what his eyes said as his hands reached down and dragged up the redhead.

Reaching down again between her legs, he lifted and then spun her around upside-down for the drop, turning in a half-circle for effect before finally releasing her into gravity’s empty embrace.

The second scoop slam hit its mark just as soundly as the first, laying out Candy in a writhing pose.

And yet, the fans still chanted, “One more time! One more time!”

Deciding to sprinkle in a little creative liberty before appeasing popular demand, he crouched down behind her, hooking both arms around her waist like a seatbelt.

He pulled her tight and ultimately off the ground in a straight deadlift.

Facing away from him, Candy instinctively hooked her feet around the back of his thighs as a partial block, anticipating the full arc into a German suplex.

Good guess.

Instead, he backed up a few steps, keeping her fastened to him in that wheelbarrow position long enough for his shorter partner to stand up on the bottom rope and blind tag his shoulder.

From his peripheral vision, he could see her climbing up the turnbuckle, scaling to a perch overlooking the two sexfighters currently tethered together.

She took a breath. Took aim.

And then took flight.

Leaping over his head, but snagging hers…

… and then driving it down into the canvas as he dropped down with her in tandem unison.

It was a flying bulldog. Or a wheelbarrow facebuster.

Either way, it was highly effective as the redhead smacked the ring this time with her face.

Mel took the landing on her knees, barely flustered by the top rope dive.

Alright, let’s go.

She was already grabbing a fistful of fiery locks as Daniel slid under the bottom rope to give his girlfriend space to operate.

And the operation was underway as Melanie brought the woman up to her feet, hands on her hair, and then one pulling back-

“Hah!” To smash a particularly stern forearm right across her cheek, staggering the woman in place.

The next strike was a knife edge chop cutting against the bedazzled bra and further rocking the boat for Candy.

She changed it up again with a spin, and then a thrust with her back leg into the showgirl’s stomach.


Once she connected sharply with the back kick, Melanie found herself coincidentally facing in the direction of her next move.

Breathing steadily, she took off for the ropes…but hit a certain snag along the way.

That snag being five fingers grabbing her panties from behind, stopping and then yanking her back to the woman she just turned her back to.

Back to being lifted up into a backdrop position with the redhead holding on to her waist and thigh.

And then she was swung downwards, hitting the ground facefirst in a facebuster of Candy’s own design.

“Not good,” Daniel hissed under his breath at the unexpected jam in his partner’s offensive flurry.

Remaining standing, the lithe showgirl stumbled over Melanie’s prone form instead of taking advantage.

Because why do it solo…


… when you can make it a two-woman job, Dan noted cynically as Grace accepted the tag and entered between the ropes.

Showtime was now united, at least temporarily, with his partner recovering from the slam.

The two women walked side-by-side, their movements perfectly synced just from the swing of their hips alone.

Bux was up by now, her stance guarded and eyes zeroed in as the two showgirls parted at the center of the ring.

Candy to her right. Grace to her left.

“Somebody’s outnumbered,” the black woman teased her.

“Totally,” Candy cooed in agreement.

But she was close enough to tag out.

“Might as well go bring the man in to handle your shit. I don’t hold back, unlike someone I know,” Grace told her in a much rougher tone.

Sounds like a plan to me.

“Hey, I was just being nice, baby,” the redhead playfully protested, turning to the curvier woman. “We gotta let her believe she’s on our level before, well…” She gave another teasing giggle while finishing ominously, “You know.”

Daniel saw her fists balling.

“So what’s it gonna be, slut?” Grace again mocked her. “We don’t have all fucking night.”

Tag out.

He had his hand out. Waiting.

“Maybe she needs permission from Mr. Man before making any big girl decisions,” Candy offered with pouting lips.

“I don’t need permission to kick her ass,” the bigger woman smirked. “Definitely don’t need it to fuck her ass, too.”

Mel straightened up. Expression darkened.

C’mon, tag- tag me in.

“You think she could handle the strap, baby? I mean, you really know how to use it,” Candy purred at her breathlessly, almost lost in some pleasant memory.

“Can’t be any worse than what she’s getting from this loser, now can-ugggh!” Melanie was on Grace like a lunging tiger before the sentence was even completed.

The camel’s back was broken several words ago, but this was when the rubber finally hit the road…

… and the forearms hit the face as Bux Bunny unloaded on the smug faced sexfighter.

Any part of her arm that she could utilize- wrist, elbow, bicep- was being used against the reeling Vegas showgirl.

Or not. Daniel slowly retracted his hand as his partner pummeled the black woman into a corner, a palpable fury in every one of those connecting blows.

Grace even had to cover up as the petite fuckfighter kept going off with the forearms, rearing back after each strike to start a new arc.

And then she was grabbed from behind, Candy yanking at the hair to forcibly pry the battling Bunny off her partner.

The separation was tense at best…

… and then became even more volatile as Bux broke free of the hair grab and lashed out with a roundhouse kick that clipped the pale woman right off the side of her head.

It wasn’t pretty or polished, but it put Candy down on her knees, removing her from the equation.

And then Mel turned around to continue what she-

“Hah!” Then Grace leveled her with a clothesline that quite literally turned his girlfriend inside out.

Daniel only processed the swinging arm a half-second before it connected flush against Melanie's upper body, so he knew she had even less time to anticipate it.

But when it came, it hit her bodily.

She was flipped over on her front upon impact, Grace not even taking a knee.

Apart from a brief wipe of her lower lip, she seemed to be perfectly composed.

“Warned you, bitch,” she spoke matter-of-factly, giving Daniel an apathetic shrug before turning her eyes back to the facedown Bunny.

Melanie barely had the mat on her face for a moment’s respite more when Grace’s fingers wrapped around her hair.

Hauling her up, the black woman ordered curtly over her shoulder, “Knees.”

Candy was just now recovering from the head kick, but as soon as she heard that one word, the petite redhead happily turned over on her back like a housepet given sudden verbal instruction.

The black woman squeezed Mel into a facelock as the smaller redhead brought her legs, now bent, up against her chest.

Shit, shit-

Then Grace snap suplexed his partner over Candy’s knees, resulting in a visceral grunt at first, before a much more expressive groan escaped her gritted teeth.

“Shit.” Daniel was bound by the rules to stay rooted in place but that didn’t make it any easier to watch as Mel slumped to the mat off that wicked snap.


“Isolation and dissection. The means may be crude, but the ends are absolutely undeniable, ladies and gentlemen. Melanie, bless her young heart, tried to keep this a strictly female engagement, and paid big time with that vertical suplex/backbreaker combination. Kev, what do you make of this?”

“She needed to make that tag, end of story,” the former sex-wrestler said grimly. “Bux is a tough girl, that’s never been in dispute. But right now, she’s in the ring with girls who are, no offense, a lot tougher and a hell of a lot meaner. Again, she meant well, but if we’re being objective, I’m sorry but that was not the right call.”


Daniel looked on with stoic concern as Grace bent down to collect his girlfriend around the neck.

Only silver lining so far was that Candy was out of the ring following the double-team window, which meant they were playing by the rules…for now.

That could always change, but for now, it seemed to be business as usual as Bux was brought up off the mat- and scratch that.

His partner forced her own way, suddenly breaking free of those hauling hands and then lashing out with a forearm across the taller woman’s chin.

Then another. Another after that and-

“Uggghhh.” And a sharp knee thrust to her stomach ended her short rally.

Grunting irritably, the black woman gripped a fistful of Bunny’s blonde hair and whipped her into the ropes.

Come on.

Grace swung another clothesline. Melanie ducked.


She hit the rebound and launched herself horizontally as the Vegas Vixen turned around to receive a running crossbody.

Torso to torso, body to body…and Grace was still standing.

Oh no.

Barely betraying any effort catching the petite woman in mid-air, the curvy woman easily held Bux Bunny in that same horizontal position without falter.

One hand went between Mel’s kicking legs. The other grabbing at the shoulder.

Grace took one, two steps forward.

You gotta be-

Then she tossed his girlfriend overhead in a fallaway slam, nearly clearing the entire ring in one single arc!

Mel hit the mat right next to the ropes, writhing over on her belly with renewed grunts.

Grace rose in a sitting position almost in a yawning pose, that casual cruelty on full display.

“You threw the blondie from Boston all the way out last week,” Candy teasingly assessed her partner’s throwing trajectory. “Losing your touch, babe.”

Rolling her eyes, Grace got up while running her hands through her curly red locks.

“Fuck,” the blonde woman winced out, grabbing at her lower back as the showgirl neared.

“Mmmmmm, they’re even hotter when they’re in pain,” Grace purred out again, swinging her hips with that trained elegance.

“C’mon Mel, get up. Get. Up,” Daniel murmured under his breath.

Reaching down, the ebony woman pulled his partner to her feet before she could complete the effort willingly.

For a reason that was apparent in approximately three, two, one seconds…

“Have a nice trip!” Grace shot Bux off in a boosted Irish whip, going down on her knees while launching the smaller woman diagonally across the ring.

The jade-eyed woman turned at the last second to hit the buckles square on her upper back and shoulderblades.

Another anguished cry broke free as she crumbled to the ground in an instant, not even able to cling on to the ropes before sprawling prone on the mat.

“C’mon.” But Daniel wouldn’t let up with his subtle murmurings, keeping the hope up as the tall, tattooed woman again closed the distance.

“I think your boyfriend’s worried about you, Melanie. How fucking sweet,” she taunted the downed woman.

Apparently, his outward demeanor wasn’t as guarded as he thought.

“He should’ve known better than to bring a little girl with him to fight two grown ass women.”

Mel was grunting, but her body language, clear as day, indicated she wasn’t giving up. Not anytime soon.

Grace smirked. “If it makes you feel any better, you’re not the first slut who thought she was ready for Showtime. Won’t be the last, but hey-” Bending down, she picked up Mel by the chin as she delivered that last sneering taunt face-to-face, “When this is all over, at least you’ll be fucked real good. Probably better than you’ve gotten in a long time. That's not nothing, right?”

Mel glowered up at her, face as defiant as it’s ever been.

“When this is over, you’re gonna taste him every time you kiss her,” she growled out.

Grace processed that with a single, sobering look…

… and then yanked her up to her feet without a word.

Dragging her back to the center of the ring with a hand on her hair.

Her dark eyes focused on Dan Danger, setting up a gaze already ripe with contempt.

“C, how many times did this bastard throw you down on the ground?” she called out without even turning around.

Mel tried breaking free.

“Oh, just twice. Nothing too bad,” the redhead on the apron cheerfully answered back.

“Let’s beat that record, shall we?” she snarled, reaching between Mel’s legs.

“Come on, come-” Daniel tried pleading, but Bux was already in the air and spinning around for-

Thud! A powerslam that smacked the mat with vicious impact, his partner planted hard on the flat surface.

Keeping her eyes on him, she reached down for more blonde hair.

“Melanie, fight back!”

For the second time, his rallying cry went unanswered as Bux Bunny was picked off the ground, lifted in the same upside-down position…and then dropped down to the canvas.

She cursed out, taken into another writhing fit at Grace’s feet.

“Nope.” She reached down once again.

Pulling the groggy, grunting sexfighter up to her feet, she hauled her up for the scoop slam yet again.

One hand against her crotch, and then the other seizing the back of her neck.

Grace had her up…and then she didn’t.

One desperate burst of kicking feet was all it took to unsteady the showgirl’s grasp over the blonde woman.

And then a close-range elbow to the jaw jarred her carrier.

Mel landed behind Grace. Seized both of her wrists.

Fell on her back with both feet braced against the veteran sexfighter’s arched spine.

And kicked her right into the middle turnbuckle.

The middle turnbuckle of their team’s corner!

Daniel looked on in surprised amazement as the African American woman took a direct header on the padding, falling backwards with one hand massaging the bridge of her nose.

And the crowd’s reaction was even much more amplified, a cheering rally already underway as Mel still laid where she landed off that…double foot stomp backbreaker?

Giving up on trying to remember the exact name of that maneuver, Dan Danger was much more invested in seeing his partner make the journey back to him.

She remained on the canvas, a visible grimace etched across her face from the literal back-to-back slamming.

“Come on, come on…” He murmured urgently, stretching one arm out over the ropes as far as his joints would allow.

Melanie grunted. Groaned over onto her side.

Candy wore some subtle concern on her face from the other side.


“She needs that hot tag, and she needs it now,” Kevin observed, very much pointing out the obvious.

“Lot of damage’s been done already to that young woman. She’s starting to move, but how much pain do you think she’s gotta be swallowing down just to try and make the effort?”

“Doesn’t matter. You bring in the fresh guy, and then you worry about that. Again, she needs that tag. For her own sake, and certainly for the fans watching here and at home.”


“Bux! Bux! Bux!” The crowd was getting restless, rowdy.

He even clapped his hands together to give them a single, driving beat to follow along.

Mel roused to that building rhythm, flipping fully over on her stomach.

There were already bruise marks on her spine.

“Fuck.” Managing that bodily suffering admirably, she turned towards him and his outstretched hand.

Grace began to rouse as well.

“Come on, you can do it,” he urged her on, feeling the urgency growing in the collective thousands all around him.

She crawled slowly. Hands and knees.


She crawled faster. Closing the gap.

Then she lunged.

Daniel felt it.

The close proximity of their fingertips…and then the gust of wind under his chin as Grace suddenly intercepted Melanie in mid-air.

Catching the blonde woman with her shoulder first, the curvy woman charged in the exact opposite direction right before they could make contact.

Melanie swiped frantically, but she was out of reach!

“Shit.” Daniel’s hand retracted back to grab at the back of his neck.

That was the exact same word shouted out by Bux Bunny as she was slammed unceremoniously against the corner with Grace still pressing against her waist.

Holding her tightly as things went from bad…


… to even worse as the referee recognized the blind tag by Candy.

Hope drained from his face almost immediately as the unnervingly upbeat redhead entered the ring, sauntering away from the ensuing struggle between the two women.

And skipping right close to him.

“Check this out,” she mouthed at him with a wry smile, twirling sharply on her heel with her arms out elegantly in an almost gymnast-pose.

You can check my foot up your-

Dan Danger never finished that thought once Candy suddenly bounded forward.

Breaking into a steady run that turned into a cartwheel…then a backflip…and finally backing up into a handspring back elbow with Grace moving out of the way just in time.

All that momentum, and Mel caught the elbow right on the nose.

She stopped struggling after that.

Candy stood smiling as Bux slumped forward, chin over shoulder.

Smiling right at him.

Reaching up to cup Mel’s jawline, the redhead leaned back even more to suggestively run her tongue just underneath the blonde woman’s earlobe.

All while holding his gaze in her smug blue eyes.

Turning fully around, she pressed into his partner, reaching under her pits and untying her bra.

She did away with the top with a pickpocket’s ease, baring Bux’s breasts.

Candy started kissing along her neck, going down to the collarbone.

Mel tried to remain stoic.

Right until the redhead dropped down to her knees.

That’s when the panties came off. Pooling at her ankles.

And when Candy kissed her pussy.

Going lip to lip, and then slipping that tongue past the outer folds.

Mel held strong. For about five seconds.

Then she moaned…and only got louder from there.

Candy’s fingers dug against her thighs as she jammed her tongue in even deeper, flicking it out like a motor rudder against the tender flesh.

He heard the sounds, and felt even more helpless as Melanie twitched, arched, and quivered with wordless gasps of sudden pleasure leaving her open mouth.

She gripped the ropes, trying to find a way to push-

“Fuuuccckk!” But she only ended up bucking her hips against Candy’s enthusiastic mouth in no time, resistance fading quick to the undeniable talents of an experienced pussylicker.

And even that would be somewhat underserving the oral mastery he was forced to be an audience to.

Because the way Candy was licking her, lavishing her- it was damn effortless.

“Fuck fuck fuuuccckkk!” The words his girlfriend could manage to form were dragged out and desire filled.

Do something, don’t just stand there-

“FUCCKK!!” Melanie shrieked out again, self-control leaving her in a hurry.

And Candy giggled right back at her, maneuvering that tongue in ways Daniel couldn’t even fully make out.

But the effect was clear as crystal.

“How is it?” Grace demanded, a bit breathless as she stood on the apron.

A hand down her panties provided the short explanation for that.

Candy’s heated tongue lashed Mel’s slit lovingly, making her jerk in pleasured shock.

Then, she remarked tantalizingly to her partner’s question, “Spicy. Your favorite.”

Without a word more, she delved back in with a carnal hunger, this time flicking her tongue around the clitoral bud Daniel knew all too well.

“Fuuck- holy shiiit!!” She squealed and screamed those words out as Candy’s own lustful moans trilled through her lower body, a mutual elevation of both their euphoric states.

Her clit took several, several more lashings, a focused assault that she was increasingly unable to withstand.

Not on her feet, at least.

As her eyes fluttered and her mouth continued to let loose with the uncontrolled outbursts of preening delight, Candy finally stood up from her kneeling position.

Face to face with a woman that could barely support herself, even with the aid of the turnbuckle.

Without a word, she suddenly kissed Melanie, making the blonde woman taste herself in a steamy, domineering display.

Complete with copping another feel around her pert breast, just to rub it in even more.

Mel moaned out, but not in protest.

He could tell.

And as soon as it began, it was already over as the redhead grabbed around her shoulders and unceremoniously threw her down to the mat.

“I almost didn’t wanna stop for a second there. But I wouldn’t be a good partner if I didn’t share the wealth, huh?” she purred, daintily opening her palm out like a spring flower uncurling its petals.

“This time,” Grace reminded her cheekily, accepting that tag.

Kicking free of her panties, Melanie tried to crawl. Hands and knees like before.

The built black woman entered the ring.

Mel was halfway back to him.

Stretching one hand out-

“Nuh-uh.” Grace’s arms, strong as steel, wrapped around her waist and pulled her off the ground.

Come on.

The showgirl held her close, intimately close.

“Heard you were still giving out free samples, slut,” she growled lustfully into her ear, loud enough so that even Daniel could hear.

Melanie shook her head feebly, trying to find her strength from somewhere.

Unlocking that waistlock, Grace started to feel up her chest, rubbing and lightly raking her fingers against the smaller woman’s pert breasts.

Touching and teasing, even plucking delicately at her nipples- all right in front of him.

“When was the last time…?” she whispered right into Bux’s ear as the chest fondling continued.

“Mel, don’t listen to her. Listen to me. Listen to them, okay?” he tried reaching out to her, gesturing to the fans rooting for her escape. “You need to fight.”

“What?” She was almost delirious at this point.

Grace’s response to that was not a soothing, sensual collection of words, but rather a harsh shove down on the mat from behind!

She had no time to brace herself before smacking the canvas with her disoriented facial features.


The black woman promptly dropped to her knees, authoritatively grabbing around the waist again but this time lifting her hips towards her.

Raising her up, and setting up…

“Mmmm!” For her own dampened saber to pierce the veil next, Grace nuzzling her face right up against Bux Bunny’s rear.

Orally penetrating her glistening cunt from the rear flank to taste the erotic warmth for her own.

Mel jerked in surprise before collapsing completely on her face, the showgirl deliberately spreading her cheeks while remaining mouth-to-mound.

Looking at him, while she was licking her.

The showgirl licked her slower than Candy, going from end to end to elongate the pleasure spasms riveting her core.

Her toes scrunched. Fingers twitched.

Telltale signs, and yet Derrick had to tell himself no.

Not like this.

He had to say something else, something to keep the fire burning. But what could he say?

“Fuck…fuck…” Her voice trailed in and out, losing strength by the second.

Grace started sucking on her flesh next, capturing her clit and-

“Fuuuccckkk!” Making her squeal out again as the throbbing center of her pussy was attacked once more.

The sound was enough.

With the frustration eating away at what little restraint he still possessed, Dan Danger swung one leg inside the ring to go and break-

“FUUUUCCCKK!!” And then she came.

Melanie's sex exploded in climax, disarming the tensed-up state of her body in a gushing of dripping nectar.

Grace was still looking at him, delivering one final, taunting lick up Mel’s spasming cunt.

The blonde woman lay prostate on the mat, past the point of even writhing in pleasure.

She was actually paralyzed in overcharged, overwhelming sensation.

Not even the ringing of the bell could make her come down from that impossible height.

The Vegas showgirl rose to her feet in a manner best reflecting her ring name: gracefully.

“When’s the last time you ever came that fucking good?” she smirked, wiping her mouth before sauntering away from them both.

Melanie seemed incapable of speech at the moment as she lay there in a pool of her own juices.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has awarded the first fall decision of forced orgasm via pussylicking to Grace. Thus, the winners of this round…SHOWTIME!!!”

Daniel’s body was still in the ring.

But his mind was somewhere else completely.

And it wasn’t coming back anytime soon.


Author's Note:

- First, thanks so much for all the kind and thoughtful comments. I can say it a thousand times, but I do mean this with completely sincerity: your feedback is really why I continue to do this.

- Secondly, wow! Certainly a ride, wasn't it? I had mentioned before being especially proud of this match, and maybe you're beginning to see why (and we haven't even gotten to the really good stuff yet...)

- In terms of what happened in this particular fall, the answer is in what Kevin said near the start of it. When you wage war with two veterans like Candy and Grace, you're fighting it on two fronts: physical and psychological. Every word they say has purpose, and it can unravel you like a loose thread if you're not too careful.

- I'll leave the speculation for what happens next in your hands now. Can Dan/Mel come back from this? How can they come back? All good questions that will be answered in due time, my friends. For now, thanks for reading, and stay tuned!!

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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

Nice!! Can't wait for the next part!
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

Mel seems to be wrestling with more than just two lovely ladies in there.

It certainly feels like this match could lead to something revelatory for our heroes, whether good or bad. On the edge of my seat.
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

Definitely some fall. The ending was the craziest bit of the match, and you know, I can’t even blame Mel for giving up the orgasm there, that pussylicking hand-off was pretty smooth. Showtime seems like they’re coming in just how you built them up, and I like the different challenge they’re giving Daniel and Melanie. Not that Kenzie and Jake didn’t have experience too, but their biggest assets (non-sexually, anyway) were their size and physical dominance. In a way, you could say the biggest thing Kenzie and Jake lacked was proper strategy or overall ring intelligence. At least here in the early going, Showtime appears to have good strategy, ring awareness, and overall chemistry as a tag team. They’re blending those sexual/mental aspects of sexfighting and neutralizing the physical edge I actually think Daniel/Melanie have over them.

As for how Dan and Mel can come back, well, it depends on whether or not they can use those physical advantages. Dan seemed like he was getting the better of Grace, and Melanie of Candy, so, can they properly leverage what they have?

Neither of them can afford to make mistakes like they did in the first round, either. Melanie not tagging in Daniel was a terrible blunder that even the commentators brought up. Now, I loved it character-wise, because it felt so damn realistic given where Melanie’s head is at right now, not to mention Showtime’s goading. Dan’s not blameless in this fall either…I think he hesitated at the end there. If he was going to jump into the ring and break up the pussylicking, then he should’ve bitten the bullet and done it before Melanie was right on the edge of cumming.

There’s really a lot you put into this fall and I love the tease of even better stuff to come, looking forward to it!
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“Gotta echo the redhead here, James…boring.”

I let out a huff of air at the Chiller’s catty aside. The naked sexfighter who’d joined the King’s Tour for this two-week stint is leaning back against the headboard next to me, one long leg draped casually over mine as we watch the latest from the SFL unfold.

The latest and maybe the best yet, given everyone involved.

Without a doubt, the future of the business on one side of the ring, and on the other, the present-day trailblazers of tag team fuckfighting.

I’ve never faced Showtime, but I’ve known of them for a very long time. I’ve known teams that have fought them. And that’s more than enough to base my professional judgment.

Dan and Mel, I’ve known long enough to know that they’re way in over their heads. And they probably wouldn’t have it any other way.

Top talents all around, regardless of who pulls off the big W in the end.
But before I really get into the nuts and bolts…

“Maybe if you worked a little more on that ‘boring’ stuff you and Greg would actually win a few matches once in a while.” Sorry, but you kinda talked your way into that one, babe.

She sneers and flips her middle finger up at me before taking another drag on her vape, chiller indeed.

Candy continues her taunting of Derrick in the ring, throwing in another dig at the blonde in his corner.

He makes the lunge. She does the usual flippy shit. Rinse and repeat.

“Ooohhhhhhh…that’s better,” Celia coos as the redhead slaps the taste out of Danger’s mouth before cartwheeling away.

Don’t do it kid, it’s bait… you can see Daniel wanting to step forward, but he stops himself. Good.

I swear you can see the wheels turning in that kid’s head sometimes. He relaxes his stance, resets…damn. He looks like a taller, more muscular Nikky there. Guess she’s teaching him more than just how to cum to her after all. I admit I had my doubts from some of what I heard…

The tag to Bux has the crowd on their feet. I lean forward a little too. Got to admit, I like what I’ve seen from the blonde before tonight, but right now though, she’s off.

“There is something in that girl right now.” The lean and mean sexfighter next to me calmly observes with an exhale of sweet-smelling smoke.

No shit. I’ve seen it enough, even Celia’s seen it enough. That girl’s shaken. From riding high after driving Kenzie down to the bottom with Stallion and now to this, her last losses seem to be hanging from her eyes. Candy sees it too, slipping comfortably into Bux’s head with words that may seem shallow, but cut deep.

They’re going round and round now…and-

“Oh! That’s how you do it!” Celia crows as Candy slaps Bux hard enough to drop her to her knees.

“Unh.” I let out a small blast of air and shift as Celia’s hand slips around my hardening cock. “Losing twice tonight not enough?” I ask as Bux Bunny comes back hard, overwhelming the skilled redhead with sheer energy and will.

“Two to one,” she breathes into my ear as she makes a long, slow stroke. “Best of five?” she asks huskily.

“After the match.”

Celia gasps a little and squeezes as Bunny batters Candy backwards…that’s how you do it girl. Stay on her, don’t let her breathe. You can’t let Candy and Grace set the pace; I’ve seen them in enough matches to know that. Because if you do, they start carouselling in that corner, tagging in and out and then they’re almost unstoppable. But right now, it’s all Bux, and Candy is getting overwhelmed.

Kicks and chops and German suplexes, just what the doctor ordered.

God it’s hot.

Dan’s back in now, continuing the dominance his partner established. I know Celia’s into it too from the way she’s shifting next to me.

I smirk out of one corner of my mouth. “Not quite so boring now, huh?”

“Not when he’s actually getting something done.” Celia can’t help but snark.
Melanie’s back in, chopping at Candy’s chest before nailing that stomach…good girl, keep changing those angles.


Candy catches her, plants her, and goes for Grace. Fuck.

She actually makes the tag. Double fuck.

No, no don’t listen to them. They want you to themselves, don’t play into their hands. Tag, girl, tag!

She doesn’t.

“Rookie move,” Celia taunts with a long stroke as Mel charges Grace with fists-a-flying.

My own fingers brush her wet labia, drawing a moan from her in response as I join the little battle of wills we’re having while watching the action.

She’s not wrong though. Bux holds them off, counting on her rage to see her through. It can’t, not against two experienced vets. There’s no obvious weak link like Jake in their team this time. It’s almost inevitable when Grace nearly turns her inside out. Then the double team…that wicked suplex. I’ll admit, I can appreciate that.

And now she’s writhing in pain, over and over and over. That mistake is costing her, and it’s costing her big. Showtime is setting up a pattern now, one they’ve shown. Two slams, damn Grace is ragdolling the kid and-

“YES!” She reversed!

“Unnnhhhhhh.” Celia responds with rapid fire pumping, taking advantage of my excitement with a wicked grin. “Sure you’re gonna make it to after the match?”


Mel goes for the hot- denied. Damn.

She’s out of range now. Thrust into enemy territory.

Damn, Bux needed that tag. And Candy goes sexual for the first time on Bux. The girl tries to hold…but it’s a no-go.

I’m an oral specialist, one of the best in the SFL, if I'm being completely honest with no false sense of modesty about it. Don’t believe me? I’ve got a whole list of references that can attest like it’s a college application to MIT. Anyone from Kendra to Dana, you name it. Even Nikky, narcissist that she is, would vouch.

Bottom line, I know what good art is in that ring. I’ve seen it being made, and I’ve had a hand in making it myself from time to time. Without a doubt, Candy is putting on a master class right now.

“FUUUUUUUUCK!!” Bux shrieked again. Oh, that mind is gone. Long gone.

“We’ve lost brain control,” Celia cooed as her hips bucked against my fingers.

She’s right, Mel’s Candy’s for the taking right now, and she knows it. The domination, the mind games, forcing Mel to taste herself before tagging out to Grace. Smart, on their part. Sets the image in the mind of the audience, the wrestlers, the promoters. The showgirls are showboating, and they’re doing it with style. At our grand expense.

Mel crawls, Grace cruelly lets her have a glimmer of hope. And then she’s on her. She’s good too, not an artist like her partner, but good in her own way.
Methodical and measured.

Get in there Dan, get in there or the fall is done.

Daniel finally slips a leg in, far too late to do any good.

Sure enough, she’s screaming out her orgasm an instant later. I grit my teeth as Celia nearly draws an answering one from me, only to shudder and cry out as she can’t hold hers, soaking my curling fingers after seeing the hot fall. As Celia shudders and subsides next to me my eyes are on Daniel. I can't help but wonder if I see a bit of Nikky in that hesitation too.

Pull it together kid…
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Default Tales of the Sex Fighting League: Showtime

“I didn’t even have to try that much to get him hard; he was rock solid just from being that close to me, and who can blame him? Instead of being with a Goddess like myself, he’ll have to settle for whatever it is you are: an insecure, flat little girl. You are nothing but a pathetic parasite that has leeched off my career for far too fucking long.”

“Thank you for tonight, Melanie. You made our arrival here spectacular.”

“Carrot time, little girl.”


The blonde woman snapped out of her trance.

Blinking her eyes, she suddenly felt the ropes against her back, the arena breeze caressing her nude body…and Daniel’s concerned eyes looking straight at her.

Then laughter. She heard laughter next, the unsurprising culprits being their veteran adversaries from the independent scene.

Candy and Grace were openly relishing their first fall victory, their smug giggling blending into one incessant cacophony that pounded against her eardrums, building and building until it threatened to expl-

“Mel, you with me?” A soft tap on her shoulder brought her back.

Back in her own body. Back in control.

Reflexively, her fingers squeezed against a hand towel that she had been holding for a few moments, the same one used to wipe off the girl-cum off her thighs from last fall.

“I’m good,” she nodded.

“Cool. Well, we’re still sticking with the plan. Nothing’s changed,” Daniel told her, one boot up on the middle rope.

“Except the part where I just gushed like a volcano, right?” she pointed out cynically. “Because we obviously planned for that to happen in the first round.”

“You held out as long as you could. I should’ve gotten to you quicker. That’s on me.”

She scoffed bitterly. “Wouldn’t have even come to that point if I just made the tag instead of being all in my feelings.”

“Maybe, maybe not. Either way, it doesn’t matter. Now, we get even. Make the comeback bigger than the setback. Plain and-”

“You ever think Kenzie was right, sometimes?”

Daniel stopped mid-sentence, caught offguard by that name in particular.

He turned to her with considerate, searching eyes.

Running her fingers down both sides of her neck, she continued to lament, “All this time, maybe we were just lucky. Lucky to get this far, and now…”

She tilted her head towards the two redheads leering at them, ultimately coming to a sobering, sighing conclusion. “Maybe she was right?”

What Daniel said next was surprising. “I’ve been asking myself that same question a lot the past few weeks.”

Melanie looked at him. “Yeah?”

“Yeah.” Scratching his chin, Daniel looked back at her with a new, determined glint in his eyes. “It was bullshit then, and it’s bullshit now.”


“We proved her wrong that night. She doesn’t get to be right after the fact,” he stated firmly, and with conviction abundant, he turned to Showtime. “We’ll prove them wrong, too.”

“And if we can’t?”

“If you’re so confident you’re gonna fail at something, at least try first,” he replied, swinging one leg inside the ring, followed by the other.

“Hell of a line. Nikky must get them off fortune cookies or something, huh?” Mel remarked, more of her usual sarcasm coming back to the surface.

“Nah.” He turned to her with a smirk. “That’s all Sam.”


“One fall in, and we have seen firsthand that Showtime is all that they are cracked up to be, and maybe more. Kev, these girls are good. Real good. Better than our home team?”

“Within one decade, they’ve probably accomplished more in tag team sex-wrestling than many singles wrestlers, including yours truly, have accomplished in two or three. That is the highest compliment I can give them with some modicum of objectivity. Having said that, we both know that winning a sexfight is all about moments. One moment is all it takes to dethrone champions, break undefeated streaks, and perhaps even upset living legends. So, if Dan Danger or Bux Bunny can get either one of them alone for just that one moment…” Kevin shook his head, clearly wrestling with that thought, “...maybe for just a little while, they can be better than the very best in the business today.”


Melanie wasn’t exactly thrilled to be benched on the ring apron to start things off, but she had faith in the plan.

She had faith in him, more specifically, and that was enough as the bell rang for the second time.

Daniel rose from his squatting position, once more the legal man.

She looked on as he started his paces, pairing off against…Candy.

A subtle ripple of disdain curled her fingers as she watched the smiling, sultry sexfighter saunter around the ring opposite her tag partner.

But at the same time, something else conflicted with that feeling.

It was something that quickened her breath ever slightly as the slim sexfighter darted along the four corners, the showgirl’s perfumed scent still fresh on her mind, and her tongue even fresher on her-

Snap out of it. Bux told herself before she let herself draft back to that corner, where Candy did things to her that she didn’t entirely hate.

“Hope you’ve been enjoying the show so far, Mr. Man.”

Melanie perked up instantly, observing those soft lips pursing into another sinful leer aimed at him. “I gave your girlfriend one hell of a front row seat, didn’t I?”

An involuntary flashback to those tongue lashes sent another flicker of arousal between her legs.

“Sure. Now you’re dealing with me again.” Daniel’s steely retort rooted her back in the present.

“Oh, please don’t think this is just about Melanie,” she chastised him in that flirty cadence as they continued circling around each other. “I mean, she is super-duper cute, especially with all those sweet, satisfying sounds she made for us…”

Daniel wasn’t taking the bait so far. That was good.

Candy wagged one finger at him with that coquettish smile. “But there’s plenty of love to go around the neighborhood. After all, we know all about you, and all the naughty little things you’re into, Dan Danger. If you thought what we did for her was hot, mmmm, you just wait.”

“Why wait? I’m right here,” he reminded her. “Unless you need Grace to come soften me up first.”

After another one of her giggles, she supplied her answer, somewhat seriously, “Sure you don’t have that backwards, sweetie?”

“Yeah. I’m sure,” he growled, starting to close in the gap.

She paused, as if to retort, before an inquisitive look suddenly took to her impish features. “What are those two doing here?”

“Huh?” Daniel’s neck was craning around that very second, his eyes searching in the direction of her head tilt.

Melanie saw who it was instantly.

Absolutely fucking nobody.

“Daniel- look out!” She called out…right as Candy leapt into action with a running dropkick connecting just above his tailbone.

It was crisp and connected sharply, launching him forward in an offbalanced stagger as his brain registered the invisible threat at ringside.

But it was too late for him to do anything but fumble and fall.

Luckily, Daniel was able to catch himself on a knee, his forehead mere inches shy of catching the middle rope.

“Made you look,” Candy cawed at him in a singsong taunt, springing to her feet and sprinting fast in the opposite direction.

She hit the rebound as Bux looked on, watching her boyfriend ball his fists at the sound of her returning footsteps, drawing near and nearer…

Pushing back to his feet while drawing closer to the center, he swung hard with his forearm- but missed.

Ducking under the clothesline whiff, she rebounded off the ropes from behind, coming at him fast.

Off instinct, he grabbed the slim woman around the waist, lifting her off the mat for a slam but the momentum was not within his control.

Rather, it remained with the showgirl as her legs swung upwards and swiftly scissored around his neck, pressing him against her thighs for a single startling second before the spin was completed…

… throwing Dan Danger off his feet in a dazzling tilt-a-whirl headscissors.

He landed on his back and rolled away, creating an instinctive separation as Bux soon paused in place.

Once his shoulderblades touched the bottom rope, he glared ahead.

And in the center of the ring, his eyes saw what Melanie saw.

You gotta be…

Candy was lying flat on her belly, one fist under her chin and with another coquettish smile drawn across her playful features.

Her bare feet were kicking playfully behind her, crossing occasionally at the ankles in a pose intimately familiar with the Miami woman.

Because it was her pose!

“Are we turned on yet?” Candy drawled directly at him, rolling her ankles around with another sexy smile painted from ear to ear.


“Hot damn, what a maneuver! And what form on display…”

“Easy there, silverback,” Kevin chuckled, a subtle jab at George’s fair accumulation of gray hairs. “Don’t wanna make Awe jealous, now do we?”

“Yeah, yeah…”


Daniel reached up with both hands to grab the rope above his head.

The redhead in front of him continued to be the center of male attention from every direction of the arena.

As he pulled himself up, Candy rose as well, mirroring his rise with her own seductive spin.

“Not even a little?” she pouted with a slight head tilt.

The coy remark went against defiant lips, his words held behind clenched teeth.

Easing off the cables, he went back to the circular pacing, prompting her to do the same.

Around and around they went, a circle of contrasting demeanors.

Flirty and free-spirited on her end, measured and methodical on his.

“Come on, you’ve got this.” Melanie did all her rooting mentally, trying to keep a steadfast disposition while the crowd brought the artillery volume-wise.

It reminded her of what Daniel had said earlier, about them having the home field advantage.

Even after the first leg of the match, the people still supported them both.

A reassuring thought to hold onto as the legal competitors finally stopped, directly across from one another.

Candy flashed her partner with another distractingly bright grin while he took her in with stoic certainty, controlling his breathing.

And then making his move.

It was a collar-and-elbow…feint!

The second he was in range, the male sexfighter went low and slammed into her midsection, securing a textbook single-leg takedown before she could even think of avoiding it.

With her whole body on the mat, Dan Danger quickly went to work.

As quickly as she scrambled backwards, arms reaching wildly just as he had one of her legs hooked-


The referee’s barking stopped the Dangerous One cold.

His opponent had five fingers tightly squeezing the bottom rope, and he was just about to flip her over on her belly.

Do it. Melanie wanted to tell him. Fucking do it.

But he didn’t.

Reluctantly, Daniel released his grip.

Good sportsmanship and all that, she figured, almost wishing he had gone for it anyways.

Anything to wipe the smug off the showgirl’s face.

“Red is totally my color, don’tcha think?” Candy suddenly remarked, daintily lifting her foot up against her man’s chest.

His back was to her, but on the JumboTron, she could see crimson-painted toes walking up his torso, his collarbone, even his chin-

“Nngh.” Grunting irritably, Daniel backed off, forced to endure the redhead’s bemused chuckling.

Wriggling those same toes in the air, she ran a delicate finger down her raised thigh, tracing it along the flesh until it finally traced along her cameltoe.

“If you’re not going to fuck me, Mr. Man, I might as well fuck myself,” she purred, teasing a slip against the band of her panties. “I bet that’s not the first time a woman’s said that to you, huh?”

He simmered in a breath.

“Yeah…” Teasing against her clothed cuntlips, Candy spoke again with that daring, devilish smirk on her face. “Hey, what do you think Mel’s thinking about right now? I mean, by the way she’s been eyeballing me this whole time, I think I’ve got a few ideas.”

And that was it.

Daniel charged her again, right as she slipped under the bottom rope with liquid ease.

She was out of the ring; he was still in- but not for long.

Exiting between the ropes, he dropped down on the outside as she ran around the corner with a laugh, prompting him to give chase.

Rounding the post, he kept on her heels as she smoothly slid back inside the ring.

Coming back in, he saw her hit the ropes off the rebound…

… prompting him to hit the mat flat on his belly to allow the showgirl to jump over and keep going.

Popping up, he anticipated her return, hooking his near arm under hers as they came back together.

Lifting with his hips, he launched Candy vertically for the throw- but she flipped up and over to her feet!

Reversing right out of the hip toss, the redhead twirled around to make her move.

She swung her hand, and he caught it.

Her open palm, held securely with his closed fist on her wrist.

“Nope.” He shook his head, seeing the surprise quickly forming in her eyes.

As he pulled on that arm to take her, or rather, be taken by a sudden, steamy kiss on the lips!

Standing up on her tiptoes, Candy pressed her soft lips to his mouth in a moaning advance.

Everywhere in his body was open season as her body grinded against his.

Mouth to mouth. Breasts to pecs.

Her hands joined in as well, exploring the muscled terrain of his torso.

“Mmmmm.” Her tongue scored the first penetration of the fall, slipping into his mouth and orally jousting with his own.

Daniel was groping and grabbing at her as well, feeling up her hourglass figure before finally settling against her lower back. Fingers clasped together.

Melanie raised an eyebrow.

Candy squirmed with delight, even kicking up one leg as his grip over her became tighter, more secure.

Seemingly enrapturing him in standing bliss, she cupped one hand around the back of his neck…

… while both of his squeezed against her back, lifting her off the ground completely.

Her eyes widened as she was tossed overhead for the belly-to-belly suplex!

Candy landed over on her back with a yelp and an even more satisfying thud.

Sitting up, he rubbed his lip, and glared balefully over his shoulder. “Still nope.”

Getting to a knee and then rising fully, he walked over and collected the wincing woman under the arms.

Turning her away from him once she was up, he tucked his head under her arm, grabbing around the waist before lifting her up for the backdrop.

Or backflip, rather, as the nimble sexfighter once again flipped out of his maneuver while in mid-air.

She was on her feet with barely a stumble, already in forward motion as he turned in her direction.

He swung his back hand into a knife edge chop but she ducked and kept running, bouncing off the ropes as he whirled back around-face.

Danger bent forward for the anticipated back body drop, only for Candy to do something even Melanie didn’t see coming.

She sprinted and then slid right under his lowered upper half, her legs folding effortlessly underneath her as she stretched out on the mat, smiling up at him while he stared down at her.

Her and the swinging arc of her open hand that smacked him soundly across the cheek for the third time.

Daniel stumbled backwards and almost took a knee with one hand cradling his jaw.

He didn’t see that coming.

Pushing herself up with that poisoned little giggle, she started towards his blindside for a followup- only for Dan Danger to snap back to attention and fling her to the ground with an arm drag instead!

She didn’t see that coming, either.

Taking her back down to the mat, he retained control over the hooked limb, leveraging one bent knee against the shoulder while holding her arm in a tight, taut capture.

It was the same kneeling wristlock that he executed on her partner and judging by the serious shade that she was throwing his way, well, Grace hadn’t forgotten it.


And neither had the commentators, with Kevin soon giving his veteran analysis, “Excellent wrist control by Danger, and good strategy in general slowing the pace down. Never work at your opponent’s speed; always try and make them work at yours.”

“Historically, this more grounded approach does seem to be where he’s most comfortable. Certainly, he’s found success with it against previous competitors in singles competition, but do you think he can maintain that same energy for both members of Showtime?”

“Maybe he doesn’t have to,” Kevin noted shrewdly.


“Sure you don’t wanna fuck me? Promise- shit- I’ll make it worth your while,” Candy winced up at him, struggling on the ground still with her arm firmly trapped and torqued.

“Maybe when you’re a little better behaved,” he said, keeping his eye on the tattooed powerhouse staring daggers at him from the far end.

Her rage was contained for now, but Mel knew as well as he did, that Grace was about as physically vindictive as they come.

A few angry bruises below her neck and shoulderblades perfectly illustrated that statement.

It wasn't long before Candy ‘got’ his attention again by trying to claw at his face with her free hand.

Dragging her up off the mat, he backed away from the no man’s land that was the center of the ring.

Away from Grace and her cross stare, and right back to home base…

“Tag!” The referee acknowledged Melanie's light tap on his shoulder.

Alright. Take two.

Staying on the outside, she waited as Daniel twisted under Candy’s arm to secure a better angle for her.

Pulling back some on the top cable, she took the springboard bounce up in the air…

… and then down with clasped fists against the elbow of the redhead’s stretched forearm!

Crying out as Bux Bunny reintroduced herself into the match via the jumping axe handle, the showgirl recoiled from them both.

But while Daniel held back, Melanie stalked forward.

The redhead cradled her left arm as the blonde woman closed the distance between them.

“You’ll never have what I have, and that just eats you alive, doesn’t it?”

Stalking into striking range, Melanie first unleashed a cutting knife edge chop upon the slender chest of her opponent, driving her back with another cry.

“Whenever you are ready, conejita.”

Using the alternating leg, she slammed another roundhouse against the same area of the torso, putting Candy against the ropes.

“Fuck…Daniel...Ramon...Ramon fuck I’m close.”

Echoes of past ecstasies played in her mind as she retained her form, striking the redhead again with the chest kick.

“Open wide.”

Another knife edge chop.

“Money shot.”

Even harder roundhouse.

“You missed a spot.”

Another kick. And another one. One after that.

Then she stopped, as all those voices in her head stopped.

Reigning in the emotions that fueled that furious flurry, Melanie took control of Candy’s neck in a three-quarters facelock.

With one bending knee, she flipped the slumping woman over her shoulder in a snapmare.

Smacking the ring with her petite frame, Candy sat up groggy, red hair tumbling down her face and shoulders.

“Hah!” Melanie snapped a fierce kick against the woman’s lower back, starting a fresh tab of hurt on her back end as Daniel looked on in support.

Clenching up in place, the Vegas showgirl's discomfort was tightly wrapped across her face.

Bux chanced one cursory look over her shoulder to see Grace in the same spot, glaring at her with stern yet sultry eyes.

Focusing back on the showgirl wincing at her feet, she threaded her fingers through Candy’s crimson locks and brought her back to a vertical base.

She got her at least halfway there before the slim seductress gripped her own blonde hair and suddenly fell into a kneeling position, driving Mel’s jaw down on top of her head.

Jawbreaker was the name of the maneuver, and it was indeed apt as Bux Bunny staggered back with a hand cradling her jarred chin.

The time that she spent reeling was the time Candy took to rise on her own accord.

With one arm already cocked and ready, the redhead surged forward to deliver a clothesline to follow up.

But the swing was anticipated, intercepted, and countered with an arm drag of her own.

“Fuck!!” The veteran sexfighter yelled out upon impact, instinctively reacting in a writhing turn and twist.

But Melanie didn’t let her go, retaining control of the limb while on her knees.

Grabbing a fistful of red hair, she forced the showgirl on her back before she could scurry away to refuge under the ropes.

One hand braced against Candy’s shoulder with the other pinned down the adjoining wrist, holding the struggling woman in place as she prepared to kick off the ground with one foot.


“I thought we were friends, Mel-”

And then down came her knee, crashing down on the stretched left arm to cut off the showgirl’s pleading.

The crimson-haired minx writhed and whimpered even more as her limb was targeted yet again.

“Shut up,” growled a reinvigorated Bux Bunny, floating over to the front and pulling the female sexfighter up once again.

Going back to the targeted limb, she revived the wrenching of her left arm, twisting and folding the forearm into a hammerlock behind Candy’s back while backpedaling to get back to home base.

Back to Daniel.

Step by wrenching step they got closer to his outstretched hand.

“Huughh!” But the showgirl, moving inwards and tucking her head under Mel’s armpit in a last-ditch effort, flipped the blonde woman overhead in a northern lights suplex!

The strength and flexibility of the showgirl was on full display as she managed the catapult with only one arm wrapped around Bux’s waist, her back arching beautifully through the throw.

Of course, Melanie didn’t see any of that, only feeling the jolting landing that forced her to break the hammerlock.

They separated from each other upon impact, crawling in opposite directions before ultimately, and inevitably, coming back together.

Mel pushed her way up, saw the subtle tilt in Daniel's chin, and turned to see-


She turned to catch the heel of Candy's foot, rather, as the redhead attempted a thrust kick aimed at her sternum.

Holding her foot in both hands, Mel looked at the caught showgirl with an expression that barely needed a translation.

“Oh fuck.” Candy swore.

“Yep,” came Mel's agreeing growl, dropping that leg down while lifting her knee up into the redhead's face at the same time!

The Vegas Vixen faltered and fell back, catching a light bounce off the ropes behind her before staggering back into range.

Moving to capitalize off her stupor, Mel seized that left arm again with both hands, and started to force the indie sexfighter down on her face.

The sultry sexfighter was struggling with spirited defiance, as she knew exactly what was coming.

But focused determination seemingly overpowered frantic desperation, and Candy took a knee.

Mel twisted even harder on the arm.

Down to both knees now.

Mel started to step over her shoulder with one leg, preparing to sit her fullweight on the captured limb.

But Candy got back to one knee now.

Then she was climbing- climbing back up to a vertical base with a second boost of strength found in that desperation.

Candy then started doing some twisting of her own, turning with her body to meet Mel face-to-face.

Grabbing around Bunny’s neck with the free arm, she pulled the petite blonde to her in a thrusting liplock, knocking her off-course.

The arm trap came apart immediately as the redhead wrapped herself around Bux Bunny, hands fondling and lips moaning wantonly.

Melanie had no time to react as she was driven against the ropes, pushing back against flesh that was soft and supple in all the best ways.

She felt those deft fingers feeling up her pert mounds, massaging her chest flesh while the well-seasoned sexfighter started grinding up on her, crotch on crotch.

More kisses. All over her face.

Down under her jaw. Soft nibbles traveling along the neck.

Just like before.

“Fuck…” she moaned out, a regretful slip of the tongue.

“That’s my girl.” Whispered words only meant for Mel’s ears.

Candy moved those hands down. Below the waist. Squeezing against her lower cheeks. Teasing against-

“Nnnnnn!” Melanie twisted and spun the sexfighter around just before those exploring digits could sink into her tighter areas.

Putting Candy against the cables, Bux willfully tore herself away from the enthralling liplock.

A strong grip, and an even stronger pull on the redhead’s wrist sent the showgirl running forward for the Irish whip.

Mel measured her shot as Candy went from one end of the ring to another.

Jumping up into the air, she pumped her legs out for the full blast.

Dropkick…but nobody was home to answer the door.

Instead, her very wily adversary clung onto the ropes with both arms, halting her momentum and leaving Mel the only one to take the fall backfirst on the mat.

“Motherfuck...” she swore under her breath, sitting up with one hand on the back of her head.

Soon coming off the cables, Candy looked at the wincing woman with sultry predation in her stare.

Dropping down suggestively to her knees, the redhead started to crawl with trained eyes and savoring lips.

Crawling towards the prize that glistened between Mel’s bare legs.

On all fours, the showgirl moved with lustful urgency, prompting the blonde woman to move as well: in the opposite direction.

Scurrying and scampering back until finally her hand shot out-

“Tag!” And slapped the hand of one Dan Danger.

Candy paused in her prowling advance, looking on as the dark-haired male entered the ring under the referee’s permissive watch.

Melanie didn’t want to make the tag, but she also didn’t want to take her chances against that veteran tongue.

Her heart said she could bear the risk. Her vagina knew better.

Stepping in for her, Daniel understood as much without even exchanging a word.

Candy reframed her expression as the former collegiate star began circling around her, the blonde sexfighter retreating to the ring apron.

Her lips became pouty, though her eyes remained just as predatory.

“I know I said I prefer girls, but…” Rising to her feet, Candy’s next words dripped with sensuality. “I guess a nice side of cock wouldn’t hurt before I get back to enjoying the pussy buffet over there.”

Again, Mel felt that traitorous tingling in her groin.

“Sure you can handle it?” he shot back.

“Oh, we can handle you, Dan Danger.” That retort came complete with a snort and a chuckle.

“Uh-huh.” Daniel was stalling, searching for an opening.

“But do you think you can handle me?” She stopped in the center of the ring.

Without warning, she casually took off her bra, baring her breasts. Firm and full.

Then she shimmied out of her panties, revealing a fiery strip lining up the treasure trove between her legs.


Kicking her bottoms away daintily, the redhead began feeling up her chest, groping at her natural beauty with her usual coy expression.

“No offense but I’ve seen bigger. Guess that’s not the first time a guy said that to you, huh?” Daniel replied with the wit that just didn’t miss.

“Oh, this isn’t for you, silly. I just work so much better when I’m all loosey-goosey,” she chided him, throwing her hair back coquettishly. “Besides, your girl’s already taken care of the whole distraction part.”

Daniel turned slightly to her. She looked back at him, confused at what she-

“Surprise bitch.”

Firm hands suddenly gripped her ankles from behind, then yanked them out suddenly.

Taking out the ground from under her- but not before making her taste it firsthand on the descent!

Mel smacked the ring apron hard before collapsing on the ground as a caramel-colored blur hovered over her.

Dazedly, she reached out, her fingers grazing against some even firmer thigh muscle.

“Someone's got a little girl-crush, doesn't she?” It was Grace.

Bux blinked her eyes, trying to look past the statuesque sexfighter looming overhead.

Trying to look back into the ropes where Daniel was looking at- damn it!

With his attention diverted to her, Candy was on him like a tiger, her naked body making contact all over as he was pushed against a neutral corner.

“Mel- mmpphh!” Then she was back to kissing him, planting a forceful smooch all over his resistant lips while standing on the bottom rope for added leverage.

“Don't worry, I like redheads, too.” Grace’s fingers twisted violently into her roots, dragging her up to her feet with only one hand.

More smooching sounds from between the ropes. And giggling. And groping.

The blonde woman had solid ground under her, but with the caveat of feeling her hair being twisted into an excruciating knot by the African American showgirl.

“You ready to open up that slutty little mouth for me again? Make all those sounds I like to hear?” Grace’s hot, hissing breath caressed her grimacing cheek.

“Fuck yo- ow!” She squealed out in a pained outburst as the black woman yanked back sharply on her head, immediately curing the venom in her voice.

Then she was slammed against the ring apron, her face forced against the flat canvas.

“Fuck you? Oh, don’t mind if I do.”

That’s not what I-

“Nnnnnn.” Mel’s internal panic turned to aroused realization the second Grace penetrated her digitally from behind.

Middle and index finger- both pressed into her clutching depths to elicit that initial gasp.

Gasping became groaning, and groaning became gasping again as her crimson-haired assailant pressed into her back and shoulders.

There was a rhythmic, rough efficiency to the way Grace pumped those digits in and out, stirring around her honeypot with expert flourishes.

It made Bux weak, and not just at the knees.

From the crease of her brow to the tips of her toes, she was stimulated with sudden, searing pleasure.

And those fingers kept pushing in.

Deeper and deeper, dragging out another moan.

But not just from her.

Out of the peripheral lens, she could make out Daniel still pinned against the corner.

Candy was practically drowning him in kisses, orally ravaging his upper body.

She had one of his pecs in her mouth, sucking on it with lecherous intent while her right hand had already fished his cock out of his trunks.

Daniel’s face was screwed into a sexual grimace as she jerked him at a medium tempo.

Her wrist flourishes were polished and precise, the obvious handiwork of a veteran in this sport.

Not to mention the raunchy sounds she was giving off in the process, grinding against him with her naked body while stroking away at his guarded inhibitions.

Melanie squirmed helplessly, wanting to do something but unable to break free of her own sexual hold.

Daniel’s groans grew in despair and delight as she saw Candy’s hand quicken on his shaft, working his meat until it was red and ready with glistening precum.

Then Grace’s finger pushed back in, and she cried out, louder and louder…


… as George commented amidst the dual pleasuring, “I hate to plagiarize another fellow broadcaster’s catchphrase, but this is vintage Showtime.”

“Divide and conquer. Old school tactics, but it’s never gone out of date.”


Melanie didn’t want it.


But she couldn’t deny it.


Her fingers dug sharply into the canvas as Grace pumped those long fingers back in.

Shoulders sagged. Legs wobbled with uncertainty.

“That’s a good girl.” Grace’s voice crooned over her quivering intonation.

Her cuntlips sucked at those fingers plunging in and out, her carnal channel ever ripe for the taking.

And indeed, she was taken.

“Such a good girl.”

Taken and teased to a building, budding org-

“No,” she grunted out hoarsely, finally finding the will to fight back.

She couldn’t find it against Ramon in her last tag match, but that was then.

And this was now, as her fingers curled into defiant fists, pussy muscles clenching as well to guard her erotic yield.


She gave an involuntary shudder as Grace’s digits reluctantly withdrew from her vaginal opening.

“I’m a lefty, anyways,” Grace told her slyly, pressing that same hand against the base of her skull to keep her pinned.

With her dominant hand, she sensually licked up the centermost fingers.

Panic gripped Bux tight, but then-


The ring shook, subtle vibrations tickling her pinned face and directing her to the source of the impact.

Candy was writhing on her back, the result of evidently being launched out of the corner by Daniel, who was recovering close to the ropes.

The immediate replay on the big screen displayed the full sequence: him putting her against the corner in a reversal, wrapping around her in a body clinch, and then flinging the woman overhead in a desperate belly-to-belly.

Back to the present, the legal redhead groaned over on her belly, legs kicking up painfully.

“We’ll finish this later.” Grace left her there slumped over the ring apron, darting back around the corner in swift fashion.

Candy continued to grunt and groan as she slowly got her feet under her, Daniel faring little better.

His cock hung between his legs, exposed and erect just over his wrestling trunks.

“Throwing pretty girls around really does it for you, huh?” the redhead commented, flashing a wry grin at him despite her own frazzled state. “We fought a guy like that once. He was a real good fuck.”

“I…bet.” Daniel almost had to lean against the ropes for support amidst a near buckle in his knees.

Noticing that, and especially his still present erection, got Candy running her mouth once again, “I got you hella close though, didn’t I Danny boy?”

“Don’t…flatter yourself. I’ve had better,” he groaned out, clearly overcoming the euphoric chill from her fervent stroking.

“That sounds like a challenge,” she grinned, pumping one hip out to the side as her crimson locks freely cascaded down each shoulder. “What’ll get you over that hump, baby? Tits? Tongue?” Tilting her head slightly, she teasingly offered another suggestion. “Toes?”

“How about none of the above?” Daniel replied, putting the steel back in his voice.

Candy shook her head, clicking her lips at him bemusedly. “I don’t think I believe you.”

Mel groaned her way back to somewhat of a recovery, missing bits and pieces of their dialogue.

Eventually though, she was able to pick back up as the redhead went on, “...especially when we both know how this is going to end.”

“Do you?”

“Oh yeah. You think you’re in charge now, but soon enough, you’re gonna slip. They always do. And it’s only gonna take once with us, sweetie. Then you’re really gonna be fucked. In every sense of the word.” She added with a playful head-tilt to their corner. “Just ask your super-hot girlfriend. She’s not looking so good now, is she?”

I’m fine.

She wasn’t fine, but Bux didn’t want him taking his eyes off that little bitch again.

Grabbing onto the middle rope, she attempted to pull herself back up on the apron (to varying degrees of success).

“You think you know me, huh?” he spoke up, presumably still stalling.

Another smug giggle precipitated her shrugging response. “I mean, I know enough.”

“Okay, then.” Then Daniel did something she wasn’t expecting.

He sank down to his knees, cock still out. Eyes peering up at her.

“Prove it,” he went on to say, kneeling in a completely unguarded pose.

Candy paused in place, maybe taken a little aback.

Maybe as surprised as Mel was, but that didn’t last long.

“Okey-doke.” Walking on tiptoes, Candy approached daintily, her own guard relaxed considering his kneeling presentation.

Slinking down to her knees in front of him, the showgirl came so close that their noses were nearly touching.

Melanie was confident Daniel knew what he was doing.

“Your move,” he told the redhead.

Okay, she was mostly confident that he knew what he was doing.

“Don’t mind if I do,” she grinned, her hand going between them now.

Wrapping around his cock and stroking again.

Dragging and sliding her palm against his foreskin like she knew exactly what she was doing.

Making him grunt. And gasp.

And grin? “Now I go.”

Candy gave a start herself as Daniel’s own fingers darted down, teasing her labia before making an official entrance.

Now she was the one gasping and grunting as he worked his digits along the vulva, tracing along the delicate flesh with his own pleasure patterns.

“Oh yeah…” Candy breathed out, the husk thick in her voice.

She kept on stroking him while he kept on fingering her, a mutual exchange of digital stimulation.

“Last time I did this with someone, it didn’t work out too well for the girl,” he pointed out, keeping his cool despite her pleasuring efforts.

Opening her up with two fingers, he penetrated further inside her slit. “But you knew that already, right?”

Candy crooned out lustfully, throwing her head back and even rolling her hips against the thrusting fervor of his right hand.

Scratch that last bit.

Melanie was extremely confident that he knew what he was doing.

But Candy would snap back to face him directly, pressing in on her boyfriend with reinvigorated sensuality.

“Who taught you how to finger a girl?” she heard the redhead whisper at him.

She wasn’t panting yet, but there was a definite shudder in her voice.

“Make me cum, maybe I’ll tell you,” he replied, maintaining sexual composure still, somehow. “Or maybe I’ll just make you cum and you can keep guessing.”

His fingers went at it again, making her gasp.

And giggle.

“Now we’re sexfighting, baby.” She renewed her stroking and leaned in for more.

With a hand rapidly accelerating on his joystick, the showgirl started to kiss along his neck and shoulders, rubbing tits on pecs.

Her seductive assault seemed to show no sign of stopping or even slowing down, but Daniel wasn’t about to fold either.

As she nibbled ever softly on his ear, he grabbed around the back of her neck, tethering her close while plying along the tender folds of femininity laid bare between her legs.

Resisting a subtle urge to go dipping inside her own womanhood, Mel finally brought herself up on the ring apron- and not a moment too soon.

Because they had both graduated to a mutual stand, standing up while still jerking each other off.

Shaking her head to exorcise any lingering horniness, Bux looked on closely as their heated exchange of bodily groping and sexual moans grew nearer.

Candy pressed him with her lustful aggression, but Daniel’s size and stature was ultimately what drove the flow of momentum.

The momentum that drove her against the ropes adjoining their team’s corner, still tugging and jerking away at his erect shaft.

Mel finally understood what he was doing as he slid his fingers out of her slickened groove, grabbing around for another part of her body as she hungrily sought out his lips for another sensual smooch.

Reaching out, Bux discreetly tagged herself off his forearm as he finally secured the redhead’s wrist.

Pushing off, he slung the showgirl forward for the complete separation, his cock swinging free with plenty of tension in those balls for her to work out later in the night.

But that was later. This was now.

Daniel fell on his belly, prompting Candy to naturally hop over him.

And then come face-to-forearm with her.

Springboarding over the top rope into a flying clothesline, Bux landed her aerial attack, dropping her opponent back and neck first on the mat.

Now was the time to keep fucking her shit up.

“Keep it going,” Daniel encouraged her, tucking his cock back inside his trunks while returning to the ring apron.

“Didn’t plan on stopping,” was her response, with her body language reflecting that returning confidence.

Pushing off her hands and knees, Mel rose to her feet while Candy attempted to get up on her own.

That attempt was still underway as Bux grabbed hold of the left arm and resumed previous work.

Dragging the Vegas Vixen up all the way, she twisted under that limb to reapply the same wristlock as before.

Putting the pressure back on Candy, who responded predictably with a painfully screwed face and high-pitched yelping.

Going under the forearm again, Mel put her back to the grimacing redhead, raising the captured arm up like a lever before bringing it down hard over her shoulder.

That got another cry out of her.

Raising the same arm again, she prepared to bring it down again-

“Shit!” A shudder and squeal broke the concentration as Candy slipped her other fingers around the waist, teasing them against her pussylips with the promise of penetration.

A promise that was soon fulfilled as the redhead pushed her fingertips inside, delivering a piercing sensation that Bux initially withstood but for a lone moan that escaped the woman’s lips.

Soft at first, but it became louder and louder as the veteran’s experienced digits spread and stroked across her inner pink.

It was an enticing temptation, but ultimately one that Mel overcame by twisting back under that arm to come back face-to-face with the showgirl.

The arm went back to being torqued at the downwards angle, forcing Candy to go down to the ground.

Or…perform a one-handed cartwheel instead.

Because that was exactly what the redhead did, flipping out of the wristlock before Melanie had a chance to think or process what-

“Gotcha!” And then Candy grabbed a hold of Bux Bunny by the blonde locks, slamming her down in a hair pull.


That was her summation of things in a word.

Her attempt to remedy that was two feet to the chest of the Vegas Vixen when the showgirl bent down to capitalize.

Kicking her away, she used that same momentum to roll backwards to her feet as the pale woman took to the mat briefly before staggering up.

Getting up fast, Bux went in close to take-

Smack! To take the blunt end of Candy’s forearm in a thundering strike, apparently.

Head knocked loopy, Melanie Taylor dropped to a knee with one hand cradling her jaw.

Ouch again.

And then Candy became an even bigger bitch by punt kicking her right in the stomach, swinging her foot like a golf club right into the blonde sexfighter’s bare sternum.

Like a popped balloon, the air went right out of Mel as she collapsed on her back, grabbing at the midsection while the crimson-haired vixen cradled her left arm with gritted, grinning teeth.

Forced to breathe through her nose as that kick to the ribs continued to sting, Bux was determined not to stay down for long.

But she wasn’t given much of a choice either way as the showgirl palmed the top of her head with the good arm and pulled her up.

Pressing both feminine forms together, Candy directed first back against the ropes before whipping her forward- you first- right as Melanie reversed the grip and sent her running across the center instead.

Briefly bowing her head, she perked up as the redhead rebounded back into range, her tunnel focus drowning out something that the referee said.

The returning sexfighter brought up both hands for a double sledge strike, but Bux drew quicker with a spinning back kick to the gut.

Completing the full rotation as Candy nearly doubled over on her feet, Mel deftly flicked one leg up into a soccer-style kick that caught the fiery-haired seductress right between the eyes.

Then she jumped into the air proper for a step-up enziguri that clocked the similarly built woman square once she straightened up.

Foot smacked against face, and the showgirl flopped down on her front, one knee at a time.

Never failing to strike a provocative ass-up pose on the mat, Candy was nevertheless down and possibly close to being out as the scrappy sexfighter who managed to pull off that three-kick combo immediately scrambled to capitalize.

She slid a hand underneath the woman’s belly, about to roll her over when suddenly two hands seized her from behind.

Going under her armpits, the strong pair of hands yanked her off the ground like she was a housecat.

It was a full nelson grip, so tightly applied Melanie couldn’t wriggle out of it in time as she was hauled up into the air, higher and higher.

“Ugghh!!” And then she was slammed down as Grace removed one arm from the grapple, using the other one to direct her unceremonious plummet.

Melanie hit the ground and stayed there.

Words were formed in her throat, but only grimaces and grunts escaped her lips as the black woman towered above her in all her statuesque glory, surrounded by boos in all directions.

Sitting up partially off the surprise slam, she made out an instant replay on the JumboTron that showed Grace slapping a blind tag on Candy’s shoulder as she came off the ropes.

Of course she would’ve (should’ve) seen it, if only…

“Nnnggghh!” But she was dragged off the mat again before the thought could be completed.

She was lifted off her feet, pressed chest-to-chest with the Vegas showgirl who had her hands joined in a clenched fist against her lower back.

Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Candy rolling out of the way, possibly clearing the path for...

No no no-

Then she was flung overhead in a catapulting belly-to-belly, going from the center of the ring to the far corner in one swift throw.

Everything went upside-down and then just plain hurt as she landed on her tailbone, hip, and just about every other part of her body that was already sore and tender.

Aches and agony were all Melanie could process with the mat offering about as much comfort as a bed made of hard ice.

“Bet that reminds you of someone.”

Grace’s smug leering irritated her, and at the same time, inspired her to do something about it.

And that she would eventually do, crawling up with a resilient grimace and draping one arm over the middle ropes.

That became her anchor, and with it she attempted to get her legs under her.

Said anchor was abruptly ripped away when Grace seized her from behind, hoisting the petite woman up before she even had a clue.

Instead of backwards, she went forwards. Chestfirst into the turnbuckle corner straight ahead.

Her front took the blunt, leaving her back exposed and open.

Open for Grace’s fingers to slip right back inside her pussy, sending an eye-fluttering wave of euphoria to instantly take hold once the black woman went knuckle-deep. Again.

“Still wet for me, slut?” Grace’s slender digits deepened their carnal penetration, forcing those submissive sounds out of defiant lips. “Good girl…”

With the showgirl’s well-endowed chest pressing against her shoulderblades, Melanie had no leverage to push back.

“Fuck.” She barely resisted a much louder cry of ecstasy as Grace’s inner fingers so deftly stroked her velvet center.

“My favorite word. It's just so...open-ended, isn't it?” she mocked Melanie, a twisted sneer of disdain wrapped in sultry frosting.

She gasped wantonly, right as Grace’s tongue teased against the earlobe. “Like, I'm fucking you with my fingers right now. But I could always fuck that pretty little cunt with something else. Wanna take a guess?”

The black woman eased her digits out of Mel's vagina, granting her a fleeting reprieve.

But then she sensed movement behind her. Knees bending. Need to move-

“Fuuuucckk!” Too late, too late.

With those same firm hands, Grace spread both her cheeks and muzzled her face right against Melanie’s ripened peach while kneeling from behind.

Her tongue slithered out, penetrating her sex with sinful lashes.

Oh crap.

Spreading her pussy with those smug lips, the black woman expertly began sliding her tongue up and down the fleshy folds already sensitive to her oral flourishes.

Cooing out in reluctant delight, Melanie tried to hold onto some semblance of professional fortitude while that tongue just went off in her pussy.

Even in her kneeling stance, Grace retained every bit of control and dominance in her oral assault.

From the outer lips to the clitoris, and then back to those moistened folds, that tongue went around the world and back on her sex.

Every lash, kiss and suck just brought her closer: closer to orgasm, closer to defeat…closer to realizing where exactly she was.

Not in the center of the ring. But in the corner, where there were ropes.

And what are ropes good for?

Grace couldn’t answer that hypothetical given her current savoring of the feminine fruits.

Leaving Melanie to answer that question herself by pressing her foot down on the middle rope and catching the upwards bounce that catapulted her above and away from the showgirl's pistoning tongue.

Up she went and down she landed- right on Grace’s shoulders!

Feeling her legs on either side of the kneeling woman’s neck, Mel finally latched onto a buoy of clarity in the ocean of pleasure she was drowning in.

And from there, she made the only logical decision.

She squeezed.

Locking her limbs together into her signature standing figure 4 headscissors, Bux Bunny squeezed inwardly with returning urgency. Rekindled fire.

Grace grunted, no longer savoring the lust-scented flesh of her opponent.

Now she was choking on it.

Applying a tightening bodily noose around the throat and windpipe, the blonde woman drew from a deep well of inner resolve to express her next thought swiftly and succinctly.


She squeezed harder. And harder.

Trying like hell to pull off something closely resembling a miracle and somehow get this bitch…down…and-

“Shit!” Then Grace stood up, carrying Melanie right on her shoulders despite being strangled!

Not good.

The squeeze intensified, which changed exactly nothing as the built black woman ascended to her full height, slowly backing away from the corner in the process.

Do something.

Choking was Plan A. Currently not working.

Plan B entailed raining down desperate elbows on the crown of Grace’s head, attempting to bring her down with brute force.

And again, nothing changed…on her end.

The grunts that Melanie was hearing were not just grunts of pain coming from the showgirl; they were grunts anticipating an impending effort.

Feeling manicured fingernails digging into her thighs one second, the next she was suddenly spun around so that her crotch was facing Grace's nose and mouth.

Mel didn't stop squeezing. Didn't stop raining down shots on the crown of her head.

Not until Grace fell to her knees and spanked the ring canvas with her spine.


The mat groaned out, and so did she.

Crumpling like paper with her legs limply rolling off the shoulders of the showgirl, she lay spread-eagled on the mat in a disoriented, heavily dazed state.

Her vision was fuzzy and frazzled, ears ringing as sound came in and out.

The referee’s black-and-white blur loomed above her. The fans were chanting something.

Candy was cheering out on the ring apron, very much enjoying what was happening.

Worse than even all that, there remained a glistening wetness between her legs that was still visible to the naked eye…


… and displayed also on the big screen for all to see in finer detail, along with the rest of her panting body.

“Sexy and strong, that is a winning combination if there ever was one in this industry. If you’re going up against a woman with those two qualities already baked in her DNA, you’re already starting off at a serious disadvantage.”

“Being at a disadvantage seems to be the story of this match for Ms. Melanie Taylor. If this was a race, she pretty much stumbled out of the starting line with a sprained ankle. Her chances of making up the distance…”


“... aren’t looking very good at the moment.”

Melanie's fingers twitched, finally.

Spirit still alive. Heart still beating.

Neck throbbing like a mother-

“Fuck!” She gasped, starting like a motor engine as she felt a supple, sensual tongue dragging along her stomach.

Slithering around inside her belly button. Then going up the abdomen.

Teeth teasing the skin…then a soft bite right under her tit.

“Mel- get up!” A voice from far away called out to her. She knew that voice.

Then fingers started kneading her chest, confidently groping each breast.

More kisses. Softer and softer.

She felt flesh- warm flesh, caressing her front.

Felt like round, jutting globes rubbing up against her…her…


She shot up in a rapid jolt, frantic eyes adjusting in time to see Grace smiling at her, point-blank range.

Grace and her now braless, nipple-pierced chest.

“You taste even better when you’re scared,” the curvy woman grinned at her, right before she dove in to seductively attack Mel’s neck with a volley of aggressive kisses.

Bux moaned out again, loud, and then even louder as the black sexfighter lowered her head down and started to make love to her right breast.

The blonde sexfighter’s slender fingers grabbed for something, but only found the thick, crimson locks of her adversary as said woman dragged her pink serpent along and around the pert nipple.

Not just teasing but actively sucking on the flesh with moaning aplomb.

Making her relax, almost resign to the pleasure…no.

Her legs snapped around Grace’s lower back in a closed guard.

She squeezed instinctively, a firm bodyscissors cinched in with a vice grip.

Come on. Come. On.

Grace kept on kissing and licking on her tit, almost unbothered by the tightening belt of pressure Melanie was delivering right to her core muscles.

Pulse after pulse after pulse…caused absolutely no waver in the showgirl’s lusting over her flesh.

But what it did provoke was a much more aggressive grinding by the larger woman meshing her body against Mel’s, the pierced buds of Grace’s own bare breasts dragging along the skin.

The heat radiating from both their bodies’ resulting friction could’ve kindled a fireplace; unfortunately, that same warmth was also suffocating Melanie's fighting spirit.

As Grace touched and teased her body, she felt the strength to resist weakening and weakening, leaving her with no choice…

“Fuck off me!” Leaving her with no choice but to squeeze even harder against Grace’s sculpted abdominal region, a boost of adrenaline filling her veins at the last second.

And with that, came a begrudging relent.

Teeth hissed with cooing disappointment as the African American woman pulled back, sitting up but not before grabbing Bux around the waist and bringing her up too, headscissors still applied.

“Did you want something, slut?” Grace asked casually, almost amused by the ongoing attempt to compress her sides.

“…fuck you.” Melanie cut through the sarcasm and went right for the jugular.

“That’s it? Thought you had something a little spicier than that,” the showgirl smiled, standing up so suddenly after speaking.

Good news was Melanie was finally off the mat; bad news was it didn’t happen on her own power.

From the ground up, it was all Grace- her feet planted squarely while Mel’s legs were still wrapped around the curvy sexfighter’s lower torso.

Oh shit.

“I’d say I was disappointed…” The veteran sexfighter grabbed Bux around the back of her neck, firmly.

Then she charged forward, Melanie carried along for the ride.

No time to look back, the blonde woman bit down and braced-

“Shit!” And hit the turnbuckle, jolting her from head to toe.

Legs loosened, then unraveled like limp noodles from around Grace’s waist.

Her body slumped against the corner.

“But then I’d just be adding to the pile. After all…” Stepping back with an especially cocky smirk, the black woman sneered at the dazed Bunny, “Disappointment is kinda your gimmick here, isn’t it?”

Melanie grunted, very much in pain, but still able to lift her chin.

Still able to look up at the tall, towering showgirl with defiance in her very soul.

Then Grace slapped her, right across the cheek.

It was a glancing blow at best, but her face wasn’t the only thing bruised.

“Let’s see, your first match was losing to footboy over there. Really set the tone, didn’t it? Which wouldn’t be so bad if you, I don’t know, won a fuckton of matches after to redeem yourself. And sure, you managed to scrape by a while, but you just kept losing, little girl. Again and again and now, you’re gonna lose to people who don’t even wrestle here on the reg. How fucking disappointing.”

Mel grunted again. Still in pain.

But she was even more defiant as she looked up at Grace.

And then Grace slapped her for a second time. “Why don’t you do us all a favor and get on your face, slut? Show us that cute butt I’m gonna plow with my thick strap-Nggh!”

Melanie slapped her right back in the face, sending the bigger woman stumbling back for a solid, sobering second.

Do me a favor and shut the hell up.

Grace grabbed at her mouth, in disbelief for a moment…

… and then right back to fury the next as she hauled off and clocked the reemerging Bux with a stiff forearm right to the jaw.

Hit flush, Mel buckled immediately, collapsing against the adjoining ropes for support.

That one just hurt physically.

But now, she could see Daniel directly across from her. A straight shot.

She ran for it- but got caught around the waist halfway. Caught, snared, and then thrown back into the same corner.

Fuck fuck-

“Ugggh.” She received a hard body punch to the abdomen. Followed by another one that dropped her on her knees.

Knuckles smacking ribs prompted another showering of booing to fall upon the Vegas Vixen who was towering like an ebony sentinel over the kneeling, gasping woman.

“If you were smart, you'd be on your face right now. Since you're not, back to our regularly scheduled ass-kicking, then,” Grace remarked without missing a beat, roughly hauling the smaller woman up under the arms.

All the way on the top turnbuckle.

Once she was seated up top, the black woman grabbed her by the head and neck, tucking it against her right shoulder.

The crowd stood up in collective recognition.

Once the clench was sealed, the showgirl started to lift off for her patented signature move: The Fall from Grace.

But there was a slight snag in that plan.

That snag being three or four nimble fingers gripping the adjoining rope, blocking the launch.


Grace tried to power through, and once more she was blocked.

Not today.

Wriggling free of the elevated muscle buster, Mel kept one hand firmly clutching the rope while using the other in its most basic function: hitting.

Close-fisted punches rained down on the back of Grace’s head, the shoulderblades- anywhere where there was flesh and bone within immediate range, she attacked.

Blow after blow after blow finally got the vet to abandon her attempt.

And then a kick to the jaw at point-blank just to go the extra mile.

That last nudge seemed to do the trick, at least, forcing some distance between the two with the vet staggering back towards the center of the ring.

A breath of raw determination blew some stray strands of hair out of Melanie Taylor’s face as her other hand gripped the other adjacent set of ropes.

Ignoring Candy’s frantic calls at her tag partner, Bux solidified her perch, took aim, and then took flight as soon as the black sexfighter came back into range.

Leaping off the top, she landed with both legs wrapped around Grace’s neck, already twisting with her hips the second her ankles interlaced.

Through sheer force of will, the blonde woman managed to fling the showgirl off her feet with an elevated hurricanrana!

Shocking the hell out of the crowd. Candy. Even herself.

Quickly reassembling on all fours, she moved fast while Grace groaned from some feet away.

Army crawling with elbows and knees dragging across the mat, she got closer and closer…


And then she smacked Daniel’s outstretched hand, practically collapsing under the ropes as the Dangerous One made himself legal.

He entered the ring hot, not a second in hesitation as the curvy seductress still in the ring finally staggered up to meet her new opponent.

Grace swung with her arm, going for a basic ass clothesline.

And her man responded accordingly with a duck, dropdown, and then waistlock from behind.

“Shit shit!” Grace cursed but her feet were already off the ground, her current destiny set in stone.

Daniel delivered the German suplex with ease, slamming her down to the mat and springing up with the crowd whipped into a mini frenzy.

Nearly folded in two from the impact alone, the black woman clambered up almost out of instinct, holding the back of her head gingerly while Daniel pressed her into a neutral corner.

Fuck her up, babe.

He proceeded to do just that, putting her back to buckles and then slicing a searing knife edge chop right across those bare, bouncing breasts.

Wooooo! The crowd whistled the appropriate chant, and then he jolted her with an European uppercut with the same forearm.

Then back to the chop.

Uppercut again. Then chop. Uppercut. Chop. Uppercut.

And stop.

Mel climbed up on the ring apron, recovering with a grimace but a grin at the same time.

Grace didn’t seem so smug now.

Not once Daniel stepped back and shot her off for the whip- damn it- she reversed, propelling him into the opposite corner instead.

He hit the turnbuckle, right as she lumbered after him…

… and then floored her with a clothesline right out of the corner!

His momentum didn’t stop from the redirect all the way to the rebound.

It arrived at the same destination, all the same.

From him to her, and the crowd was still going nuts.

He pumped one fist into the air, harnessing that energy as Candy pouted, and Melanie clapped.

Waiting until she rolled over on her stomach and seemed to be on the rise, he broke into a light sprint to catch the ropes next to them.

Bouncing back into play, the Dangerous One primed his forearm for another swing and succ-

“Uggghh.” But Grace got to him quicker, delivering a knee lift right to the midsection that flipped him over and on his back.

Damn it.

He was instantly clutching his stomach with grunting acknowledgment as the black woman staggered to a halt.

Grace adjusted her neck with a sound joint crack, that womanly confidence returning to her hips as she turned to face him.

“Baby didn’t see that coming, huh?” she mocked him, sauntering back as the crowd voiced their disapproval.

Step after step, she got closer and closer…

… to him yanking out her near leg and putting her on her back!

Exploding right out of his kneeling falter, he picked her ankle and forced the startled sexfighter over on her belly.

“Bitch didn’t see that coming, huh?” Melanie was all smiles at what she was now witnessing.

“Shit!” the showgirl swore, pushing up on her hands as Dan Danger officially put her in the ankle lock, standing tall with her captured leg drawn up in the air.

With his feet firmly on the ground, Daniel twisted and torqued on her lower joint with expected intensity.

And the black sexfighter responded with the expected reaction.

Head shaking. Face yelling.

And fingers clawing at the mat as she tried for the ropes.

“Come on!” he rallied.

The referee knelt as the body language of the tag team powerhouse became more agonized, more anguished.

She continued to shake her head, not giving him the verbal satisfaction.

But her hands- her hands were a different story.

One was raised above the ground, tensed up in clear indecision.

“Babe, hold on!” Candy called out.

She stretched out towards the ropes instead, but Daniel wasn’t giving her an inch.

He was gonna twist that ankle all night until she gave up the game.

Or suddenly rolled forward, which she somehow managed to pull off in the center of the ring.

Yanked along for the ride, Daniel staggered over the frantic fuckfighter as she reversed out of the ankle lock.

Coming up against the ropes, he caught himself in time, turning around and-

“Ngghhh.” That grunt came from deep inside his gut as she rammed her shoulders into his stomach, a sudden and swift running thrust to the abdomen that took him (and Mel) by surprise.

He nearly doubled over, definitely needing the ropes’ support now.

Grace, on her knees before him, sucked in a heavy breath.

And smiled.

That's not good.

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Default Tales of the Sex Fighting League: Showtime

“And again she targets the midsection, seemingly cutting off his momentum right when things were getting good. Kev, we talked a little before the show about the timing of this match being so close to the last show, and how that could possibly play in favor of our visiting Vixens. With what we’re seeing now, I think that point still holds merit.”

“I think you’re absolutely right. Daniel was in a war on Monday. No question about that. He came out on top, granted, but he sure as hell didn’t do it unscathed. Without beating anymore around the bush, he’s fighting hurt. Which is either incredibly brave, or incredibly ill-advised, depending on who you ask. Either way, he’s hurt, and his opponents know that as well as he does.”


“No more cheating for you…”

Grace’s fingers peeled down Daniel’s trunks, releasing his cock back into the wild while its owner remained lurched and dazed against the ropes.

Slipping them out from under his boots, she tossed them haphazardly out of the ring before directing her attention forward to the organ of interest.

The Vegas showgirl was on her knees, leering lips level with his now bared crotch.

“God, even your cock is smaller in person. You're almost as disappointing as she is,” she mused tauntingly, taking him in his hand regardless and stroking it. Up and down.

“Your…turn,” he grunted down on her, referring to her own bottoms still wrapped around her hips.

“Who’s got your balls in her hand, hmmm?” She illustrated her point with a firm squeeze on his dangling spheres with the other hand.

He groaned.

“That’s who’s giving the orders around here.” Grace rose up steadily, dragging her tongue along his chest until she was at full height.

From there, she kept him in her hand, grinding against his leg while stroking his cock.

Bitch. Only a few feet away from her.

Melanie could admit that she wasn’t doing a half-bad job of it, jerking his shaft with slow and sensual flourishes of the wrist.

But he knew Daniel could (and would) do a better job when the roles were reversed, and his fingers were all over her lady bits.

She was starting to visualize that thought (complete with sound effects) a little more in-depth, but then she saw Grace looking directly right at her.

There was absolutely no love lost in those eyes.

“Feel how hard your girlfriend made my titties,” the tattooed woman suddenly said with husky scorn, grabbing him around the back of his head and forcing him right into her chest.

He instinctively groaned out, muffled protests resonating helplessly along the busty mounds.

Standing up on tiptoes, the showgirl smothered Dan Danger against the ropes, working his cock at the same time to mix pleasure with panic. Arousal with asphyxia.

He tried to push back, but that only made things worse with his hips inadvertently thrusting his cock against her soft, squeezing palm.

“Grace, that’s enough!” The referee asserted herself verbally.

Yeah, you heard her.

“Mmmmm, is it?” the black woman purred out, defying authority by continuing to crush his face against her shapely melons.

“I’m counting you down. 1! 2…”

Daniel was red already. In his face and especially between his legs.


“Alright!” Grace backed off, peeling her tits off Daniel’s gasping face with the final 5-count just on the tip of the official’s tongue.

Her fingers kept on stroking and squeezing at his dangling manhood, still generating those lewd sounds of flesh on flesh.

She kissed along his neck, dragging her breasts along his panting chest, and whispering something in his ear. All while locking eyes with Melanie.

Come on, Dan.

Then she pulled him off the ropes with a tight fist digging into his hair, leading him to the center.

Getting him in a facelock, she slung one arm over her shoulder, and went to lift him vertically.

Daniel blocked it with one foot behind her leg, even after everything she just did to him.

He was just built like that.

Grace pounded his midsection with some stiff body shots, then tried again.

And again he blocked it.

Then he stuck one hand between her legs, gripping against her cameltoe.

Grabbing her head at the same time with the opposite arm, he lifted her up instead, turning the denied suplex attempt upside down- figuratively…

… and literally as he threw her down backfirst in an impromptu scoop slam!

The mat screamed Thud! as Grace took the lonely plunge all by herself.

An arched back and yelled expletive was the endresult for the showgirl who writhed around on the canvas, Dan Danger still on his feet.

He was standing, putting up a resilient grimace…and not going for the immediate follow-up.

Come on, stay on her. Stay on her.

Daniel still wasn’t following up; he kept clutching at his stomach.

Mel's anxiety remained high.

Grace grunted, groaned her way up on all fours as he finally started forward, ready to put hands on-

“Fuck!” She surprised him with a sudden shoulder thrust from the ground, barreling right into his abdomen like before. Only worse.

Melanie cursed under his breath in addition to his own pained outburst as her partner dropped down to a knee, wincing heavily.

That stagger and stop was all that Grace needed, popping up with both hands digging into his hair and dragging him up…leading him across the ring…and finally throwing him between the ropes.

He took the unceremonious spill to the outside, somehow landing on his feet despite the abrupt ejection.

That was all well and good, until Mel realized what side of the ring he was on.

A warning shout was forming in her throat as Daniel turned around and approached the ring apron...the same one that Candy now ran across like a gymnast on a wooden beam and oh-

Smack! The petite redhead swung her leg vertically like a soccer player punting a ball, catching him square between the eyes with the top of her foot.

His head snapped back as the rest of his body seemingly reacted in slow motion, knees giving out and taking him down with them.

Oh no.

Dan Danger fell to the padded floor off the penalty kick, out of her sight but not the referee’s.

“Yahtzee!” the crimson-haired minx yelled out with both arms thrust in the air, obviously very happy with herself in the moment.

A booing chorus met her cheerful exclamation, along with the striped official throwing her own hands out for the initial 1-count.

Then 2.

Daniel sprawled out on the outside, not responsive.



“She really came out of nowhere with that penalty kick, huh? Damn near knocked his head up into the rafters.”

“The best attacks are always the ones you don’t see coming. And boy, I don’t even know if he could’ve seen that coming even with a crystal ball in hand. She got him good, no doubt about that.”

“Good enough to keep him down for the count, you think?”

“...anything is possible, my friend. Anything is possible.”



Melanie was anxious and worried.

Double in the latter category.


He remained on the outside, sprawled and stunned from what that cunt just did to him.

Said cunt who was now shamelessly fingering herself on the ring apron, moving her hips along to the cooing rhythm of her twisted euphoria.

Grace was kneeling in the center of the ring, watching him like a hawk.

She needed a miracle.

Daniel, get up.

“...8!” The referee threw out her hands again.

Daniel, please get up.


Then the miracle happened.

Out of nowhere, he pulled himself up, and rolled back under the bottom rope, just before the 10.

Cue huge pop from the crowd.

He got himself back in (also cue huge breath of relief), but that didn’t take him out of the woods just yet.

Far from it.

Because the second he tried getting his hands and knees under him, Grace was on him like a damn pit bull.

Without hesitation, without mercy, she stomped away at his midsection with harsh kicks.

He had no answer to the violent barrage coming down on him like a proverbial ton of bricks, one after the other in rapid, unrelenting succession.

With both hands gripping on the top rope for balance, Grace was in the ideal position to inflict punishment, and unfortunately, Daniel was in the ideal position to take it.

Again and again she stomped on him- “That’s enough!”

… and one more time for good measure before she broke away under the referee’s authoritative command.

She held up her hands as distance was forced between them, finally.

“I swear to fucking…” Mel tapered off her murmuring, barely restraining herself from taking the Lord’s name in vain as she cast an extremely concerned stare across the ring at her partner.

He had rolled over on his back, his face a combination of at least two or three different grimaces all twisting and tearing against one another at once.

Daniel groaned and flipped back over on his belly as the official retreated into a neutral space.

“Babe, you really kicked the shit out of him,” Candy enthused in an approving, undeniably aroused lilt.

The black woman sauntered and ultimately stood over him with one leg on either side of his torso.

“Twenty bucks says he’s got even more of a hardon now.” Shrugging, she bent down and grabbed him by the hair, peeling his face off the mat.


He was still grimacing, still grunting…still breathing.

“Awww, tough guy’s not sounding so tough now, hmmm?” she mocked his agony. “Come on, Dan Danger. Where’s the danger, huh? Where’s the fucking danger?!”

He took a second to find what he needed to say. What she needed to hear.

“Oh…it’s coming,” he managed with a weak smile.

With a scoff, she dropped his head back to the mat.

“Don’t keep me in suspense,” she remarked with dismissive disdain, stepping off to the side.

Then, she broke into a running start for the ropes to the left of him.

She hit the rebound, came back as he was attempting to get up…


… and splashed her tailbone and lower back right across the bare canvas as Daniel rolled out of the way of the running senton.

Yes. Grace grunted and gave a profane-laced growl as her boyfriend took evasive action and moved out of harm’s way.

Avoiding almost assured harm on his spinal column, he worked towards a rise and recovery with the ebony sexfighter struggling for the same goal.

The bare-chested redhead had one hand pressed against her lower back, still grunting out as her missed senton put them both, at least for now, on equal footing.

Even better, with her back facing him.

“Fuck me,” Grace cursed out, nearly upright again when Derrick suddenly seized her from behind with both arms wrapping around the waist.

Sealing the waistlock clench, he started to pop his hips, ready to fling the bitch.

Only she wasn’t ready to be flung, fighting and flailing back like a wild bull trying to avoid being reined in.

He kept on her.

She twisted to the left, to the right.

He still kept on her.

Until finally- finally he had her good and ready.

Right as she threw herself to the middle ropes in a desperate lunge, clinging to the cables as Daniel still held on- only to be blindsided by a jumping high kick from Candy who still occupied that side of the ring.

Her leg flicked and flashed over the top cable, catching Derrick right in his mouth and sending him staggering backwards from the gamengiri.

Falling back to the center of the ring, the Dangerous One was on visibly unsteady legs as the still legal woman stood up off the strategic assist.

Pushing off the ropes, now unencumbered, Grace had a clear target.

A clean shot, and she was running to pull the trigger.

Big boot right to the face.

He ducked.

That wasn’t all he did, as the dark-haired young man trapped her near arm while facing away from the Vegas showgirl.

Pressing into her back with his own, Daniel grabbed around her thigh with the other arm, and went for broke.

He lifted the 140+ lb. woman up off the ground in an inverted fireman’s carry almost, her chest to the ceiling and her legs kicking frantically in sharp realization.

The same realization that the fans quickly came to as they all stood in collective awe and wonder.

Melanie held her breath.

Grunting and breathing in strained, focused spurts, Dan Danger hoisted the black woman high over his shoulders, and then, with the weight of thousands cheering him on, he proceeded-

“Fuck!” He proceeded to collapse to his knees.

Releasing the redheaded sexfighter over his shoulders as his body gave out at the worst possible timing.

“Fuck…” Mel whispered a similar sentiment, her hands on her head and eyes unable to look away at her partner’s unexpected falter.

One hand immediately coiled around his midsection, clear misery carved across his face.

Daniel was down, but that wasn’t the worst part.

The actual worst part…Grace was up.

She was up and on him without hesitation.

Grabbing him by the neck and hair, she marched forward with a fierce growl and sent him hurtling into the near corner.

More specifically, sending him head-and-shoulders first between the top and middle turnbuckle pads.

Right until his flesh sounded against the cold, steel ringpost.

Okay, this is bad.

He groaned as one arm hung limply outside of the ropes.

This is really bad.


“...and he hits the buckles hard. I credit the effort, but unfortunately, young Mr. Derrick is finding out one of the hard truths about this line of work. Sometimes the heart wants it, but the body just can’t deliver. Whatever he wanted to pull off there with the inverted lift-and-carry, was just not manageable with all the damage dealt thus far. Especially in the abdominal regions.”

“Right, I was just going to ask about how strategic Showtime has been working his midsection, Kev. Surely, it’s not a well-kept secret that most of the power you need to pull off these slams and throws comes from the core, abdominal muscles.”

“Exactly. If you can’t outwrestle your opponent, the next best thing is taking away his actual ability to do just that.”


The camera took a sudden (yet not surprising) interest in what Candy was doing on the ring apron.

With her belly flat on the stretch of apron right next to him and her fists up under her chin, she grinned up at the slumped, momentarily subdued Dan Danger with her bare feet kicking up in the air behind her.

It was yet another provocative imitation of Bux Bunny’s signature pose, her nude body on full display this time to further titillate the audience at large.

Mel was equal parts pissed and frustrated, her emotions seemingly at a peak in the up-and-down roller coaster that has been this match so far.

“Awww, looks like he can’t do his fancy-schmancy wrestling moves anymore,” Candy taunted her boyfriend with playfully pouting lips as Grace approached from the rear.

He was still trapped in the corner turnbuckle, unable to see what was coming.

Especially when that something was a demeaning slap against his bare buttcheeks, delivered by the Vegas Vixen who sensually licked up her palm before letting it fly.

Daniel grunted in acknowledgment- pained, or otherwise.

“That’s a good bitch,” she mocked him, taking that same hand and caressing his rear end with a considerably lighter, borderline sensual touch.

“Maybe you should lick him for being so well-behaved,” Candy purred.

Please don’t.

“Mmmm, he’d like that, wouldn’t he?” Grace continued running her hands up and down Daniel’s backside, feeling up his cheeks. “He just couldn’t take his eyes off of watching me curl his girl’s toes last fall.”

“He wasn’t the only one…”

“Yeah, I can work with this.” Gripping the top ropes, she lewdly humped against his rear end with her crotch, mimicking a masculine thrust of the hips.

She was missing one important thing, of course, but the imagery was enough for Melanie.

“I gotta give it to you, slut.” The black woman leered over her shoulder at Bux. “His cock may be a little below my usual standard, but his ass has got some real potential.”

“You’d fuck him so good, baby.” Candy continued to roll one sultry layer of verbal seduction over the other.

“Oh, I will fuck him. We gotta give their boss his money’s worth, don’t we?” she teased him, leaning in closer with her arms caressing their way around his waist.

“Maybe if we do a good job with him, Mizzy’ll invite us back to fuck the other boys here, too,” Candy wondered aloud, kicking her feet even more in fervent anticipation.

“Boys and girls,” Grace cheekily reminded her partner, interlocking her fingers together at his stomach.

She pulled him out of the corner in a rear waistlock.

One subtle nod from her to the redhead on the outside prompted Candy to get to her feet, turning slightly away while standing on the apron.

Dan’s arms continued to hang by his sides, his head tilted down while the tattooed showgirl behind him signaled again to the showgirl in front of him.

With their silent agreement, Grace surged forward, pushing him in front of her as the petite woman on the outside readied her attack.

Fight, babe. You gotta fight.

Candy, with a relishing grin from ear to ear, swung upwards again with the repeat gamengiri while holding the top rope.

Her foot connected soundly…against her tag team partner!

Daniel performed a standing switch with barely a second left, getting behind the black woman and shoving her instead into the awaiting kick.

She took the hit right on the nose, rendered loopy and lost as the Dangerous One staggered back.

Candy’s hubris turned to horror almost comically quick.

Melanie had an almost reversed reaction, from helplessness to hopeful as Grace stumbled around in an uncoordinated stupor.

Daniel remained groggy as Grace stumbled in his direction, but not groggy enough to let the opportunity slip.

He yanked out her legs in a surprise effort, knocking her down on the ground while barely managing to stay upright himself.

That’s my guy.

He seized her ankles, stepping one leg though despite her rapidly renewed struggles.

“Fuck- fuck!” Grace was panicking and she was scrambling.

He got his foot out to the side, starting to wrap her calves together around-

“Uggh!” She kicked him in the fucking abdomen. Bitch move.

She kicked him again. And again.

And one more time until he collapsed backwards in a wincing, wheezing fit.

Letting go of her legs, Daniel rolled from his back to his belly, doing his best to get up and anticipate her next-

“Nnngghh.” Her next move hit him like a freight train, a powerful clothesline that knocked him back down to the canvas.

Melanie herself flinched at the visceral impact, so hard-hitting it even brought Grace down to her knees right next to him.

Her mouth hung in a silent gasp, a subtle quiver in her lower lip.

Daniel was sprawled and subdued.

Words failed to convey what her emerald eyes watched as the black woman crawled around him.

“Dan, get up.” Kneeling, she hissed at him urgently and insistently.

He was still sprawled and subdued, with only a twitch of a grimace on his face.

Then, Grace made the tag.

Derrick was seemingly oblivious to Mel’s voice, and even more oblivious to the two redheads nearing him from the far right.

He didn’t remain oblivious for very long, however; Grace grabbing him by the hair and dragging him up to a sitting position made sure of that.

As did Candy sprinting forward in front of him, rebounding off the ropes right next to Melanie.

Not good, not good, not-

The running redhead delivered a second penalty kick right to his raised face, catching him soundly and swiftly this time with the swing and smack.

He crumpled on his back, eyes once more glassy and barely responsive.

Candy sauntered to a stop, twirling around with a smile that was pure glee.

“What do you think, slut?” The blonde woman looked up at Grace leering at her with one hip cocked. “My girl’s one hell of a punter, huh?”

“Only because you line them up for me so well, baby,” Candy purred right back, strutting her way back over to her partner.

Predictably, the two met in another sensual liplock, right over her boyfriend.

Moaning and giggling, feeling up each other’s body for a lustful moment before finally breaking up the makeout session.

The curvy showgirl then exited back on the apron, leaving just one cunt in the ring.

A cunt that was seriously starting to piss her the hell off.

Candy had to have known that, just from the intensity of Melanie's glare alone.

Which was probably why she stoked those flames even more by creeping her right hand down her toned midriff, slipping them one by one into her sex.

And stroking her womanly flower with crooning delight.

Right as she planted both legs on either side of Dan’s head and dragged dainty one foot right over his face.

Melanie gripped the rope tight.

She wanted back in.

“Wakey wakey, Dan Danger,” she grinned coyly, smearing her naked sole everywhere from his mouth to his nose and temple.

She needed back in. Like yesterday.

“I didn’t break that nose, did I?” Playfully wedging her toes in between his nasal bone, she playfully rubbed down until a faint groan escaped his lips.

And his cock began to rise like the sun in the damn east.

“Oh no…” She breathed out with that devilish smile. “Everything is working juuust fine.”

“Daniel. Daniel,” Bux hissed, trying to rouse him verbally.

“I worked up a nice sweat for your boyfriend, babe. I think he appreciates that,” Candy teased her.

“Daniel, get up.” She tried again.

“Pretty sure he can’t hear you right now. I was really swinging for the bleachers there,” she giggled, wearing her smugness like a scarf as she continued trampling him.

Bux Bunny wore the face of a woman who was well past her wit’s end. “Get off him.”

“Mmmmm, how about I get him off first? Then I’ll get off him,” Candy teased her with that coy wink. “Deal?”

Daniel groaned again, his erection painfully obvious.

And noticeable by the woman above him. “There we go.”

Walking astride his torso, Candy smoothly plopped down on his sternum, facing his legs and the aroused rod that they framed.

All while grinding her damp crotch against his heaving chest, enhancing her own nympho mood greatly.

Bracing her hands around his hips, she flashed Bux one last wink before dipping her head down.

And taking Dan Danger in her mouth with one skillful swallow!

Without hesitation, she hilted him from tip to root, and then moaned back up to the surface.

She bobbed on him a second, third, fourth- there was no point in counting further.

No point in watching, either, but Melanie was regrettably rooted in place.

“Daniel.” She called him again, but he didn’t respond.

He only grunted out in reluctant pleasure as she opened her small mouth and flicked that pink serpent all over his cockhead.

Expertly flicking it against his crown to tease out mini spasms of euphoric shock.

Knowing how soft it was from very recent experience, Bux resisted a sudden urge to touch herself with the roles suddenly reversed.

No longer the one suffering in sexual satisfaction, but just the observer of it happening to someone she cared for.

Reaching with one hand, the redhead squeezed gently at his balls while the other worked seamlessly in tandem with her mouth in stimulating his shaft.

“...fuuuuck.” Derrick finally moaned out an audible response.

Pulling out to lick lewdly at her lips, Candy engulfed his cockhead once more after flashing her a challenging smirk.

What are you gonna do about it?

That was the unspoken dare made in those bright blue eyes.

What was she going to do about it?

Screw it.

Melanie lifted a leg to swing inside the ring…and then kicked that foot back right into the front teeth of Grace coming up behind her!

Fool me once…

The black woman staggered back with a hand cupping her mouth.

you really shouldn’t have tried it twice.

Looking over her shoulder briefly to measure the distance, Mel gripped the top rope with both hands, jumping up on the middle cable for a springboard launch.

A launch upwards and then backwards as she twisted around in mid-air, landing horizontally across Grace’s torso in a spectacular crossbody!

Bare breasts cushioned her fall as she took the tattooed fuckfighter down in swift, crowd-pleasing fashion!

Shifting the focus away from the steamy suckfest going on between the ropes to what just happened outside of them.

Rolling off the heaving chest of her adversary, Mel pulled herself up with Candy now staring at her.

And having successfully averted getting the rug (or apron, per se) getting yanked out from under her, Melanie was now the one smiling at her.

What are you gonna do about that?

Candy responded to that silent question by plunging back down on his dick.

Her head bobbing became more frantic, more frenzied in her expedited campaign to finish him.

Daniel was back to moaning, breaking Mel out of her fleeting moment of triumph.

She climbed back on the ring apron.

No, not to her.

She swung one leg inside.

Just in time for Daniel to sit up behind the showgirl, having recovered enough in her short pause.

“Fucckk!” Grabbing at her waist, he threw her to the side in a desperate shove, sending her off his crotch and across the mat.

He grunted out in sexual anguish, coming back into his own body at last…

Come on.

… and with that newfound freedom he made a desperate lunge…and slapped her outstretched hand.


“Damn straight,” Melanie growled, ducking under the middle rope and making a beeline towards the showgirl clambering up clumsily.

Fans were on their feet, cheering raucously as the Vegas Vixen steadied herself, and twirled around to receive-

“Ughh!” A hard shoulder block knocked Candy down upon initial contact, her blonde aggressor taking off for the ropes without pause.

The redhead scrambled back up in a position that was hardly presentable when Melanie came back with her thigh muscles taking the lead this time.

Wrapping her legs around the pale woman’s neck, she twisted the hips and launched Candy across the ring in a running hurricanrana!

Crimson hair and flailing limbs smacked the level canvas as the showgirl rolled and writhed away.

Flipping over on all fours, Mel lay on her belly in the middle of the ring.

Her legs would kick out, and with a look of restored confidence painted across her smiling lips, she posed for the cameras, the fans, the haters, and hell, for her own personal enjoyment as well.

Candy was struggling to pull herself up against the ropes.

Mel wasn’t struggling at all.

She was back in her element.

“BUX! BUX! BUX!” And the people agreed.

Rising to her feet, she measured her target, and went back to work.

Hitting the rope rebound as her also naked opponent got up, she ran into her next move.

Candy swung but Mel ducked the sloppy clothesline, kept on running…

… and finally launched herself through the ropes to break her momentum with Grace’s face!

Coming at her like a human torpedo, Melanie smashed her elbows, shoulders, and overall upper half of her body into the curvy form and figure of the black showgirl.

The suicide dive sent them both against the crowd barricade, the bigger woman taking the full brunt of the impact.

Grace collapsed as all that muscle and might again shielded the Miami woman from further damage.

The Floridian peeled off from the slumping vixen and backed towards the ring apron, a little disoriented herself.

But nowhere near deaf enough not to hear the incoming stampede of footsteps from inside the ring.

Twirling around instinctively, she nailed Candy with a forearm just as the redhead started to follow suit with a suicide dive as well!

She only got halfway out of the ring before crumpling back between the ropes off Melanie's own personal momentum-breaker.

And as she reeled and retreated inside, Bux would follow, only taking the more scenic route.

Climbing on the ring apron, the jade-eyed sexfighter scaled the near turnbuckle with increasing urgency.

Once she was posted up top, Mel rose as the sheer volume of Bunny chants became almost ear-pounding.

Her perched posture was a complete contrast to Candy’s scurrying about on all fours before ultimately finding her feet like she was trying to balance on a floor made of quicksand.

Stability was sorely missing in her stance and would remain so as she staggered around to face the elevated Bunny.

No time to hesitate, Bux made the leap.

Missile dropkick. Target acquired.

Target averted as Candy suddenly, smartly sidestepped it!

Melanie smacked the ring hard with her back as the redhead so very narrowly evaded her aerial attack.

She fell against the ropes, panting heavily while Bux crashed and burned in the dead center.

Inches. Centimeters. Maybe cunthairs.

That’s how close the blonde woman was to kicking a hole through her adversary’s chest cavity.

And yet, that didn’t happen, leaving the crowd disappointed, not to mention herself.

“Fuck…” The disappointment was so fleeting on her end, however, because the pain that lit up her spine almost completely overwhelmed every other feeling she had at that moment.

She turned over on her stomach to try and work to a fast recovery. Easy said, of course.

Not so easy actually doing it.

“Mel.” Wincing and grimacing, she lifted her head, seeing her partner back on the ring apron, still going through his own internal struggles with one arm around his stomach.

But that didn’t stop Dan Danger from stretching his free arm out, offering the tag.

And it didn’t stop her from crawling forward, focusing on him and just him at the moment to make-

“Nnngghh.” Then Candy, out of nowhere, dropkicked him in the sternum.

Knocking Derrick off the apron and sending him to the floor in sharp discomfort.


Landing on her belly, the redhead leered at her with those damn eyes, so smug and self-satisfied.

Craning her head over one shoulder to mockingly assess her own target with tutting lips, the showgirl turned back to Bux.

“I didn’t miss,” she shrugged, so matter-of-factly.

There were no more words for Melanie Taylor now.

Palms flat on the mat, she pushed herself up as Candy did the same.

Eying each other up. Just the two of them. No one else.

Then, they came together in the middle of the ring.

Nothing more to say or do…except hit each other with pure and violent intent!

Simultaneously, they struck each other. Bludgeoned each other with flesh and bone. Fire and fury.

Exchanging forearms like cannonfire in a naval battle.

Hit after hit after hit as the crowd grew more and more hyped with the woman-on-woman physicality.

Candy held her own, but Mel was not holding back.

She kept coming, kept hitting her with forearm after forearm until finally the redhead had to falter and fold.

She dropped down to both knees, overwhelmed by the blonde’s flurry of offense.

The same flurry that switched to another gear as Bux thumped a swift roundhouse kick against the naked woman’s sternum.

Another one hit the same mark, rocking her back on her heels.

Followed by an unapologetic threequel before Mel took a step back to measure her final strike.

Letting the crowd build the anticipation with her, she stepped back in and pulled the trigger.

Headkick- no, Candy ducked it!

She ducked and shoved Melanie forward all the way into the ropes.

But the blonde woman caught the cables with her hands first before the rest of her body, stopping the momentum.

And just in time…to thrust a back kick directly into the advancing woman’s gut as she attempted a surprise attack from behind.

Hearing the audible grunting from the redhead near doubled over, she tightened her grip over the ropes and prepared to springboard.

Just like last time with David.


She paused.

No. Fuck David.

Melanie jumped up on the middle rope and bounced backwards into a corkscrew mid-jump, diving over Candy’s bent over form.

Seizing her waist on the way down, she pulled the showgirl down with her in a sunset flip!

But Candy rolled through- and pushed Melanie on her back before she could sit up completely.


Folding her legs up into the air, the redhead stacked her shoulders down, and went all in on her pussy.

Her tongue attacked with a refined yet relentless intensity, drilling down deep and flicking her clitoris like a light switch!

Lapping at already moistened cuntlips, Candy lathered her womanly cavern with sinuous swivels that already had Melanie gasping and writhing like a fish on dry land.

Toes curled, fingers scrunched, and back arched as the redhead desperately, deftly devoured her sex.

“Fuck- fuck fuck fuck!!” She bucked with her hips, grinding against the riveting tongue of her opponent.

Pleasure building like a volcano. Limbs going haywire.

She sucked on the clit, hard.

Melanie seized up. Moaned even harder.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck-

“FUCK!!” She kicked out.

She kicked with her legs and collapsed on her belly, panting and sweating.

And somehow, not cumming.

But damn if she wanted to.

As her heart nearly burst through her ribcage. And her muscles burned with euphoric sensation and exhaustion all at the same time.

Fuck she wanted to cum.


And they were still chanting for her.

Heart rate was going through the roof.

She was so unbelievably horny.


“The tenacity of Bux Bunny, ladies and gentlemen. That is what you have just seen. There are not too many sexfighters who can say with sincere honesty that they successfully endured a repeat tonguing by both members of Showtime in the same fall. Now, Ms. Taylor has just joined that elite club.”

“As you said, it takes guts to say no when every fiber in your being wants to lay down and say yes,” Kevin agreed wholeheartedly. “The hesitation on the springboard definitely cost her, but to what degree still remains to be seen. If she didn’t give up the goods after that direct oral assault, I’d wager there’s a sliver of a chance Mel can turn this around. But is she even in the right headspace, after all that sustained satisfaction, to find the right moment?”


“Holy shit, you’re stubborn!”

A familiar voice rang out, followed by even more familiar fingers digging into her hair.

Mel was ripped from one disorientating state and thrust so suddenly into another one.

“Good for you, Melanie. Good for you.” The frustration was palpable in Candy’s usually bright, beaming voice as she was dragged across the mat, up to her knees while struggling to find focus.

“Y’know, I was being extra nice with that pussylicking. Even after you hit me like I fucked your boyfriend or something. Oh wait…” Candy giggled above her.

She was forced to stare at the redhead’s sneering, smug expression. “Spoiler alert. I’m totally gonna fuck your boyfriend. But don’t you worry, sweetie, I’ll make it good for him, too. Yeah, I’ve been around the block long enough to know some tricks that’ll really blow his fucking mi-whooaaa!!!”

That’s when Melanie yanked her down on her face with both hands grabbing hold of the arm that was currently pulling at her hair.

No hesitation, she climbed over the prone woman’s struggling body, gripping the wrist with both hands, and wrenching back. Hard.

“Fuck fuck FUUUCCKK!” Those weren’t squeals of ecstasy coming from the former tag champion.

They were shouts of agonizing, panicked realization.

“Got a trick of my own,” Melanie growled, cranking back on the captured left arm to fully cinch in her kneeling submission signature.

Like a lever, she torqued and torqued it with everything she had left.

Candy cried out again, feeling the pressure so suddenly, so unceremoniously.

Mel yanked back on it with a fierce cry.

It was true, she wanted to cum. So bad.

But not nearly as much as she wanted to…

“FUCK- FUUCK ME!!” Candy tapped with her other hand.

… win.

She tapped out.

Bux Bunny released the arm and collapsed to the side as the referee instantly called for the bell, bringing with her an ovation near deafening.

She rolled over on her back, breathing heavily as the showgirl squirmed away with a cradled arm.

“Ladies and gentlemen, winner of the second fall with an armbar submission…BUX BUNNY!!”

Holy shit, she tapped.

Melanie tried to sit up, only to collapse back down- though with a genuine smile painted across her face.

I made her tap.


Author's Note:

- Yeah, law school continues to be the biggest bitch in my life not named Shock and/or Awe, but I really appreciate you guys' patience regardless. This story is very much still alive, but sometimes the wheels of justice- as well as good creative writing- turn slower than you'd like, sometimes.

- Usually, I don't let matches go this long, but screw it- I'm having fun with this one.

- I haven't often been able to work in multiple perspectives in the same match, but this match has provided such an opportunity. Last fall was Daniel. This fall was Melanie, and I hope you enjoyed seeing (and feeling) everything from her POV.

- Much appreciation to @[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] for providing Hunter's perspective to the current matchup. Always nice to check up on the King.

- Thanks for reading, and as always, feedback is much appreciated. Who do you think could pull off the big W? Who do you think should? As always, sound off in the comments or PMs, I promise I'll read every word. Stay safe out there, and stay tuned!!

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Holy shit what a match so far! I love how distinct the personalities and wrestling styles of each character have been. I love how hot the match has been. I was so sure Dan and Mel were going to lose before the match but now I don't know! Great stuff as always B4L. Looking forward to reading the last fall!
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Awesome can’t wait for the finish for this match
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