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Default Axa's revenge

We all love Axajay, don't we ? With that in mind, I have written this short story, which describes what happens if you try to mess with this formidable lady.


Life's path has many unexpected turns and twists and the decision taken by Axa, illustrated this fact perfectly. Her life had been sailing along smoothly and she had been dividing her work fairly evenly adult modelling, glamour modelling and increasingly wrestling. In truth, she had started the wrestling as part of her fetish work and also to keep herself fit and toned. After a few weeks, she had discovered that she really enjoyed the sport and began to learn the technical skills involved, as well as to work on her physical strength and stamina. All this had to be done whilst plying her trade as a model. The demand for muscle bound female models was somewhat niche and by and large Axa was more than happy with the way she looked, so she was just "tweaking" the package and she had got to the point where she was an extremely hot looking blonde who she felt sure was thoroughly competitive with most of the girl wrestlers working in the industry. She also knew that if push came to shove, she could easily beat the average untrained guys who paid female wrestlers to do sessions with them. So far, so good.
Then the problems started. First it was just negative reviews regarding her session performances. Then things got more personal, with comments about her appearance, fitness levels and finally her wrestling ability. They said that she should stick to adult modelling and leave the wrestling to the proper athletes. That hurt. Axa tried to draw the troll out but he ( she was certain that it was a man ) continued to hide behind his anonymity and it seemed likely to remain that way.
That was until she did a show at "The Wrestling Factory" in Manchester, where she was billed to fight Shay Hendrix, with whom she was actually quite friendly. After winning the match, one of the spectators became quite abusive towards her and in a light bulb moment, she knew. This was the troll. Before Security ejected the pest, she took the microphone and denounced him as such. It became obvious that the guy was slightly inebriated and he made no effort to deny her accusation, so she pressed her advantage.
"You are a coward and if you had any balls, you'd face me, like a man, in the ring. You won't do that however, because you know that I would destroy and humiliate you", she shouted.
The exchange between the two went on for several minutes and it was obvious that Axa was winning it. She was pushing him into a corner and when she issued the formal challenge, he had no real alternative but to accept it; that was essentially how we arrived at tonight's showdown.

The Wrestling Factory had done all the arranging and the details of the match would be as follows. The match would take place in their ring and be over three five minute rounds, with a two minute break between them. Only submissions would count. Within any round, a submission hold could only be used once, but could be used again in subsequent rounds. Each submission would gain a point and the combatants had to regain their feet before the contest carried on. The winner would be the one who had gained the most points at the end of the third round. There would be no "Ropes Intervene", disqualifications or KO's. Axa had chosen to have Shay Hendrix as the referee.

The night duly arrived and it was a total sell out. As if all the pre match ballyhoo wasn't enough, Axa had challenged the troll, who insisted on being called "The Punisher", to put his money where his mouth was to the tune of 1000 side bet. He had readily agreed.
He had entered the ring first and was wearing a lace up yellow and red mask, wrestling boots and a the type of shoulder strapped garb that was favoured by weight lifters. The overall effect was of a man about 5' 7" with a bit of a beer belly and a general air of a lack of fitness. He was of indeterminate age, because of the mask, but judging by his overall appearance, probably in his early fifties. Axa on the other hand looked extremely hot and indeed exuded confidence. She was wearing a white bikini, which whilst not being too skimpy, showcased her spectacular figure to perfection. She had teamed this with white wrestling boots and a white cape. It must be said that the special referee, Shay Hendrix, looked fantastic also. She was wearing the traditional black and white striped shirt, tied knotted below her breasts, black briefs and black ankle boots. She called the two participants together, waited whilst Axa removed her cape and told them both to return to their corners and wait for the opening bell. Just as it rang, Shay began to ask The Punisher if he was ready, thus distracting his attention long enough for him to be oblivious as Axa's boots crashed into his chest with a Flying Dropkick. In truth, it did not hurt him much, but knocked him backwards into the turnbuckle, from which he rebounded onto the canvas. He was in the process of regaining his feet as Axa's second Dropkick, this time a perfectly delivered standing one, smashed into the side of his head with tremendous force. The kick was hard enough to slam him sideways between the top two ropes and clean out of the ring. He was totally unprepared and landed heavily and awkwardly on the floor outside the ring. He was still lying winded as Axa clambered down and stood looking at him.
He was unaware of what was happening as suddenly, Axa's leg crashed across his throat in a perfectly executed Leg Drop, causing his legs to involuntarily jack knife up. Gripping his head, Axa now hauled the poor man to his feet and lifted him onto the ring apron, before pushing him back into the ring, under the bottom rope. Axa now joined him before seizing his ankles and dragging him to ring centre. He was still too dazed to prevent his blonde tormentor from turning him into a Boston Crab and going for the first submission. Somehow, he managed to grit his teeth and started to crawl toward the ropes and eventually managed to grasp the bottom rope. His grip on the rope was savagely kicked away by the referee, who shouting loudly into his ear.
"Loser, You're forgetting that ropes can't intervene in this match".
Axa settled her bottom more firmly on the trapped man's back and cranked up the hold. The Punisher, realizing that his position was hopeless, submitted at once and Axa dropped his feet to the canvas. First submission to Axa after only 67 seconds.
Axa now grasped him from behind, dragged him upright and then lifted him high into the air, before bringing him down hard and landing his tail bone onto her knee in a devastating Atomic Drop. The effect was immediate and comical at the same time. The Punisher grabbed his arse and started a capering dance around the ring, much to the amusement of the packed house. As his dance carried him around to face Axa, she delivered a tremendous forearm smash under his jaw which levelled him at her feet. Axa used the toe of her boot to roll him onto his front and then sat firmly onto his back with her knees extended in front of herself. It was a simple matter to grasp his arms and pull them backwards, before draping them over her thighs and catching him in an inescapable Camel Clutch.
"Right fella", she said into his ear. "Let's see what your ugly mug's like". And with that, she started to slowly and deliberately unlace his mask. He was less than pleased---his feet drumming on the canvas with unconcealed fury. There was nothing he could do. Axa continued to hold him helpless as she removed the mask and tossed it out of the ring. She now lifted her feet slightly and then crossing her ankles, completed the Lotus Lock. Not content with this, she seized his wrists and whilst pulling them together, piled on the pressure with her legs. She was wasting no time. At about the same instant that his tortured shoulder joints cracked ominously, he screamed out his second submission. Axa had secured the second submission after 3' 37" of the first round. Things weren't looking good for "The Punisher".
Axa now once again dragged her opponent back to his feet, before pushing him into the ropes. Using the momentum gained, Axa ran him across the ring and hurled him bodily between the top two ropes, to land heavily once again outside the ring. In a normal rules contest, the Punisher would have been counted out, for he was barely moving at the count of ten. but this was a no K.O. contest and he was just about regaining his feet as the bell signalled the end of the first round. Axa was leading 2 submissions to 0.
With only a two minute rest period before battle resumed, the Punisher was struggling to even get back in the ring and stood swaying unsteadily on the ring apron. What happened next, could only happen in the world of wrestling. The referee, without warning, delivered a back kick which caught him full in the face and sent him crashing back to the floor below the ring. This time he was helped back into the ring by spectators. He was just about on his feet, standing shakily on the ring apron, when the bell sounded for round two. Axa wasted no time and was on him like a tigress. Grasping a handful of his hair, she physically dragged him over the top rope, to land heavily on his back and in the ring once more. Once again seizing his hair, Axa now dragged him into a sitting position, where he remained in a rather precarious state of balance. Giving him no time to recover himself, Axa ran into the ropes behind him and then bouncing back across to the ropes on the opposite side, turned and once again rebounded from the ropes, catapult like. It was obvious where this manoeuvre was going, as she careered across the ring towards him and there was a certain inevitability about events as the soles of her boots smashed full into his face in an incredibly vicious dropkick. It was a moot point which was the most devastating---the original kick or the crunching impact as the back of his head hit the mat.
She was quickly back on her feet and almost casually threaded her legs through his and clamped on an Indian Death Lock. She was really playing to the gallery as she stood with his legs trapped and entwined with her right leg. She even took time to gesture to the already baying crowd, to make more noise. They knew what was coming and she did not disappoint them, as she threw herself backwards. The effect on the Punisher, who was just coming round, was immediate and spectacular. The murderous pressure on his legs caused his upper body to jack-knife upwards, only for his face to meet Axa's left boot, as she kicked him back down. Axa regained her standing position before repeating the sequence twice more. The Punisher was again screaming out his submission, but his voice was lost in the deafening crowd noise. Meanwhile Shay Hendrix appeared to have suddenly gone deaf. The Punisher was now in a really bad place as Axa once again stood, gestured to the crowd for more noise, and then crashed back down before kicking the Punisher back down. The Punisher was by now desperately clawing at his own face as he continued to scream out his submission, which was finally taken by Shay, making the score, three nil to Axa.
There was fully three and a half minutes remaining as Axa once again dragged the Punisher to his feet, before backing him into the ropes and then delivering a beautifully timed Monkey Climb which sent the battered man high into the air, before crashing to his back in ring centre. Axa was now having fun and dragged him up again before grasping him under the crotch and scoop slamming him in a ring shaking body slam. The Punisher was yet again dragged upright by his hair and then Axa deftly inserted his head between her thighs and grasping him around his waist, she lifted him up in the air, until his feet were pointing towards the roof. She now paraded the helpless man around the ring like a trophy, actively encouraging the crowd to mock him and the beating that he was taking. She now took him back to the centre of the ring, before bringing his head down in a pulverizing Pile Driver.
The Punisher was finished. There is only so much punishment and humiliation that the human body can absorb, before it gives up and his had reached and passed that point. Axa had extracted revenge from this man by beating the holy crap out of him in front of a paying crowd, but Axa was no ordinary girl. She had always wanted that little bit more in life and this was no exception. The contest no longer mattered and the time remaining in this round mattered even less; he was really going to pay and pain was going to be the currency. He was already lying face down on the mat and it was an easy matter for Axa to stand on the backs of his knees and then grip his feet and trap his instep behind her shins. The wholly unbiased referee now delivered the Punishers wrists to Axa's waiting grip and the dreaded Ceiling Hold was almost on. The problem was that to complete the hold, exceptional strength and balance is required in normal circumstances. That is where the unbiased referee came in again. It was a simple matter for both girls working together to get him up and into the proper position. The pain from this hold is unbelievable and cut across the fog remaining from the Pile Driver. He was instantly awake and in more pain than he ever remembered. The hold is not only agony, it is probably the most humiliating one that a man can be put in by a woman, as he is totally helpless and completely at her mercy and if it was being done publicly, then it was almost to much to bear. Incredibly, the Punisher was now visibly weeping with shame. Enough. Axa released his wrists and he lunged forward to land unceremoniously on his face. Axa had one more surprise in store but she had battered him so much, that he was unable to stand unaided and he was a little heavy for her to man-handle completely on her own. That however is what friendly referees are for. Axa had a quick word with Shay and explained her plan. Shay loved it. The crowd loved it even more as Axa quickly removed her bra and Shay removed her striped referees shirt. The crowd went wild to find she was not wearing a bra beneath it.
The girls working together, easily managed to lift the barely conscious man back on his feet. They then lifted him bodily and draped him, facing upwards, over one of the turnbuckles. They now tucked his feet under the middle ropes. His lower body was now effectively trapped. Working quickly, they pulled his upper body back down and then each girl tied one of his wrists to the bottom rope with their discarded bra and shirt. The "mighty" Punisher was now revealed for what he was---a useless, no-hope, middle-aged male, completely at the whim of his female conquerors. They were on a roll and not in a charitable frame of mind. By now, the Punisher had come round a little, and had quickly realized his position was hopeless. He was hollering his submission and admission of defeat as loudly as he could, which was a little too loud for the girls. The answer came as somebody threw the Punisher's mask back into the ring. Too good to be true. His wailing was soon stifled as Axa stuffed it into his mouth, with a firm promise that if he spat it out, things would not go well for him. He believed her---the gag stayed in place.

It was over. There would be no final round three. Axa had achieved everything. The Punisher was helplessly fastened in the ropes, made fast by ladies discarded clothes and was going nowhere until he was released. The girls took their leave from the ring, after doing a very feminine curtsey, to great applause. The Wrestling Factory had not seen anything like it.
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