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Default Abby's legs

(pic of what Abby would look like attached)

Abby made sure to wear her favorite tight-fitting booty shorts that she knew would seduce him.
Her years of working out her lower body had really paid off and she knew it.
She had thick thighs and a large strong butt. Her upper body wasn't as strong as she mainly focused on her lower body and core.
Her 5'5", 145 lb body exuded sexuality with her long straight black hair, pouty lips, and brown eyes.
Tom managed a quick gasp as he struggled to loosen Abby's tight front figure four headscissor.
It had been only about 30 seconds since Abby sneakily secured this strangle hold but Tom was getting weak and his face was very red.
Abby smiled again as she thought of how easily she surprised him with this choke-hold.
She had seduced him with her sexy legs as they watched TV on the couch and worked his head between her thighs as he was kissing her legs.
She was on her back and he had rolled onto his stomach to kiss her thighs and caress her breasts.
In an instant she had pulled his head tight against her crotch using both arms and locked her deadly front figure four headscissor.
She had knocked out many guys using this same tactic and it always worked, they always were caught by surprise and overpowered.
Completely seduced and thinking they were going to get to third base with such a hot, fit girl always had their defenses down.
For Tom it was especially embarrassing. His huge 6'2", 210 lb bodybuilder frame was of no use in this position and he was quickly weakening.
She had been wanting to get Tom into this hold ever since she met him at their gym 6 months ago. He was the largest and most athletic guy
she had ever dated and she was determined to see if she could choke him out with her strong legs. She would get off on the surprised looks
on guys faces as she slowly strangled them in her thighs. The purple faces and bulging veins always drove her close to orgasm as
she knew her legs were overpowering them. Tom's face had now reached that dark purple color. He was barely getting small gasps of air but
the blood choke was the real problem. He was still very aroused and Abby's strong hold had him very erect. Abby marveled at her dominance
over Tom as she looked into his bloodshot eyes and purple face. He was fading fast and was trying desperately to loosen Abby's hold.
Using his big muscular arms, he pulled on her strong legs in vain. His hands felt up and down her smooth strong sexy thighs searching for a way out of her hold. He started to then feel dizzy and seeing stars.
Abby noticed this look in his eyes as she had done this so many times to so many guys. She knew now was the time to squeeze 100%.
She tightened her hold as hard as she possibly could emitting a sexy moan. She then watched as Tom's hands tapped once, then twice, then slowly slid
off her thighs and down onto the couch twitching slightly. He was out! She held tight for another couple seconds then released her deadly thighs from his neck.
Abby had finally beat big Tom. Now she would need to search for another large male athlete.
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