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Default Women who Box. Fight Night II

Six months after the titanic boxing slugfest between my wife Diane and my coworker Dawn, we still relive the match via the video recorded that day.
Diane took weeks to recover from the brutal bout.
She came home with me with swollen and discolored eyes, bruised ribs and knuckles and a nose painful to the touch. Love making was out for a while but when it resumed it was better than ever.
A tigress, she was insatiable and loved a good wrestling match as foreplay. She still wants a deciding match with Dawn, but has had no success trying to arrange the deciding tiff.

Dawn also took weeks to recover from her wounds having suffered dual black eyes, a very tender nose and two cracked ribs. She has commented on a few occasions about Diane's fierceness in the ring that day and while usually feisty and ready for a fight, is slow to agree to a rematch.

Dawn and Diane both agree that their match was extremely sexually arousing and that they both climaxed multiple times in spite of their pain and mutual punishment.

One day recently, Dawn approached me at work and as she motioned me over to ask me a question, she preempted our conversation with, "No, no rematch yet!" My disappointment must have been written on my face and she said "Sorry, not yet. but I do want to ask you a question that might excite you anyway."

Alone in the lunchroom Dawn related to me that there were some female employees with some " Issues " between them. She asked if I might be interested in helping host another fight club themed get together at her house.
Of course I was interested I told her, and quickly agreed to help.
Naturally, I was curious to know who had these issues with each other.

First she mentioned that our Liz, who had knocked out her co worker Mike in the boxing ring, and succesfully defeated me on the wrestling mats, wanted to test herself in the boxing ring against another woman. She didn't have any of the above mentioned "issues" but simply wanted the rush she experienced during one on one combat again.
Dawn mentioned that our amazon, Cat, who had been KO'ed in her match with Kristine, wanted a chance to redeem herself in the ring. While Cat is older and taller, the weight and experience is a wash making Cat vs Liz an interesting matchup. Pending approval of both gals, match one is set.

Dawn next told me of hard feelings between two of our "Cougar" females that has been festering for a couple of years and of the final argument setting up our next bout occurred.
Carol and Laura have bickered over percieved territory and responsibility trespasses by each other on numerous occasions. The last faceoff almost exploded into fisticuffs on the work floor, stopped only by Dawn's timely intervention.
Carol, the older and feistier of the two repeatedly challenged Laura to step outside where "we can settle this shit once and for all!"
Laura was reluctant to engage in a faceoff and endured a day full of taunts and dares to " Fight like a woman!"
"Are you afraid little old me will kick your ass?"
"No way you beat me you little tramp."
" Prove it! Prove it you pussey! I"ll beat you and fuck you up so bad, you won't work for a week!"
"Fuck you!"
"No fuck you, you chickenshit!"

When they were seperated and after they cooled down, Dawn offered them a safer way to settle their feud.
Carol jumped at the chance but fretted that Laura would never agree.
"She is bigger than me but I'll bet that she's scared to death that I'll beat her ass bad!"
Indeed Laura did express just such a fear, but was just so angry that in spite of her fears finally agreed to a grudge boxing match with her hated rival.

Carol was at 53 and a height of only 5' at a size and age disadvantage against the 44 year old and 5'5" Laura, but definately had the edge in the aggressiveness dept.
Bout 2 set.

Dawn then told me of a brewing disagreement she had been having with a new employee.
Ashley evidently harbored resentment about the fact that on her work days that she shared with Dawn, she was the junior worker and was bumped out of her favorite position in favor of the senior gal, forcing her into the sunordinate role. Short cryptic and sarcastic comments and complaints were a regular feature of their conversations all day.
Dawn ignored most of the comments until one such coment concluded with the term, "backstabing bitch."
Dawn almost exploded and wanted to punch her out but caught herself and decided to challenge Ashley to settle it in the ring. She told me that she never thought Ash would accecpt, but was delighted when she did.

Kelly, our 29 year old Princess Di lookalike, who had successfully outwrestled her boyfriend at our last party, came into the lunchroom as we were planning . She overheard our session and declared that she wanted in. She asked us to give her time to find an opponant.

Dawn and I continued to plan, shocked at how easy this party was coming together.
Kelly reappeared excitedly announcing that her opponant would be a new employee 18 year old Hannah.
She also announced that Krysten, who had thoroughly beaten up Dawn's daughter wanted to mix it up again.She had been turned down by by Tabitha but had found a dept co worker 20 year old Crystal to box.

Bouts 4 and 5 were set.

Later that night at home, I told Diane how fight night two had quickly materialized.
She immediately asked if Dawn was willing to give her the tiebreaking match.
When I told her of Dawn's planned fight with Ashley, she muttered something about that "chicken shit pussey."
"You have to find someone for me to fight!"
My work was cut out for me.

A few days later during my next planning session with Dawn, I asked her if there was anyone else who had expressed interested in competing. She told me that there was one woman, who when she heard of our party, approached her and asked if there was someone available for her to test herself against.
Genevive, a 40 something 5'4" worker needed some one close in age and condition. I told Dawn that I definitely had a match for her.
Dawn looked shocked at this development and asked "Your wife is coming?"
"Yes, she will be thrilled."
Dawn was definetly NOT thrilled.

Later that evening upon hearing the news, Diane commented that now she might be able to shame Dawn into the deciding fight.
Things were now getting really interesting.

Di convinced me to have Dawn fight her opponant first. She asked if Ashley was any good and when I replied that she was a first timer laughed and declared that Dawn should make short work of her.
She then wanted to take on Genevive next. " Is she any good?"
I replied that she, too, was a first timer.
"I'll put her away quickly and have the rest of the day to goad Dawn back into the ring."

Wow, what a devious woman I was married to!

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