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Default Women who Box. Fight Night II

Six months after the titanic boxing slugfest between my wife Diane and my coworker Dawn, we still relive the match via the video recorded that day.
Diane took weeks to recover from the brutal bout.
She came home with me with swollen and discolored eyes, bruised ribs and knuckles and a nose painful to the touch. Love making was out for a while but when it resumed it was better than ever.
A tigress, she was insatiable and loved a good wrestling match as foreplay. She still wants a deciding match with Dawn, but has had no success trying to arrange the deciding tiff.

Dawn also took weeks to recover from her wounds having suffered dual black eyes, a very tender nose and two cracked ribs. She has commented on a few occasions about Diane's fierceness in the ring that day and while usually feisty and ready for a fight, is slow to agree to a rematch.

Dawn and Diane both agree that their match was extremely sexually arousing and that they both climaxed multiple times in spite of their pain and mutual punishment.

One day recently, Dawn approached me at work and as she motioned me over to ask me a question, she preempted our conversation with, "No, no rematch yet!" My disappointment must have been written on my face and she said "Sorry, not yet. but I do want to ask you a question that might excite you anyway."

Alone in the lunchroom Dawn related to me that there were some female employees with some " Issues " between them. She asked if I might be interested in helping host another fight club themed get together at her house.
Of course I was interested I told her, and quickly agreed to help.
Naturally, I was curious to know who had these issues with each other.

First she mentioned that our Liz, who had knocked out her co worker Mike in the boxing ring, and succesfully defeated me on the wrestling mats, wanted to test herself in the boxing ring against another woman. She didn't have any of the above mentioned "issues" but simply wanted the rush she experienced during one on one combat again.
Dawn mentioned that our amazon, Cat, who had been KO'ed in her match with Kristine, wanted a chance to redeem herself in the ring. While Cat is older and taller, the weight and experience is a wash making Cat vs Liz an interesting matchup. Pending approval of both gals, match one is set.

Dawn next told me of hard feelings between two of our "Cougar" females that has been festering for a couple of years and of the final argument setting up our next bout occurred.
Carol and Laura have bickered over percieved territory and responsibility trespasses by each other on numerous occasions. The last faceoff almost exploded into fisticuffs on the work floor, stopped only by Dawn's timely intervention.
Carol, the older and feistier of the two repeatedly challenged Laura to step outside where "we can settle this shit once and for all!"
Laura was reluctant to engage in a faceoff and endured a day full of taunts and dares to " Fight like a woman!"
"Are you afraid little old me will kick your ass?"
"No way you beat me you little tramp."
" Prove it! Prove it you pussey! I"ll beat you and fuck you up so bad, you won't work for a week!"
"Fuck you!"
"No fuck you, you chickenshit!"

When they were seperated and after they cooled down, Dawn offered them a safer way to settle their feud.
Carol jumped at the chance but fretted that Laura would never agree.
"She is bigger than me but I'll bet that she's scared to death that I'll beat her ass bad!"
Indeed Laura did express just such a fear, but was just so angry that in spite of her fears finally agreed to a grudge boxing match with her hated rival.

Carol was at 53 and a height of only 5' at a size and age disadvantage against the 44 year old and 5'5" Laura, but definately had the edge in the aggressiveness dept.
Bout 2 set.

Dawn then told me of a brewing disagreement she had been having with a new employee.
Ashley evidently harbored resentment about the fact that on her work days that she shared with Dawn, she was the junior worker and was bumped out of her favorite position in favor of the senior gal, forcing her into the sunordinate role. Short cryptic and sarcastic comments and complaints were a regular feature of their conversations all day.
Dawn ignored most of the comments until one such coment concluded with the term, "backstabing bitch."
Dawn almost exploded and wanted to punch her out but caught herself and decided to challenge Ashley to settle it in the ring. She told me that she never thought Ash would accecpt, but was delighted when she did.

Kelly, our 29 year old Princess Di lookalike, who had successfully outwrestled her boyfriend at our last party, came into the lunchroom as we were planning . She overheard our session and declared that she wanted in. She asked us to give her time to find an opponant.

Dawn and I continued to plan, shocked at how easy this party was coming together.
Kelly reappeared excitedly announcing that her opponant would be a new employee 18 year old Hannah.
She also announced that Krysten, who had thoroughly beaten up Dawn's daughter wanted to mix it up again.She had been turned down by by Tabitha but had found a dept co worker 20 year old Crystal to box.

Bouts 4 and 5 were set.

Later that night at home, I told Diane how fight night two had quickly materialized.
She immediately asked if Dawn was willing to give her the tiebreaking match.
When I told her of Dawn's planned fight with Ashley, she muttered something about that "chicken shit pussey."
"You have to find someone for me to fight!"
My work was cut out for me.

A few days later during my next planning session with Dawn, I asked her if there was anyone else who had expressed interested in competing. She told me that there was one woman, who when she heard of our party, approached her and asked if there was someone available for her to test herself against.
Genevive, a 40 something 5'4" worker needed some one close in age and condition. I told Dawn that I definitely had a match for her.
Dawn looked shocked at this development and asked "Your wife is coming?"
"Yes, she will be thrilled."
Dawn was definetly NOT thrilled.

Later that evening upon hearing the news, Diane commented that now she might be able to shame Dawn into the deciding fight.
Things were now getting really interesting.

Di convinced me to have Dawn fight her opponant first. She asked if Ashley was any good and when I replied that she was a first timer laughed and declared that Dawn should make short work of her.
She then wanted to take on Genevive next. " Is she any good?"
I replied that she, too, was a first timer.
"I'll put her away quickly and have the rest of the day to goad Dawn back into the ring."

Wow, what a devious woman I was married to!

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Default Re: Women who Box. Fight Night II

Two weeks pass quickly and here we are, ten women socializing and preparing to beat each other up in our homemade ring.
Dawn vs Ashley
The first part of my warrior wife's plan is set in motion as Dawn steps into the ring in our first bout against Ashley.
Dawn is a wide bodied 45 year old blonde woman with shoulder length blonde hair tied up in a high ponytail. She is wearing black yoga pants, a black sleeveless top and pink boxing gloves. Her daughter Tabitha accompanies her to the ring and will serve as her corner person.
Eagerly awaiting Ashley, she bangs her gloves together in anticipation and warms up.

Ashley follows. At 23 she has similarly long brown hair, worn loose. Wearing a red t shirt, white windshorts, red gloves , she too, is a slightly thick bodied gal, standing at an even 5'5" tall. As a favor I second her.

In the ring Ashley looks nervous as she and Dawn get prefight instructions. At the conclusion of them, Dawn tells her not to be afraid. "I won't hurt you...much!
They return to their corners and we are ready to go.

Diane is sitting front and center for this bout and constantly makes snide coments as to Dawn's choice of fighting Ashley instead of her and repeating her "Guess your afraid to fight a real woman. One who has already beaten your ass!"
Dawn gives her an evil, glaring look and tells her to "Fuck off!"
Diane jumps up " Make me bitch!"

Round 1

Dawn comes right after Ashley, immediately letting her fists fly. Ashley is quickly pummelled backwards to the ropes. Dawn bangs a series of left and right hands to the chest and ribs making Ash cry out in pain. Ashley tries to cover her already aching torso leaving her chin exposed. When she tries to punch back at Dawn, she lands a left to Dawn's chin but her right sails off harmlessly and a right uppercut by her blonde opponant drops her on her ass.
Dazed in the corner, she scrambles to her feet almost immediately in spite of my warning to stay down for a couple of seconds and clear her head. Still blinking her eyes in shock at being decked so quickly, her gloves are cleaned off and Dawn is able to return to the job of dismantling her.
Dawn stabs her with two stinging jabs and when Ash misses a left counter, finds herself on her ass again when a right to the stomach and a left to the jaw put her there a second time.
Dawn stands over Ashley for a good 5 seconds which saves her from a count out.
"Stay down before I really hurt you!" Dawn taunts her.
Diane is also yelling, "Pick on someone who will fight back!"
"Fuck you!" Dawn retorts and delays the count further as she stands near to the ropes bickering with my wife.
Finally she realizes her foolishness and hurries to a neutral corner.
The count reaches 4 as Ashley, who still looks a little shakey, rises and agrees to fight on.
I may throw in the towel if this gets any worse.
Ashley puts her fists up and moves to meet Dawn in the center of the ring. She sees that Dawn is still distracted and is able to stun her momentarily by slamming a right left combination to Dawn's head.
This only serves to anger her and the blonde proceeds to savagely finish Ashley off.
A right to the stomach and a left hook to the chest chases Ash back to the ropes where she is knocked unconscious by a crashing left right combo to the head, another left deep to the stomach which bends her over and as I and the ref move to stop the slaughter a crackling right to the jaw turns off the lights.
No count is neccessary, as Ashley is out cold and Dawn celebrates a quick knockout here in the very first round.

Diane celebrates also, as part one of her plan is successful.
Before Dawn gets to verbally confront Diane, she sees that my wife has already left her seat to get ready for her own bout with Genevive.

I have to admit to Diane that Dawn looked impressive even if she may as well have been boxing a heavy bag. Di smiles and responds,
"Good, I want to beat her when she is overconfident and in good form."

Dawn, meanwhile, is being a good sport in the ring and is making sure that Ashley is OK and helping her out of the ring to get dressed. She hasn't even broken a sweat and decides to stay at ring side in Diane's seat to witness her fight with Genevive.

Diane vs Genevive

Earlier in the day, Diane met Genevive for the first time and the two got along famously, laughing and chatting as if they were old friends. I worry a little about this as Diane seems to compete better when she dislikes her opponant. I've seen this personally in the world of tennis, where Di struggles against friends but romps to one sided victories against women she dislikes.
I'll remind her of this before she steps into the ring against Gen.

For this bout Diane chooses the red boxing gloves to go with her black, red trimed kickboxing pants and her red top. She has her medium length brown hair loose. In the ring, she looks confident and eager to show up Dawn without hurting Gen too much.

Genevive is a 40+ thick bodied mom with short black hair. She is 5'4" vs Di's 5'2" and chooses to wear black leggings and a white t top. She will wear white gloves.
They smile at each other during instructions and I see Diane lighten Gen's tense look with a few words wispered in her ear. They politely tap gloves and are ready to box. I am seconding Di and Dawn's daughter Tabby is helping Gen.

Round 1

Seconds before the bell, Dawn shouts out to Gen, "Get her Gen, kick her ass!"
Genevive smiles nervously and Diane smiles confidently. The bell rings and Di becomes all business.
Gen decides to challenge Di and takes a solid right left right to the gut for her trouble.
Hands held high leave Gen's body open and Diane takes advantage driving a left and right into her foe's chest.
Rocked and before she can mount any counterattack, Di moves back and Gen missing a right hand gets a moments rest.
Gen is in pain but gamely stalks Di.
Diane looks relaxed as she glides to the left with her hands waist high. She seems to have no fear of being hit let alone hurt, as her fists are only loosely clenched.

Gen tries to land some jabs which for the most part are blocked by gloves or land on Di's arms. But a good one pierces Di's defense and lands smartly on the chin getting her attention. Di smiles and my lover goes back to work.
Left right left slam into Gen's unprotected stomach and she expels her breath loudly. She counters with a right which could have caused damage if it had landed and pays dearly as her tits are flattened by a right left right combo causing her to cry out in pain.
Gen looks overmatched but is dogged in her willingness to fight on.

Gen moves ever forward leading with her left and as she punches, leaves her side open and is continually battered in the rib and liver area. Three times she swings, misses and is painfully punished to the body. Diane looks as though she wants to apologize as I urge her to finish this and be nice later.

Gen's legs look as though they are stiffining up and her movements are slowing already.
Diane follows her to the ropes which Gen now uses to help support her.
Di starts to bend forward looking for openings to the torso.

Diane finally slams a left hook which starts from her knees and smashes Gen's jaw rattling her, her right hand then splits her foes gloves smashing the nose and pushing her head backwards and over the top rope. Gen is trapped on the ropes and looks to be just trying to ride out this storm to the bell.

Diane is now fierce in her assault. A right left right left attack flatten Gen's tits against her ribs as her eyes begin to get glassy. Diane goes for the finish.
Two rights to the head swivel it violently and as Diane looks to the ref, he moves in and cradles Genevive to safety and awards Diane a first round TKO.

Diane quickly helps escort Genevive back to her corner and assists in reviving the beaten up boxer.

When Gen is fully revived the two hug. She smiles tearfully nodding her head as Diane congratulates her on her toughness and raises her hand before they embrace one more time.
Diane then looks at a stoney faced Dawn at ringside and points at her mouthing You and Me. Dawn sits in silence, obviously angry.

Diane wispers to me as we leave the ring, "Part two complete."

Up next The Cougars tangle.

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Default Re: Women who Box. Fight Night II

I wish I was into girl on girls stuff because this is written really well, mate. The rekindling of tensions between Dawn and Diane is cool. I will definitely keep reading but hopefully sometime in the future you step into the ring with one of these stunning girls, yourself. Thanks for sharing this with us.
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Default Re: Women who Box. Fight Night II

Laura vs Carol

This is a bout between two attractive cougars who deeply dislike each other.
Laura is a married 40+ mother of two. Fairly attractive, standing 5'5" tall. Nicely shaped, with a flat stomach, nice tits and ass. She has medium length light brown hair worn loosely with light bangs framing her face. Normally talkative and congenial, she is now quiet with a determined yet fearful look on her face. Already in the ring she watches as Carol and the time of their confrontation nears. She looks like she is regreting this idea.
Laura is wearing blue wind shorts , not tight, but which nicely reveal the shape of her attractive " bum." She mutters under her breath to no one , while Carol arrives.
A gold sports bra shows off her lovely and ample chest and gold colored gloves complete her fighting attire. She shifts unconfortably on her feet occasionally while banging her gloves together.

Carol is a 5' tall stick of dynamite. 50+ and a married mother with a beautifully tight ass which is complimented by black satin high cut shorts. Her chest is equally bountiful and her purple spandex bra struggles to contain it's payload. Pink boxing gloves finish her outfit and her medium length dark brown hair is worn loose. Carol looks no more than 40 and is a sexy looking curvey cougar. She wants badly to humiliate Laura and to settle this battle for workplace supremacy.
Dawn will ref this match while both women will be seconded by their daughters.

They meet at center ring and recieve instructions. Laura is stone cold silent and avoids Carol's intense eyes. Carol taunts her. " I've wanted to kick your ass for two years now bitch! Get ready for a beating." Laura's daughter asks her " Mom why is Carol so angry at you?"
She replies, " Not now , I need to concentrate."
The bell sounds...

Round One

Laura throws caution to the wind and tries to land an early haymaker on her smaller opponant. She grazes the top of Carol's head with a big right hand, tries to follow up with an equally big left but Carol easily ducks under the followup punch.
Laura is now wide open for Carol's attack and takes a big right hand to the jaw which causes her to shudder down to her toes and sends her reeling backwards.

Carol chases and catches her by the ropes where she slams a left crushing Laura's right tit and causing her to cry out in pain. She tries to reduce the target that is her body holding her hands high and croaching down, but Carol explodes into her waist with two punishing right left combinations slamming tits and ribs. She bends lower which only makes it easier for her smaller tormentress to tee off on her face and head.
Carol's jugs bounce and sway violently as she bombs lefts and rights battering Laura's head back and forth. A right uppercut grazes Laura's nose and as she panics and tries to cover her face a left right combo to her stomach drop her in her own corner, a tearful wreck, as her panicked daughter looks on.

Dawn tries to push Carol to a neutral corner, but she spends almost half a minute standing over her conquest berating her. " Get up bitch! You don't get off that easy!"
Laura struggles to regain her senses.
" Come on get up!"
Dawn is finally successful in herding Carol away and by the time she returns, Laura rises and looks at her daughter's tearful eyes and hears her plea to " Fight back Mom, come on you can do it!"

Laura dutifully but reluctantly marches back to the battle.

Carol suddenly becomes patient and seems to want to prolong the punishment to her enemy. She endures a left to the face and a followup right which lands hard on her shoulder.
" Is that all you got?"
She returns fire. First a straight left splits Laura's gloves and lands on the face followed by a right to the tits eliciting a cry of pain and a retreat backwards as Carol gives chase. Again The smaller warrior concentrates on the body as she rips a right to the ribs a left right to the chest two jabs flattening the nose and a right left to the chest smashing tits back and forth. Laura wails in pain and is saved by the bell.

Seeing her sobbing in the corner and her daughter confused as to how to help her mom, I race over and direct her to place an ice pack down her shorts and on her tits to put out the fire. I swipe an ammonia inhalent under her nose and she coughs, revived but hoping to quit. This option is dashed when her daughter pleads with her, " Fight back mom, you can beat her, just try!"
Not wanting to suffer the embarassment of quitting in front of her daughter, Laura gets up for round two.

Carol has stood the entire time starring at and taunting her opponant. She now, as the bell rings, gives the thumbs down signal.

Round Two

Carol now walks out of her corner, meets Laura and immediately decks her with a right uppercut to the stomach. Laura falls like she has been shot but somehow beats the count. Dawn who is no big fan of the wounded boxer and is in no hurry to end this slaughter asks if she wants to quit in front of her daughter. Tearfully she shakes her head no.
Carol, knowing that she has beaten the fight out of Laura, shoves the beaten woman backwards against the ropes and drives her right fist deep into the gut causing her to expolsively expel her mouthpiece. I hear her say, as she stabilizes her "Not yet" and proceeds to drive at least six more punches to the gut before knocking Laura into next week with a final assault slamming a left to the tits and a right to the jaw shutting out the lights and allowing her to fall into the arms of Dawn who had finally decided to show some belated mercy and end the fight.
Carol leaps into the air shouting at her shattered foe, "Guess we know who's the boss and who's the bitch now huh?"

A demolished Laura is slowly revived in her corner and bursts into tears when she realizes finally what has happened.

Another violent beating is over. I can't believe the bloodlust of these women!

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Default Re: Women who Box. Fight Night II

Kelly asks Dawn and I if she and Hannah could go next. It was alright with us, so next up will be 29 year old Kelly vs 18 year old Hannah.

Diane who is standing next to me begins to goad Dawn into a confrontation again by taunting her " Ready for me to beat your ass yet Dawn? I love pounding your cow tits. Come on lets do this!"
I'm still amazed at my lovers new found aggressiveness.
Dawn coldly stares at her and replies with a middle finger salute.
This makes Diane take a swing at her and we have to separate the two vixens again.

Kelly appears first for her bout with Hannah. The Princess Di lookalike is wearing green boxing trunks that she bought for this occasion. Gold trim matches her sports bra and gloves. She is single and is accompanied by her boyfriend who will work in her corner.
Hannah is next on the scene and while there is no stated animosity between the two, I can't help but notice a little chill in the air as far as Kelly is concerned.

In reality Hannah is, to a degree, challenging the seniority of Kelly at the workplace.
Both ladies are 5'8" tall with Kelly wearing her long light brown hair in a simple ponytail and Hannah, her long dark brown hair in two matching braids.
Hannah is dressed in pink shorts, purple sports bra and black gloves. She will be seconded by her brother.
Both are eagar to get it on and bounce up and down raring to go.
During the instruction period I notice that Hannah is chatting and nervously smiling while Kelly looks icely detatched, little or no expression on her face, and sharply bangs gloves with Hannah before returning to her corner to start the fight. I wonder what this is about ? I am referee for this bout and over hear Kelly talking to her boyfriend. "Who does this bitch think she is challenging me?"
"Knock her on her ass Kel. Put her in her place." her boyfriend replys.
Hannah is a little slighter in build than Kelly, especially in her legs and thighs. Will Kelly's dancers legs give her the edge?

Round One

Kelly edges out of her corner cautiously as Hannah charges in full speed and while Kelly's gloves are chest high, Hannah suprises her with two quick jabs which bang her head back causing her eyes to blink. Before she has a chance to focus or recover, Hannah follows up with a right hook to the stomach opening her up and further stuns her with a left to the side of her head before she can straighten up from the gut punch.

Kelly, stunned by the newcomer, has the presence of mind to tie up Hannah by wrapping her arms around the girl and stopping this early attack.
Hannah's hands are free, but instead of pounding her older foe, she tries to seperate herself and break away from Kel's tight grip.

Kelly uses her weight to push Hannah against the ropes and to try to mount some kind of counterattack.
As I move in to seperate the women, Kelly lets go and wings a left right combo to Hannah's head. Her left is a grazing blow and the followup right misses entirely as Hannah is constantly ducking and weaving. She peppers Kelly's face with 3 jabs reddening the dancers face and causing her eyes to well up with tears of frustration.
Hannah bobs and weaves while jabbing and weaving and effectively dodging Kel's counter punches.
The dancer boxer is being outboxed and outdanced!
Hannah is taking the fight right to her older opponant and is a constant blur of motion stinging Kelly and banging her head backwards with a constant barrage of jabs.
Kelly is able to avoid any punches which followed the jabs, but is definitely on the defensive for almost all of the first round.
Near the bell Hannah gets a little too close to Kelly's power zone and after another 2 good jabs, drops her left and takes a monster right hand to the jaw.
Kelly sees a brief shimmey in Hannah's knees and pushing her to the corner pounds her with a brutal right left combo to the face and almost lifts her off her feet with a left deep to the gut causing her to spit out her mouthpiece and double over in pain. Her crouch saves her from absorbing a right hand that might have ended the fight instantly.
The bell then saves her from a continued beating that Kelly was preparing to administer. Kelly bangs her gloves together and stares at Hannah as she returns to her corner watching Hannah staggar back to hers.

Kelly's boyfriend is excited between rounds and I hear him " You were letting the teenager beat the shit out of you, that was more like it!"

Round Two

Kelly is up fast, bangs her golden gloves together, Hannah moves out much slower this round and for a full minute and a half absorbs a hellacious pounding to her body. Lefts and rights pummel her gut, ribs and chest. Finally a 6 punch volley puts her face down violently. At 4 she is on her hands and knees looking up forlornly at Kelly as she snarls at her. She is up at 9 and Kelly charges to continue the beatdown but Hannah has a suprise for her as she bangs 2 left right combos to Kelly's face stopping her in her tracks.
Hannah now takes it to Kelly bobbing and weaving and restablishing the offensive.
Kelly is now unable to land any effective punches and is outboxed from one corner to the other.
Kelly is wildly swinging for the fences but is redfaced and frustrated as she takes a pretty right left to the face at the bell. A trickle of blood appears beneath one nostril as she angrily returns to her corner.
Hannah breathing deeply, is however, bouncing back to her corner smiling broadly.

Round 3

Hannah again dances out, and this time she stuns Kelly with a quick left right to the face immediately putting her back into a defensive shell.
Kelly misses numerous counter punches as Hannah peppers her repeatedly with stinging jabs to the face, again bloodying her nose and sending sweat flying with each jab landed.
Kelly's boyfriend shouts for her to calm down and focus. She nods her head in the affirmative and does just that.
After landing still two more jabs, Hannah thinks that she sees an opportunity to end this and winds up a big left hook. Kelly sees it coming and has the presence of mind to slam her own right hook to the side of Hannah's head sending the youngster stumbling right into Kelly's followup hellasious left hook. The punch swivals her head when it crunches into her eye and dumps her hard to the floor.

Kelly admires her handiwork momentarily and gives her the chance to rise by 8 but as I look into her eyes I see that nobody is home and I cradle her head on my shoulder and stop the fight.
Kelly doesn't smile, just raises her arms in victory.
She does check on Hannah and after about two minutes is able to exchange hugs as she sheepishly grins and congratulates her senior foe.

WOW what an ending, quiet Kelly turns into a snarling tiger.
Still no smiles from Kel until she is embraced and kissed by her boyfriend. I yell to him that he better never piss her off. He smiles and nods as they leave the ring hand in hand.

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Default Re: Women who Box. Fight Night II

Krysten vs Crystal

Krysten , who pummeled Dawn's daughter Tabitha in their MMA style fight a while ago will now take on one of our new associates Crystal.

Krys who stands at 5'4" tall , is a bookish , glasses wearing young lady who is 21 with long straight brown hair tied up in a bun. She wears bright blue soccer shorts and a yellow sports bra and blue gloves. I liken her to the eveready energizer bunny as she never seems to stand still. True to form she bounces up and down and throws punches into the air while awaiting Crystal to enter the ring.
Crystal is a 20 year old, long blonde haired gal. She wears her hair in a single braid and is dressed in black nylon shorts, a black sports bra and wears red gloves.
Only a slight annoyance exists on Crystal's part against Krys due to her losing a couple of work hours when she joined her dept.
Pre fight instructions ars cordial and the girls tap each others gloves lightly before returning to their respective corners.
The corner crews are another story however. Diane has volunteered to work with Krysten when she finds out that Dawn is helping Crystal.
They stared daggars at each other during instructions and I worried that I might have to ref two fights at once.

Diane even taunts Dawn as we break with, " Come on Dawn, you and me!
Dawn almost responds until I chase my wife back to the corner and tell both of them to knock it off.

Round One

Crystal comes out with her guard up in a classic boxers stance, but is met mid ring by a Hurricane named Krysten who, as in her first fight, comes out swinging and landing.
Lefts and rights bang off of Crys' face, shoulders and ears, immediately knocking her off balance and back to the ropes.
Krys traps her there and while pushing with her left hand, ships right hand after right hand into her stomach and chest.
After about 7 such punches,she disengages and rips rights and lefts to the head and shoulders while Crys tries to escape by sliding along the ropes and out of harms way.

Krysten gives chase administering punishment along the way. More punches reign down to the face and chest making any kind of defence almost immposible. Crystal already looks shellshocked and when the two ladies stumble over each other in the corner I step in to restore order and to give Crys a mercy standing 8 count.

Krysten dutifully goes to a neutral corner while I count and ask Crys if she wishes to continue.
All the while Diane abuses me for stopping the beatdown.

Crystal nods that she wants to try to continue and I wipe her gloves on my shirt and wave the girls to get it on.
Crys tries to go on the offensive and even lands a nice right left combo to Krysten's face banging her head backwards and definitely getting her attention.

Krysten steadies herself and quickly resumes her attack.
She again use her left arm to shove Crys to a corner and under the watchful eyes of Diane begins to pound the blonde into submission.
Crys tries to cover up but is punished by a torrent of punches. Any opening is exploited and lefts and rights bounce off face, temple, tits and stomach. Before I can move in to halt this one sided fight Crys absorbs a right to the ribs, left to the ear, a right to the chest and a follow up right to the chin literally knocks Crys through the ropes to the ground, her legs draped over the bottom rope. I grab Krysten and signal the end of the fight.
Krys raises her gloved fists in the air, but quickly comes with me to check on Crystal.
She is conscious but her eyes are glassey, her mouth open and she tries unsuccessfully to rise by reaching for the bottom rope.
Diane is shrieking in triumph and Dawn charges over to protect her charge from harm. She shoves Di putting her on her ass and is looking for more before we seperate the two wildcats.

Dawn screams " You want me? You want me bitch? You got me! Lets go! Right now!"
I push Diane away and Tabitha grabs Dawn.
I guess it's on now.

Diane quietly says to me, " It worked."
The tie breaker is on, but first Liz vs Cat.
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Default Re: Women who Box. Fight Night II

The fight between Diane and Dawn will be a good one, but what was the reason for the animosity between Carol and Laura, not to mention the friction between Hannah and Kelly? Such a violent workplace you've got. I wish I could get a job there...
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Default Re: Women who Box. Fight Night II

Alas only true in my imagination.
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Default Re: Women who Box. Fight Night II

Liz vs Cat

Liz is our 5'4 1/2" black haired, thick bodied younger version of Dawn. She has one boxing victory over her co worker Mike. She literally knocked him out at our last party. She also has one wrestling victory when she kicked my ass on the mats. She is a quiet and very likable gal, has a pretty face and killer thighs( Believe me, I know. )
Her long hair is tied back in a simple dutch braid and her bangs frame that attractive face.
Liz elects to fight in black kickboxing pants trimed in white, a black sleeveless t top and white boxing gloves. She looks eager to get going against the amazon Cat.

Cat our 40+ amazon stands 5'11", has long brown hair, tied back in a simple ponytail. She boxes in red satin shorts, wears a blue top and pink boxing gloves.

During the prefight meeting I can't help but notice that Cat towers over Liz and I wonder if Liz has bitten off more than she can chew.

They tap gloves smiling and wishing each other good luck. A nice change of pace!

Diane and Dawn had wanted to be corner persons for this match, but based on the " incident " after the last bout were forbidden from ringside and sent to seperate areas to prepare for their fight. Kelly and her boyfriend are helping Liz and Krysten has volunteered to help Cat.
I will referee.

Round One

Cat comes out crouching down, fists in a high guard position, totally negating her height and reach advantage. I don't understand her strategy and want to ask her what she is thinking, but that is not my job now.
Liz is now on equal footing with the big gal and together the two start throwing punches. No fancy footwork, just the two of them going at it hammer and tong.

Liz takes few solid punches, blocking most. Cat misses badly as she swings and misses more than she lands. Liz stays calm and becomes a jabbing machine as she pokes her fists through Cats guard landing every one she throws. Finally Cat begins to block a few and Liz starts slamming followup rights and lefts which thud home banging Cat in the chest and gut causing a steady stream of grunts and painful groans from the striken Cat.
This punching barrage goes on for two minutes at least. Finally Cat grabs Liz and throws Liz into a corner and tries to attack her smaller tormenter.
Liz will have none of it and continues to harass Cat with short jabs and uppercuts jarring the Amazon's head. Cat should be standing back and boxing, but insists on staying close and takes a pounding as a result.
She still pushes Liz around the ring and , as she finally creates some room to punch, she allows Liz to take the offence and easily win the first round without expending very much energy. She is , however , redfaced and breathing hard.

Round Two

Again Liz starts out the round on the defensive as Cat charges forward winging punches which Liz mostly blocks as Cat wears herself out.
After a minute Liz decides that it is time to attack the now slower and labouring big woman. After Cat is successful with a straight right to the face Liz counters with a barrage of lefts and rights stunning the giant and banging her head to the left and right. Sweat flies and Cat cries out, tries to counterpunch but is beaten to the punch every time. Liz lands two and three blows to every one Cat attempts.
Just before the bell, Liz staggers Cat with a big right left to the head, lands two stinging jabs to her face and almost floors her with a right deep to the gut causing her to spit out her mouthpiece and stumble back to her corner.

Round Three

Liz now has Cats number and obviously wants to end this fight now.
Her early caution is gone as she believes that Cat is too slow and beatup to hurt her so she throws big swinging punches slamming into Cats face and tits. Teary eyed Cat is taken apart as Liz works her over as if she was a heavy bag in the gym.
She is out of gas and seems unable to block any of the punches coming her way.
Liz bulls her into the corner and goes all out.
Jab jab right to the jaw straighten Cat up and she is finished by a right left right to the stomach pitching her face down and out.
Liz was a machine. I am so proud of her and glad it was Cat in the ring with her and not me.
She helps Cat up and they leave the ring together.

Time for the finale.

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Default Re: Women who Box. Fight Night II

Dawn vs Diane: The Tie-breaker

Dawn and Diane have decided on a 5 round fight to help avoid the posibility of a draw. Both brag that it will not take 5 rounds.

Of course I will second Diane and Tabitha will second her mom Dawn.
Diane had wanted this match to be as special as possible and has provided new Everlast Boxing gear for this bout.
Dawn is resplendant in pink trimmed white trunks, a white sports bra and new 10 oz pink gloves.
Diane wears scarlet red trunks trimmed in white, a red sports bra and new white gloves.
Another fistfight almost erupts before the match when Diane tells Dawn that her white top will be covered in her blood before the match is over.
Both women's tops struggle to contain their bountiful chests. They are two sexy amazon warriors and my cup struggles to contain my own excitement.
Both wear their hair down, Dawn's shoulder length blonde mane and bangs and my Diane's shorter light brown tresses.

I don't anticipate much boxing here, just another gloved fistfight like the second encounter. Diane tells me that she has a plan. "Little by little, I'll wear this bitch down then take her out."
I remind her that Dawn might have a plan of her own so she should be ready for anything.
We don't bother with prefight instructions as it would probably just start the brawl before the bell.
In their corners the warriors are banging their gloves together, chomping at the bit to get at each other.

Round One

Both boxer get right to it, right and left hooks to the body are crisply exchanged. Diane quickly rips a right to Dawn's chin and she feels it.
Dawn raises her hands to a high guard and they go at each other again. Diane throws three punch combos seemingly aimed at Dawn's arms and shoulders eliciting grunts upon reciept and Dawn counterpunches to the chest causing the same grunts back from my wife.
Both gals faces are set in grim determination. Both are determined to hurt each other as much as possible.
Diane is able to ram a right hand under Dawn's left breast enraging her and prompting a savage left to my brides ribs causing her to cry out in pain and Dawn to smile. Di tries to cover and retreat as that one hurt and Dawn charges and pushes her backwards up against the ropes and after digging another left to the hurting ribs swivels my gals head side to side with a right left on the chin.

Diane needs a moment and gets it when she is able to tie Dawn up. She holds on tight as Dawn growls at her to " Let go of me bitch and fight fair."
Di stalls a little more before turning her tormentor and pressing her back to the ropes.
Both gals miss right hands before being freed and they face off again each holding their gloves high protecting their faces. Dawn is still livid and lands a glancing wild blow to Di's head and Di counters with another barrage to Dawn's arms and shoulders.
Dawn calms down and Diane recovers and the two square off yet again.
They stalk each other redfaced and seething.
Dawn resumes her battering attack to Di's body banging rights and lefts to chest, stomach and ribs and tries to crowd my gal.
Diane continues to batter Dawn's upper arms and shoulders, slipping a jab or two to Dawn's exposed nose.
Both boxers grunt, groan and cry out in pain during this battle of attrition and damaging punches.
Occasionally Di returns the favor of punching some tits flat as Dawn seems to make this her priority.
After a mutual clinch, Diane turns Dawn with her back to the ropes and holding her there briefly with her right forearm against her head and pounds 6 lefts to Dawn's upper arm before she escapes. They trade big rights both landing to each others jaw at the bell. Diane felt that one but Dawn was shaken to her feet and slowly retreats to her corner shaking her head and rubbing her painful arm and shoulder.

I tell Diane that her strategy of pounding the shit out of her arms might be working.
She replies that if Dawn is trying to punch my tits off that her strategy might be working too.

Round Two

Both women go right at it again punching each other lustily in the middle of the ring. Diane's upper body pounding starts to cause Dawn to lower her guard slightly and Di makes her pay with occasional clouting rights to the chin. Two or three of these encounters cause Dawn to bend forward a little more and cover her vulnerable jaw. Suddenly she explodes out of her crouch and tags Di with a right hand of her own. Simultaneously Diane had slammed a left to the tits . Di stumbles slightly as does Dawn. They grab each other in order to recover.
After a 15 or so second break, Di resumes the fisticuffs with four rights and lefts to Dawn's rack and arms. Dawn again cries out in pain and tries to counter with a nice straight right to the face which makes my wife blink and gives Dawn the chance to follow up with a three punch volly to the body making Di give ground. Dawn seems to have momentarily punched herself out and Di quickly grabs her and the pair take a breather. Diane has not fully controled Dawn and pays dearly when she is shook by four to five right hands to her gut. Diane finally breaks free and as it once again looks like Dawn is a bit punched out, chases her around the ring. AT the bell she takes a solid left to the chest as her guard is low followed by a bashing left right to the face sending her hair and sweat flying and staggaring her. Luckily she is in her own corner and Tabitha quickly gets to work reviving her mom.
Diane looks the worse for wear as she returns to me. I also feverously work to revive her.Diane is breathing hard and deep as I encourage her and revive her with cold water. Her tits are firm and her nipples are at attention. I offer some pointers but I can see that all she is focused on is Dawn in the other corner.
Tabitha is practically giving her mom an ice water bath to try to revive her!
Both women rise resolutely before the bell and prepare to resume the battle.

Round Three

The bell rings, we kiss and both boxers bang their gloves together and collide in a flurry of lefts and rights to chin and chest.
Both exchange brutal blows for about a full minute.
Diane cries out in pain as breasts are flattened and her chin is clipped multiple times by the unrelenting Dawn. She gives as good as she gets slamming shoulders upper arms, ribs and kidneys which cause her blonde nemisis to also shriek out in pain.
Suddenly Dawn ducks under a big right and slams a right uppercut to my gal's chin wobbling her and causing her to cover up. Dawn will not be denied and goes all out . Dawn powers a right hand to the stomach, two lefts to the chest which Di is only able to partly block. She power shoves Di backwards as she tries to tie Dawn up. Her back against the ropes causes Di to erupt herself and another brutal slugfest breaks out.
Both women grab each other with their left hands and pulverize each others side and ribs with their right fist all the while wailing painfully.
It soon looks as though Diane's earlier arm and shoulder assault is paying dividends as Dawn's punches are slowing and losing some of their previous power. A particularly solid right to the pit of Dawn's stomach causes her to drop her guard and Diane pounces on the opportunity to land a beauty of a left to the jaw dropping Dawn to the floor.
Dawn struggles to rise wisely staying down as long as she is able. Di intently watches as Dawn tries to continue. Her eyes sleepy, she convinces the ref to let her return to the war.
Diane does not go crazy with KO lust as she remembers all too well my advice and her experience, that Dawn is dangerous until unconscious.
She continues a steady barrage of body punching and causing a continous groan of pain from the blonde bomber.
Dawn fights back enough to keep the fight from being stopped.
Diane momentarily lowers her guard and takes a pretty jab to the nose and a hard hook to the tits.
That Dawn is still dangerous.
Diane feels a trickle of blood from one of her nostrils and explodes in a frenzy of punches. A right hand causes Dawn to bend forward
spitting out her mouthguard. Diane is enraged but stops to tell the ref that the mouthpiece is out. Dawn gets a moment respite as it is rinsed and replaced, but is immediately in trouble as Di bangs three jabs and a right cross to the face causing Dawn's nose to flow red in her corner at the bell.

In our corner Diane tells me that it is time to end this. "Be very wary of her right." I remind her and she nods her head in agreement. She is keenly interested in watching Tabitha work to revive her mother and stop the flow of red caused by Diane's right hand, and also to revive her spirits. Diane smiles as she stares, Dawn is otherwise occupied. Bell...Kiss, here we go again.

Round Four

Diane believing that her foe is still dangerous, stalks her carefully.They dance like this for about 15 seconds until my gal walks her down and backs her against the ropes. Dawn sets up there in defiance trying to make a fight of it. Hands high she gets carpetbombed to the stomach and chest. Di grunts with exertion, Dawn groans upon reciept of the punishment.
Dawn suddenly erupts and lands a right left bouncing off Di's face momentarily stunning her. Message recieved The two go to war again.
Another punch, a solid right , swivals my gals head sending hair and sweat flying.
Again enraged she counterattacks with a fury. Jab jab right hand to the face send Dawn's head flying and starts the nose to flow again. She raises her hands to defend and Di go's back to the body. A murderous right uppercut to the gut staggars Dawn but she fights on. She pops a straight to the face stunning Di again but she quickly recovers and rams two rights to Dawn's stomach. Her nose now bleeding again, Diane explodes with two more jabs to Dawn's blood smeared face, a left to the stomach and a right to the jaw end Dawn's suffering as she collapses in a heap in the corner out cold. Her top is indeed stained with her own blood and Diane's gloves are now streaked with the same blood.

Diane shrieks with joy and leaps into my arms. Diane has dominated Dawn with a hellacious fourth round beatdown.

" Take me home , I need you now."

Who am I to argue.

When Dawn rises unsteadily to her feet, she and Diane make eye contact. Both nod at each other and Diane actually goes over and hugs her blonde foe. She raises Dawn's still gloved hand, the victress and the vanquished.

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