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Default never mess with a latin dancer ;)

share my first facesitting and headscissor experience with you ;D
it was with an ex girlfriend who liked to smother me with her breasts only because she was able to... Nothing else happened so far durin our relationship.

After the breakup we started do dance together the latin dances (we were 16 at this time) and someday in the ballroom of our club (were we originally wanted to practise for our first tournament) this happened:
we were used to make some jokes about each other but with one... well i guess i have gotten too far. For this she got... well i wanna say a little bit mad and instantly she had me in a tight headscissor.

I just sat on the ground and didn't looked what she was doing... well... after a moment she stood right above me, got me on my knees so she had me on all fours with her legs left and right around my neck... and then shie applied her pressure...
Only after a few secs (never... NEVER underestimate the strenght of female legs... especially if she's a dancer ) my head turned deep read and i thought my eyes were popping out. this girl knew how to make it right cuz i realized, that i startet to loose my strenght and if she hadn't released her thighs i would've passed out i guess... and this after only 5 seconds or so.

so from now on she only made sure i couldn't escape (with her legs) und pulled my head back with her hands so she could look right into my eyes and i was forced to return her look. At this moment i didn't realized that she already had begun to dominate me so, after i catched some breath, i made a big mistake in my juvenility:

i listened to a german comedian a few hours ago and i repeated a catchphrase of one of his jokes "sit on my face and sing la bamba!"

instantly she turned me on my back and sat reverse on my chest telling me that she would teach me a lesson... and thanked me for telling her how she could shut me up and a few seconds later she sat on my face, my nose pressed into her bum...
although i couldn't get air it was somehow... arousing... being the seat of this beautiful girl with her stunning body... maybe just her dress made it so intense cuz she wore a miniskirt, hotpants and fishnet tights (and a plunging top just for the sake of completeness). This dress was her choice everytime we met to practise...

well back to topic: i just layed there trying to catch some breath and after a few seconds i began to struggle and tried to push her of. for this attempt of freeing mysel she catched my arms and pushed em hard to the ground while she stretched her legs so she sat fullweight on me ("only" 115 lbs though, but enough to smother me completely).

from now on i could only mumble for mercy and to my "mmmnfs" she replied with "shut up! you wanted me to sit on you so take it!" or "seats don't speak". The lack of oxygen made me struggle more and more but she just sat still on me waiting for me to get weaker... my lungs began to hurt and after a few moments i realy got in trouble.
my movements began to grow weaker and i didn't really know what happened around when she finally stood up. so i layed down there completey out of breath and humiliated by my smaller partner. she looked into my eyes calm while i had trouble to catch breath again "next time think twice what you're about to say!"

well that's it... when i came home i realized that i enjoyed it somehow being dominated this way by my ex and during our partnership (only dancing) there were 2 times more she dominated me this bad... until we splitted... way to few times in my opinion but... i met some other girls after her who liked to sit on me and scissor me but unfortunately no one who put so much pressure on me like my ex did...
on the other hand my actual gf seems to get into it, although she's afraid of putting to much pressure on me... but i'm on it to develop a master plan

well... if you want to i post some other stories of me getting in trouble... (my other experiences lasted much longer and had more variation though... ;D)
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