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Default More pain more gain

This is not just a story but like my dream comes true few days back recently. I think i m the luckiest person in my country and few others which can make this possible, this is a story which i guranteed u will love to read again and again, but this is a true fact more than a story which happend with me unexpectedly few days ago.

The Fact begins...

On APRIL 28th last month, was my closest friends wedding, and on June 22nd before marriage he threw a bachelor party to all his friends including me. He arranged beers, good food, and 2 dancing girls, i mean only for dance.

One of the dancing girl was so beautiful, tall and also a good dancer.

After she completes her dance, i took some time to have chat with her. And she spoke with me very freely. She was in black jeans and black top.

I asked her about her personal background, and without hesitate she gave me all her family background details.

She told she used to work in Dubai, as a beautician and live with her husband there, and later she got divorce from her husband and she came back to India, She told she has a 9 year old son, and currently she is living with his father and his little son, who was a student in primary school, she do dance only as a part time basis for more money for her son's education and livlihood, she also clarify me that she is not a prostitute. She need money that's why she do dance in private parties and in day she do her job as a beautician in Pune. She said her name "Manya".

HOw much do u charge for a party dance. I asked her?

1000 Rupees, she said.

She also said me that she is now in very need of money, because she hasn't paid her room rent for months, and wants to pay it. By hook or crook. She said me inform any more parties which she can dance and earn more money to pay her house rent.

I asked her how much rent u have balance.

12000 rupees, for 4 months, and the owner of the house threatning them to get out of the house if she, doesn't pay his rent in 1 week, She also said her father is a drunkard and he is living on her money only.

She said she is 29 years old and seeking to remarry for her and her's son security.

Then 2 thinks came into my mind, first i want her to make me to sit on me, and 2nd i tell you later in the story. So i gave her 1 offer with hesitating.

Look Manya i give u 1 offer if you accept, i will pay half of u'r house rent.

She got a smile on her face and said she is not a prostitute, if i m thinking that than forget about that.

I said no, no u r thinking wrong. My offer is different and simple.

What is it? she asked.

How much do u weigh i asked to her.

May be below 60. said replied.

I give u half of the rent, can u sit on me for an hour?

Sit on you, means. she was amazed.

I just want you to sit on me fullweight and take half of your rent in cash now.

She silent for a moment and agreed to do so.

But not here, at my home, she said, a lot of crowd here and i don't want to do it publicly.

Your father won't say anything if u take a stranger to your house? i asked her

Its late night and he got asleep with full of drinks.

so shall we leave. i asked her.

Ok. she said. and we left the party silently.

About 15 minutes we reached her house in a taxi. Meanwhile of way,i took cash from my ATM machine.

Finally we reached her house. Its was a small house and she the door was opened and we went inside and found her father and son went asleep.

She called me in a room and without wasting time said me to lie down on my back on floor carpet, and i did.

She then asked me to sit how and where? and i explained her to sit on my chest with full weight.

She was in same party dress in black jeans and top, and sat astride on my chest heavily, for a good few minutes talking with me.

Then she asked me that she will change her clothes because she is feeling uncomfortable in jeans and got off of me and went to other room and came back in black churidar salwar kameez and told me to lie down again, and again she sat on my chest. Then i asked her to move further to my throat, and she did and i felt like a heaven that her silky thighs is so warm, and request her to squeeze my head between her thighs and she did it. Wow!

Then i asked her to sit on my face, She hesitated first but did it comfortabely. The ass of her salwar was all over my face and she sat fullweight on my face. Then i tapped her legs and she took back her position to my throat, now she became so close with me and pressing my head by her thighs in a playful mood.

While she sat on me i asked her about her favourite clothing, she said she loved to wear western clothes in dubai, but here those clothes was only in my briefcase. and she wears only traditional here.

Then i offered 1 more thousand to her that if she sat on my same by wearing western clothes. She again thought about that for few moments and finally said ok. But don't forget the deal 1 more thousand she said, and got off of me again and took out 1 briefcase and went to other room, and came back.

I couldn't believe my eyes, She came out by wearing tiny black frock, and transparent top, from where her bra was appearing.

She looked completely amazed.

Is this good she said.

Yes, very good. You look so beautiful. So shall we continue.

ok i said to her, with that she slowly lowered herself to my chest and then to my throat, wow, i thougt that 6000 rupees is was nothing for this offer that time. And the feeling was more good when she facesat me in that little frock, she was wearing a white panty inside her frock and her ass all over my face fullweight. She than again sat back to my throat waiting an hour to complete. The feeling of her weight was amazing and heavy.

Finally i asked her to get off and handovered half of rent money and 1000 cash extra to her, she couldn't believe that she got that money so easy.

Than now, the 2nd think came in to my mind, and i was much more hesitate to tell so, because i was doubtful that she will do that.

And i finally offered her much money. I told her that i will give her 10000 Rupees in cash, if she sit on her little son fullweight like she sat on me.

She was in completely shocked, and said that how her son bear her weight he is only 9.

Ok your wish, with that i was getting about to leave, and she stopped me, because 10000 rs was money to think about.

Ok, i will sit on him. But he can't bear my weight.

I said her to just keep her weight for a moments and and took off your weight and again put fullweight for moments. that all.

Ok i will wake him up, and she took her son with her who was in sleepy condition and she laid him on to the floor, while laying he fall asleep instantly.

I will sit on him while he is sleeping, otherwise he will not allow me to sit on him. She asked me.

Ok i said.

How long i sit on him, she asked.

Than 1 more thing came in my mind, and i said.

Look Manya if you sit fullweight on him continuosly without mercy than 15 minutes is fine.

Without mercy, what do u mean? she asked.

Ok look i give u more 2 thousand rupees, if you sit on him mercilessly. Than 10 minutes will be ok.

Noting will happen to u'r son? i said to her.

Finally she agreed? Because the amount was big, and never come easy.

So shall i change my clothes. she asked.

No, no keep it up same. i said.

She was in same tiny black frock.

Now without wasting time she sat on her son's chest.

10 minutes fullweight, without stopping i remineded her. and finally with great difficulty she sat fullweight on her son's chest. He started grunting under her weight.

Just few minutes honey i will get of off from you, don't worry nothing will happen to u, she is talking to her son.

Now on face, i asked her.

And she sat fullweight on his little son's face, she puts her weight on her son, and she lift her weight from his face and again keep her weight down on him.

I was watching a completely amazing scene, where nobody easily fine to watch. i was just gazing at her how beautiful she looks while siting on her son's face. Now for full five minutes she sat on his face, her son was about to cry but she now sat vertically on her mouth, her panty was appearing clearly when she sat on her son's mouth in her frock.

Finally i asked her to sit last time but mercilessly on his throat and squeezed his head like she did to me.

And finally she did, she sat on his throat fullweight. And the really amazing thing was now she is completely ignoring her son and squeezed her son's little head from her huger fair thighs carelessly he was about to cry but she put her hand on her mouth. She completely squeezed her son's throat for about 5 minute and the boy is silent now. Finally i asked her to get off of him, and requested last time to give victory pose on her son's by putting her foot on him.

She then put her feet on his little chest, then forehead, and at last lips. But her son was not in a motion.

AT last we found out that he was actually got unconsciouss, Now she was so worried and scared.

I brougt a glass of water from pot and put on his face thrice, and for about few minutes he was got back his consciousness and started crying, and she took her into her lap and gave him a tight hug and crying a litte.

Sorry if i was so mean to u, i said to her and without wasting time i have given 12 more thousand rupees to her and told her to forget about this night and leave.

With spending almost 20000 thousand rupees i was no regret that i saw so much good scene and experience of sitting.

The above story was really a face not a creative one, which was happened just a week before from now.
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