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Default Denise, The Wrestler - Round 3

This is a continuation of Denise, The Wrestler
By [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] – revised 8/17/2012

A short story about a fictional wrestling match that leads to an intense sexual encounter.

Round 1 [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Round 2 [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

The previous round (#2) was won by me. I'd gotten Denise into an intense face pin and had an immense ejaculation, which gagged her into submitting.

Round 3, The Smother

After cleaning the mats and resting a bit, Denise, as before, was anxious to get back to our next round. I was still in “la-la land” and wasn't quite as motivated. I certainly had the physical strength, but my sexual energy that drove me to victory was spent. Denise knew this and also knew that the regeneration time for a guy my age was more than 20 minutes. She wanted to take advantage of this.

We started round three back at the center of the mat. I was somewhat disheveled and my proud hard-on was at half-mast. Though my sexual desire had ebbed somewhat, at least my flaccid cock wouldn't get in the way of some of my close moves. Denise saw the condition I was in and knew exactly how she was going to execute her comeback. We were about to move into position when Denise said “OK, it’s one-to-one. We’re down to the final round and winning the match. We didn't talk about stakes before the match, how ‘bout we make them now?” Obviously I was intrigued. After all, my sexual encounter in the last round was phenomenal, I couldn't imagine what more she had in store. I said “What do you have in mind?” Her reply was “Obviously, it will be sexual. You seem very excited to be around me and I’m certainly turned on by you. Let’s just say whoever wins gets to pick hers or his sexual pleasure – no ‘holes’ barred.”

OK, I've never had anal sex before, but I've always wanted to try it. Having a beautiful woman submit to my taboo desire would be unbelievable. Of course, as much as this turned me on I had to think about who I’m dealing with: Denise. Besides being strong, she’s used every trick in the book to her advantage. What if I lose? Does she have a strap-on waiting in her handbag with my name on it? I’m still a virgin and want to keep it that way. I replied “no holes barred? What does that exactly mean?” Her response was “No stupid, no holds barred! I like to mix in a little wrestling action when I have sex.” OK, that got my semi flaccid member twitching a bit. “But of course, no holds barred!” I replied and smiled innocently.

Last round and we started from the referee’s position again. This time I was on the bottom and Denise on top. She counted to three and we broke. She made the classic move to grab my reverse arm and tried to pull me through to my back. I countered with grabbing her advancing arm with my other hand and reverse the attack. I was able to roll us over onto her back. Denise snaked her legs around my waist into a scissors hold. She then tried for a nelson, but failed. With all the sweat still on our bodies I was able to twist myself in her scissors hold so that we were now face-to-face with her applying a strong body scissors. As before, her thighs cutting into my sides were painful, but tolerable. I grabbed her hands and forced them to the mat. This put her shoulder blades to the mat and I started the pin count. One, two… Denise forced her hands out of mine and threw them up over my head. She grabbed sharply and pulled me towards her chest. Simultaneously, she shifted her leg scissors further up towards my ribcage. She was trying the breast smother again!

This was old hat by now. I simply grabbed her arms to release the hold on my head and then tried to pry her legs apart. Breaking the leg scissors was going to be a chore based on where she had them locked. With me on top and Denise’s powerful legs wrapped around me there wasn't much I was going to do with my prying arms. I decided to break the hold by slowly moving backwards to my knees and then standing up. Denise was hanging on with those gorgeous legs wrapped around me, her head and shoulders being supported by the mat. I then attempted a step over move in order to flip her over and break the scissors while standing. This was easier said than done.

In my weakened condition, and Denise resisting the step over by extending her arms, I was struggling to complete the move. After two failed attempts I gave it one last shot. Unfortunately, Denise knew which direction I was going to move and twisted her body and legs in that same direction at the same time and then released. Instead of stepping over, the whole move threw me and I hit the side of the couch with my head. Not hurt, but somewhat dazed, I started to crawl back towards Denise on all fours - what a mistake. She hopped up from her position and ran towards me to seize the opportunity. She placed me in a standing head scissors while I was in the submissive “doggie” position.

Denise clamped her muscular thighs around my head and started to squeeze. Though not in a position to knock me out, the pressure of her legs really got my attention. Not knowing what to expect next I started to think about how I was going to get out of this. Too late, Denise bent down from her standing scissors and wrapped her arms around my waist. From there she shifted her weight which toppled us both over to our sides. This allowed Denise to lock her ankles and really start to pour on the pressure. She alternated between light and strong contractions of her inner thighs. I was pawing at them, trying to get them released, but she had too good a grip on my head.

I was totally immobilized. Denise’s arms were wrapped around my waist and her legs were engulfing my head from behind, I was totally trapped. Due to the proximity of her face to my ass, Denise began to lightly bite one of my ass cheeks and then the other. She would alternate and suck – I’m not sure if she didn't give me a hickey! A couple of minutes went by while she went between squeezing my head and biting my ass. At this point Denise released her grip around my waist and shifted to my balls and cock. In the position we were in she used one hand to grab my sack, the other was a reach around to stroke my semi-hard cock. The orchestration between the ball massage while pumping my cock was wonderful. I quickly stiffened and thought “there’s no way out of this. She’s going to jack me off and further kill any sexual energy I have left.” Of course, Denise’s desires were not to get me off. She had other plans and needed me to be fully erect.

After some very seductive prodding, pulling and poking, Denise released me from her hand massage and leg trap. We both sat up and I asked “What gives? You had me in a great position to win.” Denise coyly replied “I know, but you hitting your head on the sofa and me taking advantage didn't seem right. I want this to be a fair fight.” Well, I bought her story.

Second start to round three and we decided to begin in a standing position. As before, we circled each other looking for an opening. This time Denise made the move and went for my cock (the last interaction got me fully engorged again and was a prime target). She grabbed at the base with two fingers protruding to catch the underside of my ball sack. Boy, this gal knows the male anatomy! From there I grabbed her shoulders, but I couldn't think of an offensive tactic with her wrenching on the base of my cock and balls. I looked down at her death grip on my cock and then up into her eyes. Her look of determination concerned me a lot. At this point she twisted my whole shaft, causing me to fall to the mat. I fell on my back holding my painful penis. Denise then pounced on me like a cat and straddled my mid-section. “I’m going to do to you what you did to me!” she snarled with a very cute smile. At that, Denise moved her legs up to pin my shoulders. Her beautiful crotch just inches away from my face. I wanted to push her off, but I still had my hands protecting my groin in case she made a counter move. Then, slowly, she inched her whole body towards my head. I could see her crotch, with enlarged clit and swollen labia, cautiously moving to make their kill. Her dark, close cropped, narrowly shaved pubic hair was like a warrior’s flag, held high going into battle. God, this was exciting!

Stupid me, I figured, let her make the next move and lower her guard. From there I’ll take advantage of her vulnerability. After all, I've been able to get out of face sitting situations before. As Denise’s beautiful pussy was about to mount my face, she sat back and placed all of her weight on my throat and chest. The top of her pubic bone was pressed tightly to the bottom of my chin. She stretched her sinewy perineum down onto my windpipe and placed her butt at the top of my shoulders. The weight on my chest and her perineum pressing down on my throat was making it quite unpleasant to breathe. I hadn't counted on this tactic.

With Denise in this sitting position, basically trying to cut off my air supply, and lowering her center of gravity so that I couldn't topple her off, I had to take a different tack from what I normally would do with face sitting. I tried to twist my body in order to knock her off, but her knees were spread wide apart for stability and she was really hunkered down to take advantage of her weight. I then threw my legs up and tried to lock them around Denise. She fended off my attack by leaning forward and holding her arms close to her body.

At this point I felt helpless. Denise had me trapped well. I started to panic as she pressed further on my throat with the muscular “V” between her legs. I looked up, past her pendulous breasts, and saw her gloating at me. Ah, I thought, her breasts! She’s played dirty with grabbing my cock, let’s see what it feels like to have the tables turned. With that, I quickly reached up and grab both breasts firmly. Denise countered with trying to grab my wrists and pull back, but I had her engorged nipples squeezed between my fingers. I started to apply pressure. Denise’s face became contorted with pain. Just as I was about to adjust my grip to get at least one nipple between my thumb and forefinger, she released my wrists and grabbed my hair with both hands.

As Denise pulled my hair she shifted her pelvis forward and forced my face deeply into her crotch. She did it with such strength that I had to break my breast attack and grab her wrists to reduce the pressure. As I pulled on her wrists, Denise twisted her body and tipped us over onto her side while extending her legs to wrap around my head. Though I expected this move, I figured I would be able to offset it, I didn't count on the hair pull to secure it.

Now, I’m probably in the worst position I've been in all night. Denise and I are lying on our sides with me looking at her. She has my head trapped between her thighs and further securing the hold by grabbing my hair. I’m guessing that she will start applying pressure between her legs in order to get me to submit, or pass out - this ain't good! I thrashed about somewhat, but Denise just smiled. She had a very secure and dominating hold on me.

As I was about to use my legs to see if I could get closer to Denise’s body for a scissors, Denise jerked her body once again to roll us over. She’s now on her back, I’m on my stomach, and my erection is painfully pinned to the mat. I can’t even use my knees to relieve the pressure on my cock due to the way Denise had my neck bent. Boy, I thought I was in bad shape before!

Expecting Denise to clamp down with her muscular thighs further, I anticipated the worst. Instead, Denise loosened up on her hold. It was somewhat a relief, but it was simply an adjustment to move my head closer into her crotch using my hair. She repositioned and shifted my head so that the top of my nose was just below her clitoris and my mouth was encased within the lower part of her vulva. In her excited state the engorged portions of her genitalia, along with her moistness, provided a pretty good restriction to my breathing. Denise then clamped her legs tighter to totally cut off my air supply.

This was the kiss of death. Denise’s painful grab of my hair, the pressure being applied by her thighs, and the “muffocation” (as Denise later called it) was intense. My arms were useless as I was trying to use them from having Denise rip my hair out. Her leg lock immobilized the rest of my body from taking action, whether offense or defense. The only thing I had left was distraction - similar to the tactic Denise used on me.

Besides having a half-way decent sized cock, I have a pretty impressive tongue. Knowing that time is short before I have to tap out, or suffocate, I went into action. I forced my tongue into the torrid flesh that was entrapping me. Quickly, I explored what little area I had access to in order to find Denise’s opening. I started to dart my tongue in and out. Denise began to react by slowly moving her pelvis to my thrusts. Little by little she eased up so that I had some freedom - and oxygen. I shifted my head slightly so that I could reach further into her nether region. As I moved, my nose finally broke loose above Denise’s clit. At last, I had some ability to breathe normally. I continued my rhythmic in and out with my tongue. Denise was getting more and more into my motion with her pelvic movements. Occasionally, she would stop her mild thrusts and clamp her vaginal muscles tight, blocking my tongue attack. What an amazing feeling that was!

This forced foreplay and domination was more than I could take. My hard-on was getting stiffer by the second. In the position I was in it was also hurting more. I shifted slightly and I think Denise sensed this. She eased up a little more on the leg lock around my head to accommodate. This gave me a little more freedom so that I could explore Denise even further with my tongue. I slowly worked my way above her vagina and started to encircle her clit. Slowly, I traced around her engorged organ with my tongue.

Well, my plan was working. She relaxed her squeeze on my head. Instead of grabbing my hair, she was stroking it. I knew it was only a matter of time before Denise would climax and I’d be able to seize the opportunity to take over the match. With that, I started to stroke her clit directly with the tip of my tongue. Obviously she was pretty sensitive and slowed me down a bit. She released her legs enough so that I could hear her say “flatten your tongue and make it softer.”

I complied and began to very softly massage her upper region with a very wide and soft tongue. Within a minute Denise softly grabbed my hair again and started to direct me to where she wanted my tongue and lips. As she began to get more excited she became rougher. Her hair pulling intensified and she clamped down on my head again with her inner thighs. Things continued to worsen as she started to rock her pelvis while holding my head in her vise-like thighs and pulling my hair. Denise was full on face fucking me! I've done this to a couple of women before, but I've never had it done to me, it was pretty awesome! I could feel the sexual electric vibe of Denise as she rhythmically convulsed and contracted my head between her legs. It was amazing.

I knew Denise was close to orgasming, but I was back to lack of oxygen. Her crotch was glued to my face and I couldn't do anything other than ride it out. I hung in there, my whole body being shaken by Denise’s. At some point I felt her tense up even more and squeeze the “ever living Hell” out of my head. I nearly blacked out.

I couldn't take it anymore and finally tapped her hip signaling my defeat. What I thought was the orgasm before wasn't. It seems that her sensing my submission finally put her over the edge. She began to shudder and buck while I was still a prisoner within her legs. The pain in my head was intense and I couldn't breathe at all. I could barely hear anything between her thighs, but I sensed an animalistic grunt as her thighs pulsated. Denise continued for what seemed minutes, probably seconds, to orgasm. Finally she slowed down and began to release the pressure of her python leg grip around my head.

Finally free, I fell between Denise’s legs gasping for air and in exhaustion. Denise also had a tough time gaining her composure. We must have laid side-by-side for a couple of minutes before either of us spoke. I slowly sat up and looked at her sprawled on the floor. She looked at me, smiled and said “I won!” I’m thinking to myself “yeah, you won, but you cheated and nearly killed me.” I didn't say that as I did pull a couple of mean things also. I simply replied back “yes, you did.”

We finally got off the mats and made our way to the kitchen. Both of us were sweating profusely and I had blood coming from my left ear. Denise looked shocked and examined it. It turned out my earlobe must have gotten folded in Denise’s head scissors. It ruptured under the intense pressure of her relentless squeezing between her sinewy thighs - it was a simple flesh wound. We drank a couple of bottles of water and discussed our last encounter.

“OK, that was pretty intense” I said. Denise replied “Yeah, it was. I thought you could hold out longer than you did” she gave a sinister grin. I wasn't sure whether she was joking or serious, but I was holding out to win, and didn't. I watched Denise as she took another gulp of water. She was gorgeous standing there completely naked. Even though my sexual drive was diminished by my intense orgasm in the second round, and by nearly being suffocated in the third, I was starting to wake back up again. Seeing how intense Denise had climaxed I figured she’d be done for the evening. I was wrong!

Half-jokingly I asked “So, with your win I suppose you want your no holds barred sex match?” Denise replied “Sure, this last round was foreplay for me.” My jaw must have dropped 4 inches. Foreplay, what the hell! That was full on sex with my face being her fuck toy! I was both excited and intimidated. The 3rd round, at least for me, was intense. What could possibly occur in the bedroom that didn't happen on the wrestling floor?

“I want sex, and you’re going to do all the work to please me” Denise stated in a rather stern voice. “I’m going to take a shower to get cleaned up and I expect you to do the same.”

The "Prize" and "Epilogue" in the final posting.

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