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Default Re: Anastaxia (UK) reviews

I had the fortune to have a session with Goddess Anastaxia and it was a great, fantastic and wonderful experience. For years I had dream about a session with her, and suddenly she came to Tuxtla Gutiťrrez, the small city where I live in Mexico!!!, Iím a very lucky man!!

To arrange the session I email her, sheís cautious with new clients, in special in a foreign country, but after few mails and thanks to some references I provide, we had an appointment for the session.

I went at time to the hotel she was staying and waited for her in the bar, when she arrived I couldnít believe how beautiful she is!!, she has an hypnotic attractiveness, terrific vibration and great energy, the kind of energy that makes you feel higher only with her presence.

Sheís very professional and meticulous, before the session we talk about what I want to happen and all details, all questions from both parts were answered so we both could enjoy the session.

Something I appreciate a lot is that she got leather pants and leather gloves for the session, I had ask for this in the emails and she told me she hadnít brought full wardrobe, but she surprised getting them for me!!

Well, the session began. She put music (She has great music taste), I went to the bed and suddenly I felt helpless trapped and subdued for that beautiful and strong body, sheís very strong, much more strong that her look in pictures, it was a fantasy domination wrestling session, but even I had try to resist, in fact I tried but I was easily overpowered by her with no effort, she choked me and smothered me a lot, I liked that the facesitting and breastsmother were applied slowly, I had experience with other dommes that had crush me too hard in facesitting and breastmother so I tap quickly for the pain on my nose and no for the feeling of being smothered helpless, but with Anastaxia all smother holds were applied slowly so the air is leaving you little by little until you feel desesperated, I enjoyed a lot the legsmother and all handsmothers she applied to me.

About her scissorholds her legpower is incredible, some years ago I experienced scissorholds from bodybuilders and I donít remember they were so strong as Anastaxia scissorholds, I tapped in seconds for every scissor hold, every time she squezeed I felt my theeth were forced to break into my mouth, it felt very painful, almost at the end of the session she put me in a side scissorhold not crushing too much, I was in heaven, I couldnít escape as she told me that I would love to be there for all life, and sheís was right.

I enjoy when at one point of the session she sat on my belly and trap my arms with her legs, I couldnít move an inch, and she smothered me and choke me for long time only with one hand. The feet choke and feet smother was another glorius part of the session, her feet are beautiful and soft, she stood with her feet at the sides of my neck, it was painful but delicious.
During the session sheís so funny, she talked to my ear while crushing me or smothering me, Iíll never forget a moment when she was choking me and the song Glory Box from Portishead was playing, so she began to sing with her beautiful voice: Gimme a reason to choke you!! Wow.

Another great thing is that she knows about pressuring pain points in the body, she pressed some points of my body with only one finger and inflict to me a lot of pain, she pressed my neck at the sides with both fists, slowly, the pain was increasing and was amazing. I had to mention that her hands are very strong, very dangerous hands, she told me this is because she had practice hand standing for long so it has strengthen her hands.
Well, I highly recommend Goddes Anastaxia, Iíll never forget that experience.
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Old 03-May-21, 06:17
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Default Re: Anastaxia (UK) reviews

Anybody know how much she charges for an hour? Thank you so much.
Wrestlers I've sessioned with: Hollywood, Allie Parker, Bella Ink, Sunshine, Ashley Wildcat, Lela Beryl, Nikki Fierce, Jasmine Mendez, Jennifer Thomas.

Wrestlers I'd love to session with: Ludella Hahn, Gia Primo, Terra Mizu, Andi Page, Penny Barber, Olivia Rose, Sumiko. Too many more to count.
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Old 03-May-21, 10:09
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Default Re: Anastaxia (UK) reviews

A bit above average in Europe, I don't know her policy about evolution of prices when on tour (something I know some European wrestlers do when touring the US)
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Old 07-May-21, 12:41
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Default Re: Anastaxia (UK) reviews

Can anyone speak to if she has a sensual side to her sessions. I am looking to book with her in June. Thanks.
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Old 07-May-21, 17:57
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Default Re: Anastaxia (UK) reviews

Originally Posted by dannygarciaboston [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Can anyone speak to if she has a sensual side to her sessions. I am looking to book with her in June. Thanks.
Remember she is a dominatrix. She is naturally seductive, but there are things she simply won't do.
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Old 19-May-21, 04:58
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Default Re: Anastaxia (UK) reviews

In my 20+ sessions I stopped being surprised by some of what the bjj trained girls to name a few dez desire, sheena and master kayla as Iím well aware of what they are capable of and have lots of fun, but I donít think I was ever impressed with an untrained girl like I was with anastaxia. I might have not come close to winning any of the names mentioned but I won against a couple of blue belts before and reached a conclusion that no one under a blue belt would even give me a challenge as even the very best struggle quite a bit with me.

Iím not trained in bjj but am young, 6 ft 185lbs and workout quit a bit, in addition to learning the basics from taking on the top names. I did tell her all that yet she was still determined to take me on after checking a few of my references but we agreed to start with 15 mins semi-comp and then if we both feel safe we can start going into competitive. I also asked her to show the sexy sport self and not the domme which is just not my thing, and I found out during the session sheís perfectly capable of separating both characters

To the session, I donít need to talk about Anaís looks and physic but somehow still impressed when seeing her in person. She was all smiles and accommodating, and we had a quick fun chat before taking it to the mats.

Wrestling starts and I was wondering how easy will I need to take it with her which I soon realized not much at all, if she gets into a good position she has some of the most vicious holds some of which I donít even know what to call. When we started the competitive part I tried so much to not give her any advantageous positions otherwise I knew I would be in trouble which quit frankly I was quit a few times! After about 7 years of sessioning it was my first time ever tapping out to a breast smother which I didnít think was possible😳. Ana might have not won against me but sure as hell made every round very difficult, despite me having a physical advantage it was very difficult to separate her arms or legs when she locks them also sheís got great balance. She was very stubborn not to tap out (I usually apply pressure slowly not to cause injuries) and comes out very determined to get back at you when she does! Iím pretty sure even with my physical advantage if this was one of my first sessions and I didnít know what I was doing this beauty would have won fair and square!

We shared many laughs between rounds and sometimes even within a round while trying to dominate one another. One general advice and I realized it more and more was that when I had a position on top and Ana seemed to think I was going for a face smother when assured her not to worry and I wonít do that to her she was very grateful though this should be the norm I think! I have done that a couple times out of desperation in my first couple sessions and actually feel guilty as itís a nasty move that no guy should attempt, just swallow your pride and look for another move even if you lose just donít be an asshole

In the end it was a pleasure meeting this very athletic, flexible, sexy lady. She wonít mind getting into a difficult match as long as you show respect and are cautious, she hates losing so that makes her stronger. I think sheís ideal for any guy whoís not like a bodybuilder or mma trained who wants a good, fun roll without having it too technical like it is with the formal trained bjj girl yet will experience a very worthy opponent that despite her beauty and girly look probably will come out victorious!
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Default Re: Anastaxia - UK - Anyone experienced?

Originally Posted by alex1ao [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
I've met her a few times and thought she was great! Technical skills average the first time I met her but improved every time. Sheís really cool outside of sessions to. Wouldnít recommend for a comp match (yet) but semi comp and especially fantasy I think sheís perfect for. Very strong for her size, excellent head scissors. Sheís a dom whos come to wrestling so if you have other BDSM interests as well she can usually accommodate and thatís probably what shes best at.

Every session wrestler Iíve met does it for the money! Though definitely think she enjoys what she does, especially when shes in control. Ironically Iíve worked with her in training session which I didnít pay her for but thought she was so good I did get her a gift as a thank you. Planning to have a full session with her this year.

If you meet someone who does it just for the fun and no money is involved marry her! Or better yet send her to me

Just FYI Iím based in the UK and between filming, sessions and training Iíve been on the mats with Anastaxia, Venom, Amethsyst Hammerfist, Minxy Li, Pippa (London), Axa Jay, Xena, Justice, Blaze, Hurricane, Scorpion, Thunder, Jessica Wood, Pussy Willow and Vice.

Venom is head and shoulders above everyone else just because she is so skilled but Iíd put Anastaxia up there with any of the others.
Thanks for your review. I was going to ask who was your toughest wrestler in that line up, but you answered it with it being Venom. Have you wrestled Ina Black, or and Sativa Mist? How as Anastaxia as a wrestler? Why would you not recommend her for a competitive wrestling match? Thanks.
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