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Default My ex's tight reverse headscissors

This story is completely true, and I remember much of it very vividly

Before we broke up, I had managed to goad my ex into some strip wrestling matches on her queen sized bed. My ex and I both trained jiu jitsu, and although I was the better wrestler and much bigger than her, she had strong legs and a competitive attitude.

In a few of our previous matches I had left my neck out, hoping for her to swing her legs up around my head for a reverse headscissor. She had managed to do it before, and catch me there where I pretended to be unable to escape. Her excitement at getting the upper hand was obvious, and clearly she wanted to do it again.

This time we decided that we would wear two socks, and whoever got the other person's socks off first would be the winner. My ex is a short, stockily built yet petite asian woman with well built hips and a great, tight ass. For this match she was wearing just a sports bra and a pair of blue panties, along with the socks of course-- and I was wearing just my boxers and socks.

We began the match on my knees-- I pushed her over and pinned her down, my head facing her legs-- she tried to grab for my head but I kept it down so she couldn't. With my size and skill I managed to take one sock off, and then another. I won.

The second round, she managed to get one of my socks off in an awkward position, but soon enough I had won! She protested. "we were just warming up, those don't really count." "Oh yeah?" I replied. She didn't seem to want to continue, but then I said "Ok, let's just do one more, winner takes all." I could see her competitive spirit flaring up. She like the idea, and agreed to a rematch. "I'm definitely going to win!" she said.

We started on our knees again, our bodies warm from the last two matches. I sat down and started to play guard, but at once she grabbed my foot and managed to get a sock off. I had to sweep her onto her back and start working for her socks. Again my head was towards he legs, and I overextended my body and neck, reaching my arms out towards her legs and hoping. Quickly and heavily she pushed her hips into the air and wrapped her legs around my head, and constricted, squeezing me tight so that my head was buried into the mattress, my face facing into her crotch. She held me in that position with satisfaction, and to my immense pleasure. I relaxed a little bit and fell to my side to try and free myself, and she rolled herself up onto me and tried to get my last sock off. There I was, stuck in a tight reverse figure four headscissor, looking up at her round butt accentuated by her blue panties, and beyond to her strong back and beautiful black hair . She kept trying to get my sock, and I had to straighten my leg so she couldn't get it. I saw her brush her hair out of her face from my place beneath her ass.

After a minute of her trying to get my sock off and win the match, she got stumped. Every time she grabbed for my sock I straightened my leg, every time I tried to roll her over she pushed me back over and squeezed her legs. As I clutched at her thighs I saw her think for a moment. Then, she reached into my boxers and start giving me a handjob. I held still for a second, even more aroused than before. She felt it and quickly started going for my sock again, and after 30 more seconds there she let go of the reverse figure four and pounced at my leg. After a few more seconds of wrestling, she got my sock off and was victorious. She cheered and laughed and I pretended to be disappointed, but inside I was giddy. We went to shower after, but as we sat there before getting into the shower she started to tease me.

"How does it feel losing to a little asian girl?" she teased, trying to humiliate me playfully. I protested "It wasn't fair! You cheated, grabbing my dick as a distraction." She continued to tease me even more-- "At least I got a good look at your butt" I said. She laughed, and said "yeah! The LOSER was looking at the WINNER'S butt! and for a long time." I brushed it off, telling her "I don't even mind..." She didn't know, but she was saying just the perfect things to turn me on... and turn me on she did.

After we showered we laid in her bed together. She started kissing me, and soon she started sitting on my face, which she knew I loved. She had put on a new pair of nice panties. She turned around, her ass on my face, and started stroking me. I always loved it when she did that--

But she surprised me, and scooped my head up between her legs into a reverse figure four, my head between her thighs and her ass right in front of my face. She stopped stroking and giggled a little bit, and I can never forget what she said in a soft, sensual voice as I stared up at her tight ass, her back, and her beautiful hair:
"Does this feel familiar?"

She started stroking again and I came while she had me in a reverse figure four headscissor.

Should have done it more while I could! Oh well...
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