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Old 31-Mar-21, 23:16
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Default Re: How do you guys go about dating?

My long term gfs have always been into wrestling and sgpinning and scissoring me. It's like a numbers game, you date a lot of girls, don't be afraid of rejection, apply the filter of "can wrestle for fun" and eventually you get hot girls who like wrestling.

I'm not attractive. About as average as they come. But the thing with attractive women is they don't tend to stay attractive for that long, and many are insecure and not really that hard to date. They are tired of guys trying too hard to get them. I mean, painting with broad strokes here, but I treat hot girls the same I treat any other girl. Some stick and some don't, it truly doesn't matter.

As a result I've had four long term relationships with hot girls who love to wrestle and I've probably been headscissored and spinned thousands of times in my twenties (27 now).

I think one thing that lead to this view is my living in China and seeing the unlimited number of people (including hot women) and realising that nobody knows anyone, and if you're rejected by one you simply move on to the next. You can wake up today single and by the night have a lady next to you who is not only an awesome person, but will wrestle with you for fun. It's totally doable. Just remember to respect women. Know about consent. Treat women fairly and honestly and gently. If you break up with someone, be nice about it. Many people are quote fragile and you should just be careful with how you go when applying the filter to large numbers.
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Old 01-Apr-21, 03:11
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Default Re: How do you guys go about dating?

For me, my taste in mixed wrestling is at the 'real' end of the spectrum .. So I don't get anything from typical mixed wrestling videos, where it's a guy being put in various headscissors, and exes who've been willing to do that haven't done anything for me either.

My longest relationship was with a tall, attractive, swimmer type .. Personally, I found her body a turn-on, because of her thick quads and calves, and a muscular back, and feel a genuine twinge of intimidation.

The problem was, she didn't have that genuine competitive nature, or sadistic glint in the eye, or determination not to give up position, that makes it feel real, and makes the threat to your ego feel real .. And that may be important to some guys.

I'm sure the best place to find genuinely competitive girls to date would be a BJJ club, or wrestling club (if you can find one), and second to those, possibly a rock climbing wall (you get that type of girl – competitive, athletic, used to being around guys).

If a girl's choosing to study BJJ or MMA properly, it says she a) wants to dominate other people physically, and b) won't be even slightly weirded out by being in serious competition with a man.

My problem is I don't want to go roll around with other men much, and I'm not sure I want to go through the 6-12 months of getting beaten up by the whole class .. Because, from friends in BJJ, that is what happens .. You don't have the conditioning when you start, so your first 6 months will be trying to survive .. And so long as you're not in a class full of guys, you'll probably be flung in the deep end, psychologically, of getting repeatedly tapped by 18-year-old girls, while your body's giving out.

It's a bit full-on .. If I used dating sites, I'd probably search for BJJ or MMA in bio's, or wrestling (rare, but even Olympic wrestlers probably use dating sites) .. My lesson's been that it really is a 'type', and if you find that type, you tease or goad them into fighting you pretty easily.
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Old 01-Apr-21, 05:29
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Default Re: How do you guys go about dating?

I'm open with my wife that I may have kinks, but we are both content keeping those for ourselves unless the other asks to know. Our sex life is great, and I really enjoy passionate sex, sans kink with her.

Neither of us feels like anything is lacking currently, so we can keep our personal kink secrets without feeling like lying or hiding.

Someday, we may venture into eachother's kinks, but for now we are both happy as things are.

I should also note that I never got into the session scene: Only clips, pics, and stories.

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Old 01-Apr-21, 06:51
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Default Re: How do you guys go about dating?

Some people prefer to live in the closet and that's their choice, but there would never have been enough room in one of those for me. It's out on front street for me and life continues to be wonderful, as both wives enjoy(ed) playing in that arena. Different strokes....
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Old 02-Apr-21, 06:33
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Default Re: How do you guys go about dating?

I got lucky with my first girlfriend and now wife, as she is a bit of a tomboy and agrees to play fighting with me. Also, my fetish is really vanilla, so there's no need for her to go out of her comfort zone to please me.

I had a few female friends with which I never dared to take a step towards dating. Looking backwards, one of them was strong and very much into punching guys and even putting them in holds, but I was very confused at the time and had no interest in her whatsoever.
There was this other girl with whom I got to second base, but I didn't get to explain her my fetish correctly. Only many years after, once smartphones were widely available, I was able to show her pictures and a video and she said that she would've liked to do that.

So, looking backwards, I'm aware that I lost a few chances to say the least. But I was very afraid of commitment. My idea of a relationship was very serious and I didn't want to get hooked with someone just for the sex (silly me).
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