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Policeman Jonas fights Heike again 29 58.00%
Policeman Jonas fights his mom 10 20.00%
Policeman Jonas fights Heike´s mom 9 18.00%
Policeman Jonas fights Lee Price 2 4.00%
Heike fights the mom of Jonas 4 8.00%
Heike fights her mom 5 10.00%
Heike fights another policeman, a friend of Jonas 14 28.00%
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Old 02-May-21, 03:59
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Pinned Down Re: Policeman meets Rodeo Girl

Policeman meets rodeo girl, part nine

Heike, my slim, eighteen-year-old friend and bed companion, dominated mighty Kevin, my best buddy, in a wrestling match! I still couldn't believe it. Kevin didn't understand what was happening to him either. He acted as always when he was stuck in serious problems: Kevin refused to accept reality. "No! No chick can beat me! I'm getting out of your piddling scissors! Somehow!"

"Your decision - your funeral," replied Heike and shrugged her shoulders. "If you want it the hard way – fine with me..."

Kevin and Heike had agreed on a competitive match. These fights were intended for balanced confrontations between equal opponents. I would like to describe a battle like this, but I can't. Kevin was handicapped by his shoulder problems, admittedly, but even in top form he would have had a hard time against my Heike. She moved far too well, too fast, too focused, too powerful for him to cause her problems.

I already knew from my own painful experience that Heike mastered a huge repertoire of holds and moves, and Kevin learned about it in the next minutes. She taught Kevin the wrestling lesson of his life. Heike could have finished him in a few seconds if she went all in, I am convinced. She didn't, she delayed her triumph. At first I thought she did it because of me. She knew about the frustrations and complexes her physical domination induced in me, her boyfriend. I guessed she wanted to demonstrate to me that she even could dismantle strong fighters like Kevin.

But more and more I felt that there was a second, much more profane reason for her to play with Kevin. A sexual one. Which woman would not have enjoyed the minutes of close physical contact with such an attractive muscle man? This priceless time of absolute female dominance over the supposedly stronger sex?

This is exactly what I had to observe. I had admired my friend Kevin in many fights. Ok, some he had lost on points. But he never had to give up, and for sure he had never been in such a hopeless state. Kevin gave it all. He squirmed, reared up. Heike didn't let go a centimeter. She tormented Kevin for a long time in her body scissors, then changed her hold. Heike stole Kevin`s breath with her head scissors, bent his spine in the Boston Crab and finally fixed a panting, exhausted and visibly frustrated Kevin with an armlock. Her lower legs pressed hard against Kevin's neck and pushed him to the ground.

Heike stuck out Kevin's trapped elbow. He couldn't suppress a cry of pain. "Are you giving up NOW?" Asked Heike.

"No! I will not let a female beat me!"

"Damn stubborn idiot!" Heike shook her head, relaxed the pressure a little and looked over at me expectant. “The poor cocky boy is helpless; you have to see that, Jonas! I don't want to cripple him. You are referee; you have to protect his health! ”she reminded me of my job.

I had almost forgotten my duty and bent down. “Heike is right, Kevin. She is completely superior and has got you at her mercy. You should give!"

"NO!" Kevin struggled again against his obvious defeat and tried to rear up. Heike held him down effortlessly and increased the pressure on Kevin's bent arm. Kevin yelped.

"Don't be that stupid!" Demanded Heike, now really angry, and sharpened her hold again. Kevin finally understood. He tapped.

"Got it at last!" Heike uttered satisfied and released her victim. Kevin laid on his back, panting.

Heike looked down at the beaten man, and suddenly sympathy entered her beautiful face. "I have to admit you impressed me," she praised Kevin and patted encouragingly on his butt. “Seldom has any guy held out against me that long when I had him in my bodyscissors or in my armlock. If you get some practice, you could become an acceptable wrestler one day. You need strategy, you need a tactic to make use of your immense power. I would like to help you with that. "

I swallowed. What was going on between the two of them?

"By the way: Will you take a picture, Jonas? Just to remind Kevin of our first battle... " Asked Heike and placed her foot in the Victory Pose on Kevin's mighty chest. Kevin looked up at her in admiration, almost humbly. Was I wrong, or did Heike wink at him?

Game changing final to come
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Grappling Re: Policeman meets Rodeo Girl

Policeman meets rodeo girl, final

Heike and I became a couple because of a wrestling match. The same way I lost her again. In the end, I simply wasn't man enough for this strong woman. So they found each other in love, my best friend Kevin, the policeman, and Heike, the rodeo girl.

Two weeks before the marriage, Hannelore, Heikes mom, had invited me. "Instead of doing the usual opening dance, Kevin and Heike would like a little competitive wrestling tournament to kick off their wedding celebration." Hannelore´s eyes fixed me. “Heike is my only daughter. I want her big day to be crowned with a perfect event. This includes exciting, balanced fights. You have agreed to take on Lee, her American maid of honor. Have you ever wrestled against a woman of Lee's age? "

I shook my head. "Unfortunately not."

“Then you should practice that; we mature women have our own special style to move and to fight. If you want, I'll be available to teach you ”, Hannelore held her tense biceps under my nose. „Really impressive, isn´t it?“ It was. Definitely.

I gladly accepted her offer. We had a great time.

That´s history. Today is the day. Six hours ago Heike and Kevin were standing in front of the altar and gave each other the wedding vow.

Lee and I now have the honor of fighting in the second match. Heike and Kevin just had their tussle. Kevin could not fulfill his cocky prophecy of the bachelorette party, to defeat Heike and to tie her hands and feet with her own bridal veil. He is lying at the ground, completely at Heike´s mercy, exactly in the position that he had intended for his newlywed wife.

I walk to the mat, accompanied by the applause of the guests. My opponent is waiting for me there. Lee Price, the wrestling legend! Soaked with Coke, her Headscissors autograph card sticks in the middle of the album that I gave Kevin and Heike as a wedding present. Next to the photo of Heike's first victory pose against Kevin. And to that of Black Beauty.

Lee puts her hands on her hips. A smile of anticipation adorns her sympathetic face. It will be a tough job to compete with her. Did Hannelore's training help me? To fight Heike was great, but to be honest, I fought the best, most stimulating wrestling matches of my life against her mother. Hannelore´s power demanded everything from me I could muster. And so it was the other way. “Not bad, boy! I admit that I have really enjoyed wrestling you. We should repeat that after Heike's wedding! “, Hannelore gasped at the end of our last tussle. I barely had the strength to nod silently.

"Let's go, boy!" Lee´s remark pulls me back into the present. We shake hands. Lee leans her upper body forward and puts her right arm on my shoulder. My gaze falls on the beginning of her firm bosom. Will Lee use her female weapons against me as skillfully as Heike's mother did? Her long legs? Her strong arms? Her breasts?

We dance across the mat. Lee moves with concentration, studies me, looks for my weaknesses. As a professional, she will quickly discover them. I enjoy the moment, the illusion of a balanced battle. I am sure that this state will not last long.

Lee's foot jerks forward and knocks me to the ground. She is on me like a flash. Her legs wrap around my neck. And so it goes when an average guy takes on an experienced session wrestler, it shoots through my head.

Lee starts to squeeze.

So the end of this story gets near. But it´s not the end of my mixed wrestling experiences.

When I was grappling Hannelore, I fell in love with with this proud and strong lady who kicked my ass at last. She promised to comfort me after my forseeable loss against Lee.

She is solo. We don´t care about our difference of ages. So a new love life will begin.
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Default Re: Policeman meets Rodeo Girl

Amazing story... waiting for a new series!
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grapevine pin, headscissors, mom, policeman, rodeo girl, schoolboy pin, thighs

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