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Default Super Smash Scissors

(This story was a commission. If you're also interested in a commission, you can message me.)

Pit entered the large, white training room. He noticed that there were now mats on the floor for some reason, which was a bit odd. But what was more odd was that Palutena, Rosalina, and Byleth had all asked him to come practice grabs with them. This wasn’t really a super normal thing.

“Oh good, you’re here,” said Palutena.

“Yes, the practice dummy is here. But where’s Rosalina?” Byleth asked, looking around the white room.

The use of the term ‘practice dummy’ was a bit concerning to Pit.

“I’m right here!” Rosalina said cheerfully, suddenly appearing at her side.

Unlike Palutena and Byleth, Rosalina was not at all wearing what she normally wore. She had ditched the long dress today and was wearing a teel bikini that left very little to Pit’s imagination. Pit’s imagination still began working overtime, however. Rosalina’s body, normally completely hidden, was tight and curvy. She had very wide hips and a very small waist. The three others just looked at her.

“What?” she asked.

“What are you wearing?” Byleth was looking at her disapprovingly.

Rosalina put her hands on her hips and looked down at her own impressive body. “I thought we were going to try out new skins.”

Byleth shook her head. “No, we weren’t.”


Palutena stepped forward between the two of them. “No matter. Let us begin. Pit, lie down.”

Pit had various questions, but was unable to resist Palutena’s naturally dominant and commanding tone of voice. He obediently lay down on the mat. Palutena walked over towards him, then sat down behind him. She gently lifted Pit’s head up off the mat and rested the back of it against her crotch. When she did this, his head pulled down on her long, white dress, pulling it tight against her body. Pit had no idea what was happening, but he would find out soon enough.

“This is something new I’ve been working on,” Palutena explained.

She slowly raised her legs up into a headscissor around Pit’s little neck. Her dress, with it’s long slit running up one side, showed of one leg. One long, smooth, thick leg with it’s thigh-high stocking that you normally didn’t get to see this much of. When she crossed her ankles with a click of her heels over Pit’s body, the hold was cemented. But she wasn’t squeezing just yet. Pit was just held there between her thighs, which were now keeping him firmly in place. He swallowed nervously.

“You simply take their neck, then…”

Palutena demonstrated her hold technique rather than finishing her sentence. A picture is worth a thousand words. Rosalina and Byleth watched as she began to flex her thighs, closing them in around Pit’s little throat.

“Oh wow…” marveled Rosalina.

Palutena’s thighs squeezed Pit tightly. “Feel free to try and escape, Pit. This is practice, after all.”

Pit had been too busy being confused and aroused to really think about this much, but now he realized that if he didn’t escape he was in fact going to pass out pretty soon since he was starting to have trouble breathing through this leg vice. He put his hands on the goddess’s thighs and feebly attempted to pry them apart. All this really served to do was turn him on more, as this allowed him to feel the hard muscle underneath that silky dress.

“Not bad,” said Byleth as she looked down on Pit, watching him struggle and squirm.

“Yes, I could simply finish him like this,” said Palutena.

Pit doubled his squirming and escape attempts at this remark.

“But,” continued Palutena, “I’ll show you an idea of mine. Perhaps for a foe stronger than this boy here.”

Palutena began to slowly float up into the air. Pit was lifted up off the mat, inch by inch, his neck still firmly locked into the goddess’s legs. Soon, he was also floating. Palutena floated up just high enough so that his feet baaarely didn’t reach the mat. His toes were just inches off the mat. The only thing keeping him in the air was the goddess’s tight hold around his neck.

“This way, gravity is on your side,” Palutena explained.

Pit was feeling the effects of this. Gravity pulled him down but her thighs kept him up. The hold had immediately become ten times tighter, ten times more brutal. He clung to her legs desperately, trying to hoist himself up a little like a man trying to hold onto his noose. But her thigh-noose just continued to squeeeeze his throat tightly as he dangled there helplessly in the air.

“I doubt Pit, or anyone else, could escape this,” Byleth said, looking up at Palutena as she strangled Pit.

Rosalina looked up at the floating pair too. “I don’t think so either…he’s looking a little red…”

She was right. Pit was looking red as he struggled to breathe. But Palutena knew exactly what she was doing, and knew how to keep him on the edge of consciousness without putting him completely to sleep. She could feel his breath with her thighs and could feel his life draining away.

“Yes. Of course, there’s no way he could escape. But, in case there was some stronger foe, I have thought of one last addition to this move…” Palutena said, casually running her hand through Pit’s hair. This didn’t really make Pit feel better, since he felt like he might be totally unconscious pretty soon and also sort of felt like his jaw might break. He was also very worried about what this next thing was going to be.

And he was right to be worried. Palutena did the one thing that could make her thigh-noose even tighter, which was to turn it into a figure four. Now Pit’s weight was pulling his chin down right onto Pautena’s calf. Her calf was slicing into his throat, totally cutting off any chance he had of getting any air. He started gurgling pathetically as he held onto that calf for dear life as it continued to cut into his neck.

“As you can see, this only makes things even more difficult for them,” said Palutena, looking down at Pit as though she wasn’t all that interested in his struggling. “And you could very easily knock them out from this position.”

“I’m surprised he’s still awake,” said Byleth.

“Yes. Well, he won’t make it through the day if we’re too rough with him,” said Palutena before releasing Pit from her brutal thigh-noose and letting him down onto the mat.

His feet touched the mat, but he soon collapsed onto his knees, holding onto his red neck and falling into a fit of coughing. He had been seconds away from passing out when Palutena had mercifully decided to let him go instead.

While Pit coughed on the mat, Palutena gracefully floated back down. Rosalina gave her a little round of applause.

“Can I go next?” Rosalina asked, “I’ve really been working on my scissor holds too.”

Palutena simply gestured to Pit, who was still trying to recover on the mat from her brutal hold. “Go right ahead. That’s what we’re here for, after all.”

“They might not be as good as yours, but I think I’ve figured out some good ones.” Rosalina stepped over towards Pit and took a seat on the mat. She patted the mat in front of her between her thick, pale thighs.

Pit, who had stopped coughing by now, crawled over and started to lay his head down between this new pair of thighs, which, if anything, looked even bigger and stronger than the last.

“ Ah-a-a,” Rosalina tutted at him, stopping his head from resting against her with her hand. “I need you to turn around, Pit.”

Pit blushed as he realized what she meant. He turned around so that he was facing her now.

“There you go,” Rosalina said with a little smile.

Pit obediently lowered his face down between her legs. When his face approached her crotch and the bottom of her little teel bikini, her hands held his face and guided him the rest of the way. She set his chin down on her crotch. This tugged her bikini bottom down slightly, revealing more of her tight stomach. She adjusted Pit’s head a bit, guiding it into just the right place. All he could do was stare at her long, flawless body.

Once she was satisfied that his head was in the right place, she lifted up her thick thighs and actually started to scissor him. His face was smooshed into a tight triangle, stuck tight between her crotch and both of her thighs.

“It’s better when they face this way, don’t you think?” Rosalina mused. She crossed her ankles behind Pit’s head and really started to squeeze. Unlike Palutena, she started squeezing slowly, gradually. The pressure built up inch by inch. At first Pit just felt like he was in some sort of tight pillow. But soon, as her thighs began to close in around his little throat, it started to feel more like he was in a deadly vice just like before. As her hold got tighter and tighter, his chin dug into her crotch more, tugging her bikini bottom down more, exposing more of that soft white stomach.

“Hmm, maybe it is better this way…” Palutena walked over to them and looked down at Pit’s trapped face and the very, very tight hold Rosalina had him in.

“There’s obviously no way he can escape, noted Byleth, also walking over.

“And this way you get to look at his face. Isn’t he cute?” Rosalina gave Pit’s cheek a little pinch. His face, which was turning a sort of blueish color, did look pretty cute with his cheeks smooshed together like that.

“Cute isn’t the word I would use. Maybe ‘semi-conscious.’ “ said Byleth.

“He can be cute and semi-conscious,” countered Rosalina. “And there’s other little things you can do here too. Like this.”

Rosalina reached down and pinched Pit’s nose shut tight between her thumb and forefinger. Her long, slender fingers firmly closed his nose, making it that much more difficult to breathe.

“Couldn’t he just move your hand?” asked Byleth.

“Yes… but he won’t,” said Rosalina. The reason Pit was not trying to move her hand was because his hands were currently busy holding onto her thighs for dear life. His fingers sunk into her thick thighs ever so slightly. “You can also do this, which I think will be even worse. Well, worse for them, I mean.”

Rosalina gigged a little at this. Then she gently took hold of Pit’s head. It wasn’t as though she needed to grip it tightly or anything – he was too weak by this point to resist. The position he was in was enough to deter resistance anyway. Rosalina guided his face down lower, sliding his chin off her crotch and burying his face in her crotch now. Only his eyes were visible when she closed her legs again, locking him back in place. Now on top of being squeeeezed tightly by her thighs, he was also being totally smothered. Smooth, bare skin and bikini fabric pressed tightly against his face. He couldn’t breathe at all and could feel himself rapidly fading between her legs. His hands slid down her thighs onto her wide hips, clutching them desperately. But his grip weakened as he started to pass out. Her crotch had him totally smothered. His vision was fading. All he could see was that long, tight stomach past the little teal bikini bottom…

Then Rosalina lifted his face up out of her crotch, cupping his chin in her soft hand. She set his chin back down on her. He gasped for air. Rosalina giggled, causing his chin to rise up and down on her.

“I guess it would be a little hard to breathe down there,” she said. She relaxed her thighs, letting him recover there just resting with his face on her. “When you’re ready, just lay down on your back. I’m going to do one more hold.” She looked up at Blyleth. “Then you can have your turn. Is that alright?”

Blyleth just shrugged. “As long as you don’t break him.”

Pit did not like the sound of this, nor the casual nature of this conversation which involved his immediate physical well-being. He took his time recovering on Rosalina, but eventually it was obvious that he was breathing normal again and he knew he couldn’t stall forever on this sexy, sexy pillow. He lifted himself off and lay down on his back, expecting the worst.

Rosalina lay down on top of him, facing his feet. She used her calf to scoop up his head into a reverse headscissor.

“I’m not sure which one is better, this or the other one…” Rosalina wondered. “You two tell me what you think.” She looked over her shoulder. “You too, Pit. Tell me which is best.”

Pit nodded weakly.

Then Rosalina started to actually squeeze, and if Pit could answer he would have immediately answered that the reverse headscissor was much, much better. Well, better for her. It was much worse for him, her current “opponent.” Her legs just felt like they had a better grip on his neck from this position. Her hamstrings were cutting into his vulnerable little throat like a garrote. The tighter she squeezed, the closer his face was pushed to her big, firm, round ass. It was really, really close to his face.

His ability to breathe was much worse. And it felt like she could break his jaw even easier. However, he had to admit to himself that the view was better. Her thick, pale ass took up the majority of his field of view. But just past that he could see her giving him the occasional glance over her shoulder with a swish of her long, blonde hair. If he really strained and looked up, he could also see Palutena and Byleth looking down on him. Palutena looked slightly amused, as though his suffering was sort of cute or funny. Byleth looked slightly disdainful, as if she expected him to put up more resistance, or was maybe still judging Rosalina a bit for showing up in a bikini.

Rosalina squeeeezed Pit tighter and tighter until his nose was pushing into her ass, and then he was being smothered and choked simultaneously. Pit started to desperately grope at her ass, partially to try and un-smother himself and partially because he couldn’t resist anymore.

Rosalina just giggled at this. “I don’t think you’ll get out that way.”

Byleth shook her head. “Men…”

Pit pushed at Rosalina’s ass until he didn’t have the oxygen necessary to carry out this pathetic struggle anymore. His hands slowly slid off of her ass and onto the mat.

Rosalina looked back at him over her shoulder. Well, she looked back at what she could see of his face past her ass. “So which one is better?”

Pit couldn’t respond because he couldn’t breathe at all.


“He… he can’t answer, Rosalina. He can’t even breathe.” Byleth explained.

“Oh,” Rosalina giggled.

Rosalina let Pit go. But she let him go slowly, so that his head was eased down onto the mat instead of just opening up her thighs and just dropping it. Then she stood to her feet.

“There you go,” Rosalina said, “So, which one is better? Now that you can talk.”

Pit could not actually talk, because he was too busy remembering how to breathe. After a few seconds though, he gave Rosalina her answer.

“T-The second one…”

“Oh really? I’ll have to keep that in mind for my matches.”

Pit didn’t know if this meant he really did not want to have a match with Rosalina ever, or if possibly he wanted to have a match with Rosalina right now. He was getting two very different answers from different parts of his body.

Byleth put her black boot on Pit’s chest and pushed him back down onto his back. Pit immediately felt that she was not going to be as gentle as Palutena and Rosalina, who, despite their brutal choking had been gentle in their own way.

“You two might not realize this, but there are holds besides headscissors,” Byleth said as she lay down on top of Pit’s smaller body. She took both of his wrists, gripping them tightly in her hands. She held them so tight Pit felt like she was cutting off circulation. She pressed his hands down on the mat, hard, above his head. Then she entwined her legs around his in a grapevine. Without any delay, she started forcing Pit to do the splits, something she could do but that Pit definitely could not do.

“Well, that’s nice…” Rosalina said curiously, looking down at the two of them, “But he can still breathe, so…”

“You don’t need to restrict his breathing when you control his entire body like this,” said Byleth, “But you can do that too, if you want.”

Byleth lay her chest down over Pit’s face.

Rosalina nodded slowly. “Oh, I see…”

Pit, still recovering from Rosalina’s scissorholds, was just starting to actually struggle before Byleth started smothering him with her breasts. His legs were completely trapped, and so were his arms. But he managed to sort of weakly buck his hips a little bit underneath her in a feeble attempt to get her off. But she wasn’t going anywhere. Her legs continued to force his to spread wide. Her legs forced him to realize that his legs could spread a lot farther than he thought they could, although there was a lot of pain involved. And now he couldn’t see anything, and his breathe was getting shallower and shallower…shallower and shallower as she lay her soft breasts down on him. She was smothering him to sleep with what seemed like hardly any effort at all. It didn’t feel like she was even trying. He was going to pass out, totally immobilized, and she hadn’t broken a sweat.

Then Byleth raised her breasts up off his face, and released him from the extremely tight grapevine. She stood to her feet, leaving him on his back to gasp for breath. Rosalina gave her a little round of applause. Byleth just rolled her eyes a little.

“Please, this isn’t exactly difficult…”

Rosalina continued her small, dainty claps. “Yes, but I thought it was nice.”

“I imagine Pit probably prefers the scissors…” Palutena said with a little smile.

Byleth walked around the recovering Pit and took a seat behind him. She pulled him up into a seated position as well. At first Pit thought she was actually helping him. One second later he realized that this was not it at all. She had pulled him up into this position so she could yank his neck back and wrap her arm tightly around his throat. His chin was just beside her armpit. Before he could even think about how he might try to get out of this, her legs wrapped themselves around his torso so that once again he was totally trapped. She had pulled his neck at a horrible angle, and it felt like she could snap it if she wanted to. It felt like she could pull it off his body if she wanted to. But apparently all she wanted to do was slowly choke him tighter and tighter, crushing his throat with her bicep in this brutal dragon sleeper hold. Pit desperately wanted to try to pull her arm away from his neck, but her thighs had pinned his arms to his sides and he couldn’t free them. All he could do is lay there with her breasts pressing into his back and let her do whatever she wanted to him. There was absolutely nothing he could do to stop her from knocking him out, or worse. He was at her mercy.

“Oh wow…” marveled Rosalina.

“Yes. You can choke people with your arms too.”

“Huh…” Rosalina pondered this new idea.

Byleth released Pit and slid out from behind him. He gasped for air. The three ladies who had well established the fact that they could all easily dominate him stood above him, looking down, towering over him.

“What’s next?” Rosalina asked.

“We don’t want to break him,” said Byleth.

“No, we don’t. But we shall do one more. The three of us together, to see what we can do with our combined strength,” as Palutena said this, Pit became very worried. Very, very worried.

Rosalina took the lead. She got down on the mat and picked up Pit’s head so that she could slide one thigh underneath it. Then her other thigh came to rest on the top of Pit’s throat. His chin dug into her soft, thick leg. But she didn’t squeeze yet. She let the other two ladies get into position. Palutena scissored Pit’s chest, sliding one leg underneath him and resting the other on top. She crossed her ankles and Pit could feel how tight her bodyscissor was going to be even though she wasn’t flexing her thighs. Byleth scissored his stomach.

“Oh, this will be fun!” said Rosalina.

Pit wasn’t sure ‘fun’ was the word he would use.

“Okay,” Rosalina adjusted Pit’s head a little with her hand, “1…2…3!”

Three pairs of legs squeezed Pit simultaneously.

Rosalina’s thighs crushed Pit’s throat, her muscles swelling into him. His chin pressed tighter and tighter into her thigh and he couldn’t breathe at all as she totally flattened his windpipe.

Palutena crushed his chest. It felt like his ribs might snap under the intense pressure Palutena could generate with her legs seemingly without any real effort on her part. Byleth took care of the rest. Pit’s abs, which had been tensed, immediately caved in under Byleth’s powerful squeeze. There was truly nothing Pit could do to resist any of them. His arms were trapped by Palutena’s legs and Byleth’s legs. It was like he was being constricted by a huge snake on all sides. He passed out quickly.

Rosalina, the only one who could actually see Pit’s face, noticed first. “Oh, he’s asleep now.”

The other two stopped squeezing as well.

Rosalina started petting Pit’s hair. “Aw, he looks cute asleep. We should do this again some time!”
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